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As you read this Victory Magazine you may be personally looking forward to some much-needed vacation time “away from it all.” Imagine being on the mission field in Africa for a year and preparing for a much-needed furlough. That’s what our missionaries in Tanzania, Warren and Christina Oberst, are doing right now! They arrive in America the first week of July for 5 weeks of well-deserved rest. It will be filled with personal responsibilities as well as relaxing and fun activities. Along with jet-lag, they also must re-adjust to American culture, pace and Southern California traffic! …pay respect to whom respect is due, pay honor to whom honor is due. Romans 13:7 (LEB) If you have read the articles written by Warren and Christina in past Victory Magazine issues, you no doubt have great respect for their servant leadership at Treasures of Africa Children’s Home: overcoming great challenges and achieving significant accomplishments. The excellence of the TOA staff and health and well-being of the children are clear evidence of them pouring their heart, soul and grit into everything they do! We would love to assist them in being rejuvenated during these brief weeks of furlough in the United States. Being a part of helping them get recharged and refreshed during their short time in America is a great investment in them and the future of Treasures of Africa. Here are a few suggestions:

zz Write a card with an encouraging word honoring them for their service zz Send them a Gift Card for lunch or dinner out, or to Trader Joe’s, Sprouts or Whole Foods

zz Purchase a Visa or American Express Gift Card that they can spend on any personal need they may have zz Write them a personal check (not to the ministry) that can help them enjoy a “getaway” to a special vacation spot or to help cover their personal expenses

Warren and Christina Oberst - Missionaries to Tanzania, East Africa

If you choose to do any of the above – we encourage you to do it NOW while you are thinking about it and mail it to the ministry office. We will pass it on to them as soon as they arrive in the U.S. You can address it as follows: Warren and Christina Oberst C/O Hidden with Christ Ministries P.O. Box 3267 Tustin CA 92781 Thank you for being a part of honoring and blessing our missionaries!

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Some of my earliest childhood memories are of my mom (Rita Langeland) teaching at church Bible studies at what seemed like every turn. As a teenager, I made pocket money duplicating her teaching series on to cassette tapes. In the year 2000, my mom launched Hidden With Christ Ministries as a radio teaching ministry. Hundreds of devotional radio broadcasts later, she began to travel overseas to Africa and the Middle East to teach at pastor conferences. From there she went on to develop the My Every Day Bible APP, which includes a daily audio Bible reading as well as an accompanying devotional teaching. As the years have passed, I noticed that the Treasures of Africa orphanage has taken more and more of her time and attention, and though my mother's deep love for teaching the Word of God has never dimmed, her opportunity to pursue that has been somewhat limited. I am quite well acquainted with her extensive catalog of audio teachings and it has been on my mind for a long time to once again begin actively disseminating these life changing messages. There is no reason that the years and years of powerful teachings should be stashed inaccessible on discs or hard drives at the HWC office, when they could once again be a blessing to so many people literally around the world. So happily, I am once again returning to my roots. I have returned to the HWCM

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team as a part-time Media Coordinator. I have begun the project of rendering these audio teachings as YouTube compatible files that are easily accessed and shared anywhere, anytime. As of this writing, we have already posted over 100 audio teachings on our newly created YouTube channel. Please give a look through the list - you will definitely find something that will minister to you and in a format that is easy to share with others! We will continue adding classic messages from the archives as well as new teachings as Rita shares them - SO BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE! Speaking of YouTube, the next immediate goal of this project is to begin producing quick two-minute video devotionals that will be shared through YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms. This will target the quick consumption style of social media and bring a positive message for building up believers in their faith on a regularly scheduled basis. It's time we as believers begin to take the “spiritual ground” of the internet, so to speak, and use the technology available to spread the gospel to places we may never set foot in physically. Venturing further down this path of video teachings - we have begun to transition one of the HWC offices into a small video studio with the long-term goal of creating an entire college level Bible School curriculum on video. Launching a Bible School has been a long-time desire in my mother's heart. I see this video curriculum as being the starting point of this goal and a way to train up believers in places or situations that would otherwise preclude them from attending a brick and mortar Bible college in person. There are many more plans in my mind for this part of the project that will be developed further as time goes on. Another upcoming push we have in the works is to record her published books “Keys to Victorious Christian Living” and “Zablon – The True Story of a Maasai Warrior” as audiobooks in order to spread them to a wider audience by posting them on YouTube and audiobook platforms such as Amazon’s Audible app. Please pray for us to make progress daily on these projects that could seem overwhelming in scope and also to bind the demonic strategies aimed at wasting Rita’s time and energy!! Lastly, the My Everyday Bible APP is currently getting a major overhaul and a relaunch of the refreshed user interface will be announced shortly! The new version will include the ability to “search” for topics covered in the devotionals, a “RESUME” button that will take you back to the last place in the last broadcast you listened to, it will “check off” all segments you have already heard, there is a place to take notes on a specific segment, and the ability to listen from any device you have (laptop, desktop, phone or tablet) and end up at the same spot you last listened simply by logging in. These upgrades are fantastic and will make your experience with the My Everyday Bible APP truly enjoyable and easier to use. Stay tuned for that announcement!

