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MAKING MISSION PROUD AT OLYMPICS Hayden, Gabriele, Smith competing in London



DOG OWNERS FEARING FOR PETS’ SAFETY Coyotes are out in force in some parts of the district right now, causing alarm to residents.

Dancing in the Twilight


Doug and Ruth Denton-Howes waltz in the late evening sunshine during an Envision Twilight Concert in July. The free concerts at Fraser River Heritage Park take place Wednesdays and Fridays throughout August. To find out more about upcoming performers, SEE PAGE 24.

Residents riled over proposed expansion BY ADRIAN MACNAIR Mission Record

A proposed gravel extraction project in Lake Errock that would expand current mining operations has frustrated some residents. Robert Muckle owns a cabin and a kilometre of waterfront property, and says the pit would be located too close to existing homes which are literally a stone’s throw away. Extraction already takes place on the cliffside known as Deroche Bench and is a visible scar on the lakefront, ruining the panoramic vista of Lake Errock, he said. “It’s certainly not that any of us are against gravel or gravel mining per se. It’s just that

when it’s happening right next door to your recreation property or your home, your principal property, it’s extremely disturbing,” he said, adding it’s excessive when so many other mines in the Fraser Valley already exist. But Abbotsford-Mission MLA Randy Hawes, a former minister of state for mining, says it’s an “unfortunate act of nature” that the highest quality aggregate happens to be located in Lake Errock. “It’s not a matter of saying, well, let’s put the gravel pits where we want.” Hawes says he understands the residents of Lake Errock are looking for a politician to come to their aid against the gravel mining companies, but politicians have no power to interfere

in the mining application process. “The day a politician starts to say, ‘you can’t permit that one because the people don’t want it,’ that’s the day that a politician could really say, ‘you can’t permit that one because my brother has a competing business.’” Walter Neufeld, president of the FVRD Citizens Association, says Hawes’ comments are typical in that nobody has taken the concerns of the community seriously. The benchmark for meeting acceptable conditions for the ministry of mines is so low that almost no applications are rejected, he said. SEE GRAVEL PAGE 3

GEARING UP FOR ROCKIN GOOD TIME The annual Rockin on the River Music Festival is just over a week away, and The Record has a full listing of the line-up of musical greats. PAGE 23

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2 The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012

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The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012 3

Left: Florence Graham and Jo Catharell (front) walk their dogs regularly at an unofficial dog park, located outside Fraser River Heritage Park. CAROL AUN PHOTO


Above: Coyotes have been spotted in the field on the other side of the D’Herbomez Creek bridge. RECORD FILE PHOTO

plaguing dog walkers Traveling in groups will lessen chance of encounter BY CAROL AUN Mission Record

A group of dedicated canine walkers at an unofficial dog park, just outside Fraser River Heritage Park, want people and their pets to return to the area despite coyote sightings nearby. Friends Jo Catharell and Florence Graham say the area is usually busy with up to 30 walkers on any given morning around 9 a.m., but there were only a handful to be seen Friday. “A lot of people aren’t coming now because of the coyotes,” said Catharell, who has been walking her dogs Sephora and Savvy on the trail for four years. Graham added she doesn’t go around the field anymore. The women want to take back

the area from the coyotes and to do that, they say people need to return with their pooches. There have always been coyotes in the area, but the problem is worse this year, said Lisa, who didn’t want to give her last name. Lisa was confronted by a couple of the creatures last week and has heard of other dogs being attacked. “In the past, when [coyotes] see us, they would go back in the bush,” said Lisa. But the situation is different now. Catharell’s dog, Sephora, was bit by one of them two weeks ago. Sephora was rounding the corner when she spotted two coyotes, recalled Catharell. The dog began to chase them away, but one turned around and bit Sephora on her hind leg, before darting into the bush.

At what point will the coyotes go from targeting dogs to children, Lisa questioned. Don Brown, manager at Fraser River Heritage Park, says coyotes have frequented that area for years, but he has never seen any during the day inside the park boundaries. “Coyotes generally work in packs and are never alone,” said Sgt. Steve Jacobi with the Conservation Officer Service (COS), adding at this time of year, they are protecting their young. Coyotes are not dangerous to people, but they can get habituated and comfortable around people if there is food around. Jacobi has heard reports of coyotes following people, but the animals are likely looking for lunch. The officer reminded people to pick up their garbage and encouraged dog walkers

to keep their pets on a leash in suspect areas. He also suggested people to travel in groups as this lessens the chance of an encounter. If a coyote gets in a fight with a dog, one coyote won’t win, but the pack can destroy any dog regardless of size, Jacobi noted. The COS will investigate if they hear a coyote has attacked a person or pet. “We’ll call the complainant ... and in most cases, if we can find the offending coyote, the one that has caused the problem, we’ll try to call them out and destroy them,” said Jacobi. Coyotes will not get relocated because they are social animals and being out of their element would destroy them. To report a coyote encounter, call the COS at 1-877-9527277.

Coyote safety Wildlife encounters in a community like ours, which is bordered by large stretches of forests and natural habitat, are not surprising, and anyone venturing outside should be aware of the possibility. Coyotes can pose a risk to people, especially children, and pets, when they are provided with food sources outside of their natural habitat. The provincial Wildlife Act deems it an offence to feed dangerous wildlife, including coyotes, bears and cougars. If you are approached by a coyote take the following actions: • make yourself look as large as possible • wave your arms • shout at the coyote • throw sticks or stones in its direction • Don’t run or turn your back on the coyote, but slowly move to safety. For more information and coyote safety tips, please visit the provincial Ministry of Environment’s website at Source: District of Mission

Gravel pit decisions can not be made politically: Hawes FROM RESIDENTS PAGE 1

There was a public information meeting July 25 in Mission inviting residents to comment on a proposed quarry, but Neufeld said the ministry doesn’t take into consideration input from residents anyway. “There is one individual

who holds all the power. And that’s the chief mines inspector,” said Muckle, adding there isn’t enough being done to preserve the ecology and environment of Lake Errock. But Hawes said if local government were given overriding powers to block mines, then no municipal politicians would allow mining in their

communities since local residents would hold them responsible in elections. “You can’t make these decisions on a political basis,” he said, adding concerns from Lake Errock resident are largely based on self-interest and not ecology. Hawes has been working with the Fraser Valley Regional District since 2004 to enact

the Aggregate Pilot Project (APP), a regional bylaw application process governing aggregate operations that includes mining companies, municipalities, and the ministry of mines. If the APP goes ahead then local government bylaws pertaining to quarrying could be taken into consideration during the permit pro-

cess, said Hawes. But Muckle believes the APP is a “backroom document created by the aggregate industry” that still wouldn’t give local government the power to stop mining permits. “What the APP is doing is giving the aggregate industry carte blanche ability to rezone areas anywhere they please at

their own choosing,” he said, adding it can override local zoning bylaws such as Lake Errock’s resort-residential. A tri-colour mapping scheme is proposed under the APP where future gravel pits may be allowed, tolerated with restrictions, or banned from future expansion (though existing operations are grandfathered in).

4 The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012




Garden of the Week

Tests are being conducted to gauge pollution from trucks and other heavy-duty diesel vehicles as they roll by. RECORD FILE PHOTO


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Special sensors to probe diesel exhaust pollution A specialized roadside system will test diesel pollution from trucks, buses and other heavyduty vehicles over the next three months to help guide future initiatives to curb emissions. Infrared and ultraviolet beams from a parked test trailer pass through the

exhaust plume of heavy trucks as they pass and data is read by a detector across the road. The province’s AirCare program is slated to be dismantled for regular vehicles by the end of 2014, but the government held out the possibility it may be replaced by a bolstered

program targeting truck pollution, which currently is subject to only mobile tests through the AirCare On Road program. “This study is a good first step to help us gain better understanding of diesel emissions from the transportation sector in the Lower Mainland, and

REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST – REOI – 2705 MISSION WATERFRONT OPPORTUNITY Bridgewater Properties Inc. (BPI) requests offers from persons, companies or agencies for the rental/ lease of all or portions of the lands located at 33151 Commercial Street, Mission, B.C. more commonly referred to as the “Braich Waterfront Siteâ€?. The site is currently zoned as “light industryâ€? and further designated as “waterfront commercialâ€? in the OfďŹ cial Community Plan (OCP). Interested parties are encouraged to contact the District of Mission to determine short/long term land uses, applicable operational permits and/or possible re-zoning or development. The full legal description of the various parcels and onsite inspections shall be made available upon request. Proponents are requested to provide conďŹ rmation of interest with particulars to BPI in writing by the close of business on Friday, August 31, 2012 at:


is consistent with AirCare commitments made by the province,� Environment Minister Terry Lake said. “The results will help us develop options for reducing diesel emissions in the region moving forward.� Emissions of soot, or fine diesel particulate, are estimated to be responsible for two-thirds of the lifetime cancer risk from air pollution in the region. Metro Vancouver, which is responsible for air quality in the region, has also begun a non-road diesel emission reduction program, which charges fees on older heavily polluting machinery, such as excavators and forklifts, while offering owners incentives to upgrade or replace them. “Now it’s time to find ways to reduce emissions from on-road vehicles too,� said Metro environment committee chair Heather Deal. “These trucks and buses travel through our communities, close to places where we live, work and play.� The province is a partner with Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley Regional District and Port Metro Vancouver in the new roadside emission test program, slated to cost $130,000.

The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012 5

Record check trend draws privacy warning Some info searches tap PRIME police database BY JEFF NAGEL Black Press

B.C. Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham is warning both the provincial government and private sector employers are making too much use of criminal record checks. She issued an investigation report recommending the province limit its use of checks, which are used to vet prospective employees and re-screen some existing staff. “I’m concerned about the societal trend towards increased employmentrelated records checks without clear evidence as

to their benefit in safeguarding the workplace,” Denham said. Record checks are important tools in hiring staff who will work with vulnerable adults or children or wield great spending or data-access powers, she said. But in some cases, she said, government conducts ongoing or multiple criminal record checks on the same employee, adding that shouldn’t happen without a justifiable reason. Denham also wants the province to report publicly on its use of record checks. B.C. Civil Liberties Association executive director David Eby said the problem is not just criminal record checks but broader police information checks that also pull in data recorded in the PRIME-BC police database. Most of the B.C. popu-

lation is in PRIME — often as witnesses, 911 callers or other contacts in a police investigation — and some are recorded as having had “adverse contact” with police. That designation can spell rejection for a job applicant or prospective tenant who agrees to a request for a police information search, Eby said. “It’s completely at the discretion of the police and it’s incredibly overused,” Eby said of the “adverse contact” designation in the database. The box can be checked for someone who was insistent on their rights in dealing with police, he said, or even in cases where someone attempts suicide and their family or friends call police. “This database was never meant to be used to prevent people from getting apartments or job opportunities,” Eby said.

“But it’s become a database for employers, landlords and schools. It’s got this creeping functionality to it that needs to be reined in.” The over-reliance on checks is also unfortunate in cases where people who do have a criminal past are now trying to change their path, he added. “Often people have stopped using drugs and are trying to clean up their lives and get back to work,” he said. “They’re being frustrated by this.” Denham’s report said adverse contact designations are not court-tested and the use of police information checks by employers is much more privacy invasive and difficult to justify in comparison to criminal record checks. She recommended B.C. public agencies not use police information checks.



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Judge orders Chysyk not to enter Mission BY ADRIAN MACNAIR Mission Record

The man police say is responsible for a oneman crime wave of about 90 thefts from vehicles in the district over a sixweek time period has been ordered not to visit Mission by a judge. Dylan Chysyk, 23, has been in and out of prison for breaking into cars and stealing various items to feed his drug habit, garnering the full attention of Mission RCMP Insp. Richard Konarski. “He’s a huge problem for our community,” he said, adding local police now recognize Chysyk on sight. Almost by coincidence,

Mission’s Dylan Chysyk, 23, has been banned from the District of Mission as per a judge’s order. RCMP PHOTO

he was picked up by police the same night Konarski mentioned Chysyk was a problem during his presentation of Mission

RCMP’s quarterly report to municipal council last month. Having recently been released back onto the streets after a two-week stint in jail, a resident reported somebody suspiciously peering into cars around 2 a.m. on July 18. When police responded, they found Chysyk lurking about, a violation of his probation. A judge has since released Chysyk under stricter conditions, including an order to visit a drug rehabilitation facility in Langley, and not enter the District of Mission municipal boundaries. Konarski said Chysyk

now has an opportunity to get some treatment and turn his life around. Residents need to realize that criminals often look for the easiest opportunities, and locking vehicles and removing valuables from sight is the best deterrent to would-be thieves, said Konarski. “The hardest thing about crime prevention is that until it actually affects you, you don’t think about it.” Crime prevention is also a partnership with other agencies, such as frontline workers in poverty reduction, drug and alcohol counselling, and the fire department, he said.

