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Continuing education:

August 2010

For Business Sake

As the summer sun wanes and September looms, we are all tconditioned to think about education. Winston Churchill once said, “I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.” Many business owners feel the same way, and some may say that the sentiment is also felt by their staff. So why is it so hard to look to education as a business tool rather than a hardship? According to the London School of Business, “Business education consolidates the structure of your organization. It ensures intelligent strategic action at every level, and gives individuals the tools and awareness to hone that strategy. “To achieve your business goals, you depend on the actions and the passion of individuals. By giving your team members the scope to develop themselves, you ensure they have the ability to develop your organization. You increase productivity, retention and satisfaction, and build a business that each of them can be proud of.” And isn’t that what all business owners want – employees that share their passion and their drive to grow their business? While most would agree that continuing education is important, there is still some hesitation. Education for employees and business owners alike often falls under the hammer of time constraints and incentives. Our members often explain that after a 12+ hour day of trying to survive in this fluctuating economy they are drained, and most education opportunities fall during working hours. The cost of education is not just course fees but absence from the till. Further still

is the balance between the cost of education and what will be its tangible return on investment. However, like many urban myths the challenges of workplace education are quickly being dispelled. Several offerings and incentives are available to business owners and employees that will help break down the barriers of business education and the ease of participation. Provincially, the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development has established the Workplace Training for Innovation Pilot Program. Designed to provide businesses with less than 50 employees funding for employee training, its aim is to improve productivity, support the introduction of new technology, and enhance international competitiveness. Independent education providers will help guide business through the application process. This funding is limited and the program is to end January 2011. Contact Community Futures North Fraser for more information.

Another provincial resource is Small Business BC. British Columbia’s premiere resource centre for knowledge-based business products and services, its core activities are supported by funds from Western Economic Diversification Canada and the Ministry of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development. Their innovative approach and programs have been recognized by several national and international awards. Offering video conferencing and online courses, practical course content includes business planning, marketing and innovation. While courses are often during the day, they are hands-on and offer direct business tools that can be implemented easily into most business models. More information can be found on their website A resource for employee training is The Association of Service Providers for Employability and Career Training (ASPECT). A non-profit association of community-based trainers that collectively strive to prepare people for the world of work, they offer career training programs that lead to improved chances of employability and job retention. On-line, self-paced and affordable, ASPECT lists office, technical and human resource courses that staff have three months to complete, and reporting can be directed to a manager or owner. Courses start at as little as $25 and funding is available for staff that do not have any post-secondary training. Contact Bowman Services for more information. With resources at the ready, meet challenges head on by taking time for some courses and educating your staff. It may be the best investment in your business that you can make.

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Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce 34033 Lougheed Hwy Mission, BC V2V 5X8 Phone: 604-826-6914 Fax: 604-826-5916

2010 Board of Directors President Helen Secco Past President Sean Melia 1st Vice-President Martin Steenblok 2nd Vice-President Jo-anne Chadwick Secretary/Treasurer Tony LaPointe Directors 2010 Todd Bugge Cal Crawford Phil Hope Ted Adlem Kelly Vaille Elyssa Lockhart Chuck Vander Byl District of Mission Mayor James Atebe Community Futures Oleene Herman Mission Downtown Business Association Tammi Klassen Staff Michelle Favero Manager Angel Elias Member Services Allison Jack Tourism Coordinator

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Knowledge is a treasure, and education is the key by helen secco

“I’ve never let my school interfere with my education.” Mark Twain The Continuing Studies Fall 2010 magazine from the University of the Fraser Valley had arrived in the mail and I thought of this column as I began flipping through the pages. I saw the usual bookkeeping for small business, legal administrative assistant, and management skills for supervisors, dental professions – all the expected courses. Then, as I kept turning pages, I noticed other offerings – improving your public speaking skills, wedding essentials workshop, followed by a couples workshop (hmmmm), facebook for parents, drawing architecture, garden ornaments, learning to make personal care products, reduce stress and relieve pain, and cooking (from Greek, to Tanzanian-Indian fusion cuisine), along with bicycle repair and even learning to ride a motorcycle. I have to admit I was impressed with the variety being offered, and am seriously considering attending a few of the courses myself, even with my limited sched-

