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I N T E R I O R Design



“Some look at things that are, and ask ... I dream of things that never were and ask not?� -George Bernard Shaw

CONTENTS 2010 Health Center.......................1-13 Set design..........................15-21 Restaurant.........................23-29 2009 Fashion Botique.................31-35 Furniture Design.................37-41 2008 Fashion Design house........43-51 Art gallery...........................53-57 2007 Sketches.................................59 Hand Drafting..........................60 Renderings........................61-65 Conceptual Models.................66

Project one.

OU Wayman Tisdale Specialty Health Center

This studio project involves an interdisciplinary design collaboration between architecture students and interior design students at the College of Architecture in Norman, the Urban Design Studio in Tulsa, the Architecture for Health Design Studio at Texas A&M, the clinical program development at the OU Wayman Tisdale Specialty Center, School of Community Medicine and the Tulsa Economic Development Corporation. In teams of four (2 architect students and 2 interior design students) we worked on creating alternative designs for the Tisdale Clinic, its future expansion and the rehabilitation of the Northland Shopping Center.


O U Wa y m a n T i s d a l e S p e c i a l t y H e a l t h C e n t e r

Front Facade Exterior Elevation

Exterior Elevations

Nexus Design Group was picked in the top 4 (among 17 participating groups) to be presented to the Tulsa City Planning Committee.


O U Wa y m a n T i s d a l e S p e c i a l t y H e a l t h C e n t e r Design Philosophy -Improve health of the community -Foster interconnectedness within the neighborhood -Create an incentive for learning and imporving -Promote voluteerism -Create a forum to express, listen, and learn -Ease the stress of economic hardship


NEXUS Design Group name stands for the center or beginning. This theory is to be carried out from this community health center, so all wellness will spread through the community like a ripple effect occurring from a drop of water.


O U Wa y m a n T i s d a l e S p e c i a l t y H e a l t h C e n t e r

First Floor


O U Wa y m a n T i s d a l e S p e c i a l t y H e a l t h C e n t e r

Second Floor

Third Floor


Atrium Perspective

O U Wa y m a n T i s d a l e S p e c i a l t y H e a l t h C e n t e r




O U Wa y m a n T i s d a l e S p e c i a l t y H e a l t h C e n t e r

Cafe Perspective


O U Wa y m a n T i s d a l e S p e c i a l t y H e a l t h C e n t e r

Reception Perspective


O U Wa y m a n T i s d a l e S p e c i a l t y H e a l t h C e n t e r

Computer Lounge Perspective

Mayer Fabrics Pattern: Ecosphere Color: Cobalt Number: 313-004

Suitable for healthcare. Treated with Bio Am antimicrobial technology, which is friendly to the environment, containing noarsenic or heavy metals. Treated with recycable Nao-Tex stain repellant finish.


O U Wa y m a n T i s d a l e S p e c i a l t y H e a l t h C e n t e r


Lonseal Product: Lonpearl VS Color NO: 716 VS Color: Marlin Silver VS


A Heterogeneous resilient sheet vinyl flooring solution available with an exclusive embossing and galvanized coloration that provides excellent camouflage for scuffing and wear. Green Medic-formulated for microbial resistance, GreenAir-formulated for low VOC’s, over 40% post-industrial recycled content.

O U Wa y m a n T i s d a l e S p e c i a l t y H e a l t h C e n t e r

Waiting Lobby Perspective

For more information on this project please visit the NEXUS blog at:


Project two.

Set Design Live from Warehouse 118 is a new studio program featuring rising, independent artists from the Oklahoma music scene. The task is to provide exceptional presentation for viewers with set and lighting design. Every shot is carefully scripted with all elements planned to provide the complete artist experience. The set is flexibly designed to accommodate a wide variety of local artists to perform for Warehouse 118 in the future. The first pilot is shot featuring the Sherree Chamberlain Band.

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Set Design

Perspective 1

Set Floor Plan: Option 1


Set Design

Perspective 2


Perspective 3


Set Design

Perspective 1

Set Foor Plan: Option 2


Set Design

Perspective 2

Perspective 3


Set Design

North Wall Elevation

West Wall Elevation


Project three.



KOWA-Apache Tribe Restaurant in Oklahoma City, OK The objective of this project it to design a restaurant that will capture a Native American Spirit without developing a theme or museum like literal translation of the culture.



