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Missions Interlink Bulletin September 2013

Los Angeles - World’s 8th largest city with 18,100,000 in its metropolitan area


Discipleship & Church Planting Seminar Missional Couple Needed in the UK Thanks For Your Prayers - MI Director Administrators Gathering Member Care Gathering Mission Gatherings MI AGM / Council Nominations Pacific 2 Nations - Main Speakers Prayer Movement Sweeps Indonesia 21 Days of Prayer 4 Global Harvest - SVM2 Resources Hindu Prayer Guide Now Available Internationals Who Live Among Us: Doing World Missions at Home Powerful Questions 4 Evangelism Finishing the Task: The Network Country Stats You Can Use Mission Snapshots Missionary Enrichment Retreat - deadline MI Privilege


Couple Needed in UK

Thanks So Much For Your Prayers

Barnabas Fund

Some of you know that our first granddaughter at just 7 weeks came down with whooping cough. She was in PICU at Starship Auckland Hospital for more than a month. She is now home with us, along with her two brothers and parents. Thank God for His healing touch. And thank God for the medical teams at Starship and Middlemore Hospitals.

Due to a bereavement we are praying for a couple to join our staff here in Pewsey, UK for two years or more as soon as possible. The work would include maintenance, building work, gardening etc., and for his wife organising housekeeping and helping with the administration. We can provide a flat and salary which would be sufficient for daily needs. If you can contact Rosemary Sookhdeo on .

Bible Storytelling Workshop For ALL Christians who want to share God’s Word with others: Sunday School teachers, preachers, Bible study leaders, youth leaders, evangelists… Gain skills to craft and tell stories which are simple, accurate, and memorable!

Much of that time I’ve also had “the 100 day cough.” While it’s nearly gone, there’s still some of the symptoms. Medical doctors insist that I’m not contagious since completing the anti-biotics some weeks ago. Thanks again for your prayers and concern. David B Hall MI (NZ) director

Thursday – Sunday 3 – 6 October 2013 Hope Presbyterian, 27 Amyes Road, Hornby, Christchurch Phone: 03-980 2296 or Email:

Mission Gatherings

Mission Administrators Gathering Friday afternoon, 8 November Max Palmer invites you to...

Stay up to date on issues like: mission giving and tax credit, immigration, retirement... Venue: Vodafone Events Ctr. Conference Room Great South Road, Manukau

Mission Member Care Gathering Friday afternoon, 8 November

Helen MacNaughtan, a Kiwi missionary who led Member Care for MI Australia for some years will lead this. She now focuses on her role as the MC rep for the Sth Pacific region, and serves on the Global MC Network Board. Venue: Vodafone Events Ctr. Conference Room 2 Great South Road, Manukau


Christchurch: Dr. Bob Hall - Manukau City: Wayne Freeman - Nelson: June Borlase – 544 7060 Barbara Doig - North Shore: Richard Hemmingsen – Onehunga (Auckland): Graeme Lee - Pt Chevalier (Auckland): Lea Tovey - Tauranga: James Muir - Waikato: Jock Brunskill -

Council Nominations

Wednesday, 20 November Venue: Mairangi Bay Community Church North Shore - Starts with lunch at Noon Glyn Carpenter will share about Gospel Bicentenary Events More details coming - Watch this space

Nominations for the MI Council for 2014 -through ’16 are now open. Send in your nomination to: 3

When: 8 & 9 November, 2013 Where: Vodafone Events Centre, Manukau

www. pacific2nations .com A movement of Pacific people, rising up and launching into the nations, proclaiming the Gospel, demonstrating God’s love and power.

Main speakers Ps Suliasi Kurulo - Pastor of 6,000 member church in Fiji with 600 missionaries. See last month’s MIB for more info about Pastor Suliasi. Kalafi Moala – Director of Taimi Media Network (Tonga), founding chair of the New Zealand-based Pacific Islands Media Network, and cofounder of the Samoa-based Pasifik Media Association. Kalafi has pioneered Christian missions in: PNG, Japan, Honolulu, Indonesia... and has spoken in conferences and mega-churches in many countries around the world. Kalafi is the author of: Island Kingdom Strikes Back, In Search of the Friendly Islands, and Tonga: A Tale of Two Kingdoms (stories of the impact of Pacific Islanders in missions). Ps Iliafi Esera – Whanganui Faith City Church, a pastor to many Pacific Island pastors, not only from his denomination and ethnic group (Samoan), but to many others as well. Like the other main speakers at P2N, Iliafi speaks in conferences - like Promise Keepers - all over the world, with a passion for missions.