ule. As a child in the education system I was not a star pupil, no As and B-pluses. I was an average academic whose best marks were received in workshop, PE, and band – the hands-on, physical, watch and do sessions. My strength was definitely not the academics, so I did what I had to do just to graduate through those years. Once out of high school I had no desire to go back into the formal educational system, yet when I think about what I have done over the years, I have gone back to higher learning more than if I had pursued a degree. Whether it has been to learn a new skill to further my career, or to become a better volunteer, I regularly find

myself back in the student role. The difference today versus back then is that I now recognize that education comes in many forms, and that we all learn differently. The learning experience is not just about sitting in a classroom listening to a much brighter person than myself. There are many ways to learn – through media, work and your community involvement. Add, of course, the myriad of social media venues and gadgets, and it can surprise us how we are constantly receiving an unexpected lesson even when we are experiencing trauma, attending a networking event or standing in line at the grocery store. How people learn no longer takes the discipline of studying and reading; though it still works for many. Others, who just want to jump in and do, or repeatedly take in the visual, can all find an avenue to education. Taking the road of life-long learning as a business person has helped me grow and survive even in rough economic times. It is up to each of us to recognize its value and use it wisely. As the saying goes: “Knowledge is power!”

Come fly with YXX at September luncheon September 16th, YXX (Abbotsford Airport) Business Development Manager, Jean Paul Laube, will be speaking on the changes and growth of the Abbotsford Airport. He will review the new runway that now grows YXX to be the B.C.’s 4th largest airport in terms of movements and passengers. It accommodated approximately 470,000 passengers in 2009. The YXX Master Plan projects out to 2025, and includes growth in commercial aviation, aerospace and cargo. On August 14 it officially announced the completion of Phase I of its Business

Development Strategy, which maps out the targets and tactics for the next two years. As part of that strategy, YXX announced it will launch a customer loyalty program, as well as a Travel Agency incentive program, both in Q4 of 2010 Currently, the airport is in the middle of a $30 Million infrastructure improvement project due to be complete by Q1 of 2011. The Airport considers the District of Mission to be a key part and stakeholder in its growth, as YXX considers itself to be very much Mission’s airport. For details on luncheon, see page 12.

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August 2010 • Page 3

Chamber News BC Chamber News Vancouver (August 20, 2010) – The following statement was issued by the six associations who asked for a judicial review of the antiHST petition: “We launched our court case because we wanted clarity and certainty around the future of the HST. Representing the small, medium, and large companies who employ tens of thousands of the people working across British Columbia, we wanted clarity on whether or not the HST would remain in effect. “Today’s decision leaves open the question that required certainty – whether the bill will actually extinguish the HST. The decision merely said the provincial agreement on the HST could

HST Review Requested for Clarity

be extinguished, which leaves open the question of whether the bill will end the HST. This leaves everyone without the certainty we sought and need to encourage investment and job creation in British Columbia. “While the court did not provide the clarity we sought, we are hoping for a quick ruling by the court on the petition proponent’s separate case on whether the HST was lawfully enacted by the provincial government. That will provide some clarity. “It remains important that our associations continue to provide the public with information on the importance of harmonization in strengthening the employment and investment climate in British Columbia. In a fragile glob-

Davies Sand & Gravel. LTD

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“Serving The Area For Over 40 Years”

604-826-6736 Pit - 11496 Dewdney Trunk, Mission

Mail: Box 3663, Mission, BC V2V 4L2

al economy, it’s paramount that British Columbia does everything it can to encourage investment, protect jobs, and foster job creation. Harmonization is a key tool in accomplishing this. “Our court case represented a nine-day delay in what has been an eight-month long petition process. It began Dec. 24, 2009 and concluded with Elections BC releasing the results on Aug. 11, 2010. On an issue that will impact the livelihoods of so many working British Columbians, that delay was a small price to pay to attempt to get clarity. “As we earlier committed, we will not appeal.” The six associations launching the judicial review are: • Western Convenience Stores

Association • BC Chamber of Commerce • Independent Contractors & Businesses Association • Council of Forest Industries • Mining Association of BC • Coast Forest Products Association Other Chamber News: Fraser Valley Chambers will be meeting with all three levels of government on September 17th to discuss regional issues that effect business. Sponsored by KPMG, this event will highlight the strength of the Chambers as the Voice of Business in the Fraser Valley. Policy positions will include transportation, business taxation, and licensing.


