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Bangka There’s always something more to discover!

Preface This travel guide is arranged for the future traveler or else that curious about this beautiful but hidden island: Bangka. Also this e-book is compiled as one of the prerequisites to obtain diploma degree in Hotel Management.

This e-book will guide

you to understand the beauty of natural tourism of Bangka, its local culture, and how to travel around while enjoy its local delicacies. We hope that this e-book will provide a comprehensive information about Bangka Island and will be useful for international tourists interested in visiting Bangka.

Contents Myth you heard before 1 Come, explore, enjoy, and relax 5 Hot, hot, hot!!! 10 Sea, sand, sun 11 It’s all about food 16 Only in Bangka 20 Ready to blend with the locals? 22 Taking the first step 36 Moving around 42 Places to stay 47 Localized your tongue 50 References 51

Straighten your mind

Myth you heard before “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrowmindedness.” – Mark Twain

Myth #1 The Hidden Land Have you ever heard this socalled “The Exotic of Bumi Sepintu



paradise located in the West of

Source: Google Earth


****** 1

Source: Google Earth

Facts #1 It’s not a magic or supernatural land that can be only discovered by special persons only, it does exist for you to be explored! Maldives has Olhuveli, Thailand has Phuket, Philippine has Cebu. Indonesia is also famous for Bali but it’s not the only paradise that blows your mind! It turns out there’s a beautiful island hidden among thousands of islands in Indonesia that you should find! 2 ******

Myth #2 The Isolated Island Limited information and difficult access make you feel there’s no reason for you to travel there.

Facts #2 It was true. People used to

But now, as the world is so

find a hard time to gather all


the info about this place plus Bangka used to be a spot to isolate a lot of prisoners Including our very first President





best friend is Mr. Google, you can so easily find realquick access to Bangka and all the info you need to know!


****** 3

Myth #3 Poor Land Rice cannot be planted there; people cannot make a living out of Bangka Island.

Fact #3 Now, it’s not as bad as it’s heard, people! It’s not hidden, it’s not isolated and it’s definitely not poor. Bangka is one of the largest tin and white pepper producers in the world. Plus they can actually plant a variety of fruits and other crops as well.

4 ******

Come, explore, enjoy, and relax! “If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” – James Michener

Why It’s So Worth Visiting Who can resist the warmth smile of the local people, delicious authentic culinary and breathtaking beaches? For the Cultural Tourism, you can witness and be part of our traditional ceremonies, such as “Rebo Kasan” traditional ceremony; “Sepintu Sedulang” tradition, the commemoration of the birth of Mohammad Prophet; Belimau Bathing; and many more! We will spare you the details later on, don’t worry about it. There are also various festivals waiting for you to join in on special occasions!

****** 5

Nine stunningly beautiful beaches are ready to make your day, we’ll let you take a peek on the names and we’ll spare the details later on! Matras Beach, Parai Tenggiri Beach, Batu Bedaun Beach, Teluk Limau Beach, Teluk Uber Beach, Tanjung Pesona Beach, Tikus Beach, Air Anyir Beach, and Penyusuk Beach.

6 ******

Source: Nusantara Group

Bangka beaches has a lot to offer when it comes to nature, once you’re there, why not try to conquer the wild as well? Feel free to stop by at the Tourism Forest of Sungailiat, Chinese Village; Maras Mountain; Betung Hill; or just relaxing at the Tirta Tapta Pemali Hot Water. Bathing once you exhaust yourself from traveling around. For Sport lovers, just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean you can take a break from your favorite sport activities! Try doing it here in Bangka, and you’ll be surprised at how different it feels here! Bangka’s offering you Golf Course Gririmaya; Fishing and Diving as well as you enjoy the breathtaking views of the nature in Bangka!

****** 7

Some people say that Historical Tourism takes you way back. Well, we’d say flee to the calm waters of the past. You are more than welcome to visit our historical sites and be present of something big in the past. Stop by at the ‘Depati


Tomb; ‘Kota Kapur Site’; ‘Tugu Pahlawan 12’; ‘Kota Waringin Site; ‘Benteng Kuto



Traditional Houses. These


Source: Beritaenak

dissolve your present tension with a long weekend of nostalgia for something you never saw.