Fraser Health asking for volunteers for regional crisis line The Fraser Health Crisis Line is recruiting volunteers to provide assistance to people in the region who are experiencing emotional distress. No previous experience is needed as extensive training and

on-going support is provided. If you are interested in learning more, pick up an information package at Options Community Services 9815 140 Street, Surrey or e-mail

WE CAN’T TREAT CHILDREN LIKE ADULTS. Please give. Call 1.888.663.3033 or visit us at

6 The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012


Published and printed by Black Press Ltd. at Mission at 33047 First Ave., V2V 1G2

Uneven sentences Canada’s crime rate is at a 30-year low, but despite this good news story, people still feel the justice system is too lax on criminals. Recent sentencings, like that of shamed senior RCMP officer Monty Robinson, give credence to people’s cries of foul. For obstructing justice in the hit-and-run death of Orion Hutchinson, he received a small conditional sentence and a temporary curfew. This is in contrast to the sentencing of the Stanley Cup rioters. But in comparison, most child pornography convictions rarely receive jail time. A conditional sentence is the most common sentence for the crime, even if the perpetrator is not just looking at child porn but distributing it. Convicted pedophiles usually do see the inside of a jail cell, but sentences range and usually aren’t longer than two years — nothing in comparison to the lifetime conviction they have inflicted on their victims. It is particularly troubling that in this study on crime rates, the offence which saw the largest increase was child pornography, which jumped 40 per cent in 2011 from 2010, say police. The judicial system doesn’t appear to take sexual crimes against children as seriously as it does rioters or even tax evaders. The provincial government wanted to send a strong message that those who riot will pay for the crime they committed. The message was heard loud and clear by our judges who by B.C. judicial standards, are handing down harsh sentences. If our government can carry that kind of weight and influence with the provincial judicial system in sending a message of deterrence for rioting, can it not send an even stronger message to protect our children from predators? - Langley Times

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That thing was at least two feet wide, and long enough to ... well, last 10 years. There was enough tinfoil on that tube to make protective anti-alien-ray hats for 500 whackos. Instead, it wrapped 500 roast chickens and barbecued salmon. And thus, a long legacy came to an end (puns intended). I’m not big on mega-quantity purchasing. That’s not too surprising, I suppose, considering our small family of three. Oh, I get the And cost savings attraction. A box of Cheerios the size of a Smart Car is cheaper than 20 normal boxes of Cheerios. And a whole lot less packaging, too. That’s definitely a good thing. But then there you are, a small family stuck with all that cereal. Or that 45-gallon drum of shampoo. Now you have to use it every morning of every

day, for as long as it takes to use it all up. I like variety. Who wants to see and smell the same shampoo for 1,295 days? It’s sort of like eating the same thing for dinner for months on end. Which is something you can also do if you buy an entire skid of Can ‘o’ Goo pasta. That only makes sense if you’re feeding an army of children with undeveloped tastebuds. And there it is – mega-sized purchasing does work for mega-sized rew families. But it doesn’t explain the stationery supplies. Who could possibly need 36 (plus one more as a bonus!) ballpoint pens? For that matter, who uses pens anymore? Certainly not for writing letters! Grocery lists, maybe. Imagine how many grocery lists you could write with 36 ballpoint pens. But if you shop at the

Guest Column


mega-warehouse, then you probably only do a halfdozen grocery lists a year, since you buy enough supplies in one go to last two months. Maybe it’s just me. I like going shopping every weekend, poking around the aisles, buying the bits and pieces I need ... or don’t need. And if I don’t need them, why would I want 24 of the same thing? I think this part of the world has become a bit obsessed with the “bigger and more is better” concept. We’ve become so acquainted with excess that it doesn’t even seem excessive any longer. In fact, we welcome opportunities to supersize the excess. A visit to a Third World country would do us all good. I am going to miss that big old roll of tinfoil though. I never did get around to make myself a protective anti-alien-ray hat. Andrew Holota is the editor of The Abbotsford News, a sister publication of The Mission Record.


Canadian Publications Mail Product Sales Agreement #1369954 Copyright and/or property rights subsist in all material appearing in this issue. The publisher shall not be liable for minor changes or errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement. The publisher’s liability for other errors or omissions is limited to publication of the advertisement in a subsequent issue or refund of monies paid for the advertisement.

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uestion of the Week:

Last week: Was the core Have you noticed more coyotes services review a worthwhile in Mission this year? investment of taxpayer dollars? Yes: 27% No: 73%

Register your opinion at

The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012 7



Trustees not following a union-first agenda Editor, The Record: Re: Put Mission students first, July 26 edition. As an English teacher, I’m always on the lookout for good examples of irony. Randy Hawes’ recent letter certainly abounds with incongruous remarks. First and foremost is his suggestion that Mission’s current school trustees are acting against students’ best interests by downsizing upper management at the School board office. Considering the financial crisis the board is experiencing is largely due to chronic underfunding by his Liberal government, Mr. Hawes’ provocative language is laughable. Or, rather, it would be if the consequences in the classroom weren’t so serious. Perhaps I missed it, but I don’t recall Mr. Hawes protesting the closing of schools in our community, or the laying-off of teachers and support staff, or the overcrowding of special needs students in regular classrooms. Why is he speaking out now on behalf of

redundant board administrators? Could it be that he is the one guilty of a hidden agenda, rather than the trustees he accuses? Mr. Hawes is well aware of the fact that school boards cannot run a deficit. By cutting administrative positions that do not directly impact students, our trustees offer the district the best operating plan for a challenging financial time. Just as teachers and support staff, individuals who actually work with children, are having to do more with less — due to cutbacks made in previous years — it is now necessary for upper management to find a way to do the same. Our trustees are not following a union first agenda, as Mr. Hawes claims. Eighty-five members of the Mission Teachers’ Union were laid off this spring. You may well imagine how upsetting this was for the affected teachers. We still do not know how many of these teachers will be re-shuffled into positions and how

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many have actually lost employment with MPSD. I do believe Mr. Hawes is overstating his case when he declares that the new board stripped the superintendent of his power to make administrative decisions. It is my understanding that the trustees told the superintendent how much had to be cut from the budget and then left it to him to decide how to accomplish the savings. Mr. Hawes also errs when he claims only two administrators remain at the school board office. I know there to be at least four. Hopefully, the superintendent and his team can adjust to the harsh reality shared by all of us working within the B.C. educational system. As educators we must pull together to do the best we can for the children under our care despite the funding shortfalls inflicted upon us by the indifferent Liberal government Mr. Hawes represents. Kate Ross Mission

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The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012 9

Difference between ignoring and considering recommendations Editor, The Record: Re: Previous council was penny wise, pound foolish, July 26. It isn’t often that a sitting councillor chooses to lash out through the opinion pages of local media, but apparently former councillor Paul Horn’s letter struck a nerve with Dave Hensman. Perhaps he should be forgiven, as the last week hasn’t been particularly kind to the CRMG (Citizens for Responsible Municipal Government). First, their much-anticipated core review did nothing but shine a very bright spotlight on the foundation of sand upon which the new council built their election campaign and strategic plan. This was followed up in short-order by council member(s) throwing the community into turmoil by bashing a very respected senior staff member in public for doing nothing more, nor less, than providing value-added service within their existing budget and mandate. Now, on top of a good drubbing here in this forum by a cross-section of the public, the CRMG and Mr. Hensman in particular, are having their rather selective interpretation of events challenged by those who have been paying close attention to what is actually being said and done by this council. Not the kind of “transparency” I suspect Mr. Hensman would have chosen at this juncture. No matter, it is clear from his letter that Mr. Hensman will continue to cling

to the myths that the Mission Messenger extolled and will continue to spin anything that can be used to cast the former council in role of “bad guy.” It should be noted, however, that there is a very real difference between “ignoring” staff recommendations and “considering” them in the fullness of the larger context of a municipal budget. Mr. Hensman will learn this over the next year or so. He will also learn the realities of local governance, such as the very real economic cost of alienating the district workforce and the cost of clinging to the myth of “doing more with less.” Only through economic diversification of the tax-base will council “do more,” a fact that former councillor Horn and the rest of the previous council understood very well, and took very large steps to address. The fruits of those labours, in the form of increased retail/commercial tax flow into the city coffers via the development strategies and efforts of those of us who came before, will be the “income growth” or “pennies” that Mr. Hensman and company now have at their disposal. It remains to be seen whether they can rise above the rhetoric and justifications for their recent behaviours and start governing. The initial signs are not encouraging. Mike Scudder Mission Editor’s note: Mr. Scudder is a former Mission councillor and was not re-elected this past November.

10 The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012 TELUS AUTHORIZED DEALERS

Alzheimer Society in need of volunteers

Vancouver Bentall Tower Three Oakridge Centre Pacific Centre 2163 West 4th Ave. 2338 Cambie St. 925 West Georgia St. 689 Thurlow St. 1855 Burrard St. 3121 West Broadway 2748 Rupert St. 950 West Broadway 1707 Robson St. 1092 Kingsway 625 Howe St. 551 Robson St.

Can you Tweet, update your status and more right on your TV?

The Alzheimer Society of B.C. is looking for volunteers to help provide a range of free services to families dealing with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Volunteers help the society with everything from making phone calls to caregivers to facilitating support groups. The need right now is for local volunteers who can facilitate local support groups that meet each month. The position has a few basic requirements: • excellent listening and empathetic skills • knowledge of dementia or a willingness to learn • facilitation skills or a willingness to learn • formal or informal caregiving is an asset Training is provided and a one-year commitment is required. For more information on the volunteer positions, contact Armit at 604-859-3889 or To learn about Alzheimer’s disease visit

Abbotsford Sevenoaks Shopping Centre 32915 South Fraser Way 2142 Clearbrook Rd. 2602 Mt. Lehman Rd. 32465 South Fraser Way 2140 Sumas Way

Aldergrove 26310 Fraser Hwy.

Burnaby Brentwood Mall Crystal Square Lougheed Mall Metropolis at Metrotown 4501 North Rd. 4711 Kingsway 3855 Henning Dr. 3430 Brighton Ave.

Chilliwack Cottonwood Mall Eagle Landing 45300 Luckakuck Way 7544 Vedder Rd.

Cloverdale 17725 64th Ave.

Coquitlam Coquitlam Centre 3278 Westwood St. 3000 Lougheed Hwy. 2988 Glen Dr. 1071 Austin Ave. 2700B Barnet Hwy.

Delta Scottsdale Centre 7235 120th St. 1517 56th St.

Langley Walnut Grove Town Centre Willowbrook Shopping Centre 19638 Fraser Hwy. 19700 Langley Bypass 20159 88th Ave. 20202 66th Ave.

Maple Ridge Haney Place Mall 22661 Lougheed Hwy.

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Mission 32670 Lougheed Hwy. 32555 London Ave.

New Westminster Royal City Centre

DBA office relocates

North Vancouver

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Capilano Mall Lynn Valley Centre 1295 Marine Dr. 1801 Lonsdale Ave. 1392 Main St.

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West Vancouver Park Royal Shopping Centre

White Rock Semiahmoo Shopping Centre 3189 King George Hwy. *Offer available until August 14, 2012, to residential customers who have not subscribed within the past 90 days to TELUS TV. Final eligibility for service will be determined by a TELUS representative. Minimum system requirements apply. TELUS home services bundle required. TV service includes the Essentials, required for all Optik TV subscriptions. Regular rate (currently $26/month) starts on month 7. TELUS reserves the right to modify regular rates without notice. TELUS, the TELUS logo, Optik TV and the future is friendly are trademarks of TELUS Corporation, used under licence. Facebook, Twitter and Galaxie logos are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved. Samsung and the Samsung logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Samsung Canada. © 2012 TELUS.






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Original, Barbeque 680 g / 1.5 lb. Reg. Price $14.99 While quantities last. Not valid with any other offers/coupons.


The Mission Downtown Business Association (DBA) office has moved to new digs at 7311 James St. The space allows easier access to the office for members and the community at large, said a DBA press release. The DBA’s focus is still to market and promote downtown businesses, raise awareness of goods and services available in the area, and work with the municipality to revitalize that part of the district.





