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September 16, 2011

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Volume V – Number 9

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District 7

Mission Valley will now be a part of District 7 By Vince Meehan

an Diego’s 1 Louder is going for a $25,000 grand prize as part of Jack 100.7 FM & Viejas Casino’s "Ultimate Music Challenge" going on every Sunday at the Dreamcatcher Lounge at Viejas. The contest comes to a climax at the finals on Oct. 23, but first, they had to make it past the first round. Before the show, bassist Ryan Brewer took me aside and said, "I’m nervous, and I never get nervous before a show!" But you couldn’t blame him, after all, they were the first band to go on the very first show of the contest. Ryan told me, "I’m not sure if going on first is better or worse. The judges will have nobody to compare us to at first, but then going on last gives you plenty of time to overthink your performance." 1 Louder consists of Ryan Brewer on bass, his brother Rob on guitar, Michael Fontana on drums, and singer Joel McKinney. They have been together as a band for three years, and all are married with kids except for Rob who is single. Mike and Ryan had formerly been in a band together called “Big Fat Monkey”, while Rob had a band called “Pink Snake”. Ryan had originally been asked

On Aug. 25, the City’s Redistricting Commission took its final vote on new city council district boundaries for the city of San Diego, as a result, Mission Valley will now be a part of District 7. This will go into effect after the November 2012 general election. In addition, a new 9th District was created and will cover the area south of I-8, including the College Area, Rolando, El Cerrito, City Heights, Talmadge, Kensington, and South along Interstate 15, including the Mount Hope, Mountain View, and Southcrest communities. This new 9th District was created after the "stong mayor" form of government was adopted by the City of San Diego. Before this, there were eight districts in San Diego with eight councilmembers sitting in voting seats on the City Council. The mayor voted on issues as well, serving

See 1 LOUDER, page 15

See DISTRICT 7, page 15

Go for one higher

by Vince Meehan

$25,000 lays on the line for a slew of San Diego's hardest working cover bands at Viejas


MEL comes to Mission Valley Mission Valley is now home to Mel Makaric’s fifth and newest restaurant named Mission Valley Cafe. Makaric and her husband Alex opened their first eatery in Escondido in 1997, called Centre City Cafe and opened a second called Lake Murray Cafe in La Mesa seven years later. Alex says that restaurant was opened because Mel wanted one for herself. Now the couple owns five restaurants all under the umbrella name of "San Diego Home Cooking” where the focus is on comfort food specialties like meatloaf, pork chops, and a traditional turkey dinner. Mel takes pride in explaining that everything on the menu is home-made on the premises. This goes for the rolls, stuffing and even the dressings. Mel and Alex grew up in Serbia and moved to San Diego when she was 20. She says that the original intent was to go to Chicago, but a friend insisted that she visit San Diego first. They fell in love with the city See MEL, page 4

The Miramar Air Show Returns to San Diego! Page 2

There's a new guitar shop in the Morena District. Even this trashed axe holds hope. Page 10

Bonnie Dumanis pays tribute to 911 heroes Page 7

Page 2 — September 16, 2011

Old Town San Diego Art Festival


A Celebration of Art, Music, Food, and Wine! Saturday, October 1 & Sunday, October 2, 2011

ON FILM by Vivian Nguyen


Moon Madness! When I think of a horror movie, it’s safe to say that my mind often leads to dark sets, creepy wide-eyed dolls with cracked faces, possessed children or clown stalkers. And maybe a ruthless murderer who always seems to have a convenient dagger in hand. These movies come with variations of course, but astronauts and tiny space ships usually do not come to mind. But alas, that is exactly what Apollo 18 is; a horror movie set in outer space. This summer flick is shot in a mockumentary style, which is basically a fictitious film shot in a documentary style. The movie is based on a conspiracy theory concerning Apollo 18, which was a supposed canceled moon mission back in the 1970’s. The basis of the story is that the film clips put together for the movie, were shots from the covert mission that were retrieved and leaked. The main characters in this story are two astronauts, Benjamin Anderson (Warren Christie) and Nathan Walker (Lloyd Owen), whose assignment is to go to the moon on this top secret mission. Everything goes smoothly until shortly after their arrival, when things suddenly take a turn for the worse. They find a recently damaged Soviet ship nearby their site, and its inhabitant’s corpse not too far from the spacecraft. As the story unfolds, both Ben and Nate begin to realize that they have been assigned to the mission not for the reasons that they were told. But rather because the United States Department of Defense needed men on the moon as See VIV, page 5

Watch as the streets of Historic Old Town San Diego transform into an art extravaganza at this year’s Old Town San Diego Art Festival. The Old Town Chamber of Commerce invites you to experience a world full of colorful art, live music, international food and exotic wines. Stroll down San Diego Avenue as we fill the streets with over 100 artists in a variety of mediums. The Old Town San Diego Chamber of Commerce invites you and your family to come out and enjoy this FREE art festival, so don’t miss out! All proceeds benefit this non-profit organization. For more information, call 619.233.5008 or visit

Tim Gunn comes to Fashion Valley Style expert and Project Runway co-host Tim Gunn will be at Fashion Valley on Sept. 24, 2011 to share his expertise as he hosts a Fall 2011 fashion show featuring Juicy Couture, Kate Spade New York and Lucky Brand. Guests will enjoy the latest looks for Fall, get invaluable fit and style tips and learn how to maximize their wardrobe! After the show, Gunn will host an open forum Q & A giving fans an opportunity to ask the style guru about Project Runway, personal style or just about anything they want to know. There is no need to RSVP, seating is open but limited. The event itself is free to attend, but with a purchase of $150 or more from Juicy, Kate or Lucky guests will be invited up on the runway to meet Tim Gunn, be professionally photographed with the style guru and receive special gifts for the season!

A Mission Hills HeritageEvent Saturday, Sept. 24 1- 4pm

"A Walk Along the Streetcar Line,” this year’s annual docent-led walking tour sponsored by Mission Hills Heritage (MHH), explores the route of the streetcar line through Mission Hills and the beautiful century-old homes and commercial buildings that burgeoned with the introduction of the line. A vintage San Diego streetcar will also be featured on the tour.

Tickets are $10 for MHH members and $15 for non-members and the ticket table opens at 12:30 p.m. on tour day at 1527 West Lewis Street. Tours leave every 15 minutes and last 60 to 90 minutes. Walking shoes advised. Refreshments served at end of tour. For more information Email or phone (619) 497-1193.

Sumi-E Art

AT THE MISSION VALLEY LIBRARY Wednesdays at 3pm-5pm (Sept. 7, 14, 21, 28) Learn the Japanese style of ink and brush painting. Expand your appreciation of classical Japanese art. Beginners are welcome. The instruction is geared for 55+, but all ages are welcome. This class is being conducted by the San Diego Community College Continuing Education Center. For more information please call the Mid-City campus at 619-388-4500.

San DiegoAirshows Miramar Air Show Sept. 31, Oct. 1 & 2

The Miramar Air Show has been a local tradition for more than 30 years. It is one of the largest air shows in the nation and is free to the public. The U.S. Navy Blue Angels air demonstration team is headlining the show, which includes vintage aircraft as well as the explosive Marine Air-Ground Assault Demo (MAGTF). This demonstration simulates an airbourne attack and includes the newly stationed OV-22 Osprey vertical take-off craft as well as armored units. Bring sunscreen and a camera!

