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Special Fashion Edition! July 15, 2011

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Volume V – Number 7




by Vince Meehan

The Zoo China Celebration House of Blues • San Diego

San Diego band Augustana

ends a successful tour in which included an appearance on "Late Night with David Letterman in New York.


ugustana wrapped up a two-month, 25-date tour of the U.S. by coming home to San Diego at the House of Blues. They played to a packed house of mainly 14-17 year old girls with nary an adult in sight. The boys hit the stage hard, and didn’t let up until half way during the show. Augustana plays what I consider a very “Americana” style of rock that would make you think the band was from the mid-west. In fact, there is a heavy country influence to the songwriting, which has healthy doses of blues and gospel thrown in. Soulful singing, plus brilliant harmonies let you know that these guys are serious about music and songwriting. The band plays with an intensity onstage that is almost trance-like. It is obvious that each band member has a distinct part in the music and is focused on his part one-hundred percent. To add to the “Americana” theme, the band enjoys playing classic guitars like Gibson hollow bodies, and Fender Precision basses. These guys really have an admiration for the roots of rock and roll, and playing a Fender Jazzmaster guitar through a twin-reverb raised up on a chair is about as classic as it gets!

Long summer days mean more time for fun at the San Diego Zoo. It also means the beginning of the special night time exhibitions that make summer at the zoo something special. This year, in honor of the new Panda Trek habitat, the theme is “China Celebration”. This includes Chinese acrobats, costumed “Monkey King” stiltwalkers, as well as the debut of a new exhibit for the northern Chinese leopard. The Hunte Amphitheater at the zoo will be the summer home for the Golden Lion Chinese Acrobats. This troop hails from China’s Hebei Provence and will perform “Tales of the Mandarin Forest” daily at 2 and 5 p.m. The show features acrobats, dancers, martial artists, and musicians and has a timeless appeal that crosses all ages.

See AUGUSTANA, page 4

See ZOO, page 12

Celebrate Ocean’s Amazing Sharks At Birch Aquarium

Soak up an entire month dedicated to sharks at Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego. Throughout the month, special hands-on programs for all ages will celebrate these mesmerizing and misunderstood ocean predators. Snorkel with the Sharks, July 9, 23 & 30 (also available Aug. 27 & Sept. 10): Join aquarium naturalists on an unforgettable face-to-face excursion with sharks that live just off the La Jolla coast. Learn about the shark species and the ecology of their underwater homes. Intermediate swimming ability is required and previous snorkeling experience is recommended. Participants must supply their own gear. 8-10 a.m. $30 per person. Ages: 10+ (minors must be accompanied by a paid adult). RSVP: (858) 534-7336 or at SEA Days: Extended Shark Edition! July 16 & 17: Experience Science, Exploration and Adventure at our extended shark SEA Days. Meet local sharks and learn why these animals are misunderstood during engaging presentations in the See SHARKS, page 12

It's a Beatle Invasion! Well, sort of. Page 7

Metal Babe rock fashion Hits SoCal.

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It was a Fashion Show at True North Tavern. See all the Summer looks! Page 3

Page 2 — July 15, 2011


Fashion Valley's new "Green Fountain"

A new ever-changing water sculpture/art fountain has been added to the Fashion Valley Shopping mall. “We’re thrilled to provide this relaxing water feature for our shopper’s enjoyment,” said Robert Doherty, mall manager. “This beautiful fountain is just one of many new aesthetic aspects of the renovation to be unveiled in the coming months,” added Doherty. The design for the fountain was inspired by the agave plant. The sword-like leaves of the agave form the central feature while the larger leaves fall naturally forming a dome shaped support system for the central piece of the fountain. As water bubbles up from the top of the central feature, it overflows, falling and filling smaller basins around the agave recycling through the fountain to be used again. The sustainable water feature is extremely conservative only using the small amount of water lost to evaporation.

ON FILM by Vivian Nguyen

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon


Sentinel Prime Well, Michael Bay has done it again. He has created another signature mind-blowing action blockbuster, filled with incredible explosions, heart-stopping peril, and dizzying special effects. The scenes are lavish, the shots dizzying, and the computer generated graphics are top-notch. This was shot in 3D, and the depth perception is amazing. And when I say shot in 3D, I mean shot in 3D. A lot of movies today are converted to 3D after being shot which results in a effect similar to those old pop-up kiddie books. But when you shoot in in 3D with 3D camera, the effect is amazing. In the third film of the Transformers franchise, Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBeouf ) and the Autobots’ paths twist when the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen), learns the true reason behind the Apollo moon missions. It is eventually revealed that what was found on the moon could have changed the fate of the Autobots’ battle with the Decepticons in a war long ago. And now, in present day, the Autobots must stand together to protect this precious secret before it falls into the hands of the Decepticons. The result is a obligatory "bull in a china shop" battle scene of huge robots thrashing each other with no regard to the city. Michael Bay's usual partner in epic films is Jerry Bruckheimer who excels at getting the military to loan their newest weapons for filming. But this time it is Steven Spielberg producing and he does a See TRANSFORMERS, page 4

Dylan Rohn, 7th grader, recently won the Middle School Grand Recognition Award and a Special Achievement Award for Cinematography at the 10th Annual 2011 IVIE Award Ceremony for his seven-minutefilm, “Problem Solved”\ Dylan shot and directed the film. “I’m obsessed with film, every aspect of it,” says Rohn. “It is my passion, I eat, sleep and breathe film.”

Here's lookin' at you kid!

Linda Vista Farmers Market




Starting July 21st, Linda Vistans can enjoy their very own farmer's Market at the Linda Vista Plaza Shopping Center. The market will feature several local farmers, food producers, hot food vendors, and locally made art and crafts. The Linda Vista Farmers Market will also include Fresh Fund, a program to help low income families purchase more healthy, local foods. The grand opening will be on July 21st and will include live cooking demonstrations, dance performances, children’s activities, appearances from local politicians, and more.

OPEN COCKPIT The Flying Leatherneck Marine Aviation Museum at MCAS Miramar is holding "Open Cockpit Days" this summer. On select Saturdays and Sundays, the public is invited for a rare chance to sit inside the cockpit of a real Marine jet fighter. Docents will be there to educate visitors on the ins and outs of aviation. The open cockpit days only happen in summer, so be sure and visit the museum soon! For more on the museum, go to page 15 for a complete run-down.