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By Warren Oberst

Director Treasures of Africa Children’s Home

My wife Christina and I first came to serve at Treasures of Africa on September 1, 2008. There were 25 children in the home then, including 5 toddlers all born in 2007. They were really a handful at the time, but so much fun to be around. There was never a dull moment. When we returned to the States one year later on August 31, 2009 not one of the 25 children was over 14 years old and all were still in primary school or younger. Fast forward four years to October of 2013 when we returned to Tanzania and things were pretty much the same, except the kids were older and speaking great English. Hallelujah! Our five youngest, who by then were in first grade, were doing great and there was a brand-new crop of young teenagers working their way up and through the ranks of Secondary School. In the first few months after we returned to Tanzania there was an opportunity to take in a recently abandoned infant girl. There hadn’t been a baby in the home since the original five who were born in 2007, filled up the baby room. We rearranged rooms and beds and then added another ray of sunshine to the home. Our newest Treasure brought so much life and happiness it was hard to contain. All of the kids continuously rallied around her and the joy and smiles seemed never ending. There’s something incredibly special about having the tiny ones around. After this initial experience, we felt we needed to make room for more infants, so we were off and running. One by one we added cribs, a few more bunk beds and then converted a large storage room into a new bedroom downstairs for the older boys. Over the past four and a half years or so we’ve gone from caring for 25 Children to ministering to 57 and counting. We’re now pretty much at full capacity and have 34 children with beds at Treasures of Africa. Seven of those are two years old or younger. Our newest little one came to us just last week at eight days old. What a beautiful little boy - healthy and raring to go. There are also seventeen children at Treasures now in Pre-School or Primary School with the remaining 10 in Secondary School, College or awaiting College. This month all of our Secondary kids are home for school break and it’s been wonderful to see them and watch them interact with their “siblings” at TOA. They’re all growing up well and I’ve really been enjoying them. I am happy to see how they are maturing into fine young adults. Some of the

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rough edges have definitely been smoothed out. So, getting back to the numbers, we know that 34 isn’t quite 57, but it’s not the whole picture. We’re proud of providing a temporary place of refuge for children that have had different needs over the years. First of all, four of our kids were happily reunited with their families after overcoming difficult circumstances and experiencing some time to recuperate and heal at Treasures. We’ve also been blessed to have ten of our children adopted into loving Early days at TOA families over the past eleven and a half years, with more adoptions expected this year. What a miracle! Adoption hasn’t been a common practice in Tanzania in the past but has recently grown in acceptance and frequency. Thanks to all who have been praying for “Forever Families” for the children God has entrusted to us. Finally, we have eight children that are over eighteen and have “graduated” from our facility, but not from our care and financial commitment. Treasures of Africa is fully dedicated to supporting our older kids until they have a good education and are able to make a life for themselves. After the age of eighteen, young adults are supposed to be returned to their village or released to a “Fit Person” who will continue to be responsible for them per the Tanzanian Children’s Home legal guidelines. Because we support our TOA graduates’ advanced education, we have sought out caring families willing to take in these older kids when they are on holiday breaks from college until the next school Term starts. But it is getting harder and harder to find enough families for all of our soon-to-be 18 year-olds. A major part of our budget goes into paying school fees, housing and living expenses for our eight older kids attending University. So, with six more pending College students on the verge of “graduating” from Treasures of Africa soon, we have decided to rent a separate house in Moshi town, so they can have a place to stay when school is out. We’re thinking of calling it the “Treasures Transition House.” It will be an extension of TOA but won’t be under the same strict guidelines designated for licensed Children’s Homes. It will be a big project getting the home ready, but it should be done just in time to accommodate our soon to be “graduates.” This will open up beds at Treasures of Africa so we can continue to bring in new little ones and take them full circle. So, in doing the math, that makes 34 children at Treasures, 8 “graduates” in College, 10 adopted, 4 reunited with their families, and one severely disabled child, Anjela, who went on to heaven in the early years of TOA. That brings us to 57 children. We are so thankful for what the Lord has done in the lives of the children of Treasures of Africa. We are also quite humbled by the support from all our partners. We couldn’t do it without you. We’re excited for the future growth as we make room to bring in more of the “least of these,” so they can experience God’s love and security and have the opportunity for a hope-filled future.

