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Language: Language: Formal Formal or or Social Social • Students in grades 3-5 had discussions related to written language and how it is used for different purposes. • I took notes while students led a discussion about the differences between formal and social language. They came up with examples of each and determined when each type of language was appropriate. • The following slides feature screen captures of some of the lists that were created on the Starboard.

Language: Formal or Social REMEMBER • When publishing writing online or sending writing in an e-mail, we are teaching and advertising how educated we are! • Before hitting the “send” button, or the “post comment” button, always proofread your writing to make sure you have used your best writing. • It is always a good idea to have a teacher, a parent, or a guardian look at your writing with you before sending it in an e-mail or posting it online. *I’m a teacher and I still ask my Dad, my sister, or a co-worker to look over important e-mails. 

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Language: Formal vs. Social