When: Opening July 21st Every Thursday 3-7 PM thereafter Where: 6900 Block of Linda Vista Rd in the Linda Vista Plaza Shopping Center

days — July 15, 2011

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It's a Tuesday Night

Fashion Show M True North's Ralph Freeman (above) takes his turn on the catwalk, while Tarin Still (below) strikes a classic pose. Stylist David Mager and make-up artist Gercy Galange (above right) tend to one of the models.

at True North Tavern

ission Valley News columnist and Fashionista Agnes Morales held a fashion show at True North Tavern in North Park. The show featured 10 models who strutted their stuff down the catwalk to the cheers and applause of the spectators. The models were a collection of friends that enjoy doing things for the community and add to North Park’s reputation as an art Mecca. Several of the guys and girls had some modeling experience, but others just had to wing it, such as True North’s manager Ralph Freeman. What Ralph lacked in modeling experience, he more than made up in confidence. Ralph posed and flirted with the audience which provoked all sorts of whistles and cat-calls. This was all in good fun, and exemplified the mood of the show. The pre-show ritual started two hours earlier at Alwayz In boutique across the street from True North. David Mager the owner/stylist of Avalon, was busy doing hair while Gercy Galange from Gorgeous Salon applied make-up. Agnes then had the models perform a “walk-through” which is basically a rehearsal for the cat-walk, where the models practice their turns and poses. With all the pre-show jitters and excitement, getting the models to perform on cue was a bit challenging. But it comes with the territory, and Agnes is a consummate pro at getting models to re-focus. With a roll of her eyes, and a smile, she told me, “these are my children!” Agnes’ philosophy is to connect with the neighborhood by hosting these type of events. She also participates in “Ray at Night” which happens every 2nd Saturday of the month. This seems to be the spirit of North Park, where the community and businesses seeks each other out as opposed to excluding each other. Agnes looks forward to hosting similar events in the future.

On July 23, Stagecoach Days will present “Innocent Amusements” which will showcase traditional games from the 1800s such as tug-of-war, sack races and water buckets races


Old Town San Diego State Historic Park is celebrating travel and transportation in the era of real horsepower at “Stagecoach Days” from noon to 4 p.m. on seven Saturdays in July and August. The free event features a different theme each Saturday such as: Californio Day, Women of the West, Soldiers and Citizens, TwainFest and Cattle Drive. Attendees will enjoy afternoons filled with activities that reflect life in early San Diego and celebrate the West on the move. Through vignettes, demonstrations, living history activities, stories and songs, visitors will gain an appreciation for early modes of transportation and daily life. IOld Town San Diego State Historic Park, with the support of the Boosters of Old Town and Fiesta de Reyes, is proud to offer these free activities for adults and children of all ages. The park is located on San Diego Avenue and Twiggs Street, conveniently located next to the Old Town Transit Center, with Coaster, Trolley, and MTS bus service. For more information, go to

OSPREY PROVES WORTHY The United States Marine Corps newest warbird proves itself in battle and roosts at Miramar.


f you’ve been anywhere around MCAS Miramar lately, chances are you may have seen this futurist whirly-bird flying around. The Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey is the Marine Corps newest aircraft and has been operating in Afghanistan for 4 years to rave reviews from the pilots and crews on duty there. Several Marine squadrons have been outfitted with the Osprey, and they are now a common sight above Mira Mesa. The Osprey recently proved it’s worth by rescuing a downed Air Force pilot in Libya. This team was stationed on the U.S.S. Kearsarge, a amphibious assault ship, and was the same unit that rescued downed pilot Scott O’Grady back in the Bosnia conflict. This incident was the inspiration for the movie “Behind Enemy Lines”. The Osprey lifts off the ground like a helicopter, but then, the props rotate horizontally enabling it to fly as fast as a normal plane. Because of this speed, the Osprey was able to swoop in and snatch the downed pilot, and return him to safety before the enemy even knew what happened. See OSPREY, page 5

Page 4 — July 15, 2011

Transformers, from page 2 pretty good job at getting the goods. I guessing it was him who talked Bay into including eye-roll inducing shots featuring little "sidekick robots" in true Ewok style. But once the action starts, Bay does what he does best by thrusting you into breath taking action scenes that leave your pulse racing. The scene of the new Decepticons destroying Chicago is someting you will not forget. Much was made about the departure of Megan Fox from the Transformers franchise, as if she carried the movie. She was replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whitley, who does a fantastic job of playing a helpless damsel in distress while jumping out of twenty-story buildings in a low-cut top, skinny jeans, black heels and way too much collagen for somebody in their 20's. But all the attention towards action can leave a void when it comes to plot. Because let’s face it, Bay's forte is making movies that will win over your wallet, but not necessarily your heart. His main focus is to impress his audience with stunning visuals, whether they are of giant robots in mortal combat or a beautiful woman in a tight dress. But no one can disagree with the fact that when it comes to action movies, Bay knows how to pull out all the stops and deliver, and in Transformers 3, he delivers!

Mesa College Announces Music Scholarships Scholarships now available for aspiring singers and jazz musicians San Diego Mesa College is now accepting applications for $1,000 scholarships which will be awarded to full time students who desire to sing with the Mesa College Vocal Ensemble or play jazz with the Mesa College Jazz Band this fall semester. Auditions will be held Monday, July 24 and Monday, August 1. You must be preregistered to audition. An online application and complete eligibility requirements can be found at music, or by calling 619-388-2221.