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Our newest Treasure - Little Benny

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Welcoming “Little


to Treasures of Africa Children’s Home By Christina Oberst

Chaplain Treasures of Africa Children's Home

We have a newborn baby boy! He arrived on May 31, 2018. He was only 8 days old when he came to Treasures of Africa Children’s Home. He weighed 4 kilograms (8.8 pounds). His mother checked herself into St. Joseph Hospital, which is located in an area of Moshi town called Soweto, very near to our Mission House. She was not feeling well and was expecting to deliver her baby very soon. She was taken in for a C-Section delivery and she gave birth to a baby boy. On the evening of the sixth day of her hospital stay to recover from surgery, she told the staff she was going out to get food and she would be right back. In hospitals in Tanzania, there is no food served whatsoever. Families of the patients must bring food to their sick relatives. So, this was not unusual that the woman said she was leaving the hospital to get food. But she never returned. The next day, the Police and the Welfare Department were informed that the woman had abandoned her baby. They investigated the situation and then called Treasures of Africa to see if we had room to accept an infant. We were overjoyed to receive him as we had an open crib and it had been awhile since we had a newborn baby boy in the house. He was brought to us by a doctor and a nurse from the hospital, along with a Welfare Department official. They asked us to name him Joseph after St. Joseph’s Hospital where he was born. Since Joseph is a strong Bible name, we agreed. Rita suggested Benjamin as a middle name. So, we are happy to introduce you to our newest treasure, Joseph Benjamin or “little Benny” for short. You can go to the website if you would like to become a child sponsor for Little Benny!

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The work at Treasures of Africa involves raising and caring for orphaned and abandoned children. While keeping our focus on raising Godly leaders, it is prudent to create an enabling academic, spiritual and emotional environment. This is essential for the effective accomplishment of the goals and hence the overall vision of TOA. Great leaders are endowed with great emotional and spiritual stability. When this is fused with God’s kind of knowledge, wisdom and understanding, we have the keys to producing Godly leaders. It would be an understatement to say that, to raise Godly leaders, emotionally health staff are a vital component. This goes a long way in creating a non-toxic and healing environment for our children’s spiritual, intellectual and emotional development. By the time the children get to Treasures of Africa Children’s Home, they have already undergone untold suffering and losses, often depriving them of the emotional care they deserved in their early childhood. This calls for those charged with their care to be empowered with life skills to assist the children to process their emotional struggles. As spiritual healing takes place, it is important for the children to be able to interpret the earlier events of their lives as adults, without transporting the difficult past they had into their future and thus destroying it. It is also crucial that the children do not get to a point where they use their challenging childhood to build a monument of grief. Instead we seek to help them use their past heartbreaks as a platform to testify of God’s deliverance and the legacy of His love. All this work requires both intentional and skillful parenting. In line with this need, some key members of our Treasures of Africa staff were provided with the Grief Recovery Method training. This is a specialized four-day training seminar to increase their ability to understand the children’s emotional struggles better and assist them with any emotional difficulties they may personally have, including but not limited to self-esteem. The Grief Recovery Method is a structured, action-based community outreach program produced by the Grief Recovery Institute USA. It is different from therapy and counseling in that it focuses on empowering grievers by giving them reproducible tools to deal with losses. It places them on the pathway to recovery by providing a safe environment where they practice the use of these tools without feeling analyzed, compared, or judged. The whole discourse of this program is based on the pattern of Awareness, Acceptance, and Recovery Components.

