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June 15, 2012

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Volume VI – Number 6

Laura Zizzo (center) and friends




f there is a band that encompasses the cool sounds of California as a whole, that band would be The Lifters. This quintet has roots in the cool, groovy sounds of ska, with a rock edge thrown in. The Lifters started out in Northern California, playing casino shows with a cover-tune arsenal of The Specials, English Beat and Bad. The band moved to San Diego several years ago before beginning to write and play original music. Founding member Eric Daniels originally started The Lifters with his wife, but the two split soon after moving to Southern California. “That’s when The Lifters really took off in my mind, when we started writing our own material,” said Daniels. Along the way, the band decided to update their sound and expand into different genres. The group is very adamant about breaking away from their original ska sound, and going for a more rock 'n' roll vibe – and they are now well on their way to doing so. “I think our sound has changed a lot now. It’s what originally pulled the music, but it’s gone into a different direction now,” said Daniels. With the amount of talent and gumption they have behind them, it’s easy to picture The Lifters making a new name for themselves in the San Diego rock scene. Granted, the band has already acquired a decent following, with

San Diego Police Department Eastern Division detective Laura Zizzo is training to compete in the upcoming U.S. Police and Fire Championships (USPFC) June 16-24 here in Mission Valley as well as various locations throughout San Diego. She will compete alongside 5,000 other law enforcement and firefighting officers from around the country. Zizzo recently ran in the annual Baker to Vegas law enforcement run as well as the torch run for the San Diego Special Olympics. The USPFC has recently taken to the Special Olympics in a mutually supportive role. Zizzo’s sport of choice is soccer, where she excels as a midfielder. The 12-year veteran started her career as a patrol officer with the Southeast Division before becoming a training officer. She has been a detective for three years in the Eastern Division. She has been a part of the Eastern Division’s Police Athletic Federation for two years in which she participates in softball games on Fridays in Poway. When asked how her role as detective differed from her days as a beat officer, her answer was very clear: “As a detective, you own the case as opposed

See LIFTERS, page 16

See LIZZO, page 4

The Lifters have made a name for themselves here in SoCal by playing large venues with national acts. But what do they really want? -by Elle Winsett 


There's a new kid in town Mission Valley resident lands huge sports radio gig By Vince Meehan Mission Valley resident Josh Rosenberg is the new midday radio host at San Diego’s leading sports radio station XX1090. Rosenberg brings partner Charod Williams with him from their previous stint at XTRA Sports 1360, where they hosted a show and covered Charger games. Rosenberg grew up in the bay area community of San Rafael, but moved to San Diego to study communications at San Diego State University. “Like everybody else who goes to SDSU, I didn’t want to leave San Diego after I graduated, so I stayed!” said

Sherman Clinging to City Council Victory

On election night City Council candidate Scott Sherman appeared to have won the District 7 city council seat with about 51 percent of the vote. Sherman was ahead of his nearest opponent, Mat Kostrinsky, by enough votes to have won June 5. Since then, however, absentee votes have brought Kostrinsky within 56 votes to force a runoff in November. The Registrar of Voters is continuing to count outstanding absentee votes. To win outright, Sherman must maintain 50 percent plus one vote.

See RADIO, page 12 Josh Rosenberg at the board of his new sports radio gig. -photo by Vince Meehan

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Marine jets are a blast! Open cockpit days return to Miramar. Page 6

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Charles Koll hosts artist's reception in Fashion Valley


Charles Koll Jewelers in Fashion Valley recently hosted a reception and art show for local artist Duke Windsor. The artist took his inspiration from the fine custom jewelry designed and created at Charles Koll jewelers and the raw minerals comprising the accessories. Windsor prefers to use acrylics as a medium and utilizes texture as much as color to create his art. The artist teamed up with local art exhibitor Alexander Salazar to create the exhibit, which will stay up until the end of June.

ON FILM by Vivian Nguyen


and the Huntsman! Many of us grew up on fairytales, regardless of age or gender. Some of us might have watched them on the big screen or read them in a book, while others may have heard these spellbinding tales from a close family member. Regardless of the mediums in which we find ourselves stumbling on another story that opens up with “once upon a time,” it is clear that throughout generations, we have found these magical tales to be somewhat intriguing, and Hollywood reflects that. Not just in the famous Walt Disney’s depiction of these old stories, but in modern-day cinema as well. Some have been made into charming comedies, such as The Princess Bride or Shrek, while others have been re-done with their very own twist, such as in the dark, stimulating tale of Snow White and the Huntsman. The movie follows along the same lines as Disney’s first animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves: Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful, innocent and pure princess who became the target of the evil queen’s lethal jealousy. The stepmother, Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron), takes control of the late king’s kingdom and locks Snow White (Kristen Stewart) in a tower. The Queen calls upon her magic mirror to ask the fated question: Who is the fairest of them all? The mirror gives a prophecy that states if Ravenna desires to keep her eternal beauty and power, she must rip out her stepdaughter’s heart. Snow White manages to escape, but it is not long until the Queen sends the huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to chase her down and bring her back. But upon their meeting, the huntsman agrees to escort the young princess to the duke’s palace, where her childhood friend, William (Sam Claflin), and his army might be able to take back the kingdom from Ravenna’s poisonous grasp. Along the way, they meet a small group of dwarves and many others who managed to flee from the Queen’s clutches; it is soon realized See VIV, page 12

Alexander Salazar and Duke Windsor in front of the sapphire inspired "blue" wing of Windsor's exhibit.


County Supervisor Ron Roberts (right) poses with a dummy equipped in a Hazmat suit while at a disaster drill held at Qualcomm Stadium in Mission Valley. The drill was modeled to simulate a possible hazardous material spill resulting from an earthquake. Units from El Cajon and La Mesa deployed mobile decontamination units and participated in mock washes of “contaminated” citizens. See page 11 for more details.

Shoot toCure

i in Mission Valley

Antonio Gates and his Charger teammates will gather for the 11th Annual Shoot to Cure HD held to help put an to end Huntington’s Disease. Presented by Qualcomm and Cymer, the event helps raise awareness and funds for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America. The San Diego chapter will host the event, featuring its unique speed-free-throw party on Friday, June 15, at Chargers Park. The Shoot is one of the nonprofit’s largest fundraisers, and is one of San Diego’s most entertaining summer events. It brings together local celebrities and hundreds of caring San Diegans to support HDSA’s mission to end one of life’s cruelest illnesses. This year’s event will feature Chargers Pro Bowl tight end Antonio Gates, the event’s honorary chair for the eighth consecutive year, and his teammates as they join the fun and help spread the organization’s mission. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased on HDSA-SanDiego’s website at

Simon Fashion Now hosts a fashion show Fashion Valley’s Elevator Court was transformed in April into an open-air runway complete with high-top tables, beautiful spring floral arrangements and dynamic music for fashionistas interested in the season’s latest styles. The two-day event kicked off with Trends & Friends Night, a free evening of fashion, cocktails and bites. Nine luxury retailers featured spring’s hottest trends. Retailers, such as Kiehl’s, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Hard Rock Spa, Boudin, Stacked, Pinkberry and more offered exclusive deals, sampling, demonstrations and consultations throughout the evening. At right, Fashion Careers College designer Vanessa Barrons enjoys a cocktail.

Reptile Rally! Petco stores across San Diego held reptile rallies to educate kids and adults alike about how to own and care for their reptilian pals responsibly. Mission Valley Petco customer advisor Estar Miles (shown left) shows off a bearded dragon, one of the most popular reptile pets available at Petco. Also available are geckos, Russian tortoises, uromastyx, as well as non-reptile pets, such as scorpions, tarantulas and hermit crabs. Petco customer advisors assist first-time reptile owners with picking the right terrariums as well as food, lighting and proper care. — June 15, 2012

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TOTAL WOMAN IS TOTAL INDULGENCE Total Woman is Mission Valley's exclusively women's gym plus day spa.


any people in Mission Valley are not aware that we are home to one of the premiere exclusively women’s fitness centers. And even more are not aware that this facility provides a full spa treatment as well. Total Woman Gym & Day Spa is across the street from In Cahoot’s, in the old Frazee paint building. They recently celebrated their first anniversary and major renovation by holding an open house. General manager Jessica Parr spoke to Mission Valley News about the facility and what it offers to women. “This is a place where women can bring their mothers or daughters, or come by themselves

and enjoy the camaraderie of working out in a strictly female environment,” said Parr. “It’s a real one-stop experience, where you can work out on spin cycles, do Zuma or Pilates, then treat yourself to the spa.” The fitness center has a full staff that can act as trainers and customize a workout routine to match your goals or style. They also carry gifts for women, such as Farm House Fresh products – as seen on Oprah – and Mamma Mia products, which have been featured on Dr. Oz. This truly makes for an all-encompassing fitness program that can cover all the bases. See SPA page 12