Plus: Workshops, Music, Drama, Mission Booths, and more

Have you booked your mission booth space yet? 4

24/7 Prayer Movement Sweeps Indonesia


powerful prayer movement is rising in the world’s largest M_slim nation. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Indonesian Christians intercede for their country. It was a scene never witnessed before in Indonesia’s history.

spiritual foundations of his nation. “There is power when hundreds of thousands of believers meet in either small prayer groups, houses of prayer, or prayer towers like this one,” Purwanto said.

A Worldwide Prayer Call

Nearly 13 percent of the globe’s M_slims live in Indonesia, making the island nation home to the world’s largest Mu_ slim population. Indonesia boasts a thriving economy and is one of the key political power houses in the region.

World’s Largest M_slim Population

Last year, more than 9,000 Christians from around the world descended on the Indonesian archipelago for a massive prayer gathering led by scores of Indonesian churches united to see the name of Jesus Christ lifted.

“For years we’ve been praying for our government, the media, and young people. We’ve also prayed for better relations between Christians and M_slims. God is answering those prayers,” Petrus said.

Dr. Bambang Widjaya was a key architect of the event. “We can see the zeal, not only among the evangelical or Pentecostals, but also in the mainline churches and Catholic that we need to spread the Good News of Christ all over the country,” Widjaya said. Global prayer leaders were amazed at the Indonesian believers’ unity in praying for their country and the world. “I just think the Father is looking out on the corridors of heaven and he’s saying, ‘Hey, Jesus, come here. Look! Look! Look down at Indonesia,” Victor exclaimed. “Hey, they are really loving each other, they are getting it, and they are fulfilling your prayer. Hey, watch this.” “And he’s blowing [His Holy Spirit across the country] and everything is going to a new dimension, something we don’t understand in the natural,” he continued. “There’s favor, there’s faith, there’s grace and they are transforming a nation.” It’s a spiritual transformation that Christians here say is bathed in 24-hour prayer.

And Christianity is growing despite the occasional reports of M_slim harassment. Christians credit the massive prayer movement that’s connecting some 500 Indonesian cities with more than 5 million intercessors with giving them a deeper passion to see the nation and the world won for Jesus.

Thirty miles outside the sprawling capital city Jakarta sits a multi-story building that serves as a prayer tower for around-the-clock intercession.

“I do believe that there is power in prayer, especially in united prayer, like the body of Christ like this,” Rev. Daniel Pandji, who heads up Indonesia’s National Prayer Network, said.

“Twenty-four hours a day we are praying for churches in Indonesia, all the pastors and lay leaders. There’s not a single hour or day that goes by without prayers lifted up for our country,” Jeffrey Petrus said.

In an unprecedented show of unity, Christians filled the country’s national stadium last year, with millions more watching on television, as they pledged to reach every village, town, and city in Indonesia with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Petrus is caretaker of the prayer tower. For 12 years this simple room with several bunk beds has been his home away from home. “We take shifts of four hours a day. When people get tired, they come in here, take a short rest, then back to praying,” he said.

“All of the churches here in Indonesia believe that Jesus is the only answer for the country,” Dr. Widjaya said. Back at the prayer tower, Petrus and his faithful prayer warriors are on their knees. “Day and night, weekends and holidays, we’ll be here crying out to God for our country and the world,” he said. “This is our calling to be the watchmen on the walls of Indonesia.”

Dedi Purwanto works with Petrus as a prayer leader. He said the prayer rooms are packed with people at all hours of the day. Purwanto believes the prayers lifted from this place and other sites across Indonesia are shaking the


Greetings in Jesus Name from Chiang Mai, Thailand! Student Volunteer Movement 2 (SVM2) is pleased to announce the 2013 dates for the “21 Days for Global Harvest” prayer campaign. It will take place from September 29 – October 19, 2013. “21 Days For Global Harvest” encourages local churches, campus ministry fellowships, mission groups and Bible schools to promote small group prayer for spiritual awakening in the body of Christ resulting in global harvest among the unreached and unengaged over a 21 day period. A daily prayer guide helps bring focus to our prayer and intercession. It is an opportunity to focus our prayers from around the world on God’s glory and the unengaged. This is inviting your Church/Ministry/Campus fellowship to participate in this global prayer mobilization initiative by taking the following steps: 1) Promotion – Among Your Constituency. You can place promotional ads and links on your websites/blogs/newsletters and through your other communication channels. Utilize helpful means to Promote the Prayer Campaign among your constituency. You can also email this out to your databases. 2) Participation – Schedule It On Your Annual Calendar for upcoming events or itinerary and even encourage the hosting of this prayer campaign on your own church or ministry context. Participating in this campaign will help cultivate a Global Vision in the hearts of staff and members and help them gain a posture of Intercession for the Nations. Don’t forget to register yourself for “21 Days” and commit to participate.

