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By Alec Pascucci

By:Alec Pascucci

It was a dark and gloomy day in 1730. Ellen Toliver was bored inside. So she went outside, very soon 2 boys, Arnie and Aron started to teas her. At first it was just teasing but turned in to punching and kicking. Ellen tried to fight back but she couldn’t. they were too strong. It was so bad she didn’t go to school for a week .And she loved going to school. The next day Ezra, Ellen’s brother left for the war. She didn’t get to go outside because her grandfather got pneumonia. she had to help him She gave him medicine every two hours. Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. But two months in her grandfather got better. Soon she went outside. When Aron and Arnie came back she fought back. She punched, kicked, even slapped. Aron and Arnie were so scared they ran so far Ellen couldn’t see them. Ellen had beaten the bullies! But the next day something happened. Aron and Arnie told the REAL bully about Ellen. Dotty was the REAL bully. She was the kid who no one liked. In fact they hated her.

Ellen, Arnie, and Aron  

A colonial girl is bullied by two boys.

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