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Dear Liberty Family,

Over the years God has been working in amazing ways with Liberty Baptist Missions. He has taken us into areas of missions I never dreamed possible, leading Liberty from simply funding others mission work, to a ministry where we are now strategic partners locally, nationally and internationally. Our missions ministries are led by men and women who have a passion to carry out His work where they are most needed in our world.

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in what God is doing within Liberty Missions. We hope that you will read through this guide to see how you may join us in God’s work. If there are further questions please contact me or come by and let’s talk. For further reading on our strategy or missions please take a look at our missions strategy on the web at

For updates and information on upcoming events and trips please check our missions blog at or on facebook at “libertybaptistmissions”.

Ken McLemore


Why do we go where we go and do what we do? One of the questions we get often here at Liberty Missions relates to why we do what we do in missions. I would like to explain briefly about some our reasons for our mission and why we go to certain parts of our community and the world. Over the years we have noticed 3 key ideas that have driven our missions ministry: The first key element is the idea of being Biblically driven in our missional efforts. For example, our international ministry revolves around the Bible-based theme of God’s passion that all ethnic groups in the world would be represented around the throne in Heaven. In the Bible—beginning with Genesis 12 and continuing in 1 Chron. 16:24 , Psalm 27, Psalms 67, Matthew 28:20, Romans 15:19-20 and Revelation 5:9 and 7:9—we see that God has planned that all nations will worship Him in Heaven. The most vital and operative term here is the “nations.” Most churches take the word nations to refer to countries or geopolitical states. This, however, is not the Biblical meaning of that word. Scripturally, this word “nations” refers to ethnic or language groups. In one political country there can be many different types of these groups. Currently there are over 6400 ethnic groups around the world with NO gospel witness. Very few churches focus on sending people to work in these groups. We believe that to do so is not only a biblically based strategy but a priority in the eyes of God. This act of going to people groups also brings with it the ultimate blessing of being a part of the second coming of Christ—an event contingent on the Gospel being spread to all people groups. Matt 24:14 states: “This Gospel shall be preached to the whole world as a testimony to the ethnos ( nations) and then the end will come”. The second key element in our missions ministry is that of Long Term Strategic Engagement (LTSE). The Great Commission ( Matt. 28:19-20) is for us to make disciples among the ethnic groups. Making these disciples takes time and repeated efforts. It is not something we can do with a one time event or one trip. Therefore we seek to engage in active partnerships that continue until disciples are made and churches are self supporting and self replicating. The third key element in our missions ministry is to utilize the best missional strategies to go to places that need the Gospel the most. A well known missiologist once said, “I wish churches would understand that it is the needs of the lost that take priority over the needs of the witnesser.” To this end we seek to do things that are best for the field. Many times churches engage in mission ministries that fit the needs of the church and make its members feel good about themselves. Unfortunately, though, these activities are not always what are best or most strategic for the field. Our goal is to be strategic even though it may not be the norm To find out how you can be more involved in any of these ministries contact Katie Day at or 826-2110

LOCAL MINISTRIES Acts 1:8 “…but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.”

As a part of our Acts 1:8 strategy, Liberty Baptist Church is moving outside the walls of our buildings to share the love of Christ in our community. Our philosophy of ministry is that we desire to go where the people are. Our passion is not just to meet our neighbors’ needs, but to carry out the vital mission of sharing how they can have an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Each of our local ministries is run by people who have a passion to carry out the great commission of “…making disciples…” right here at home. As you read through this list of our Missions’ ministries (and some Frequently Asked Questions about them) we hope that you will not only pray for the ministries listed but that you will also earnestly ask God how you might be involved.

Mission Daystar Who leads Mission Daystar and how did it begin? Mission Daystar is lead by Carolyn Fedder. “In the spring of 1991, I began to go to The Towers apartment building in South East Newport News in hopes of starting a Bible Study. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a twenty year (and counting) journey! While ministering throughout that first spring and summer I did my best to meet the needs that I was hearing more and more about. In September of 1991 the apartment manager told me about a mother and her 9 year old girl who were forced to sleep on the floor because they had nothing. I went to LBC’s pastor and Bobby Turner who told me to go buy a bed and it would be paid for. I took that bed to them and was able to share the Gospel. Out of that loving gesture Mission Daystar was formed, with agencies and apartment managers continuing to contact Liberty Baptist and myself with people’s needs.”