Ramona Airport Open House Sept 24 The Ramona Airport will have an open house which is free to the public as well. The event features aerial displays, vintage fighter planes, tours, and a big rig truck show. Ramona Airport is located at 2926 Montecito Road in Ramona. Once again, bring sunscreen and a camera! — September 16, 2011

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Sept. 20 - 25 San Diego Civic Theatre

The Blue Man Group brings it’s unique show to San Diego for a five-day run next week. These silent fellows have toured previously with its Megastar arena rock show, this marks the first theatrical production to tour North America. A live band, whose haunting tribal rhythms help drive the show to its climax, accompany the jolly blue fellows. Blue Man Group on tour also features a new physical design centering around a proscenium-sized LED curtain and highresolution screen creating an entirely new visual experience for Broadway houses across the nation.


Dog Days of Summer: Sizzling or Rattling? How to take the bite out of Rattlesnake Aversion Training by Andrea Hartmann

If you are like many dog owners here in California you have probably heard of Rattlesnake Aversion Training, thought about it and then decided you didn’t really need it. After all what are the chances of encountering a rattlesnake, right? You have a fenced yard, don’t do much hiking with your dogs, and certainly never let them off the leash. However, sometimes you don’t have to go far to encounter an unwanted critter. In our case, it was right our yard last summer, lying just a foot away from the front door. The reason rattlesnakes are active in summer is not only the dry and hot weather, but August through October is breeding season. Our two Scotties thought this Southern Pacific Rattlesnake was up for grabs but the only one

oseph Gleason is the manager of San Diego’s newest hotspot “The Griffin” located in the heart of the newly emerging entertainment district of Morena. Gleason and his parner Chris, recently refurbished the former “O’Connel’s” bar, and plan on making it a new and exciting venue for everything from music, to fashion shows and sports viewing events. Says Gleason, “We wanted to retain the neighborhood bar vibe of the place, but also offer the area all sorts of new entertainment features as well as good craft beers. Gleason made it a point to refurbish the club with new quality sound and lighting in hopes of attracting San Diego’s hottest bands. The place was redesigned with a classy wood and leather motif featuring two pool tables and a hand shuffleboard table which is free to play. Gleason intends to throw out unique entertainment themes on various nights to see what is popular with his clientèle. On the 21st, he plans on staging a first-of-akind entertainment event that he says will be sure to blow you away. But he’s keeping the details under wraps until the event as not to give away the theme. “You’ll want to be there I promise you,” says Gleason with a wry knowing smile.

grabbed was our girl Lili. Fast forward, after 3 days in intensive care, two rounds of anti-venom, transfusions, temporary paralysis and over $4,ooo in veterinary bills, Lili was one of the lucky ones and returned home. As paranoia set in, we started to educate ourselves about Rattle Snake Aversion Training. Aversion or Avoidance Training teaches the dog to recognize the presence of a rattlesnake through sight, smell and sound. When the dog approaches the snake a negative stimulus is released through a low-level electronic collar making it an unpleasant meeting. We learned that there are many companies out there that use various methods, some more effective than others. This is how we met Erick Briggs who is a herpetologist and animal trainer and owner of Natural Solutions. Briggs works with his own live snakes that are indigenous to various areas. As he explained there is little point in training with a western diamondback, which is typically not found in this region. He made a special point of bringing a southern pacific rattlesnake since this was the snake that bit Lili. Did I mention that he does house calls? The snakes that Briggs brings are humanely treated; they are muzzled so there is no danger to humans or animals. Briggs and his assistant Erin Shelley set up the yard while we waited in the house with our dogs. We had decided that Lili, who was still recovering and weak, would have to wait till next year. He then spent time with our dogs and us and explained in detail what he was going See SNAKES!, page 4

THE AGE OF AQUARIUS Dawns In San Diego The Smash Tony Award®-Winning Broadway Revival Of H A I R Comes to San Diego Civic Theatre Oct. 18– 23. HAIR: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical, will play the San Diego Civic Theatre for a limited engagement, Tuesday October 18 through Sunday October 23, 2011; as a Broadway/San Diego ~ A Nederlander Presentation. Tickets for HAIR are available now only as part of a Broadway/San Diego 2010-2011 Season subscription package or through the group sales office. Oskar Eustis, Artistic Director of the Public Theater, commented, “The National Tribe of Hair are the most beautiful beasts in the forest, an amazingly talented group who will be bringing HAIR’S message of peace and justice across the United States. Let the sun shine in!”

Page 4 — September 16, 2011

Snakes!, from page 3

Mel, from page 1

to do. Briggs put the collar on Stuart and walked him around the yard for a few minutes on a very long leash. His assistant placed a baby rattlesnake in the grass nearby and after a few seconds Stuart noticed it. He slowly made his way forward and just as he was a few inches away he received a small buzz. No jolt, no yelp, in fact Stuart did a little hop and looked puzzled. Stuart wasn’t entirely convinced so he decided to check the little snake again. Ears pointed, expression intent, he inched his way forward … “buzz”. Briggs then led him on the leash to approach the snake again. Nope, Stu was having nothing to do with it. He pulled in the other direction and off they went. Eventually our dog stopped and started sniffing around. What was that smell? He busied himself around the bougainvillea and “buzz”. Another hop. He had sniffed out a snakeskin. He immediately hid behind Briggs and made no attempt to return to the discarded skin. Off they went again. Stuart then noticed a large unfamiliar rock. What was this rock doing on his path? It wasn’t there this morning, so he was determined to check it out. He then realized that this rock made a new and interesting sound... it rattled! As he got nearer the snake rattled louder and louder - “buzz”. The final part of the exercise was when a very large snake was placed in the middle of the yard. Stu could see it, smell it and hear it and he wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. He made a huge circle around it putting as much distance as possible between them. Briggs even let him off the leash and our dog found the safest and most distant path away from the snake into our house. We were flabbergasted; this had all taken no more than ten minutes. Stuart was calm and as for me I wasn’t shaking like a leaf. Having witnessed other methods of avoidance training I was extremely apprehensive, I wanted a method that worked but not traumatize my dog and inflict unnecessary pain. As Briggs explained, the intensity of the collar is set to give a clear message, that the buzz is to be associated with a rattler; and if the dog responds quickly there is no reason to increase the intensity to have the desired result. But does it work in the long run? Briggs returned this August to train Lili and to see if Stuart needed retraining. The moment Stuart saw and smelled the snakes he tried to hide behind Briggs and get as far away as possible. He remembered everything he had been taught. Lili understood after only two clicks from the collar that a snake is not something she ever wants to check out again. In the event a rattlesnake bites your dog, get him to the vet immediately. It is a good idea to check with your local vet to see if they carry anti-venom and treat snakebites. Otherwise make sure you know where the nearest Animal Emergency is. Another thing to consider is the Rattlesnake Vaccine. The vaccine does not replace the anti-venom but may lessen the severity and side effects of the bite and also shorten a lengthy hospital stay. The rattlesnake bite was a dramatic lesson for us, but shouldn’t be for your dog. We will have the training done one or two more times, as Briggs recommended, to make sure that another encounter will be from a safe distance. That way, both the snake and the dog continue to mind their own business. To learn more go to

and soon opened the Escondido eatery where they featured Hungarian dishes like goulash and stuffed peppers. The couple take pride in offering more for less, and going the extra mile by cutting their own steaks and grinding their own meat. Mel likes to think that the extra care used is appreciated by her customers. Pride in her food is a paramount influence to her business model. This influence she attributes to her mom, who loves to cook as well. Mel says that about 80% of her customers are Mission Valley resident regulars, so she sees a lot of the same faces at her place. She is definitely the personality of the chain with her outgoing personality and regular appearances on tv, while Alex prefers to hold down the business side of the company. Together, they have founded a chain of restaurants where quality and care take the drivers seat, and the customers always come back for more. The Mission Valley Cafe is located in the old Loves location next to the Denny’s at Mission Center road and highway 8. You can learn more at: www.


