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Miss Brazil Canada 2011

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Miss Brazil Canada 2011


President and CEO Abelardo Oliveira Vice-President Luis de Castro Executive-Director Josivaldo Rodrigues Creative Director Anderson Brandão Marketing Director Karla Ferreira Secretary Chilsa Neves Choreographer Yara Vasconcellos Fashion Designer Orlando Fonseca Contestants Coordinator Elaine Vasconcellos General Assistant Fausto Vasconcellos Make up Artist Consola de Mattos Web Designer Snow Multimedia Photographers Alessandra Caparelli Saul Porto


Volunteers Coordinator Thais Santos Fashion Assistant Andreza Raquel Cavalcanti das Gracas Translation Michele Soiro Ferreira

With all the work put together towards making the Miss Brazil Canada Pageant a huge success it should come as now surprise that we’ve decided to release the very first Miss Brazil Canada Magazine. The magazine was put together in order to not only showcase the beauty of the event but to also thank all of the many volunteers, sponsors, and guests we had help us with the event. We also wanted to honor the organizational team, who worked hard to ensure that the beauty of the Brazilian woman would be represented in a refined and glamorous environment. In 2011 we planted a beautiful seed that will give much pride to the Brazilian residents of Canada. We are now starting to promote th e 2012 Pageant and we hope to have a bigger number of candidates in order to make the event bigger and better in every way. Welcome to our first, of many, magazines to be published in the many years to come. Thank you,

Josivaldo Rodrigues Editor

Vice President’s Remarks On Behalf of the Miss Brazil Canada Pageant management, I would like to thank all of our guests, sponsors and volunteers for their recent contribution at the 2011 gala event. The evening was an outstanding success and could not have been such a beautiful celebration of Brazilian beauty without all your help. I look forward to seeing all of you at the 2012 Miss Brazil Canada Pageant event. Thank you,

Magazine Editor Josivaldo Rodrigues

Luis de Castro

Art Direction and Design Soraia Prevides

Miss Brazil Canada Pageant

Pianista Isabelle Marques Direction Environment Design Filming Support Sensorama Films (Brazil)


A Beautiful Seed is Born

Photography Assistant Natalia Valentim Stage Direction Samba Connection (


Vice President

Volunteers The Miss Brazil Canada Pageant would like to thank all our valuable volunteers for their amazing efforts to make the 2011’s event a great success: Rosilene Rodrigues, Vanessa Galvao, Marcos Leite, Jelly Troiani, Jackeline Peralta, Renata Lima, Regiane Reynold, Michelle Ferreira, Tiago Cardoso

The Distinction of Brazilian Beauty It all started with an idea that we had to make something more elegant than ever before. As the years went by the idea started to grow and the possibility of it coming to fruition was nearing reality. It was with this kind of spirit and with all the courageous and hard working people that the 2011 Miss Brazil Canada Pageant became a reality. As President and CEO of the event, I am proud to have made an old dream come true, the dream of creating an event where the beauty of the Brazilian Woman would be applauded and showcased in a respectful and sophisticated way. In 2011 we premiered the pageant and worked hard to ensure that everything ran smoothly and with a certain level of quality. We focused on the entire aspect of a high-class night where each and every attendee, judge, and competitor would be treated as honoured guests. Thank you to everyone who worked hard and helped us make this dream a reality. Thank you to all of our valued volunteers whose effort and dedication to the pageant helped it be such a great success. Thank you to each and every one of you. I would also like to personally thank all the parents/guardians of the candidates for trusting us to look after their daughters. I would also like to thank all the Candidates who participated in every stage of the pageant, from the very first meeting to the crowning of Jennifer Silva as Miss Brazil Canada 2011. I would additionally like to thank the following people. Thank you to Elaine Vasconcellos, for undertaking the role of General Coordinator of all the candidates. And to Yara Vasconcellos, who always demonstrated professionalism and patience in putting together the Pageant choreography and helping the candidates with posturing and stage presence. Thank You to Consola de Mattos, who dedicated much of her time by doing all the candidates make-up for the pre-event and Pageant. Thank You to our administrative staff: Anderson Brandão – Creative Director, Chilsa Neves – Secretary, Thais Santos – Volunteer Coordinator, Fausto Rocha – Assistant Director, and Karla Ferreira – Marketing Director. Thank you to all of you who took part in making this event possible. Last but not least I would like to thank our Sponsors, for believing in our proposal, and our Judges, for their prestige and choosing the winner. For 2012 and all the coming years we will seek to improve in all that we can, in order for everyone to have the satisfaction of saying that the Miss Brazil Canada Pageant really highlights Brazilian Beauty. Thank you,

