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MISSION VALLEY NEWS & VIEWS The Positive View of the Community March 2010

San Diego, California

Volume IV Number 3

KINGS INN…A LANDMARK IN MISSION VALLEY military and family reunions and many wedding receptions. The Kings Inn, originally The Cardinal Room built by the Atlas Hotel is an ideal location Chain in 1962, has been the for wedding parties property of Andy and Stephand is located next to anie Petersen since 1994, the Bridal Suite on who are hands-on operators the second floor of of the property together with the hotel. The hotel their other property which is can provide a wedthe Anaheim Super 8 motel ding reception for a at the entrance of Disneyhundred people, land. Before obtaining the complete with dinKings Inn, Mr. Petersen built ner, champagne the 7 Seas Lodge in Mission toast, upgraded linValley and has been a ens, and dance floor 50-year business man in the for about $3,000. Valley. total which is a very The General Manager of reasonable rate. the Kings Inn is Mr. Sixto In the month of Aspeitia who has been with March, Kings Inn is the hotel for sixteen years. celebrating the 15th David Parrent, the Sales and anniversary of the Revenue Manager, is rather The Kings Inn located at 1333 Hotel Circle South in Mission Valley. Waffle Spot restauPhoto by Mohsen Zamani relatively new to the Kings rant where Sir Inn but has very good experiWafflelot, the Waffle ence in the San Diego area with other hotels. King, holds his court. This comical character has become so popular that Located at 1333 Hotel Circle South in Mission Valley, the Kings Inn he is now known as ‘King of the Hotel’ and the children especially enjoy is a beautiful property surrounded by a huge parking lot where no charge the characters of his court, including Sir Robin of Flapjack; The Court is made for parking at any time. The hotel is constantly in a state of Eggster and Miss Muffin. To celebrate the introduction of the new Wafup-grading and refurbishing to keep it in A-1 condition at all times and fle King on Saturday, March 6th the hotel will have balloons and stickers caters to family trade. Many conferences are held at the hotel such as for the children. Sir Wafflelot will also be making appearances on marriage encounter sessions under the direction of the Catholic Church; By Gina Cord assisted by David Parrent, Sales & Revenue Manager

See "Kings Inn" Page 2

FREE CONCERTS EVERY NIGHT IN MARCH AND MORE AT OLD TOWN STATE HISTORIC PARK Mission Valley News & is pleased to Views announce the introduction of a page on Old Town in each month’s issue to keep our readers informed of the special promotions by the Old Town State Park Merchant’s Association and the Old Town Chamber of Commerce.

By Gina Cord Return to the charm of Old Town State Historic Park every night in March with a different Free concert each night on the Plaza. The performing arts of yesterday and today will entertain you while seated around the flaming and romantic bonfire to bring back the memories of where San Diego originated.

“Spring Nights”, organized by the Park Merchants Association, present ‘Historic Theater and Music’ on Monday nights; ‘Potpourri Performances’ on Tuesday; ‘Folklorico Dancing’ on Wednesday; ‘Andean/Latin Music’ on Thursday; ‘Latin Music’ on Friday’; ‘Mariachi Fusion’ on Saturday’ and ‘Circus Acts’ on Sunday. All performances begin at 5:30pm and continue to 8pm.

It is a wonderful and entertaining evening for the whole family without any charge. Or, if you prefer listening while dining, grab a seat on the patio at Barra Barra Restaurant and you will be right in back of the stage in a good listening area. Dining within ear-distance is great also at Fiesta de Reyes patio or El See "Old Town" Page 5



February 2010

"Kings Inn" (Con't from Page 1) Sunday the 7th and Sunday the 14th from 10am to noon. And, on Monday, March 15th, diners will receive a slice of Birthday Cake with their luncheon orders to celebrate the 15th birthday of The Waffle Spot. Diners in The Waffle Spot between March 1 and 15 will receive a birthday card with each visit (one card per table or group). Each card will have a prize gift inThe Cardinal Room for banquets and meetings side ranging from a free waffle on the next visit, to a Waffle Spot Mug or T-shirt, to Appetizers and Dinners in the Amigo Spot. A few lucky winners will open a card an receive a free night’s stay at Kings Inn and one lucky winner will receive tickets for

two to Disneyland and a night’s stay at the Super 8 Anaheim. All envelopes are sealed so that the prizes are awarded randomly. The Waffle Spot has a variety of affordable and delicious breakfast options. Recently a Sandwich Billboard was added with an array of choices such as Burgers starting a $6.75; Mile High City Club at $8.50; West Coast Philly Cheese Steak at $8.75 and many other choices, or you might want to sample the Wraps also at very reasonable prices. The Waffle Spot hours are from 7am to 2pm everyday and the Amigo Spot restaurant serves from 4pm to 9pm Monday thru Thursday and to 10pm on Friday and Saturday. The Amigo Spot is closed on Sunday until the end of April. You will find more information on the Amigo Spot in Dick Slaker’s column on ‘Happy Hour in Mission Valley’ in this issue of our paper.

San Diego County Credit Union San Diego County Credit Union®, with a Mission Valley branch office at 2245 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107, in the Fenton Marketplace, just west of Qualcomm Stadium, has been honored by Fannie Mae as a Prime Alliance Lender of the Year. SDCCU® was chosen from among participants in the Fannie Mae Prime Alliance strategic relationship, and nominated by both its Prime Alliance and Fannie Mae account representatives. Officials said SDCCU’s selection was based on success in over-

The Swimming Pool

coming mortgage market challenges and changes, loan origination performance and efficiencies, growth in mortgage business and helping borrowers to stay in their homes. “We are proud of this award, which recognizes our credit union’s excellence in mortgage lending and commitment to serve our members’ needs,” said Tum Vongsawad, Interim President & CEO of SDCCU. For more information contact Rick Griffin (619) 461-3104.

February 2010


BOOK REVIEW BY MITCH WALLACE LOCAL BOOKS BY LOCAL AUTHORS The Hotel del Coronado. The Whaley House. The Wild Animal Park. Belmont Park. If you’ve lived in San Diego for more than

two minutes—heck, more than two seconds—then you’re undoubtedly familiar with at least one of the aforementioned locales. And what’s so simply awesome about Barrie Summy’s I So Don’t Do Mysteries is that it manages to effortlessly incorporate each of these cool places into its wacky, mystery adventure.