8 ******

Bring an appetite when you’re here! Indulge yourself with exquisite and authentic local food that you can find only in Bangka. You may wanna try Pempek Bangka, Otak-Otak Bangka, Tahu Kok, Kemplang/Kerupuk Bangka, Ikan Lempa Nanas, Getas, Martabak Bangka, Bangka Noodle and many more. Trust us when it comes to taste & flavor.

Lastly, Bangka is a great place to people watch. Really, who needs a T.V when you can come to Bangka. Keep one eye out for the natural beauty. Also meet the people and be apart of the nature here. Come to Bangka, explore, breathe and relax. We are all equals here.

****** 9

Hot, hot, hot! Good news for sunbath-

So grab a towel and head

ing lovers! As the weather is

down to the sand, or grab a

extremely hot over here, it is a

Frisbee or a ball for some

perfect weather to enjoy your

catch. There is plenty of room

selves at the beach! Seriously,

to play soccer of football or

go to the beach. This is the

volley with your family and

thing that makes

friends! Perhaps go for



a swim and stretch or


just do the old fash-


place on earth.

ioned “walk on the beach�.

Sure it has great culture and


people, but it is the




cleanest undiscovered undiscovered

beaches or meditate into your

beaches that make it all hap-

own universe, either way the


beaches have the perfect spot for everyone.

10 ******

Sea, sand, sun It’s been said that the world is a small place, but believe us when we say that there are plenty of powdery, soft and glistening white nooks and crannies to escape to. Under the warmth of sun and along the breaking waves of the Western Indonesia coastline, these beaches lay empty, awaiting your footprints. Parai Tenggiri Beach Surrounded by gallstones make you can’t simply miss this astonishing beach! Located in Matras Village, Sinar Jaya, Urban Village of Sungailiat Sub-District, you can just stop by after visiting Matras Beach. The Locals used to call it Hakok Beach, and it used to be the most popular area to visit. Parai Beach, is a unique destination unto itself, where shopping, dining, sports, recreation and entertainment abound. Like gorgeous natural decorations, there are so many rocks on this beach! At night, you can relax while enjoying delectable dinner, have a drink, or simply just walk the shores and hear the sound of the waves hitting on the rocks.

****** 11

Matras Beach On its good days, thisbeach shines like no other in Bangka. Over 3km length and 20-30m wide this stunning beach set in Matras Village, Sinar Jaya Urban Village of Sungailiat SubDistrict, or at the northern east area of Bangka Island. The locals call it as their “heaven’s beach” as it is the most visited beach in Bangka Island.

Stone Coast Bedaun Where


you can find a tree



grows on rocks?

Source: Franchdalapasti

This makes the

#3 beach on our list that you should come

and visit! The fact that there is a tree growing on rocks was believed that this is where the name ‘Batu Bedaun’ Beach came from. It’s also located in Kampung Bukit Kuala, Sinar Jaya Urban Village of Sungailliat Sub-District.

12 ******

Teluk Limau Beach You may probably tired of doing some usual activities on the beach like swimming, sunbathing, surfing or diving. Why don’t come to Teluk Limau Beach? It’s actually a beautiful small bay with some boats in it, about 5 km away from Sungailiat. You can see coconut trees grow on the way to the bay; the shore is surrounded by granite stones; and you can also see fishermen from local village hitching their boats. Coral reef grows on this bay, inviting some researchers and students from Bangka Belitung University often do some research here.

Teluk Uber Beach or Uber Gulf Coast‘ I don’t want the whole seashore to myself—just enough of it to find tranquility. I want to hear the thunder of the surf, not the drone of a CD player on a beach blanket 10 feet away. I want to inhale the salt air, not the scent of suntan lotion.’ Have you ever felt this way before? Uber Gulf Coast may not as famous as other beaches in the area Sungailiat, but it is a perfect place for you who wants to go break away from the crowd! Located in Rambak Village, Srimenanti Urban Village of Sungailiat, you will be astonished at how blindingly white the sand is, beautiful curve of a typical rocky beach, the clear blue sky— your own private eden.

