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enidata is a PDA-based data collection system that has been pioneered by data collection specialists for data collections specialists. With first hand experience of the reoccurring issues that face the gathering of sensitive field data, we set out to develop a easy to use software that would assist with problems such as locating collection points, recording data efficiently and finally the timely production of factually detailed reports. The result is exactly that and more. The system provides traceability by automatically recording date, time and location by GPS for all sampling and monitoring activities. It also has the ability to provide photographic evidence to support audits and reports. This data can be populated into Google Earth software to show the locations of the monitoring as well as allowing the technician to pinpoint any issues of environmental concern. Data is streamed directly to enitial’s central server within minutes of completion and produces bespoke data reports within one hour of completing the monitoring activities. This powerful software is the perfect tool to support any organisation that has environmental responsibilities with accurate, reliable and time critical information.

Monitoring modules available       

Ground/surface water and leachate FID & odour Noise Dust PM10 Contaminated land BOCs

Inspections modules available   

Closed site inspections Infrastructure audits Flare inspections

enidata is available as part of a monitoring service, PDA package or software download. For further detail or demonstration please contact us on 01902 798798.