Joel Iyorwa,

Student Volunteer Movement, SVM2 International Equipping Team Chiang Mai, Thailand


“The Fulfillment of the Great Commission in This Generation”


Hindu World Focus Prayer Guide

Finishing the Task: the Network

Now Available

There’s the biblical mandate of finishing the task, and then there’s also the specifically-named network, Finishing the Task (FTT), led by Paul Eshleman. You can learn more about FTT here...

You can get it at the Friends Network... - where organizers are seeking to develop a relevant contextual witness among Hindu people groups and have developed this prayer guide as a means to provide specific areas of prayer for the Hindu People. Please join with others from around the world to pray for God’s heart for the Hindu world during the month of October.

“Internationals Who Live Among Us: Doing World Missions at Home”

If you like Stats, and Countries, You’ll like this

Gives you hundreds of ideas of how to minister to seven distinct groups of internationals: Students, Business People, Visitors, Relocating Refugees, Illegal Aliens, MKs, and Ethnic Communities. The People of the Diaspora are open to the Gospel. In a manner of speaking, you can do world missions at home. The book is available at...

If you’re a stats junkie, and you are interested in global stuff, Go to... Check out the religious stats at... cat/rel-religion

Thanks to Brigada for some of these resources.

Powerful Questions for Conversational Evangelism

Find a Needle in a Haystack You can search Brigada’s 18+ years of archives 100% adfree. Imagine absolutely no ad-banners at all. What’s more, the pool of items is much more focused. Can’t remember the name of that little satellite beacon they recommended? Looking for one of those “Cool Tools?” Trying to remember the Hindu prayer guide? It’s all there, 24 hours/day -- absolutely free.

Have you ever been asked a question that has altered the direction of your life? Check out this list with links to over 70 useful questions for the evangelist. http://www. member_261894748

Mission-orientated Commentaries publishes a series of free online Bible Commentaries which have specifically been designed for use in worldwide missions situations. These can be used as study, teaching and Gospel resources. All these commentaries are in EasyEnglish to make them easier to understand. The first three books are now online at:


“Missions is not the ‘ministry of choice’ for a few hyperactive Christians in the church. Missions is the purpose of the church.” – Unknown

Mission Snapshots You can send Mission Snapshots to: 1 or 2 paragraphs &/or picture

A few of the many mission booths and participants at this yea’s Envision mission conference in Tauranga. Some of the P2N Leadership Team: (right 2 left) Kalafi (Tongan), Troy (Samoan), Phil (Kiwi), Andrew (UK), Taubale (Fijan), and Ronaldo (Brazilian) - at the “I’m Going” inter-church rally in Manurewa...


Missionary Enrichment Retreat 2013

EarlyBird Discount Deadline Soon Each day begins with a devotional followed by two workshops on practical topics. These are followed by free time and opportunity to meet with one of the facilitators to explore personal issues. We will also have a guided quiet retreat segment.

Who? Recently returned missionaries, missionaries on leave, and people involved in cross-cultural ministry in New Zealand or abroad. MERs provide opportunity for you to reflect on your experience, evaluate how you have coped, and equip you for the future in a safe place away from pressure and with people who understand.

A range of topics relating to missionary life will be covered

Sessions will focus on developing effective life skills such as: • • • •

Communications Conflict resolution Appropriate assertiveness Spiritual resources

Nearly Full

Some will be focused on challenges such as: • Dealing with “baggage” from the past • Unfulfilled expectations • Stress & Burnout • Singleness issues and marriage strains


The retreat  was  one  of  the  highlights  of  our  home   assignment.  

We felt  very  much  loved,  cared  for  and  understood.  

Excellent for  acceptance,  non-­‐threatening  space  to   download,  and  some  new  insights.  

I valued  the  long  unstructured  times.    

I learned  so  much  and  found  it  a  time  of  healing  and   refreshing.  

Should be  compulsory  for  every  missionary  on  Home   Assignment!  

21-26 October - 2013

Crystal Springs, Matamata

Contact MI to sign up, get more info, or to get a full brochure for the MER:

Cost: Sign-up by 5 September: $370 After 5 September: $425 If your church or sending agency is a member of MI you qualify for a $65 scholarship.