(left) Spa Supervisor Tricia Sterling and manager Jessica Parr at Total woman's Mission Valley location. (above right) A heavy zen influence in the spa's ambieance helps relax the clients and help produce a sense of calm. (below right) A heat spa is the perfect way to decompress from a vigorous workout.


ady Children’s hospital and SportClips Haircuts teamed up for a “Be Brave and Shave” fundraiser at the Clairemont Square May 20. Supporters joined local law enforcement and firefighters in shaving their heads to raise money for children battling cancer. Participants received medals for their bravery and commendations by Rady patients. Even the K9 officers got involved! More than $19,000 was raised for pediatric cancer research at the Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Rady Children’s Hospital. All photos by Cristina with CAB Photography

Ralph Rubio A LOCAL ICON A LOCAL LEGEND by Vince Meehan n a bright sunny day, a long time ago, my buddies and I drove past a typical taco shack in Mission Bay. We were intrigued by a simple message featured on the marquee-style light box atop the roof: “Shark Tacos – Bite Back!” That taunt was enough to make us flip a u-turn to see what they were talking about. That was the day I fell in love with fish tacos. That little taco shack on Mission Bay Drive was native San Diegan Ralph Rubio’s first store, a now historic location and birthplace of the now-famous Rubio’s chain. Mission Valley News met with Rubio at the little taco stand that started it all. “I can’t believe you remember that sign,” laughed Rubio. “Yes, that’s how the whole thing started!” Benjamin Franklin did not invent electricity, but he introduced the concept to the world. In much the same way, Rubio introduced the idea of a fish taco to San Diego, and later the world. The idea of fish in a taco was considered bizarre, but Rubio spent a lot of time in San Filipe, Mexico, where fish tacos were a local delicacy. Rubio attended San Diego State University, where many students headed south to San Filipe for spring break. Rubio’s dad was born in Mexico and was heavily involved with the restaurant business, so with his help and a disdain for landing a “real job,” he started his first Rubio’s featuring his beloved fish taco. “I loved those fish tacos, but you could not find them outside of San Filipe,” said Rubio. “Sure, you could find them at a few upscale Mexican restaurants in Del Mar and such, but they were not available to the general diner to go. I wanted to make fish tacos available to everybody, and here I am!” Rubio credits the fact he had always been surrounded by college students as the catalyst for his business model of serving easy, simple, but good unique food at affordable


See RUBIO page 5

Recreational Vehicle or Eyesore?

Dear Ask the Cop, We are going on a much-needed cruise in a few weeks and feel a bit worried about leaving our home. What can we do to keep our house from being broken into? Cruising for Security

Dear Cruising, Believe it or not, summer is upon us again and it’s a great time to brush up on our vacation skills! Everyone does their diligence regarding crime where they’re going to visit, but often our residence is neglected, shut and left. There are a number of things we can do to help ensure we return to our castle well fed, well travelled

and hopefully, less stressed. In the age of technology, we encourage everyone to use the internet to stop delivery on their U.S. Mail and newspaper. It takes five minutes and you can even donate your daily paper to a worthy cause should you choose, or have them waiting for you upon your return. We ask you, if you haven’t already as common practice, to padlock your side gates. Prevent access to your yard and ensure your motion flood lights are working and bulbs are operable. Lock your windows and rear yard doors, even upstairs. You’ll be amazed how fast the house can cool down when you return and open it up. Leave the television or a radio on in the house and a light See COP, page 5

Page 4 — June 15, 2012

photo: ©2012 Jason E. Kaplan

MISSION VALLEY BEER BLAST! Courtesy David Marshall, Heritage Architecture




Balboa Park is one of the San Diego region’s most treasured assets. It is the nation’s largest urban cultural park, enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year. Those of us who are lucky to live in this great region get to experience the museums, performing arts venues, beautiful gardens and the San Diego Zoo year-round, but Balboa Park is also one of our most popular tourist attractions. In preparation for the Centennial Celebration in 2015, the City of San Diego is considering a plan to restore the heart of Balboa Park, the Plaza de Panama, to a pedestrian plaza free from vehicles. Championed by San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and local philanthropist and Qualcomm Founder Irwin Jacobs, this plan will remove all vehicles from the Plaza de Panama. West El Prado and the Plaza de California by diverting cars traveling across the Cabrillo Bridge onto a new Centennial Bridge which wraps around to a new parking structure behind the Spreckels Organ Pavilion. The parking structure and improvements would provide a net increase of 267 new parking spaces near the cultural center of Balboa Park. The top of the parking structure will be fully landscaped as a park, providing more usable public gathering space. When visionary leaders set the land aside in 1868, San Diego was a small town with fewer than 3,000 residents. Nearly 50 years later in 1915, Balboa Park was on the world stage for an international exposition to coincide with the opening of the Panama Canal. The citizens of San Diego hosted an international crowd at the PanamaCalifornia Exposition when thousands of people walked under the archway, through the Plaza de California down El Prado and into the stunningly beautiful Plaza de Panama at Balboa Park. San Diego’s population in 1915 was about 40,000 which meant the entire community was involved with the Panama-California Exposition making it a great source of civic pride. After the Expo, the community came together to ensure the temporary buildings constructed for the event were retained and used for civic purposes. Fast forward 20 years when San Diego again hosted the world

for the California Pacific International Exposition in 1935. The Plaza de Panama (although it was temporarily given a different name) was once again utilized as a central gathering place during the second Expo. It was after each Expo that cars began routinely driving through the Plaza de Panama and along El Prado. Soon the Plaza was filled with parking spaces, as it is today. The east end of the Prado was not closed to auto traffic until 1973. One of the most significant legacies of the 1915 Expo, the beautiful California building with its iconic 200’ tower, is passed by thousands of cars every day as they whizz through the ceremonial plaza where President Franklin Roosevelt was welcomed when he came to the Expo on October 2, 1935. Today visitors from around the world gaze in awe at the building’s sculpted façade, designed by the same artists who created the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Enjoyment of the architecture is hampered by the conflict between vehicle traffic and pedestrians. The Plaza de Panama Project offers the best vision for returning Balboa Park to its roots, while accommodating the realities of a modern society. Imagine sitting at a table on the perimeter of the Plaza, people-watching and contemplating the view of new reflecting pools, El Cid and the House of Hospitality, or strolling unimpeded on El Prado from the arches of the California Building to the Rose Garden across Park Boulevard. (We invite you to watch the visual simulation at We believe the proposed plan to restore Balboa Park’s Plaza de Panama to a pedestrian plaza is an opportunity for our generation to restore this gift for generations to come. We are grateful to the generosity of the Jacobs Family and other philanthropists who are making this possible at no cost to taxpayers and just in time for the Centennial Celebration in 2015. No matter what part of the San Diego region you call home, Balboa Park is a treasure for all of us. We urge you to express your support for restoring Balboa Park’s Plaza de Panama to the people by contacting local elected officials at the City of San Diego. The City of San Diego City Council is expected to take action on this proposal in July 2012.

The World Beer Cup 2012 came to Mission Valley at the Town & Country hotel for the annual event of craft beer judging. IPAs, or India Pale Ales, have become the most popular beer of San Diego's craft beer scene, and this has apparently spread around the world as this year, IPA was the largest increase in beer entries. The World Beer Cup Champion Brewery and Brewmaster awards went to: Small Brewing Co.-Brauerei Michael Plank, Laaber, Germany- Michael Plank. Mid-size Brewing Co.-Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Paso Robles, CA.- Matthew Brynildson. Large Breweing Co. -AB InBev, New York, New York- Claudio Ferro. San Diego typically fares very well in the WBC competitions, but this year the rest of the world stepped up its game. However, Pizza Port ran away with a lion's share of awards to make it the undisputed king of local beer this year. Awards include: Gold Medal for coffee beer - Bacon and Eggs Breakfast Coffee Imperial Porter, Pizza Port Ocean Beach. Gold Medal for robust Porter - Pier Rat Porter, Pizza Port San Clemente. Gold medal for Imperial India Pale Ale: Poor Man’s IPA, Pizza Port Carlsbad. Gold for Imperial India Pale Ale Poor Man’s IPA, Pizza Port Carlsbad, Silver medal for American Style Black Ale, Tarantulas 2.0, Pizza Port Ocean Beach, and bronze for American Style Stout: Achievement Beyond Life’s Experiences American Stout Brit Antrim Benefit Beer, Pizza Port Ocean Beach. Other notables were: Hangar 24 Winter Warmer, Hangar 24 Craft Brewery, Redlands, CA. Bronze in Chocolate Beer to: Odin’s Raven, Alpine Beer Co., Alpine, CA. And Bronze in Experimental to: Where There’s Smoke..., Manzanita Brewing Co., Santee, CA. Rock Bottom of La Jolla scored a gold in English-Style Brown Ale with its Longboard Brown Ale. Fore Wood and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer, the gold was won by Lovibonds Sour Grapes, Lovibonds Brewery, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom. Ocktoberfest fave Löwenbräu, München, Germany won silver for MünchnerStyle Helles.