A.H. SENAE INC. Certified General Accountant


Corporate Tax • Personal Tax Financial Statement Preparation • Bookkeeping Business Startup • GST • Consulting

33221 Whidden Ave., Mission • 604.826.8060

Member CGA-BC

Supporting arts, community projects and much more… Leave a legacy! Ask us how. PO Box 3427 Mission, BC V2V 4J5 604-826-5322

“Promoting Business and Tourism Development in Mission” INFORMATION AVAILABLE • Mission Community Profile • Commercial and Industrial Property Inventory • Business Opportunities • Resource Library 34033 LOUGHEED HWY., MISSION, BC V2V 5X8 Tel. 604.820.3789 • Fax. 604.820.6738 • Toll Free 1.866.814.1222 Email: •

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Chamber of Commerce Committee News Look for the Chamber meeting schedule on the Mission Chamber public Google Calendar. Contact Chamber staff if you are interested in participating. Events Committee, Todd Bugge, Chair The Events Committee has continued to meet over the summer in order to plan the Business Excellence Awards being held October 22. Nominees will be contacted in the next week and the judging will be held September 13-16. We look forward to announcing the winners, and encourage you to register your seat now. The Events Committee meets at 8am every second Tuesday of the month. Please contact Michelle Favero, to join. Todd Bugge

Membership Committee, Martin Steenblok, Chair The Membership Committee looks forward to bringing some informative speakers this fall, and some great business after business events. If you are interested in participating on the Membership Committee contact Angel Elias, The Committee meets at 8am on the last Wednesday of every month in the Chamber Boardroom. Martin Steenblok

Tourism Committee, Jo-Anne Chadwick, Chair The summer of 2010 will be remembered as being sunny, hot and dry. A summer that was perfect for exploring and enjoying the incredible outdoor spaces of the Fraser Valley. I hope that everyone has been out and taking in the many Mission events and activities, and if you haven’t it isn’t too late. Make a point of stopping by the Visitor Centre this summer to discover all the adventures that are out there waiting for you and yours.   Tourism Committee meetings are held the second Thursday of every month in the Chamber Boardroom. Jo-Anne Chadwick

Government Affairs, Elyssa Lockhart, Chair Summer has not been quiet for the Government Affairs Committee. The Fraser Valley Chambers are holding a Business Summit with all levels of Government for September. The committee has also been meeting directly with both MLAs and Mission’s MP, Randy Kamp. If you are interested in joining the Committee and finding out more about these issues, contact Michelle at the Chamber 604.826.6914. The Government Affairs Committee meets at 11:45am the last Monday of every month in the Chamber Board Room.

Elyssa Lockhart

Go to to get all your news and information on business in Mission

Did you know? Randy Hawes, MLA (Abbotsford-Mission)

T: 604.820.6203 • F: 604.820.6211

Your MLA’s office can help you with: • Provincial government related issues • Certification of copies of important documents • Arranging congratulatory messages • Providing information on government programs Shared Constituency Office 33058 First Ave. Mission V2V 1G3

Marc Dalton, MLA (Maple Ridge-Mission)

T: 604.820.6203 • F: 604.820.6211

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August 2010 • Page 5

Public Private Partnerships – A Municipal Opportunity With major infrastructure required for the maintenance and growth of Mission, Public Private Partnerships (P3s) are opportunities for the taxpayer to work with business in fulfilling their needs. Presently, the federal government is offering incentives to local governments to look at P3s to meet the staggering $60 billion infrastructure deficit in Canada. Water, sewer and transportation are key areas that need to be addressed jointly in Mission and Abbotsford to maintain infrastructure for projected growth. Presently, residential and business taxes only meet the needs of the municipal budgets. Taxation rates are continually under fire for not providing the perceived level of services, and both municipalities are struggling with service downloading from the provincial government. BC has had a rocky relationship with P3s, but successes in the last five years have shown that it is an effective tool for infrastructure. Recent successful projects include the Sea-to-Sky Highway,

