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The Path of Least Resistance: A Manifesto for the Spiritual Warrior By Brittany Green

The Path of Least Resistance is the hardest path to take.

What I mean by “least resistance� is honoring how you feel, when you feel it, with what you have, no matter what.

This means making yourself extremely vulnerable.

This means leaving comfort areas of your life for the unseen better option.

And sometimes what our conscious minds have defined as better is not necessarily better for our soul. We may think we know what we need from our vibrational standpoint, but the soul knows what it needs to free itself more accurately.

Sometimes our conscious minds can recognize it, other times we must surrender to the mystery and surprises of life.

I love the example of the scuba diver representing our conscious mind while our soul oversees above the ocean. We are able to see what is in front of us, but our Higher Selves can see the broader picture of what is

needed in order to fulfill our highest desires.

The path of least resistance is an undoing of limited beliefs, actions, habits etc, so that our physical experience on Earth can become more expansive. It is so that we can enjoy more of Life. It is so that we can become happier and happier from whatever point of contrast we stand. When we try to control our lives from our limited standpoint we avoid experiencing a fuller life. One ultimately geared towards Heaven on Earth.

Many of us incarnate into situations that cause us to inherit deep psychological wounds. From this we develop neurosis and detrimental habits in order to numb, and deal with these wounds throughout our day-to-day lives. These habits are destructive to our evolution. It in fact stunts our growth. We think we are living happy lives but we have no idea just how good we are supposed to feel. One example of numbing may be

“toughing it out”

on one hand you have the ability to look invincible, not cry, carry out many orders, serve many masters, but you are suppressing your body’s strong need to release negative energy.

Other examples of numbing may be, creating a false image, drinking, sex, keeping busy, allowing judgment from others to override true inspiration resulting in laziness, etc.

Many narcissists have attached themselves to a false life, and have an unhealthy self-entitlement. They will lie, cheat, hurt, deceive, and trick to maintain this false self. It is the easy way out in dealing with these psychological wounds. It is repeated so often that many narcissists begin to believe their own lies and cannot differentiate their false self, from their true self. When confronted they lash out, defend, and disassociate.

The path of least resistance is the hardest path because it forces you to tap into how you truly feel. Many people have forgotten what it is to feel. They have been told over and over again by parents, spouses, jobs, etc that their feelings do not matter and work must be done. This trains the brain to distrust the internal guidance system:

our emotions.

This trains the brain to fall in love with someone you don’t truly love because they fulfill superficial needs and the go of the false self.

This trains the brain to like that job that is in fact depleting your energy.

This trains the brain to keep that circle of friends who are detrimental to your self-esteem.

This trains the brain to continue to honor family members while they continue to disrespect you.

This trains the brain to make religious sacrifices even though something may feel inherently off.

This trains the brain to complete tasks through a method of force instead of true inspiration.

This trains the brain to block out any sense of empathy making it easier to abuse, humiliate, and hurt people in order to maintain this false self.

Many seeking to take the path of least resistance must first relearn what it is to feel.

For if you do not know how you feel, you do not know who you are.

We must tap into our inherent empathy. Many narcissists, psychopaths

and abusers have cut off their ability to empathize. They see it as weak and are disgusted by it, they simply do not understand or consider the feelings of others. They have trained themselves to become robots in order to deal with a secretly painful life, and any reminder that raw emotion exists becomes a threat to their well-being.

Many narcissist line up with hurt/abused/and abandoned empaths, empaths who desperately seek love from the narcissists but love they will never receive.

On the path of least resistance, once you have achieved the ability to become aware of how you feel in every moment the next challenge is to

honor it.

This can be difficult because we live in a society where this is taboo and considered revolutionary. We live in a cold empathic, hard working, energy draining, society, where effort and struggle is exalted while, effortless blissful work is a rare luxury.

We have learned that the normal way to live is to push through sickness, suppressing the body with cough suppressants and medications, ignoring the body’s need to rid it of toxins,

in order to return to the very thing that got us sick in the first place.