What is Mission Daystar? Mission Daystar is a ministry that works with over 80 local agencies and 100 churches. These organizations send us people who need furniture, household items or food. As we work to meet these needs and show people a tangible love, we are able to use these opportunities to share Jesus with them. Mission Daystar operates twice each week, though this schedule is subject to change. We have several events over the holidays to help take some burden off those who are in financially tough situations. In November we do Thanksgiving baskets and on Thanksgiving morning we take cooked meals to several apartment complexes with whom we work closely. We work with these same residencies during Christmas to help provide some presents for needy children. In the summer we have a half-day mission trip to the Eastern Shore. We take families and anyone interested to hand out food, clothing, toys and other supplies to the migrant workers and their families before they move on to the next job. This event is a great way to get your family involved in showing the love of Christ! In August, we also help provide school supplies to children who are facing the year empty-handed. If you are interested in finding out more or want to see how you can be involved contact Carolyn Fedder at cfedder@lbcmin. com or 826-2110. Would you pray and ask God if this ministry is something He wants you to be a part of?

Disaster Relief Who runs Disaster Relief and how did it begin? Terry Price is the leader of Disaster Relief and describes herself as “a wife and mother. I simply love sharing JESUS and helping others in need.” “When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in the fall of 2005, Liberty—along with many churches across the nation—was caught unprepared to give aid. Several folks (including myself ) coordinated and were able to help. Liberty linked up with a church in Mississippi and made multiple trips to assist them and their community as they coped with the devastation wrought by Katrina. I had the opportunity to be on 3 of those week long trips. They forever changed my heart. I saw firsthand how God provided for us and for those in crisis. I experienced how God can (and does!) show up and bring people to Himself, using even a disaster to show Himself merciful, yet mighty! Over time, we decided that we wanted our church to be in a position to respond to disasters like this in the future. “

What is Disaster Relief? Liberty’s Disaster Relief (DR) ministry exists to show the love of Jesus Christ during times of disaster. Our team responds to local disasters, supporting our members and local communities as James 2:15-16 instructs us. We provide disaster preparedness, response information and training for people affiliated with Liberty. As the need arises, we respond to help others when we are able. Our Disaster Relief team works in conjunction with, and in support of, Southern Baptist Convention disaster relief efforts locally, nationwide and around the world through our state convention, the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia Disaster Relief (SBCV-DR) organization. Our purpose is simply to minister to people in crisis. We want to have the response training, certifications and cooperative agreements in place before a disaster occurs and the authority to go be ministers of the Gospel when a disaster strikes. Christians are called to demonstrate God’s love to those affected by disasters through the efficient and immediate use of the resources, talents, and time entrusted to them. Our goal is to be ready and able to do just that. As opportunities arise, we unashamedly share the Gospel message and pray with those affected by disasters. Anyone affiliated with Liberty Baptist Church, Hampton, Virginia is welcomed to be a part of our DR team and participate in training and education opportunities. In order to deploy under the SBCV-DR organization, volunteers must have completed SBCV Disaster Relief Certification Training and be a member of Liberty Baptist Church. Would you pray and ask God if this ministry is something He wants you to be a part of?

Prison Ministry Who leads the Prison Ministry and how did it begin? Liberty’s Prison Ministry is run by a husband and wife team—Allan and Anne Marillier. Allan – “Though I have been shy and introverted almost all of my life, I felt convicted that God was calling me to prison ministry. I first felt this calling while reading Matthew 25, the story of Judgment Day, with the sheep on the right and the goats on the left. Like Moses in front of the burning bush, I felt inadequate and unequipped at first, but God has used me and brought me to the point where I have no trouble walking up to a group of unknown men and speaking about my faith. The rewards and blessings can never be adequately described when we serve God in ministry, giving above all things our time in order to help others, expecting nothing in return. This is a true representation of what Jesus meant when He said it is more blessed to give than to receive.” Anne – “I joined my first prison visitation ministry to spend more time with my husband – driving 45 minutes each way to the prison. Shortly after joining I was hooked! Each prison visit felt like going home to see old friends. God has drawn me both to the ministry and to the people. Most incarcerated people are abandoned by their families and feel a huge need to be loved. In their overpopulated prison environment, these people can be incredibly lonely. I feel led to be that friend and family member to the people to whom we minister. I try to write friendly, caring letters while remaining responsible and on a first name only basis. Each person I can encourage in their Christian walk could mean souls saved. When we moved to Virginia in 2009, no one at our old church felt led to take over the letter part of the ministry so we brought it with us to LBC.”

