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Finding faith that works

Ballynafie Mission Hall Portglenone

Situated just off the A42 Portglenone to Ballymena road at the top of the road's climb out of the Bann valley

Sunday 18th Nov. – Sunday 2nd Dec. 2012

Sundays at 3.30pm, Weeknights at 8.00pm (Saturdays excepted)




YOUTH F CUS 028 8676 3377

with Coleraine Footballer

Howard Beverland

Mission Endeavour is an evangelical home missionary organization formed in the summer of 2007 by a number of believers from various denominations, united in a common cause to present the Gospel of Saving Faith. Mission Endeavour is not in competition with existing church fellowships, or other missionary organisations. Our aim is to consolidate the support of local Christians for special evangelistic efforts. In harmony with the ancient creeds of the reformed churches; we accept the Bible as the inspired Word of God and are reformed in doctrine and practice. For more information about us please visit our website.

Sunday 18th November - Wednesday 21st November

Rev. Caldwell Darragh

Rev Caldwell Darragh Magheramason. Caldwell as a young man spent a number of years in the Faith Mission and had the privilege of labouring for a time in the Isle of Lewis with the renowned revival preacher, Rev Duncan Campbell. Subsequent to this he was ordained to the Gospel Ministry by the Congregational Church and laboured successfully as pastor within the church for a number of years until he entered his current field of service as a freelance evangelist, where he is a well known and widely accepted preacher by different denominations and Christian organisations throughout Scotland and Ireland.

Thursday 22nd November - Friday 23rd November

Mr. Andrew McIntyre

Andrew McIntyre Glasgow. Andrew hails originally from Strabane, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland and has lived in Scotland for seven years where he currently works as a Media Relations Manager for Lloyds Banking Group. He married his wife Lesley in August 2011 and is an active member of St George’s Tron Church, Glasgow.

Sunday 25th November - Sunday 2nd December

Rev. Ken Elliott

Rev. Ken Elliott Minister Bethany Free Presbyterian Church Portadown. Rev. Kenneth Elliott has been Minister of Bethany Free Presbyterian Church since October 1973 where his challenging ministry has been a blessing to many. He is a very popular Evangelist who has conducted many successful gospel missions, including previous Mission Endeavour missions. His warm personality and down to earth approach make him a suitable speaker for all age groups.


If you would like more help in understanding the Gospel message and the way of salvation, or should you have a personal problem concerning your relationship with God, Mission Endeavour will always be pleased to help you. Any correspondence will be dealt with confidently. If you have been helped or encouraged by what you have read please tell us about it.

Mission Endeavour - 2012 - Portglenone  
Mission Endeavour - 2012 - Portglenone  

Details of Mission Endeavour Christian mission in Portglenone, Sunday 18th November to Sunday 2nd December 2012.