****** 13

Tanjung Pesona Beach Choosing



beach in Bangka Island is a nearly



Tanjung Pesona Beach is not just another whitesandy beach, you can also enjoy the Tanjung Pesona water sports with cheap and affordable prices, find beautiful sea-view cottages located just meters away from the beach. It’s only 9 km from SunTikus Beach

gailiat (located in Rambak Village),

When you’re ready for

so why don’t you come and have

your own blinding white beach

fun for a while, maybe try your luck

and turquoise tub, head to Ti-

with fishing as well! 3 star hotels



are available if you want to enjoy


the atmosphere of the beach in the


morning or at the end of the twi-

Kenanga Urban Village, Sun-

light, before exploring other at-

gailiat, is best for solitude.

tractive places in bangka island.



crescent-moon-shaped located



14 ******

Air Anyir Beach About 15 km from Sungailiat, you can find a stretch of sand to yourself, decorated with beautiful rocks along the coast, there’s no harm to stop by and enjoying the view for a moment. Penyusuk Beach Getting tired of walking the white-sand, swimming in the crystal clear ocean, feels the wind blowing on your face, and the warmth of the sun? Maybe not. Find Penyusuk Beach in Bukit Ketok Village, about 77km from Sungailiat, you can see sea turtle lays its eggs everywhere on the sand. It’s also an ideal place if you want to experience the perfect sunset.

****** 15

It’s all about food Otak-otak Belinyu Ask any locals you know about “otak-otak”, and they will tell you it’s really delicious food made of mackerel fish. It’s very famous in Indonesia, but everyone knows you must try the ones in Bangka. They are quite different here and are definitely yummier than any other otak-otak. Grab a bite and you’re gonna want it more and more! Location : Jl.


Muhidin, Sungailiat Open : All day 15.00 22.00

16 ******

Martabak Get yourself addicted to our famous “Martabak Bangka”! It’s really tasty and cheap! We can even take hundreds and hundreds of orders in 1 day, that’s how famous they are! It’s so tender with mixing of cheese and condensed milk.

Location : Jl. Jendral Sudirman, Sungailiat Open : All day 17.00 - 21.00

****** 17

Pauw's Kopitiam Kopitiam is well-known for its hospitality and quick services. Pauw’s Kopitiam is always crowded, because it’s a perfect place to hang out with your family and friends. Meet locals here and you can make new friends as well. Be apart of Bangkanese.

Location : Jl. RE. Martadinata no.8, Sungailiat Open : Daily 06.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00 18******

Bakmi Bangka When people hear the word “Bangka”, other than beautiful beaches, the second thing that comes to their mind is the Noodles. While you’re in the neighborhood, why not try our delectable noodles or we call it “Bakmi”


Most of these food is NON HALAL food because they use “Song Sui or Pig



make the stock.

****** 19

Only in Bangka Great food and beautiful beaches are signatures of Bangka. With everything your taste buds could ask for from casual family eateries, to walk-up roadside snacks to elegant world-class seafood, you’ll never run out new places to enjoy food in Bangka. One of the most popular culinary in Bangka is Lempah Kulat, which is a culinary made of ‘Kulat’ (mushroom/fungus) and usually is cooked with coconut milk. Kulat means Fungus or mushroom and Pelawan is a name of an endemic local tree. Since the special mushroom grows only during the rainy season and they are hard to find, they worth a lot. The price range of this unique mushroom varies between Rp1,500,000 ($150) and Rp 2,000,000 ($200) per kg, making it affordable only to the wealthy.

20 ******

In a blind tasting session, a French chef in Jakarta thought it as an expensive imported dried mushroom from France! You can tell the best quality of Kulat Pelawan by the stem. It should have a long stem that is intact all the way up to the sot cap. The locals use this mushroom for a special dish called “Lempah Kulat Pelawan”—which is kind of similar to mushroom curry—using ‘kampung chicken’ trimmings from the wing or feet for the stock, making the dish the best curry in Indonesia!

Source: Detik Food

****** 21

Ready to blend with the locals? Now what comes in your

and friendly especially to tour-

mind when your hear the words

ists who come and give us a

‘Indonesian people’? For those


who have been in Indonesia before, you must have noticed how friendly and polite we are. Well, maybe some of you think ‘poor’ is the word for us,

For those who haven’t been in Indonesia before, you must be wondering what Indonesians are like. No, we don’t bite. Before you come


and get to know

people. That is

us personally,

also correct,

maybe you

but depite our severe economic and political problems,

should know a bit about our culture first just

Indonesians still

to give you a

remain open


22 ******

SMILE! Indonesians are friendly people, and it is true. There may be times when you feel mad or pissed here such as in traffic situations. Remember, no matter what happens, remain calm and friendly. And smile to get things done or apologize. It’s our lucky charm!

