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Come In! Come In! To The

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Come In! Come In, To The Grand Canyon

Table of Contents A Letter From The Editor....................................................Page 3 Grand Canyon Rattlesnakes by Andre Craig.....................Page 4 The Views of the Grand Canyon by Itay Borenstien..........Page 5 Activities by Ryan Cleveland...............................................Page 6 Big Horned Sheep by Nate Fisher.......................................Page 7

A Letter From the Editor, Dear Readers, In this issue of Come In, Come In, To The Grand Canyon, we will be exploring some of the most interesting things you can experience when visiting the Grand Canyon in Arizona. From the abundant wildlife to the spectacular views of the canyon, you can learn all about sights and experiences one of the most popular National Parks in the United States. Itay Borenstein brings us an article about the breathtaking views that tourists from all over the world come to experience. We also have two articles about some of the wildlife that can be seen throughout the canyon. Andre Craig brings us information about some of the most populated and dangerous reptiles in the canyon, rattlesnakes. Nate Fisher shares with us all about the Big Horned Sheep that reside in the canyon if you are lucky enough to see one. Ryan Cleveland also shares with us some of the exciting activities that you can do when visiting the Grand Canyon. The authors at Come In, Come In To The Grand Canyon will take you on a whirlwind trip through the Grand Canyon and we hope you enjoy our latest issue. 3

Come In! Come In, To The Grand Canyon!

Grand Canyon Rattlesnakes Grand Canyon rattle snakes have scales on the outside of their bodies to keep water on the inside of their bodies. A rattlesnake’s body is covered with folds of thickened skin called scales. Their belly is usually cream in color. Sometimes rattlesnakes have to find somewhere shady to lay to cover up from the sun.

by Andre Craig

Rattlesnakes are cold blooded reptiles. Cold blooded animals’ body temperatures changes according to their surroundings. Rattlesnakes are named for the rattle sounds that their tail makes.

Rattlesnakes got their name from all the rattling sounds they make with the end of their tail.


Come In! Come In, To The Grand Canyon!

The Views of the Grand Canyon

by Itay Borenstein

The Grand Canyon views are some of the greatest views in the world. When you look down from a steep hill you do not have to worry about falling down the hill. There are fences. The views are the best and you can see them from 3 different types of sites to look from. The south, north, and east.

Did you know that the South view is the highest and is said to be the most beautiful? The north view is in the forest. If you go down to the Colorado River bank and look upwards, you can see a completely different kind of view!

The views of the Grand Canyon are truly amazing!


Come In! Come In, To The Grand Canyon!

Activities The Grand Canyon has lots of activities. It has a lot of hiking paths for people to run, walk and jog on. There are shops, hotels, and museums too. They even have restaurants at the Grand Canyon! One of the activities for tourists at the Grand Canyon is viewing the wildlife. Viewing some of the animals, like the pocket mouse running along the ground

by Ryan Cleveland

or a rattlesnake curled up in the sun, is very common. To get a closer look at the animals, visitors are able to ride mules down into the canyon to sight-see. You would be surprised how many fun things you can do at the Grand Canyon!

Here is a pocket mouse, just one of the many animals you may see at the Grand Canyon.


Come In! Come In, To The Grand Canyon!

Big Horned Sheep Big horned sheep like to play just as much as humans do! One of their favorite games to play is follow the leader. Big Horned Sheep love to follow each other up and down the steep sides of the Grand Canyon. Big Horned Sheep are very good at climbing mountain sides! If you are looking for a Big Horned Sheep, you can find them in the Grand Canyon. They

by Nate Fisher

are not very afraid of people either, they like them! Big Horns like to eat grass, similar to cows. Big Horned Sheep do not have very many predators but in the Grand Canyon, their one big predator is the cougar. The Big Horned Sheep also need to be protected from Golden Eagles who sometimes prey on the babies.

Big horned sheep are ramming each other to claim their territory.


Come In! Come In, To The Grand Canyon

Glossary Mule: A mix between a horse and a donkey. They are very strong and you can ride them. Predator: An animal that hunts other animals for food. Scales: Folds of thickened skin that rattlesnakes have on the outside of their body to keep water on the inside of their body. Steep: Having an almost vertical slope.

Come In! Come In, To The Grand Canyon

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