What is the Prison Ministry? Country-wide prison letter ministry Our aim in this ministry is to encourage and strengthen incarcerated Christians to be effective tools used by God. We also reach many of the unsaved by seeking men and women through requests to add them to the monthly letters. These messages teach and encourage and often help lead people to faith, aiding the efforts of the seeds planted by incarcerated Christian witnesses. The inmates are surrounded by unsaved, negative and hopeless people and, if suitably equipped, they can make a huge impact for God’s kingdom. They can reach masses that we cannot. Most people in prison have been abandoned by family and former friends and have little or no contact with the outside world. They need loving, mentoring Christians to help them to grow spiritually, and to realize that faith is real and that there are genuine, caring Christians in the world. Local Jail Ministry Jail visitation is done at the Hampton City Jail through Southeastern Correctional Ministry. On Tuesday evenings a team of volunteers visit inmates in the jail. Men visit men, women visit women. Volunteers present Bible studies and also offer a 12 part correspondence self-study series designed to grow new Christians. Volunteers also pray with inmates and hand out Bibles and other Christian materials. Many people are saved in jail when the reality (and hopelessness) of prison time hits them. They need to grow in Christian knowledge, sometimes to realize that they are not yet saved. We help them to take the next step. We have a team of people who grade the correspondence study books which are returned to jail each week. Would you pray and ask God if this ministry is something He wants you to be a part of?

Regency Backyard Bible Clubs Who leads the Regency BBC ministry and how did it begin? Our Regency BBC is lead by Synora Dabrowski. “God has been doing a work on me for so many years and I praise God that He keeps working on me, for there is a lot of work to be done. Many years ago, when my children were young, God truly spoke to me and I will NEVER forget it. I remember Him saying to me, ‘Synora, you sure do love your kids (you know—the ones I am letting you raise?) but what about the rest of my children? What are you doing for them?’ I went through this list in my head, ‘Well, I help in Mission Daystar, I teach Sunday school, VBS, etc.’ I knew that wasn’t what He meant. I knew He wanted more-He wanted it all. Next, God provided an opportunity to serve on the family mission trip to NM to work with the Navajos and WOW! What a dynamic ministry! We love going and seeing God at work and we have gone each year for six years now as a family and built many strong relationships there. It is still hard to leave those kids each time! God continued to remind me of His children and continued to put a passion in my heart to serve Him more. I felt Him saying, “You aren’t giving all that you can. I want more.” I began to know something big was coming my way. God had equipped me through the experiences in NM with the Navajo. Then it happened: during the first Greater Love campaign, He gave me an opportunity to minister to children every week at the Regency Square apartment complex. My life will never be the same. I can’t express in words what a blessing Regency and its residents are to me. God has blessed me by allowing me to love these families in His name. What a privilege. The apartment complex is close enough that I can visit anytime I want. In fact, the best times are when we pop by unannounced with popsicles or a game or just a soccer ball. I have new family members. This is not a ministry in which I serve; this is God’s ministry to me. My children and I have been blessed more than we can ever share. I am one blessed servant of the King!!!”

What is the Regency BBC? Regency Apartments are located on Jefferson Avenue in Newport News. Each week a team from Liberty joins the Regency children outside under a tree for a Back Yard Bible Club. Depending on the weather, 15-25 children— ranging in age from 4-17—join us for a Bible lesson, snack, craft and game time. While we are currently focusing on the children, an adult ministry is also beginning to take shape. (Look for more details in the future concerning this ministry) The Regency ministry team shares the love of Jesus and focuses on building relationships with the children and their families through various activities. In addition to the weekly club, the team also hosts a back-to-school cookout at Regency and gives out school supplies and brings the children to LBC for events such as the fall festival, VBS, WARTS, and Super Summer. During the holidays, we have a mini Thanksgiving feast with the kids and enjoy a Christmas workshop and store where children can shop for their family members. We share God’s love with a Valentine’s Day party, and a Resurrection egg hunt. Last year we even had a Spring Break event with rockets for the boys and a mini spa for the girls. At the end of summer, we do a week long evening VBS on site where we feed the kids a bag dinner. Each of these activities provides one more way to minister and share His love with these children. This past year, Regina Barnes and the youth did a sports camp just for the Regency children and it was so much fun for everyone. This ministry can easily be duplicated in any neighborhood whether apartments, town homes, trailer courts or homes. All Children need to learn about Jesus. He is missing from the lives of too many homes. Would you pray and ask God if this ministry is something He wants you to be a part of?