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If you could ask God one question what would you ask? Bear Grylls

Star of Man vs. Wild, Discovery Channel

St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church 6556 Park Ridge Blvd. San Diego, CA 92120 Across from Patrick Henry H.S.

On an Alpha course, guests explore the Christian faith in a relaxed setting over 11 thought-provoking sessions. Each week guests enjoy a meal and a talk on subjects as diverse as “Who is Jesus?”, “How Can I Have Faith?” and “How Can I Make the The AlphA Course Most of the Rest of My Life?” explore the meaning of life Begins Sunday Sept. 18, 2011 5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. St. Dunstan’s Parish House

Non-denominational Light supper & program Childcare provided

For more information or to register contact Roy or Anita at (619) 460-6442 or

For Rental Owners:

For Rental Residents:

• We diligently screen for qualified residents • We aggressively collect rents • We pass thru great discounts on maintenance and repairs • We provide monthly financial statements • We maintain your property as if it were our own.

• We provide you with quality housing that is competitively priced • We diligently respond to your maintenance needs • We review our lease paperwork clearly with you • We protect and assist you on building your credit rating • We respond to you in a professional manner

Our interactive website provides a valuable resource of community and housing information

619.286.7600 — September 16, 2011

Old Town Staycation

Have you been longing to get away from the drudgery and stress of everyday life? Are you long overdue for a vacation but feel you can’t spare the time or money? A fantastic Staycation may be just what the doctor ordered. Luckily for you, you’re ahead of most people since you already live in an amazing city. So Diego Tours suggests you make Old Town the site of your next staycation, and join them as they kick off their Tequila, Tacos and Tombstones Tour this September. Old Town is known as the birthplace of San Diego, and is the original site of the city we all love so much. This area is a historic neighborhood infused with modern vitality. If you want to tempt your taste buds with a plethora of restaurants, while getting some fun historical facts, the Tequilas, Tacos, and Tombstones can help add to your experience as a “tourist”. The tour will offer a tempting taste of a few of the best restaurants in Old Town, as well as some local lore about the Whaley House and El Campo Santo Cemetery. You may just learn something new about an old haunt, or even meet new friends. Of course, first you’ll want to know where your home (not-so-far) away from home is. If you want to rest your head in a piece of history, book one of the ten rooms at The Cosmopolitan Restaurant and Hotel. This bed and breakfast hotel is the only one officially within the boundaries of Old Town San Diego State Historic Park and the rooms are beautifully furnished with 1870’s antiques. The original adobe structure, built between 1827 and 1829, was once the family home of Juan Bandini, a colorful and important player in San Diego’s early development. You’ll never go hungry as the full-service bar and restaurant is open 7 days a week for lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. You can also partake in a happy hour before you head out to explore, daily from 3-6pm. After you’re feeling cheery from happy hour, check out the shops in Old Town. Since you saved a bundle by not buying a plane ticket, you owe it to yourself to buy yourself something nice, right? With over 100 shops and 10 unique art galleries to experience, you’re certain to find a suitable souvenir or two. You can find leather shops, beauty stores, fine art and everything in between. If all that shopping has worked up an appetite, you won’t be disappointed by the selection of restaurants in Old Town. With over 25 restaurants within a one-mile radius, Old Town won’t disappoint those with a taste for authentic cultural cuisine. There is something for every taste and budget, with many award-winning restaurants in the area. Any place with as much history as Old Town is sure to develop a few ghost stories, and Old Town has enough ghoulish tales to give you goose bumps even in the balmy San Diego sun. The Whaley House is thought by many to be the most haunted house in the United States. So Diego Tours hopes you’ll join us in re-discovering Old Town’s many charms! Learn more at:

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Landscape Design Sprinkler Installation Trees & Shrubs Tree Trimming & Removal Synthetic Grass Decking Fencing Masonry & Concrete • • • • • • •

“Don't be afraid to make a mistake, your readers might like it.”

-William Randolph Hearst

Open Daily until 2am • (Sunday 4pm – 2am) • $10 dances until 10pm * Friday and Sat until 7pm • Free cover free dance until 6pm daily

Viv, from page 2 “guinea pigs” to confirm the existence of pre-supposed extra-terrestrial life on the moon. As for the ETs, these are not your typical slimy, green, wiggly-tentacled aliens that you would expect in a regular sci-fi movie. If anything, the specimens are underwhelming and are nowhere near as horrifying as they could have been. However, it’s their capabilities and devious air that makes them so creepy. Some of the footage was also surprisingly somewhat believable if you didn’t think too hard about the convenient parts where the film “gave out.” The lack of music was also a wise choice; it established the eerie tone that carried throughout the entirety of the movie. But if you are anything like me, and know little to nothing about space and NASA, then you will not understand the entire first quarter of the movie due to the large amounts of space jargon. I think the plot took too long to kick into gear and get interesting. But, the good news is that when it did get rolling, it moved much faster and you couldn’t help feeling for the helpless victims as with each event, everything began to spiral downwards. It had a very realistic feel to it. Every time Nate or Ben was holding the camera, you felt as though you were standing on the moon with them, watching as the shocking events took place one after another. There were definitely heart-stopping moments in the film, but this is more of a suspense or a thriller sci-fi movie than a horror flick. Overall, it’s a good movie to pass the time on a long, weekend afternoon, but it’s probably far from the greatest movie of the summer. It was actually a pretty original movie that took a stab in the dark and took a pretty big risk by doing something different from other films that shared the same genre. But did the risk pay off? Only one way to find out! … Although you probably won’t be able to look at rocks the same way by the time the credits roll across the screen.

Stamped Concrete Brick Work Rock Gardens • Drainage Interlocking Pavers Keystone Retaining Walls Country Manor Walls Water Features

($10 drink charge) Free lunch till 3pm m-sat • Military Special: Mondays $5 cover charge and unlimited fountain drink $5 Shot and a beer next door at Paradise Mondays only, no premiums • Free pool, hookah lounge, bar and grill next door

• Dub Step Mondays featuring DJ “Bama” • Birthday and Bachelor and

bachelorette party headquarters.

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Déjà vu Showgirls 2720 Midway Dr. San Diego CA 92110

(Mission Valley News) Must be 18+ with valid id. l Not valid during special events.


$10 unlimited fountain drink charge will apply.

