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Hope’s Revolutionary War Diary

By: Autumn R. Narvaez

January 1st 1777 It’s the New Year. When I asked Mother when father would be home, she pointed at the door, but before she could speak, Father walked through the door! I was really happy and excited!

January 5th I asked father if he knew where Ethan was. Sadly he didn’t, but he did tell me why he was gone for two years and it was because he had been held as a prisoner by the British. January 7th Mother said I’m going to get my old room back because since father came back and mother is going to have a new baby, it’s getting crowded. Mr. Dean will have to leave. I am happy to get my room back, but I am sad because Mr. Dean was a good friend. January 17th So mother is going into labor. Soon I will have a new baby sister or brother. I hope for another sister. January 30th The baby is here and I will have a new brother. Mother is letting me pick his middle name! So his middle name is Nathan. His full name is Robert Nathan Potter. He is cute, but he demands much attention! January 31st Now that Mother has had the baby, Father is going to look for Ethan, so our family will be all together.

February 2nd Ethan is back! Father rescued him from the Redcoats. My father is a hero and I am so happy that Ethan is back with us.

Family Trouble  

A young colonial girl's diary shows how the struggle of her family to stay together.