B’nai Avraham Messianic Fellowship Who leads B’nai Avraham Messianic Fellowship? BAMF is lead by Dr. Michael Herts. Raised in a conservative Jewish home on Long Island, New York, he faithfully attended Temple and Hebrew School throughout his early years. He became a Bar Mitzvah soon after his 13th birthday. In the spring of 1981, a still-teenaged Dr. Herts came to believe that Yeshua is the long awaited Jewish Messiah. Since that time he has served in leadership positions in various congregational settings. In 2005 he brought a team together to plant B’nai Avraham Messianic Fellowship in Hampton, Virginia. He received his ordination in 2009 and in July 2010 he joined Chosen People Ministries serving God as a missionary to reach Jewish people in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

What is B’nai Avraham Messianic Fellowship about? B’nai Avraham Messianic Fellowship (BAMF) was started in the Fall of 2005 with three main goals: To reach Jewish people with the good news that the Messiah has come and His name is Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus). To create a community where Jews and Gentiles (non-Jews) can come together and worship God in a Jewish cultural context, celebrating Biblical Feasts and lifestyle events as they point to Messiah. To equip area churches to more effectively reach the Jewish people with the news that their Messiah has come, and to help area churches gain a deeper appreciation of the Jewish roots of their faith. BAMF is a place where Jews and Gentiles can worship the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus), within a Jewish context. We proclaim that “Am Yisrael Chai B’Yeshua HaMoshiach,” “The people of Israel live in Jesus the Messiah.” The believers who come are those who love Jewish people and have the heart of Paul when he said “Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they may be saved” (Romans 10:1, NKJV) Come join us! Celebrate the biblical Holy Days in a messianic frame of reference and learn about scripture from a messianic perspective. This is a place where Jews, Gentiles, intermarried, or the curious, can feel welcome, enjoy interesting people and learn more about God. We meet every Friday night. For times and location see Would you pray and ask God if this ministry is something He wants you to be a part of?

My Father’s House My Father’s House is a ministry designed to assist members of Liberty with home repairs that they not only cannot do themselves, but also lack the financial means to pay someone to do for them. Tim Bolt heads up this amazing ministry that began about 8 years ago. God raised up this ministry when a man who had recently became a believer, unexpectedly passed away at the age of 42. Prior to his death he and his wife had attended one of our missions services here at Liberty. Following that service his wife asked him a simple question: “What would you do if God called you to work overseas?” Without hesitation he answered, “I would go.” At the time of his passing, the man’s business had about $10,000 worth of tools. His wife felt like God was calling her to donate those tools to the church to use in missions. The church purchased a truck to house the tools and act as a mobile repair station. Out of this generosity, Liberty began the My Father’s House Ministry. If you have a heart to serve in this ministry, please contact the missions office. We encourage both male and females to join us. ABF classes and small groups are invited to help out as well. We can use all skills or no skills. The most necessary requirement is a heart to serve others. Would you pray and ask God if this ministry is something He wants you to be a part of?


MINISTRIES There is a theme that runs throughout the scripture of God calling His people to go outside their own communities to share His love with others. Throughout the Old and New testaments, God expresses His desire that His people share His love outside their local settings. While America has traditionally been a nation based in Christianity, the last few years have seen this change. There are now cities and regions in North America that have fewer Christians than some 3rd world countries.

This is why we believe that it is imperative for us to obey God’s commands to work in areas outside of our immediate community. Our philosophy of ministry is to plant churches in parts of North America that most need them. We have followed in this conviction in our national efforts, connecting with people who are planting churches on the Navajo Indian reservation, in Toronto Canada, and in Boston.

These are cities and places in America that have little Gospel witness and few evangelical churches. We hope that if God leads you to connect with one of these partnerships you will call us to see how you can be involved.