Open Daily until 2am (Sunday 4pm – 2am)

Expires: 10/15/11

Find us on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube

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Valley Views By Gina Cord, Founder of this newspaper

Construction at Civita begins With the beginning of construction of the OriGen for-sale homes by Shea Homes, the neighborhood starts to take shape at Civita, Sudberry Properties latest development in Mission Valley. Nestled into the heart of the Foothills District, this enclave of row-homes combines relaxed urban living with a modern aesthetic. Expansive windows transmit an abundance of natural light, while spacious floor plans create comfortable, flexible living spaces which are perfect for entertaining or retreating from the bustling life of Mission Valley. Some residences in OriGen cluster around 12 beautifully landscaped courtyard gardens where neighbors can socialize on weekends. OriGen will also feature a private recreational facility, complete with a saltwater pool and lounge style spa relaxation deck. Just steps from Civita’s civic core, residents will enjoy its convenient location adjacent to the retail center. Proximity to the Trolley will enable the buyers to get to and from anywhere in metro San Diego, including Qualcomm Stadium, great restaurants, golf, Old Town and Civita’s very own park. The OriGen Social Garden section will include 127 courtyard style townhomes with 5 floor plans of 2 or 3 bedrooms in 1,390 to 2,110 square feet at anticipated pricing from the low to mid $400’s, while the OriGen Sky Loft section will include 73 Loft Townhomes, in 3 floor plans of 2 or 3 bedrooms in 1,452 to 1,760 square feet with anticipated pricing from the mid to high $400’s. First phase release is planned to late Fall/Winter with closing scheduled for the Spring of 2012. For more information contact Robin Biltucci and the OriGen sales office located in Rio Vista Shopping Center near the Sears store on Rio San Diego Drive in Mission Valley or call Shea Homes’ Sales Manger, Vanessa Linn at 858.526.6500 As soon as the roads are completed in Civita, which is anticipated to be in about two months, the OriGen’s sales office will relocate to the Civita development. We welcome Who’s News and What’s News for this column. Contact Gina Cord at

Vietnamese cuisine BY LISA COX


Elephant Ears- The Asian Potato Taro, a staple in Asian cuisine, is a starchy, potato-like tuber with a brown, fibrous skin and gray-white flesh. When cooked, it has a nutty flavor. When grown as an ornamental plant, it is often referred to as “Elephant Ears.” Taro has needle-shaped raphides which contain calcium oxalate, a crystal like substance that is harsh on the skin and has the same effect on the mouth as fiberglass. You should oil your hands or wear gloves when handling raw taro. In its raw state, taro can be toxic and if not cooked properly, it can cause severe gastrointestinal distress. People who eat raw taro root often end up in the hospital. Taro can be found in ethnic markets or specialty produce stores. Choose roots that are firm, smooth, and hairy with no wrinkling. It can be stored for up to one week in a cool and dry location, just make sure the roots do not dry out. Taro is high in fiber and contains vitamins C, E and B6, copper, potassium and manganese. It reduces the effects of the toxins which contribute to kidney stones, gout or rheumatoid arthritis. When cooking taro, be careful not to overcook it or it will become mushy. To prepare taro, boil it until it is just barely fork soft (10 to 20 minutes), cool, and peel the skin. To roast it, slice the boiled and peeled taro and season it with tumric and cayenne pepper. Bake for ten minutes at 350 degrees, then broil for six minutes turning the pieces half way through. They should be lightly golden brown. Taro is also good in stews or soups, or deep-fried as tempura. Its large edible leaves (called callaloo) can be prepared and eaten like mustard or turnip greens. If you are not able to find taro, parsnip, sweet potatoes, new potatoes or yams are good substitutes. Enjoy!

The Kabbs come clean By Vince Meehan

Local band The Kabbs played a set of their 60’s inspired music to a full house at the official grand opening of The Griffin in the Morena district. Guitarist Kyle Whatley, who also doubles on vocals, likes to play his Stratocaster clean. This combined with using open acoustic-style chords as opposed to bar chords, gives him a classic vintage Yardbirds-style sound that carries without excessive volume. Bass player Chase Elliott, who sings vocals as well, plays a hollowbody bass which completes the motif. Drummer Brandon Whentley holds down a steady pulse while lead vocalist Brian Clinebell channels Jim Morrison over the 4/4 beat. The Kabbs are a North Park band of skaters who recently landed a licensing deal with Transworld Surf who plan on using The Kabbs’ music as part of a soundtrack. The guys say they play locally, as well as around SoCal and even Arizona. They get these gigs by networking with fellow bands who they hang out with. Says Chase Elliot, “It’s really cool that bands these days support each other rather than compete dog-eat-dog style. The way we see it, if you are good enough, there is room for everybody”. The Kabbs got their vintage roots by listening to classic 60’s bands as well as Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Elevators. They currently have recorded six tracks which they are promoting on college and indie radio stations. At the end of our interview, The Kabbs wanted to make sure that everybody was aware that you can download their songs free off their website. Nice! — September 16, 2011

Guitar ZONe

By Dennis Hartmann

Page 7

A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Guitar (Part 1)


o you or one of your kids decided to take up playing guitar. The first question that comes to mind is: Will he or she stick to it or is it just a fad? Let’s assume this person is committed and move on to another big question: What guitar should I get? A steel string or a classical guitar with nylons? Consider this: The fingertips of a beginner are, how shall I say, somewhat “pure and innocent”. Playing on a stringed instrument for an extended amount of time leaves most people crying “ouch”, dreaming of a bucket of ice to cool their fingers. This is especially true for the steel string guitar. The build-up of callous will take quite some time and the playing technique of beginners is not yet where is should be. A nylon stringed guitar goes very easy on your fingers, the neck is wider than a steel string to leave you plenty of room to maneuver your fingers to form the first chords. And gone are the days when the classical guitar was considered “totally out!” Look at Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz, these guys use classical guitars as well. Now let’s look at your budget and what’s out there to buy. For starters, it’s really a bad idea to get the cheapest guitar a store has to offer. The fun of playing is very short lived and can put an end to “Stairway to Heaven” before the song even began. Let’s go shopping in my next column.

Fitz and the Tantrums by Elle Winsett

If you were anywhere other than the Del Mar Racetracks during the first Friday night of the month, you were in the wrong place! The Del Mar summer concert series has finished up for now, but it’s still buzzing. Fitz and the Tantrums was where it was at, and it was a perfect way to end the summer. With music for the coming equinox, Fitz and the Tantrums played a heated show with songs that rocked in the autumn weather chill. Fitz played with biting, sassy lyrics, high class saxophone, enthusiastic tambourine playing, and vocals that would make even the hardest of hearts break. These guys put on a SHOW and, despite microphone troubles, they made it work with some slick improvisation. (And some sexy stage chemistry!) Whether you’re young, old, or somewhere in between, Fitz and the Tantrums’ nostalgic sound is sure to charm the pants off of anyone, and of course, make you dance till your knees are trembling. Next time these indie pop soul masters are in town, you best be there to see, hear, and FEEL what all that funky noise is about!



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911 Remembered By Bonnie M. Dumanis


en years ago, our country, our state and our city were changed forever. The 9/11 attacks brought a new threat to public safety across the country and those of us in law enforcement were called to rise to that challenge. And now, we remember countless acts of bravery and courage that day by so many in uniform - and out. We remember the vital work done by first responders, especially the more than 300 firefighters who rushed into the twin towers to save lives, knowing they may not come out. We remember all the victims of the horrific attack and our hearts go out to their loved ones for whom this will always be a difficult day, no matter how many years pass. On September 11, 2001, we stopped being Democrats or Republicans, Californians or New Yorkers - we were simply all Americans. Today, I remain convinced that our country’s resiliency, determination and strength continue to move us beyond the tragedy of 9/11. Law enforcement in San Diego has responded over the past decade with even greater cooperation and preparedness. I’m proud to be a leader in that law enforcement community and today I share in the collective remembrance of a day that brought out the best in all of us. Let us recommit ourselves to the spirit of responding to tragedy by working together, coming together and caring for one another. This anniversary is a moment for Americans, and San Diegans to continue focusing on what unites us, not what divides us

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Foo Fighters

WHATS UP By Elle Winsett

Who's hot and coming to town?

