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ď ś I new it was Thursday because it was the Sleepover. We had some games then we went to bed and we had a movie before we went to sleep we had some super and then we went to sleep.

On Footy Day Friday the 28th of September. We did something then we had recess and after recess we sat around the sinthy grass and Mr Page called out Footy teams and put on the Footy teams song on.

LAP-A-THON On Friday the 8th of June 1\2D did a Lap-a-thon and we had to run laps and every lap we did we got a line on a pees of paper.

I have a sister and a cat and my sisters name is Meaghan I have a Mum and a Dad my Mums name is Jayne and my Dads name is Darren and we live in a house in Mentone Philip street .

Joanne Robertson Sarah Auslender

Ruby Wells

Kamila Khalilova

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