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Spring 2011

newsletter Mothers and Baby reunited! How do I choose? Calling knitters!

Hope and healing As part of the Mission Without Borders (MWB) family, you are helping to change lives. It’s only with your support and prayers that we can bring help to the poorest – meeting their spiritual, emotional, educational and material needs. In this way, together, we are bringing hope and healing to the broken of Eastern Europe.

How do I A long line of pregnant women perched nervously on chairs as we entered. The MWB Mother and Baby co-ordinator greeted us with a huge smile.

MWB does this by offering practical help. Simultaneously we always offer the hope of an eternal future. With the approach of Lent and Easter, it’s important to remember that we base our activities on Jesus’ conquering death for all time – bringing eternal fulfilment. Yet in the here and now, we are feeling the pinch as much as anyone. Our office in London runs a tight ship. Similarly, offices in the countries where we work are facing cuts. Read about the tough decisions on mother-care our Ukraine co-ordinator has to make (opposite). Whilst giving from individuals is down, we never take your generosity for granted. We simply couldn’t do what we do without you. So now we’re thinking of new ways to support our work: Join us for a sponsored knit (see p. 14). And did you know what a significant difference a legacy can make to MWB’s programmes (p. 15)? Whatever your involvement, THANK YOU for your love, encouragement and care for the poor of Eastern Europe. We simply cannot thank you enough.

Mission Without Borders brings hope and help to change lives. We are a Christian organisation serving people suffering poverty or oppression in Eastern Europe. We meet the needs of the whole person; spiritual, emotional, educational and material. This enables the elderly, families and children to take steps out of poverty towards becoming self sufficient.

In Ukraine, hospital services are free but anyone receiving hospital care also receives, at the end of their stay, a bill for any drugs, equipment or food used in their treatment. The sterile dressing, clamps and drugs used in child birth cost around £16. For many, that is at least one week’s wages – assuming that they are fortunate enough to have a job in the first place. Many of the women we saw had travelled by a combination of bus and foot for several hours to reach MWB’s clinic. Here, they can receive medical advice, clothing and baby clothes and nappies and the allimportant Mother and Baby parcel. They also have the opportunity to talk to one another, hear the Gospel and support each other over specific concerns. At the end of our visit, MWB’s co-ordinator fought back her tears: ‘In previous years,’ she said, ‘I could distribute 600 parcels each year. Now I can only distribute 200 parcels. How am I supposed to choose?’ We all understood that MWB Ukraine’s budget was very tight – higher fuel costs and the effects of the economic downturn have all had an impact. But how could we ask the co-ordinator to choose?

choose? As we left the room we all fell silent. We could all see the huge value of what was being done; we could all appreciate the dedication of the co-ordinator; we could all understand the gratitude of the beneficiaries. But how could she choose?

showing one of the recipients of a Mother and Baby parcel. You can keep the magnet and use it as a focus for prayer for those women that we met in Ukraine. Or what about buying one as an alternative Mothers’ Day present?

Those who visited the Ukraine last year have set about raising money for specific projects to help sponsored children and families. It is not uncommon to receive a request that any ‘surplus’ money is directed toward mother and baby care.

For more copies of Present for the Future, or to order a Mother and Baby parcel, please telephone: 020 7940 1370, or order online at

Give a gift that makes a difference

We distribute varying kinds of Mother and Baby parcels: for some it is a medical parcel for the birth itself, for others it contains food and clothing for the new-born and the new mother. Typically, they cost £16 to provide. For many, they are literary life-savers. If you would like to pay for a Mother and Baby parcel then you can do so through our alternative gifts catalogue (Present for the Future). You can order by mail, telephone or on-line. In return we will send you a fridge magnet

Present for the Future

Gift catalogue 2010-11 10802 Present4Future catalogue

A1 1

10/9/10 10:17:42

Operation Christmas Love Although Christmas is long gone, the impact of our Operation Christmas Love (OCL) deliveries continue. Through your support, Mission Without Borders delivered over 25,000 gift boxes to needy familes across Eastern Europe. Your donations enabled MWB to reach out in giving vital help and a taste of the love of God: That gift which is worth so much more than we can imagine (Ephesians 3:14–21).

experienced huge changes. With another family sponsoring them, they benefited from an OCL box of vital food, repairs to their home, and also hope for the future. Now, baby Marius is back home and Cristina is overjoyed. The Caldaras have experienced real love and care. Thank God that ‘He has filled the hungry [Caldara family] with good things!’ (Luke 1:53).