Bright Eyes - Sept. 21st at Soma. Classic indie emo rock that has defined a generation... and still going strong! Bright Eyes will never go out of style! Arctic Monkeys with TV on the Radio - Sept. 24th at SDSU Open Air Theatre. Biting lyrics and a rebellious edge to their sound... Arctic Monkeys say a lot with very little. Grouplove - Sept. 24th at House of Blues. A bit alternative, but still very much about GROUPLOVE. These guys insist upon their unique style and spread the love. Portugal the Man - Sept. 30th at House of Blues. Funky psychedelic sound that channels David Bowie and Lou Reed... progressive and FUN! Rachel Platten - Oct. 5th Anthology You will love Rachel if you are 12 and part of the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez crowd. Ha! Ha! Ha! An Horse - Oct. 7th at House of Blues. Light sounds and a sunny disposition. This musical duo will keep you jumping! Foster the People - Oct. 9th at Soma. Fun indie pop with a deeper meaning. These boys put on a good show while making you think! The Naked and Famous - Oct. 16th at Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. Electropop with a darker edge and a rock star sadness... they’ll keep you hanging on the edge of your seat... if you can sit at all. Foo Fighters with Cage the Elephant - Oct. 17th at Viejas Arena. Classic grunge with a modern feel. Foo is old, Elephant is new, but they fit like strings on a guitar. Reptar - Oct. 19th at Soma. Old school beats with a new age air... Reptar is sure to entertain and keep you groovin’!

Red Hot Chili Peppers go iTune

Red Hot Chili Peppers new album, I’m with you, is the first rock album ever to be specially mastered for iTunes. But is this a good or bad thing? Digital music files are compressed for downloading and therefore not as robust as the original. However, the album was produced by Rick Rubin, and he is known as one of the best producers in music. The final proof will be in the fans reaction to the recording.

An Horse

Cage the Elephant

Check it out!

Pizza • Burgers • Wraps • Pasta • Wings Quesadillas • Salads • Sandwiches

We Deliver!

Full Service Bar!

Award Winning Microbrews with Brewery on Premises!

2245 Fenton Pkwy Ste 101 Mission Valley

619.640.1072 • — September 16, 2011

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NIGHT LIFE Offshore Tavern & Grill Friday Night 8pm

Sitting on Morena Blvd. just a few stumbles from the Silver Spigot bar is a casual eatery called Offshore Tavern & Grill. The place has the feel of a really nice beach house as opposed to a hectic diner. It's very homey in a Carlsbad meets Irish pub kind of way. There is even a fireplace tucked into one corner where singer/songwriters serenade the customers on weekends. This gives Offshore a bit of a Dublin feel. There are tvs built into the back of the main bar, as well a located in the enclosed outdoor patio. Offshore has plenty of local craft beer as well as spicy specialty drinks which feature Jalapeño as an ingredient. People come for the food as well as the drinks and the menu features classic food like burgers, sandwiches and salads. Several dishes even come with tater tots as sides if you like. And the spicy theme does not stop at the drinks, Offshore has a spicey carne asada mac-n-cheese dish for the adventurous. The wine list features a decent supply of red and white wines which go for around $30 a bottle. The furniture at Offshore is all tables and the crowd is mainly in the 40-50 year range with a sprinkling of kids thrown in. The food is very good and the service is fantastic. The place gets a bit loud, so it's not really a place to go on a first date, but it's perfect for taking out-of-town guests if you really don't want to hear what they have to say. The Offshore is a great place to sit, relax, and enjoy a few drinks with friends on a warm San Diego night. The beach is close, so you can smell the ocean out on the patio. The prices are reasonable and the food delicious. The menu has something for everybody and the beer is fresh and cold. It's a great little beach bar in the middle of the Morena Strip so if you are in the area, stop on by. Offshore Tavern & Grill l 2253 Morena Blvd. l

Rocky HORROR 2011 SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL Now through Nov 6

Cult movie classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” comes to the Old Globe as a live musical Sept. 15 - Nov. 6 just in time for the Halloween season. The Rocky Horror Show will run in the Old Globe Theatre, part of the Globe’s Conrad Prebys Theatre Center.


Page 10 — September 16, 2011

Our New Guitar Headquarters


he revitalized Morena district is the home to San Diego’s newest guitar shop, Rick’s Guitars. Owner Rick Fagan spent 17 years as the National Sales Manager for the world-renowned and local guitar company Taylor. El Cajon based Taylor guitars has long been recognized as the industry leader when it comes to top-end acoustic guitars. But after 17 years of living out of hotel rooms, Rick decided to break off and start his own guitar store. After a brief stint with Santa Cruz guitars, Rick found Bill Meyer, owner of Tecolote Guitar Works, who was looking for someone to sublease half of his building. The two shook hands and the end result is a place where you can purchase a guitar and have it fine tuned to your liking immediately. Fagan remembers starting out with Taylor founder Bob Taylor making guitars out of a garage in Lemon Grove. Rick would soak in all the knowledge he could by asking about guitar specs and construction details. Rick will celebrate the one year anniversary of Rick’s Guitars in October. At Rick’s Guitars, his inventory is heavy on Taylor and Santa Cruz acoustic guitars, but he has some electrics as well. Also on stock are banjos and a decent supply of ukuleles. You can also find a vast collection of picks, strings, and other guitar supplies on hand. Bill Meyer has a top-notch repair facility for both acoustic and electric guitars. He told me that it surprises him that the ratio of acoustics to electrics that come in for repair is about 50/50. Bill has built guitars as well, but prefers to repair guitars because of the diversity and challenge of each patient. Says Meyer, “Building guitars can be labor-intensive, and then when you’re done... off it goes! Then you start from square one all over again.” Meyer has seen it all, and fixed it all, so nothing surprises him. The local acoustic scene is a small group, so both Fagan and Meyer are friends with icons like Bob Taylor and DeForest Thornburgh of The Blue Guitar. Says Fagan, “In this business, you get to know all the players, and we’re all friends. So if you are a guitarist living in the Mission Valley area, you now have a one-stop headquarters for all your guitar needs. And if your girlfriend has stepped on your Les Paul, bring it on down to get it back in working order. Rick's guitars is located at: 1231 Morena Blvd.

Bill Meyer of Tecolote Guitar Works and Rick Fagan, owner of Rick's Guitars. Rick also features a selection of Electric Guitars and Ukuleles.

Mission Valley News CD Review Dirty Birds

and the Horn Starz

This 3-song CD hits you with energy right off the bat. These guys don't pull any punches and hit you in the face with high energy rock complete with back-up singers and a horn section. Lead singer Mercedes Scalzitti sings like a cross between Janis Joplin and Sam Kinison. Her voice doesn't beg that you listen, it demands that you do! Guitarist and songwriter Augie Scalzitti creates an Aerosmith style template that comes alive with the addition of the back-up singers and horns. Great recording and great songs!