O Original, Spicy, C Crispy 8 PORTIONS 9907 g / 2 lb Reg. Price $14.99 R


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The Sho Shops at Mission Hills 32530 Lougheed Hwy 604.820.7212

The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012 11







2012 FORD F150

CREW CAB 4X4 XLT #F1C27582

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FRI & SAT • 8:30am - 6pm








12 The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012

Elderly Parents? Home Cooked Delivered Meals Home Delivered Meals

3 Course Dinner



for only

*minimum order applies VAC Health Identification Cards accepted

to inquire or order call toll free BETTER MEALS


Serving Our Communities Since 1993


Killer driver gets two years in jail BY MONIQUE TAMMINGA Black Press

A driver who killed one of his young passengers and injured three others in a horrific crash in 2007 on 0 Avenue in Langley was sentenced to two years in jail last Thursday. Antonio Santini, 32, was also sentenced to 18 months probation and faces a five-year driving ban after he gets out of jail. He has to pay a victim surcharge and was

ordered to provide the courts with a DNA sample. The crash killed 17-year-old Mission resident Renee Newson. In January, Santini, who is also from Mission, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing death and two charges of dangerous driving causing bodily harm back in B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster. At the time of the deadly crash, Santini, then 27, offered to take Newson, who was an

acquaintance of his, and her friends out and drive them around. The crash occurred when Santini’s 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier sedan, traveling west bound on 0 Avenue at a high rate of speed, lost control on a speed hump, sending the car airborne, shearing off a utility pole, rolling several times and coming to rest upside-down in the middle of Boundary Road, on the U.S. side of the border. Newson was ejected

from her vehicle and ended up in a ditch on the U.S. side of the road. It’s believed she was wearing a seatbelt and the impact of the crash also dislodged and ejected the car’s seat. A friend of Newson’s told Black Press back in 2007, that her father saw the Cavalier after the crash and said there was nothing left of it. It’s unknown what injuries Santini suffered. Police attributed the accident to excessive


speed. The other girls in the car suffered various degrees of non-lifethreatening injuries. The court also learned that Santini had been in another collision following this crash. It isn’t known why it took five years for the case to go through the courts.

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Bridgeview Dental Clinic Serving Mission and the Fraser Valley Dr. Chung Lui Dr. Gurpreet Surdhar

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The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012 13


YOUR EYES ...are our speciality!

Dr. Lyndon Balisky A new four-year master agreement was reached between B.C. doctors and the provincial government.


B.C. doctors approve new funding deal amid protest Faction opposed latest division of medical cash BY JEFF NAGEL Black Press

B.C. doctors have voted to ratify a new four-year master agreement with the province. The B.C. Medical Association said the deal provides $100 million to continue and expand medical programs until 2014 as well as a “modest� lift in doctors’ fees to cover their overhead costs. The fee increase is 0.5 per cent in each of the next two years and would be renegotiated for the final two years of

the agreement. It also expands various incentives for family practice doctors to develop care plans for complex care, chronic disease and mental health patients and to increase access to family doctors. But the 92 per cent vote in favour is being contested by a faction of physicians who don’t like how the pot of medical funding is being divided. Those opposed say the outcome is illegitimate because most members didn’t vote and a further 3,000 to 4,000 nonBCMA members couldn’t vote. Dr. Zafar Essak said the agreement will expand the health care bureaucracy and muzzle doctors, who will be barred from speaking up for patients without approval of government officials.

“Most doctors are fed up and want to hold the government and the BCMA accountable for the current crisis in our health care system,� Essak said. Also unhappy is the B.C. Anesthesiologists’ Society, which campaigned for higher pay for its members and went to the brink of a service withdrawal this spring to try to win the right to bargain separately from the BCMA. BCAS executive director Dr. Roland Orfaly said wait lists have grown longer despite greatly increased funding funnelled through the BCMA — now more than $3.6 billion a year. “It’s been a colossal failure at the taxpayers’ expense and simply pouring more money into a dysfunctional BCMA process is not going to make the problem

go away,� he said. BCMA officials contend specialist groups like the anesthesiologists, who got much more rapid fee increases than most doctors in past years, are simply irked because their pay is no longer rising as fast under the latest apportionment between physician groups. “They’ve had quite a few increases,� BCMA president Dr. Shelley Ross said. “In tough economic times you’re not going to get as much as you want.� She said anesthesiologists also benefit from one key gain negotiated in the new deal — an extra $20 million to recruit and retain specialists. Ross said spending of that money will be overseen by independent arbitrators, not the BCMA.

O.D. Optometrist*

•Eye Examinations •Contact Lenses •Laser Consultation •Vision Care •Glasses

FRASER VALLEY OPTOMETRIC CENTER Appointments call 604-826-2611

33166 B 1st Avenue, Msn Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. *Denotes Optometric Corp. Sat. 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Shiver me’s a

PIRATE PARTY MONDAY, AUGUST 6 Enjoy a full day of crafts and activities, including games, walking the plank, Treasure Hunt and contest for the best pirate costume. Open Daily 11 - 5 Regular Admission Applies

Behind every work zone cone is a worker in a vulnerable position. Each cone stands for someone’s father, mother, son, or daughter. That’s why it’s important to know that thousands of people working by the roadside in B.C. are counting on you to slow down and drive with care when approaching a “Cone Zone.“


Phone 604-796-9576 215 Kilby ilbb Road, d Harrison i Mills il

14 The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012

Y O U ’ R E





Saturday Sept. 15, 2012 9:30am - 7pm AG-REC BUILDING 32470 Haida Drive, Abbotsford


Singing for Tristan

Flag of Nations Parade (10AM) Food Court Full of Ethnic Delights Lantern Festival (6PM) Dancing & Entertainment All Day y


A benefit concert at Fraser River Heritage Park July 15 helped raise money for Tristan Taylor, an Esquimalt man with a rare form of brain cancer. The concert featured a trio of Abbotsford bands, including Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute band, VCR.

Abbotsford Multicultural Festivall Building Bridges • Bringing Communities Together For additional info please contact: t: phone 604-746-2679 fax 604-746-2680





3, 4, 5 T &6 2 012



::::: Spirit Stage :::::

::::: East Stage :::::

SAT 11:00 - Billy Knutson Drum Experience 12:00 - James Devon 1:00 - Fashion Show 2:00 - Belle Monde 3:00 - The Sumner Brothers 4:00 - Fashion Show 5:00 - Dogwood & Dahlia 5:00 - PADDLE BOARD RELAY CHALLENGE RACE @ White Rock Pier 6:00 - The Quickness 7:30 - Their There 8:00 - Pre-Parade Street Party!


SAT 11:00 - Velvet Bulldozer 12:00 - Care 1:00 - Trevor Murray Duo 2:00 - Carmen & Curtis Band 3:00 - Peninsula Arts showcase featuring: r#FO%VOOJMM r4ZUDP r$PMMFFO%POOFMMZ r+BNFT.FHFS$P 5:00 - Chanel Stasiuk 6:00 - Joe Given 7:00 - Champagne Republic

FRI Outdoor Movie at dusk Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom

SAT 10:00 am - 4 pm - KIDZONE Entertainment and Activities 12 - 6 pm - Semiahmmo Salmon BBQ

4:00 - Brie Flemington 4:45 - Ben Dunhill 5:30 - Jessie Burch of the Jamroom & Wild Alive 7:00 - Curtis Marta 8:00 - No Expectations



from West Beach Oxford Rd. running 2km to East Beach to the Semiahmoo First Nation lands

SPONSORED BY Semiahmoo First Nation




PADDLE BOARD RACE @ West Beach 11:00 - Abby David Trio 12:00 - Gavin Trio 1:00 - Omar Omlani Trio 2:00 - Tommy Alto 3:00 - Neil Harnett 4:00 - Bruno Hubert 5:00 - Jason Buie 5:00 - SHINE-SEA-SOUL YOGA ON THE PIER 6:00 - Big Band Jazz Tribute to David Fullerton 7:00 - John Lee Saunders

11:00 am - 4 pm - KIDZONE Entertainment and Activities 12 - 6 pm - Semiahmmo Salmon BBQ

4:00 - Zoey Maclean 4:45 - Richard Tichelman 5:30 - Paint Yer Wagon 6:30 - Sarah Gawthrup 7:15 - Trademark! MON 11:00 - Giuseppe Pietraroia 12:00 - Jokers and Prophets 12 - 4 pm - Semiahmmo Salmon BBQ

1:00 - Jermaine Peguda 2:00 - David ‘Boxcar’ Gates 3:00 - Phil Dickson 4:00 - My Pet Lion 5:00 - BJ Block & Dawn Pemberton 6:00 - Goodbye Bones 7:00 - 4 K sisters 8:00 - Star Captains www w spiiriitof oft fthe heseaaa.ccaa

SUN 11:00 - Cassidy Poulton 12:00 - Ava Carich 1:00 - John Laird 2:00 - Switch to Black 3:00 - Freedom 95 4:00 - Etienne Trenblay 5:00 - Soul Dust 6:00 - Bastard Skinny 7:00 - Wheat in the Barley

Men’s & Women’s

2012 Western Canadian

FASTPITCH CHAMPIONSHIP August 15 - 19 HOSTED BY: Abbotsford Minor Fastball Association Abbotsford Exhibition Park

Imagine Portaits 2012 0 Help us raise $600ish -W for the Make-A Foundation of BC portrait With a children’s Arts session by Revival

Book your session today! At

The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012 15

Sign up for Aug. 25 motorcycle hospice ride An Aug. 25 motorcycle ride will raise funds for Mission Hospice. Sign-in begins at 8 a.m. and the ride will run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. A burger and brew will follow. There will be prizes, refresh-

ments and music. You can also enter to win a scooter. Tickets are $10 each or $20 for three. Tickets are available at Mission Hospice, 7311 James St. Participation is $25 for each bike and rider and $20 for a passenger. Lunch is included in

both. If you just want to attend the lunch portion at the Dewdney Pub, admission is $12. To register, and to download a pledge form, visit For more information you can also call 604826-2235.

RON ATCHISON, INVESTMENT ADVISOR Get a COMPLIMENTARY second opinion on your investments t:FBST'JOBODJBM*OEVTUSZ&YQFSJFODFt*OWFTUNFOU"EWJDFt8FBMUI1SPUFDUJPO t3FUJSFNFOU1MBOOJOHt(*$T #POET 4UPDLTt1PSUGPMJP.BOBHFNFOU from an advisor with 19 years experience. RBC Dominion Securities .D$BMMVN3Et4UFt"CCPUTGPSEt#$74/  ttSPOBUDIJTPO!SCDDPN XXXSPOBUDIJTPODB Professional Wealth Management Since 1901 RBCDominion DominionSecurities SecuritiesInc.* Inc.*and andRoyal RoyalBank Bank Canada separate corporate entities areliated. affiliated. *Member CIPF.Investor ÂŽRegistered trademark of Royal Bank of Canada. UsedBank underof RBC of of Canada areare separate corporate entities whichwhich are afďŹ *Member–Canadian Protection Fund. ÂŽRegistered trademark of Royal Canada. under licence. RBC Dominion Securities is a registered of RoyalUsed Bank under of Canada. Used under licence. ŠCopyright 2011. All rights reserved. licence.Used RBC Dominion Securities is a registered trademark of Royaltrademark Bank of Canada. licence. ŠCopyright 2010. All rights reserved.

This summer could be a scorcher. Beautifying trash cans Five-year-old Olie Brown decorates a community trash can with the help of volunteers at Saturday’s Mission Farmers’ Market outside the library on Second Avenue. BOB FRIESEN PHOTO

Canning workshops offered through Mission’s Kitchens Mission’s Kitchens is offering three boiling water bath and two pressure canning workshops this fall. Learn to water bath can dill pickles Aug. 25, pears Sept. 8, and plum jam Oct. 6. Learn to pressure can mixed vegetables Sept. 15, and pumpkin Oct. 20. The sessions are hands-on and taught by Bernardin-trained facilitators Susan Truman and Bonnie Goddard with a stress on safe and up-to-date home canning practices. All equipment and supplies are included and participants take

Nearly half of all wildfires in British Columbia are caused by human carelessness. Please prevent and report wildfires. To report a wildfire, call *5555 on your cell.

home a jar of delicious canned goods they’ve made. Water bath workshops are $35; pressure canning workshops are $45. Workshops are held from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at St. Andrew’s United Church, 7756 Grand St. Register through the Women’s Resource Society of the Fraser Valley at 604-820-8455 or admin@ Mission’s Kitchens is administered by LINC Society, supported by the Mission Food Access Network and funded by the United Way and Mission Community Foundation.

For more information, visit

make tracks for the celebration of light


August 4th is the ďŹ nalĂŠ to the Honda Celebration of Light, and Italy’s turn to light up the sky with gorgeous colours and ďŹ ll our ears with fantastic music – a West Coast experience that’s nothing short of must-see.

The WCE Train will be back on track to safely get you to and from the event, so come enjoy a safe ride, and a comfortable, convenient commute.

















For additional information call 604.488.8906 or visit online at

Valid Employer, Weekly and 28-day passes will be honoured. One-way & return tickets are available for purchase at WCE stations.

