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Course Catalog 2017-2018

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Contemporary Music History: 1880s-present

In this yearlong course, students will encounter and investigate the basics of film creation, from beginning to end, by looking at classic films and iconic filmmakers’ directing styles and by learning the vocabulary and genres associated with this medium. As they work toward making their own films, students will practice script writing and story boarding and will create shot lists and field logs. Using DSLRs, students will learn the basics of production including basic camera functions, lighting, shot types, and sound editing. In postproduction, students will use industry-standard video editing software to edit their footage and create final short films ready for film festival submission. Prerequisite: Any Expressive Arts course or permission of instructor Grades: 10-12 (1 credit; full year)

From Ragtime to Rihanna, students will explore the evolutionary roots and progression of popular music forms over the past 100 plus years in this one-semester course. Students will explore various musical genres and movements throughout history including jazz and blues, country, folk, early rock n roll, r & b, soul, reggae, latin, disco, hard rock, rap, hip-hop, heavy metal, punk, new wave, glam, grunge, electronic, and pop. Students will gain an understanding of the components of modern popular music, the types of instrumentation used, and its historical roots as well as its cultural, political, and social context plus the significance of given movements. Course work will include readings, films, music videos, albums, and project-based research, design, and presentations on topics of individual interest. Prerequisite: None Grade Level: 10-12 (1/2 credit; first semester)

Gallery & Arts Administration Songwriting

Students will learn about the business side of the art world in this onesemester, project-based class. We will visit galleries and museums to learn about curation, gallerists, arts management, grant writing, and selling of art. Students will work as a team to establish a mission statement for our pop-up gallery, identify a space to curate a show, serve as the jury for the selections, and host the show in the gallery as a final semester project. Prerequisite: application and instructor approval Grade Level: 11-12 (1/2 credit; first semester)

The goal of this one-semester course is for the student to develop the ability to express her voice through the process of creative song writing. Students will explore many different song arrangement formats and will practice writing, editing, and revising drafts of songs through making demo recordings and listening back in analysis. Students will keep a production process journal to track revisions, techniques, and progress. Students must already be proficient with an intermediate ability on their instrument of choice or have basic piano skills. Prerequisite: none Grade Level: 9-12 (1/2 credit; second semester)

Designing with Glass This one-semester course will focus on understanding the qualities and properties of working with fused and slumped glass forms. Students will engage with some of the chemistry and physics of the material, gather experience in producing molds (to slump fire their work) while being challenged to explore the effect of composition, color theory, and overall design. Prerequisite: None Grade Level: 10-12 (1/2 credit; second semester)

History of Art In this one-semester survey of global cultures’ visual expression, emphasis will be placed on recognizing the religious, social, political, economic, intellectual, and technological influences that have fueled cultural evolution. Students will examine the history of art from prehistoric cave painting through contemporary sculpture, painting, photography and architecture. Art from around the globe is studied from Europe to Asia, from Africa to the US and South America. Several field trips to local museums will provide opportunities to directly experience examples of what has been studied in the classroom. Prerequisite: None Grade Level: 10-12 (1/2 credit; first semester)

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Miss Hall's School 2017-2018 Course Catalog  
Miss Hall's School 2017-2018 Course Catalog