The book follows Sherry Holmes Baldwin, a sassy 13-year-old girl who one day is contacted by her deceased, law enforcement mother (along with her long-passed grandfather who has come back to life in the form of a moody wren…don’t ask). Sherry’s mom recruits her into solving a positively baffling, noggin-scratcher of a case; someone is trying to poison the rhinos at the Wild Animal Park, and the hodgepodge gang must find out why this might be going down, who’s potentially responsible, and most importantly, discover a way to stop the impending disaster. Let’s be blunt: I so do not belong to this book’s target audience, which I would assume to be female tweens that think things are “fab”, ogle at “way-cute boys” and own cell phones that are just as brightly pink as the cover of Barrie’s professionally bound pages. But in a way, this puts the story to the ultimate test, because I’m coming at it from a (very) unexpected point of view. Male. Twenty-something. And I See "Book Review" Page 9

NOTICE OF MISSION VALLEY PLANNING GROUP GENERAL ELECTION On Wednesday, March 3, 2010 the Mission Valley Planning Group (“MVPG”) will hold a General Election of Members to serve on its Board. The General Meeting and Election will be at Noon, in the Community Room, Mission Valley Library, 2123 Fenton Parkway, San Diego. The MVPG Board represents the General Members of the Mission Valley Planning Group and is an all-volunteer group. Its primary purpose is to advise the City Council, Planning Commission and other governmental agencies as may be appropriate in the initial preparation, adoption of, implementation of, or amendment to the general or community plan as it pertains to the area or areas of influence of Mission Valley. Only General Members who have attended a minimum of two (2) meetings of the MVPG in the twelve (12) months prior to the February 2010 regular meeting qualify to fill any Board position. Each term is four (4) years and three (3) positions will be filled in the General Election in each of the following classifications: Class I: Property owner, who is an individual identified as the sole or partial owner of record, or their designee, of a real property (either developed or undeveloped) within the community planning area. Term expires March 2014 Class II: Person (including residents or persons representing business entities) paying property taxes on any parcel of real property in the community planning area. Term expires March 2014 Class III. Resident, who is an individual, whose primary address is an address in the community planning area (either an owner or renter). Term Expires March 2014 Class IV: Local business person (including persons representing business entities), who is a local business owner, operator or designee, with a business address in the community at which employees or operators of the business are located. Term expires March 2014 For further information, please contact Lisa M. Gualco @ (619) 543-8111 x102 or




Top Local Architectural Firms Carrier Johnson + CULTURE and Fehlman LaBarre Announce Downtown Merger Carrier Johnson + CULTURE, a San Diego-based architectural, brand communication, and interior and urban design firm, jointly announced a merger with prominent architectural and urban planning firm Fehlman LaBarre. The merger represents a rich grouping of two of San Diego’s most innovative architectural talents by assembling a culture of artistic vision, technical expertise and authentic approach to San Diego’s architectural landscape. The firms have produced such hallmark projects as the University of San Diego’s Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice and the, Donald P. Shipley Center for Science and Technology, apartment-style living with an “urban village” feel for University of California San Diego student housing, Thomas Jefferson School of Law and the Diamond Terrace located in San Diego’s Ballpark District. The merger coalesces a diversity of experience in sustainable design by incorporating distinct aspects of complex problem-solving skills in order to formulate unique and responsible solutions Over the past 25 years, both firms have demonstrated leadership in mixed-use and sustainable innovation. The newly shaped Carrier Johnson + CULTURE will continue to merge the relationship between structures and public space, weaving the cultural experience into urban planning.

“The future of modern cities, such as San Diego, centers on architectural creativity, art and social expression,” said Gordon Carrier, design principal of Carrier Johnson + CULTURE. “At a time when scarcity of resources and changing lifestyles are spawning a reinvestment in the urban core, our focus remains on a genuine approach to creating design which supports each client’s unique brand characteristics, thereby developing projects that further differentiate the client in a competitive global marketplace.” “Over the years, Fehlman LaBarre has had the opportunity to design a wide-variety of complex projects throughout the western United States,” said Michael LaBarre. “The scope of our design and planning experiences embraces modern, environmentally-responsible and urban-oriented communities that promote the use of existing public transportation.” Fehlman LaBarre has an established leadership position in designing sustainable, mixed-use projects, such as the Uptown District which was developed in the early ‘90s by Oliver McMillan. In addition, some of their notable projects include Fenton Marketplace, Veteran Village of San Diego and the revitalization of Hazard Center in Mission Valley. “I am thrilled with the merger between CarrierJohnson + CULTURE and Fehlman LaBarre,” said Tom Sudberry, Chairman of Sudberry Properties. To have these two working together is a positive very positive outcome of a difficult economic time. These are two of the finest architectural firms in country featuring some of the brightest minds in the industry.”

February 2010

Finally, REAL Relief to Troubled Homeowners By John L. Dumas, Realty Source, Inc.

On November 30th, the Obama administration passed a bill that is going to give every distressed Homeowner across the nation a chance at redemption. HAFA is the name, and it stands for Homes Affordable Foreclosure Alternative. HAFA follows its older brother HAMP, Housing Alternative Modification Process, who failed in the lofty pursuit of fixing the housing crisis by lowering distressed homeowners monthly mortgage payments. The reason HAMP failed is because the problem lies much deeper than a couple hundred bucks less out of your checking account each month. The problem is rooted in the fact that Americans are paying interest on a property they bought for $300,000, which is now worth $150,000. The Government has realized that the best way to combat this steep decline in prices is to allow buyers to purchase these properties at their current value. In order for this to be possible, the word “Short Sale” is becoming enshrined in light and lathered with gold. The Government wants to give underwater homeowners an exit strategy, and HAFA is the guiding beacon.