16 The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012

Twins fulfill lifelong dream at FRHP BY ADRIAN MACNAIR Mission Record


2012 Charity Golf Classic Thursday, August 23 AT LEDGEVIEW GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB – 2 TOURNAMENT OPTIONS: BBBSFV Golf Invitational • Shotgun start 7:30 am For the golf enthusiast: golf clinics by PGA of BC Teaching Pros Includes continental breakfast, deluxe lunch @ Phoenix Lounge, Auction & Golf Awards

Classic Best Ball Tournament • Shotgun start 1:15 pm Includes box lunch and dinner @ Phoenix Lounge, Auction & Golf Awards FOR DETAILS: Lauren 604.852.3331 Online Registration & Payment at:


CONTESTS sponsored by Mountainview Harley & Sunrise Toyota

Presented by:

In association with:


When Allana and Amanda Purcell walked to the outdoor altar July 19 at Fraser River Heritage Park, the twins realized a lifelong dream of getting married together. Allana married her boyfriend of 15 years, Jason Thiessen, while Amanda (Mandy) married Scott Shellop, whom she’s been with for two years. Allana says Scott proposed to Mandy last Christmas and that got the ball rolling. “It was stirring in my mind for about a month and so I asked Jason if he wanted to marry me,” said Allana, laughing at the thought of the role reversal. It might seem strange to some people to think of sharing the spotlight of their wedding day with another couple, but that wasn’t the case with the twins. “Mandy and I have always dreamt that it would be so cool to have a double wedding and get married at the same time,” she said, adding she wasn’t sure it was ever going to happen. Mandy said they “butted sisterly heads” a few times on the

Allana has the dark hair and Mandy has the blonde hair. They walked down aisle with their uncle James Purcell. ADRIAN MACNAIR PHOTO

wedding plans but the plan finally came together. At first she was surprised when Allana approached her with the idea because she’d been with Jason for so long she figured they didn’t want to ever get married. “But she said, ‘no, I will if we do it together,’” said Mandy. That was when the memories of the plans they’d made as 10-year-olds playing with Barbies came rushing back. The two turned 38 on July 26, following up their wedding day with their first birthday as married women. Getting married at the park, just below the Grotto of Our Lady

of Lourdes, also gave the twins a perfect chance to stay close to the Mission Folk Music Festival, which began on their wedding night. Though they live across the river in Abbotsford now, the two have been volunteering at the festival for the past 12 years. After the wedding party, they crawled into a tent to prepare for the three-day music festival. The twins had family turnout from Mission and Abbotsford, but also from Skookumchuck, a First Nations reserve near Pemberton on the Sunshine Coast. To honour their aboriginal heritage they wore a few symbols along with their wedding dresses.



Be a for a day at

MISSION RACEWAY PARK If you are 19 years or older you could

If you are 12 to 19 years old you could



1. Two tickets to see Smoke, Fire & Thunder August 25 & 26

1. Two tickets to see Smoke, Fire & Thunder August 25 & 26

2. A tour and lunch in the Mission Raceway Park’s V.I.P. Tower

2. A tour and lunch in the Mission Raceway Park’s V.I.P. Tower

3. Photo in a dragster and copies of the photos

3. Photo in a dragster and copies of the photos

4. Plus...the ultimate prize package!

4. Plus...T-shirt & cap

101% EXCHANGE RATE SATURDAYS IN AUGUST This August, our Canadian Winners Club Members can get a better-than-par, 101% exchange rate on Canadian funds all day, every Saturday. Just show your Canadian ID at the Cashier Cage to redeem.

Drop off your completed entry at the Abbotsford News or the Mission City Record by August 21at 5pm.

The drive is shorter. Your dollar goes further.

Name: Age:



HOURS OF OPERATION: 9am to 2am Sunday – Thursday 9am to 4am Friday – Saturday

The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012 17

Engine 1 Mission Fire/Rescue Service took delivery of its new pumper truck June 15, replacing Engine 1, which had been in service 20 years. Far left: Mission Mayor Ted Adlem helps Capt. Norm MacLeod install the licence plate on E1. Left: The $476,700 truck was built by Abbotsford’s Hub Motors. The district has a special reserve fund for fleet services, said Paul Gipps, deputy chief administrative officer, adding the expenditure was well planned for. JASON ROESSLE PHOTOS


SpaSpecials Sea Flora Pedicure $52 (reg $65) Sea Breeze Body Treatment $52 (reg $65) Sea salt glow $40 (reg $50) Introductory Oơer Semi-permanent eyelash extensions $100 (reg $135) 604-826-8265

2-7340 Horne Street, Mission BC Serving you since 2003


WISE TIP #2 Water Wise Garden Contest Show us your garden! Send photos of your water wise garden to the City of Abbotsford’s Facebook* page and be entered to win water smart prizes including a rainwater harvesting system from Barr Plastics, gift certificate to Tanglebank Gardens and the installation of a smart controller from the IABC and Corix Water Products!

Brazilian waxing Eyebrow threading







ll Men’s Absolutely A HING OT SUMMER CL Selected shoes

on sale now

, Mission 33147 First Ave 721 604.826.2 om xmenswear.c


Soggy roots not required Give plants the right amount of water. Many problems with shrubs, hedges and perennials result from over-watering. Before you water, check the soil to a depth of 10cm to 15cm. If it is moist, it is not necessary to add more water. A healthy lawn only needs 1 inch of water a week and that includes rainfall! Properly watering your landscape can result in significant water savings. To sign up for a free irrigation or landscape assessment call 604-864-5514.

Conserve & Reserve.

For more water wise information visit: *Contest entries can be can also be submitted in person at Abbotsford City Hall, 4th Floor Engineering

18 The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012

we’re big on 10ft. G3 Aluminum Boat Model 1036

2012 Zodiac Zoom C350

Sale Price


*Boat only

2012 G3 V12 with Yamaha F8 & Galvanized Trailer

Z di Fast Zodiac F t Roller R ll 10ft. Air Floor

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Plus Freight and PDI



G3 Poontoon Package

Sale Price

Trailer, T9.9, Model 168 Fish



2012 V-Star 950 5

Sale S l P Price i $ Plus Freight and PDI $614 Total $8613


New Yamaha Vino 50

2012 Grizzly 3000 Sale Price $ Plus Freight and PDI

2 2013 Bruin 4X4


Ultra Tough & Reliable Reliable, Starting at $ Plus Freight and PDI


Sale Price $ Plus Freight and PDI $310 Total $2209


TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU: 3034 St. Johns St., Port Moody

Deal De aler al er#6 er #624 #6 249 9

31324 Peardonville Rd., Unit 101, Abbotsford

The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012 19

Fraser Valley Distance Education School

We bring our school to you!



•        •          •       &   • &          •                 •      

 •          •      



20 The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012

VPD investigating reports Jepsen’s computer hacked Pop star Carly Rae Jepsen has reportedly been hacked and nude photographs stolen from her computer. According to paparazzi entertainment tab-

loid TMZ, the "Call Me Maybe" star contacted the Vancouver Police Department in March to report the theft. The VPD is trying to help Jepsen find a man

accused of hacking into her computer, who later attempted to sell them to the media. VPD spokesperson Const. Lindsey Houghton said the investigation is

moving to a phase where charges may soon be laid. Police say a male suspect from outside Vancouver has been identified.

Although no pictures of her have surfaced on the Internet, the 26-year-old took to Twitter to deny reports of a pixellated video claiming to be a sex tape involving Jepsen:

“Crazy morning. Discovered that someone put up a sex tape claiming to be me. Ridiculous. Obviously not me,” she wrote July 23. Jepsen, originally from


Our order of Winter Tires will be arriving and we need to make room for them. With the LOWEST PRICE guarantee, how can you go wrong? Come see us at the Honda Way SALE ENDS AUGUST 31st

604.857.1430 Fraser Valley Auto Mall Abbotsford 30150 Automall Drive

Mission, is a former Canadian Idol contestant and has blown up in popularity since signing with the record label of Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun.

Mission BPW to host Evertts For the first time, the Myrtle Evertt Women of the Year Award will be taking place in Mission this year. The Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) club of Mission is inviting community group, women’s organizations, businesses and individuals to nominate someone who exemplifies an outstanding woman in either the health or education sectors. These awards were established in 1994 to recognize and honour local women for achievement in business or a profession. Local businesses Cedarbrooke Chateau, Lanka Jewels and Oasis Rejuvenation Spa are stepping forward to support scholarships for female students entering post-secondary training. This year’s event takes place at Cedarbrooke Chateau on Seventh Avenue on Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. The event will be held every second year. In 2014, the candidates will be nominated from the non-profit community service and the sport athletic sectors. In 2016, the business sector and the culture/fine arts sector may identify nominees. The BPW of Abbotsford club will hold the event in 2013. For more information, call Pam Alexis at 604-3022005.

The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012 21

Hayden qualifies for 100 metre finals Mission’s Brent Hayden has qualified for the finals of the 100-metre freestyle at the London Olympics. The 28-year-old product of the Mission Marlins swim club breezed through the heats with the fifth-fastest time (48.52 seconds), then finished sixth in the semifinals (48.21) to punch his ticket to the eight-man final. Hayden, the 2007 world cham-

pion in the 100m free and a silver medalist in the same event at the 2011 worlds, is seeking his first Olympic medal. Australian James Magnussen, who edged Hayden for gold at the worlds last year, was the fastest qualifier, clocking in at 47.63. Other finalists include Nathan Adrian of the United States, Hanser Garcia of Cuba, Cesar Cielo of Brazil, Sebas-

tiaan Verschuren of the Netherlands, Yannick Agnel of France, and Nikita Lobintsev of Russia. The 100m freestyle final happened at 12:20 p.m. Pacific time on Wednesday, which was after The Record’s press deadline. Full results and story from the race will be available at www. and on our Facebook page.

Product Recalls Zero Gravity Chair Model #510482-R UPC 0-771725-510487

London Drugs is voluntarily recalling this product due to a quality control issue during the manufacturing process.

CCobra obra H High Speed Race Boat Boo

Bball team must win Friday In a very tight contest from start to finish, Canada was unable to knock off the eighth-ranked French team, as Canada’s late fourth quarter comeback fell short, 64-60 Wednesday morning. The loss puts Canada’s basketball record to 1-2 in the London Olympics, and forces the team into a position where they must win Friday’s game against FIBA Americas zone rival, Brazil. The Canadians need this win to put them into the group B quarter-finals. Canada was led by Hamilton’s Shona Thorburn who was able to follow up her solid performance versus Great

Britain on Monday by scoring a game-high 17 points, while recording four rebounds and three assists in the loss to France. Natalie Achonwa (Guelph, ON) scored 14 points and grabbed a game-high eight rebounds in the game. Mission’s Kim Smith netted eight points, while point guard Teresa Gabriele was kept to zero. France came out from the opening whistle ready to go, as they quickly grabbed the lead from Canada and opened the game on an 11-4 run. The game began with both teams not allowing many easy baskets, as both teams defensive intensity

was turned up. Canada closed the opening quarter on an 8-2 run and ended the frame down 13-12. In the second quarter, France went on a small run, but Canada was able to bounce back with a quick five-point swing which cut the deficit to 23-21. To begin the second half of play, both Canada and France kept the game close, until France was able to pull away with a seven-point lead. Late in the quarter, Canada was able to cut the deficit to two points by the end of the quarter. France entered the final frame with a slim

42-40 lead. France was able to extend their lead to seven points with 0:53 left in the quarter. Canada didn’t go down without a fight and gave France a scare late in the game. Canada was able to cut the lead to a one possession game 62-60 with 0:09 seconds, but France connected on key freethrows down the stretch and finished the game with the 64-60 victory. Visit for updates.

Model #880075 UPC 0-628949-800750

It has come to our attention that the AC adaptor includ included may not display the appropriate cU U or ULC approvals. cUL

If you have purchased either of these products, please return it to your nearest London Drugs store. London Drugs regrets any concern or inconvenience this may cause.

Thank You

Mayor Ted Adlem would like to express his heart felt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of his 1ST ANNUAL

Charitable Golf Tournament TOURNAMENT SPONSORS Ron Leger The Estate of Zenon and Wilma Leger Canadian Tire SmartCentres Davies Sand and Gravel Cousin’s Transport Leskun and Sons Accounting GOLF CART SPONSORS Symon’s Tire Mission Towing RAFFLE SPONSOR Pioneer Chrysler Jeep HOLE IN ONE SPONSOR Councillor Tony Luck and Investor’s Group HOLE SPONSORS Lockhart Law Corp Tim Horton’s

Steve Sharpe Gord Ruley Ron Leger KC McPherson Marc Dalton, MLA Randy Hawes, MLA Vancity Mr. Mike’s Boston Pizza Catherwood Towing Scotiabank Tervita Corp Karel Carhoun Councillor Dave Hensman PRIZE SPONSORS Steve Sharpe Councillor Dave Hensman Councillor Larry Nundal Councillor Jeff Jewell Tervita Corp Rex Cox Menswear Blackberry Kitchen Kesteven Dental

VOLUNTEERS Cory Cassel Angel Elias Wilson Seig Alison Adlem Steve Sharpe Doug Elias Yosuke Nitta SPECIAL THANKS Mission Golf and Country Club Nutek Signs

COME OUT AND CELEBRATE ATE 100 YEARS AT STAVE FALLS Join BC Hydro and our local community as we celebrate100 years at Stave Falls with free admission and birthday cake on Saturday, August 11, 2012 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Stave Falls Visitor Centre (31338 Dewdney Trunk Road, Mission B.C.). This family friendly event will include carnival games, face painting and crafts for the kids. In lieu of admission, donations and non-perishable food items will be accepted for the Mission Food Bank. For more information on this event and other events planned for the summer, please visit falls, email or call 604 462 1222.