Desperate Caldaras One of these families was the Caldaras. Last year they were destitute. Possessing nothing, even the dilapidated house where they living was borrowed. They had very little food and once went 14 days without eating. Ioan and Cristina Caldarar have four children. When their baby, Marius, became gravely ill, they had no choice but to give him up for adoption. All Ioan and Christina longed for was a proper home for all their children to be together, filled with warmth and food. From you to a family in need Since the Caldaras joined MWB’s Family to Family programme in 2010 (see opposite), they have

Read how life used to be for the Caldaras, and watch a film showing the changes in the Caldaras’ lives at:

Love given away with OCL ‘On behalf of the Evangelical Church of Bosnia and Herzegovina I would like to thank you for your support and cooperation in our common goal to reach this country in the love of Christ. OCL has given us the opportunity to bless people who live in the greatest poverty. This gave many a reason to believe in a better future and the faithfulness of God.’ Rev. Zoran Pavic, Vice President of Evangelical Church, B-H ‘The festive season has arrived for my family. My children will be able to celebrate like others. As a mother, I want to do the best I can to provide for them, but I often find it impossible. This present means so much to us. It fulfils my desires; a mother’s desires.’ Merushe (39), single mother with her two daughters, Albania

‘Alongside the parcels MWB brought us not just food, but the real truth of the Christmas event. All you have done for us is an encouragement for me and a great joy for children.’ Elena, Moldova

Elena’s children

The Family to Family sponsorship programme helps families stay together. Eastern Europe’s high unemployment and extreme poverty puts families under huge pressure: They often have no money; they cannot buy enough food, clothes or medicines; children cannot go to school. As with the Caldara family (see opposite), families go hungry, cold and become sick. Desperate parents are forced to put their children into institutions (at least they’ll be fed and be schooled). The result? Children are abandoned; the family unit is broken. Family to Family is an initiative meeting families’ basic, immediate needs. And long term, it enables them to move into self-sufficiency. It’s life-changing. You can change a family’s despair into hope by giving just 50p a day.

With your sponsorship, a family will receive assistance for: n food n clothing n medical attention They’ll benefit from pastoral support, baby care, children’s summer camps and vocational training. Ultimately, families are empowered to become self-reliant. Find out more about Family to Family by phoning: 020 7940 1370, or email: info_uk@, or there’s a lot more detail online at:

The Bible shapes nations This year is the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible. Many events are planned world-wide, including readings of the whole King James Version during all of 2011. What a wonderful way to mark this celebration. We are so fortunate to have such a treasure: Much of our culture and law is based on the Bible. The fact that we can freely buy a copy of the KJV is very precious. In contrast, those living in Eastern Europe under Communism were not so fortunate. For years it was an offence to possess a Bible. While today that’s not the case, many are still prohibited from owning a Bible – because of poverty: So many are simply too poor to possess the Word. As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, MWB aimed to send 1,000,000 Bibles to the countries where we work. Last year we achieved 710,000 of that target! And because the Bible is so crucial, we will continue the Jubilee of distributing Bibles. Just

as our own society is shaped by the Authorized Version, let’s ensure that the Bible shapes Eastern Europe. We’ve received many stories of how young and old have cried with joy when presented with a Bible in their own language. Please keep on supporting this vital distribution of the word of God. n A standing order of just £2 a month will distribute six Bibles a year. n A family pack of five Bibles costs only £20. To help reach the target of a million Bibles to Eastern Europe, use the response form on the back, phone 020 79401370 or give online at:

Lives changed by the Word Diana (18), Romania, being baptised ‘When I started to read the Bible, it was like water for my thirsty soul and like food for my hungry spirit. I immersed myself in the Psalms and the Epistles... My life was dramatically changed. God offered me beauty instead of ashes, joy instead of weeping and righteousness and eternal life instead of darkness, wandering and spiritual death.’

Kristina (12), Albania ‘I really like the children’s Bible. I read it every day and it is as if I were reading a message from God Himself. Thank you very much for giving me this Bible.’

Spring 2011 Prayer Guide Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. Galatians 6:10

General prayers for each week Monday


Ukraine Mykola Bogdanets leads the staff team here. They ask for prayer for their newly elected president, Victor Yanukovych, and that the gospel message will not be hindered.

Albania Remember Monika Qerimi, the MWB Albania manager, and the team with her. Pray for wisdom as they minister under severe economic pressures.