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It seeks to give an accurate definition of Love, Forgiveness, and Repentance while at the same time dealing with societal myths around the subject of grief and loss.

Senior Staff members from Treasures of Africa after successful completion of the Grief Recovery Method seminar

This course is for those dealing with grief or those who would love to help others. It is delivered by a specialist or a specialist’s instructor licensed by the institute. As a Licensed Instructor of the Grief Recovery Institute, I was asked by HWCM Executive Director Rita Langeland to provide this training to the selected staff at Treasures of Africa. The seminar was very well received by our staff members and all gave testimonials about its helpfulness. Here are a few of their comments:

Participant #1 First, I want to thank the administration for this opportunity. The training has helped me to see that I was not only hurting but that I had handled my emotional matters casually. I have learned how to process my emotions using the tools I have received, and I feel that I have recovered to a certain extent since the process started. I will continue with this process of healing. I am now able to assist others using the skills I have learned to assist others. This includes the ability to listen to hurting people since many times when we hurt we lack people who can listen to us. My appeal to the administration is to make more available these kind of trainings in the future. Participant #2 The training has helped me start processing grief which I had accumulated over time. I have also been able to deeply meditate and asked myself sensible questions. I have been able to see my position in life and take responsibility for my reactions. I have learned how to set boundaries and lay a foundation on how I want others to treat me. I feel that I will be able to deal with grief that is caused by events in the past and present and any other that may present itself in the future. Above all, I feel I am now able to help others to deal with emotional difficulties. Participant #3 -

Instructor Geoffrey Kioko teaching the GRM seminar

This training has helped me understand better my own emotions and made me aware of others as well. I have also learned how to approach people and issues with a wider perspective. I have learned how to set boundaries and in orders to train others to respect me and my feelings. I feel more equipped to assist others with emotional issues. I would like to thank all our donors who have made this training seminar possible. We are getting closer to accomplishing the mission of raising Godly leaders for Tanzania because of your generous support.

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We have had the privilege of seeing the Lord do His amazing and beautiful work in the lives of all our children here at Treasures of Africa Children’s Home. From our youngest to our eldest, God has touched all ages. There have been different seasons in this process, all important and all valuable for growth. In the season in which we find ourselves now, it seems as if God has opened a door to the hearts of our middle children (ages 7 – 13 years). He continues to work in the lives and hearts of all our children, but He is doing something very special in our children of this specific age group. The Lord spoke to my heart about our younger children during a worship service at the church I attend here in Moshi, just a few months ago. He spoke to my heart about how He was pouring out an anointing and a grace to bring the younger children into a place of healing and freedom (deliverance). It was as if the Lord was allowing me to feel a part of His heart for His younger treasures. I could also feel the cry His Daughters Day Retreat of their hearts for Him. I heard the words, “It is their time.” I became aware of their need of God in a new light and of His deep desire for them. I saw Him reaching into their hearts with His great love and ministering healing and wholeness, life and truth. It is amazing how God has used the children to confirm His words spoken to my heart that day. The Bible says that the things which come out of the mouth come from the heart. Their words have clearly shown me their heart’s desire to know Him more. They have expressed desire for prayer and to discuss spiritual things. They have asked about learning to hear the voice of their Heavenly Father and what is sounds like when He speaks. They have come on their own accord to confess things because they desire to walk in the light of His truth. They have been encouraging one another to give things to Jesus, as they have learned that holding on will only hurt them. Spiritual darkness has been exposed and brought to the light of His truth where healing can begin. It is a sign and a wonder