Top image: Stave Falls powerhouse, 1912 Bottom image: 1912 advertisement promoting Stave Falls in the Fraser Valley Record Images courtesy of Power Pioneers.


that took place on July 21st. Over $20,000 was raised for this year’s chosen charity, the St. Joseph’s Food Bank building project.

22 The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012

Visit us at:


CONTACTT US: US PO P.O. B Box 20 8645 Stave Lake Street Mission, B.C. V2V 4L9 Phone: 604-820-3700 Fax: 604-826-1363 email:

Municipal Hall Hours: s: Monday to Friday Friday, 8:00 a a.m. m to 4:40 p p.m. m exclud excluding statutory holidays

Dine and dress for diversity Get ready for an intercultural event this summer, sponsored by the Mission International Cultural Association (MICA). In the interest of promoting intercultural awareness and fundraising for intercultural events, MICA aims to showcase the diversity of cultures in our community. In the past months, MICA has organized supper and entertainment events — a Japanese night with proceeds sent to our sister city, Oyama, to assist in the Great Japan Earthquake Relief; a Ukrainian night to assist in the Horn of Africa Famine Relief; and most recently, a spaghetti supper — a joint effort with the local Rotary Club to fundraise for upcoming events. Now MICA is planning an event to recognize the international cultural diversity within our own community. On Saturday, Aug. 18 MICA will present Dress and Dine for

Diversity. This will be a special evening of international food, art, entertainment and style. Guests are encouraged to dress in traditional clothing from their home countries, and join in tasting traditional foods from Africa, Japan, India, the Mediterranean, Europe and First Nations. Add to this, taiko drummers, Bhangra dancers and other cultural entertainments, as well as a live art auction, and you can expect a gala evening. So please mark your calendars for Dine and Dress for Diversity, on Saturday, Aug. 18 from 7:30 p.m. at the Cedarbrooke Chateau, 32331 Seventh Ave. in Mission. Tickets are $50 per person, and available from Murdoch’s Books, Mission Community Services, and Mission Municipal Hall. Donations and sponsorships are most welcome. For further information, please call Pam Alexis at 604-302-2005.

Getting kids back to nature In this electronic age, more and more children are drawn away from the natural environment and towards video games and other electronic entertainment. Richard Louv, author of the thought provoking book titled Last Child in the Woods – Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder, explores the disconnect between the lack of nature in our kids’ lives and some disturbing trends such as childhood obesity, attention disorders and depression. It also can lead to a lack of respect for our natural world (littering and damaging ecosystems). Fortunately, one thing Mission does not lack is access to nature.

The Mission Municipal Forest is roughly 26 times the size of Stanley Park, with numerous trails and quiet logging roads that you can explore on foot. In just minutes, you can be surrounded by beautiful forests and babbling brooks. This year each elementary school student will have received a Mission Trails Challenge – Trail Passport in their year-end school package. The Trail Passport showcases five trails for you to explore with your family. Each trail will have a unique yellow trail code sign placed somewhere along the trail. Try to visit as many as you can over the summer. When you visit each trail

over the summer, enter the trail code on the passport, fill in your contact information and submit to one of the four designated drop-off locations to receive a congratulatory certificate. All entries received will be placed in a draw for prizes. The Trails Challenge is open to everyone. Download your passport and more information from (Click on Mission Trails Challenge 2012). At this link you’ll also find maps to the location of each trailhead, some interesting trail features, safety info on bears and cougars, and trail etiquette. It’s all in our nature so get outside and take a hike.

Have your say how to fix roads PUBLIC MEETINGS OF COUNCIL District of Mission Council wishes to invite the public to attend open meetings and regular meetings of Council. The following meetings are scheduled for the weeks of

Date Date

August 2, 2012 to August 16, 2012 Meeting


The district is completing a Transportation Master Plan and our first step

is to ask the residents for their input which will help guide the studies focus.

Time Time

August 7

Regular Council (including Committee of the Whole)

Council Chambers

6:30 p.m.

August 8

Committee of the Whole (Admin & Finance) 2013 Budget Meeting - Presentation of Department Operating and Capital Budgets (Part 1 of 2)

Conference Room

2:30 p.m.

Do you want to join the Parks, Recreation & Culture team?

August 9

Abbotsford Mission Water & Sewer Commission

Room 530 Abbotsford City Hall

9:00 a.m.

August 9

Committee of the Whole (Admin & Finance) 2013 Budget Meeting - Presentation of Department Operating and Capital Budgets (Part 2 of 2)

Conference Room

3:30 p.m.

We are looking for talented, enthusiastic people to fill the following part-time customer service positions at the Mission Leisure Centre:

August 16

Committee of the Whole (Admin & Finance) 2013 Budget Meeting – Council Discussion of Provisional Budget (Part 1 of 3)

Conference Room

2:00 p.m.

Please note that this schedule will be updated weekly. Pursuant to Section 92 of the Community Charter, a council must state, by resolution passed in a public meeting, the fact that the meeting or part of the meeting is to be closed and the basis under the applicable subsection of Section 90 on which it is to be closed. Municipal Council will hold a Regular Council Meeting on August 7 for the sole purpose of going into a closed council meeting at 2:00 p.m. in the Conference Room at Mission Municipal Hall, 8645 Stave Lake Street, Mission, BC.

•Aquatic Guard I •Program Registration Receptionist •Skate Patrol For more information about these job opportunities and how to apply, please visit the careers page at Deadline for applications: August 13, 2012


Since the last Transportation Master Plan in 1996, Mission has experienced a period of sustained moderate growth. According to Census Canada, Missions 2011 population is about 36,500 and estimated to be approximately 55,000 by 2035. The district now requires the review and evaluation of the existing transportation system to determine overall transportation needs over the next 25 years. The Transportation Master Plan will identify what road upgrades are required to meet current and future growth needs, pedestrian and cyclist needs and improve movement of goods for businesses. Further public

consultation will take place once the study is underway however your input now can help better to focus the study at the outset. Copies of the questionnaire are also available at the municipal hall in the engineering department. • The survey will remain open until Friday, Oct. 14, 2012. The participants’ inputs will be reviewed for inclusion in the district’s study. • Visit the online survey at www. to have your say how Mission should improve its road and transportation systems. • Your participation is very much appreciated!

@MISSION Carol Aun

The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012 23 The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012

• 604-820-5452

COMING UP • NOW TO SATURDAY, AUGUST 11 See art work by Justin Gedak at the Mission Arts Council Gallery, 33529 First Ave. Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. For more information call 604-8260029.

• THURSDAY, AUGUST 2 Karen Lee Batten hosts Karaoke at the Historic Dewdney Pub every Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. For more info call 604-826-4762.

• SATURDAY, AUGUST 4 Sharon Young Band plays 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. at the Historic Dewdney Pub. Enjoy this amazing selection of classic rock, great for listening and dancing. The Dewdney Pub is located five minutes east of Mission, just off Highway 7. Just watch for the signs. For more info call 604-826-4762.

• SUNDAY, AUGUST 5 Join the best blues musicians in the valley at the Sunday Blues Jam in the Church of the Blues, 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. or later. For more info call 604-826-4762.

• THURSDAY, AUGUST 9 TO SATURDAY, AUGUST 11 Rockin River Music Festival welcomes Dwight Yoakam, Blue Rodeo, Randy Bachman, George Canyon, and more to Mission Raceway Park. Camping is available. For tickets and more info, call 604733-2235 or visit rockinriverfest. com.

Clockwise from above left: George Canyon, Dwight Yoakam, and Blue Rodeo will be playing at Mission’s Rockin River Music Festival from Aug. 9-11 at Mission Racaeway Park. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Superstars rockin in Mission The biggest country music festival in the Fraser Valley kicks off this Thursday at Mission Raceway Park. Headlining this year’s show are superstars like Randy Bachman, George Canyon, Dwight Yoakam and Blue Rodeo. The legendary Randy Bachman is always a fan favourite. The veteran rock and roller has been in the music industry for more than four decades, beginning with The Guess Who. The talented singer, songwriter, performer and producer has over 110 gold and platinum albums/single awards from around the world. Nove Scotia-born George Canyon rose to fame in 2004 on USA Network’s Nashville Star. Now with two Junos and a handful of Canadian Country Music Awards, Canyon is doing what he loves. He has sold over 300,000 albums and is using his influences to support Canadian troops in Afghanistan and find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Yoakham is a Kentucky native who has sold more than 25 million albums worldwide. He has 12 gold and nine platinum or multi-platinum albums. Yoakham also has two Grammys in his collection.

Blue Rodeo is arguably Canada’s most popular roots rock band, and has become a favourite to see live. Blue Rodeo emerged in the 1980s and has won numerous accolades and awards including seven Junos and a key to Toronto (the band’s hometown). Other acts in the weekend lineup include Vancouver’s Ridley Bent, Pitt Meadow’s Araon Pritchett, 2010 Canadian Country Music Association Female Vocalist of the Year Victoria Banks, and Mission favourite, Kenny Hess. “This year’s Rockin’ River is easily the biggest and best we’ve ever put together,” said Hess, the festival’s organizer and one of its performers. “The talent Rockin’ River Fest has this year promises festival-goers one of the best times they’ll have all year.” Tickets for the pre-festival party on Thursday are $35, and general admission for single day tickets are $85 on Friday and Saturday. A three-day pass is $155. Reserved seating tickets range from $105 to $120 for one day and $175 to $210 for a threeday pass. Tickets are available at Lordco on London Avenue, London Drugs at the Junction, Little

Schedule Thursday, Aug. 9 5 p.m. Tyler Whelan 7 p.m. Brent Lee 9 p.m. Karen lee Batten 10:30 p.m. Aaron Pritchett

Randy Bachman plays in Mission Friday, Aug. 10 at Mission Raceway Park. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Caesar’s Pizza on Lougheed and Rex Cox Men’s Wear and Sisto’s River City Liquor Store on First Avenue. Camping is also available. For camping rates and further festival information, visit www. or call the Rockin’ River hotline at 604733-2235.

Friday, Aug. 10 3:10 p.m. Todd Richard 4:10 p.m. The Higgins 5:25 p.m. Victoria Banks 6:55 p.m. Kenny Hess 8:30 p.m. Randy Bachman 10:15 p.m. Dwight Yoakam Saturday, Aug. 11 3:10 p.m. Shane Chisholm 4:10 p.m. The Matinee 5:10 p.m. Stacey McKitrick 6:10 p.m. Ridley Bent 7:30 p.m. One More Girl 9 p.m. George Canyon 10:30 p.m. Blue Rodeo

24 The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012

What’s Happening Bernie and Red back at Twilight Concert Series in Mission

Mission Senior Centre weekly events: Thursday drop-in line dancing 9 a.m. Friday drop-in crib 11 a.m. Monday BBQ 11:30 a.m. Tuesday drop-in line dancing 9:30 a.m. Wednesday bingo 12:30 p.m. Contact 604-814-2188 for more info.

Royal Canadian Legion weekly events: Thursday crib night at 6:30 p.m. Friday meat draw and dinner at 5:30 p.m. Saturday meat draw at 3 p.m. Sunday meat draw and bingo at 3 p.m. Wednesday meat draw and bingo at 7 p.m. Contact 604-8262331 for more info. JULY 27: HOMINUM Fraser Valley Chapter is an informal discussion and support group to help gay, bi-sexual and questioning men with the challenges of being married, separated or single. For information and meeting location, call Art 604-462-9813 or Don 604-329-9760. JULY 30: Mission Scrabble Club every Monday from 1-4 p.m. at 33150 Fourth Ave. Call 604-826-7721. AUG. 1: The Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship will meet at noon every Wednesday at Cedarbrooke Chateau. For more info call Sander at 604-828-0406. AUG. 6: Mission Scrabble Club every Monday from 1-4 p.m. at 33150 Fourth Ave. Call 604-826-7721. AUG. 7: Mission Foster Parent Association are holding meetings on a monthly basis. They are held on the first Tuesday of the month at Mission Central Elementary school at 9 a.m. in room 142. Coffee, dessert and great conversation is being served. We would love to have you join us. AUG. 8: The Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship will meet at noon every Wednesday at Ce-

darbrooke Chateau. For more info call Sander at 604-828-0406.

Society of the Fraser Valley at 604-826-8455 or

AUG. 9: MS Group meets at 1 p.m., at 8469 Cedar St., in Mission. Newcomers welcome. For more info call, 604-826-2553. MS Group meets on the second Thursday of every month.

AUG. 27: Mission Scrabble Club every Monday from 1-4 p.m. at 33150 Fourth Ave. Call 604-8267721.

