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Cole’s Poetry Anthology 2013

This poetry anthology is dedicated to my parents, because they have put me through school and I am grateful for that. Thanks Mom and Dad

All  About  Me:  Identity  connection  to  Anthology My  poems  connect  to  my  identity  with  the  5  elements  of  Togetherness,  freedom,   sports,  environment  and  not  giving  up.  I  chose  these  because  they  connect  to  my  poems   and  my  identity.  The  =irst  poem  is  “Friendship  is  Friendship”  By  Sumedha  Parihar  because   friendship  is  very  important  to  me  and  I  think  it  is  one  of  the  most  powerful  things  because   you  can  rely  on  each  other  when  you  have  a  real  loyal  friendship.  This  poem  is  in  the   category  of  Togetherness  along  with  “Together  We  Will…”  By  Gita  Ashok.  This  poem   connects  to  my  identity  because  togetherness  is  important  during  tough  times  and  having   someone  by  your  side  can  make  a  big  difference.  Also  saying  that  together  we  can  do   anything  is  really  important  to  me.  Another  poem  that  =its  into  this  category  is  “Brendon”   By  Cole  D  the  poem  I  wrote  connects  to  my  identity  because  even  though  it  is  not  obvious   with  the  words  in  the  poem  I  wrote  it  in  the  thought  that  I  know  I  will  be  a  loyal  friend  to   him  and  he  will  be  a  loyal  friend  to  me  as  well,  I  acknowledged  his  skills  and  that  is   important  in  a  friendship.     The  next  category  is  Freedom  the  poem  in  this  category  is  “Absolute  Freedom”  By   sunnieyd  inquilab.  “Absolute  Freedom”  connects  to  my  identity  because  freedom  is  very   important  to  me,  I  believe  that  freedom  should  be  given  to  all  people  because  I  think  that  it   can  heal  and  make  things  better  even  for  people  who  have  a  bad  background  or  have  done   wrong  in  life.  The  next  category  is  not  giving  up  the  =irst  poem  is  “Fall”  By  Joyce  Alcantara   This  poem  connects  to  my  life  because  it  talks  about  if  you  fall  you  have  to  get  back  up  and   that  in  life  there  are  struggles  but  you  just  have  to  push  through  because  at  the  end  of  the   line  for  people  who  have  failed  but  did  not  give  up,  there  is  success.  The  next  poem  that   falls  under  this  category  is  “Courage”  By  Corey  Fauchon  this  poem  connects  to  me  because   courage  is  something  really  important  to  me  because  it  has  to  do  with  not  giving  up  and   giving  up  is  something  I  won’t  do.  You  have  to  have  courage  to  not  give  up. My  fourth  category  is  the  environment,  the  =irst  poem  that  falls  under  this  category   “River  of  Loss  and  Joy”  By  Cole  D.  This  poem  is  part  of  my  identity  because  of  the  =loods   that  happened  in  Calgary  during  spring  of  2013.  I  was  not  directly  affected  by  the  =loods  but   what  I  saw  was  something  I  thought  could  never  happen  to  our  city,  but  it  did  and  it  made   me  think  of  how  hard  it  must  be  for  other  people  around  the  world  where  this  happens   more  often.  The  next  poem  in  environment  is  “Trees  Alike  to  us”  By  Cole  D,  This  poem   connects  to  my  identity  because  I  think  trees  are  so  valuable  to  us  humans  in  more  ways   than  just  paper  and  oxygen.  But  also  because  they  are  living  things  just  like  us  and  they   might  even  help  with  someone’s  sanity,  because  of  the  beauty  of  them.  Some  direct   evidence  is  “Trees  die  just  like  us,  they  live  and  then  fall”.   My  =inal  category  is  sports,  a  poem  in  this  category  is  “It’s  Ball  Season”  By  Cole  D.  This   poem  is  part  of  my  identity  because  football  is  about  the  brisk  Autumn,  being  on  the  =ield   when  it’s  so  beautiful  out  and  being  with  your  friends,  it  changes  who  you  are  and  that’s   ball  season.  The  last  poem  in  this  connection  to  anthology  writing  is  “It’s  Not  Just  a  Game”   By  Cole  D.  This  poem  is  a  part  of  me  because  it  is  more  than  a  game  because  football  is   about  building  leadership,  community  and  enjoying  being  outside,  I  think  that  this  poem   also  is  part  of  me  because  playing  quarterback  and  leading  the  team  and  being  part  of   something  bigger  is  a  part  of  me.  


My name is Cole it is of English Origin, it means victorious people and dark skinned. My name is like living up to a successful sibling, it can also be like your favourite team winning the Stanley Cup. It is like seeing fireworks on a warm summer night, it’s like an Olympic sprinter quick with only one syllable. One time in school we were discussing rocks and minerals. The teacher started talking about Coal, the fossil fuel and everybody laughed, and in that moment I could feel my heart stop because all the kids were calling me a rock or a mineral and I felt different. I hated being different. After that incident I actually liked it when the teacher said Coal because everyone would turn his or her attention to me and I liked being the center of attention like a Seal doing tricks at Sea World. I think my name suits me in some ways because when I was younger I was very competitive and I liked being victorious like my name. In Japanese my name is Kooru, it means the second son. I am the second son in my family so it makes sense. Sometimes I feel like my name is too short, like a little kid’s basketball hoop. My parents named me Cole because my Great Grandpa had a book and in that book it had our family tree, way back there was a man named Coleman and my parents liked the Cole part of the name. My name is like a sandwich with just the bread, I used to hate being different because my name was the same as a rock’s now I feel like I am the same as everybody else. My name has expectation and that’s ok because I play sports and in sports expectation is expected and that makes me unique so now I don’t feel the same as everyone else like a shining piece of gold amongst grey pebbles.

Bibliography “Absolute Freedom” - sunnieyd inquilab - Picture: h"p://ise) “Friendship is Friendship” - Sumedha Parihar - friendship-is-friendship/ Picture: “Together We Will…” – Gita Ashok - Picture: “Fall” - Joyce Alcantara - Picture: “Courage” - Corey Fauchon - Picture:

My Poems: “It’s Ball Season” – Cole DeJager Picture: “It’s Not Just a Game” – Cole DeJager Picture: “Trees Like Us” – Cole DeJager Picture: “River of Loss and Joy” – Cole DeJager Picture: “Brendon” – Cole DeJager Picture: Photo Credits: Brendon Hyra

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