YOUR RIGHT HAND The next most important thing to remember is the use of your right hand. Whatever you do in public, never use your left hand to accept or to give something. The left hand is considered ‘dirty’ or ‘inappropriate’. The culture has been there for ages now and there’s no harm for you to remember and follow when you’re here.

****** 23

BARE FOOT AND COOL FLOORS Most Indonesians including Bangka people take our shoes or sandals off before entering a house. That makes perfect sense, because going barefoot on the cool floor tiles is far more comfy in a tropical climate than harassing your feet with shoes and socks. At home most families prefer to sit on mats on the floor. That’s how we relax, watch TV, chat with friends, eat and drink and sometimes even sleep. Well, not all of us are like that, but most of us do, so don’t be surprised when you see it yourself! However, when you are invited to the local’s house, you will likely be welcomed in the guest room where you can sit on chairs (but with bare feet).

24 ******

“HELLO MISTER!” Interacting with Indonesians is very easy. You will soon find out that most Indonesians, no matter the age, class or education are interested in getting to know you, foreign visitors! Indonesians are talkative and friendly, they also like to ask many questions when they feel comfy talking to you. Some of the questions may considered ‘taboo’ or nothing of our business, but don’t get offended and remember it’s only a sign that they are starting to like you, that’s why they feel like they want to know more about you. (cont.)

****** 25

(cont.) Some of the questions may even sound rude to you, but iIf you don’t feel like sharing any information with strangers, then you can politely say “I’m sorry but I’m not ready to talk about these things yet” and change the topic immediately to not make them feel guilty or embarrassed. Others may ask your opinion on the economic or political situation as well, such as in Indonesia, your country or the world. So it doesn’t always have to be something personal. To get your attention, they tend to call “Hello Mister!”. ‘Hello Mister’ is also used to address women as well; if you respond then a bright smile will be yours.

26 ******

BASA BASI It won’t be long before someone invites you to come over. Addresses and telephone numbers are exchanged. Then, when you show up, you may be embarrassed to know that the hosts apparently had forgotten about the appointment. In Indonesia the ritual of inviting is known as ‘basa-

basi’. It translates best with small talk and nobody expects that you really come. It takes some time to understand if an invitation is

basa-basi it’s real. Likewise, if you invite people, make sure that the intended guests understand that you are serious about the invitation. The best way to avoid confusing situations is to call your other local friend and ask for their help.

Now that you know a bit about the culture, let us pull you a bit closer to locals in Bangka. Perhaps when you take a walk along the road in Bangka, and you see several ceremonies or festivals, you won’t be wondering what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

****** 27

‘Rebo Kasan’ Ceremony For repelling any unluckiness, the locals believe in the ritual called “Rebo Kasan”. It’s held every last Wednesday (Shafar), in Air Anyer Village. Rebo Kasan comes from the words Rebo Kasan which means the last Wednesday in Shafar. It’s been known since the 16th century and is now being celebrated by today’s generation. The locals are still doing the tradition until now, but several changes have been made. They start the ritual around 9 o’clock, which is the same time as Azan. Even though the ritual is done in front of the mosque and is using prayers, you still can feel the mys-

Source: Gaedegambarist


Sepintu Sedulang Tradition The locals care for each other. As a proof that they unite as one, there’s a tradition called “nganggung” or Sepintu Sedulang which happens to be the same as their motto. Sepintu sedulang means ‘to unite as one’. Whenever they’re celebrating something (during the harvest season, wedding ceremony, and even funeral) they would treat the invited guests (without necessarily knowing the persons) with a huge tray filled with food. Nobody worries that they will run out of food, because they have prepared lots and lots of tray filled with delicious meal! You can also go there and they will treat you well even though they never met you before!

****** 29

Maulid Nabi Ceremony Indonesia is the most Muslim populated country in the world, we still honor and respect any other religions though. Maulid Nabi Ceremony is when Indonesians celebrating the birth of Nabi Muhammad SAW. It’s been celebrated for generations, in some places such as Keritak Village, Zed, Simpang Katis, Sinar Baru, Kemuja, it’s even more glorious than Eid al-Fitr.