$1,500 is what Uncle Sam will pay the homeowner upon successful short sale of their home. They are also giving the Lenders $1,000 to sweeten the deal. The Homeowner will be able to walk away debt free, and the Lenders are not able to pursue with deficiency judgments. It is the perfect ‘reset’ homeowners have been looking for. In reality, it is a reset button for all parties involved. The Lenders are not property managers, and are thrilled to have a qualified buyer take the reins. The buyer is getting in at the current market value, prices we haven’t seen since 2002. Best of all, foreclosure is avoided, and that helps EVERYBODY. It helps the homeowner from taking a 250-300 point hit on their credit score. It helps the neighbors whose homes drop an average of 9% when a home forecloses nearby, and most of all, it helps America pull itself out of the vicious cycle we have fallen into. HAFA officially begins on April 5th, and as a certified short sale and foreclosure resource, I couldn’t be happier. So here’s to HAFA, and here’s to us, the Homeowner. For more information phone 858.775.8352

JOB OPPORTUNITIES AT THE U.S. CENSUS BUREAU The U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting temporary, part-time census takers for the 2010 Cen-

sus. These short-term jobs offer good pay, flexible hours, paid training, and reimbursement for authorized work-related expenses, such as mileage incurred while conducting census work Census taker jobs are excellent for people who want to work part-time, those who are between jobs, or just about anyone who wants to earn extra money while performing an important service for their community. It’s easy to apply! Call your Local Census Office and schedule an appointment to take the employment test. You may also call our toll-free Jobs Line at 1-866-861-2010. TTY users should call the Federal Relay Service at 1-800-877-8339.

February 2010



Old Town "Old Town" (Con't from Page 1) Fandango patio. Other events in March by the Park Merchants Association will be a Cigar Lovers Night on March 11th organized by Racine and Laramie Ltd of Old Town to introduce the World release of the new Nestor Miranda Cigar. The presentation will be from 6 to 9pm at the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant located at 8885 Balboa Avenue with a $50. per person charge which will include a 16oz. bone-in Rib Eye Steak dinner, a cigar, and wine tasting by Hacienda de Las Rosas Winery of Old Town. Please RSVP by March 8th to the email address Another fund-raising party for the Park Merchants Associate will be held on March 21st from 6 to 9pm at Barra Barra Restaurant in Old Town which will be a Poker Party at $35. per person or $60. for two persons.

San Diego House of Coffee & Tea in Old Town State Park

Price includes dinner, two glasses of beer, wine or grog and a fist-full of poker chips. Everyone is required to dress in costume‌1870’s or earlier or black tie. Weapons will be checked at the door! Games to be played are bluff, poker, black jack, monte, faro and board games. There will be fun contests including prizes for best costume, raffles, etc. The evening promises to be an hilarious Old West evening. For more information or to RSVP contact Mary at 619.297.3100 ext. 22. For the benefit of Mission Valley residents and visitors, the Old Town Trolley Station is just two stations West of the Mission Valley stations. This page will be a continuing full page devoted to Old Town so look for it each month in Mission Valley News & Views to be sure to keep abreast of all the happenings in Old Town.



February 2010

Health “If You Haven’t Exercised In Two Days, You’re Increasing Your Risk Of Obesity, Diabetes And Heart Disease.” By Dr. Michael Pritsker

Studies have shown that just two days of physical inactivity can have very detrimental effects on your body and health. How? According to the study performed at the University of Missouri, just two days of not exercising is enough to affect your body’s efficient use of insulin, which can lead to diabetes and other related diseases. Researchers conducted a study on rats and found insulin sensitivity decreased the longer the rats stayed inactive.

Don’t Ever Stop A Rat From Running… The rats were allowed to run on a wheel for three weeks. After that time, the rats were stopped. Just two days after the rats stopped running, the amount of sugar taken into their muscles in

response to insulin decreased by about one-third. Researcher David Kump said, “Insulin works by taking glucose, or blood sugar, out of the blood stream and into the muscle to be

According to the study performed at the University of Missouri, just two days of not exercising is enough to affect your body’s efficient use of insulin

used for energy. The less efficient your insulin is the greater risk

you have of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and hypertension.” Kump also added, “Everyone is looking at the benefits of exercise, but we are looking at the consequences of stopping that exercise. People already know that exercise is good for them. This shows that, within a very short time frame of inactivity, the insulin does not work as well and might have negative effects.” I love this study for several reasons. Most importantly, it has been obvious for a long time, exercise is good for you. I don’t think you really need a study to tell you that. Sometimes looking at something with a little common sense and reasoning goes a long way. Like, did we really need to research to know cigarettes were bad for us? Yeah, big tobacco companies lied, but did you really believe inhaling a burning weed

for 30 years wasn’t going to do something bad to you? Anyway, it’s nice to have hard-core black-and-white proof. Especially when the results are so dramatic and can be so life changing. What I also like about this study is that it shows the consequences of NOT exercising. There is no doubt in my mind – exercising makes you healthier and live longer. I also have no doubt that if you do not exercise – it will CAUSE diseases such as diabetes and heart disease (and probably many more they just haven’t proven yet) and shorten your life.


Sciatica? Disc Herniation?

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February 2010



At Your Service

THE FLOWER FIELDS AT CARLSBAD RANCH OPENS MARCH 1, 2010 2010 marks a new season and new theme at The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch: Over a Hundred Ways to Make You Smile. This new theme for the 2010 bloom will ask guests just two simple questions; Just how many flowers are there at The Flower Field and do you know what they are? The answer is amazing, and each week, The Flower Fields will be introducing Facebook and

Twitter followers to learn about a new flower.

This wonderful seasonal at-

traction will also feature a new 1 acre Orchid showcase which will serve as a working nursery supplying Southern California Armstrong Garden Centers. The new Orchid showcase will join other recent features such as the 4,000 sq. ft. Paul Ecke Jr. Family Barn designed to recall even more of a ranch setting. The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch will open for its annual ten-week

springtime extravaganza on March 1, 2010 featuring more than 50 acres of ocean-view hillside transformed into a dazzling rainbow of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus. One of the most beloved spring traditions in San Diego County, The Flower Fields draws more than 100,000 visitors annually for a sun-and-fun day to soak in the colorful beauty, learn, picnic, shop and enjoy a wide range of entertainment opportunities. It’s also a place for education, with a variety of school programs for children and informational displays and gardening demonstrations for adults. The Flower Fields is open to See "Flower Fields" Page 9

Get Noticed! Your ad can be on this page! Call us today at 619-291-0200

for more information.