the Abbotsford Hospital and the Golden Ears Bridge. P3s have good taxpayer value because they meet timely delivery (taking advantage of private sector financing), transfer risk to the private sector (through well written delivery contracts), and create innovation (municipal lowest-bid policy hinders opportunity). Moreover P3 projects attract international investment as they are guaranteed returns for investors, freeing up local tax dollars. Through this process the municipality would continue to retain ownership, control and responsibility of the project. Not all infrastructure projects have P3 potential. A detailed business case that considers life-cycle costs needs to be prepared. This presents an accurate picture if the project would have feasibility A worker helping to build the Abbotsford as a P3; and if not, a better understand- Hospital, a P3 project. ing of the budget will need to be aligned to make the project move forward over infrastructure a certainty, Public Private its life-cycle. Partnerships are opportunities to be conWith service downloading and aging sidered.

Government News Small Business Week 2010

Power Up Your Business. Invest. Innovate. Grow

The province has proclaimed October as small business month. In Mission, small business week will be celebrated October 17-22, culminating in the Mission Business Excellence Awards October 22. As small business rides the wave of the recovering economy, entrepreneurs should be gearing up to seize new opportunities. It is time to seek competitive advantage with dynamic plans,

while still meeting the needs of a changing marketplace. “Rub off your entrepreneurial spirit and remind yourself of the passion that made you take the risk of developing your small business to begin with!” encourages Chamber President Helen Secco. Look for upcoming details of events, educational seminars and information that will spark your business to grow.

Randy Kamp mp pRoudly SeRving the people of miSSion Constituency Office: 22720 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 2V6 1-888-255-8140 • Email: •

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Staff Training Is Good For Business By Oleene Herman – Community Futures North Fraser The right staff, properly trained, becomes the biggest asset of any business. In a time of tight budgets and high competition, staff training becomes even more important. Staff training and ongoing educational opportunities creates motivation and staff loyalty. Training is an efficient way to make use of your available resources, saving you time and money. Training your current employees is less expensive than recruiting new employees. They may even be able to teach you something at the end of their training, if you’re open to it. How do you filter through the glut of available training opportunities to find the right training for your staff? Community Futures is your local business employee training resource. We are able to guide you to the right program to fit your unique business needs. Most of our training programs take place in our Mission office through the use of video conferencing equipment, or by bringing the experts into our office, or through partnerships with local training organizations.

We have the connections to facilitate government sponsored initiatives and partnerships aimed at training the employee. The following are three of those options: Small Business BC An important partnership with Small Business BC (SBBC) provides this office with access to video conference training, focusing on a broad range of topics. The cost is generally between $20 and $60 for a one-hour to three-hour workshop, respectively. Topics are available on marketing, taxation, corporate structure, cash flow, retail, human resources, sales, and much more. All workshops are presented by experts in their particular field through the SBBC centre. You keep your business travel costs down while making sure your staff are current in an array of business topics. This is an excellent resource for our community. Small Business Internship Program The Small Business Internship Program (SBIP) is a Government of Canada initiative administered by the Department of Industry. The program offers financial

support to small and medium-sized businesses to hire post-secondary students to work on e-commerce projects which will increase efficiency and competitiveness in the marketplace. The program reimburses 75% of the eligible wages and statutory employee benefits, up to $10,000, for a period of twelve weeks. Workplace Training Initiative Pilot Program The Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development has established a new initiative, the Workplace Training for Innovation Pilot Program (WTIP). The program is designed to provide funding to eligible employers with less than 50 staff for the employee training of their choice, delivered by the training provider of their choice.

Through WTIP, employers decide on the training and the training provider best suited to assist them to improve productivity, enhance competitiveness, and/or introduce new technology, equipment, or work processes. There are hundreds of training options available across the province for employers to choose from, including colleges or private training institutions. The Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development has not preapproved nor endorsed any courses, programs, or training providers with respect to WTIP. For more information, please visit the WTIP website workplace_training_program or contact the Program Administrator (Chemistry Consulting Group Inc.) tollfree at 1 877 365-5757. Create staff loyalty by making your employees feel part of your company through regular staff training. If you would like further information on these or other business employee training opportunities, please contact us at

It feels as good as… Getting a smile from a friendly face

When you open the door to any Prospera Credit Union and Insurance, you’ll be greeted with a smile from friendly and experienced staff in a relaxing atmosphere. We are committed to making every one of your visits a great one, and look forward to seeing you.