Augustana poured their hearts and soul out on the stage at the House of Blues. The blues and gospel influenced music was a great fit for a place like the House of Blues. Meanwhile, a house full of tweens ignored the band while kibitzing on the stairs. -photos by Vince Meehan

Augustana, from page 1 Augustana recently performed live on the David Letterman show and I got a chance to talk on the phone to vocalist/ lyricist Daniel Layus the next day in Philadelphia. He told me that to his surprise, they needed to be at the studio by 9 am, and spent the rest of the day waiting to tape the show. But, he added that the tour was going great and that they actually had a bus so he could have his family along for a few dates. For this leg of the tour, he was able to add a couple of friends to play keyboards and table slide guitar. These two guys were onstage at the House of Blues and added to the “roots-rock” feel of the set. Augustana performed their songs with power along with a soul that seemed perfect for the House of Blues. The band actually reminded me of something out of the sixties as opposed to the twenty-first century. Especially when Daniel played guitar while using a harmonica on a head set ala Bob Dylan. The difference was the rhythm section. Both drummers and bass players in the sixties liked to fly all over the place while playing live, which to me is annoying. But Drummer Justin South and bassist Jared Palomar locked into a pocket which never wavered, and created a solid foundation for soaring vocals or guitar. Justin played a stripped-down drum set which featured a huge bass drum, large floor tom, big ride cymbal and not much more. This created a huge powerful beat that punched through, and created a driving heartbeat for the band. Jared locked onto the kick drum and stayed with it the entire time. I was pleased to see him do that while playing the classic 4-string Fender bass. Most bassists now play 5, and even 6 string basses which opens up more possibilities, but can stray the player from the true purpose of the instrument. That being said, Augustana’s rhythm section was the best I’ve seen in a quite awhile. Daniel and the boys plugged through half a set of down home rock before they switched the mood. That’s when Daniel fell back to the piano for a gentler side of Augustana. Singing “Fire”, Daniel reached for depth and emotion that resonated throughout the venue. He also sang “Counting Stars" which led into their breakout hit “Boston”. After this soft interlude, the band returned to it’s roots by blasting out a driving swamp blues version of “Baby Please Don’t Go” accompanied by members of the other bands on the bill. Throughout the set, I kept hearing hints of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers pop up from time to time. I thought it must have been my imagination because I was sure that no young band in 2011 would be influenced by a ‘70s band. But I was proven wrong when Daniel launched the band into an homage to Tom Petty. Well blow me down! This wrapped up the show and Daniel thanked the crowd profusely for showing up and for all the support they have given the band over the last few years. I was thoroughly impressed with the show and the commitment these guys showed towards their craft. These guys may be from San Diego, but the quality of their work is world-class. Earlier, I mentioned that most of the crowd was made up of girl tweens which is usually a great thing for up and coming artists. However in this case, it was a double-edged sword. Sure the place was sold out, and I’m sure everybody from the promoter to the club manager was happy. But the tweens spent the entire concert sitting in packs of circles on the floor, while texting and totally ignoring the band. Some packs sat in the halls and stairwells looking as if their parents had just grounded them. I must be missing something because I didn’t get it. SOMEBODY paid for those tickets! Well, what do I know? I don’t go to many all-ages shows. But remember how I said that there was nary an adult to be seen? As the show drew to a close, the area around the bar thinned out and I spotted the now obligatory pack of leather skinned cougars doing the drunken “Santee Shuffle”. It seems like these cats make an appearance at every concert these days stuffed into their black tank tops, mom jeans, and boots. I guess they’re not limiting themselves to Rick Springfield and Bon Jovi shows anymore. But luckily, the staff was able to tranquilize the beasts and they were released back into the wild at the Second Wind Bar. ;)

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New Logo Competition! California Ballet is giving you a chance to design our new logo! The winning logo will recieve: • 2 sets of Gold Rope Section Season tickets for 2011-2012 • Acknowledgement onstage at The Nutcracker! • Credit on the California Ballet website for the duration of the 45th season, with a link to your website. All entries must be received by September 1, 2011. For more information please visit our blog at: — July 15, 2011


Page 5 by Casey Bogan

It's Stingray Season! As more and more people hit the local beaches, the chances increase of swimmers getting stung by a stingray. But this can be avoided if you are careful. Stingrays are not out to get you, but they will jab you with their unique stinger if you step on them. If you have ever been stung by a stingray, it is an experience you won’t soon forget. The sharp, serrated spine, which contains venom-producing glands, is used purely for defense, but that does not make a sting hurt any less. Not all rays are stingrays, but there are six different types found in California waters with a stinger on the tail. The ray that is implicated most often in unpleasant encounters with humans is commonly known as the round stingray, Urobatis halleri. There are no recorded fatalities caused by this ray, but as more and more people head to the beach this time of year, the chances of defensive, yet painful, round ray stings increases. By understanding their behavior, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of getting stung by this fish and still have a great time recreating in their waters. First, consider why they seem to be in all the best beach spots. Round rays eat marine worms, bivalves like clams, and crustaceans like sand crabs. If you take a close look during your next walk on the beach, you may spot large numbers of sand crabs, clams, or both filter feeding the microscopic food that the waves bring in. It just so happens that the time these animals are abundant on our beaches coincides with the mating season of the round stingray. Separated for most of the year, male and female round rays get together in June to mate and give birth to the next generation three months later in August and September. This results in a high population of stingrays in shallow waters during the summertime. Fortunately, stingrays would much rather swim away than resort to violence. They usually sting when they feel trapped, like they would be if they were pinned to the sandy bottom by a person’s foot. They can be avoided if you spot them, but their flat bodies and sandy coloration make for very effective camouflage. You can probe the area in front of you with a stick to encourage stingrays to get out of your way or do the so-called “stingray shuffle.” By shuffling your feet you can stay under the stingrays and stir up sand to give them an indication that you are coming. Your foot might even touch the slimy wings of some rays that are oblivious to your presence until you make contact with them. In most cases, even these rays will swim away without delivering a sting. If you are not the kind of person who wants to experience the surprise of your toe touching a ray, I recommend footwear. If you choose this option don’t forget to shuffle, because even the spine of a small round ray can penetrate most fins, booties, or water shoes. If you do get stung by a stingray, do not panic. Simply walk up to the nearest lifeguard station and tell them what happened. They will arrange for you to soak your foot in really hot water for awhile. This will help ease the pain.

Casey Bogan works in volunteer services at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Birch Aquarium -UCSD Visit the Birch Aquarium website at:

Osprey, from page 3 The Osprey is replacing the aging CH-46 helicopter (nick-named “the frog” by Marines) which has been in service since the Vietnam War. This helicopter could carry a crew of Marines in and out of battle, but it’s low speed made it vulnerable to enemy fire. This is not a good feeling for 20 Marines who cannot fire back. The speed of the Osprey has won the heart of Marines who rely on that speed to avoid being shot down. One issue the Marines in combat had with the Osprey was a lack of defensive armament, so the Osprey was mounted with a 360 degree swiveling M-240 gun turret under it’s belly. The Marines say as far as guns go, it’s certainly not the biggest; but it is enough to keep the enemy’s head down which is the point!