February 2010

Community Governance By Chet Barfield, Mission Valley representative for Councilmember Donna Frye

At Mission Valley’s only public school, Innovations Academy Charter School, one of the guiding principles is that learning should be fun. That was obvious to Councilmember Frye when she visited the K-through-8 campus Feb. 4 at the school’s invitation. Laughing kindergartners were romping in an outdoor play area. Fourth-graders were bundled and ready for a field trip to Julian. Sixth-graders were making Egyptian pyramids out of cardboard boxes.

Councilmember Donna Frye's District #6 Represents the City of San Diego in Mission Valley

“The teachers are nice, and they teach things in a fun way, not just lecturing,” said 12-year-old Chana Lender, whose seventh-grade class was studying Medieval history by role-playing as nobles and serfs. The academy, founded in 2008, occupies 10 classrooms on two floors of an office complex on Camino de la Reina, across the San Diego River from Fashion

Valley Mall. It has 180 students from all over San Diego and as far away as La Mesa and the North County. Tuition is free; like other San Diego schools, it relies on district funding. Co-founders Christine Kuglen and Danielle Strachman, who oversee a faculty and support staff of 15, emphasize creativity and individuality. With small classes and innovative instruction, the charter academy teachers “really get to know the students – and that’s key,” Strachman said. Frye had planned a quick visit but spent well over an hour at the school, talking to teachers and students as Strachman and Kuglen escorted her and an aide from class to class. “You have to learn how to think for yourself” in life, Frye told Tony Spitzberg’s seventhand eighth-graders, “and you’re learning that here.” Frye was impressed by the work the students were doing, particularly their writings, arts and projects. Fifth-grader Amanda Carlson’s chart-and photo-illustrated exhibit on helium looked like a high-school assignment. Fourth-grader Quinlan Lewis-Mussa made a detailed paper-and-clay diorama about 1920s photographer Dorothy Lange because, as the precocious 8-year-old put it, “there weren’t many women photographers back in those days.” The councilmember invited Quinlan’s teacher, Kim Brunetto, to have her class write essays to publish in this month’s Frye Lights District Six newsletter. “The school is amazing,” Frye said afterward. “The kids are amazing.”

Mission Valley Planning Group Meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at noon.

Mission Valley Community Council Meets every other Month on 3rd Monday at 6:30pm.

San Diego River Coalition Meets the 3rd Friday of each month at 3-4:30pm. Info at:

All of the above meetings are held at the Mission Valley Library, 2123 Fenton Parkway and are open to the public.

Faster And Better Trolley Service For Mission Valley New cars and station modifications will shorten a trip downtown by 10 minutes By San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts The Green Line of the San Diego Trolley is a fixture in Mission Valley, a wonderful amenity that feels like it has long been part of everyday life. Those of us who helped put the system in place know that is hardly the case. As a member of the Metropolitan Transit System board of directors, I recall celebrating in 1997 when the first trolley line linking Old Town to Mission San

Supervisor Ron Roberts of San Diego County Board of Supervisors Represents District #4, in Mission Valley

MTS buses for an entire day. The $15 four-day pass is a great deal for visitors. Even greater savings are available to those who buy a monthly pass. Along with maintaining the system and its nine stops in Mission Valley – Morena/Linda Vista, Fashion Valley Transit Center, Hazard Center, Mission Valley Center, Rio Vista, Fenton Parkway, Qualcomm, Mission San Diego and Grantville – we at MTS are always looking at ways to improve services. The good news is some great improvements are on the way. They start with 57 new low floor trolleys we have ordered. They are much easier for passengers to enter and exit. Parents pushing strollers, those in wheelchairs and others who otherwise struggle with stairs will find stepping on or off the red cars an easy, level experience. Getting the new car floors aligned with stations requires we raise many of the trolley platforms a few inches. For most of the stations, that just requires adding pavers to the top of the existing platforms. Some will require more extensive work. When the work is completed late next year, and the new cars have arrived, a passenger from Mission Valley will be able to ride a single car all the way through Old Town to the Santa Fe Station, along with stops at Seaport Village, the Convention

Diego opened. It was just a few years ago, 2005 to be precise, we punched the line through San Diego State University for a connection with the Grossmont Transit Center. The results have been excellent. The Green Line accounts for more than 25,000 trips each weekday. It has been a smash hit at SDSU, generating more than 5,000 semester passes and convincing nearly 20 percent of the full-time students to make public transportation their mode of choice to campus. A new low-floor trolley pulls into the RioVista For special events to Trolley Station. A combination of new cars and Qualcomm Stadium, station improvements will cut 10 minutes off a trip to downtown from Mission Valley . trains can operate every five to seven minutes. Center, Gaslamp/Petco Park and For Chargers games, we routhe 12th & Imperial transfer tinely carry 16,000 to and from station. the venue. The most recent HoliThe trip will be 10 minutes day Bowl resulted in the third faster than a similar journey tohighest ridership in the history of day, mostly because it eliminates Qualcomm service, with more the need to transfer twice. than 21,000 riding the rails to the Reducing transfers is the event. greatest improvement this new The trolley also remains an exwork brings. With the new aligncellent value. A one way ride is ment, you can ride the entire trol$2.50, but for $5 passengers get See "Ron Roberts"age 9 unlimited rides on the trolley and

February 2010


"Ron Roberts" (Con't from Page 8) ley system with only one transfer. The new alignment also brings greater efficiencies as MTS now can operate the entire system with fewer cars, which means fewer operators and lower costs. It is another example of how MTS is squeezing efficiencies out of the system to maintain service levels as high as possible. Small wonder the American Public Transportation Association in 2009 named MTS as the most Outstanding Transit System


"Book Review" (Con't from Page 3)

of the year. Mission Valley residents, businesses, visitors and employees should be proud. I know I am. Supervisor Ron Roberts’s Fourth District includes Mission Valley and its surrounding communities. You can reach him at find him on Facebook by searching Ron Roberts and follow him on Twitter at @ronrobertssd.