Myron & the Kyniptionz

The Kyniptions are a great band, it's Myron that I have the issue with. The opening song "Magical Trick" starts off with an AC/DC style riff that perks up your ears. The problem is that one Myron starts singing, you are treated to amateur vocals and even worse lyrics. The climax of the karaokefest is the horrible "Pony Tail" which has to be one of the worst songs out there. But if you ignore the singing and listen to the music, this band could easily be backing up Chris Issak. And then something magical happens, the fourth song "Wild Winds" is fantastic! This is because guitarist Patrick Reynolds sings it and the next song, which could easily be on any radio station or movie soundtrack. To be fair, Myron's voice is not bad, it's just that he doesn't know how to sing. But that's something you can learn with just a few lessons.


by Vince Meehan

Linda Vista resident and artist Miguel A. Chavez recently contributed his talents to brighten up the cafeteria at Sharp Memorial Hospital. Chavez was commissioned to paint eleven images of food in a project dubbed ‘The Art of Nourishment”. “The beautiful paintings absolutely transformed the ambiance of the cafeteria,” says Amy Cline, Marketing and Communications Specialist of Sharp Hospital. “It’s amazing what the color does to brighten up the place!” Chavez was born in Cordoba, Argentina where studied art and displayed his work at outdoor art displays in places like Acapulco, Mexico. Later, he traveled the world creating beautiful paintings and murals that have won him awards in many countries including Canada, the United States, England, Mexico, Guatemala and his home country, Argentina. After settling in San Diego, this Linda Vista resident took a job at Sharp Memorial

Pastor Clarence & Dion

The Art of

Hospital as a Patient Service Attendant, delivering meals to patients by day and teaching painting by night. When Lori Wells, Vice President of Clinical Support at Sharp Memorial Hospital, became aware of Chavez’ artistic talents, she commissioned him to create original artwork to adorn the walls of the Sharp Memorial Cafeteria. Since healthy food is an important component to the healing process of all patients, Chavez created “The Art of Nourishment” – a series of eleven original oil paintings that showcase the healing power of food. Chavez’ work with food at Sharp Memorial now goes full circle, from the patients’ plates to the colorful paintings that brighten up the cafeteria. The paintings can be seen on the walls of the main cafeteria and the rich color of the oil, combined with Chavez’s use of various textured backgrounds really make the images jump off the wall. Chavez asked to thank the staff at Sharps for the opportunity as well, as Al Jimenez who is the manager of Sodexo, the contractor that Chavez works for. Sharp hospital has resigned it’s facility to feel less clinical and more comfortable and welcoming. They’ve done a fantastic job of that, and Chavez’s works are definitely a piece of that success.

Antioch Ministries

JOIN US SATURDAYS Pastor Clarence & Dion

AT 4PM FOR A SERIES ON RELATIONSHIPS…”The single most important challenge in your life will be in the area of Relationships” Meeting at: Sheraton San Diego Mission Valley 1433 Camino Del Rio South San Diego, CA “Regency Court Room” — September 16, 2011

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What's In

by Agnes Morales

The nip in the air at night means that Autumn is coming. But don't fret, it's a great time of year to try out some east coast fashions. Fall colors are in and the time to accessorize is now. Ties, scarves and necklaces are a great way to showcase your sense of style. But it is still Southern California, so don't pack up your flip-flops yet! The Santa Anas are coming!






"In order to be irreplaceacle, one must always be different." -Coco Chanel




Bikram Yoga In (& Around) Mission Valley: Bikram Yoga College of India

BODY & SOUL By Lauren Westerfield, RYT

Like Vinyasa and power yoga, Bikram yoga has enjoyed immense popularity in recent years thanks to celebrity endorsement, media coverage and widespread claims of improved fitness and weight loss. Unlike other yoga styles, however, Bikram is practiced under extreme heat conditions to maximize perspiration and detoxification – a method that some yogis swear by, and that others avoid like the plague. Introduced to U.S. yoga students by Bikram Choudhury in the early 1970s, Bikram – also known as “hot” yoga – requires students to perform a series of 26 traditional asanas in a room heated to nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Choudhury, the heat is a vital part of the practice, and serves as a cleansing complement to the postures which, by his design, are intended to address the proper functioning of every system in the body. Today, the Los Angeles-based Choudhury is a Hollywood celebrity in his own right, with Bikram yoga outposts located in yoga and fitness communities across the globe. However, new students should be aware that practicing in three-digit-temperatures is not for everyone: it is important to be physically fit, well hydrated, and equipped with a towel and plenty of water before participating in even a beginner’s Bikram yoga class.

A San Diego extension of Bikram Choudhury’s Los Angeles training center, the Bikram Yoga College of India offers serious Bikram students the opportunity to study, train and earn teaching certification. $$$$. 2110 Hancock St. #301, San Diego CA 92110. 619-220-6811.

CorePower Yoga

Modern, fitness-oriented Bikram and heated yoga classes incorporating resistance training, core work and more. $$. 980 Camino De La Reina, Unit #4. San Diego CA 92108. 619-574-9642.

Sol Yoga

Zen-style studio offering classes combining Bikram heat principles and Vinyasa-style flow. $$. 8657 Villa La Jolla Drive, Suite #121, La Jolla CA 92037. 858-452-9642.

1) In California, the end of summer does not mean the end of eyewear. 2) The early 80's rock style is back complete with skiny ties. 3) These stylish sweatpants are perfect for the gym, or late-night runs to Ralph's. 4) Hair clips can be a girls best friend on bad-hair days. 5) Autumn means that it is time for stylish scarves for both men and women. 6) It's never too late for fun and flirty shoes! 7) This black and gold beaded necklace has so many possibilities. 8) Dragonfly earrings are a classy accessory. Agnes Morales is the owner of Alwayz In clothing boutique in North Park. For more on Agnes and her boutique, go to:

Yoga at the Mission Valley Library Yoga for Adults and Teens Tuesdays at 6-7pm (Sept. 6, 13, 27) Are you looking for a workout program that’s easy to learn, requires little or no equipment, and soothes your soul while toning your body? If strengthening your cardiovascular system, toning and stretching your muscles, and improving your mental fitness are on your to-do list, than yoga is for you! Classes are free and open to teens (13+) and adults.

Yoga for Kids Wednesday, Sept. 14 & 21 Kids ages 2-3: 1:30-1:55 pm; Ages 4-5: 2:00-2:30 pm Yoga teaches kids self-control, patience, and self-confidence in a fun and playful environment. No sign-up necessary!

Page 12 — September 16, 2011

FLATSCREEN TVs! - Tele-Vision or Trouble vision? A buyers guide.

Tech Topics

Oh boy, your best friend for the past 15 years said its last goodbye with a short "bzzzz" and fast fading images of your favorite TV show. What’s left is you and an eerily quiet living room. This, of course, is not a situation that you can live with for an extended amount of time. "Let’s get a new TV," you say to yourself. "This shouldn’t be hard at all!" They’re now all flat and should perform more or less the same. But this is actually where the tricky part starts. They’re all HD (High-Definition), that one they have in common. But looking under the hood reveals some major differences that you should be looking out for. Let’s look at those buzzwords they use to market their TV’s: 720p, 1080p, 60Hz, 120Hz, LCD, LED, Plasma. What’s all that gobbledygook? Let’s take 720/1080p: This is the resolution a modern TV can display. The number stands for the vertical lines and the “p” for progressive scan. I won't explain the 1080i standard yet as I don’t want to confuse you even more. In any case, the higher the number, the higher the resolution and clarity of the picture. 60 or 120Hz: This stands for the refresh rate (the times how often the information on your screen is refreshed, e.g. 60 times every second). You do the math. The first HDTV’s were mainly Plasma’s and LCD or LED weren’t even thought of for the TV consumer market at the time. Plasma’s are now really cheap and most people in the industry still say they have the best picture. Problem is: If the screen breaks –you need to replace the entire screen. Mucho moolah! LCD’s (Liquid Crystal Display) are more common and actually very good TV’s. If a little dot is not working, no problem (you’ll probably won’t notice it). LED’s (Light Emitting Diode) is the newest of all TV developments and their picture is in my opinion outstanding. One more thing: Buy a TV in a size that is optimal for your room. There are TV size calculators on the web. Bigger is not always better! Till then… Dennis Hartmann IT Consulting -


an with artm is H n n De

For more tv info go to


Balboa Park gets ap

5¢ Self Service (NO LIMIT )

The official mobile-device guide to San Diego’s Balboa Park is now available through the free Meridian app for Android and iOS devices.