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Page 6 — July 15, 2011


Valley Views By Gina Cord, Founder of this newspaper


o you have any idea of how far-reaching this community newspaper is? The June issue came out on Friday and on Saturday I received an email from Florida! This in regard to my past career with movie and television wardrobe and haute couture designer TRAVILLA. Just prior to the auction in Los Angeles where $7 million dollars worth of Travilla designs were auctioned at Debbie Reynolds’ Wardrobe Museum, the email stated that an expo of Travilla’s designs is being prepared with a showing scheduled to be held in Paris in the Spring of 2012. The producers of the show wanted to have my input regarding the designs during the time I was with Travilla and since I am about the only person still available for this information, I have been reliving a most memorable time in my life. Marilyn Monroe’s white dress from “The Seven Year Itch” brought in $4.6 million at the auction for that one dress alone so that gives you an idea of the notability that Travilla obtained throughout his great career. In addition to the movie and television wardrobes, Travilla designed an outstanding collection of approximately 100 haute couture designs each season which were sold in all the top stores throughout the country so that the general public could also look like movie stars. He also designed some special gowns for various stars for The Oscar Awards including such famous names as Greer Garson, Debbie Reynolds, Joanne Woodward, Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe, etc. Travilla was nominated six times for an Academy Award for Wardrobe design and although he was famous for dressing the actresses, he won the Academy Award for dressing Errol Flynn in “The Adventures Of Don Juan”. Due to this newspaper, I also received a book authored by the producer of the forth-coming expo, Eric Monroe Woodward, called “Marilyn Monroe Hometown Girl” which outlines, in detail, her life in Los Angeles where she was born, See GINA, page 13

Vietnamese cuisine BY LISA COX

Rau Ram Not your everyday mint! Persicaria Ordorata or Rau Ram, also known as Vietnamese Mint or Vietnamese Cilantro, interestingly, is not related to the mint herb. However, Rau Ram’s appearance and odor are similar to mint. It has a lemon-grass and coriander-cilantro aroma and a bitter and spicy taste. It is very easy to grow and best grown in damp, rich soil in warm with moist conditions. But it prefers to grow in full sun. Rau Ram is commonly used in salads, raw spring rolls, and soups. It is best used as a garnish and eaten fresh. It is claimed to be used to treat swellings, acne, indigestion, flatulence and stomachaches. The roots are used in Chinese herbal medicine as a tonic and stimulate hair growth.

MULTI-FAMILY GARAGE SALE on SATURDAY, JULY 23, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM at CITY SCENE. Friars Rd. to Ulric to Fashion Hills Blvd. Left to Camino Degrazia and Camino Revueltos. Follow signs. — July 15, 2011

Page 7

Guitar How to take care of your Acoustic guitar (Part 2) ZONe


By Dennis Hartmann

n my last column I talked about the effects of humidity, or better the lack of, on an acoustic guitar. This time, we want to take a closer look at string changing and the guitar’s neck. We first have to differentiate between the two major types of guitars. One being a classical guitar with nylon strings and the other being a steel string guitar. Different types of strings put different types of tension on a guitars neck. Depending on the string gauge, a set of steel strings put about 150-200 lbs. of tension on the neck. Nylon strings are a lesser strain on a classical guitar’s neck at about 75-90 lbs. Changing them on those guitars requires different techniques. The strings on a classical guitar can be changed at once, meaning all strings can be taken of at the same time. The rules for a steel string, however, are slightly different. Some guitarists might disagree with me but after talking to many luthiers (the correct name for an instrument builder), I came to the conclusion that replacing one string at a time was the right way to go while keeping an almost even tension on the neck. And then there’s that dirt that accumulates over time on the fretboard. I tested many products that help in cleaning and conditioning the fretboard but one stuck out to be my favorite. It’s called Dr. Duck’s Axwax and String Lube (about $6). Put a bit on a Q-Tip, scrub along the frets, dry with a soft cloth and voila!

Abbey Road comes to the Belly Up The internationally renowned Beatles tribute band, Abbey Road, will be performing a three costume change concert show on Sunday, July 24 at 8 p.m. at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. With their tight harmonies, flawless note for note renditions of Beatles hits, custom–tailored costumes, vintage instruments, Liverpudlian dialect and precise attention to every detail, Abbey Road – A Tribute to the Beatles has honed their show to become one of the most musically and visually satisfying Beatle tribute acts in the world. Abbey Road recreates the magic, music, wit and charm of the Beatles, including the Fab Four’s cheeky personalities, familiar onstage banter and patter between songs. Three costume changes cover the full range of the Beatle experience and beyond, with authentic early black Beatle suits, Sgt. Pepper’s regalia and Abbey Road attire. Hear the piccolo trumpet solo on Penny Lane and the full orchestration of A Day in the Life. Relive the emotional intensity of Paul’s moving Yesterday solo, as well as the high energy of stadium songs like Twist and Shout and other Beatle hits. The band features Benny Chadwick as “Paul”, Tyson Kelly as “John”, Axel Clarke as “Ringo” and Robert Bielma as “George”.

os b o L s Lo

Latino Nights in SD

Latino Night hits the Dreamcatcher Lounge at Viejas Thursday night July 28th with Los Rocking Devils, Ruben y sus Corazones Solitarios, and Los Moonlights. Tickets are only available at the Viejas Gift Shop. Sunday night, July 31st, is Latino Night by the bay, with Tex-Mex faves Los Lonely Boys and East L.A.’s own Los Lobos.

Los Lonely Boys

Page 8 — July 15, 2011



Devo brings it's tired schtick to Southern California on August 4th at the San Manuel Casino, San Bernardino, CA. They then head down the coast to annoy Orange County Friday, August

5th at The Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA, and then San Diego County on Friday August 19th at the Del Mar Racetrack, Del Mar, CA

WHATS UP Canadian rockers Art of Dying head back on the road for the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival starting August 2 which also features Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, Seether, Bullet For My Valentine, and Sevendust. Art of Dying is: guitarists Greg Bradley and Tavis Stanley, bassist Cale Gontier, and drummer Jeff Brown. Art of Dying’s track “Get Thru This” is featured on the Transformers: Dark of the Moon soundtrack. “Get Thru This” is set to be the follow up single to “Die Trying.” The festival will be in San Diego at the Cricket Amphitheatre October 9th. Sugarland will perform at UC San Diego’s RIMAC Field on July 23rd with special guests Sara Bareilles and Casey James.