don’t even know what “OMG” means. But I digress. The writing in ISDDM is great. It’s quick. It’s witty. And I can honestly say that I laughed out loud more than once while reading it. The story moves forward at an agreeable pace, never dwelling long enough to bore, never zooming around too fast to confuse. And the author’s creative language, which always manages to put a fun spin on normal situations, is very much ap-

preciated. In short, I really liked it, even if I did feel like an outsider looking in for most of the time. You know, since I’m not a tween girl. But, if I was, I would have related to this book like a balloon might relate to the Disney-Pixar movie Up. Or something like that. Buy this book for your young daughter, granddaughter, or niece. Now. I give I So Don’t Do Mysteries 4 munchkin-parasites out of 5

Mission Valley Rotary - Haiti Support Mission Valley Rotary was first involved with humanitarian support for Haiti in 2007 when we were awarded a grant of $29,000 to purchase a Piccolo Chemical Analyzer that performed 14 different medical tests at Saint Damien Hospital in Port-au-Prince. During the process of getting the grant approval, we often corresponded with Debbie Hamilton from the Saint Alphonsus Foundation that supported the work at the pediatric hospital. From our correspondence with her, we were introduced to “Father Rick” Frechette who became a doctor and built a

hospital in Haiti when he was rumble to obtain the services of any doctor to dedicate themselves to serving the poorest of the poor in Haiti. Our club also received approval on another medical equipment grant, but because of insufficient funds at Rotary International it was never funded. At this time, Serving Hands International is financially supporting many of the medical needs at the hospital and they will match all contributions that anyone would make to support Father Rick and his staff to alleviate suffering and save lives in Haiti.

"Flower Fields" (Con't from Page 7)

San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts addressxes the Mission Valley Rotary Club. Photo Courtesy Tim McClain

the public from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from March 1 to May 10. To help visitors take new floral inspirations home, The Flower Fields Partners with Armstrong Garden Centers, where visitors can shop and purchase Flower Fields brand products in its 33,000 square-foot facility located at the site. Admis-

sion is $10 for adults, $9 for seniors, $5 for children, with free on-site parking. Season passes and group tours are also available. For more information, please call 760/431-0352 or visit

ROTARY CLUBS WEEKLY MEETINGS IN MISSION VALLEY OR NEARBY Mission Valley Rotary Club at noon on Thursdays at Trellises Restaurant in the Town & Country Hotel 500 Hotel Circle North San Diego CA 92108 Old Mission Rotary Club at noon on Tuesdays at Trellises Restaurant 500 Hotel Circle North Old Mission Rotary Club through their Art Pratt Foundation donated to the purchase of a Van for the Boys & Girls Clubs. Pictured are (L to R) Dan Sherlock of the Boys and Girls Club and Katherine Willey, Steve Nunez and Lee Kaminetz of the Art Pratt Foundation of the Old Mission Rotary Club. Photo courtesy of Pat Paschall

If you would be interested in attending a meeting or becoming a member, contact the Club of your choice.



February 2010

Mission Valley Has a Beach by Steve Dryden

It’s a well kept secret going back to the glorious days of the Kumeyaay (our native peoples) and the early mission friars. The Kumeyaay trail and the friars road both led down Mission Valley and ended at a stunning paradise-like peninsula called Mission Beach. The San Diego River flows into the ocean from Mission Valley dividing Ocean Beach from Mission Beach while feeding a remarkable estuary called Mission Bay. Few people realize that this beach and bay were a significant food source for our native peoples, important habitat for wildlife and a point of recreation, relaxation and exploration for the friars, and other early community members. Clickity-clack, clickity-clack, and then came the human screams. It’s embedded in my soul, the sounds of the roller coaster and the human response as it dives from its highest point into a plunge at high speeds. The roar and rumble of the roller coaster at Belmont Park echoed over the courts and alleys into my bedroom window at night. I was born in Mission Beach, and when the coaster was sleeping late a night, my senses, soul and mind were caressed by the rhythm of the waves. The ocean was my first lover; she took my body unto her, and set my spirit free with her energy, power and healing forces. Dolphins, seals, pelicans, minerals, salt and sand were my best friends. Life was golden, most often my toughest decision of the day was: Do I walk out my front door to the ocean, go out the back door to the bay or walk down to the amusement center at Belmont Park? When I was about twelve I had a Sentinel paper route that covered both sides of South Mission

Beach. Back then Mission Bay was undeveloped, the waters were shallow, the tidal changes were dramatic, mud flats were dominant, and at low tide you could walk across some coves. Clam digging was phenomenal, halibut fishing was outstanding. The bay side walk bordered a cliff on the east that dropped down about six to ten feet to the shoreline and docks. For years a brightly painted Chinese junk anchored near El Carmel Point added color and character to the

roller coaster at Belmont Park. My friends and I would venture over to Harry’s market on Ventura Place, take an orange crate from the trash, and nail a piece of window screen over the top. Then we’d flip it over and have a professional sand sifter. We would sneak under the highest point of the coaster (the drop) where things get real crazy, and we’d make our fortune, You see back in the 1950’s and early 60’s

Clickity-clack, clickity-clack, and then came the human screams. It’s embedded in my soul, . . . cove. I could ride my bike to school in Pacific Beach and never see another person on the ocean front boardwalk or along the bay side lane. The money I earned from the paper route was spent buying vintage cars from an ex-Indianapolis race car driver/ mechanic at Al King’s garage (across from Saska’s Steak House) where my brother and I would transform old Fords, Chevys, and Ramblers into hot rods, surf buggies or resale them to purchase surfboards, sailboats, go-carts, motorcycles and quarter midget race cars. Prior to my career as a paperboy, I made my living under the

two kinds of people rode the roller coaster on the weekends and holidays, drunken sailors and the girls that chased them. Despite the sign on the top of the drop reading: Don’t stand up, Don’t put your hands up and Hold on, that rarely happened with the tough sailors and hungry women. Silver dollars, coins, bills, wallets, purses, gold lip stick cases, combs, pocket mirrors, car keys, hats, sunglasses, phone numbers on match books, cigarettes, you name it, these items supported myself and my friends quite well. In addition, I sold the lip stick to the girls in my Catholic school, the cigarettes to the bikers at Maynard’s Bar and received “rewards” for finding car keys, wallets, purses and phone numbers. Many unique elements made Mission Beach “heaven” for us kids. One example was a small cheese cake factory (Sam’s Homemade Cheesecake) located directly across the street from the roller coaster. Kids “on the inside” knew that you could buy a damaged cake there for 50 cents by entering a side screen door into the factory. Our treasure fund from the roller coaster “lost and found” financed many a cheesecake. When you’re eight to ten years old, not much else beats a cheesecake, a day of surfing, topped off with a golden sunset to the west of the boardwalk. Other keys to our “personal bliss” was

