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!"#$%&'()*+",-! January 2011 will be remembered around Australia for multiple tragedies of floods, cyclones and fires. Our daughter Bek and her husband Matt left Townsville before Cyclone Yasi hit and arrived in Brisbane after the floods. They are now settled into Brisbane and awaiting the birth of their first child our third grandchild - in May. January was also “history making” for Sudan where SIM began ministering over seventy years ago. A referendum for Sudanese around the world saw an overwhelming majority vote in favour of independence for the south. After decades of civil war resulting in incalculable human suffering, and bringing many refugees to Australia, we pray for peace between north and south. Many difficult issues remain to resolve, including revenue from oil. The south produces about 75% of Sudan's crude, is landlocked, and the pipeline to export runs through the north. God however is doing amazing things in this land, in north and south (see Sudan’s “day of prayer” in the new Operation World: Nov 8-10). On 9 July Southern Sudan is due to announce its independence - indeed history making. Stay tuned, as Diane has been asked to participate in a strategic SIM country review of Sudan planned for September.

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ./0/1&*$",-! What fun memories we have of Luke and Bek’s wedding on 5 Feb: beautiful bride and handsome groom, proud parents & grandparents, faithful friends, lovely surroundings. It was the hottest day of the summer, 39.5°C at the beach in Port Macquarie - so with the exception of the formal moments captured above, we were very thankful for a relaxed and casual day. Having a long weekend away to spend time with family and long-time friends was an extra bonus for us. The newlyweds are now back into more ‘normal’ life in Sydney, with Luke in his job analyzing maths curricula from around the world and Bek continuing on at uni.

234563()477638(! ! A full semester for Phill at Morling College. Pray that this generation will sense God’s heart for the nations and have the courage to step out cross-culturally ! Putting together a Morling mission team to India for January 2012 ! Di making progress in her research writing. Pray for clarity and concentration ! The official word is out on the redevelopment of the Morling College site. Pray with us over decisions we are making regarding our future, including housing ! Plus various speaking engagements coming up including: Phill: 27 Feb Carlingford Baptist; 11-12 Mar Global Recordings Network conference Di: 4 Mar Morling Retirees’ morning; 12 Mar Concord Baptist Women! ! !

( 4,(=CJA*$/(%,(!>?@4>98K(D&*-"0/(#=;;/##( V*W*$!X*#X%*!2$*!Y*3#G&'(!&'U*3N*0!W&NE!.Z[!2'0!U*W*$!X*#X%*!2$*!0S&'(!U$#G!\ZD9P$*%2N*0!325H*HF!<E*!D*3! 2010 UNAIDS Global Report on HIV&AIDS hails real but fragile success with stabilization of the epidemic. The biggest epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa – Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe – have either stabilized or are showing signs of decline. The percentage of people who have had more than one sexual partner in the past year has also dropped. That’s good news! Although treatments have become more widely accessible, for every one person starting HIV treatment, there are two new infections. Globally over 33 million people are living with HIV. Overall levels of new infections are still high, and with significant reductions in mortality, the number of people living with HIV has increased. That means that there is still much more to be done! And much more is being done through SIM’s Hope for AIDS ministries! I (Di) get to hear amazing stories as regular reports and networking queries come into my Inbox, as I skype with people each making a difference in their corner, and as I put together our monthly newsletter AIDSLink which th celebrates its 100 edition in March. Peer education in Angola and Malawi, income generation in Zimbabwe, comprehensive community care of vulnerable children in Sth Africa, and workshops in India on child abuse . . . Follow it through facebook and twitter or take a moment to scan: ! ! 2<"00(@(9"*,/()*&#<*00((( "#$%&'(!)#%%*(*! +,-!.*$$&'(!/01!! "23452$&*!62$7!89:!,++;!! <=!>?+!,@!ABC-!B,-B! 9=!D&6E&%%!#$!6E&%%"#$%&'(! 0&2'*FG2$HE2%%IH&GF#$(! HHHI<%C/:%&*"A#I%&-(



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4(L/H(8$*&$! Morling College has begun another year, each student coming with their own story of God working in their lives. Many come from overseas, challenged by language and a different educational system. Our gap year programme “Plunge” has more numbers and enthusiasm than ever before, as does distance learning. We praise God for the opportunities to invest in lives, whether we work with students face to face or via a computer screen, and to present opportunities for cross-cultural ministries in Australia and beyond. Our special concern is to reach those students who don’t enroll in cross-cultural classes. Personally, we want to drink tea and coffee with our students, though the fast pace of college life often makes this a luxury. Please pray for us to be sensitive to God’s leading here.

6J!K#L!M,1!6*'HE5$HN! 89:!,,,,! <*%=!O?+P,!AQB-!+M,,! H&GF25HN$2%&2IH&GF#$(F25! HHHI#"BI%&-I*=( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( Be ! encouraged with us by a new Thursday over-

lunch Contagious Mission group at Morling College ( where students can informally explore a range of topical issues in mission. This is a space for students to ask questions of various mission agencies, and an entry point for mentoring in mission.



Pray also for the five “Mission Spots” in the semester where students hear from diverse mission practitioners from around the world.


Make a Difference - Feb 2011  

Phill and Diane Marshall - HIV and AIDS ministries and encouraging church leaders to be passionate about Missions

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