Bosnia-Herzegovina Pray for Dalibor Kojic and his staff. Ask God to help them to be more effective in their outreach to fellow Bosnians.

Bulgaria The leader of MWB here is Sarkis Ovanesyan. Please remember him and his wife, Marina, as they face new challenges to expand the work.

Moldova John Groza and the team need prayer to support them as they assist the poorest in this already poor country. Many were affected by devastating floods at the end of last year.



Romania Please pray for Jimmy Macavei and the MWB staff. Government changes mean that many children residing in Children’s Homes have to move into the community. Pray also for God’s hand to be on the children as they re-settle.

Praise Praise God for his blessing on Mission Without Borders. God has been faithful to the MWB family and continues to bless as we serve East Europe’s poorest

Spring 2011 28 February–6 March

21–27 March

Albania Pray for the government under President Bamir Topi. Ask God that the Gospel will continue to be heard freely.

Romania The Family to Family programme offers holistic support to families in great need. Pray for the 308 families currently being sponsored in Romania – that they will grow in faith and self-reliance.

7–13 March

14–20 March

28 March–3 April

Lent Lent begins on 9 March. Pray that there will be a good response to the Lent Boxes used by a variety of supporters and link churches.

Jubilee Bibles Thank God for almost three quarters of a million Bibles distributed across Eastern Europe! As we continue to hand out Bibles for our Jubilee, pray for the right opportunities to give away the Word of God.

Bosnia Pray for the expansion of MWB’s work in this country. Bosnia still faces huge difficulties since the 1992– 1995 conflict, with many still living in refugee camps.

Spring 2011 4–10 April In the name of Jesus Pray for wisdom for all MWB teams in Eastern Europe as they reach people for Christ – without causing difficulty among the many ethnic groups and religions.

11–17 April Family care Pray for all MWB’s staff and volunteers as they visit families. So many suffer broken relationships, and in war-torn regions families still experience dreadful pain and loss. Ask God to heal the broken hearted.

18–24 April Easter Praise God for the wonderful news that Easter brings. Thank him for giving us the hope of Eternal life and hope in this life too.

25 April–1 May Community Centres These provide needy people with hot meals, companionship and Christian input. Thank God for the many staff and volunteers who run them. Please pray for the mostly elderly folk who visit.

Spring 2011 3–8 May

30 May–5 June

Bulgaria Please pray for the continuing expansion of the recently started Family to Family programme; that the right families will be enrolled to receive sponsorship.

Summer camps Pray for those currently organising summer camps – both MWB staff and volunteers from link churches. Please pray for God’s hand on the children attending the camps.

9–15 May

6–12 June

Christian outreach In the early 1990s God’s Spirit moved many to respond to the good news of the Gospel. Pray that a new outpouring will occur again.

Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) Thousands of children and adults sign up for the BCC. Pray that they grow in their personal relationship with Christ. Also, remember the leaders who write to them, teaching about Jesus.

16–22 May

13–19 June

Moldova Pray for the tutors and staff in the Ghidighici Farm vocational programme. Also for the Moldovan government-approved mechanics course starting near Chisinau.

Ukraine Pray for a continuation of the fruitful work being done in the state children’s homes and the Family to Family sponsorships.

23–29 May

20-26 June

Children’s Homes Continue to praise God for the welcome MWB workers receive both from staff and children when they visit Children’s Homes. Many of the directors are very supportive.

Christian Radio The radio programmes, broadcast from Rivne, Ukraine, are heard by thousands of people. Pray that these will bring blessing to all who hear the good news.

Moldova welcomes you! Moldova may not be easy to find on a map: It’s squeezed between Romania and Ukraine, and, like them, was part of the USSR. Poverty is widespread, so MWB’s Moldovan programmes reach across the whole country. We plan to visit Moldova in September. For those who sponsor a child or family there, or just want to see the difference MWB’s programmes are making, then do consider joining us. It’ll give you a valuable insight into our work in the field, while supporters on

Lent: count your blessings with loose change This year Ash Wednesday begins Lent on 9th March. During Lent we may deny ourselves luxuries to prepare for commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus. For some, the next 40 days could involve a new degree of discipline. But MWB has a much less painful discipline for you – with a blessing! It the simple activity of filling Lent boxes with your spare change. At the same time give thanks for your blessings. So while contributing to those in need in Eastern Europe, you’re also reflecting on the good in your own life.

previous trips also all testify to its spiritual benefits. The trip will probably take place near the end of September (dates to be confirmed). If interested contact us now for more details. Telephone: 020 7940 1370