For more information, go to:

Lizzo, from page 1 to simply filing it. As a detective, you now have a very intimate relationship with the people in the case. Often times, these victims have never been involved in a situation like this, and need support as well as guidance. I find this very rewarding and relish the opportunity to help. I often have past contacts keep in touch by sending me wedding photos and such, so that makes me feel great.” Retired Officer Dan Ellison is the organizer for the competition. He said the event serves as a friendly diversion and actually helps improve lines of communication between the various services. “Now as an officer, if I need some intel about a suspect from say San Francisco, I’ve got a bunch of people who I’ve met who can probably get me what I need without a big runaround,” Ellison said. Ellison said the San Diego Sports Commission has stepped up this year to team up with the USPFC in an administrative support role. “This is priceless because it

frees up officers from doing the clerical stuff like securing venues and such,” he said. More than 60 different events will take place at various locations throughout San Diego County. They will include most of the traditional Olympic sports, as well as bi-tri-pentathlon running events, kart racing, shooting competitions, flag football and dodge ball. All competitions are open and free to the public. Boxing, one of the most anticipated competitive events in USPFC, will include four days of ceremonies. Starting Monday, June 19, the first rounds of boxing will kick off at the Town and Country Resort in Mission Valley. The boxing events conclude June 22, when participants will compete in the final matches to determine medal winners. The night will be highlighted with a moving moment of silence accompanied by bagpipes to commemorate the brave police officers and firemen who passed away this year.

Burning of Rome perform across the street from Pizza Port.

YIGA HONORS BAND Local brewer legend Yiga Miyashiro of Pizza Port, Ocean Beach, recently named his latest recipe after one of his favorite local bands: Burning of Rome. The band repaid the honor by performing a short outdoor set across the street from Pizza Port's patio for the official launch. Miyashiro used a plethora of exotic hops for his masterpiece, including: Columbus, Golena, Liberty, Centenial, Chinnook, and his favorite, Amarillo. With all those hops, the beer has a very IPA mouth to it, but Miyashiro says he brews it "Munich Style" to give it character. — June 15, 2012

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Cop, from page 3 or two lit. Check with a trusted neighbor and provide them with your trip details, a point of contact here in town and a key if you know them well. Let them know who might visit your house to water the plants, feed a pet etc. When they see a strange person or vehicle, they can call us at our non-emergency number of (619) 531-2000. Reach out to the police division where you live and have our fantastic Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (R.S.V.P) members do a “vacation house check” at your address. They’ll ensure it is still secure and check on it while you’re away. Often times they find forgotten open doors, gates and windows or unsecure areas after a housekeeper, maintenance or landscape person leaves absentmindedly. Consider your neighborhood watch program and let them know you’ll be away on your cruise. If you don’t have one, reach out to your police division and start one when you return. While these ideas seem simple, we often overlook an aspect and return either lucky at having dodged a bullet, or feeling violated when we find our castle in shambles. You’d rather sit on the cruise ship, dine and party while feeling secure with the safety of your residence. As your Police Officers, we’d rather see you return safely and soundly to a crime-free home. Enjoy! Sincerely, Officer Edward Zwibel - SDPD Community Relations Officer To submit your questions, please email Officer Edward Zwibel is the Community Relations Officer of the Eastern Division which serves the neighborhoods of Allied Gardens, Birdland, College East, College West, Del Cerro, Grantville, Kearny Mesa, Lake Murray, Mission Valley East, Qualcomm, San Carlos, Serra Mesa and Tierrasanta. Eastern Division serves a population of 123,503 people and encompasses 44.2 square miles.

Direct: 760-809-6033 • 619- 379-3902 STRESS - FREE MOVING PACKAGE WE do the labor. WE bring the truck. We clean your house. CALL FOR A FREE ON-SITE ESTIMATE

$25 OFF MOVING SERVICES Expires 6/30/12

Rubio, from page 3 prices. It took Rubio about ten years to branch out to a couple of locations, but soon after that, the numbers exploded until it was possible to eat fish tacos for lunch at the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. It seemed like America had embraced and subsequently fallen in love with the fish taco. Fish tacos are now so common other franchises are marketing fish tacos of their own – but Rubio’s is the original, and that makes Mark Rubio somewhat of a revered icon in this town. And there we were, sitting at Rubio’s original location, which I consider hallowed ground, given my devotion to fish tacos. “You’d be surprised how much people remember,” said Rubio. “Every time I come back here, people recognize me and say hello.” Indeed, as our interview went on, several folks walked up to Rubio to say hello or thank you. One woman even worked with Rubio at that location in the early days and introduced him to her first grandchild. That local connection has stayed with Rubio throughout the years and serves as a grounding mechanism that helps him stay true to his roots. He counts Rocky’s Burgers, Carl Strauss and George’s at the Cove as some of his favorite local eateries. “I worked my way through college at places like Phil’s Spaghetti House, Hungry Hunter and The Harbor House here in San Diego,” said Rubio. “So when I finally started on my own, I had a pretty good edge up.” Thirty years after his humble beginnings, Rubio still strives to cook up fresh new ideas in his Carlsbad test kitchen to inspire the public’s tastes. He has decided to take the fish taco to a new level by creating exotic versions of the original. These include tacos filled with salmon or ono, and tropical toppings, such as pineapple and mango. Gourmet ingredients, such as lemongrass, tomatillo and habanero, are added to the mix to further spice things up. There’s even a sesame soy taco featuring a creamy wasabi sauce. “We are always brainstorming to come up with new treats for our customers,” Rubio said. “With the addition of things like shrimp and garlic, we keep our fans always looking forward to the next big thing.”


• $10 dances until 9pm

* Friday and Sat until 7pm

• Free cover free dance until 6pm daily

($10 drink charge) Free lunch till 3pm mon-sat

• Military Special:

Mondays $5 cover charge and unlimited fountain drink. $5 Shot and a beer next door at Paradise Mondays only, no premiums


Wounded Warrior Homes of San Diego is putting on a surf music concert at the intimate Handlery Hotel & Resort Wedding Garden in Mission Valley, June 24 at 5 p.m. The Rob Mehl concert will feature performances by surf music legends Rob Mehl and Gil Orr. Mehl was nominated the last two years for the Top Rock Music Award as Best Male Vocalist, Album & Song of the Year. Mehl, who won of the Song Of The Year award for his "Waiting For Jimmy", is a native of Oceanside, He was honored this past November for the "Song Of The Year" at the 2011 Trop Rock Music Awards in Key West. Orr is known for his amazing bass guitar and vocals as a member of the popular surf music band the Chantays for 40+ years. They are best known for their song, "Pipeline." This song is listed in the top five surf hits of all time, no matter what survey chart you're looking on. The Handlery Hotel & Resort is located at 950 Hotel Circle N. San Diego, Calif. 92108, 619-298-0511. For more information, go to:

• Free pool, hookah lounge, bar and grill next door

• Birthday and Bachelor and

bachelorette party headquarters. • Call club to book party and find out about our free Limo Bus! • Free Shuttle Service Friday, Saturday and Military Mondays 8pm -close call 619.226.1784 for individual or group pick ups.

Open Daily until 2am • (Sunday 4pm – 2am) Ages 18+


(Mission Valley News-Deja Vu) Must be 18+ with valid id. Not valid during special events. $10 unlimited fountain drink charge will apply. Expires: 7/15/12

Déjà vu Showgirls 2720 Midway Dr. San Diego CA 92110

619.224.4227 Find us on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube

Page 6 — June 15, 2012

Junior Achievers Shine at the Scottish Rite Temple

Students participating in the Junior Achievement Program held a trade show of sorts at the Scottish Rite Temple in Mission Valley as part of “The Next Big Thing” competition. The students formed corporations where actual products were marketed and sold, and shareholders secured for their companies. Participants created a presentation, which was judged by volunteer members of San Diego’s business community. The top three teams will move on to compete at the National Competition in Washington D.C. The Junior Achievers Program is a non-profit organization made up of business and community volunteers who provide important real-life experience programs that have been cut by public schools. This program is supported by local philanthropists such as The San Diego Women's foundation, Bill & Amy Geppert (Vice President and General Manager at Cox) , Linda Lang (President/CEO of Jack In The Box), and corporate donations from Wells Fargo. (counterclockwise from top) Representing their company "Swagnificent T-Shirts" are Crawford High Students Jaclyn Decker, Susan Than, and Myjena Dailey. They chose their name by incorporating the word "swag" which means promtional material, as well as a youth-slang term for fashionable. Representing "Local Noise" are Richard Dutson and Phiilip Tran who set up live music shows for Grand Cafe. Representing "AOBT C.A.N." wind ornaments are Enrique Rodriguez, Marieva Elena, Sandra Winkler, and Michael Gasparo. Representing "FLOW" (Future Leaders of the World) are Alex Martinez, Aolani Phipps, Luz Alvarez, Mireya Davila, and Juan Villajos