Abelardo Oliveira


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Orlando Fonseca I

nspired by his mother, Orlando Fonseca pursued his talent of fashion designing. He further secured his position as a world-class designer when he went to work for Maison Channel in Paris. Although Mr. Fonseca is a very busy man he took time out of his schedule, comprised of managing time in both New York and Toronto, to design the outfit worn during the opening ceremony of the Miss Brazil Canada 2011 Pageant. He loved the idea of the concept and said that he was always available to help friends achieve their goals. Now, on a beautiful Toronto afternoon, Mr. Fonseca spares a bit of time to allow us to interview him.

MBC – How did you begin your career as a fashion designer? Orlando Fonseca - When I was younger, my mother always inspired me. She would make very beautiful gowns for special occasions, many times even letting me go help her choose the fabric. When I came to Canada in 1987 I decided to take the fashion design program at Sheridan College, at the time my native home of Portugal did not have a fashion design program, and I eventually graduated in 1989. MBC - What has been the greatest moment in your career so far? Orlando Fonseca - My career was taken to a new level when I got an offer to work for the Maison Channel in Paris. I would have to say that moment was the greatest for me. MBC – Tell us about how the experience of working there was for you. Orlando Fonseca - The experience was great, scary at first since I had no experience in that world yet, but a great experience overall. I learned a lot from the time I spent there both on the professional level and the personal one. While there I also got an opportunity to hone my Haute Couture embroidery skills at the one and only Maison Lesage. 10

Miss Brazil Canada 2011

MBC – You created the outfit worn by the pageant candidates during the opening ceremonies of the 2011 Miss Brazil Canada Pageant. Do you think you’ll be returning for the future pageants as well? Orlando Fonseca - I’m always open to help and do new things especially for an event as great as this. I only had the chance to do a little for the 2011 pageant but I hope to do more in the future events. MBC – How would you describe yourself professionally? Orlando Fonseca - Most people I know and I agree that I am a very detail oriented perfectionist. I’ve also always been a hard worker. MBC – You said earlier that you spend a lot of time traveling between New York and Toronto. How do you manage your time in order to continue to make stunning work every time? Orlando Fonseca - Travelling to different places always gives me the inspiration to create new “silhouettes”. Working on fashion shows, going to the stores, talking to brides and their parties, all of this gives me new ideas on new styles I can create. I use all of that to inspire my work and to make it as good as it can be.

MBC – In your opinion, what’s the latest trend in the fashion world in terms of colours and models? Orlando Fonseca - I’m not the type of designer who needs to follow the latest fashion trends or styles, as my work is dependent on how the person wearing the clothes looks in them. My work has a lot to do with personality, body shape, timing, and the occasion. All of these factors go into choosing the best design and colour to suit each individual. MBC - If you had the opportunity to choose 5 supermodels to work with, who would they be? Orlando Fonseca - I think that in today’s world we no longer have big name super models like we did in the 80’s and 90’s where each of them had their own personality and couldn’t be compared with anyone else. That being said, I would have to choose the following 5: Grace Jones, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer. Giselle Budchen is also a model I would love to work with. MBC – What’s fashion for you? Orlando Fonseca - I consider fashion to be the beauty that cleans our souls.