Making moves For the next few months Simin Cullen-Belobrajdic will be away from the office on maternity leave. As she and her husband Adrian await the arrival of their first child we will be thinking of them both and praying for a safe delivery. Sim has been the voice that most hear when phoning the office, and who masterfully handles all the records, finances and updates. She’s a mine of information and we’ll miss her efficiency and good humour. Our warmest wishes to Sim! Fortunately, we have recruited an able deputy to take over Sim’s work. Naomi Page is now getting to grips with the details and learning a lot about MWB. Naomi comes from Egham and previously worked for another charity. When Sim begins her maternity leave (early Feb) we’re sure there will be a seamless transition. Welcome to Naomi!

Our money boxes are small, easy to fill and a great way to give thanks. Use them to celebrate the blessings in your own life, and contribute to Mission Without Borders. Involve others in your church, fill them up and ask your church treasurer to pay them to MWB. It’s that simple! To request a box or several boxes for your home, group or church, please: phone 020 7940 1370, email, or order online at

Simin (left) and Naomi STOP PRESS!!!! . Congratulations Baby Elspeth arrived on 6th February n Adria and n Simi to and blessings

Supporter Helen Moulds visits Natasha On learning about Mission Without Borders’ trip to Ukraine, in early October 2010, it seemed right for me to go and visit the little girl I sponsor. There were eight of us on the trip, from different areas of UK, who got on well from the start. Driving to visit Natasha in the children’s home, we passed horse drawn carts, people in fields, houses with ducks, geese and dogs in the yard. Then we drove up a mucky track to 200 year-old, once grand, buildings. Cheerful children ran out. Then Natasha was introduced, dressed in warm jumper and woolly hat. She smiled shyly and was quietly confident. Her slightly older, more talkative brother was also happy to meet me.

showed mixed emotions. I was encouraged to see Natasha kindly sharing and interacting well with her friends, a confident, thoughtful girl close to the image of her I had from yearly my MWB updates. On reflection, my prayers for Natasha as a person, and her care in the home were being answered very accurately. God uses me to help in bringing His love and care to a beautiful child, growing up in a distant land. Quite amazing. The others in the group toured the home and had great fun playing football, netball and frisbee with other children. As I left an older girl said ‘Will you come back again?’

Inside the building, with interpreter Misha, we went to see Natasha’s room. I learned about the four girls who shared this tidy bedroom, and Natasha was pleased to show me her school uniform. The girls enjoyed opening gifts I’d brought. Then a very kindly woman greeted us. She’s worked for 33 years in this home. Her warm welcome made up for the cold – as the heating was off until mid-October! Moving to the classroom, the teacher was happy for the children to distribute the sweets and gifts we’d given, and all patiently waited their turn for bouncy balls and colourful combs. They seemed a happy family who obviously cared about each other, although some faces

You too can sponsor a child

Correction to current sponsor updates Some birthdays may be incorrectly printed ‘American-style’. So, if your child was born 17/9/03, you may see this inaccurately printed as 9/17/03. Apologies!

By giving just £15 a month you will give so much more. Thousands of forgotten children receive love, hope and comfort from their MWB sponsors. It’s such a simple way of giving a child a future. What’s more, you’ll also benefit all the other children in the home where your sponsored child lives. This is how it works: 1. You express interest in sponsoring a child. 2. MWB locates a child most in need of sponsorship at one of the homes we support. 3. You begin your personal relationship with that child; paying £15/m, writing cards and sending presents.

4. Your sponsorship contributes to the running of the whole home where that child lives; providing food, clothes, medicines, emotional support, schooling and Christian teaching. 5. Your sponsored child can respond to you with letters and drawings. 6. You receive an annual update about your child with their recent photo. 7. You’ll enjoy seeing the changes in your sponsored child’s life, and knowing that you’re helping them to a better future. It costs just £15 a month to bring hope and healing that will change a child’s life. Telephone 020 7940 1370 today to find out more.

Children take up the challenge Over recent months, many children here in the UK have really taken up the challenge to raise money for Mission Without Borders.

Hormsonden Primary School raises over £2,000!

From St Albans to children’s homes

More than 200 pupils, aged 4–11 years, each received £1 at a special assembly about Mission Without Borders. Because MWB is Horsmonden’s charity of the year, the pupils used their £1s to make more money for MWB’s work: Over their autumn half-term, pupils ‘invested’ in a whole host of fundraising activities. Caught up in a ‘spirit of entrepreneurship’, pupils formed little businesses. They baked and sold cakes and bread; they sold raffle tickets, sweets and lucky dips, cleaned shoes and washed cars. Headmaster Mr Hayes confirmed that it was ‘a fantastic result all round. The children have benefited through their entrepreneurialism and there are the obvious benefits for those MWB seeks to help.’