-All photos by Vince Meehan


Film Festival

Local student filmmakers walked the red carpet at the Water Conservation Film Contest Red Carpet Premiere May 21 at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center IMAX Theater in Balboa Park. Co-hosted by the City of San Diego’s Public Utilities Department and the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, the event is part of an effort to engage student filmmakers in the concepts of water reuse and conservation awareness. Winning filmmakers Jason Smidt and William Swim from Point Loma High School took top honors with “Walter the Water Glass,” featuring a humorous talking glass of water that decries water waste and ultimately meets his doom through an uncaring water waster. “I’m honored to be a part of what is becoming a wonderful San Diego tradition,” said Councilmember Lorie Zapf. “The students show great creativity, as well as bring a strong dose of humor, to get the all-important message out that we must value the water we have and not waste it.” The film contest, San Diegans Waste No Water, focuses on the message that water conservation is part of the San Diego lifestyle. Judges included: Beth Accomando, Film Critic for KPBS, Cathy Anderson, Emmy Award Winning Writer/Producer & Entertainment Consultant, Lisa Franek, Film Festival Curator/Program Director, San Diego Latino Film Festiva, Eric Symons, Supervising Public Information Officer, City of San Diego, and Larry Zeiger, Visual and Performing Arts Educator, BestFest Film Festival.

Film winners Jason Smidt and William Swim from Point Loma High School


The third annual Philip Rivers 5K run happens June 16 at NTC Park at Liberty Station. Presented by EDCO, this event has received immense support from the San Diego business community and will benefit the Rivers of Hope Foundation, a nonprofit organization started in 2010 by San Diego Chargers quarterback Rivers and his wife, Tiffany, to help foster children in San Diego County. “The 5K benefits the Rivers of Hope Foundation and the programs we have developed to help bring hope to foster children in need,” said Rivers. “The event not only raises money to help, but also brings awareness to this cause, showing what these kids go through in their everyday lives. It’s a fun and great way for the community to get together and support a very worthy cause.” For more information about the event or to register, please visit:

OPEN COCKPIT DAYS RETURN Open Cockpit Days return to the Flying Leathernecks Marine aviation museum located at MCAS Miramar. Several jets on display such as the F-18 Hornet pictured will have their canopies raised so visitors can climb inside. This gives you a once-in-a-bluemoon chance to experience for yourself what it is like to sit in the cockpit of a real jet fighter. The open cockpit events are staged every other weekend, starting with June 23 & 24. This is a rare photo op for any aviation buff, so don't miss out! The museum has its own dedicated entrance off Miramar road between the North and West gates, so there is no need for a military pass. The best part is that the museum is free to all! Many other marine aircraft are on display as well, from World War II torpedo bombers to Vietnam-era helicopters. A full indoor display featuring artifacts from Marine Corp aviation history will satisfy any military buff. And a gift shop is there in case you want a souvenir. Open Cockpit Days are June 23-24, July 7-8, July 21-22, Aug. 4-5, Aug. 18-19, and Sept. 1-2. The event runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. — June 15, 2012



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Help support the 49th Annual NORTH PARK TOYLAND Parade!

Experience NORTH PARK’s authentic URBAN flavors!

SEA ROCKET BISTRO Sunday, July 15, 5-10pm 3382 30th St., San Diego, CA 92104 619-255-7049 3-COURSE MENU FOR $30 WITH $5 FROM EACH PLATE TO BENEFIT TOYLAND PARADE! Sea Rocket Bistro offers the best wild and sustainably caught local seafood and we make it taste amazing! Our menu changes seasonally, depending on local fisherman’s catch. We also serve California meats and numerous vegetarian dishes. Enjoy your food with one of San Diego’s award-winning craft beers or a bottle of California boutique wine in our creatively designed and hip 30th Street restaurant.

LEFTY’S CHICAGO PIZZERIA Wednesday, July 25, 4-8pm 3448 30th St., San Diego, CA 92104 619-295-1720 15% OF OPEN MENU ITEMS TO BENEFIT TOYLAND PARADE! Lefty’s is an independent, family-operated pizzeria. We strive to bring you the best Chicago-style pizza possible, along with the windy city’s other infamous street treats while here in America’s finest city. We take pride in using the freshest ingredients available to create a most flavorful experience.

EL COMAL Thursday, August 9, 5-10pm 3946 Illinois Street, San Diego, CA 92014 619-294-8292 3-COURSE MENU FOR $20 WITH 25% OF NET SALES TO BENEFIT TOYLAND PARADE! El Comal is the home of Authentic Home-Made Mexican Cuisine. Over the years we have dedicated ourselves to creating dishes with only the freshest ingredients. We don’t just make Mexican food; we make the most Authentic Mexican food, just like how it’s made in the kitchen at home; with lots love & care. This gives our patrons a dining experience that is unique and fills not only your stomach, but your soul. SPLASH WINE LOUNGE Sunday, August 19, 5-8pm 3043 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104 619-296-0714 WINE PAIRING CLASS & 6-COURSE APPETIZER FOR $30 WITH 25% OF NET SALES TO BENEFIT TOYLAND PARADE! Splash Wine Lounge, the most unique wine lounge in San Diego, was voted San Diego’s BEST Wine Bar in 2011. Splash offers over 70 wines from all over the world as well as featured specials every night of the week! Splash’s goal is to introduce the vast variety of grapes and regions, in a comfortable, affordable and educational environment. Splash offers a changing menu of cheese and meat trays, bruschetta, and flatbread pizzas, prepared with the freshest seasonal ingredients. Experience wine on a whole new level! Benefits to support the North Park Toyland Parade 2012 Hosted by Victoria House Corporation

Is a Month-to-Month Rental Best? By Neil Fjellestad & Chris De Marco - FBS Property Management Some renters prefer a month-to-month rental agreement citing the high unemployment situation in San Diego, but has always been our belief that a long term lease attracts and best serves qualified renters. With month-to-month leases, you are free to leave whenever you please, but moving constantly costs more money than its worth. Some people think that rents are trending down or might become subject to downward negotiation if they maintain a 30-day agreement. Quite the contrary is true when you take a closer look at the local rental economy. Due to projected supply and demand for well-located rental homes, condos and apartments rental rates will increase (2-3%) this year and (3-5%) in 2013. Most rental owners are seeking to raise rents across the board in order to repay out-of-pocket expenses endured during the last several year. As a month-to-month tenant you are not protected from multiple rent increases and owners will likely postpone requested maintenance until you move. Also in today's economy, many property owners may be in foreclosure, or wish to vacate their rental properties in order to have a place to live themselves. In addition, some local rental property owners are choosing to default on their rentals in order to try and save their primary residence. By being on a long-term lease, no one can decide to raise your rent because they feel like it. No one can ask you to vacate the property on a whim or with a short term notice. And most importantly, if a property is foreclosed upon, an agent/bank must either abide by the contract, authorizing you to live there through the duration of the lease, or must provide you with compensation if they want you to vacate.


ÒSexÊinÊtheÊCityÓ TeaÊPartyÊ (for women 18 and over only)

Thursday, June 21, 6:15 p.m.

Alvarado Hospital cordially invites you to an evening of education and discussion about sexual health with world-renowned expert Irwin Goldstein, MD, medical director of sexual medicine program. Learn about birth control pills and your body, menopause issues (including peri- and post-), hormonal changes, how sexual health impacts you and your partner, and other topics. A sex therapist and the author of When Sex Isn't Good will be part of the panel. Plenty of time for discussion and Q&A. Tea party fare will be served.