From one original only, 500 min. on 8.5 x 11”

SHOP OPEN M–F • 12:30 to 5:30 PM Sales, Service & Supplies Same Day Response Digital/Analog • Reliable

Color Copies

.29¢ and up

3200 AdAms Ave. ste. 103 sAn diego, CA 92116

Ph. (619) 282-6252 Fax (619) 521-0117

Whether you need directions to the San Diego Natural History Museum, Japanese Friendship Garden, or Spanish Village Art Center, the mobile-software app can help you find your way. Offering location-based information and turn-by-turn directions for more than 80 museums, gardens, restaurants, and other attractions, the app also features a daily guide to the park’s many events and exhibitions.

Open 24 hours!


18 and u

Make us your sexy Halloween costume headquarters!

DIEGODUDE by Vince Meehan

DVD’s l Magazines Mood enhancers l Adult toysclothing 60 channel arcade l 2 theaters Live girls l Gag gifts Gifts, cards & gift baskets... ...and so much more! Friend us on facebook/twitter Bring in this Coupon for

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Barnett Superstore 3610 Barnett Ave. San Diego, CA 92110 619-224-0187

Hells yeah I listen to “THE ROCK!” I’m down with the old stuff! — September 16, 2011

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Met Auditions to be held


Distinguished Panel of Judges to Hear Potential Opera Stars

Gary Jander named Kiwanis Governor Elect In a ceremony held at the Town and Country Resort in Mission Valley, longtime Allied Gardens resident, Gary Jander was named Governor Elect of CaliforniaNevada-Hawaii District of Kiwanis International, a worldwide service organization whose vision is to “Change the World, One Child and One Community at a Time”. Jander is a nine-year military veteran having served in both the US Navy and US Army. He graduated magna cum laude from Campbell University in North Carolina receiving his BA degree in History in 1991 and earned his Juris Doctor from the California Western School of Law in 1997. Gary is married to the former Donna Christenson, who is also a member of Lake Murray Kiwanis as well as the president elect of the Kiwanis Youth Development and Support (KYDS) Club of San Diego. Donna, teacher at Hearst Elementary, is also the District coordinator for the Kiwanis Key Leader Program, designed to teach high school students the fundamentals of leadership during a weekend camp. Gary’s leadership responsibilities encompass Kiwanis clubs in three states, California, Nevada and Hawaii. Gary and the over 16,000 Kiwanis members, along with 50,000 Kiwanis youth members provide hundreds of thousands of hours annually in service.

More than twenty-five young aspiring opera stars are expected to compete for the chance to end up on the stage of New York’s Metropolitan Opera. For the 53rd time in as many years, the San Diego District of the Metropolitan Opera National Council (MONC) will hold auditions on Saturday, October 1, at 10 a.m. at the Crill Performance Hall in the Cooper Music Center at Point Loma Nazarene University, 3900 Lomaland Drive, San Diego. The public is invited to hear these possible “stars of tomorrow.” A donation of $5 is suggested. These nationwide auditions provide an opportunity for young singers to be heard by veterans in the field of opera. The auditions are sponsored by the MONC with the expressed aim of discovering new talent for the Metropolitan Opera and assisting the singers in their professional development.

For additional information, please contact Carol or Ted McLaughlin,


Attention Local Bands! Send in a CD with a photo of your band to the Mission Valley News for a chance to be showcased in our publication. Remember any press is good press! Got a gig?

New Album? Press Release? Send show dates & venue to:

Mission Publishing

Mission Valley Branch Library Adult Book Club Tuesday, September 20 6:45pm - 7:45pm The Book Club will be discussing The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter is a brilliantly crafted story of parallel lives, familial secrets, and the redemptive power of love. New members are always welcome to attend and participate! Please read the book beforehand. Copies of the book are available at the Circulation Desk while supplies last.


Send a CD of your song with a short bio and photo to: Mission Valley News 6549 Mission Gorge Road #199 San Diego, CA 92120 6549 Mission Gorge Road #199 San Diego, CA 92120 • 619.283.9747

Group, LLC publishers of

Mission Times Courier La Mesa Courier





Vince Meehan extension 134 Mission Publishing Group, LLC


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Circulation: 20,000. Published 12 times in 2011 and delivered throughout our circulation area of Mission Valley, San Diego, California by Mission Publishing Group, LLC. Classified ads and articles must be submitted by mail, e-mail or dropped off at our business address, 6549 Mission Gorge Road #199, San Diego 92120. Publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertisements or material submitted which are deemed to be objectionable. Publisher’s liability for errors: Mission Valley News & Views assumes no financial liability for errors nor for omission of copy and upon request will furnish a letter of correction to the advertiser. The Publisher, Mission Publishing Group, LLC., shall not be liable for any error in published advertising unless an advertiser proof is requested in writing 12 days prior to publication date and clearly marked for corrections. If the error is not corrected by the Publisher, the liability, if any, shall not exceed the space occupied for the error. Further, the Publisher shall not be liable for any omission of an advertisement ordered to be published. On written request, Publisher shall reschedule and run the omitted advertisement at the advertiser’s cost. All claims for adjustment must be made in writing within 30 days of the date of publication. In no case shall the Publisher be liable for any general, special or consequential damages.


Gina Cord l Elizabeth Berg Ron Roberts l Jeff Barnes Lisa Cox l May Star Dennis Hartmann l Agnes Morales Lauren Westerfield l Elle Winsett Adolfo A. Muniz l Vivian Nguyen


The next issue of the Mission Valley News comes out Friday, October 14th. The advertising deadline is Tuesday, October 4th.

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BIRTHSTONE OF THE MONTH – SAPPHIRE Sapphire is the birthstone for those born in September and is historically equated with wisdom, since King Solomon originally adopted a beautiful cornflower blue variety for his personal seal. Sapphire is not limited to blue since it comes in every color except red(this variety of corundum is known as ruby). Sapphire has a hardness of 9 on the MOHS scale and is suited to be worn daily and easily worn in wedding rings similar to the one used by Princess Diana and now Princess Kate.

The Royal Couple

Visit us on the web at or follow us on Facebook... Advertisement — September 16, 2011

Page 15

1 Louder, from page 1 to play with Pink Snake, but felt he couldn’t commit because he had just started a family. But one summer, all three went on a camping trip to Mount Palomar with new friend Joel, and by the end of the weekend, 1 Louder was born. 1 Louder is one of a collection of rock cover bands who play a circuit of clubs in the east county. They usually play a couple of times a month at places like The Second Wind in Santee, or The Grand in El Cajon. The Ultimate Music Challenge sent out the word earlier in the year for cover bands to sign up for a chance at the $25,000 grand prize. This brought together a collection of acts ranging from hard rock, to cheesy Vegas-style lounge, and specialty tribute bands. But all came to win and brought out the big guns to try and advance to the next round. The event was staged "American Idol" style with three live judges who critiqued the bands at the end of the set. Two of the three were very knowledgeable about music including Alicia Champion who is record producer at Universal Music Group, and CityBeat columnist Edwin Decker. The third was morning radio "funny" guy Chris Boyer who was miscast as a music judge. The bands had full access to the huge stage and backstage dressing rooms of the Dreamcatcher lounge, which was an indulgent treat for the bands. The show was put together by Viejas Entertainment Director Casey Johnson who won praise from the bands as being especially professional and courteous. The bands played on a supplied drumset and amplifiers to keep the show moving, and to level the playing field for all bands. 1 louder launched into their set featuring songs by Drowning Pool, Foo Fighters, and Rage Against the Machine. Once the band kicked it, it looked as if instinct took over and the guys simply did what they’ve been doing for years. Later Rob told me that it seemed like the four songs went by in three minutes and then they were done. Now it was up to the judges to decide their fate. The band lined up in front of the stage as each judge gave their points. Alicia Champion liked the choice and order of the songs, but wanted to hear more bottom end out of the mix. Edwin Decker complimented Joel because of his voice, stage persona, and coming off as a non-poser. Boyer made a lame attempt at humor that went nowhere. All in all, the guys were pleased with their performance and stayed to watch the rest of the bands play. Said drummer Michael Fontana, "For us, it’s just all about playing. We love music, and we love to play out live. We all have jobs and families, so we do this for fun. Whatever happens after that, it’s all good." Editor's note: 1 Louder won the title that night and moves on to the semi-finals on Oct 2.