Girl Guides’ youngest members prepared gift envelopes

Thank You!

26th St Albans Rainbows, a group of 5–7 yearolds, decorated and packed A4 envelopes for children living in homes across Eastern Europe. In December the Rainbows listened to stories about girls and boys like them, but living in children’s homes in East Europe. This challenged them to work at decorating and packing up special A4 envelopes. Each Rainbow filled her envelope with small gifts to give as Christmas presents to children living in Children’s Homes in Romania and Moldova. Such kindness helped these children know that they have not been forgotten. They learnt that someone cares for them.

A huge thank you to pupils at Horsmonden Primary, and to the members of the 26thSt Albans Rainbows. MWB is especially grateful for your dedication, energy, and wonderful contributions to changing lives in Eastern Europe. There are so many more children in Eastern Europe who need your help. And there are so many fun ways that you and children you know can raise money for MWB – both at home and at school. Phone 020 7940 1370 or email for fun fundraising ideas with children’s groups.

Knitting faith into action ‘Faith by itself, if not accompanied by action is dead...Abraham’s faith and actions were working together...’ (James 2:14-26)

The Golysheva family in Ukraine said ‘We’re so grateful for the knitted blankets. They are so useful to us. Thank you for remembering us and caring for our needy family.’

The Gis family in Ukraine say ‘Everybody likes the blankets. They will surely improve our living conditions. During night time we’ll be covering our children with your blankets. We sincerely thank you.’

Last autumn a fantastic number of knitted hats and blankets, along with a cheque of £100, were all donated to MWB by Gerrards Cross Methodist Church. The Rev. Preben Andersen, Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Amersham Circuit, led a special service reflecting on James 2, and how Gerrards Cross Methodist’s knitters were visibly putting their faith into action by such practical giving of knitted goods. This included a range of big and little blankets, children’s hats, and a specially knitted blanket handed in at the last minute by Preben Andersen’s 99-year old mother-in-law!

Thank you all at Gerrard’s Cross Methodist Church!

Calling all knitters! You have knitted such a lot over the years – thank you! It’s such a practical way to put your faith into action, for your knitted goods have kept so many children and families warm during the bitter winters of Eastern Europe. You’ve given a fantastic contribution that really makes a difference to Mission Without Borders’ work.

3. Do we ask knitters to knit one thing, such as squares, or whatever they like, over a set time? 4. Do you ask for sponsorship for how long you knit for, or the number of item(s) knitted? 6. What do you think of making this an annual event such as the ‘MWB yearly yarn’? 7. MWB will provide knitters with sponsorship forms. Shall we also provide knitting patterns? 8. Do you have a knitting pattern you can send to MWB?

Now, we have an idea to make your knitting go even further – by holding a sponsored knit! It’s simple: You carry on doing what you love to do – knitting jumpers, hats and blankets. But at the same time, you ask your friends and family to sponsor you for that knitting. So not Best suggestion winner! only are you contributing more warm woollies, but you’ll also be raising funds for supporting the poorest people Selecting the best name for the sponsored knit will in Eastern Europe. take place early in May. If you’re the winner, you and But... here at MWBUK we’re not knitters. So we really your sponsored-knit-name will be announced in the need your help with planning: Summer Newsletter. There’ll also be a surprise prize for the winner: Watch this space! 1. What shall we call this sponsored knit? 2. How long do we set for the sponsored knit: June– Please post, phone or email your suggestions to September, a weekend, a month? the office by Thursday 21 April.

YOUR LEGACY CAN MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE A legacy to Mission Without Borders is such a great gift. With a legacy, dreams can be made possible for people like Marsida Mezi, who longed to train as a nurse. Now she says that ‘reality is even more beautiful than my dreams’. Marsida always hoped to find a job to change her family’s situation. But for a 21-year old from Albania’s Roma community there is little opportunity. The Romas suffer discrimination, illiteracy and unemployment. Marsida’s father is dead, and her mother’s salary as a cleaner is barely enough to buy bread. But with support from Mission Without Borders, Marsida’s dream is now coming true. She received a scholarship to graduate in nursing from Durres University. Now Marsida is helping sick neighbours and giving injections. About MWB’s support, she says ‘You’ve provided a bright future for me and my family. Now I can also support the poor children and elderly. All that has happened is better than my dreams!’