Navajo Partnership Who leads the Navajo Partnership and why? Our Navajo partnership is led by Reverend Joe Hunt, our Pastoral Care and Senior Adults pastor here at Liberty Baptist Church. “God overwhelmed me with a desire to see the Navajo won to Christ in 1995. I was on a family trip through the Navajo reservation in Arizona. After hearing that 97% were lost and seeing the hopelessness of their lives, I was forever changed. I became determined to try and get whatever church I was serving in to take families to minister to and reach the Navajo. It has been exciting to see God work in this ministry! We have seen such a diverse group of people involved in this ministry—from children to senior adults. So many people have had the experience of being used by God to reach the Navajo!”

What is the Navajo Partnership? Liberty established a partnership with the Navajo ministry in Gallup, NM. Our focus has been working with the Church Rock chapters of the Navajo nation. In this specific area there are over 3000 people. 97% of them are lost, and many of them struggle with poverty, alcoholism, abuse, illiteracy and hopelessness. One of our team’s biggest jobs is supporting the Chandler family as they minister in that area year round. The Navajo worship 46 gods and do not trust outsiders easily. We have supported the ministry of the Chandlers by building year round relationships with the Navajo. We do this with mission trips focusing on home repairs, backyard Bible clubs, and sports and craft camps. We also make a special effort to maintain year-round communication with those we meet. We have begun to see some we started building relationships with 6 years ago beginning to trust Christ, the Chandlers and our team. The last 2 years have been breakthrough years for the ministry in NM! Our trips are made up mostly of families and senior adults. We have taken children as young as 6 and senior adults who are in their 80’s. The wide range of ages gives us the opportunity to meet and begin relationships with people in every stage of life. We have seen over the years that our strategy of long term partnership has helped establish those key relationships that have been vital to the Navajo accepting Christ. Would you pray and ask God if this ministry is something He wants you to be a part of?

Boston Partnership A key Biblical strategy in taking the gospel to the world is Church planting. Liberty’s desire is to assist with planting self-sustaining churches that can in turn reach their local area with the Gospel of Christ. Boston is an area of the Untied States that has very little evangelical witness. Less than 2% of the people attend an evangelical church. For this reason, we are partnering with a recent church plant in Boston called City on a Hill Church. Pastor Bland Mason leads this new work that is located in the Brookline area of Boston. Bland also serves as the Chaplain for the Boston Red Sox. Currently, City on a Hill Church’s worship attendance is about 75 -100 people. They are meeting in a school but an opportunity has arisen that will allow them to purchase an old church at a very reasonable price. Right now our partnership consists mainly of financial support. Once the new buildings are purchased there will be ample opportunity for us to go up and do repairs and renovation work on the building. There is also great opportunity for us to pray and for future trips to help spread the Gospel in Boston. Would you pray and ask God if this ministry is something He wants you to be a part of? For more information contact Ken at .

Toronto Partnership This past year God has opened the door to an exciting new partnership in Toronto, Canada. Toronto is becoming one of the most diverse global cities as more and more people come from all over the world to live there. We have partnered with a group of people who are seeking to reach immigrants with the Gospel. This amazing band of families lives among 30,000 people who have grown up in countries with little or no access to the truth of Christ. We have partnered with one of these families to take the Gospel to their community. Through trips, financial support and prayer, Liberty is seeking to make Christ known to these previously unreached peoples in Toronto. You can join us in reaching the immigrants of this great city by praying, giving or going on one of our Toronto trips. God is moving in great ways in Toronto. Would you pray and ask God if this ministry is something He wants you to be a part of?