K O W A - A p a c h e Tr i b e R e s t a u r a n t

Entry Level Perspective

Egress and Furniture Plan Level 1 KOWA is designed to cater to the wide variety of clientele and occasions yet keeping a place suitable for traditional rituals and celebrations.


Triadic Color Scheme

Triadic Color Scheme The triadic color scheme uses three colors equally spaced around the color wheel. This scheme is popular among artists because it offers strong visual contrast while retaining balance, and color richness. The triadic scheme is not as contrasting as the complementary scheme, but it looks more balanced and harmonious


Booth Seating Perspective

 K O W A - A p a c h e Tr i b e R e s t a u r a n t      

Apache dancers are a major part of any ritual that is usually centered around the fire. Dance ---> Rhythm, Balance, Repetition


Kitchen K O W A - A p a c h e Tr i b e R e s t a u r a n t


Private Dining Main Dining Egress and Furniture Plan Level 2

Reception 28

Serving Alley



Second Level Lounge


K O W A - A p Bar a c h e Tr i b e R e s t a u r a n t


P r o j e c t f o u r. Fashion Boutique The objectives of this project was to design a retail space for one of the leading international luxury goods group Dolce & Gabanna while focusing on lighting and display design. The Group designs, produces and distributes high-end clothing, leather goods, footwear and accessories under the Dolce&Gabbane and D&G brands. The boutique is the place where you can experience the collections and the Dolce & Gabbana world; which is in constant transformation and evolution. For this reason, it is essential the boutique also reflects the same evolution, growth and movement. The store is located in Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow, Russia. Open floor plan is designed to accommodate a constant flow of people and easy access. The curvilinear shoes display and custom clear glass installation is designed for the customer to experience the space. Clear glass window displays help to attract people into to the store.


Fashion Boutique

Reflective Ceiling Plan


Electric Plan

Perspective 1


Perspective 2


Fashion Boutique


Detail: Scale 1/4”=1’0”


Project five.

Furniture Design 'My Line' is a custom design and built peace of furniture with accessories: My Table, My Object, and My Light My Line was inspired by the wood itself. In creating exotic pieces African wood was the only direction to go. The combination of Zeebra Wood, Wenge Wood and glass allowed to create modern yet very organic pieces. My Line can perfectly fit in most interiors and with the coffee table changing the configuration it is easily placed in the room. *Note: No hardware is used on any of the pieces.


Fur niture Design My Table

Joinery Details


Fur niture Design My Object

Joinery Details


Fur niture Design My Light




Project six.

The Fashion Design House The task was to design the offices for a fashion design house branch office from Asia. The haute couture establishement that cater to highly visible personalities in the political, social, and celebrity genre.


Fashion Design House

Adjacencies Matrix

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese philosophy of placement and design is a key role in the arrangement of the interior space and the selection of color, furniture, and materials.


Fashion Design House

Detail Drawings


Fashion Design House


Bogua Map



Hallway Wallpaper

Fashion Design House

Dimensioned Floor Plan


Fashion Design House

Show Room Perspective


Fashion Design House

Show Room Mosaic Tile

Make-up Room Mosaic Tile

Furniture Floor Plan


Fashion Design House

Reception Area


Fashion Design House

Design Model


Project seven.

Art Gallery This project was to design an art gallery of choice. I chose The Live Butterflies type of art. The design was influenced by a previously constructed 36’x36’ cube. The cube is the footprint of the building. The 50% negative space used in the outer sides of the cube was incorporated for windows and egress design.


Art Gallery

Block Diagrams

Concept Squares


36’x36’ Cube

Art Gallery

Adjacencies Matrix

Research & Precedent Study The butterfly place is an indoor environment which has been carefully designed for the propagation and develpoment of some of nature’s most colorful living creations. Within the atrium’s living butterfly environment can be found a variety of colorful plants and shrubs, each of which has been selected as a source of nectar for the butterflies. The atrium area is maintained at a temperature of approximately 80 degrees, considered ideal for meeting the warmth requirements of the butterflies.


Art Gallery

1st Floor Plan


2nd Level Floor Plan

Art Gallery

3rd Level Floor Plan





Hand drafting.

Viereck Residence: Furniture Floor Plan



Computer Drafting with Hand Rendering Overlay




Digital Renderings.


Digital Renderings.

Transcript Lobby


Transcript Patio

Digital Renderings.

Transcript Office

Transcript Conference


Concept Models. Concept Model for D&G Boutique

3D Image Deconstruction




Katya 2011