Dante's Boneyard won the 2011 Musicpalooza talent contest at the Del Mar Fair. This year, the competition was presented by FM 94/9 and hosted by Tim Pyles

Check it out!

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Saturday Night 10pm I used to have a boss that hung out at MacGreggor's every waking hour. He was paunchy, had a bad comb-over, and a David Westerfield child-molester moustache. I always wondered if that was the type of people I'd find there, so I decided to check it out. MacGreggor's looks just like the bar "Cheer's" from the old NBC sit-com, lot's of brick , neon, wood grain, and green walls. The place is obviously a sports bar and has many flat screen TV hanging on the walls. The place looks a lot like the "fun room" that many single guys create in their homes. Round tables and stools take the place of any booths, and there is a large outdoor dining area that I'm guessing is for smokers. The crowd was a mix of 20 and 30-somethings with a sprinkling of older guys thrown in. T-shirts, athletic sneakers and backwards baseball hats were the outfit preferred by the guys in MacGreggor's. As for the girls, it was sleeveless shirts, jeans and high heels. I noticed that most people were eating, MacGreggor's features a menu of bar fare which includes burgers, chicken sandwiches, and tacos. The tap beer selection was limited to a handful of craft-beers and Bud & Coors for about $5 a pint. The crowd was very well behaved and I didn't see anybody who appeared drunk which I thought was noteworthy for a Saturday night. MacGreggor's is definitely not a pick up joint, as most of the crowd were there with dates. Instead, it is a good place to hang out with friends and enjoy good food and drink without any Pacific Beach drama. I will certainly go back during football season to check out the game. Oh wait... Norv is still coach. Hmmm... -Vince Meehan


2011 SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL Now through September 22 Everybody knows about the movie, but what about the play? Antonio Salieri, the established composer of Emperor Joseph II’s court, must contend with the greatest musical genius of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Obsessively jealous of Mozart’s talent, Salieri sets out to destroy his rival. Written by Peter Shaffer, and directed by Adrian Noble, this theatrical masterpiece, part biography and part murder-mystery, is filled with some of the greatest music ever composed.

Page 9

Page 10 — July 15, 2011




Music lover and fashion disciple Alison Cohen has found success with her “MetalBabe” line of clothing featuring a distinctive “lips-n-crossbones” logo. Allison currently has 17 different combinations of tank tops, baby dolls, and men’s shirts as well as her own one-of-a-kind necklaces. Alison scored a coup d’état by getting her logo design featured recently on VH-1’s “That Metal Show”. Alison’s clothing can be seen at:

or those who don’t know, San Diego is full of independent fashion designers, creating unique, one of a kind pieces that don’t cost a fortune. You just have to know where to look. This is our first in a series of interviews that will be highlighting local designers and letting you in on the secrets of the underground San Diego fashion world. Born and raised in SD, Jennafer from Jennafer Grace designs tells us a little about her fashion design background:



Makes an impression!

Marcus A Johnson hits the San Diego fashion scene with his unique men's & women's line.

ocal Fashionisto Marcus A Johnson is making his mark on the San Diego fashion scene with his newest line of clothing. Marcus has mixed Southern Californian casual with a classic Ivy League type of feel. Born and raised in San Diego, Marcus did not take the traditional route of art or fashion school. Instead, he simply relied on a fashion instinct that he felt he had all along. Marcus partnered with Daniel Oakley to create the Pretty Boy line of clothing that is available here in San Diego. Marcus has a deep commitment both locally and nationally when it comes to fashion. His philosophy is to produce 100% American-made clothing that is both affordable, and geared towards anyone and everyone. Pretty Boy's logo is a very stylish bird whom Marcus named "Diego" in homage to his hometown. Marcus also likes to crosspollinate by supporting local music acts such as Shotgun Radio, Mimi Page, and Quincy G. Pretty Boy clothing is available at Alwayz In boutique in North Park.

MayStar: How did you get started in design? What inspired you to make clothing? Jennafer: I don’t know what the initial factor may have been, but I grew up watching old movies and going to plays and museums a lot, so that may have been a part in it. I had a tiny jewelry business by the age of 10, and then I started drawing dresses and outfits all the time as well. I would also dress my friends up and take “fashion” pictures of them. I would spend all my jewelry earnings getting my fashion photos developed. MayStar: What design school did you go to? Jennafer: I began sewing classes at Sew Hut in Clairemont when I was 11, thanks to my Aunt Irene. I made bags and bathing suits for local surf shops throughout middle and high school. Straight after graduating I went to Fashion Careers College here in San Diego. Creating clothes that people will actually wear requires a lot more practice than you would expect, but FCC taught me the proper way to “couture sew”. MayStar: Where do you draw your inspiration from? Jennafer: I’m inspired by a little bit of everything. Traveling impacts me a lot, but vintage (and new) magazines, a well put together woman, an awe-inspiring movie or play, my beautiful friends, mood escalating music, and textiles never cease to excite me. The 1970s are my ultimate favorite fantasy decade; I regularly detest the fact that we aren’t there. But I adore the fine details from the 1920s/30s, the varying silhouettes from the 40s/50s, and of course the textile/ color wet dream that was the 1960s. MayStar: Which big designers inspire you? Jennafer: Diane Von Furstenburg, Marc Jacobs, and YSL are my top three! MayStar: Do you design for a hobby or for a living? Jennafer: I design for a living, from micro lines for the local stores to custom pieces to internet sales; I do it all. I also style shoots and fashion shows on occasion. It is a very fulfilling, consistently challenging and all around exhausting career choice. MayStar: Where do you see your clothing line in 5 years? Jennafer: I hope to have a quality line carried internationally by upscale boutiques and my ultimate dream is to eventually be carried by Anthropologie and/or Nordstrom, though I am open to the idea of designing for another label. See MAY STAR, page 12 — July 15, 2011