Mission Branch 101-32423 Lougheed Hwy. 604.826.3644

Don’t just bank. Prosper.


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August 2010 • Page 7

Business Excellence The Winner is? On October 22nd, the community will recognize innovation and excellence in local businesses. Presented by Pete’s Place, the Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce will host the gala event at the ballroom of the Mission Best Western. The eight award categories include: Business of the Year, Business Leader of the Year, and the Customer Experience Award. Nominees will be judged based on their ability to satisfy predetermined criteria for each category. The winners will have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their industry, and will have made notable contributions to their local business community. Past winners have included Envision Finance (Customer Experience Award 2008), Steve Sharpe (Business Leader of the Year 2009) and Mission Springs Brewing Company (Business of the Year +15 Employees 2009). “I didn’t realize the impact of this achievement,” explained 2009 Young Entrepreneur winner Tracy Loffler, Unison Yoga. “Everybody knows!” Winners are not only feted

at the gala event, but are also covered in local media. Attend this black tieoptional event and join in recognizing the accomplishments of Mission’s local businesses. Tickets are $75 and available for purchase at the Chamber Office, at 34033 Lougheed Highway, or by contacting Angel Elias at 604.826.6914. Come out and celebrate the outstanding achievements that have taken place in your community, and honor the award recipients that have made success possible. Sunshine Enrichment owner, Sandra Hilbourne (right), and award sponsor Christy Clark of Pete’s Place Ltd. at last year’s event.

The Business Excellence dinner is always a great opportunity to catch up with other business people.

We Believe In Local Business We want to ensure your business thrives in the current economic environment. Whether you’re just starting up or expanding and need free advice, or if you need capital to stabilize your business, contact our Business Consultant or our Business Analyst.

Growing communities one idea at a time 32386 Fletcher Avenue Mission, B.C. Ph: 604-826-6252 Fax: 604-826-0052

• Rick Leskun, c.A.

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Quality, assurance, Peace of Mind Unit 1B - 7331 James Street, Mission, BC V2V 3V5 Tel: 604.826.1215 Fax: 604.826.7964 ~ Email: info

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Member to Member Do you have a weekly special or an announcement that you want to share with Chamber members? The Chamber is offering a free service where you can send your info to members via the M2M Weekly News. The service is free and open to all members. Each Member has one opportunity per quarter. Information will be accepted in a .jpg or word.doc format, and must be submitted no later than 4pm every Monday. Contact Angel member_ services@missionchamber. for more information

on this value offering. Members may use this free advertising tool a maximum of three times per calendar year.

Partnership with SD#75

The Path to new employees The Mission Public School District is an inclusive district providing supports for all students. Students with special needs are supported by the district’s Employment Skills Program from the Mission School District’s Student Services department. The Employment Skills Program (ESP) is for students with learning support designations, ages 15 and up. This is provided by a program facilitator, Cyndie Anderson, District Vice Principal Student Services and Becky Brisson, program assistant who currently support this valuable program. The purpose of the ESP is to provide for students with unique learning needs through pre-employment training and course work, work experience and career coaching. We provide onsite coaching as needed, and effective support for transition to independent work depending on the needs of each student in safe and appropriate work placements for the purpose of attaining employment before and/or after graduation.

We are excited to see a positive change in our community where volunteer work by individuals with special needs has led to paid employment. Acting as a community volunteer is important and rewarding, but individuals with special needs can also provide much to our community as employees. Real work for real pay for individuals with special needs lends itself to active citizenship. Several Mission businesses and organizations currently provide volunteer work placements, and some currently employ individuals with special needs. Please contact Mrs. Cyndie Anderson or Mrs. Becky Brisson at the Mission Public Schools Administration Office on 4th avenue at 604 826 5737 ext 323. We look forward to working with you as a partner in education for our Mission students.