There are several things that drive our international mission strategy: 1. Going into the World has a Biblical basis; God tells us in Acts 1:8 to go to the utter most parts. He also tells us in Matt 28:19-20 to make disciple among the nations. 2. There is a central theme that runs throughout the Scripture concerning the word nations nations. In the last few years more people are beginning to understand that the Biblical word for nations simply means ethnic groups (or people groups), NOT geopolitical countries. Nations refers to ethno-linguistic groups of people, many of who have no geographical borders. There can be over a 100 biblical nations in one modern political state or country. 3. God’s mission focus is on these ethnic groups. See Gen 12:1-4, 1 Chron. 16:24, Ps. 22:27, 67:1; Matt. 28:19-20, Matt. 24:14, Rev. 5:9, 7:9. From the beginning, God’s plan has been that we seek to make disciples among the ethnic groups. 4. In Revelation we see around the throne people from every tribe and tongue. See Rev. 5:9 & 7:9. 5.. The 2nd coming of Christ is dependant upon all ethnic groups hearing the gospel. Matt 24:14. 6. There are still 6400+ ethnic people groups with zero Gospel witness and no access to the Gospel. We call them Unreached People Groups (UPGs). They have no church and have little chance to hear about Jesus. 7. There are few churches in America seeking to reach these Unreached People Groups. Only .03% of money given to all churches in America goes to reaching the 2.3 Billion people who fall into this UPG category. Given all these factors, Liberty Baptist Church has sought to be as Biblical as we can and focus our international mission efforts in those areas of the world that have the greatest need of the Gospel. These are places where people could walk for days and weeks and not find anyone to tell them about Jesus in their own language. Our prayer is that as you read about some of these partnerships you will ask God how you can be engaged in these ministries. Our teams work year round to help our missionaries reach into difficult cultures.

North Africa Adopted People Group Who leads the North Africa team and why? Our North Africa team is lead by Dave and Joyce Privett. “I had had an interest in missions for many years. I had even taken a few mission trips. Recently I have learned more about the fundamental and urgent calling for the Church--that’s us—to take the Gospel to the nations (people groups). My wife and I took a year to simplify our lives and make ourselves available. Then the Lord led us to the North Africa team.”

What is an adopted people group and where do we go? The adoption of a people group involves a long term engagement with them. This means you will be working with these people for years, decades—as long as it takes. The task is reaching those who will not hear the Good News of Jesus Christ unless something is done. We call these remaining ethnic peoples the “unreached.” Building on the definition given above, an Unreached People Group is defined as: A people group within which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group without requiring outside (cross-cultural) assistance. In 1999 Liberty adopted a significant, unreached people group in Sub-Sahara Africa. We pledged to pray for, support, give to, and go to these people until they had been reached with the Gospel and had their own self-growing church. At the time there was only one known believer among the more than a million and a half people in this demographic. In the decade since then God has started a movement in their midst. Today this group claims more than a hundred baptized believers and half a dozen or more churches. They are poised to multiply exponentially through God’s power. However, there still remain huge obstacles of religion, culture, poverty and corruption. The work of Satan is evident. We believe that God is going to win. Our North Africa team has engaged in this battle with prayer, missionary support, special projects, financial assistance and trips. We are always looking for passionate people with a variety of abilities to help us plant for the future. Our team has many fascinating stories from our own trips and from the testimony of the brothers and sisters in Africa. I particularly remember one small church meeting where we were all gathered in a circle on the dirt floor of a mud brick building. We had a platter of food in the center that we shared and a loaf of bread and bowl of water, which were passed around. After dinner, there was a scripture reading (from the Gospels in their language!) and sharing of testimonies. That experience along with the stories of dreams, miracles and persecution seemed right out of the Bible. When we left they said, “Pray for us, pray for us!” When I think of it even now, I am reminded that God has connected our church family here with the church family there. Perhaps God is calling you also to join in this fellowship. Would you pray and ask God if this ministry is something He wants you to be a part of?

Northwest Africa Partnership Who leads the Northwest Africa Partnership and why? Our Northwest Africa Partnership is lead by Reggie Kidd. “How I became involved with the Northwest Africa (NWA) Missions is really an answer to prayers. I knew God wanted to use me somewhere but I was not sure where. I had served at a small church for almost ten years and felt God had a new plan for me—I just needed to figure out what it was. My wife and I returned to LBC because that was where we were attending before I felt called to serve at the smaller church. A few Sundays after returning to LBC I was looking through the bulletin and saw the announcement for the Northwest Africa Missions Trip and I just knew that this was the place God wanted me to go. I contacted Leonard and Mary (the team leaders) about joining them and soon I was signed up and ready to go. During my first trip I believe God showed me His heart for these people: they are lost and without hope unless someone is willing to bring the light to them. I could feel their oppression and the darkness on the land as this group is forced to follow the religion of Islam. Within a few days of arriving there I believe God put a commitment in my heart to minister to these sweet people. On our trip home Leonard and Mary informed us that Leonard was retiring and they were planning on moving to Florida. I did not think that I would be the one to take over this ministry but God had other plans. Soon I was the leader and I have been very thankful to have Ken and others to lean on for advice as I started out knowing so little about missions. I am still learning; Ken is still teaching me and we are still reaching out to the lost. To God’s glory we continue to see people come to know the Lord.”