the weather, uncrowded surfing conditions, sailing on the bay, a lack of crime, and unlimited options for water sports. For example, I had a surf mat made of canvas, inflated to a hard surface with a rope handle that carried me down waves of up to twenty feet high. Due to the lack of fins on the mat and my light body weight, I’d literally “drop over the falls” of the wave and bounce back to the top. When all else failed, we’d ride our bikes all the way to Blacks Beach near La Jolla to go surfing or just to check out our rivals at La Jolla High School. When we really got bored we’d throw water balloons across Mission Blvd. into the front seats of convertible cars driven by sailors, going in the opposite direction. For some reason, you’d always see four or five sailors in the front seat with totally empty back seats; it just seemed like a logical target. By the time the furious (wet) sailors made a u-turn in hopes of killing us, we would be long lost in the maze of courts, alleys and beach escapes. Mission Beach was a bohemian community and was “off” limits” to many kids from Pacific Beach and La Jolla. Our neighborhood had artists, beatniks, bikers, surfers, writers, sculptors, poets, folk music performers, coffee shops and other sketchy elements of society that raised feared in the suburbs. We did have a “holy rollers” church; you’d think that would’ve made a good reflection on our community. But, sometimes the status quo looks down on free-spirited and creative beach bums, it’s a global problem. What was interesting is that most of the Mission Beach kids turned out to be healthy, successful and dynamic individuals while our rich counterparts in other “upscale” beach communities turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of abandonment and rejection from their parents who were too busy making money to enjoy family and the simpler things in life, like a beach, a sunset, and cheesecake. My life has taken me on many amazing journeys, down many roads, but I always find time to return to “my beloved beach” and walk my old haunts. Sometimes, late at night, I can still hear the voices of the carnies hawking goods down the midway at the various venues in Belmont Park. I hear the screams and yells of excitement, pleasure and pain coming from the roller coaster and the fun house. I still smell the salt water taffy, almost taste the See "Mission Beach" Page 14

February 2010



Dining & Entertainment HAPPY HOUR IN MISSION VALLEY By Dick Slaker All photos by Alice Gerschler

You’ve heard the saying, “Someone has to do it”, well Editor Gina thought since San Diego dedicated last month to San Diego Restaurant Week, what

Checking out prices, Appetizers were about 50% discount which included: Shrimp, Fish Taco, Carne Asada, Quesadilla , Clams and for those wishing a Bully’s Sampler Platter consisting of calamari, chicken skewers,

The bar at Trellises Restaurant in the Town & Country Hotel

better time than to check out some of these facilities to see what’s new for Happy Hour in Mission Valley. My colleague/photographer Alice and I began our trek to interview a few of the Mission Valley properties and soon discovered that this will be an on-going project because there are so many Happy Hour locations. For starters, these five were the beginning to seeing exactly

what is out there in Mission Valley for the locals, guests, visitors, apartment and condo dwellers to enjoy and perhaps do their own ‘trekking’ like we did. BULLY’S EAST, located at 2401 Camino Del Rio South, just off I-8 and Texas Street with plenty of free parking and as you enter for Happy Hour, there is a warmth that comes forth from the entrance. I understand Bully’s East has been a 39-year tradition in San Diego and owner, Derek Dahlen, greeted us upon arrival. Happy Hours: (4:30pm to 7pm) Plus (10pm to 12:15am) was the only place we found that offered a double Happy Hour for early and late diners.

artichoke hearts, friend shrimp and garlic bread, only $8.95 during Happy Hour. Drinks are about the same 50% discount on the beer, wine and well drinks. TVs are playing throughout the restaurant to update the sports fans. Our visit was pleasant and our lunch was very well received. Bully’s East is known for there steak and fish menu, thus you won’t be disappointed in the many choices. TOWN & COUNTRY HOTEL/TRELLISES RESTAURANT located 500 Hotel Circle North has its grand piano and bar located right in the center of the dining facilities is a very pleasant atmosphere with the ta-

bles spaced around the room, plus a view of the pool and rose garden. The Happy Hour or Attitude Adjustment Hour is Monday-Saturday from 4-6pm with beer around $4. wine $5. and Well Drinks $5. with Hors d’oeuvres at a 50% discount. These range from Crisp Fries with Sea Salt and Santa Ana Hot Ketchup called the Big Dipper to Fire Roasted Shrimp with Cognac Sauce. HowAll American Grill in Hazard Center . . . Owner Mark Oliver ever, each day they have a special of the Sunrise, Bacardi Limon Rum, day drink: for example on SaturBlue Curacao, Sour Mix and a day a Grey Goose Citron with Cherry at $5. On other days of grenadine, only $5., or perhaps on Friday a Town & Country See "Happy Hour" Page 12



February 2010

"Happy Hour" (Con't from Page 12) the week: Monday is Martini Monday. Tuesday: features a Route 66 Margarita, Wednesday is the San Diego Breeze and Thursday is Pacific Ocean…enough to make you come back everyday. Of course we didn’t have time to try them all, but Manager Mark Yunker and Chef Josh Phillips were pleased to share their menu and proud of their facility, plus they mentioned that on Thursday, from 4:30 to 6:30pm, they have Jazz Music during this Happy Hour and have added Live Entertainment for later in the evening from 8 to 11pm on Friday and Saturday. The restaurant will validate your parking ticket for 3 hours. The setting is beautiful, relaxing, elegant, and peaceful for a relaxing evening that begins at 4pm. ALL AMERICAN GRILL in Hazard Center was our next stop just a couple of miles East on Friars Road and located at 7510 Hazard Center, #215. formerly Trophy’s and now owned by Mark Oliver. All American Grill is a very comfortable bar lounge/restaurant that ONLY serves American food and beverages, thus the name, All American Grill. The menu ranges from “Home on the Range” steaks to chicken to pork chops, or “From Sea to Shining Sea’, clams, shrimp, salmon to 1/2 Pound Hand Crafted burgers from New England, Wyoming or Midwestern using 100% USA Certified Angus Beef. However, check out the “Death Valley’s Kiln”, with