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Take advantage of all that we have to offer. See us for all your banking needs. • Investing & Borrowing Services • Day-to-Day Banking • Business Succession Planning • Scotia Professional Plans • Can assist with all Small Business, Retail &/or Commercial needs

Offer expires Dec. 31, 2010 (604) 826-3669

Contact Eva Brett

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33217 - 1st Ave.

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August 2010 • Page 9

Tech Corner


Revolutionary eCommerce platform released On July 28 went down, as staff deployed an updated website with a new customer area, purchase page, free developers license request form and more product info. After a few hours, the updated website emerged, functioning smoothly and ready for orders. But more importantly, the LemonStand eCommerce platform officially came out of beta status. On January 11, a freely available beta version of LemonStand became available. Since then, thousands have downloaded it. Over the past seven months many loyal fans were created, with a passionate and growing community already using it for live eCommerce websites. LemonStand has become an incredibly flexible and fully featured eCommerce platform that has been moulded through genuine customer interaction

and careful implementation. Many customers took advantage of a pre-order sale, purchasing LemonStand weeks before it was officially released because they were so happy with the product. Many openly express their satisfaction with the speed and quality of customer support. LemonStand is a platform upon which online stores can be built. It’s claim to fame is in its flexibility. It can literally be made to handle any functionality. A

store can also be made to look however a web designer so chooses. And it does this without a lot of hassle either. This approach is a far cry from the industry standard, which is chock full of inflexible and dogmatic solutions. In this market, LemonStand is set to become as popular as lemonade.

The 2011 Visitor Guide Over 10,000 distibuted #1 choice selected by Visitors

Secure your ad space NOW! Contact Crystal – 604.820.5453

Mission Community Services Society identifies and responds to the needs of individuals, families and the community.

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Mission Community Services responded to the needs of more than 3,000 people last year. This year, the number of children, youth, adults, seniors, and families who need our help will increase.

Please give generously.

Mission Community Services Society 33179 Second Avenue, Mission, BC, V2V 1J9

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“helping people… changing lives”

Page 10 • August 2010

mission chamber connection

14th Annual SOHO SME Business Conference and Expo September 16th at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. As a subscriber to the BC Chamber of Commerce you are entitled to free access to the conference and discounts on all additional services. This EXPO is recognized as the #1 National B2B Conference that reaches out to thousands of small and medium sized businesses.  The audience profile comprises top level executives, managers and owners from the SME marketplace. We are expecting approximately 2,500 attendees and 70 exhibitors. The event this year features inspiring speakers, seminars,  how-to sessions, ask the experts, exhibits and displays, as well as a networking reception taking place directly on the tradeshow floor. For the Vancouver show this year we have a Keynote address from the heads of Facebook Canada, Nurse Next Door, and Plenty of Fish.  If you would like more information, or to register, please visit bcchamber and enter pin code SOHOBCChamber or call 604-929-8250 ext 257

Candlelight Parade Planning

Dan Roberge Dan Roberge IGL Financial Corp. Suite 201 – 3240 Mt. Lehman Rd. Abbotsford, BC V4X 2M9 Ph: (604) 855-1990 / Fax: (604) 855-1090

The night of December 3 will light up with holiday music and rosy cheeks as the Chamber presents the 27th Annual Candlelight parade. Noted as the largest nighttime Christmas parade in BC, and possibly western Canada, the Chamber is excited about adding on to this successful event. Entering a float is free to registrants, and entrants from all over the Fraser Valley get involved. Last year the parade had over 80 entrants and lasted for over one hour and a half. The planning of the parade is undertaken by the Chamber’s Candlelight Parade Taskforce which is chaired by Phil Hope, Christmas Bureau, and includes representatives from the business community as well as the RCMP. If you are interested in more than attending the parade, and would like to get involved the community’s most popular event of the year, contact Angel at the Chamber offices, 604.826.6914.