Seating for this women-only event limited; RSVP required to 800-258-2723 or online at Alvarado Hospital Conference Center / 6645 Alvarado Road / San Diego 92120 /

6655 Alvarado Road, San Diego 92120


Page 8 — June 15, 2012

Local Music Local Love

Brewer Boys

with Jen Van Tieghem


With a voice and style that echoes the past, yet possesses a uniquely contemporary flavor, Nena Anderson is capturing hearts all around San Diego. The singer-songwriter blends a variety of styles on her solo album, Beyond the Lights, offering hints of country, blues and other genres for a sound best described as Americana. Her tunes offer lovelorn tales full of character, crafted by her lush vocals and backed by layers of instrumentation. Her sound is a blend of sweet tenderness and aching emotion, making the audience swoon to her songs. Anderson’s vocal talent is just one aspect that makes this beguiling songstress a hit at venues big and small. The endearing candor of her lyrics pulls you in with relatable stories of love and loss. And she’s all the more charming when strumming delicate melodies on her beautiful photo by O black Gretsch guitar. Whether she’s performing a sultry cover like “Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” á la Nancy Sinatra or crooning her own “Sink or Swim,” the unique soulfulness of Anderson’s voice will pluck at your heart strings. “I Fall in Love Too Fast” is a toe-tapping testament to the vulnerability Anderson presents in her earnest tone. Her latest tune, “Kiss You Goodnight,” was recently recorded at The Lost Ark Studio and offers haunting vocals and a rich sound created by talented local musicians who lend their skills to Anderson’s music on and off stage. Catch Nena Anderson at Java Joe’s June 16 in Ocean Beach and Wynola Pizza June 30 in Julian. You can also check out her tunes and stay updated for more upcoming shows at

Nena Anderson

By Elle Winsett


DEL MAR FAIRGROUNDS June 15 - Switchfoot Intellectual surf rock right from San Diego. They might make you cry. June 16 - Brewer Boys Local SoCal duo with amazing harmonies at the paddock stage June 19 - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Good old fashioned girl power rock and roll. See Joan Jett with your meanest snarl. June 20 - Hot Chelle Rae Fun, basic pop. The kids like it, you might, too. June 26 Scotty McCreery American Idol winner with maybe the second deepest voice in modern country. Can you believe he’s only 17? June 29 - KC and the Sunshine Band Funk, R&B, and disco all rolled into one. Relive some old classics. June 30 Train Adult contemporary pop with a few good, substantial hits. July 4 - Weird Al Yankovic The parody master himself. He puts on a great great GREAT show.


THE CASBAH June 16 - Japandroids Canadian duo that specializes in noise and garage rock. Grungy. June 17 - The Jesus and Mary Chain Alternative shoegazing rock from the mid-80s. They’re still going strong. June 28 - Get Back Loretta Funk rock that’s primarily new and from San Diego. Don’t you love that Beatles reference?


SOMETHING THIS WAY COMES The untold story of the witches of Oz comes to San Diego for an unprecedented month-long run at the Civic Theatre downtown. June 20 - July 15. Wicked broke box office records and sold out in record time when it played San Diego in 2006 and 2009, and is the winner of 35 major awards, including a Grammy and three Tony Awards. Wicked is Broadway's biggest blockbuster to date.

THE BELLY UP TAVERN June 27 - Lisa Marie Presley The Princess of Rock and Roll herself. Hear her sing some new, very broody, but very rockin’ songs. CRICKET WIRELESS AMPHITHEATRE June 27 - Vans Warped Tour 2012 Selection of pop punk and alternative rock such as The Used, Rise Against, New Found Glory, and Taking Back Sunday. BRICK BY BRICK June 22 - The Iron Maidens Great at covering Iron Maiden tunes, horrible at photoshop! HOUSE OF BLUES June 22 - Dia Frampton with Scars on 45 First season runner up of The Voice, she’s the newest thing in solo indie rock. June 24 - Five Iron Frenzy Christian ska. It sounds like a drab, but their music is more than fun to dance to.

Behold the new Gibson

Iron Maidens

4TH & B July 2 - Marcy Playground You probably know them from their one hit wonder ‘Sex and Candy’. Come to their show to see their other awesome songs live.

Firebird In one of the biggest marketing blunders since "New Coke," Gibson guitars has introduced the Firebird X. Gibson fans have been lambasting the new guitar on its own website since its unveiling. Comments like: "This is the fugliest guitar Gibson has ever made. Five grand? Henry, dude, a few less bong hits maybe," come from guitars lovers around the world. Others include: "You have never heard of Phil Manzanera? I would not buy this guitar. I'll stick with my BB King Lucille and SG and Les Paul Studio. Let Gibson make all the guitars they want. If they don't sell they can use them for fire wood." Or: "This guitar is bad, but at least its not as bad as the Gibson Jimi Hendrix strat!" And: "The Firebird is one of the best looking guitars in the world. There are rules with art the same as music...that thing is bad art. I've always loved the way Gibson guitars look, but this one makes me sad." Additionally: "I don't know how it sounds, but it's got to be the ugliest thing I have ever seen!!!!" The sad part is that the original Gibson Firebird is one of the most beautiful guitars ever created, and this one is clearly the ugliest. Who green-lit this thing? One can only guess what's going on at Gibson. This guitar has a price of $5,570. — June 15, 2012

Page 9

Summer Movies in the Park are Back! Summer Movies in the Park, the County program that shows great movies outdoors for free, kicked off the 2012 season June 1, at Heritage Park in Old Town with a showing of Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark. The County Department of Parks and Recreation, working with the cities of San Diego, El Cajon, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, National City, Oceanside and Poway, and the USS Midway Museum, put together the largest free movie event in the county with the Summer Movies in the Park program. This year’s program runs from June through September and includes more than 50 family-friendly flicks; including the Dr. Suess fable “The Lorax,” “The Muppets,” “Happy Feet Two;” and classics including “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” All movies are free, open to the public, and held in parks across the county. Movies begin at dusk and are shown in high-quality digital format on a 32-foot inflatable widescreen that was specially designed for large audiences. Simply bring a blanket, your favorite snacks, and chairs to enjoy the festivities! Family and friends can enjoy a movie in an outdoor theater offering pre-movie activities for children and food available for purchase at various locations. Summer Movies in the Park is made possible through the support of our sponsors: San Diego Gas and Electric, the First 5 San Diego, and the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency along with many local businesses and organizations. Summer Movies in the Park returns to Heritage Park on Sept. 7 with a showing of Dolphin Tale.

Historic Old Town Fourth of July An old-fashioned celebration of July 4th. Parade, crafts and activities of early San Diego. Wagon rides, period games, music, food specials, pie-eating contest and more. Flag raising, keynote speaker, military involvement.

Stagecoach Days (Every Saturday in July and August) Celebration of the West on the Move with children’s activities, historic interpretation, cannon and anvil firings, and more.

Open Mike Nights at The Cosmo! Introducing open-mic nights at The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant in Old Town! Go enjoy the Jazz Vocal Showcase on Tuesdays, from 6 to 9 p.m. They're welcoming local vocalists to join the “Full House” band to sing tunes from the “Great American Songbook.” The host and band leader is Mark Augustin. Sit out on the garden patio, under the stars. Each Tuesday through the month of June and maybe longer. No cover.

Old Town Saturday Market San Diego's largest weekly artisan market featuring handmade works from local artisans. The market includes such items as jewelry, photography, pottery, clothing, paintings, hand painted glass, glass blowing, woodworking's and more. There is always live music and it is absolutely free. The market hours are 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Old Town State Park Tours Park aides lead these informative and friendly tours. No reservations necessary; just show up at the Old Town visitor’s center at the Robinson Rose building on the plaza. Tours are free. This is a service provided by the State of California. For reservations 619-220-5422

For more information and updates on Old Town events go to:

lncludes Mashed Potatoes, Veggies & Dinner Roll

Page 10 — June 15, 2012


Valley Views By Gina Cord, founder of Mission Valley News

Gardening Made Easy at Armstrong Garden Centers

Roses aren’t always red, but in any color, they are the most majestic and beautiful of all the blooms. I must admit that receiving a bouquet of red roses from the one you adore is a wonderful gift, but my very favorite color is the peach-colored roses so popular today. For any color you might prefer, take a walk through the Armstrong Garden Center and you will find them there. Our Mission Valley locations are 1350 Morena Blvd., and 10320 Friars Road in Mission Gorge. Every flower or shrub is a delight to view because all are fresh and well-cared for with big blooms and shining greenery. “Most of our roses come from Weeks Nursery in Wasto, Calif.,” explained Jon Swanson, manager at the Morena Boulevard location. “They are the largest rose growers in the world. Roses require sun and heat and the site in Wasto is ideal for growing them.” Armstrong Garden Centers, whose corporate offices are in Glendora, Calif., is an employee-owned company. Swanson has worked with the company since he was in high school and during college at UCSD, then became a full-time employee in 1998 so he is truly an expert on everything that is available at the Center. The current focus of the Center is on outdoor living, with all of the special outdoor furniture, barbecues, water fountains, hanging baskets and bowl arrangements there to make a special outdoor room and garden. Armstrong also has extensive landscape design and planning, which includes a home visit by the designer. Or, if the client has already decided on the design of the garden, a plan is drafted. They also include a personal shopper, a “pick and plant” installation service, as well as sod installation service; just check with the Center for costs and further information on landscaping ideas. Free garden classes and events are held at the Center from April through June. Rose Care for Beginners was held in May, but the staff is always ready to assist with all information at anytime of the year and these special events are annual affairs. We welcome comments on What’s News and Who’s News for this column. Email Gina at

Record to DVD • Play on your computer or TV. Film 8mm & 16mm to DVD Slides & photos to DVD Video tapes deteriorate...Don’t lose your memories!

