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Ellen’s Rescue By Brian Stewart

It’s 1776 in Boston. In the Toliver residence, while Ellen is combing her hair, her mother gets a little silver box and bakes it into the bread so no one will see it. Ellen’s grandfather is a spy bot Ellen doesn’t know it yet so on his way out he says to himself oh wait!forgot the bread. Her father has to do an important mish mission in the morning. So its morning and it’s time for him to leave. . While he’s walking he realizes he’s late so he has to get on a British boat the British realize he’s hiding something and he realized they were on to him so he tries to escape but they shot him in the back of the thigh and they send him off to prison as a slave and prisoner and its Ellen’s job to try to rescue him. On the way to the prison Ellen spots British guards “I must be getting close” she says to herself as she approaches the prison gates she tries to go around the back of the prison but it’s starting to get dark out so she finds a safe place to spend the night after looking for about an hour she finds an abandoned buggy about half a mile from the prison to sleep. When it was morning she ones again tries to go around the prison and she finds a little path that stretches all the way around the prison she takes that trail

and finds a gate about 7 feet high she tries to climb the fence but she can’t so Ellen gets something to give her a boost she sees a wheel barrel to stand in. ones she’s over the fence there is a little shed she peeks in and there are British uniforms she puts one on so she doesn’t get caught as she is walking in she notices prison guards watching as she approaches she doesn’t see him any were as she looks for him she sees him in the corner of the sell curled up in a ball the wound was fine but he looks like he’s starving Ellen gets is attention and when no one’s looking she tells him he’s going to get him out by morning because at night only guards stand around so she can ask for a pair of keys acting like she works there so in the middle of the night she can escape with him. It seemed like forever but night finally came it was time she just had to wait for the right time to unlock the sell and get out of there when the time came she walked over to the sell and whispered to get her attention she sticks the key in the lock and turns it the cage door opens but she holds it closed. it whips open they take off really fast out the door and only one guard bothered to go after them they jump the fence like it wasn’t even there but the guard toke a minute so that gave them a head start they find a small boat and

they take it to get back to Boston the guard gives up. About half the way there something happens he passes out from the wound she quick wraps a rag around it and checks if he is breathing he is shortly later he wakes back up and there at Boston and into the house eating and still recovering from his injury.

Ellen's Rescue  

A colonial girl's grandfather is captured by the British.

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