What is the Northwest Africa Partnership? We support several projects in an effort to reach the people in Northwest Africa. A few of the projects we support are a dental team and a school supplies team. We have also provided supported by installing playground equipment at a school, repairing school buildings and helping get water to small villages. For the last five years LBC has sent a team with school supplies in the fall as a means of opening the door for the Gospel. The children are not allowed to go to school without certain basic school supplies. While the cost is around $25 many cannot afford to send their children, so we provide the things they are required to have and a little more. The most amazing part is that for providing these few items the children and adults treat us like heroes. Most of the children seem to know even at an early age that they need an education to get out of the poverty into which they were born. We can already see changes happening! Teachers that did not want us there a couple of years ago now openly welcome us to their schools. Many of the mountain children—who in the past had never seen an American—now clap and cheer when we come to their village. The greatest thing is that there is now a core group of believers that we are able to encourage, help and teach as they grow to love God and each other. God is truly working on the hearts of these people, and He can use anyone who is willing to go. Would you pray and ask God if this ministry is something He wants you to be a part of?

Middle East Partnership Who leads the Middle East Partnership and why? Our Middle East team is lead by Greg Earwood. “I originally got involved with Missions here through a short-term trip to Russia. It was on that visit that I knew God had called me, as well as others, to tell the people of the world about His love for all of us. God has commanded us, His church, to share Christ and make disciples. We should not leave it to others. Since then I have learned much more about the Church’s role in the Great Commission. In April 2010, I led a group from Liberty on a short-term trip to the Middle East. We helped facilitate English classes during the week, and then after class, we were able to fellowship with the students. The students ranged in age from approximately early twenties to mid-forties. During our “community time” we actually had opportunities to share our faith with the people right there in the Middle East! It was amazing to see how God led our conversations. This happened on many occasions. Although we did not see anyone accept Christ at that time, it was encouraging to hear how our conversations allowed the missionaries to continue the relationships we started, sharing Christ with the Muslims in this area. It is amazing to see how God can use a small group of four from the Hampton Roads area across the world. Would you join us on our next trip?”

What is the Middle East Partnership? We have joined with missionaries in the Middle East who are working towards reaching Muslims for Christ. We at Liberty Baptist are determined to help the local workers on the ground find various ways to get into the lives of these people and show them Jesus. We have several trips a year, as well as prayer groups that meet regularly, and we invite your involvement. Join with us in reaching out to these people and help us in telling them about the way that Jesus can change their lives. We have short term trips in which we can go and teach them something we all know: English! Through these trips, we are able to meet a need in society. We show these people that Jesus is the ultimate relationship that they need and through Him they can have eternal life. Would you pray and ask God if this ministry is something He wants you to be a part of?

Missionary Support Teams This is a ministry that seeks to love on and support our missionaries who are serving overseas. If you are interested in being a part of this ministry please contact the Missions Office ext. 313.

Missionaries Affiliated with Liberty Baptist Church *Names have been left off for security reasons Chad and Cindy Tilley serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in Dhaka, Bangladesh with their 5 children. Their ministry involves utilizing various types of aircraft to fly missionaries, supplies and much needed relief to the remote areas of Bangladesh. Kurt and Susan Ackerman serve in El Salvador working to feed the homeless and minister to orphans along with various other ministries in an effort to take the gospel to the city of San Salvador. The Chandlers serve in Gallup, New Mexico working on the Navajo reservations. Their heart is to see churches planted among the Navajo Indians of New Mexico. 3 families serving in the Middle East* We have a partnership with these 3 families living in the Middle East. They are seeking to see churches planted among the Muslims. Because of security reasons we are unable to share their names or what people group they are working among. 3 families serving in Africa* We have two partnerships in Africa. These 3 families serve in these two areas working to see Muslims reached and churches planted in remote locations in Africa. Because of security reasons we are unable to share their names or what people group they are working among. 1 family living in Europe serving the Central Asian People Groups* This family currently works to assist missionaries with all their financial needs and reaching people among their community in Europe.


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Missions Guide  

A guide sharing all our mission ministries.

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