AUG.9-11: Rockin River Music Festival at Mission Raceway Park. For more information visit www. or call 604-733-2235. AUG. 11: Summerfest Tent Event at the Legion from 3-7 p.m. BBQ, meat draw, 50/50 and dancing to the music of “Wylie & the Other Guy”. AUG. 13: Mission Scrabble Club every Monday from 1-4 p.m. at 33150 Fourth Ave. Call 604-826-7721. AUG. 15: The Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship will meet at noon every Wednesday at Cedarbrooke Chateau. For more info call Sander at 604-828-0406. AUG. 20: Mission Scrabble Club every Monday from 1-4 p.m. at 33150 Fourth Ave. Call 604-8267721. AUG. 22: The Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship will meet at noon every Wednesday at Cedarbrooke Chateau. For more info call Sander at 604-828-0406. AUG. 25: The 30-year Mission Sr. Secondary School Grad ‘82 Reunion is being held at 18 pastures at 5 p.m. Please call Kim Vallet at 604-826-7691 or email kvallet@telus. net. Or call Cham Gill at 604-615-9926 or email AUG. 25: Learn to water bath can dill pickles with Mission’s Kitchens, 9:30 a.m. at St Andrew’s United Church. Cost is $35. Register with Women’s Resource

AUG. 29: The Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship will meet at noon every Wednesday at Cedarbrooke Chateau. For more info call Sander at 604-828-0406. AUG. 31: HOMINUM Fraser Valley Chapter is an informal discussion and support group to help gay, bi-sexual and questioning men with the challenges of being married, separated or single. For information and meeting location, call Art 604-462-9813 or Don 604-329-9760. AUG. 31: The speechlanguage department of the Mission Health unit is hosting a drop-in from 2:30-4 p.m. at 32618 Logan Ave. If you have questions about speech, language, stuttering, hearing or communication, come in and see us. Drop-ins only for clients who have not submitted a referral. Call 604-814-5500 for more information. AUG. 31: Live, Love & Laugh. New Red Hat chapter just formed in Mission. There will be monthly day time fun events like lunches, movies, etc. If you are a woman over 50 ( or under 50 ) contact SEPT. 3: Join us for a relaxing evening and learn the path to inner peace at weekly meditation classes at Cedarbrooke Chateau, 32331 Seventh Avenue, each Monday from 7-8:30 p.m. Suggested donation $10. For more info please visit www.dorjechang. ca or call 604.853.3738. SEPT. 3: Mission Scrabble Club every Monday from 1-4 p.m. at 33150 Fourth Ave. Call 604-826-7721.

SEPT. 4: Mission Foster Parent Association meeting at Mission Central Elementary school, 9 a.m. in room 142. Coffee, dessert and great conversation is being served.

Community Calendar listings are a free service from the Mission Record, as space permits. Drop off, or email submissions to


in need of caring homes! All cats are Spayed, neutered, vaccinated and dewormed. Visit us at or call 1 (604)820-2977 DONATIONS ALWAYS WELCOME!

Wednesday, Aug. 8 Get a preview of the

Bernie and Red will be at Fraser River Heritage Park on Friday. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Rockin’ on the River Music Festival with Becca Hess and Tyler Whelan at the Envision Twilight Concert Series on Wednesday, Aug. 8 from 7 to 8 pm. Becca Hess is the daughter of local country star Kenny Hess and although just starting out, there’s no doubt the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She



Brunch 9:30-2:00 9:30-2:00

Northside Community Church 33507 Dewdney Trunk Rd., Mission

10:30am Worship Service Sermon Series “The Christian” Bible Discovery Time for Children Senior Pastor - Ron Redekop Youth - Brian Wade


“We’re here to help” Did you know? Any person facing terminal illness or coping with the loss of a loved one can come to the Mission Hospice Society for support. Bereavement programs are designed for individuals anticipating or have experienced the death of a loved one. Programs are free of charge but registration is required. For more information, please contact Kimberley at 604-826-2235.

Unit E, 7311 James Street, Mission Phone (604) 826-2235

Bernie and Red are back at Fraser River Heritage Park for the Envision Twilight Concert Series on Friday, Aug. 3 from 7 to 8 p.m. Bernie and Red’s humour is based on husband and wife situations and the joys and challenges of marriage and family life. Bernie is the straight man who lets fly with one liners, but Red is the one who holds centre stage most of the time. Red is brash, outspoken, a little outrageous at times, and very funny. She also has a great voice, and her musical numbers are integral to the act. Bernie and Red have performed all over the world – from Alaska to Panama, from China to Singapore, and every state and province in North America. The concert partner for this evening is Cedarbrooke Chateau.

FIVE TYPES OF PRAYER There is no limit to the kinds of prayer which are possible, since prayer is any genuine attempt to communicate with God, but there are five types of prayer which seem to be virtually universal. The first type of prayer is the prayer of thanks. Many of the faithful start and end each day by thanking God, and there is always something to be thankful for, including our very existence. The second type of prayer is the prayer of confession or contrition, where we confess our sins to God. This is often framed in terms of what we have done wrong or what we have failed to do, and should include improper or unkind thoughts, and true remorse. A third type of prayer is the prayer of petition, the prayer which asks for God’s help. These prayers are sometimes thought unnecessary, since God presumably knows better than we do what we need, but it certainly feels right to ask God for help. A fourth prayer is the prayer of praise, where we extol or exalt God, typically for his goodness, power, or wisdom. The last type of prayer, which is often overlooked because it is more akin to meditation than to prayer, is when we simply feel ourselves in the presence of God who cares for and about us. The sense that there is a Supreme Being who is not indifferent to our suffering should become a way of being in the world, and something which we should strive for constantly.

“I trust in the steadfast love of God for ever and ever.” Psalm 52: 8 St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church

8469 Cedar Street • 826-8481 10:30 am Worship & Children's Church Minister: The Rev. Rebecca Simpson

You are welcome

St. Andrew's United Church 10am Service Rev. Tim Bowman

7756 Grand St. at 10th Avenue 604-826-8296

may even be joined on one or two songs by her famous father. Also performing is Tyler Whelan. Born in Fort McMurray, Whelan was introduced at a young age to the world of music. Writing his own songs since he could play a chord, and playing since he could hold an instrument, it was only natural that Whelan should pursue his love of music. He connected with Johnny Gasparic of The Poverty Plainsman, an audio engineer, for his first solo album. With the help of Don Jorgensen, Brian Kelly, and Brad Johnson, the album Oldschool came to life. Shortly after the CD release, Whelan was introduced to fellow country musician Kenny Hess, who would ultimately become a friend and mentor. The concert partner for this evening is Rockin’ on the River Music Festival. “Envision has been proud to support the Envision Twilight Concert Series for the past 12 years,” says Carol Hamilton, branch manager at Envision Financial’s Mission location. The Art in the Park program continues with a variety of visual artists presenting their work each evening of Twilight. Bring a lawn chair or blanket for a fun evening at the park. The Blackberry Kitchen and The Log Cabin Café are open. Envision Twilight Concerts are a community, free-by-donation series. For more information call 604-826-0277.

The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012 25




MINDY MCPHERSON 604.826.1000

has sold more real estate than anyone on the entire Fraser Valley Real Estate Board of 2,944 realtors.




604.826.9000 TOLL FREE:

Amberley Neufeldt Sales Associate 604-826-9000

Mandy Dhillon Sales Associate 604-826-9000


Bob Mclean Sales Associate 604-826-9000

Gulnaz Property Manager 604-820-9000



Stunning 2 Storey W/ Basement

1.888.826.1177 #103 - 33070 - 5th ave., mission, bc








12,000+ Sq. Ft. City Lot

Large Family? Here it is!

Rancher with Basement!

Workshop in Garage!

Exec. home in gated Abbey Meadows! Hardwood & tile flooring! Fireplace in opulent master suite! Professionally designed kitch. 9' ceil. $499,000

Custom 2 storey home. Soaring ceil. Huge great rm! Family-sized dng rm. Exec. den w/big windows. Handscraped h/wood flrs. Walk-in pantry! Center isl. 12' ceil. Loads of parking. $469,500

Great layout to accommodate everyone. Finished bsmt. 6 bdrms + 4 full baths. Kitchen w/centre isl. Crowns. Fully fenced flat yard. Convenient location to schools, shopping & trans. $449,900

Priced to sell! 3 bdrms up! 2 bdrms down! Excellent area with schools close by! Full daylight basement! $389,500

Almost 10,000 sq ft lot in family neighbourhood close to Cherry Hill Elementary. Hardwood floors, separate area for in-laws, nanny or student. Fenced yard backs onto school yard. $374,500

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000










To visit our website scan the QR Code below with your Smart Phone


Fantastic Neighbourhood

Back Lane Access Bonus!

Its Got It All!!

Exclusive Address! Rare!

Centrally Located!!

Close to schools, Transit! 2 storey w/ bsmt. Home has formal lv. room & dng. room! Family room off kitchen w/sliding doors to priv. backyard. Roof is young! Priced to sell! $369,500

Central access to all amenities! Oldtimer house waiting for your special touch. Rancher with basement. Set above street level to take advantage of view! $269,000

Bsmt entry. 3 bdrm + den for main. White Maple sanded kitchen w/blank antique island. Main floor walks out to private backyard. Master suite w/5 pce ensuite. 2 bdrm in-law suite. $509,900

Popular gated “Blackberry Estates”! Adultoriented! RV parking! Amazing views! Rancher w/fully finished bsmt. 3 bdrms, 3 baths. Large master on main! Super-sized bsmt. Dble Garage. $349,900

Centrally located family home close to university, schools, Heritage park & easy highway access. 2 yrs young roof! Bring Grandma & Grandpa! Lane access & dbl garage. $339,500

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Amberley 604.826.9000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000









Fixer Upper! What a Deal

4.48 Acres Extreme Privacy

2+ Acres Holding Property

Beautiful 0.89 Acre Est.

Amazing Outdoor Living!

Future Multi-Family!!

Mansion on the Hill!!

Flat, fence yard. Has seen some flooring updates. Newer cabinetry. Perfect for the family, needs some final touch ups to make it yours! 2 laundry hookups. Close to Superstore! $289,000

Custom built, 2-storey w/bsmt home & 3 car garage in Stave Falls. Master on main, vaulted ceilings, hi-efficient furn & wood stove. For those who prefer to live away from city craziness, between Mission & Maple Ridge. $929,000 To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

2.21 acres with future townhomes development potential! Excellent holding property in Cedar Valley area. $849,900

Redone 2 storey on cul-de-sac w/triple att. garage + double det. garage with guest suite. In-ground pool & hot tub. 4 bdrms + den. Redone Master w/ensuite. Fam. rm + games rm. $829,900

Just under an acre w/custom outdoor living area! Covered outdoor kitchen/ BBQ center w/granite tops! Hot tub! Sprinkler system! 50’ RV pad! Detached shop! Inside is hardwood. $799,900

Big Corner (2 road fronts)! Great multifamily site with rezoning. 2 small revenue houses generate income while in re-zoning process. Great location Hurry on this one!!! $799,900

1.84 acre lot, south, east & west views! 2 storey + finished bsmt. 5 bdrms up, almost 2500 sq. ft. main has open fl. plan w/gourmet kitch. Bsmt has nanny/ caretaker guest suite. $1,360,000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Amberley 604.826.9000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000






To view call Mindy 604.826.1000



Hurry! Under-priced!

Hideaway on 12 Acres!!!

Fantastic 5 Acre Hobby Farm

Log Home Retirement

Brand New with a View!

A Must See Backyard!

9+ Acres! Huge Shop!

Custom home on 2 acres of privacy! Oak flrs, 3 way f/p in formal wing. Enclosed sun rm. massive master, 3 car gar. w/high ceil. & drs! No thru street, just min. from town. $799,500

Total privacy! Ideal hideaway! Cross over bridge to this oasis. Possible subdivision in half! Existing 3 bdrm house/ coach house w/double garage below! Great assumable mortgage. $774,900

All flat usable fenced land, 2 rd frontages, 60x40 shop w/high ceiling, bring the horses! Custom 4 bdrm, 3 bath rancher. Bright kitchen, sep. family rm, lvg rm, full bsmt/crawl sp 7’. $785,000

Nestled on 2.3 acres. 14’ rock f/p in great rm. leads to covered outdoor liv. area. Home theatre & built in pine library. Exercise room. Kitchen has wood cabinets. Fab. master suite! 3-1/2 baths! $699,500

2 storey new home with bsmt and stunning views in great neighbourhood! 5 bdrms + 3-1/2 baths. Crowns! Granite! Close to university, schools, new shopping area! $699,500

High end amazing floor plan! Spacious foyer, beautiful workmanship! Gourmet kitch granite! Huge pantry! 4 bdrms up. 5 pce master ensuite. Games rm! Landscaped yard. Upscale loc. $679,500

9.29 acres in Agassiz! 4 bdrm, 3 bath home, perfect for the family w/spacious fl plan. Cov deck patio, glass cov hottub. Min from town. Lots of parking! 22x30’ shop w/12’ door. $675,000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000








SOLD 2 Acres + Room for Nanny!