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What's In

by Agnes Morales



“The difference between style and fashion is quality.” 4

-Giorgio Armani



8 6


Last month, I focused on new summer looks for the girls, so this month, I decided to include the guys. All these looks are great at bridging the gap between fun in the sun, and evening entertainment. 1) Office wear does not have to be frumpy! 2) Turquoise southwestern inspired neckware goes great with summer looks. 3) This polka-dotted dress has been an instant hit with the girls. 4) This summer, men are wearing the classic look of camp shirts and cargo shorts. 5) Funky/Fun leather handbags are a favorite!. 6) Fashionistas know that black never goes out of style, and neither will these luxurious black agate rings from Lugano Diamonds. 7) V-necks and graphic tees are easy enough for men. 8) This tube dress/skirt is worn as a one-piece, or pull it down on your hips for a Spanish-style peasant skirt.. Agnes Morales is the owner of Alwayz In clothing boutique in North Park. For more on Agnes and her boutique, go to:

Ashtanga Yoga In (& Around) Mission Valley: Namaste Pacific


By Lauren Westerfield, RYT

Once the stuff of distant ashrams and incense-filled studios, yoga classes are now available in every venue imaginable, from high-octane fitness clubs to pristine, sprawling yoga centers to community gyms. Each venue brings its own signature style to the ancient practice; but for an intense yet approachable workout, nothing beats the breath-propelled endurance test that is Ashtanga yoga. More commonly taught in form variations like so-called “power yoga” and the increasingly popular Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga is a style of asana practice inspired by the traditional yogic eight (“ashta”)-limb (“anga”) path. Developed by guru K. Pattabhi Jois in the early 20th century, Ashtanga yoga is designed to remind students of all eight “limbs,” or guiding principles, of yoga philosophy: restraint, observance, posture, breath control, sense withdrawal, concentration, meditative absorption and “Samadhi,” or ultimate enlightened joy. Ashtanga students perform series’ of yoga postures linked through conscious breathing; and traditional classes are very regimented and involve pre-determined posture sets, Vinyasa and power yoga classes are more interpretive versions of the practice. Both focus on linking breath and movement, but can vary widely when it comes to asana routine, classroom atmosphere and environmental aesthetics.

Hybrid yoga studio and wellness center, offering traditional Ashtanga series classes, personal training and yoga for beginners. $$. 3919 4th Avenue, Suite E, San Diego CA 92103. 619-800-3321

Infinite Yoga

Classical Ashtanga in a “sanctuary” setting, along with core and sculpt classes, teacher trainings, retreats and workshops. $$. 2400 Kettner Blvd. Studio 115, San Diego CA 92101. 619-269-7043

CorePower Yoga

Modern, fitness-oriented power yoga incorporating heat, resistance training, core work and more. $$. 980 Camino De La Reina, Unit #4. San Diego CA 92108. 619-574-9642.

Artists Unite

Artist Billy Martinez is a part of the new San Diego alliance of artists who have banded together to promote Art, Fashion, and Music.

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May Star, from page 10 MayStar: Is designing your “dream job”? Jennafer: I guess so; it never really felt like a decision or an option-just sort of what I’m supposed to do, since I enjoy it.

DIEGODUDE by Vince Meehan

MayStar: What are some fashion DON’TS that a lot if indie designers are currently DOING? Jennafer: I have trouble with this because I focus on my favorite part of things and it distracts me from disapproving. I have always thought that denim on denim is a crime, but I’ve seen it look amazing on some beautiful women lately. I try to never say never, but clear plastic heels are just not on my agenda. I love that the classic faux pas are getting thrown back at people; fashion feels like the wild west right now because anything goes. Plus, there are cowboys and Indians everywhere. MayStar: What bands/artists do you like? Jennafer: My top favorite artists of all time are Bowie, Zeppelin, and Jack White. The common thread between them all is the blues (Robert Johnson, specifically) with which I am incurably obsessed. I can appreciate any genre but classic/British/bluesy rock has always dominated my speakers and kept me gyrating. Amazing modern musicians that I can’t get enough of include Little Hurricane, Dead Weather, Black Keys, Gorillaz, Chromeo, and Phaero. Photo credits: Large photo - Black Grey Cut Out Lounge Dress Photographer: Jessika Levine, Model: Bethany Rose, Hair: Andrea Duggan at The Lab, Makeup: Tiffany Adibi Smaller photo - Robin Blue Tweed Sweetheart Cut Out Dress Photographer: Jessika Levine, Model: Bethany Rose, Hair: Andrea Duggan at The Lab, Makeup: Tiffany Adibi Jennafer’s designs can be found at Local fashion shows by MayStar are listed at

Sharks, from page 1 Education classrooms. Shark-themed activities and exhibits will help reveal that sharks are vulnerable and critical members of ocean habitats. See what it takes for a baby leopard shark to grow up. Discover how sharks use their teeth the way humans use utensils and learn about the latest shark research from Scripps scientists. 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Cost: Included with regular aquarium admission. Ocean Authors Presentation “Demon Fish” with Juliet Eilperin, July 28: Juliet Eilperin, a science writer for The Washington Post, traveled around the world investigating the fascinating and often inexplicable ways different peoples and cultures relate to the ocean’s top predator. Join us for this special presentation during which Eilperin will discuss her adventures researching her new book – Demon Fish: Travels Through the Hidden World of Sharks – and why sharks remain among nature’s most awe-inspiring creatures. A book signing will follow her talk, and books will be available for purchase. 6:30-8 p.m. $5 per person. RSVP: (858) 534-5771 or at

Tech Topics

Hey! Look at me! I work for the city! Potholes? What potholes? Hey, give me more money or I’ll take your firepits! How many cats you got? Zoo, from page 1 The Zoo’s northern Chinese leopard will have a new home in “Africa Rocks.” The new cat exhibit features an extensive climbing structure built with trees found on Zoo grounds and large boulders that will be heated for the cool San Diego nights. This leopard species is listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. While you’re traveling from exhibit to exhibit, keep a look out for some really tall monkeys. Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, is a monkey born from a stone who acquires supernatural powers through Taoist practices. Although he possesses immense strength, is superbly fast, and can transform into 72 various animals and objects, he is still mortal and is relentlessly pursued by foes, as each of his hairs has magical properties. He also has many loyal followers, and you will meet such a trio as you wander through Asian Passage. Near the Urban Jungle area of the Zoo, behind Sydney’s Grill, the story of the princess and the frog will be told by the Jasmine and Jade Jumpers on a trampoline. And when guests are finally ready to call it a day, there’s an entertainment extravaganza waiting for them on Front Street. Between 8 and 8:30 p.m., all the acrobats, stiltwalkers, musicians and greeters from around the Zoo will gather for a San Diego Zoo send-off!

