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T3 W10

Breakkie with a Teckkie 8am Wednesday Something a little different this week. Presentations this week will be made using Adobe Connect. Come and see how Adobe Connect can be used to video conference without using Bridgit or the TV.

Both sites have loads of interactives and other activities.

S2 Maths Under the Sea

A behaviour management program for the IWB. Fully customizable to suit your class and school values. Want to see it in action? I’ll give a demo next term.

Websites to check out over the holidays

A resource site for teachers – signs, labels, literacy and numeracy games ready to print and play.

S3 Maths Math Live Also check out my website for information on my favourite websites and tutorials on using some of them!

Term 3 Week 2

ment Staff Develop

Session What?


Thursdays 3:15pm to

Where? er Comput Lab

Setting up 3x3links pages for easy access for students to all your favourite links.


Breakkie with a Teckkie is back! Wednesdays 8am If you can’t make the session check out the website

Websites of the Week TaLE Have you used TaLE to locate suitable activities for your class? Log into your portal > Go to My Applications > Scroll to the bottom for the link to TaLE (Teaching and Learning Exchange) Search for activities based on KLA, age or type. CLiC What about the SitestoSee page from CLIC? Log onto your portal > Go to My Applications > Go to CLIC—SitesToSee Now browse for links to websites based on the KLA you’re interested in! ICT with Miss C I’ve made my own webpage with links for you to my favourite websites—for all KLAs and all Stages as well as some excellent free printable resources sites.

Term 3 — Week 3 Staff Development Thursday

Repeat of 3x3

Computer Lab

who missed last

3:15 - 4:15pm

links for those week.

Answergardens Brainstorm the fun way! Embed in your wiki for

Breakkie with

students to answer at

a Teckkie

home or use on your

Wednesdays 8am

IWB in the classroom.

Tiered Learning Room

Websites of the Week Topmarks - Educational Search Engine Find resources for all subject areas and grade levels. Plenty of links to interactive activities for your IWB. Into the Book A reading comprehension resource for K—4 students and teachers. A wealth of resources here!

Term 3 Week 4

Staff Developm 3:15pm - 4:15p


m Thursday @


Computer Lab This Week - H ow to request a webpage (e.g. your wiki) to b y unblocked by DET filtering. h a Teckkie it W ie k k e r B your room! r o f ls o o t 2 Web ornings m y a d s e n d We m earning Roo L d e r ie T 8 - 8:30am e w c c h / :/ p htt

Websites of the Week It’s Census week! Spotlight is a fun way to find out some stats about you. A great site for S3 - Some graphing activities linked to literacy for Yrs 3– 6 Some Learning Federation Interactive games and activities on data and graphing For the infants - 6 free books to read on the IWB. You can personalise the stories for the students in your class!

Staff Development—Technology When? Thursdays 3:15pm—4:15pm Where? Computer Lab What? Saving and organising your favourite websites so you can locate them easily at a later date. * Delicious * Sqworl

MyPL@DET and counts towards your NST hours.

Breakkie with a Teckkie When? Wednesdays 8am - 8:30am Where? Tiered Learning Room What? Kizoa, ScoopIt and Spider Scribe Check out the website to catch up on any sessions you missed -

Websites of the Week Exploratorium - Experiments, articles, videos and things to make and do. Some great Science based stuff here!

CSIRO - Classroom ideas and activities for all things Science.

YES Mag - A bunch of fun Science experiments can be found here.

Science News for Kids - A website dedicated to news articles about current Science events and issues.

Term 3 Week 5

** Don’t forget the hour of P.D is registered on

Term 3 Week 6

logy Staff Development—Techno 4:15pm — m p 5 :1 3 ys a d rs u h T ? en h W Where? Computer Lab What?

Brekkie With

a Teckkie

Wednesdays 8a


Tiered Learnin

Brainstorming & Mind mapping sites

g Room

http://hccwe -

Popplet - Some IWB Fun Spider scribe -

Spin and Spell

Exploratree -

Maths Quiz Busters Click here

Term 3 Week 7

Term 2 Week 7 Staff Professional Development - Technology When: Thursdays 3:15pm—4:15pm

Where: Comp Lab




Word Biz

Museum in a Box


(Carried over from last week)

Cool things for your wiki.

Breakkie with a Teckkie Wednesdays 8am in Tiered Learning Room This week: OrangeKids, Google SketchUp and Knovio Websites of the Week Johnnie’s Maths games - Number, puzzle, thinking, sliding, physics and fun games. Andy Runton’s Owly Comics - 6 gorgeous free full length comics, great for visual literacy skills plus mini comics to download also.

Steve Harpster (artist) - Great artist who has set up a website with how to draw videos!

Term 3 Week 8

Staff Professional Development When? 8am Wednesdays When: Wednesday 3:15 - 4:15pm Where: Computer Lab

Where? Tiered Learning Room

Demonstration - Using the Student Response Network (SRN). Prize for the winner of our quiz! By request - Setting up weekly Spelling notebook files using activities from toolkit. Bring along your spelling lists! Lots of spelling games for students of all ages. This site also lets you type in a custom list and play the games using your own weekly spelling words.

Websites of the Week Loads of resources here. I particularly like the Reading section as there are lots of responses to text activities that are available to download in Word or .pdf format.

When? Thursday 3:15 - 4:15pm Where? Computer Lab

Term 3 W9

** 1 hour of unregistered PD for NST **

WidgetBox Some neat little widgets for your wikipage!

Kizoa Demo - Class Dojo

Another slideshow pro-

A behaviour management

gram for your photos.

program for your IWB that can be customised to suit the school and your classroom values!

When? Wednesday 8am Where? Tiered Learning What? Lego Comic Builder, Oxford Owl + 1 other. Come along and see how it all works - Louise P & I are

Student Interactives K - 2 link here

3 - 6 link here

both presenting this week.

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