10% OFF When you mention this ad!



ROSÉS Rosé wines have gotten a bad reputation over the last 30 years, and deservedly so. White Zinfandel – which is a rosé, not white – exploded in popularity in the ‘80s, prompting California to chug out jugs and jugs of the stuff. As with any wine that gains notoriety, unskilled winemakers jumped on the white zin bandwagon by the droves, and produced all sorts of cheap horrible stuff. America eventually woke up from its rosé hangover and swore off the stuff forever. But that ruined the market for good rosés being produced all over the world, forcing rosé to live underground until recently. So what is a rosé? A rosé is wine made from a red wine grape, but not soaked in the skins of the grape. This makes for a less tannic (tart & dry) wine, and also one that is light pink rather than dark red. Because it doesn't have the tannins associated with most reds, rosés are served chilled and are the perfect afternoon wine for somebody who just can’t get into the acidity of a white wine. A good rosé also makes a refreshing summer treat, which makes it the ideal time to get one. The Europeans never lost their love for rosés because they know how to do it over there. A good rosé should not be the overly sweet and syrupy headache producer that California churned out in boxes. A good rosé should instead be fairly dry with a crisp dried fruit finish. The Rhône River Valley in France has always produced some of the best rosés out there, and about 10 years ago, the Rhône Rangers of Santa Barbara Co. began to use their syrah grapes as a base for rosé. The result was spectacular and rosé was once again allowed to sit at the cool table in Californian wine circles. Today, Ampelos Cellars of Santa Ynez has a “Rosé of Syrah” 2011. Like a good rosé, it has a nose of tangerine, watermelon, pomegranate and apple. On the palate, it is herbal with a strong mineral presence combined with a dried strawberry finish. Monte De Oro winery in Temecula has produced a rosé of Cabernet Franc with a bit more depth and a hint of bubblegum at the end. Welcome back rosé!


We’re Everywhere!

5390 Napa St. Ste. “A” • San Diego, CA 92110 • 619.220.8500

Proud to be the only San Diego publication actively supporting local music!

Be a part of the next generation of news. — June 15, 2012

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by Nikki Sheppard If you are in the mood for Mexican food, then heading down to Old Town is a no-brainer. But suppose you are in Old Town and you aren't in the mood for beans and rice? Then O’Hungry’s might just be the place for you. Owner Stan Chu has run O’Hungry’s for years, through both good times and bad. And hey, if you can survive in Old Town with your restaurant intact for more than six months, you must be onto something good. O’Hungry’s gives Old Town patrons a wide variety to choose from, including BBQ ribs, grilled mahi mahi, chicken, and spaghetti. You can even get breakfast, which Chu said is very popular with locals in the area, as well as the early busloads of tourists. What I always remembered as being unique about O’Hungry’s was the “Yards of Beer.” These tall glasses of beer look like the plastic trumpets that kids bring to sporting events. Because they have a ball at the bottom, these “Yards of Beer” come with a stand so you can set it on your table. Is it silly, or is it cool? It's definitely cool! Just getting the hang of drinking your favorite beer out of one of those monstrosities is half the fun. It’s an event that will have everybody laughing and taking photos to post on Facebook later. O’Hungry’s has Sierra Nevada, Fat Tire, Ballast Point, Stella Artois and Blue Moon on tap, plus some conventional bottles if you are too old for hijinks. O’Hungry’s has some very reasonable specials every day, so head down if you are in the mood for something different. The food is great and Chu also offers a line of cocktails as well for the sophisticates. Enjoy!

by Vince Meehan Buried deep beneath the quaint houses of Kensington lays the scene of a horrific event. Thousands of years ago, the sea level was 300 feet higher in San Diego, and both Point Loma and Mount Soledad were islands in the risen sea. A lot of San Diego was underwater and, as a result, sandstone rock formations are now very common in our area. The southern rim of Mission Valley is an excellent example of this geography, and played a significant part in a gruesome tragedy before the war. Sandstone by nature is very easily eroded, which creates the beautiful and artistic formations seen in Del Mar, Tecelote Canyon, and Torrey Pines. But it is also very easy to dig into, and this feature turned deadly for a young San Diegan child. In the late ‘30s, neighborhood children dug an elaborate system of tunnels into the sides of the canyons somewhere in the Kensington area. These tunnels served as forts to play in, and even camp overnight as part of innocent child adventure. As the kids got older, a new generation would dig further into the sandstone and create additional rooms connected by tunnels. This adventureland was legendary and became a magnet for the neighborhood youth. But sandstone is inherently unstable. One year a huge part of the caves collapsed, burying a child alive. By the time neighborhood parents and police dug him out, he was already dead. The entrances to the tunnels were blasted shut and children were severely warned never to dig into the canyon walls again. The entrances to the tunnels have long been sealed, and the sagebrush has grown up to cover the evidence, but the labyrinth of catacombs still exists somewhere underneath Kensington.

SAN DIEGO EMERGENCY TEAMS GET VITAL UPGRADE By Dave Schwab If disaster strikes, San Diego will be well prepared for emergency response with six mass-casualty and three mass-decontamination vehicles that can be deployed countywide. The new state-of-the-art vehicles and a plethora of equipment geared toward providing triage and decontamination in emergency situations was rolled out for display by San Diego, Heartland and Escondido firefighters and County hazardous materials personnel in the parking lot of Qualcomm Stadium May 16. The presentation was part of a three-day, statewide Golden Guardian 2012 disaster exercise. “It’s the type of exercise that allows government agencies, emergency responders and all our volunteers to be prepared for emergencies we might face in the future,” said East County Supervisor Ron Roberts, adding the region-wide drill involved 14 cities, fire districts, power and water utilities, hospitals, UC San Diego and the American Red Cross. The scenario for the emergency drill was that a catastrophic quake had devastated areas north of San Diego, which had been damaged as well by aftershocks causing major structural damage and traffic jams. “That’s being simulated as part of this drill so that all the agencies involved know what’s going on at each and every step of the way,” said Roberts. “We need to make sure we're getting the resources to the point where they’re needed.” Illustrating Roberts’ point, Nick Vent, county emergency response program supervisor, pointed at Lowe’s adjacent to Qualcomm saying, “Imagine taking that building, shaking it vigorously and dumping everything right in the middle of the floor. You have 200 people inside there when that happened. Where do they go?” Vent noted catastrophes happen, citing a nerve gas attack in Tokyo’s subway in 1995 that killed 12, injured

5,200 and sent 300 to intensive care overwhelming a nearby hospital unprepared for the emergency. “They didn’t have systems like this,” said Vent, referencing about a dozen firefighters in full-body protective suits and gas masks performing a mock decontamination drill under a tent with a conveyor system on rollers designed to treat mass casualties quickly and efficiently. “About 80 percent of contamination is going to be on clothing,” said Brad Long, who works for San Diego County’s Hazardous Materials Division. Long added emergency medical and decontamination equipment transported by truck can be set up in as little as 45 minutes. “This is designed to help with treatment and triage of a large number of victims,” he said. Speaking from inside a full suit and mask, Heartland firefighter Kelly Wolf said his gear was “very comfortable.” “You can sweat and breathe,” he said. “I could do eight hours in it.” “We are one of the local fire stations that house and provide the staff for a mass-casualty unit that can be taken out and provide support to a large-scale medical emergency in the field,” said Mike Scott, chief of Heartland Fire and Rescue. Scott added firefighters “know how to use these resources if they need to at a moment’s notice.” Pointing out firefighters are now fully prepared for emergencies with the new decontamination and casualty trucks and equipment, Scott said, “The public needs to do their part to make sure they’re prepared also.” Roberts concurred that disaster preparedness is a cooperative effort. “We also want to remind everybody about individual preparedness – having a (disaster) kit, having a plan knowing what you and your family would do, having some water stored away,” he said. “These are extremely important parts and we can't emphasize that enough.” For more information about disaster preparedness, go to and click on Ready San Diego..

Ribbit Pest Control, Inc.

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619-593-8188 Call Now!