Naturally, the bar is almost the full length of the room making the perfect Happy Hour setting between 4-7 Monday-Friday. Prices for Specialty drinks including the All American Margarita are $5. while beer is from $3.50 to $3.75 and wine is $2. off by the glass at the Bar or on the Trolley Terrace, plus $2.00 off grazing menu selections. The All American Grill is conveniently located at the Hazard Center and the perfect location for parties, free parking and featuring only American-made spirits and some of America’s finest brews. Would you believe 16 brews on draft and artisan alcohols to sample something news? Check: for more information. PLAYA GRILL & MARGARITA BAR located in Fenton Marketplace, where I found General Manager Beth Smith greeting clients as they entered at 2401 Fenton Parkway, #D104. This is another free parking facility that just welcomes patrons to “come on in’. Happy Hour AKA as Tapas Hour is from 3 to 6 pm, and when we arrived, the place was buzzing with folks coming in for a Taquito, Merry Piglet, Taco or Chef’s daily pick or Tapas from Spain, which is the word for appetizer or hors d’oeuvre are free when ordering a drink. They are proud of their meats which come from the Niman Ranch and their carnitas recipe originated in the State of Michoacan, Mexico. They have

game on any of the dozen or more TV’s scattered throughout the restaurant. It’s a happy place and I know you will enjoy. Check it out: KINGS INN AMIGO SPOT located at 1333 Hotel Circle South with free parking awaits your arrival at their Mexican Restaurant and you can smell the

he shared the list from Buffalo Wings, Potato Skins, Onion Rings, Nachos, jumbo Hot Dogs or plain hamburger for $2.95. While the drink specials ranged from Wine at $2.50, or 12 oz. beer at $2.50 but 16 oz. at $3.50 or 24 oz. at $4.25. Margaritas from small at $4., Medium $7. and Large $10…and, I mean large! House Drinks at $3.50,

Playa Grill & Margarita Bar inFenton Marketplace

fajitas as they are just hot off the grill. The Amigo Spot is famous for their Mexican Food, therefore when we arrived, already the regulars were sitting at the bar, where Happy Hour if from 4 to 7pm Monday through Friday with an added Friday special, at 6:30 PM, the Franco Brothers Mariachi band starts the music with the traditional Mexican music. The music gets everyone ready to have a happy time and I noticed that they offer complimentary appetizers for their guests with their Margaritas. I checked out the Happy Hour Appetizer with Sales and Revenue Manager David Parrent, and

with mix drinks $4. and others, at $5. Already the bar was filling up quickly and still plenty of booth space for Happy Hour. Manager David mentioned that business is so good, they are planning to renovate some of their bar/lounge to accommodate more Happy Hour and dinner guests. Our Mission Valley Happy Hour was indeed just that, truly enjoyable places to visit and enjoy as everyone is Happy to Greet you. You really feel the ‘Welcome Mat’ is out and the door is open. More to come next month with additional Happy Hour locations.

Sudoku for March (Solution on Page 14)

Lings Inn/The Amigo Spot

700 degree wood fired oven hearth roasted personal pizzas. Mark is proud of his relationship with basketball coach Steve Fischer and the basketball team. You can watch many sporting events with the multi TV’s giving viewers a perfect ‘shot’ at the TV.

over 20 different tequilas. Tapas are available all day, but during Happy Hour is a good time to take advantage of their Happy Hour discounts…$1. off Specialty Margaritas, $5. off Playa Rita, $ Playa Pale Ale. Come to watch your favorite football

February 2010



Faith & Values Mission Federal Credit Union, Junior Achievement, Cox & Channel 4 Announce Results for Teachers “Thank You” Contest 16 area teachers are honored in award-winning initiative to promote the important role they have on San Diego County youth The results are in! Mission Federal Credit Union, Junior Achievement and Cox Communication announce the results of the “I’m Thankful for My Teacher” campaign, which is designed to give parents and children an opportunity to thank the teachers in their lives for their hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, support and willingness to go the extra mile for students and families throughout San Diego County The campaign, now in its second year, continues to exceed expectations with students sending in an impressive 7,345 thank-you notes to 815 teachers at 152 different schools throughout San Diego. “We’re very pleased with the response and student participation,” said Tricia Link , vice president of community relations and business development for Mission Federal. “Students and par-

ents from throughout the County shared their well-wishes and gratitude for teachers who are making a positive difference in their lives. We have no doubt that this effort will increase the morale of teachers and education professionals who have been affected by budget cuts and unemployment worries for some time now.” The top six winning elementary, middle, and high school teachers who received the most thank-you notes were given a $150 Westfield Shoppingtown gift card to reward themselves for all of their hard work. Additionally, the students in the classes of the winning teachers received a classroom party, or fieldtrip of their choice, and the gift of Junior Achievement’s award-winning financial education curriculum taught in their classroom for an

San Diego Master Chorale Donates Concert Tickets to Local Schools The San Diego Unified School District has seen a budget reduction of over 20% in the past three years. They anticipate receiving nearly $100 million less in the 2010-2011 school year than in prior years. The programs that have suffered the most are those centered around the arts. One local arts organization is working to help promote music education despite the times. The San Diego Master Chorale is offering local school music programs free tickets to attend their upcoming concert: Cathedral Classics: Music for Choirs from Sacred Spaces Concert on March 20th, 2010. This is a part of a larger effort by the organization to help boost music education in San Diego by offering and educational outreach program entitled “The History of Choral Music” to local elementary schools. Schools may elect to give tickets to students or to sell the tickets within their community to raise money for their school music departments. According to Executive Director, Joanne Couvrette, ”Community outreach is a big part of who we are as an organization. It is so integral to our goals that we include it in our mission statement. We are doing all we can to ensure that our children still have

access to music and the arts.” The San Diego Master Chorale has offered their education outreach to local schools for decades, but has expanded their program to compensate for state and city budget cuts to music funding. The program has grown to serve many more students, from just over 700 in 2008 to over 3,900 in 2009 and is projected to be presented to over 5,000 students in 2010. Tickets are limited, so schools who are interested in the free concert tickets or in a presentation of “A History of Choral Music” are encouraged to call the San Diego Master Chorale as soon as possible for more information. The San Diego Master Chorale, a 501(c)3, is in its 49thseason. The professional caliber group is composed of 120 volunteer singers, directed by Music Director Dr. Gary McKercher . The “Voice of San Diego” often performs with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra and at other venues across the county. To see the San Diego Master Chorale in concert, please come to the Cathedral Classics concert at St. Paul’s Cathedral Saturday March 20th at 8:00pm or visit for upcoming concert informan.