by Vince Meehan


here’s something new in Mission Valley, and it is called Smashburger. Located in the Hazard Center, Smashburger gets it's name from the way the cooks smash the burger patty onto the grill to ensure even cooking. I had the pleasure of sitting down to lunch with Wayne P. Mandelbaum who is

District 7 from page 1 as a tie breaker. But in the "strong mayor" system, the mayor no longer votes with the council, but instead carries veto power much like the president of the United States. Therefore, a new district was needed to prevent tie votes. Councilmember Lori Zapf will remain the councilmember of District 6, but her district will no longer cover Mission Valley. The re-drawing of the 6th distrct gives the Asian-San Diegan community a large chunk of the demographic, which may spell trouble for Councilmember Zapf in her re-election bid. The Asian community in San Diego typically votes Democratic, and Zapf is one of only three Republicans on the City Council. Moreover, many in the Asian community are upset that Linda Vista was taken away from the District, effectively cutting the community in two. Political insiders say that if the Asian community can come up with a strong candidate, they may very well be able to oust Councilmember Zapf. As for District 7, the upcoming election will not be easy. District 7 Councilmember Marti Emerald has moved from her Tierrasanta home, and will run for the new District 9 seat. By abandoning her district, she has left a power void which will now need to be filled. Whoever gets elected as the new District 7 councilmember will inherit a bevy of past issues that come with the Mission Valley area. Among other things, this includes a ramshackle fire station as well as a lack of schools. The new residents of communities such as Civita will no doubt demand answers as well as action. Let the games begin!

(top to bottom) Vocalist Joel hangs out with fans before the show. Rob rocks the house. Bassist Ryan and Joel take a moment to soak it in. Drummer Michael enjoys a "rockstar moment" backstage. -All photos by Vince Meehan

the Vice President of Operations, and discusing the philosophy of Smashburger. Wayne leaned forward over his burger and told me to look around and tell him what I saw. What I saw were people laughing, smiling, and involved in conversation. They were having a dining experience which both Wayne and I recognized as somewhat unique these days. “That’s what makes it all worth it!” Wayne said with a broad grin. The first thing you notice as you walk into a Smashburger is that there are no plastic utensils, paper cups, or hard synthetic chairs. Instead you have real silverware, salad bowls and plush cushioned booths to sit in. Then, once you order your food, the real fun begins. Wayne told me that he has been in the food business for years, and sometimes saw large chains cut corners by using inferior ingredients. But at Smashburger, the order of the day is food quality such as fresh, never-frozen 100% Angus beef on artisan buns, whole milk and real slices of real cheese instead of processed. “Look, you find holes in the Swiss cheese!” laughs Wayne. “We make our own dressings here, and if you order blue cheese on your salad, you won’t get white glop, you will get real blue cheese crumbs!” Mr. Mandelbaum is very passionate about his food and takes great pride in being a part of the Smashburger team. He says here they “get it” by not cheating the customer in order to save a few cents. Instead, they create a fun food experience that leaves people happy, and more importantly, wanting to return. I also noticed that the mostly teen-aged workers did not have that robotic or even condescending tone that you can get at fast food joints. Personality and eye contact are paramount at Smashburger because of the training program, but you cannot fake having a good time. Maybe it’s because of the atmosphere, or maybe because they do not have to wear ridiculous outfits to work. But they do look like they are genuinely having a good time. And why not? Smashburger is fun!

Also see District 7 expectations featured page 3 The re-drawn district boundaries of on San Diego

Mission Valley will now sit in District 7


Page 16 — September 16, 2011


Vino di italiano!

San Diego Lore by Vince Meehan

Back in the 70's, there was a white deer that lived in the hills of Presidio Park. Nobody was sure where it came from, but some people said it was once the pet of a rich eccentric woman who lived on the Mission Valley rim. They said the deer hopped the wall in search of food after the old woman died, and roamed the hills since. It was rare to see the elusive deer, and some people didn't believe it existed. But if you did happen to see it, it was something that you ran home to tell all your friends about. Seeing that white deer was something that all San Diegans would brag about for months. Most people caught a fleeting glimpse of the deer as they drove by on Highway 8. Seeing the deer gave people an odd sense of serenity, and many considered it a good luck omen. Sadly, the deer met a horrible fate one sad day. A concerned citizen called the city because they saw the deer next to the road, and thought it might pose a danger to motorists. The city sent animal control to tranquilize the animal and take it somewhere safe. The deer was startled by the shot, and bolted into traffic where it was hit by a car. The people demanded answers, but it was to no avail. Our beloved deer was gone forever. Some people claim to still see it on foggy mornings. Maybe...

Italian wines are by far my favorite. The Italians of course have been making wine since the bible days, so they have plenty of experience. But also, most vineyards in Italy have been around for hundreds of years. The older a vine is, the deeper it's roots are. And deeper, longer roots allow the vines to pick up extra complexities from the soil. In America, we use the term "Old Vines" as a selling point on the bottle for those who enjoy that taste. The most popular grape in Italy is Sangiovese which is named after the blood of Christ. This grape is the base for Chanti and "Super Tuscans." Nebbiolo is a dark and jammy grape that grows in the north and is used to make Barolo. Barolo is my favorite wine, but it's usually around $60 a bottle so I enjoy it sparingly. Primitivo is the grape that the Spanish brought to California where it is now called Zinfandel. If you love "Old Vines" Zinfandel, you will like Primitivo. Nero d'Avola is the newest fad among wine lovers, this complex wine gets it's unique flavor from the slopes of Mt. Etna on Sicily. This wine is a bit rough upfront, but a good steak tames that beast and makes it sing. Recently I talked with TV Chef Aaron Sanchez, and he told me that they are starting to grow Italian varietals in Baja California's Valle De Guadalupe wine region. He says it makes sense because Baja and Italy are at about the same latitude. This is exciting news for me because before, that region was focused on producing Petite Syrah which I wasn't too impressed with.


There's a new







in town!

TV chef Aaron Sanchez has been brought in by The Crossroads restaurant at The House of Blues to revitalize the menu, and instill his personality and zest for food to the menu. As part of Trifecta Management Company, Sanchez has added his creativity and unique combination of culinary styles to The House of Blues. Chef Sanchez has spent most of his recent time in New York City, so I asked him how he felt about working here in San Diego. "What’s not to love? said Sanchez, you’ve got so much culture here downtown to draw inspiration from! I can take a break, walk around and get inspired. What more can an artist want?” That statement impressed me because he considers himself an artist as well as a chef. Sanchez will be revamping the menu at all of the House of Blues locations across the U.S., but he was reveling in being amongst family and friends here in San Diego. "I grew up in El Paso, but I have family in Bonita, Tijuana and Mexicali," noted Sanchez. "I’m going to enjoy some time with family, then move on to the other restaurants." Sabrosa!

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