Whatever your role


wherever in the world you have been serving, mission service is unique in the stress and blessings it brings 9

If You’re Not Using the MI Privilege Card, You’re Probably Paying Too Much Some additional MI Privilege :

Foreign Exchange via Western Union Turn your organisation’s foreign exchange needs into competititive advantage. Make quick and reliable payments when you need to. More than 140 currencies. Tell them you’re a Missions Interlink member to access the best possible rates. North Island: Melissa Stevenson 09 366 0037, Email: For the NZ Mainland, ring Dave Swandel at: 03 365 4992. (MI members* only)

Discount Fuel

Foreign Exchange Comparisons

MI & CSC have partnered with Far North Fuels to provide a fuel card for Mobil stations across New Zealand. Pricing is very competitive, usually 5 or 6 cents off per litre. Some of the features include: • No monthly or annual fees • No minimum purchase • Hundreds of sites throughout New Zealand • 1/2 cent per litre goes to help MI (1 cent for diesel) Payment is by direct debit on the 20th of the following month. To get your ministry or personal fuel card application form, contact MI today: Please include you name, address and phone number and we’ll send the application form to you.

Because we’re getting asked this more often, I decided to do a comparison: 2 NZ banks, Western Union (if you went direct), and WU going as a member of MI. In order to compare apples with apples, I said I want to send NZ$1000 today to (a) the USA, and (b) Thailand. What would they get on the other end? And would it cost me any more than the $1000? 1. Major NZ bank #1: the person in the USA would get $795.80. But you would have to pay a $50 fee (or you could pay a $25 fee and the person on the other end would pay the other half). Thailand, they would get 24,410 bhat and you would still have the NZ$50 fees.

Paint +

2. Major NZ bank #2: USA, person there would get 792.80 and you would need to pay $18 or 28 fee. Thailand, 24,410 and you would need to pay $18 or 28 fee.

Paint+ sets the benchmark for environmental paints. It is the only paint manufacturer to have Environmental Choice certification for every product they produce. Water based; low odour or odourless. Easy to apply, great coverage, outstanding finish. They’ll match any colour from your colour palette. Contact Ted: 09 2977346, email:

3. If you went direct to a Western Union: USA person would get $781.17 and you would need to pay NZ$74 fee. Thailand, 24,175.02 and you still need to pay $74 fee.

(MI members*, family & close friends only)

4. Western Union as an MI member (maybe it’s time to join MI. Think of what we saved you already with the MI Privilege). USA: person in US would get $804.10 - no fee. Thailand, 25,051.60 bhat - no fee

Postage Take advantage of the 5%+ savings on NZ postage through the MI Purchasing Discount. One average size mission saved over $60 in a month using this for their stamps. One average-size NZ church made about $1000 a year through encouraging their people to buy their Postage products through this. Contact Ted: 09 2977346, email:

Clearly from this simple survey, the MI WU deal is a much better way to go. - dbh

(MI members* only)

Travel A Christian Travel agent, Daniel Bloomfield, of Target Travel, has a very well established agency and has done some mission/ ministry travel himself, so he will get the best fares possible. Daniel and his team serve all of New Zealand. Located on the North Shore at 42-H Constellation Drive. Contacts: 09 4750081 or 021343318 and email and www. To get the best deal, tell them you are part of Missions Interlink. (MI members* and family only)


Executive Team: David B Hall, Andrew Marriott, Phil Richardson, Wayne Freeman, Christine Harding. Admin. Assistant: Lydia M Hall

MI Council The designated representatives for: Alpha, Eastwest College, GCiM, Laidlaw College, MAF, MECO, MI, Missionary Ventures, OMF, Pioneers, SIM, TEAR Fund, Tranzsend, WEC, Wycliffe, and YWAM. Plus: Phil Richardson, Suzanne L., and Ted Crawford.

Some of the MI Services

Destination World DW: The Call MI Bulletin MI Privilege Cards Missionary Enrichment Retreats MK/TCK Mission Resources books, dvd’s, referrals, etc. Mission streams strategic dialogue &/or action groups PrayerLinks available free via email upon request Privilege + the Card is only the beginning Regional Mission Gatherings

Mission Statement

Maximising participation in world missions by networking and serving all involved in outreach from, in, and to New Zealand.

Vision Statement

We see New Zealanders contributing with passion, effectiveness, and in ever increasing numbers, to the fulfilment of God’s plan for people of all cultures to be part of His redeemed family.

National Office

Ph: +64 9 275 8333 Email: PO Box 59 049 Mangere Bridge 2151

Disclaimer The views expressed in the MIB do not necessarily represent the views of MI or those associated with MI.

If you want your church to keep a missional culture, you should

celebrate it

at every opportunity. - Ed Stetzer

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Vision Statement We see New Zealanders contributing with passion, effectiveness, and in ever increasing numbers, to the fulfilment of God’s plan for people of all cultures to be part of His redeemed family.

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Missions Interlink NZ - September 2013 Bulletin