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The name of this book Suddenly so much to speak of miscommunication, and the second kind is about linear space alignment that letters do not overlap.

written by Miss Communication

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how non - overlapped linear space mis - communicates ? appendix

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What does the long term ‘linear space alignment that letters do not overlap’ mean ?

space that letters do align linear not overlap


It means letters do not cover each other and they can be read in straight lines as English with meanings.

space that letters do align linear not overlap


The second kind of miscommunication occurs when there is a new linear arrangement of letters.

aaaaa c d eeeeee g h ii llll m nnn ooo pp rrr ss tttttt u v


It creates a brand new linguistic meaning. ( *verd, means green)

call me urgent in response to a tip toe at a verd hall t


Or, the linear arrangement of words fails to follow any grammar rules.

a tip gent me in call a rdsponse at veed to t hare toll


There is an Appendix attached to talk more about how changes in sentence and word structure contribute to miscommunication.

appendix i - where does the 3 kinds of miscommunication come from ? ii - more about the second kind of miscommunication .

appendix i - where does the 3 kinds of miscommunication come from ?


They come from the conclusions of a visual research project. The project investigates situations when miscommunication arose from the division of white space in layouts. By doing so, its goal is to explore potential functions of white space in visual communication. There are 3 criteria in this study, 1. Literature Review 2. Visual Exploration 3. Questionnaire The conclusions were mainly resulted from 2. Visual Exploration. In this part, 5 tests were carried out. Each test focuses on 1 kind of visual elements as testing variables. The 5 tests included, a. Paper Size b. Typeface & Typestyle c. Type Size d. Sentence Structure e. Layout Methods Results from d. Sentence Structure gave rise to the second kind of miscommunication. for more details, please read appendix ii in next section.

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appendix ii - more about the second kind of miscommunication .


It is observed in the processes of study in an initial visual exploration on the sentence structure. In this part, all means concerning the destruction of linguistical grammar rules with the change in spacing were studied. First, the word content, ‘ call me urgent ’, its spaces was rearranged among sentence, then words, then letters . Since that the word content was short enough with 3 words, without any division of setneces with other punctuations. There was no issue of miscommunication found (fig.1) . Yet, it was expected miscommunication would arise as a more complex sentence was put to test. Conerning space breaking among words and letters, they both experienced either a partial or a total change in the linguistic meaning of the word content. Reloating words among words changed the familiar reading habit from top to bottom, left to right, and hence the grammatical stucture of the English language was interrupted (fig.2) . This kind of rearrangment of word content may be prone to changing of the grammar, or even prone to the changing of the entire meaning as the sample sentence gets more longer. When the word content were rearranged among letters, similar reults with a greater potential change in word meaning were observed. Though in a linear and non-overlapped fashion, letters, were flexible to rearranged with others to create new words than that of a space shift for words among words (fig.3) . In fact, the change of lingustic meaning can be understood in 2 levels. The one here perserved the graphical meaning of characters as English. To know about the other one, please read the book - Suddenly so much to speak of miscommunication, and the third kind is about words are not longer read as words, but images.

call me urgent

fig.1 Relocating word content by sentence.

me urgent call

fig.2 Relocating word content by space break among words.

gel meant curl

fig.3 Relocating word content by space break among letters.

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