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August 2010 • Page 11

Chamber Membership Has Its Privileges Business owners have many different reasons for joining the Chamber of Commerce. Benefit programs, networking and events being top of mind with most members. The most tangible are the discounted services that businesses can benefit from as a member. Chamber’s partnerships with merchant services providers and gas companies are just a few benefits that provide members with discounted rates that can benefit the bottom line. The Chamber also offers group insurance through the Chamber Insurance program. Geared for companies as small as one, the program provides extended health, life and disability insurance at competitive rates. Though intangible, networking opportunities can be the biggest asset to any member. The Chamber hosts monthly luncheon meetings on the third Thursday of each month (from Sept. to June). Luncheons offer excellent opportunities to network with fellow business

people. This is especially true for our home-based businesses and new businesses looking to increase exposure in the community. Another effective networking opportunity is the Chamber’s Business after Business. Offered monthly at different member locations, this casual event allows the host to promote their business directly to other members, as well as providing an atmosphere conducive to conversation. In addition to monthly events, the Chamber holds three other major events throughout the year. In June, the annual Chamber Golf Tournament is hosted by one of the golf course members and provides a day of networking and relaxation for members. The Business Excellence Awards Gala, held in October, acknowledges and promotes businesses that go above and beyond in Mission. The year is rounded out with the annual Candlelight Parade, a community event that is the largest of its kind in

BC with an attendance of over 12,000 people. All three of these events offer varying levels of sponsorship for members that provide high value exposure in the Mission. A business owner’s involvement as a Chamber member, whether attending various functions throughout the year or through the various committees and Board of Directors, offers the opportunity of business contacts and community involvement that can be a challenge for any operation. Being able to share ideas and seek input from others who face some of the same challenges is the value of the Chamber network. For more information about membership contact Angel Elias, Member Services, who will be happy to answer your questions, at 604.826.6914 or by email at

Membership makes the difference.

The Mission Mid-day Rotary Club has provided funds for? A) B) C) D) E)

Wetland Trails for Silverdale Local Scholarships Habitat for Humanity Shelterbox Program - sending survival packs to Haiti ALL OF THE ABOVE...AND MORE!! Call President Wilson Sieg today @ 604-826-3014, to see how YOU can get involved in one of the largest service groups in the world!





Sun - Tues 11am – 10pm Wed & Thurs 11am – 11pm Fri & Sat 11am – Midnight

604.826.9191 • #3 - 33111 LONDON AVE.

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Or Google “Mission Midday Rotary”

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email • WEB

MARK YOUR CALENDAR Upcoming Chamber events can be found on our Mission Chamber Events Google Calendar.

Thursday September 16th Chamber Luncheon: YXX (Abbotsford Airport) Time: 11:30am-1pm Location: Rockwell’s Chapel Room Details: More than just cargo, YXX talks about the opportunities with growth of the Abbotsford International Airport. Thursday September 23rd Business after Business: Kermode Wines Time: 5pm-7pm Location: 8457 River Road South Details: Come sample and enjoy world renowned wild berry wines and ports picked in your backyard. Friday October 8th Business after Business: Zajac Ranch Time: 5pm - 7pm Location: Zajac Ranch Burma Road Details: Park at the Powerhouse and be bussed to this fabulous facility in the Stave Lake Interpretive Forest. Check out all the improvements made with community help.

Friday October 22nd Business Excellence Awards Time: 5pm – 11:30 pm Location: Ballroom, Mission Best Western Details: Register Now! Join the Chamber in celebrating the best Mission business has to offer. Reserve your table for the gala by contacting Angel 604.826.6914 Tuesday November 2nd Fraser Valley Fall Business Showcase & Mixer Time: 2:30pm - 7pm Location: Langley Events Centre Details: Visit over 400 booths and network with over 1,000 Chamber members from Surrey to Chilliwack, Pitt Meadows to Mission at this annual trade show. Register your table today!

For more information about any of these events, or to RSVP, please visit:

Meadowridge is an independent, university preparatory, IB World School offering students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 the opportunity for a well rounded education. With a 100% post secondary acceptance rate, we offer students a range of opportunities in athletics, the arts, and community service, while providing a variety of field trip and international travel options. Busing options are available for Mission area families! Join us for a student guided tour every Friday school is in session, 9am-11am.

Meadowridge School Learning to Live Well, with Others and for Others, in a Just Community

Admissions: (604) 476-3040 E-mail:

Main: (604) 467-4444

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