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pointing to what He is doing and will continue to do in their lives. There is one particular memory I have of this that continues to bring the awe of God to my heart. It really was the very start of the Lord speaking into this season. I had been doing what I call, “His Daughters Day Retreats” at the mission house twice per year for about 4 years now with our eldest girls. It started when our close friends Vince and Vicki Welch, introduced us to one of their long time close friends, Michelle Hilliard. Michelle had come to Moshi to visit and do some ministry here. She put on a retreat for the missionary community called, Lavish Love. It was a day where we all were lavishly loved on by our Heavenly Father. We received special gifts and treatment, great food, Bible teaching and we each received a lot of personal ministry. It was so amazing and so special that I asked if Michelle would be willing to do a “Lavish Love” event for the older TOA girls. She agreed. The fruit of that event was so amazing, that I knew it was something God wanted us to continue. I decided to call the retreats, “His Daughters Day,” with the same purpose of the Lavish Love events. My desire was to create space for our girls to experience God’s presence and His healing love in a special way. I believed that through these encounters they would be brought to new places of security in the truth of their identity as daughters of God. I knew also that this would help them grow in knowing Him as their Father. It was beautiful and God did things that I am sure they will always remember. But, now with most of our older girls away at different colleges and on different schedules, it has made it difficult to plan new retreats.

Little Christina reading her personal Heart Scripture during the His Daughters Day Retreat

Then one day, some of our younger girls came into the office at TOA and asked me this question, “Mama, why haven’t we had a “His Daughters Day” like the older girls? You know Mom, we are His daughters too!” I quickly responded, “YES, YOU ARE!!! And we will definitely be planning your first ‘His Daughters Day’ soon.” So, in May of this year, we had our first “His Daughters Day Retreat” with 8 of our younger girls. It was so memorable and so much fun! The Lord laid a great foundation of truth in their hearts. It has opened their hearts in a new way and we have started doing one-on-one prayer and ministry sessions with each of our girls. I am also planning for our next “His Daughters Day” when I return from our next furlough in the states this year. As well, the Lord spoke to my heart about doing a similar retreat for our younger boys. I do not have a name for it yet, but I will let you know as the Lord shows me. I am excitedly planning for both and expecting God to do great things. While I was in prayer about our younger treasures, I asked the Lord how to go about all of this and what it is that I should do. I heard Him say, “You create the space (make room) for Me and I will come and do My work in their hearts and in their lives.” It really confirmed what was already in my heart about creating space for encounters with the Lord. God has given us creative ideas that will help make room for His younger treasures to encounter Him. Some ideas include: worship nights together, prophetic art, dance and creativity, personal prayer and ministry sessions, one-on-one time together as well as retreats and special planned events. We have just begun stepping into all of this and we are already seeing great fruit. I am excited and expectant for all that is ahead in this season. I would ask for your continued prayer over all of this. We so appreciate your time, your love and your support in every way. God bless you!!!

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He nourished them with honey from the rock    and olive oil from the stony ground. Deuteronomy 32:13b (NLT)

As human beings, we work hard to avoid difficulty and hardship in our lives. Faced with adversity, we pray desperately to escape it as soon as possible. This is a natural, human reaction to distress of all kinds. Yet, what is often overlooked is the truth that we can experience blessing in the midst of the hard places in our lives according to God’s Word. Your Heavenly Father delights to bring “honey from the rock” and “olive oil from the stony ground” in your life. The question is, “Will you allow Him to do so?” The key to everything in God is trust. Trusting God in the middle of the difficult circumstances we face in life will always result in God’s favor and blessing. But often we find people cursing God when adversity comes or at the very least, questioning His love and goodness. “If God is so good, then why did He allow this to happen in my life?” “If God is a God of love, why is there so much tragedy in the world?” These common questions presuppose that God is the author of the tragedies we see in this world and that God controls what happens in the earth because He is God. But there is a fundamental error in that presumption. God created the world to be a beautiful blessing for mankind. Originally, there was nothing harmful or fearful in it. It was pure beauty and abundance. The Garden of Eden was a genuine paradise – free from all the heartache and dangers we see in the world today. God gave authority to Adam (man) to rule and have dominion (under God’s ultimate leadership) in that paradise called earth. But God also gave Adam (and all of mankind) something very powerful and potentially dangerous - a free will. We are able by a choice of our will to follow God or to follow Satan. Depending on the choice we make, we are either servants of God or servants of the devil. Adam and Eve made a choice in the Garden of Eden to follow Satan when they intentionally disobeyed God’s directive to them. The rest is history. Sin and rebellion entered the world at that moment and everything in the earth began deteriorating from that point forward. Rebellion against God has caused every sorrow in the earth today. Selfishness, hatred, murder, theft, immorality, unfaithfulness, lying…you name the sin and it can be traced back to the original decision of Adam and Eve to disobey God. It wasn’t God’s will or intention that the world become a place full of violence, hatred and murder. It was man’s