If you are invited to one of the locals’ house on this sacred day, don’t forget to dress up politely and you will feel the warmth and joy as you are certainly welcomed.


Source: Pekanbaruriau

Belimau Bathing Ramadhan is a special month for the Moslems; it is the month when the locals have to repent and hope the safety and blessing. One of the traditions is cleaning themselves before entering the holy month of Ramadhan by doing Mandi Belimau or Belimau Bathing. The locals believe that by holding this ceremony, their fasting will be smoothly done and all they want can be reached. There are also some people who do this ceremony because they simply hope for wealth, cleverness, partner of life, etc. And this tradition has been existed for about 300 years ago.

****** 31





Bangka Chinese Spring Festival is one of the biggest celebrations in Indonesia. One thing that is so beautiful about Bangka Island is the diversity of cultures. They respect each other no matter the religion, culture and race. They celebrate diversity! The celebration was traditionally highlighted with a religious ceremony given in honor of Heaven and Earth, the gods of the household and the family ancestors. You maybe are wondering why Chinese New Year falls on different date each year. The Chinese calendar is based on a combination of lunar and solar movements. The lunar cycle is about 29.5 days. In order to catch up with the solar calendar the Chinese insert an extra month once every few years (seven years out of a 19-yearcycle). The celebration lasts for 15 days. You are so welcome to join and be apart of the celebration during Chinese New Year .


Sembahyang Kubur (Chinese Grave Prayer Ritual) As you know, Chinese have great respect for our ancestors, so there’s a tradition where we go to ancestors’ graves and pray for them. It’s twice a year, in the 3rd and 7th month in lunar calendar. You will smell the scent of incense over there, as it’s one of the tools they use to pray. Some people also pray for wealth, health and luckiness. They also prepare some real food in front of the grave, with the faith it will be eaten by the spirits. All the food later will be brought back home to be eaten by the whole family.

Source: Reportase Bangka

****** 33

Sun Go Kong You may probably heard of The Monkey King (Sun Go Kong), a main character in the classical Chinese epic novel “Journey to the West” written by Wu Cheng’en.

Source: nana-pinguinz

The locals cerebrate the birth of Sun Go Kong by doing a ritual that has been done for ages. Sun Go Kong actually symbolizes strength, power and health. Sun Go Kong also is believed can guard the village from evil spirits and bad luck.

34 ******

Sembahyang Rebut You can conclude by reading any other rituals above, that Chinese really believe in spirits, both good and bad. On the 15th in the 7th month in Lunar calendar, they believe that the gate between life and death is opened, letting all spirits go into our world. To avoid being disturbed by the presence of evil spirits, they have to “send” something useful to them through papers-formed stuffs such as money, clothing, and any other stuffs that will eventually be burned. “Rebut ritual” will be held in every temples in Bangka island, so if you wanna come and join, feel free to do so. Lion Dance is also performed



statue has been burned as the closing of the ritual. The most visited temple in Bangka dur- Source: Bangkabelitung123 ing this ritual is Tai Pak Kung temple, in Merawang Village, about 13km from Sungailiat.

****** 35

Taking the first step “A journey of a thousand miles Packing Methods must begin with a single step.” When packing your clothes, you don’t – Lao Tzu

want to neatly fold them individually as you would in a dresser. If you do, they will crease when compressed. Here are a few

Some travelers jam two weeks’ alternatives: worth of gear in their bags for a Rolling Your Clothes long weekend. Others pack a bit

Backpackers swear by this method.

too lightly and forget important Rolling works well with pants, skirts and

things like medicine or passports. sports shirts. Lay the item face down, fold Savvy travelers strike the perfect balance and bring just what they need—with a little help from our

back the sleeves and then roll from the bottom up. Fold Clothes Together

Take two or more garments, for ex-

list of road-tested packing tips, ample trousers, and lay half of one pair on of course! top of the other. Fold the one on the bot-

tom over the pair on the top. Then take the other and fold it on the top. This gives each pair some cushion where you’ve folded it so it’s less likely to crease or wrinkle in the folds.

36 ******

If your clothes are wrin-

kled when you land then hang them in the bathroom when you




should help lessen the wrinkles!  Tips & Tricks you definitely wanna know: 

Try to keep all your

clothes in the same color

Cut off all the price tags

before you leave! You might have not scissors at your destination, and sometimes tags are really hard to get off eas-

family! If you can’t then at


least bring one jacket that

matches everything.

before you pack so you can


Bring a pair of shoes

that are universal! They

Lay out all your clothes

make sure you have everything!

should match everything.

