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Writers’ Workshop Managing the Writing Process

North Coventry, Team C

Managing the Mini Lesson •

Convening the class through utilization of a quick ad consistent signal.

Student’s need to bring all their materials such as their writing folders and utensils.

Establish routines such as what to do when a partner is absent, and follow directions immediately.

Resist repeating yourself once you have established routines.

Establish long-term partnerships.

Actively engage students through meaningful connections.

Utilize demonstrations to help drive the point home (the major teaching point)

Managing Writing Time •

Writing time is precious.

Picture yourself meeting in the common area quietly.

Be sure to positively comment on what the children are doing correctly. Dismiss the students by groups to help with organization of tasks. If a student is confused, they should reread the previous draft. When you think you are done, you have just begun. (You’re not done unless you are a cake!) Once the children are writing, be sure to circulate and check on individual students. Have a signal word to help gather students back together after they are writing.

Managing Conferring •

Never interrupt a teacher when they are conferring.

Develop class routines and self-management techniques regarding items like what to do about restroom breaks, nurse requirements, etc.

Create expectations for lots of writing.

Establish routines regarding how to interrupt the teacher if a student needs help.

Managing the Shared Session

Whole-class sharing

One student sharing is a strength in their writing

Two alternative ways of sharing – table sharing/symphony sharing

Management issues are often due to a lack of inspiration, so be sure to keep the excitement level alive!

Task 6 nc team c  
Task 6 nc team c