Pastors Clarence & Dion Hunter

JOIN US SATURDAYS AT 4PM – Worship Services CONNECT - With God and others GROW - In relationship with God and others SERVE - God by serving others

Meeting at: Sheraton San Diego Mission Valley 1433 Camino Del Rio South San Diego, CA (Event Rooms)

Page 12 — June 15, 2012 Radio, from page 1

Rosenberg. According to Rosenberg, his gig came very traditionally. He forayed his broadcast journalist education into an internship at KCR and worked for a year at Petco Park for the Padres. Rosenberg landed his position at XTRA Sports 1360, where he climbed his way up the ladder by doing board updates and weekend slots. When the position opened up at XX1090, Rosenberg jumped at the opportunity. Rosenberg and Williams have been together as a team for almost two years. In the studio, both take turns asking questions Charod Williams serves as the other half of the during interviews to avoid stepping on XX1090 sports radio team. each other. The pair has a series of silent visual cues that they give each other if they want to deviate from that routine. It’s easy to get into the sports mood in their modern studio as the room has several wall mounted TV monitors with sports feeds constantly running in the background. As Williams has his turn in the interview, Rosenberg has an internet monitor at his side where he can instantly access Google for fact checks and stats. The team works seamlessly together in a constant banter that never feels forced or awkward. Both Rosenberg and Williams are very knowledgeable about sports, and that comes across in the show. This is important due to the fact that many radio talk programs employ extra people in the studio simply to guffaw at everything that comes out of the host’s mouth. The guys are true sports fans – they even like baseball, and that’s about as hardcore as you can get! Sure, it’s a tough time to start a sports gig in San Diego with the Padres lagging and Norv still at the helm of the Chargers, but that doesn’t get Rosenberg down. In fact, he said it can actually be a plus. “When fans are annoyed, that’s when they feel they need to vent, and that’s what we’re here for. It makes for a whole lot of discussion and debate that actually makes our job easier,” said Rosenberg. Well, here’s hoping the Padres can give these guys a little more work to do. As for the Chargers, well… you know what they say… There’s always next year.

ATTENTION LOCAL BANDS! Send in a CD with a photo of your band to the Mission Valley News for a chance to be showcased in our publication. Remember any press is good press!


New Album? Press Release? Send show dates & venue to:

Send a CD of your song with a short bio and photo to: Mission Valley News 6549 Mission Gorge Road #199 San Diego, CA 92120

Spa, from page 3 Spa supervisor Trish Sterling is in charge of the spa located upstairs. A selfdescribed longtime fitness geek, Sterling said the spa offers a wide variety of services that will appeal to anyone. “We offer European facials, Swedish massage, peels, mud wraps, and will customize any treatment to accommodate various body types and stressed muscles,” said Sterling. “We even offer a very popular pregnancy massage where we work with your hospital or OBGYN to prepare you for childbirth.” Sterling emphasized that the spa is open to non-members – all you have to do is call to make an appointment. Added Sterling: “We do our best to make Total Woman a salon where you can get it all done at one location. It’s that simple!”

Viv, from page 2 that Snow White is their only beacon of light in the darkness, and their only hope of saving the kingdom from eternal shadows. The producers of Alice in Wonderland bring to us another visually breathtaking movie. Image after image makes one’s eyes insatiable for another stunning scene; whether it is one of lightness or darkness, it is unquestionable that the visual effects alone make the movie every bit as magical as a fairytale is supposed to be. The rest of the movie, however, was bordering on disappointing. The plot had so much potential to be more—but it seemed as though the crew behind the movie was more focused on the visual beauty than the actual script, which was predictable and slightly on the careless side. The huntsman is never given a name, and is awkwardly referred to for the entirety of the movie as “the huntsman,” and each subplot seems to be lacking something. The relationships that Snow White has with either of the two leading men are simply not concentrated enough to resonate with the audience, and as complex of a woman as Ravenna is, her back story is only touched upon throughout the movie. Furthermore, the character of Snow White seems to be bland and confused, as if the writers didn’t know whether to make her a shrine of purity and helpless beauty, or a little girl who needed to be a badass to save her people. However, this is no fault of any of the actors and actresses, who did tremendously given their role in this film. Charlize Theron stole the show with her outstanding performance as a horrifying queen, but Kristen Stewart’s work in this movie deserves a mention as well. It is not an easy task proving oneself after Twilight, but Stewart did a pretty good job as a character that is so loved by the masses. In short, Snow White and the Huntsman is a solidly entertaining movie for the music and visual effects alone, which are honestly out of this world, but fair warning—the story line isn’t going to satisfy you if an original take on a classic fairytale is what you’re looking for this summer.

All films are screened at UltarStar theatres at the Hazard Center in Mission Valley

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Page 13

Readers Write Quail Brush Power Plant

Mission Valley Branch Library Summer Reading Event: Raggle Taggle Band Thursday, June 21 at 10:30 a.m. Our Summer Reading celebration continues with a concert from the one and only Raggle Taggle Band! Singing, dancing, and loads of fun! Summer Reading Event: Sparkles the Clown Thursday, June 28 at 10:30 a.m. It's time for some clowning around with Sparkles the Clown! Be on the lookout for giant bubbles at the end of the show. (Children)

Sempra has awarded a contract to Cogentrix out of North Carolina to build the Quail Brush Power Plant on a land parcel on East Elliott alongside Mission Trails Regional Park. The San Diego Planning Commission has twice continued Cogentrix’s request to change “Open Space” zoning there to “Heavy Industrial.” There have been several community meetings and protests in opposition to this power plant, and yet Cogentrix persists, claiming they will modify their plan from 11 100-foot smokestacks on a tacky green building to lord-knows-what. Santee, which lies directly in the path of toxins that will spew their way, has a City Council which unanimously voted against the power plant and has posted banners against the Power Plant all over town. (Let me remind everyone that just because you cannot see a “plume” that it isn’t causing irreparable health problems.) But it is not up to Santee to decide, because Santee ! is not in San Diego’s boundaries. Ten-time Congressman Bob Filner, who is running for Mayor of San Diego, stood up at the Planning Commission meeting in late April, and again at

The Mission Valley News encourages comments from all our readers, this community newspaper serves as your voice as well as your source of local news. All letters may be edited for clarity and length. Send your comments to:

Sumi-E and Japanese Classical Art Class Every Wednesday at 3-5 p.m. Learn the Japanese style of ink and brush painting. Expand your appreciation of classical Japanese art. Beginners are welcome. The instruction is geared for 55+. This class is being conducted by the San Diego Community College Continuing Education Center. For more information please call the Mid-City campus at 619-388-4500.

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Yoga for Adults and Teens Every Tuesday at 6–7 p.m. Are you looking for a workout program that's easy to learn, requires little or no equipment, and soothes your soul while toning your body? Then yoga is for you! Classes are free and open to teens (13+) and adults. (Adult and Teens) Zumba Gold ! Every Friday at 1:30-2:30 Zumba Gold is a brand-new system that is for anyone, any age and any ability level. This program is designed for participants with very little experience exercise, individuals that have physical limitations or inactive older adult. A safe and effective total body workout... guaranteed. Exercise in a party atmosphere that is different, fun, easy to follow along and extremely effective.

the River Coalition meeting, to speak out against the power plant. Community members are ALARMED that the Planning Commission is even taking the project into consideration, as changing Open Space to Heavy Industrial means that the land adjoining a national bio-gem will certainly be exposed to more industrial projects in a domino effect. Only people who are on the payroll of Sempra, SDG&E and Cogentrix seem to be for this project. Everyone else is demanding clean energy such as solar panels on rooftops, or some other location for this fossil-fuel plant. I am personally opposed to it at all, as I see Mission Trails not only as my backyard, but the “backyard” of our nation. There are plants, animals and habitats there like no other on the planet. This is one instance where it is time for us to say “No” to ! Sempra’s bulldozing of our precious resources. No to their ill-advised Power Plant. No to the “North Carolina carpetbaggers” and the Sempra horse they rode in on. San Diego is primed, with its endless sunshine, wind and ocean tides, to become the Green Energy capital of the nation, if not the world. And this Power Plant falls way, way short of that communal dream. Patty Mooney - San Diego

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The Mission Valley Planning Group meets at the Mission Valley Library on the first Wednesday of every month at Noon. This is a public forum and your chance to voice your opinion. No decisions get to the city council without going through the Mission Valley Planning Group first. The meeting is held in the community room and is accessed from the outside patio on the North side of the building.


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GEMS& JEWELS By Enhancery Jewelers, Kathleen White, Graduate Gemologist, GIA FEATURED– ALTERNATIVE METAL JEWELRY FOR FATHER’S DAY Imagine owning a ring or bracelet that never scratches. The word tungtung sten is Swedish and comes from tung meaning heavy metal, and sten meaning stone. Tungsten Carbide is the world’s hardest exotic metal. This gives a permanence in polish and finish that will endure. Carbon fiber and or enamel are new inlay features in many of our men’s stainless steel jewelry collection of bracelets, crosses, key chains, money clips, tie bars sure to please Dad this Father’s Day. Cobalt Chrome rings offer the bright white look of platinum or white gold without the higher price in today’s economy. JUNE BIRTHSTONES - Alexandrite, Pearl and Moonstone The month of June actually has claim to three birthstone choices, alexandrite, pearl and moonstone. Alexandrite is a variety of chrysoberyl with an unusual color-change from red to green. Legend tells us that Alexandrite was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia, on the birthday of Czar Alexander II. While natural alexandrites are very rare, there is now a beautiful lab created alternative as well. These have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as the natural. These stones are created in the lab using heat and pressure and the process takes about one year. Pearls are one of the few organic gems formed from living organisms. Akoya pearls are cultured in salt water in Japan. South Sea Pearls from Tahiti are usually larger than 10mm. and form in very warm waters. Pearls come in a variety of beautiful colors from white, cream, pink, blue, gold and black. Fresh water pearls are also farmed and come in a variety of shapes and colors, some are very close to round. Moonstone is a variety of feldspar and has a billowy cloud like appearance and can exhibit a beautiful “rainbow” effect.