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choice. And Satan has taken full advantage of man’s surrender of his authority in the earth. That is why the Bible calls Satan the “god of this world.” (2 Cor. 4:4) When man abdicated his position of authority by rebelling against God and following Satan, the devil was waiting in the wings to swoop in and take the reins. And the influence of the devil in the earth continues to be very evident. When Jesus was describing the activities of Satan in the earth, He said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…”(John 10:10) Jesus attributed all such activity to the devil himself. Then he went on to explain His own mission in the earth, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” He died on the cross to purchase freedom for mankind from the curse that had come on the earth with the entrance of sin. (Gal. 3:13) So, if you can accept Jesus’ own words that clearly point to Satan as the author of whatever has been stolen from you – health, children, family, happiness, finances, etc., you can lay aside any mis-placed blame that you may have leveled at God for adversity in your life. (There is no way for you to take hold of God's help if you start from the mistaken premise that God caused your problem to begin with!) If you can embrace Jesus’ statement that His desire for you is abundant life - then you can begin to take hold of the spiritual weapons He has provided to His children to deal with and overcome adversity and tribulation in this world. If you can trust that God has your best interest at heart and will help all those who call upon Him, you can begin to experience “honey from the rock” and “olive oil from the stony ground” in your life. I have read a multitude of biographies of great Christian men and women over the years. It has been a subject of keen interest to me to observe how each of these saints of God have handled the difficulties they have faced in their lifetimes. When a person walks through a lengthy season of adversity, they have an opportunity to emerge from it either bitter or blessed. These heroes of the faith came forth from those hard places with a blessing. What was their secret? My observations have led me to extract the following commonalities from the lives of these victorious Christians. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

They all had an unwavering confidence about God’s goodness and love for them When adversity arose, they did not blame God but instead drew closer to Him In the midst of the trials, they believed God was present and desirous of helping them They had an enduring faith that God would pull them through even when their circumstances looked hopeless When they came out of the trial, they glorified God for His goodness and were able to point to specific blessings that they received during the difficult season, including: a greater awareness of God’s presence, a closer walk with God, increased spiritual sensitivity, a compassion for others they never previously possessed, increased wisdom, the joy of being able to help others gain victory over their difficulties, patience, endurance and spiritual maturity

In the biography entitled “Evidence Not Seen: A Woman’s Miraculous Faith in the Jungles of World War II,” Darlene Deibler Rose tells the gripping story of her life as a young missionary to Indonesia. When World War II broke out and the Japanese invaded the island where she and her husband lived, they were taken captive as prisoners of war. The intense suffering and tribulations of life in the women’s prisoner of war camp, separated from her husband who was sent to a camp for the men, lasted more than four years. Her husband died during that painful separation and at the end of the war, Darlene returned to the United States as a widow at the age of 28. All five of the characteristics listed in the previous paragraph can be observed in Darlene’s story. Though her season of adversity was a brutal one, she came forth having extracted “honey from the rock.” Her book is one of the most outstanding Christian biographies of our era and well worth the time taken to read it. You may never find yourself imprisoned unjustly in a foreign country, but your current situation may feel as deeply painful. God wants you to come forth from the trials you are experiencing with a blessing. The key is found in trusting the goodness and love of God. Be careful not to blame God or question His love for you when you are under extreme pressure. Draw near to Him, don’t pull away in anger or bitterness over your circumstances. Meditate on scriptures that speak of His faithfulness. Ask Him to show you how to find the good in your situation. Then thank Him daily for what He is doing in your life and your heart in the midst of the trouble you are facing. And you will be in good company with those who have learned how to draw “honey from the rock” and “olive oil from the stony ground” of life.

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me; You will stretch forth Your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and Your right hand will save me. Psalm 138:7 Amplified Bible

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July 2018 Victory Magazine  

Articles and photos from the work of Hidden With Christ Ministries.

July 2018 Victory Magazine  

Articles and photos from the work of Hidden With Christ Ministries.