entire school year, compliments of Mission Federal Credit Union. Mission Fed also rewarded the top six schools turning in the most thank-you notes with $200 School Spirit Awards. This year’s winning teachers and schools. Winning Teachers and Classes Elementary School: 1. Maria Arjona, Fourth Grade Otay Elementary School, Chula Vista School District 2. Felipe De La Pena, Sixth Grade - El Toyon Elementary, National School District Middle School: 1. Zamaria Rocio - Science Horace Mann Middle School,

San Diego Unified School District 2. Renee Robbins - Reading/language arts - San Elijo Middle, San Marcos School District High School: 1. Kellie Larsen, AVID Teacher/Coordinator & Cheer Advisor - Point Loma High Scho ol, San Diego Unified School District 2. Kristina Campbell, Teacher and C.A.R.E Club Advisor Sweetwater Union High School, Sweetwater Union School District See "Teachers" Page 14

CHURCHES IN OR NEAR MISSION VALLEY For your convenience Holy Angels Byzantine Catholic Church 2235 Galahad Road 858-277-2511 First United Methodist 2111 Camino Del Rio South 619-297-4366 First Assembly of God 8404 Phyllis Place 858-560-1870 Calvary Southern Baptist 6866 Linda Vista Road 858-277-7078 Immaculata Catholic University of San Diego Campus 5998 Alcala Park 619-574-5700 Immaculate Conception Old Town 2540 San Diego Avenue 619-295-4148 Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala 10818 San Diego Mission Road 619-283-7319 Joyful Living Church 3505 Camino Del Rio South 619-521-4800 Holy Family Catholic Church 1957 Coolidge Street 858-277-0404 United Church of Christ 2877 Governor Drive 858 453 3444 Your Church or Synagogue can be listed here. Please call 619-291-0200.



February 2010

MISSION VALLEY ROTARY CLUB "Mission Beach" (Con't from Page 10) bon-bons, and crave cotton candy. I see myself and my friends on the bumper cars, in the batting cage, up onto the ferris wheel and over in Frontier Land. Many times, I’ve wondered if my childhood was really as “golden” as I think it was. Is it possible that I was born and lived in “heaven” or was it just my wild imagination? Looking back, I’d have to say it was pure magic. Sometimes all you need is cheese cake, uncrowded beaches, endless sunsets, spare change, water bal-

loons, sailors, friends and family. Yes, Mission Valley has a beach, I know it well, and sometimes life really is a beach. You just have to make the best of the situation and enjoy it ~ one grain of sand at a time. Steve Dryden, born in Mission Beach, now lives in Mexico’s premier wine country (near Ensenada) where he guides private and small group wine tours. He can be reached at:

"Teachers" (Con't from Page 13) School Spirit Awards 1 The Daly Academy - Chula Vista Elementary School District 2. Gaspar de Portola Middle School - San Diego Unified School District 3. Grossmont High School Grossmont Union High School District 4. Ira Harbison Elementary National School District 5. Nativity Prep - Downtown San Diego 6. Pacific Rim Elementary Carlsbad Unified School District 7. Rancho Buena Vista High School - Vista Unified High School District 8. Saint Michael Academy Diocese of San Diego 9. Southwest Middle School Sweetwater High School District 10. Vista Academy of Visual and Performing Arts - Vista Unified School District Outstanding Teacher Dedication Awards 1. Ashley Everly-Byers, East Hills Academy 2. Christine Millar, Dingeman Elementary School

3. Dave MacLeod, Abraxas High School 4. Debra Cruse, Oak Crest Middle School 5. Elizabeth Stewart, John D. Spreckles Bilingual Magnet Elementary 6. Jason Mangan, Bonita Vista High School 7. Karen Anderson-Orr, Southwest Middle School 8. Kristin Shea, Monarch School 9. Adrian Lindeen, Grossmont High School 10. Michelle Mead, Harriet Tubman Village Charter School In its initial year (2008), the heartwarming campaign garnered two prestigious national and international awards from the Credit Union National Association for top community campaign and a global Entrepreneurial Spirit award from the MetLife Foundation , which encourages implementation of the thank-you campaign in conjunction with Junior Achievement chapters throughout the United States and globally.

Solution - March Sudoku

CALENDAR FOR MARCH 2010 March 04, 2010 UCAN Michael Shames, Executive Director of UCAN (Utilities Consumers’ Action Network. March 11, 2010 Rotary GSE Team from Ecuador March 18, 2010 Elder Abuse Paul Greenwood, Head of the Elder Abuse Unit of the District Attorney’s Office will update us on the latest in the elder abuse prosecution. Learn about the newest scams and how to avoid them. This program is for younger adults as well as older. March 25, 2010 The Story of Tiffany and Company: ‘Triumph and Design’ Cathryn Ramirez, Group Director for Tiffany & Co. oversees all retail sales, administration and operations for the stores located in San Diego, Palm Desert, Pasadena and Glendale. Regular Meetings of the Mission Valley Rotary Club are Held at noon every Thursday at the Trellises Restaurant Town & Country Hotel 500 Hotel Cirde North, San Diego 92108 Parking will be validated at the restaurant Guests $20. RSVP to Andrew Tuccillo at

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DISPLAY AD SPACE DEADLINE I If not on a contract - 5pm* March 22




Call 619-291-0200 for the 2010 schedule * Deadline to reserve space for advertisers not currently on a contract.

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February 2010

Mission Valley News - March 2010  
Mission Valley News - March 2010