Record to DVD • Play on your computer or TV. Film 8mm & 16mm to DVD Slides & photos to DVD Video tapes deteriorate...Don’t lose your memories!

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DESKTOP PUBLISHING! - Quark vs. InDesign


with man Hart is n Den

Both Quark and InDesign are considered "Industry Standard" programs when it comes to publications page layout , as well as ad design. So which one is better? That depends on your style of designing. Adobe (makers of InDesign) launched a very successful campaign a few years back to convince graphic artists that Quark was now obsolete in the face of InDesign. And to their credit, Adobe filled InDesign with all sorts of neat tricks that mimicked some of the photoshop style features. But some graphic artists preferred the stability of Quark, especially when creating multiple paged layouts with strict styles. InDesign's biggest selling point is that it comes as part of a bundle in Adobe's popular "Creative Suite" package which includes things like Acrobat, Illustrator and even Dreamweaver. And InDesign let's you be super creative with crazy text box shapes and opacity controls. But Quark still rules when it comes to text flow which is a huge time saver. My thinking is that InDesign is fantastic for ad design, but for large publishing jobs like catalogs and newspapers, Quark's stability shines. Dennis Hartmann IT Consulting - — July 15, 2011

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Our Public School Kids Deserve Better It’s tougher than ever for kids in San Diego to get a good education in our public schools.As a parent who’s involved in the San Diego community, I value the need for all kids to graduate and leave high school college-ready. But consider this fact: More than half of San Diego Unified School District elementary and middle school students test below grade level for math and English language arts, and only about three in 10 high school graduates meet basic course requirements for eligibility to the California State University/ University of California systems. These dreadful statistics are especially troubling given that per pupil spending increased by 25 percent from 2005-2009. Costs go up, results remain the same. Clearly, we need to change how we’re approaching public education in San Diego. That’s why I support the Accountability and Student Performance Initiative, which makes student success the No. 1 priority. First, the initiative would increase transparency by requiring the district to develop plans to improve student achievement in each school, and require the district to provide progress reports for each school to the public, mayor and city council every year. Also, the initiative would institute district-only elections, rather than the current at-large elections of board members, to make the board members directly accountable to parents and concerned residents in those neighborhoods and reduce the impact of big-money special interests that have controlled recent school board elections. Last, the reform measure would expand the board to include four appointed board members with experience in the areas of education, finance, public administration or public service. These board members wouldn’t need campaign money from special interests to get elected; they could simply focus on what’s best for our children. We need to put an end to political squabbles and give teachers a stable work environment to promote learning. As a parent, I want to see our kids do their very best. It’s time to put kids first. Scott Hasson - Tierrasanta

We welcome all comments from our readers. Please write to:

Send in a CD with a photo of your band to the Mission Valley News for a chance to be showcased in our 1st Annual Local Band Issue coming out in the Holy Month O' September. The top three bands will chosen to battle it out on stage for a cover story feature and be crowned The Best Band in San Diego for 2011 Send a CD of your song with a short bio and photo to: Mission Valley News 6549 Mission Gorge Road #199 San Diego, CA 92120

Don't miss your chance for exposure! Gina, from page 6 became famous and died. There are more than 700 images covering the period from 1923 to 1962. He also forwarded 1,350 Travilla sketches which I will assist in identifying. You see how small the world has become! Our good friend, Richard Slaker who has written for the paper since its inception, reported to me on “A PIECE of the SKY, the San Diego International Airport after he and 25 travel agents were invited to a special tour of the progress of the renovations. He stated, “For all airport travelers, don’t be upset at some of the minor delays happening at the San Diego International Airport, as construction is taking place with the expansion of Terminal 2 with this $1 billion project, the largest in history. With this expansion, the airport will continue to be the “Green Build”, to help meet current and future needs of the city and hopefully by 2013 Terminal 2 West will have 10 more new gates, a duel level roadway separating arrivals and departure passengers. Plus the addition of other enhancements to accommodate the traveler and their journeys. Otherwise, they are adding so many new refinements in the terminal to add to the traveler’s journey though the San Diego International Airport (also known as Lindbergh Field). Don’t forget, almost 16.9 million passengers used Lindbergh Field in 2009, and soon they will see the improvements.” Two premier San Diego commercial real estate firms – Sperry Van Ness and Promus Commercial, AMO® – announced the merging of their San Diego-based operations. The new company will be called Sperry Van Ness/Promus Commercial. Kevin Maggiacomo, CEO & President, Sperry Van Ness International, comments "We are very excited to be able to join together our San Diego Sperry Van Ness team led by Jim Taylor with the Promus Organization led by Lauri Hines and Scott Cook. The combined entity will have the ability to continue expanding and providing clients exceptional service and the proprietary tools and services only offered at Sperry Van Ness. Lauri, Scott, Jim, and their team are proven professionals of the highest caliber. We are proud to have them representing us in the greater San Diego area." We Welcome who’s new and what’s new in Mission Valley for this column. Email to Gina Cord at Gina@

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July 21, 2011- U. S. Weather Bureau Miguel Miller, a Forecaster for the U.S. Weather Service will speak. July 28, 2011- Restorative Justice Mediation Program Ben Conarroe, Executive Director uses Victim-Defender Dialog to help prevent crime and bring healing to the communities of San Diego County. August 4, 2011- Miramar Marine Corps Air Base New Cemetery Site General Robert Cardenas will speak about this new memorial cemetery for our veterans, how it came to be, and the benefits for San Diego veterans and their families. General Cardenas has had a very colorful aviation life and will give us some of that history. August 11, 2011- Regional Task Force on the Homeless Peter Callstrom, Exec. Dir. will discuss detailed demographic data collected from over 750 unsheltered homeless individuals and strategies and collaborations in San Diego that are working towards enabling these people to leave the street. Unless otherwise noted above, regular meetings of the MISSION VALLEY ROTARY CLUB are held at noon every Thursday at the Trellises Restaurant in the Town & Country Hotel, 500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego CA 92108. Parking will be validated at the restaurant. Guests $20. RSVP to Mark Bagula