We have learned to push through fatigue instead of honoring our body’s cry for sleep.

We have learned to muffle our voice and not speak our opinions because it is unpopular or considered weak.

We have learned to love the things we hate, and hate the things we love,

We have learned to abuse our passions. We have learned to abuse our children. We have learned to abuse our partners. And call it love.

And anyone brave enough to take a stand in the direction of what truly feels good to them is an anomaly.

The anomaly becomes a reflection to those choosing not to do the same and on many levels shows them the courageous and arduous work they choose to avoid.

Avoidance of the path of least resistance stems from fear. Fear to face those wounds that hurt us too deeply. Fear to let go of whatever false empire we have created for ourselves. Fear of being alone. Fear of not benefiting from such seemingly blind faith. And fear of being introduced to a life that we are unfamiliar with.

You cannot enter the path of least resistance without entering the supernatural world.

We are all inherently spiritual beings and therefore this path requires a spiritual awakening. It breaks the threshold between the physical and non-physical. You begin to realize the infinite limitlessness of this physical dimension, which defies what we have been taught.

Some are limited by a specific religion, believing spirituality must come in a certain package. Others may be limited by atheism and science that does not support the non-physical, omitting the chance for a spiritual awakening all together.

The path of least resistance is a path of transparency, and relearning to trust what you have been told is not trustworthy‌your heart.

Because modern society does not accept this form of undoing, prescriptions, diagnosis, and mental institutions are used as remedies in an effort to explain this breaking of threshold. The soul that chooses to free itself may have to take healing matters into their own hands and allow their body to do what it needs which often defies the rules of modern medicine. Cracking the wall from a limited physical world to non -physical can be a messy and confusing process. It does not come in the orderly package that left brained oriented; non-transparent thinkers need it to come in. Therefore seeking support from that demographic is futile.

Allowing the body to experience the physical and psychological pain of its unclogging of toxins and lower vibrational energy may not be the most appetizing or comfortable of experiences but pain are our biggest indicators. Hospitals will require you to numb, fix, cut, etc‌interrupting your body’s natural process to heal itself. Holistic options are more ideal, although it may be more self-loving to slowly transition from dependency on modern medical aids to a more holistic route.

Everyone’s personal route to healing is unique and can only truly be prescribed accurately by them.

For many, the lives we lead do not allow our bodies to heal itself. Healing requires leaving jobs, relationships, environments and taking a stand for what you need even in the face of violent opposition. Many omit emotional well being and happiness as a part of healing but it is in fact where healing acknowledgement should start, because it is an unhappy energetic body that later manifests physical ailments. Happiness period, is a necessity even by unpopular means.

Many will suggest to you what they think is correct for your path and what is appropriate, but only you can truly know. Many who have chosen the path of least resistance may get tired, give up, or go backwards on what they have learned because it takes great spiritual endurance, but once your consciousness has been stretched it becomes a painful process to try and conform to a former way of life.

Many may try to invalidate the specificity and sensitivity of your feelings only because they have an inability to tap into who they are, and what they need, they’ve simply‌

adopted the belief that it is inappropriate to be human.

Things that an awakened soul sees as a legitimate issue may seem petty to those who have opted into a life of disconnection from the self. When

you choose the path of least resistance suppressed hurt and issues from the past may spring to the surface surprising even you depending on how deeply you chose to burry as a method of dealing with deep pain. The dark comes to the light in order to free you of unconscious behavior that manifests unwanted circumstances. A great example of this is unhealthy romantic relationships.

In my life as well as others, we have felt extreme amounts of pain and have been told either it is not real or not as bad as we feel. We had been forced to find a way to live and survive as this pain simmered below the surface with no permission to come up for healing. We had become experts at it so well that even we found a way to get our minds to forget in order to deal with life and please those around us who continually invalidate our feelings. This is when posttraumatic stress disorder can occur and many other dramatic upheavals such as nervous breakdowns or midlife crisis. The body must honor itself and purge the dead weight, or die.