PatTON Oswalt

Martin and Kathleen White have owned Enhancery Jewelers for over thirty four years. They specialize in diamond and gemstone jewelry, custom design, appraisals, and jewelry and watch repairs.

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omedian Patton Oswalt is slated to perform at Spreckels Theatre July 12 to help kick off Comic-Con 2012. The actor, who played Spence in King of Queens for nine seasons, has kept quite busy since the CBS series wrapped in 2007. Oswalt released several comedy albums, including his latest, Grammy-nominated Finest Hour, and 2009’s My Weakness is Strong. In addition to being a series regular on Showtime’s United States of Tara, Oswalt has also appeared as a guest star on Bored To Death and Flight of the Conchords on HBO and The Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central. He is also recurring on SyFy’s new series, Caprica. Additionally, Oswalt is a regular contributor to Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Real Time with Bill Maher and Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil. Mission Times Courier conducted a short Q&A with Oswalt about his upcoming San Diego show and relatively new role as a dad to his 3-year-old daughter, Alice. What are your impressions of “America’s Finest City”? Warm, pleasant. Quite “fine.” Are you a regular Comic-Con attendee? What do you think about the Comic-Con? I’m not a “regular” but I always have fun. It’s a great way to find out what’s new in Jack Sparrow costumes. What can our readers expect out of your show in San Diego? Me saying jokes into a microphone and then the jokes, amplified, coming out of speakers at the front of the stage so the audience can hear the jokes I’ve said into the microphone. What do you think of fatherhood? What are three things that have surprised you most about being a parent? It’s nice, being a dad. The three things that have surprised me have been the poop, sleep deprivation and constant Viking attacks. Has your daughter already been indoctrinated into your love of comics? Any favorites yet? I’ve been indoctrinated into her love of Yo Gabba Gabba.

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What did you think about that cover of TIME with the breastfeeding 3-year-old? I thought the TIME magazine cover was the best issue of MAXIM I’ve ever seen. You tweeted that you were going to read the first chapter of Stephen King’s The Stand to your daughter’s preschool class. What did you end up reading? Fifty Shades of Grey. Genevieve A. Suzuki

Patton Oswalt Spreckels Theatre July 12, 8 p.m. Tickets are $35, $29.75,, at the Spreckels Theatre box office, or by phone (800) 745-3000 — June 15, 2012

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I like looking nice, but I always put comfort over fashion. I'd rather have lunch with my friends than go to a gym. -Adele



Summer in San Diego means brighter colors, but that doesn't mean you scrimp on style. Summer is fun, and your style should be as well. The skirts are shorter, so accessories are going to define your summer look. Play around with edgy combos and turn some heads this summer! 1) Hey Ho... let's go with the Ramones! 2) Communist imagery is not as edgy as it used to be. It's almost Hello, Kitty now! 3) But what is edgy are skull-filled scarves. 4) In today's techie world, even your laptop must have style. These stylish covers come in all sorts of fun designs. 5) Floral prints are pure flirty fun for girls this summer. Stand out from the crowd at your next outdoor soirée. 6) Double the Marilyn is double the fun with this Andy Warhol-inspired mini-skirt. 7) You just don't see LPs anymore! But this custom tote bag is pure Rock 'N' Roll!. Luigi Vera is the owner of Luigi Vera clothing boutique in Hillcrest. For more on Luigi and his boutique, go to:

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BODY & SOUL By Lauren Westerfield, RYT

Get grounded: an introduction to Vrksasana

It’s one of those iconic yoga poses – the kind you see in advertisements for hip downtown studios or trendy workout pants. And it looks impressive, despite its seeming simplicity. You may know it as Tree Pose – or, depending on the depth of your yoga practice, Vrksasana. Whether you wobble your way through it at the end of every class or thrive on the strength required to maintain balance, this beautiful posture is worth repeating for the many benefits it imparts to body and mind alike. When done correctly, Tree Pose strengthens the thighs, calves, ankles and spine while stretching the groin, inner thighs, chest and shoulders. In addition, it improves one’s sense of balance, promotes concentration and circulation, and has an impressive grounding effect on the mind. To perform Tree Pose, begin by standing firmly on both feet. Shift your weight to the left foot, bend your right knee, and then reach down with your right hand to clasp your right ankle. Draw your right foot up and place the sole against your inner left thigh, pressing the right heel into the inner left groin for greater stability. Make sure that your pelvis is in a neutral position, centered directly over your left foot. Lengthen your tailbone toward the floor, keep your left leg strong, and rest your hands on your hips or bring them together in front of your heart. Gaze steadily at a fixed point 4-to-5 feet away for improved balance, and breathe. Repeat on opposite side.


MOVE IN TODAY! Stop by Circa 37, choose your favorite floor plan and start planning your move! • Spacious 1,2, & 3 bedroom apartment homes, up to 1400 square feet • Hardwood-style flooring throughout the main living areas • Contemporary kitchen and bath finishes including quartz countertops • Stainless steel GE kitchen appliances • 10,000 square foot clubhouse with state-of-the-art fitness center • Jr. Olympic salt-water pool and spa, group cabanas with built-in HDTVs • Game Center with pool table and multiple HDTVs

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Lifters, from page 1

photos by Casperphotographics and Vince Meehan

many familiar faces showing up regularly at shows, but The Lifters still consider themselves somewhat new to the party. The three members I had the opportunity to speak with all have a great deal of experience in their respective areas. Guitarist/singer Daniels launched his musical career by learning some piano, and then moving on to guitar. Once he bought his first electric guitar, things took off and he hasn’t looked back since. Keyboardist/vocalist Leviticus, or Levi as the band calls him, has music practically etched into his DNA. “I was born into music… a very musical family. I’ve been singing and playing music since I can remember,” said Levi, who started playing with a number of reggae bands before finding The Lifters. Saxophonist Jessica Schmidt, the group’s onewoman horn section, started her musical career by bringing her talent to high school and college marching bands. “When I was in college I joined my first ska band and got some great stage experience,” Schmidt said. The band is rounded out by bassist David Doyle and drummer David Butterfield who provide a rhythm section that the others can vamp over. This creates a solid professional sound that clubs, such as Belly Up Tavern, appreciate. The Lifters pride themselves on being professional and putting on a great show. Daniels explained: “We’ve all got some great musical experience, so this is not our first love so to speak… not our first band. And that experience helps us gel. When you bring all that into the mix, those highs and lows, it’s easier to communicate. Everyone knows their strengths. And I think the audience enjoys that vibe.” Even with this much experience and background, the band is keen to keep their act very local. They aren’t concerned about making it big or touring yet. “It’s important to blow up locally first.” said Daniels. As for Levi, he has spent most of his young life on the road, and, now that he is older, he's much more content to stay in one place. “It’s not what we need right now. Some people need to tour, some people need to record, and

some people just need to jam together. That’s what we want to do,” Levi said. Even now, The Lifters are still experimenting with what they have, working on new sounds and letting their music form as organically as possible. Usually, their songs will start with a lyric or a melody, and then grow from there. “It’s a band where every musician can contribute what they have,” said Levi. “It always comes out way different from how it started, but that’s the beauty of it.” This band is a fun mix of different influences from each individual, but it retains, as Daniels said, “a Lifters sound.” "I think that we have been playing together for a while, so we play to our strengths if anything. We have a sound that’s really equal parts of all of the people that are in the group,” Daniels said. The Lifters play regularly at Belly Up Tavern, opening for national acts like The English Beat. The band currently has two EPs under their belt. The first EP was recorded at Daniels’ house, and was an experiment more than anything else. As soon as they began recording the second EP, they already knew it was going to be a different sound. The band booked a traditional recording studio, which suited Daniels just fine because he did not have to try and run the board and record at the same time. “This recording represents the band more than anything we’ve

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done yet, thanks to a cleaner recording area, a better production team, and a desire to keep things from falling behind,” Daniels said. With two EPs to keep them in the spotlight, The Lifters are doing very well. Their music defines them as a band: very chill, very mature, and very focused on defining the fun in music. “It’s very fun and energetic to be playing with The Lifters,” said Levi. “It’s always great to play with the band.” As for Jess, it’s all about having fun as well. “It’s party music. Music to dance to! That’s why I like it!” Catch The Lifters live at Belly Up Tavern, Gallaghers and SOMA.

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