5000+Sq.Ft On Almost 5ac

Bring the Horses!

Surrounded by Dev.

Build Your Dream House!

Looking Lo oking For Unique?

Home for the Whole Family!

Priced to sell!! 2 storey w/full bsmnt. 2 acres for privacy, anials, hobby farm, truckers. Min to shopping! Lots of updates! 4 baths. Hurry on this one! $634,500

5000+ sq ft rancher w/bsmt. (Pot. to subdivide) Detached garage/shop. Large sundeck w/garage/shop under, 2 master suites, 4 baths, new kitch, new paint, laminate. Priced to sell $608,900

Totally private country setting! 2 storey log home w/full bsmnt, great layout. Views to east, lush landscape/ingrnd pool, hot tub, barn, double garage/ workshop. City water. Rare. $999,000

.93 acre right in town. Buy, hold or develop!! Many possibilities!! Superb location. $594,900

Silverdale area. 10 acres treed land. Use your imagination, build your dream home. $549,500

Corner lot just under 1/2 acre. Very unique, executive i i hhome on desirable d i bl Glen Mountain. Roof 4 years old, furnace just 3 years. $549,900

This is the one that will give everyone plus the dog a space to call home! Cul-de-sac location in a sought after family neighbourhood. GORGEOUS Mt. Baker & river views! You can have it all! $539,500

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000





Great Locations Cedar Valley Connector Properties Away

Amazing Deal at $539,400 To view call Amberley 604-826-9000

2 adjacent residential legal lots. One with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom home, the other is vacant and ready to be built out. Could hold for future development, residential / commercial potential with rental income in the meantime. Each lot is 70’ x 120’. Great exposure. Great value.



Bells & Whistles!!

View, View & More View

Commercial - 70 Mile House

Unexpected Treasure!!!

5 Acres of Total Privacy

Custom home!! Gated and secure!! Parking galore! High-end finishings. Attached 18x15’6” shop w/2 pce bath. In-ground pool! Sprinkler system. Bells & whistles throughout. $524,500

Custom home on 2.84 acres backs onto greenbelt. Total PRIVACY! 12’ ceiling in LR, cont, kit. w/granite & SS appl. Master/ ensuite + 3 bdrms up. Fin. bsmt. w/sep ent. 5 min. to Maple Ridge. $995,000 To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

Great business opportunity! Working motel & restaurant on 1.73 acres. Motel has 9 rental units plus a caretakers residence. Rest. has seating for 50. Call for further info. $495,000

2 storey home has private bdrm at the back. 4 bdrms up. King sized master w/ sep shower and jacuzzi. Custom mantle pce surrounds gas f/place. Superb buy! $489,500

View, view, view!! Long priv. drive/w, no neighbours!! 2 bdrm. mobile. Look out to Chilliwack, wraparound decks, 2 full baths, vinyl wind., oak kitch. & more. Potential subdivision. $489,000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

Addresses and photos online at: www.mindymcpherson

26 The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012




MINDY MCPHERSON 604.826.1000

has sold more real estate than anyone on the entire Fraser Valley Real Estate Board of 2,944 realtors.




604.826.9000 TOLL FREE:

Amberley Neufeldt Sales Associate 604-826-9000

Mandy Dhillon Sales Associate 604-826-9000


Bob Mclean Sales Associate 604-826-9000

Gulnaz Property Manager 604-820-9000


1.888.826.1177 #103 - 33070 - 5th ave., mission, bc




Your Own Man Made Lake

Timber Frame!!

Gorgeous Acreage

Perfect Family Home!!

Whole Lotta House!

“Waterfront” 2 homes on 8 acres in private wooded setting!! Contemporary house in peaceful and serene surroundings. Hurry on this one of a kind. $489,000.

2 storey w/bsmt. timber frame old growth Douglas Fir, wood frame windows, skylight, hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings give warm Whistler feel, but located in Hatzic. $479,900

5.09 acres close to Maple Ridge border. Gorgeous acreage. Some future potential. $479,000

Quality built w/trayed ceilings and crown mouldings. On main floor formal living & dining rooms & large family room off kitchen. Walk-out at level to flat, fenced backyard. $469,900

3100 sq. ft. 2 storey home on 6000+ sq. ft. lot. High ceilings, ceiling details, warm colours, massive cooking space on centre island! 4 bdrms + den (could be 5th bdrm). $474,900

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Amberley 604.826.9000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Bob 604.826.9000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000








6000+ Sq. Ft. Lot

Fairfield Estates

Fit the whole Brady Bunch

Greenbelt! Net HST Incl.

Huge Hug ge Lot w/Lane Access

6 bdrms + 4 full baths! Office space, rec room, bar room, whatever suites your lifestyle! Covered deck & patio! Tasteful finishing throughout! Granite, crowns! Close to schools. $468,500

Centrallyy located to Abby Exhibition Park, tre, all levels of school! Shoprec centre, ping! 2 storey w/basement legal suite. $459,900

New home w/6 bdrms & 4 baths. 6000 sq. ft. lot w/room for parking. Warm colour scheme & architectural ceiling details, granite in kitch. Fully fin bsmt to set up for in-laws. Sep off. $468,500

Quiet dead-end street, OK for legal suite! Backs onto green space! Sep tub (jetted) & shower in m/bdrm. 2 laundries (bsmnt European style). Come check out the layout! $467,500

Flat 70x 70x147 x147 lot. 3 level split p w/fantastic layy out on quiet st. Close to hwy #1 & Guilford shopping centre & 1 blk to elem. school, 3 bdrms up. Above grnd pool w/wood sundeck. Garage has 220 wiring. $449,900

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Bob 604.826.1000







Thinking of Buying or Selling?



Need Room for Grandma?

P Private 1.05 Acre!!

Act Now - Priced to Sell!!

Appliances - Net HST Incl.

City Chic!!

Corner lot in area of newer homes. Curb appeal with Whistler-style ext. Great rm. concept w/3 bdrms up! Granite, hardwood, crowns! Games rm. plus a rec room down. Roughed-in for heat pump. $449,500 To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

Overloooking Overlooking oking the forest and Alouette River. 3 bdrms + 3 baths + studio/workshop perfect for home based business - one of a kind!! This could be the one you have been looking for! $440,000

Only 2 years old, finished basement!! Granite, 9’ ceilings, 6 bdrms, 4 baths, 5 appliances, blinds & fenced backyard. Hurry on this one!! $439,800

Built by Mt. Baker Enterprises! Great sized lots! Close to schools! Area of newer homes. 3 bdrm + den, 3 baths. Games room/rec room. Open concept kitchen/great room. $439,000

Designer details! Open concept perfect for the newlyweds or the young family. Granite! Amazing master with luxurious ensuite. Attention to all the little things. $438,500

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000






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Mindy for a

FREE Market Evaluation or Buyer’s Catalogue


Toll Free 1-888-826-1177 #0903


SOLD Updated in Bateman Area!

How to Make Money!

4.5 Acres in Steelhead!

Appliances + Net HST Incl

Prime Prim me Holding Property!

RV Parking!

3 level split. Kitch. has maple cabs, brazilian granite count & S/S appl. Fiberglass roof, 2 stage hi/efficiency furn. Private fenced yard w/views to Matsqui Prairie and Coast Mtns. $438,500

Each legal unit has 3 bdrms. Great location! Close to schools, university, West Coast Express, Shopping and more!! All this on 142x100’ lot!! $437,500

Setting is perfect for the avid outdoorsy type! Close to recreational activities, trails, fishing, boating & hiking! Open plan house w/rec-rm and 29x26 workshop! Get & have a look! $429,000

Proudly built by Mt. Baker Enterprises. 2 storey homes coming soon. 4 bdrm + den. 3 baths. Open-concept kitchen/ family rm. Formal din. rm. Call for plans and more information. $429,000

Sandy Hill! Walk to 5 great schls! Huge bright 35x12' deck, big crnr lot, lots of prkg, RV prkg. Hrdwd fl., nice kitch., 2 f/p, 3 full baths, 5 bdrms. Totally finished bsmt! Built-in media centre $419,500

Currently in the ALR but in developing Currently area. Flat, area at usable and private 1.67 1 67 acres at primee “Webester’s Corner” Corner”. Build your dream home here!! $419,000.

Super convenient location for freeway access! Near new shopping complex off Mt. Lehman! Schools! Rancher on 6560 sq ft private lot w/RV parking! Get in before it is gone! $412,500

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Bob 604.826.9000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000






Under $420,000 - Like New!



SOLD Location, Location!!

Hatzic! River View!

Need a Big House?

5.2 Acres - Stave Falls!!

2 Road Frontages!

Lounge in Your Backyard!

Across Acr ross from the Park!

Bsmt. home on quiet cul-de-sac has been updated, 5 min drive to Westcoast Express and walking dist to schools. Large oak kitchen family room w/gas fireplace. Landscaped. $409,900

River view! Huge 3600 sq.ft. home. Room for the whole family with 7 bdrms. New roof! Lovely private backyard to enjoy! Great investment! $409,500

Spotless home, like new! Totally finished basement with in-law suite. 5 bedrooms, 4 full baths. Huge fenced back yard. Hurry on this one! $409,500

Beautiful, private acreage in Stave Falls! Great view of the valley and mountains. 2 bedroom mobile could use some updates. 2 shallow wells on the property. $399,900

Potential! Rancher with updates & newer roof. Gardeners paradise within the City! Beautiful forest setting w/japanese maples. Looking for tranquility? This is it! Try your offer. $399,900

View, privacy & backs onto greenbelt! College Heights, schools, walk to park & new shop area. Has “Man Cave” for the guys, 3 baths. Rec room in bsmt. Extended patio. Seller motivated! $399,500

“Wow”” across street to the park/ playground. finishing thruout playgro ound. Custom finishing ound Crowns, h/wood h/ d in i greatt rm, lots l t off little xxx/s. 4 bdrm 3 bath + den, fully fin bsmt. Priced to sell. $399,900

To view call Bob 604.826.9000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Bob 604.826.9000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000








“Eagle Mountain”

For the Supersized Family

Wisteria Lane!!

Vintage Character Home!

4 Bedroom Rancher!!


Check Out the Potential!

Very open floor plan w/great kitch granite, 5 baths, 5+ bdrms, unbelievable master w/w-i shower & sep tub. 2 master suites up. Totally finished bsmt, covered deck up & patio. $948,000

Renovated family home. 3600 sq. ft. with 5 bdrms, 4 baths. Upgrades to floors, baths and paint!! 6000 sq. ft. lot with fully fenced backyard. $392,000

2 storey on a cul-de-sac. Desirable “Tunbridge Station Development”. Quiet area in a family oriented neighbourhood. $387,500

Loads of charm! Steps to West Coast Express downtown shops, 5 burner gas range, huge center island. Living room has oak floors and leaded glass bay wind, mast bath w/5pce ens. $379,900

Excellent sized city lot. Private backyard. 4 bdrms, newer kitchen w/supersized island!! Many updates/upgrades. View and see for yourself the many pluses this home has to offer! $379,900

One of Mission’s finest locations. Impressive. Completely updated inside and out. Huge 60x160 lot is private, fenced and beautifully landscaped. Pride of ownership shows! $379,800

Great family neighbourhood! Private backyard w/room to store your toys! Updated floors! Updated baths in Eur style! Roof about 5 years old. Newer fence, 3 bdrm + 3 baths. $379,500

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Bob 604.826.9000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Bob 604.826.9000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

Addresses and photos online at: www.mindymcpherson

The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012 27




has sold more real estate than anyone on the entire Fraser Valley Real Estate Board of 2,944 realtors.




604.826.9000 TOLL FREE:

Amberley Neufeldt Sales Associate 604-826-9000

Mandy Dhillon Sales Associate 604-826-9000


Bob Mclean Sales Associate 604-826-9000

Gulnaz Property Manager 604-820-9000


1.888.826.1177 #103 - 33070 - 5th ave., mission, bc




Stunning End Unit!

Luxury, Gated & a View!!

Hurry! Amazing Deal!

Walk the Kids to School!

Amazing Deal for 4.5 AC

Maplewood Creek, MR. 3 level townhome backs onto greenbelt. Renovated kitchen! Complex is on cul-de-sac, close to all levels of schools. New roof! Close to transit, shopping. $369,900

Corner unit overlooking Heritage Park!! Sweeping views! Watch the sun rise & set from the comfort of your 2 bdrm, 2 bath apt. Beautiful kitchen! Bright! Airy! 2 parking. Locker. $369,900

Excellent location! Shopping & freeway nearby. Vaulted cedar ceilings, newer flrs, oak kitch, 2 f/p, 3 ful baths, 27x15 games/rec rm. 22x13 sundeck, cent. a/c. Att workshop behind gar. $369,900

Split level with modern colours. Perfect for the young family with large rooms. Walk to the corner store & playground. Patio with fire pit & quaint tool shed. Nice view of the mountains. $349,500

Quiet, private location! Beautiful 4.5 acres with mobile. Tenant occupied! Priced to sell. Mostly land value. $349,900

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Amberley 604.826.9000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000






SOLD Walk to Heritage!