Leaving a gift in your will is a very special way to support Mission Without Borders. It ensures that the work you’ve so generously supported up to now will continue. To leave a legacy that will bring hope, talk to your solicitor when you make or change your will. It’s that easy. Your gift will really make a difference: n £65 could train a young person in catering. n £100 could give 25 Bibles to individuals and churches who are hungry for the Word of God. n £200 could bring a dream true for 20 children to go on a Dreambus trip, away from their orphanage.

By leaving a legacy to Mission Without Borders, you can make the world a different place for people like Marsida.

n £500 could provide training and tools for a carpenter to start his own business.

Now Marsida can look forward to life:

n £5,000 could provide three families with minifarms to grow their way to self-sufficiency.

n A stronger person, since MWB’s support has raised her self-esteem and confidence. n Where she’ll be able to support her mother and sister through her nurse’s salary. n Where Marsida’s family now have hope for a better future.

n £10,000 could enable several families to become more self-reliant by providing them with building materials for greenhouses and animal shelters. Please decide today to include Mission Without Borders in your will. Large or small, your legacy will make a big difference. You’ll leave a gift that gives a future to the forgotten poor of Eastern Europe. For more information, a guide to making a will, or if you’d like to talk things over please phone 020 7940 1370 or visit

Response Form Name



Postcode Telephone E-mail

I enclose a gift of £15 £30 £60 £120 Other for the work of Mission Without Borders Please debit my Credit/Debit/Charity Card My Card number is:

Start date

Expiry date

Issue no.

Security code Maestro only

Last three digits from strip on reverse of card

Please tick here if you would like Mission Without Borders to reclaim the tax you have paid on all your donations for the four tax years prior to the year of this declaration and any future donations you might make. The tax reclaimed will be used to help with all MWB’s work. (To qualify for Gift Aid you must be a UK taxpayer and the amount you pay in income/capital gains tax each year must at least equal the amount we reclaim. Please tell us if your situation changes.)

I do not want a receipt Please send me more information on: (please tick) Lent ‘blessings’ box Family sponsorship Child sponsorship Becoming a MWB Contact 1 Million Bibles Arrange a visit to Church or Group Regular giving Legacies Freepost RRCC-LEJL-ELCH, Mission Without Borders, 175 Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 2AG t: 020 7940 1370 f: 020 7403 7348 e: Registered Charity No. 270659 A Company Ltd by Guarantee Registered in England and Wales No. 1065601 For MWB Use - DM Printed on chlorine free recycled paper


Reference 201102

Regular giving is essential to our work. Regular gifts mean we can continue to support those who need help now, while also plan to enable them to step out of poverty over the long term. It also means we can plan to help others who’ll need us in the future. Gift Aid is one of the easiest ways to make the most of your donation. MWB reclaims the basic rate tax from the Inland Revenue. There is no extra cost to you and the process is simple – all you have to do is complete a Gift Aid Declaration. In April 2011, transitional relief (introduced when the previous government reduced the basic rate of income tax) will end. That means if you donate £10 to MWB before April 2011, the Government will add 28 per cent to your gift. If you donate after April 2011, this is reduced to 25 per cent. To qualify for gift aid you must pay enough income or capital gains tax to cover the claim in the tax year you make the gift(s). Higher rate taxpayers MWB can only directly claim back gift aid on the basic tax rate. However, as a higher rate taxpayer, when you fill in your selfassessment form and declare your donations, you can claim a rebate based on the difference between the higher rate and the basic rate. For example, a higher rate taxpayer can claim the difference between the higher rate of tax at 40 per cent and the basic rate of tax at 20 per cent on the total value of the donation. So you can claim 20 per cent of £125, a total of £25. The self-assessment tax return form allows you to nominate a charity to receive any rebate due to you. The Inland Revenue will pass the repayment directly to the charity. Please consider these simple ways to add even more to your gift to MWB. Mission Without Borders 175 Tower Bridge Road London SE1 2AG t: 020 7940 1370 f: 020 7403 7348 e: Printed on chlorine free recycled paper containing 50% recovered waste and 50% virgin fibre from a mill accredited with the ISO14001 environmental management standard.

Mission Without Borders UK - February 2011 Newsletter  
Mission Without Borders UK - February 2011 Newsletter  

Mission Without Borders UK's February Newsletter. Read of how you have helped change lives in Eastern Europe