****** 37

What To Put in Your Carry-On: Passport Boarding Pass or Electronic Ticket Wallet Student ID / License Cash Summer Reading Glasses Case Camera with Charger iPod with Charger Sunglasses Paper with Pencils/Pens Cards Chap stick Feminine Products Earphone Camera Case

38 ******

For women travelers out there, tampons are not generally used by the local people, so it could be difficult for you to find one especially when you are going to travel in some remote areas or as the backpackers. It would be the same if you are used to use specific cosmetics or other toiletries. Bring the good sunscreen for your face. You will never find any napkin machines in any toilets in Bangka like in other countries, even for the toilet paper most of the times. Bring bras if you are going to wear the tight tops. Whenever you go out, bring mineral water, a pack of tissue/ Kleenex, hand sanitizer and umbrella if you cannot tolerate the heat..

****** 39

Tips before you fly:  You may not pack liquid or gel substances in your carry-on unless they are in individual containers of 3.4 ounces or less enclosed in one clear, quart-size, plastic, zip-top bag per passenger. Any larger containers of liquids and gels must be packed in your checked luggage. For more information, you can ask Mr.Google about Airport Security.  Be aware of restrictions on the size and number of bags you may bring onto your flight. Many airlines now charge a fee for every checked bag or have lowered the maximum permitted weight limits for checked luggage. For a clear overview of what the airlines are charging for checked bags these days and how large and heavy your luggage is allowed to be, read Airline Baggage Fees on your airline’s web! 40******

(cont.):   Do not lock your checked bags except with TSAapproved locks; otherwise, if your bag is selected for random screening, agents will have to break the lock to get inside. Do not over pack your bag. Screeners will have a difficult time closing your luggage if selected for inspection, which will only lead to wrinkles and the potential for lost articles.   Carry all film with you onboard, as screening equipment for checked luggage can damage undeveloped film.  Place any packed belongings you don’t feel comfortable with strangers handling in clear plastic bags. Do not stack books and other documents on top of each other; instead, spread them out throughout your bag.

****** 41

Moving around You won’t see a lot of public transportation here in Bangka. Most of the locals have their own vehicles. If you wanna look around town, it’s either you’re on tour or spending some money to rent cars or bikes. No need to worry about the price. They’re not too expensive. Here let us give you some information about renting ‘em.

42 ******

Rental Motor Time to go for a ride! Exploring the undiscovered places on your bike and why not? It’s gonna be so cool to feel the wind against your face, to be the king of the road! It’s very cheap and easy to use. Bangka is not like Jakarta, so you don’t need to worry about the traffic! But do prepare your driving license whenever you decide to hit the road. And put on your helmet for your own safety. And watch out the speed limit, in shorter words, always be careful whenever you wanna go for a ride.

D Trans Motorcycle Rent Location : Jl. Suraiman Arif 3, Pangkal Pinang

****** 43

Public Land Transportation Public transportation is kind of hard to find here. But we do have ‘em. You must remember the colors and where you’re going. If you are not sure, asking is always a great choice to make. Don’t ever hesitate to ask the locals where you can get to your destination. But before you get lost, let us brief you a bit about the colors of the public transport and where they’re going.

Perum DAMRI Location : Jl. Mentok No. 198, Pangkal Pinang

Source: Poskote

44 ******

Mikrolet Pangkal Pinang Vehicle

Destination Red vehicle Terminal Induk Jl. (Angkutan Merah) Sudirman - Jl. Yos Sudarso - Pelabuhan Pangkalbalam Light Blue (Angkutan Muda)


vehicle Terminal Induk - Jl. SudirBiru man - Selindung - Terminal Selindung

Yellow vehicle Terminal Induk - Seo(Angkutan Kuning) kartno Hatta - Bandara Terminal Girimaya Green vehicle Terminal Induk - Jl. Depati (Angkutan Hijau) Amir - Terminal Keramat Blue vehicle Terminal Induk - Jl. A. (Angkutan Biru) Yani - Jl. Adhiyaksa - Bukit Merapin Kampung Melayu Tuatunu - Terminal Induk White vehicle Terminal Induk - Jl. Masjid (Angkutan Putih) Jamik - Jl. Solihin GP - Jl. Selan - Terminal Keramat Black vehicle (Angkutan Hitam)

