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MOO SHOP Client: Moo Collaboration: Monokoto London, March 2013 The online business card company Moo, decided to open their first shop and wanted it to feel like stepping into the their website. I work on the technical management, making sure everything was prototyped and could be delivered on time. I also collaborated with Monokoto on the electronics and interaction side of the project.

Technical management Prototyping

KEATAG Solo Project London, Feb-July 2012 Royal College of Art + Imperial College London

in the chip defines the status of each person; OK, trapped, dead. This data becomes a tool for rescue workers to coordinating volunteers more efficiently and save life’s.

This self stated project was my final project from the RCA and Imperial College. It was based on the fact that their is a 70% chance a earthquake equally big to the one in Fukushima may hit Tokyo within three years.

It also becomes a tool for the government to understand the scale of the disaster. Via the KeaTagApp, individuals can track their relatives. Which today is one of the main concerns after a mayor disaster.

Keatag is an office ID which concentrates on tracking peoples data before and after an earthquake. This information fills three important tasks. It trackes peoples data and via the sensors

KeaTag was shortlisted to Helen Hamlyn Award 2012.


Design Ideation



CANOPY Witch Matt Batchelor and Amrita Kulkarni Royal College of Art + Imperial College London London, Oct 2011-Jan 2012 A daily commuting routine on an underground railway cuts out the perception of place, movement or passage of time. Canopy is a dynamic display system on the ceiling of a train that renders a new perspective of the passing environment overground. Non-reflective e-paper display panels are fixed to the ceiling, allowing for an unobtrusive

display. Artists are invited to illustrate the environment on ground with an exaggerated 3-point perspective suggesting depth of the train. Landmarks indicate location and journey progress, while an indicative sky offers visual continuity. Real-time travel information and contextual advertising helps travellers explore the city while engaging with the journey. Canopy was shortlisted to RSA Awards 2012.

Research Projcet Management Graphics



OLYMPICS Client: Confidential Royal College of Art + Imperial College London 2012 Designing concepts for a pavilion for the London Olympic Games 2012. My final concept was an interactive experience that was selected as their final top 5 concepts to use as inspiration for the final outcome. It was a storytelling video of the process.


Interaction System

SILPA CHAKRA Royal College of Art + Imperial College London Collaboration with National Institute of Design With David Stevens, Julene Aguirre Bielschowsky, Devraj Bhadra, and Azam Aratzu Ahmedabad, India 2011 Silpa Chakra, or circle of craft, is the conclusion of a contextual study of the Indian craft sector in Ahmedabad, India. The project responds to the need of creating an economically sustainable internal market for national craft by adding an element of curated functionality into the objects. The system enables local craftsmen and women to remain in their practice and pass on their skills while earning dignified wages. This is made possible through a co-operative that brings together designers, a collective of craftspeople and customers. The cooperative provides designs based on structural frames that can be finished with the use of several regional crafts. The customer chooses an object, material and a specific craft which are sent to the artisan’s home. Families in the craft sector have very limited budgets and cannot afford transport, making home deliveries an important encouragement to participate. This is especially true for women, as it is still frowned upon them leaving the house for work. When the objects are finished they are signed and sent to the showroom for quality control, then delivered to the customer’s home.

Research Projcet Management System Ideation

“Circle of craft�

Creative Director Managing Director

Finance/ Business

Permanent Team Freelance salary Royalties income Designer Network


Online store

Freelance salary Cooperative income Customers Showroom

Quality control

Craftsmen Network

“Circle of craft”

GIZMO Royal College of Art + Imperial College London London, 2011 Many products rely on the effective design and implementation of mechanisms for their function. The aim for this module was to design and produce a functioning prototype, demonstrating principle, for a product or mechanism that effectively uses at least six different types of machine element that performs a useful function. My interactive art piece was a flat surface that slowly curled up to a bowl as someone got closer to the sensor. Using acrylic gave the product extra potential to show off the mechanics.





Award winning concept which competed in Eco Design Award 2008. A concept competition based on water saving. Me and my partner based our product on the idea of people Product Team notAcierta being aware of where and how one can save both With Clara Descals money and the environment. Therefore, we created a display thatValencia, shows theSpain water2008 consumption within a household. By personalizing the display to the number of family members Econa is based on theone factcan that people arewater not aware of and working/school hours keep track of how to save and the environment. Thereconsumption in allwater, parts money of the household.

for we created a display that shows the water consumption within a household. By personalizing the display to once family members and in house hours, facilitates to keep track of water consumption in all parts of the household. Econa won a National Eco Design Award 2008.



Acierta Product & Position SL During approximately one year I took part in a Spanish consulting company -Acierta product and position SL, Valencia. My main objective was to learn as much as possiblewithin the field of product modeling and production techniques.


Acierta Product Team Valencia, Spain When I fist started at this enterprise I was introduced to

many interesting projects including production, product I spent a 3D, yeardesign working Acierta Team, mostdevelopment, andfor render. LaterProduct on I soon became render specialist, mypieces focus for wasMilan to prepare ly wetheprepared prototype Furniture presentations and assist in product development projects Fair for various designers. We also did a lot of technical

development and 3D modelling.

The images above depict some of the exiting projects I was part of at Acierta.

Bisazza Jet, desiger: Jamie Hayon. Product made for Milan Furniture Fair 2008. This was one of my earlier projects where I followed the production process and I contributed to parts of the 3D modeling. Establish and Sons, designer: Jamie Hayon. This stool was used as a practical tool in learning the free form 3D modeling in Solid Works. Additionally this was also a project I followed from sketch basis to finished product. Due to the complexity of this stool I found it very interesting and rewarding to take part of the development of the production. (red tray) Enterpise is confidential, designer Jamie Hayon This product is not yet on the market, and hence is still kept confidential.

My contribution was the rendering as well as consulting and research for material and production possibilities. SAB, designer: Acierta product an position For this hand/finger scanner project I learned how to deal with plastic modeling. My contribution lies in parts of the 3D sketches, development solutions, and renders. and Carrera (Spanish jewelry Rendering enterprise), 3DCarrera Modeling

I made the renderings for these display-window Christmas decorations that Acierta was assigned to develop.

Industrial design

Moreover, the cork, lamp and packaging depict additional projects where I have made the renders.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME Questions? References? See more projects? Don’t hesitate in contacting me + 447429492239

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