Jennifer Silva Miss Brazil Canada 2011

Miss Brazil Canada Magazine - How do you feel as Miss Brazil Canada 2011? Jeniffer Silva - I feel simply honored! Being Miss Brazil Canada 2011 has been an immense pleasure. I love the Brazilian people and our culture, and being able to represent the Brazilians in Canada is a privilege for me. I would like to assure the Brazilian Communities that I will hold this title with much pride and responsibility. MBCM - What made you decide to participate in the pageant? JS - The first time I heard about the pageant was through the TV GLOBO INTERNATIONAL. Afterwards, in several Brazilian restaurants and locations, I would see posters regarding the event that would take place on April 9th, and I started to become interested. Of course, my closer friends and family played a huge role in motivating me to participate. They put a lot of faith in me and trusted that I would meet their expectations. Because of their ongoing support, I decided to participate in the contest, and I’m so glad I did! MBCM - Describe your emotion when your name was announced as the winner

Miss Brazil Canada 2011

JS - I could not believe it!! Throughout the whole process I worked hard, but I was not expecting first place. When my name was announced, I instantly looked at the two tables where my family and friends were sitting. They were all standing and cheering me on!!! Lights and music contributed to my inexplicable emotion of being crowned Miss Brazil Canada 2011. I was so happy and overwhelmed by the results. It will be an unforgettable moment. MBCM - Everybody has been making great compliments about the event specially regarding the organization. Do you think the Miss Brazil Canada Pageant is an event to dignify the Brazilian Communities in Canada? JS - Absolutely. Many of my non-Brazilian friends who were present, were super

impressed with the event as a whole, which made me happy because I believe that this left a good impression of Brazil and its people in their minds. However, in my opinion the event certainly dignified the Brazilian Communities. The word is out, and many people are aware of this event that will now take place annually. The organizers have done, and I am sure that they will continue to do a fantastic job in portraying this organized and positive image of our country and therefore making the Brazilian Communities in Canada a dignified one. MBCM - As we all know, the Brazilian Woman is famous for her beauty. However, the 2011’s Pageant highlighted the elegance and intelligence to determine who would be the winner. Do you believe that was the greatest trademark of the Miss Brazil Canada? JS - I believe it was. This trademark is what made the contest an interesting and competitive one. All participants justified the meaning of elegance and intelligence.

After all, these two elements contribute immensely in making a woman glamorous and beautiful. MBCM - From the Pageant, overall, what would be the greatest memories that you will always remember in your life and why? JS - All the moments I spent with the girls, the organization team, and everyone who helped make this beautiful event a reality!! From the very beginning we all got along extremely well and shared many moments that I will cherish forever. Each and every one of them have a special place in my heart. Participating in this event did not only give me the chance to learn and grow, but it also gave me the opportunity to meet people and make friendships that will last a life time. However, the greatest memory I will remember forever, is the moment in which I was announced Miss Brazil Canada 2011. Holding this title is something that I will never forget!

Jennifer Silva interview Sign: Aries Hobbies: Singing, spending time with friends and family Favourite Food: Estrogonofe Friendship: Friendship is trusting someone, and not breaking that persons trust. It is about being at someone’s side when they need you the most! As I once read: True friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget. Sports: Volleyball, Soccer and Figure Skating Living in Canada is: A privilege because it is among one of the best countries in the world, and a country that offers diversity and security. Your Favourite Phrase: “Do your Best and God will do the rest” Family: My family is my life. They have been at my side in hard times and happy times. Family stays together in every circumstance and gets through anything with the support of one another! Heart or Sense: Using common sense is always crucial in making day-to-day decisions. Although being a heartful person is always appreciated in today’s society. Jennifer Silva: “I am a second year student studying Criminology at the University of Toronto. I am a sensitive person, I value my morals and like to face new challenges. I have a passion for music, my puppy Sophie, photography my family and friends. I am afraid of heights and insects. I enjoy meeting new people and traveling occasionally to different places. Last but not least, I believe that God is above all!”

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Miss Brazil Canada 2011

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Miss Brazil Canada 2011

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See you next year!! Saturday, April 14, 2012 Miss Brazil Canada 2011

Miss Brazil Canada 2011

Miss Brazil Canada 2011  

Miss Brazil Canada is a magnificent Beauty Contest and social entertainment event promoted by Abelard Oliveira and Luis de Castro. The glori...