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BY Haley Cargo

There was a girl named Phoebe, age ten, that saw a British camp site and got information about the Revolutionary War and a secret weapon and ran. __________

Phoebe was getting water from a pump in the forest when she heard British soldiers talking about the war. One said, “Well…trying to poison the leader did not work. Hickey failed, but wait till the cannons are done then we will shoot with no warning and be victorious.” “Yes, it will be done in less than an hour,” said the other one. When Phoebe heard that she ran as fast as she could. The soldier heard her crack a stick and said “What was that?” The other said “Maybe a raccoon or a squirrel.” That gave Phoebe the chance to run and find her father.

When Phoebe got back she told her father, Sam Fraunces, about the cannon they were going to shoot in thirty minuntes and that they are going to shoot with no warning and be victorious. “That poison trick was just the beginning.� Her father told General Washington about the cannon and the British were ready for it to shoot the cannons in about thirty minutes. Phoebe remembered where the camp was and took them there they attacked, stopping the British from firing the cannon. They destroyed the cannons and made sure it would never shoot again, all thanks to Phoebe a wonderful spy.

Phoebe the spy looking at foot prints.

The Spy Continues  

A young girl overhears British plans to kill Washington

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