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The Anticipation By: Abbey Hannis 2012

It’s been one year since Jonathan came home from the war. Now he’s going to visit his Uncle Henry, Aunt Elizabeth, and little cousin Rose to see his other cousin Joseph come home from the war. But what he doesn’t know is that one of the Hessians brothers was very angry about Jonathan killing his brother and has been plotting his revenge for the past month. When Jonathan and his family get to Uncle Henry’s farm, (which is only a few miles down the road) Aunt Elizabeth welcomes them with a smile. Jonathan’s sister Madeleine runs over to talk to her cousin about Momma teaching her to sew. While Aunt Elizabeth tells all the adults about the letters Joseph sent them, and how she’d been cleaning and preparing for days. They all go inside and sit in front of the fire place and talk about Joseph as a little boy, and about how it’s felt like ages since they last saw him. Except for Aunt Elizabeth who just keeps going on and on about the coming home meal she made saying “It took me forever to make and preserve.” And “It might just be the best meal I’ve ever made.” As she said this she kept smiling and clapping her hands with excitement. Then there’s little Rose showing everyone her blanket that she sew saying, “I made it all by myself and I just love it!” Madeline jumps up and says “Oh, we can sew some more after dinner.” and then sits back down thinking about what colors she’s going to sew with. Then Uncle Henry picked Rose up and said, “My little girl!” as Rose giggles and squeals till he put her down. Just then Aunt Elizabeth calls “Dinner is ready.” Then everybody goes to the dinner table, sits down and keeps going with the conversation. Jonathan tells them about his small time in the war and how was imprisoned but Hessians and escaped. They were all shocked about how much he did in such a little time. But the rest of the dinner he was silent just thinking about his older cousin’s arrival tomorrow. The more Jonathan thought about it the

more he realized that he looked up to Joseph a lot for going into the war just like he did with his dad and brother. When dinner was over Aunt Elizabeth and Jonathans mom, Ms. Lauren cleaned off the table, washed, and dried the dishes then put them back in the cupboards. Madeline and Rose are sewing little blankets for their dolls when Madeline and Rose yawn at the same time.

Aunt Elizabeth and Ms. Lauren hear the yawning while there washing dishes. Ms. Lauren says, “Well, it looks like it’s getting close to bed time for you two.” They agree, nod their heads, and go put on their night wear, and go to bed. Jonathan is outback with his uncle and his dad talking about the farm and how the oldest pig isn’t doing so well and probably going to die soon. But out in the woods next to the house is the Hessian spying on them waiting and watching. Jonathan’s dad and uncle are already inside. Jonathan is about to go in when he hears leaves crunch and twigs break. He just assumes it’s a wild animal but it’s not, it’s the Hessian. Since he doesn’t know that he just casually walks inside. Finally everybody is in bed and sleeping.

The next morning everybody is up and eating breakfast. They are all talking about Joseph’s arrival today. Aunt Elizabeth says she is probably going to clean around the house one more time. Madeline says, “We are almost done with our blankets.” Uncle Henry says, “I am going to do some work on the farm before Joseph’s arrival.” Jonathan decides he will go help Uncle Henry and his dad on the farm. He thinks that they might need another pair of hands just in case. So everyone goes to do their different things. Madeline and Rose go to Rose’s room to finish sewing their blanket’s, Lauren decides to help Aunt Elizabeth with her final preparations, and Uncle Henry, Jonathan, and Jonathans dad all start bailing the left over hay next to the barn. The Hessian see’s this and takes it as an opportunity to have Jonathan out in the open right in his ranges. Back in the fields there isn’t much talking going on except for Jonathan’s dad and uncle talking about the farm every so often.

The Hessian knew now was the time to do it. He loaded his gun, pointed it towards Jonathan. It was hard because they were all in one small group. He finally shot the gun. “Bang!” It was as loud as a lions roar. The bullet shot Uncle Henry right in the chest. Jonathan and his dad saw the bullet shot, and then they heard Uncle Henry scream in

terror. They all turn his way to see him on the ground with a bloody shirt and a small hole on the left side of his chest. Aunt Elizabeth, Lauren, Rose, and Madeline all ran out as fast as they could as soon as they heard the gun shot. Aunt Elizabeth shrieked at the sight of her husband. She fell to her knees and cried out “No!” then continued to cry next to her husband. Madeline was comforting Rose as she wept in her arms. Everything was sad and gloomy. Joseph was walking down the hill to his home when he saw the whole dilemma. Right after his mother came out he noticed the Hessian running in the woods, away from the scene. In a split second Joseph pulled out his riffle, loaded it, and shot the Hessian in the middle of his head. At the sound of the rifle the whole family turned to see Joseph putting down his rifle that was pointing towards the woods. Rose sees her big brother, dries her tears, and runs to him to jump into his arms. Aunt Elizabeth finally stops sobbing and walks to see her son coming home unharmed from the war. They all walk down the hill to where Uncle Henry is laying. Little Madeline finally asks her dad, “Daddy?” He looks down at her and says, “What?” She answers in a small Quiet voice, “Is Uncle Henry in a happy place?” He hugs her with all his might and says, “Yes, he is.” Within the following weeks, they have Uncle Henry’s funeral. It is a beautiful ceremony with all different types of colorful flowers around his coffin.

This is a hard time on the family with the loss, and the cost of the ceremony they have to sell the farm. Then Aunt Elizabeth, Joseph, and Rose all move in with Jonathan and his family. It takes a little bit of time for everybody to get used to the new life style but slowly everything starts to fall into place, and ever body knows that from here on out everything will be all right without him.

The Anticipation  

A fourteen year old colonist and his family are waiting for a relative to come home from the Revolutionary War.

The Anticipation  

A fourteen year old colonist and his family are waiting for a relative to come home from the Revolutionary War.