Once you have made the choice to free yourself the healing process is no walk in the park.

It is a time to stand up for what you know to be in the face of many who oppose this. It can be a tiresome process because that is the phase where

you feel you need the most help and support. It is the phase where your current manifestations around you do not support this need for help in the way you need it because they have not chosen the path themselves and therefore do not understand, or refuse to try to understand. or they do understand on some level but allow their own jealousy to cloud the bigger picture.

You have become a reflection of what they are not brave enough to do.

This is when you must learn how to heal and love yourself.

This is the dawning of a new 1%.

It is a jungle gym for your soul. But the better you get at it, the easier it gets, and the freer your soul becomes. Nothing worth having comes easy, and since Heaven on Earth is the ultimate prize, the undoing of the old self is the ultimate sacrifice. It is alchemy.

The path of least resistance is not meant to make sense. It is a labyrinth. It is a heart-based life while the mind takes a seat becoming a faithful servant. Logic is secondary because logic as we know it in this society in regards to true healing of the soul is actually


The heart based path looks nothing like the orderly way of healing, as society knows it. Hence being shunned at the point in time of needing the most help and support.

One either becomes forced by others to follow a healing incongruent with their soul, or to follow their heart, alone.

But of course we are never truly alone, we are guided divinely.

The Universe loves and rewards courage. Unseen forces work together in support of this courageous path. This path requires us to walk by faith, not by sight. Making sense of, “illogical� actions in retrospect, not before.

Living, and then learning.

A relinquishing of control.

The ultimate letting go and letting God.

In this New Age there are souls that chose to incarnate at this point in

time to help, to influence, to honor and take the path of the soul. At this point in time we will begin to see more souls who demand a more unique, sensitive, loving path and have an inability to conform. Many of these children are called autistic, gay, sensitive, indigo children, starseed children, difficult, ADHD, disobedient, artistic, geniuses, extrasensory and one that I personally identify with, blue ray children.

Some of us are born into rigid, unconscious, abusive situations with an inability to not acknowledge it in order to manipulate and influence major change on this planet.

This is a balancing out of energy and at times feels like a sacrifice of my soul.

I am an anomaly.

Not a match to today’s school institutions. Not a match to insensitive relationships. Not a match to conditions that deplete me. Not a match to the majority of food that surrounds me filled with chemicals and over processing. Not a match to hospitals or modern medicine. And not a match to ideas that burry my internal guidance system.

A few on my journey have assumed that there was something wrong with

me watching me get migraine after migraine, hives, or vomiting out lower vibrational food, walking away from exhaustingly demanding environments, or taking the time to rest and recharge my emotional health. But the issue isn’t my ability to care about myself and allow for natural healing, or the fact that I am not a match to lower vibrational energy regardless if those around me can recognize it as such. The issue is being well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

I stand with the minority patiently waiting for the light at the other end of my tunnel.

Divine timing.

Patiently building my house on a rock so that I can become a match to a group of people who not only understand me, but also love me.

I’m sure many hold this desire and have a unique story of their own.

I show my face time and time again stretching the belief systems of those around me but not without being hurt in the process. It is a challenge each time not to become hardened by ignorance but instead allow myself to forgive, let go and keep climbing.

I am unrelentingly myself.

Sometimes fearful, sometimes confident, but my choice, either way, has been made.

Happiness or death.

An ultimatum not understood by many who do not understand the purpose of life.

I do not fear death. I fear living a tortured life.

It is my desire to inherit Heaven on Earth as my contrasting experience being born into this life, and to help others achieve the same if their soul so chooses. It is my desire to be a voice of encouragement during those times of wanting to give up that I know so well. It is my desire to live a full happy life and to arrive at death saying I did all that I wanted to do in this life and then some.

And so it is.

The Path of Least Resistance: A Manifesto for the Spiritual Warrior  

A Manifesto for the Alchemical Path and a Journey of true Self Love

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