Terminal Induk - Jl. Depati Hamzah - Jl. Air Itam Kompleks Perkantoran Gubernur

*All vehicle far or near fee is rate less than $1 or Rp 3.000

****** 45

Pangkal Pinang Intercity Name Ve- Destination hicle Intercity



Bus (Pownis) or Colt

Rp 6.500 Or 70 cent

Daily 06.00 - 18.00 05.00 - 18.00



Bus Bus

Bus Colt

Pangkal Pinang (PP) to Sungailiat (SL) Sungailiat (SL) to Pangkal Pinang (PP) Pangkal Pinang (PP) to Belinyu Belinyu to Pangkal Pinang (PP)

Rp 18.000 Daily Or $2 07.00 - 13.00 04.30 - 15.00 Pangkal Pinang (PP) to Men- Rp 26.000 Daily tok Or $2,75 Mentok to Pangkal Pinang (PP) Pangkal Pinang (PP) to Jebus Rp 22.000 Daily Jebus to Pangkal Pinang Or $2.3 Pangkal Pinang (PP) to Toboali Toboali to Pangkal Pinang (PP) or Pangkal Pinang (PP) to Koba Koba to Pangkal Pinang (PP)

Rp 25.000 Daily Or $2,7

Rp 12.000 Daily Or $1,3

*In US Dollar. $1: Rp. 9,300 46 ******

Places to stay Here are a few list of accommodation in cities of Bangka: Pangkal Pinang Grand Sabrina Jl. Diponegoro No.73 Pangkalpinang Telp. (0717) 422424, 423511, 431300. (Hotel **)

Grand Mutiara Jl. Yang Zubaidah Kampung Bintang Pangkalpinang Telp.+62 717 436969/424324 (Hotel***)

Bumi Asih Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 25 Pangkalpinang Telp. (0717) 437776, 437778, 437784 Fax. (0717) 437775 (Hotel **)

Serrata Terrace Hotel Kawasan Wisata Pantai Pasir Padi Pangkalpinang Telp. (0717) 7010166, 4256095, 4256088

****** 47

Sungailiat Tanjung Pesona Beach Resort & Spa Jl. Pantai Rebo Sungailiat - Bangka Telp. (0717) 435560, 435562. Fax (0717) 435561 Hp. 0812 7123 5999 (Hotel ***)

Istana Pool Villas & Spa Kawasan Wisata Terpadu Pantai Parai Tenggiri Sungailiat - Bangka Telp. +62 717 92888

Parai Beach Resort & Spa Kawasan Wisata Pantai Parai Tenggiri Sungailiat - Bangka Telp. (0717) 94888.

NOVILLA BOUTIQUE RESORT Jl. Laut RT 2 Sungailiat Sungailiat - Bangka Telp. +62 (717) 92535 Fax. +62 (717) 95785

(Pool Villa)

48 ******

Belinyu Golden Dragon Hotel Jl. Depati Barin Belinyu Bangka Belinyu - Bangka Telp. (0715) 321133, 321766 Fax. (0715) 321128 (Hotel **)

Muntok Pasadena Hotel dan Restaurant Jl. Komplek Pemkab Bangka Barat Pal 4 Muntok - Bangka Barat Telp. (0716) 7002123, Fax. (0716) 7002111 Hp. 0821 75654040 (Hotel)

Sam Pesaren & Resort Pesaren Belinyu, Bangka Belinyu - Bangka Reservasi: (021) 55954821 -22 Web. (Hotel)

Berkah Kalian Jl. Tanjung Kalian Muntok - Bangka Barat (Hotel) (Bintang 3 ***)

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Localized your tongue Help yourself with a bit of knowing the local language. It’s easy! 0: khung 1: jit 2: ngi/liong 3; sam 4: si 5: eng 6: liuk 7: chit 8: pat 9: kiu 10: sip 11: sip jit 22; liong sip ngi 100: pak/jit pak 1,000: chiian 4,000: si chiian

How are you: Nyong pen Thank you: Sinmung How much: Berape What: ape Sorry: minta ampun Help: Tulung Ku You: Ka

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Discover The Hidden Island of Bangka  

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