GEMS& JEWELS By Enhancery Jewelers, Kathleen White, Graduate Gemologist, GIA


Shopping at Enhancery Jewelers can also benefit your favorite community organization. A percentage of all of you purchases and jewelry repairs will be donated to your designated non-profit organization. We are currently contributing to these local community groups Globe Guilders, San Diego Zoo RITZ, CCT/CYT, San Diego Madres Youth Baseball, Mt. Helix Park Foundation, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research, Soroptimist International of La Mesa, San Diego and La Jolla, Rady’s Children’s Hospital Del Cerro Unit and many more regional and national organizations. Please let us know when you shop which organization you belong to, or would like to support and all your future transactions will be credited to their donations.


Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July and is also designated for the 40th wedding anniversary. In ancient legends it was believed that the wearer of ruby was blessed with health, wealth, wisdom and outstanding success in affairs of the heart. Many women like to combine rubies with diamonds in their wedding or anniversary bands. Ruby is the red variety of the corundum family, which is also the same family as sapphire. With a hardness of nine on the Mohs scale ruby is the next hardest stone to diamond. Call Enhancery Jewelers 619-282-3900 for answers to any gem and jewelry questions you may have. Enhancery Jewelers is located in the Chili’s Shopping Center at 4242 Camino del Rio N.#17 (at I-8 & Mission Gorge). Open Tues.–Fri., 10–6 pm; Sat. 10–4 pm. Martin and Kathleen White have owned Enhancery Jewelers for over thirty two years. They specialize in diamond and gemstone jewelry, custom design, appraisals, jewelry and watch repairs. Visit us online at www.enhancery. com and become a fan on Facebook Advertisement — July 15, 2011

Page 15 (clockwise from left) Luke Meniden suits up for flight. Jennie Owens has been a Flying Leatherneck Museum volunteer for 11 years. She holds a model of Marine One, the president’s official helicopter. Vince Meehan in the F-18 Hornet. Docents Brittany Whitehead and Col. Ken Tollefson stand in front of a display honoring Lt. Col. Alfred A. Cunningham, the very first Marine aviator. Lt Col. US Army ret. Jack E Cooper at the controls of the F-18 simulator.

Semper Fi in the sky The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum at MCAS Miramar is hosting “Open Cockpit Days” this summer. On selected weekends, visitors will be able to climb up a boarding ladder and climb into the cockpit of an F-18 Hornet jet fighter and a F-5E Tiger II. Both fighters are painted in the Russian-style “Aggressor Squadron” scheme featured in the movie “Top Gun”. The museum is free to all visitors and is open daily from 9am-3:30pm except for Mondays when the museum is closed. Most of the docent guides are retired Marines and have combat experience in many of the aircraft on display. Also in attendence on Open Cockpit days are servicemen both active and retired who have actual experience in the aircraft. The Flying Leatherneck Museum is dedicated exclusively to United States Marine Corp aviation and features actual planes on display outside on the meticulously groomed grounds, as well as models, artifacts, and uniforms on display inside. There is also a gift shop where you can purchase authentic Marine Corp squadron patches and pins, as well as books and models. Visitors can also purchase a 15-minute spin in the cockpit of an F-18 Hornet flight simulator. This simulator allows you to fly over downtown, Coronado, and anywhere else in San Diego County. The museum is accessed through it’s own gate located halfway down Miramar Road on the North side of the base. Just look for the red Marine Corp flag, as well as the Stars & Stripes flying on either side of the gate.

Open Cockpit Days are: July 23rd & 24th August 6th & 7th, 20th & 21st. September 3rd & 4th


Page 16 — July 15, 2011


Syrah - the new Merlot

San Diego Lore by Vince Meehan

California has many places where gravity seems to distort and actually reverse. And if you study Einstien, you know that he believed that space can be bent, and this bending of space/time is what causes gravity in the first place. Personally, I still not completely sold on that theory, but then again, I'm no Einstien. San Diego has it's own version of this "gravity vortex" where things actually roll uphill. The exit to Mira Mesa Blvd. from the southbound 805 is our very own testament to quantum physics. The story goes, if you stop your car at the bottom of the off-ramp, put your car in neutral, you will roll backwards up the hill. I tried this numerous times, but I have an automatic. So by the time I got my car in neutral, somebody pulled up behind me, and I could not test the vortex. After several unsuccessful attempts, I gave up trying. However, recently I was driving with my dad, and we stopped at the bottom of the off-ramp. He still drives an automatic, and when he threw in the clutch to put the car in drive, we started to head backwards up the hill! ...and my dad never noticed.


en years ago, not many wine drinkers had even heard of the Syrah grape. If so, they knew of it as the backbone of many French Rhone blends. But Americans like to go against the tide of European traditions, and do things our own way. So along with the Australians, who hold our same rebellious streak, we began to grow and bottle Syrah as a single grape varietal, rather than a part of a mix. California was at the forefront of the revolution with a band of rebels dubbed the “Rhone Rangers”, who grew plots of yummy Syrah in their central coastal vineyards. The effort paid off as the popularity of Syrah grew overnight, and is now a favorite of many wine lovers, with it’s earthy fig and plum nuances. But don’t be alarmed, it’s still got enough fruit to round out the balance. The Aussies saw the potential of Syrah as well and began growing fields of Shiraz. It’s spelled different, but is basically the same grape, just grafted on to a different rootstock that thrives in the Australian heat. Due to the heat, Shiraz will be darker and bolder, so watch out! I call Syrah the “New Merlot” because Merlot was originally the first red wine that people remembered to order by name. This was due to it being mentioned in a few movies and a hand full of TV shows like “Thirtysomething”. But eventually, people wanted something with a little more depth than the traditionally fruity Merlot. They have now discovered Syrah, and are delighting by the bolder and richer flavors of the once French grape. Syrah is now just as popular on the shelves as Cabernet Savignon and Zinfindel. We have American ingenuity and California sunshine to thank for that, so run out and grab a bottle of deep purple bliss.

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