9900+ Sq. Ft. Lot - Hatzic

RV Parking - Maple Ridge

Actt Now! Super Sale!

Invest. In nvest. P Property $334,500

Same owners for 35 years. Close to Heritage Park! University! Roof approx 3 years old. Priv backyard w/fruit trees, garden area, fenced, 2 fire places, 2 kitchens, 3 baths. $349,500

9,900 sq ft lot backing onto park! New roof! Laminate flrs, 3 pce ensuite, covered sundeck, fenced backyard. Big garage, lots of parking. Walking to sch, parks & Westminster Abbey. $343,500

2 bdrm rancher, 50’x200’ lot. Has a 24’x20’ heated garage/workshop w/220 wiring. RV parking. Large fully fenced backyard w/10’x8’ storage shed and play area for the children. $339,500

Spectaccular views!! Mt. Baker & the Spectacular Valley. W/some sweat equity q y into this home, you could turn it into something else! College Heights? Walk to sch. UFV, new shopping plaza. $332,900

Fabbulously priced invest. property!! Fabulously West Coast Exp. shopping, Close to W Clo banking, rec facilities!! 3 bdrms up! 2 banking dwn! Total 4 baths. Views!! Clean and well kept 15 yr old home! $334,500

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000






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TOP AGENT!! TOP RESULTS!! Building / Development Dev



In-town Building Lot Some ccommercial potential! O Only $159,000

#0823 #0 0823

New Subdivision Ced Cedar/Egglestone Build Building lots starting at $149,900. Call for lot layout & info package. #0763 #0 0763

Privacy Under $325,000!

Act Now! Investors Alert!

Huge 27’x212’ Lot!!

Close to Everything

Vint 1929 Character Home

The Horizons

Huge private 10,000+ sq. ft. lot. Updated! Shows nice. Clean & great family home. Fully finished bsmnt., garage/ workshop! 4 bdrm, 3 baths, rec rm. Newer roof! Hurry! $323,500

4 bdrms up!! 2 bdrms down!! This home sits on a 6600 sq. ft. lot close to shopping! Transit! Schools! Some new windows down. $319,500

No strata fees here. Main floor is big & open w/loads of south facing windows, a gas f/p & vaulted ceil 4 bdrms up. Huge fam room down. Updated kitchen, bathrooms w/heated tiles. $314,900

Family home in convenient location! Close to highway access, Superstone, Walmart, hospital & Shopping. Some upgrades. This is an excellent buy! $299,900

Huge flat 75900 sq. ft. lot! Original 21/4” fir flooring, wood windows, thick crown mouldings & baseboards. Bright + open layout, views to the south. Walk to Westcoast Xpress & park. $299,900

Granitee kitch. w/maple cabs. Hardwood floors. thru-out. thru-out 3 bdrms up w/3pce ensuite off master. Single enclosed garage. Bonus room on the lower level has separate entrance. $299,900

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Bob 604.826.9000

To view call Bob 604.826.9000







#0778 #0 0778

Centrally Located Lot!! Close to schools, shopping, West Coast Ex. Would allow for detached garage from lane. $169,500


Close to Town & West Coast Express 3 Building Lots Close to Rec Centre/Parks! Starting at $164,900




Prime Acre To Build!!! Prime 1.1 acres in great Silverdale location!!! Land value!! Surrounded by big future Genstar development. $229,000


Trendy Trend dy New Townhome!!

Under $300,000

Looking for Almost New But on a Budget?

Perfect Starter Home

10th h Floor Condo - Abby

Langley Condo

The Horizons!!! Hoorizons!!! Finished w/luxurious touches! touches s! 3 bdrm & 2.5 baths. Kitchen/ granite c/tops, tile l bbackk splash, l h eating bar, h/w floors. Gated complex w/clubhouse. Parking for 2 cars. $299,900

Character 3 bdrm + den home. Redone top to bottom within last 6 yrs. Updated kitchen, bathroom, furnace. Original softwood floors, high ceilings on main, baseboards & crown mould. $299,900

10 min from town. New kitch. incl gas range & double sinks!! New roof, siding, windows, flrs. Updated elect & plumb. Designer colours. Soaker tub! 220 amp gas BBQ hook up. $299,900

Affordable Rancher located close to all amenities! Recreation, West Coast Express, seconds to town! This is perfect for the first-time home buyer, or the investor! $269,500

Gladwinn Towers. A fun place to live!! Close to everything. Cl thi 2 bd bdrm, 2 bbaths, th redone kitchen, newer floor. Sep. dining h d room, living room. Enclosed sundeck/ den/family rm. Priced to sell. $219,000

Spacious 1220 sq.ft. 2 bdrm, 2 bath corner unit! Building has new roof! Upgraded plumbing. Underground parking and locker. $205,000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Bob 604.826.9000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000







Cedar Valley #0872 Corner Lot Excellent location 6006 sq. ft. lot. $229,900 Magnificent View Lots! 4 lots from almost 6000 sqft to 7860 sqft. New sub-division of lots on Knight St. $244,900 each



GOLF COURSE WITHIN SECS!! Little over an acre lot in area of exclusive homes! Build that luxurious home you have been dreaming about! $349,900


Comm/Res Bldg in Trail

Decorated Dec corated to the Nines

Walk to UFV W

1250 sqft 3 bdrm, 2 bath

I Would Let My Mother Live Here

Maple Ridge Priced to Sell

What a deal!! Solid older 3 storey + bsmt. Good exposure corner. Commercial on main, 2 - 1 bdrm apts on each 2nd & 3rd floor. This art-deco bldg is a great buy!! $199,900

Beautifful condo!! Corner end unit - very Beautiful bright open open & impressive. impressive View of Mt. Mt Baker and to south south. Walk to all amenities. Children & pets welcome. Rentals allowed. Priced to sell! $169,500

South facin South facing 2 bdrm. 2 bath unit at College Park Place. Walk to UFV, sports Co complex, sh shopping, dining, movies. This complex is convenience! Quiet side of complex. New roof in 2008. $169,500

Top flr unit w/amazing views. Bright w/ natural light making it a great unit to make your own with some touch ups. Walk to Westcoast Express, Library, shopping, banking! $165,000

Park Place! Totally redone - like new laminate & floor, doors, mouldings within 2 years! Shows a “10”! Walk to Sevenoaks, Tim Hortons, Superstore & more! 55+, no pets. $154,500

Like New! Beautiful 1 bdrm has 9' ceil. Elec. f/p, stacker wash/dry, walk thru double closets. Open fl plan, kitch w/ granite bar, big liv. Great rm. Great loc. Close to everything! $149,500

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000





ARE YOU LOOKING FOR GOOD TENANTS? We have qualified prescreened tenants ready to rent. For more info please call our

Property Management Division

4 ACRES OF NATURAL BEAUTY No through street! 20 minutes east of Mission. $395,000


MAGNIFICENT 10 ACRE SETTING Treed with views! Little cabin on property w/200amp service. $495,000 #0953

10 Acres in Silverdale area $549,000


Royal Oaks - Abbotsford

Central Abby $93,500

Maple Ridge $76,500

Fabulous Getaway!

Centrally located 2 bedroom. Adult oriented complex. Close to all amenities. $139,500

Corner unit w/Mt. Baker view!! Walk to restaurants, shopping & banking. Parking nearby!! Close to transportation routes. No rental restrictions. Private balcony. $93,500

Centrally located with many updates!! Electrical upgraded w/new CSA #, newer roof! New skirting, flooring, windows, new ceiling in mbdrm & hallway! Fully fenced & private yard! $76,500

Everglades Resort! Hatzic Lake! Boating! Fishing! Sunbathing! Minutes from town! Gated rec resort! Only 45 mins east of Vancouver & min from Westcoast Express. Park your trailer. $49,900

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000

To view call Mindy 604.826.1000


Call Mindy for details! 70’ x 120’ Lot Cherry St - Mission Can be built on or held for potential investment! $189,900 #0682

Call Amberley 604-826-9000

Addresses and photos online at: www.mindymcpherson

34 The Mission Record Thursday, August 2, 2012

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32675 Antelope Ave.


Beautiful bsmnt entry, only 4 years young, build by Mount Royal Homes. This home is one of the nicest homes in the neighbourhood. The owners took extra care of this one, so it looks like a brand new home. Features include: 6 beds & 4 baths, fully finished 2-bed suite, stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops in both kitchens, built in vac, 4” crawl space & a lot more. Come & see this beauty because it will not last. Call today to set up a viewing.

This two year young custom Built bsmnt entry sits on a spacious 7300 sq. ft. lot in a quiet cul-de-sac. The home features: 6 beds, 4 baths, 3 bdrm rental suite, RV parking & a rec room. No expense was spared on this one: granite, porcelain & travertine tile, water heating, custom speaker system, huge kitchen with stainless steel appliances, built in vac, crawl space & so much more. Very rare home & will not last.

32522 Ptarmigan Dr. $589,000 Incl. HST

34672 Vosburgh, New listing, $725,000

$7,000 app. pkg. Brand new 2 st. with bsmnt located in the heart of Mission on a huge green belt lot. This home offer all the luxuries of a custom home, granite, designer color scheme, stone fireplace, triple bay garage, heat pump & more. Build by a great builder, quality & detail are visible throughout, open floor plan with 6/7 beds & 5 baths, 2 bdrm rental suite, call today.


33098 Myrtle Ave. $569,900 New 2 story with fully finished basement,6 beds + den & 5 bathrooms.Build by Mount Royal Homes, this home has a lot of extra features. Triple bay garage, large 8000 sq. ft. lot, 2 bedroom rental suite, rec room, high-end stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, greenhouse/garden, lots of parking for toys & a lot more. Call today to set up a viewing.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR DREAM HOME. This two story with fully finished bsmnt is being built by one of Mission’s finest builders, MOUNT ROYAL HOMES. Currently at lock up stage, this home measures almost 5000 sq. ft., has a two bed suite and sits on a fully usable 1/4 acre. This stunning home will have all the bells & whistles, granite, huge kitchen, custom designed fireplace, gas firepit, plus a huge 20x36 detached shop with power & plumbing. Don’t miss your chance to own this one of a kind home, call today to set up an appointment & customize your future home.

32524 Cherry Ave. $639,000 Great investment opportunity. Almost 1 acre lot, in the heart of Mission. This property is rezonable, & the OCP allows for 5-6 residential LOTS. Property is rented & tenant wants to stay. Buy now, rezone & make some money. Call today to view.

Pat Vale

Natalie Pognuyeva a

Jag Cheema






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Peter Skrzyniarz 8554 Thorpe

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Stunning 3 bdrm, 3 bath, rancher sitting on 4.4 private acres! Large open kitchen with granite counters, oak cabinets, and adjoining nook and family room, beautiful master with soaker tub in ensuite and sliding glass doors venturing onto a large wood sundeck with a hot tub. All this and close to 2 golf courses! Call Pat

Beautifully renovated 5 bdrm home on quiet cul de sac in area of new home construction, close to schools, transit, and recreation. Quality renos including new bathrooms, engineered laminate and granite tile flooring, new paint, kitchen counter tops and new light fixtures! This home must be seen to be truly appreciated. Call Pat

Gorgeous, handcrafted spruce log home sitting on a picture perfect 2.35 acres of beautiful gardens, an in ground swimming pool and surrounded by green space. Home offers 3 bdrms, 2 baths, many skylights, a new kitchen, stunning juniper flooring in living room and exposed beams, new maple flooring and a river rock F/P for accent. One of a kind home! Call Pat

$259,900 Lovely 2 storey, 6 bdrm home with full basement sitting on 2.49 rural acres with mountain views! Features are a large open eating/ kitchen and family area as well as dining room off to the side, 4 bdrms up and a fully finished basement with 2 bedrooms, family, kitchen/eating area and 3 pc bathroom. Too many features to list! Call Pat

Older 3–4 bedroom home me in need of TLC, centrally located and close ose to all amenities amenities. Home sits on a huge 9000 sq. ft. duplex zoned lot and is rented with a $1300.00 monthy income. Top floor offers a partial view of Mount Baker and Mission bridge. Great opportunity for 1st time home buyer or investor! Call Jag

Home features all bedrooms upstairs, a llarge kitchen k with lots of cabinets, adjoining family room, dining and living area with gas fireplace and laminate flooring through the 1st floor except in den, laundry and bathroom. 2 car detached garage with lane access, fenced yard and close to schools. Call Natalie




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Aug. 2, 2012, Mission Record  

The full print edition of the Aug. 2, 2012, Mission Record

Aug. 2, 2012, Mission Record  

The full print edition of the Aug. 2, 2012, Mission Record