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Miss Bonita and Friends present:

Lisa Lallouz

Illustrations by Gary Wein

Miss Bonita and Friends present: The Case of the Clown who Lives in Two Tents Come into our world with Miss Bonita and friends - help us to uncover why the little clown lives in two tents? “Poopsy, the little clown was feeling tired, sad, grouchy and mad all at the same time.” When Baba, Comfy and Dooby Ber magically appear they help him discover all the wonderful things he forgot to pay attention to and help him through the challenge of his parents’ separation. About the Author Lisa Lallouz is a devoted mother, writer and counselor. While working with children and experiencing challenging issues in her own family, Lisa created Miss Bonita, her magical characters and many stories as a creative means to approach difficult subjects. She is now making these stories available to share with you. Enjoy the magic! Montréal born Lisa now resides in Toronto. “Each one of us has an individual journey filled with

unique triumphs and challenges. By sharing stories and supporting each other we can help ourselves and others grow.”

All rights reserved. Copyright @2013 Lisa Lallouz. This publication may not be copied or reproduced without written consent of the author. Order more books at ISBN 978-0-9920076-1-4


Miss Bonita and Friends present: The Case of the Clown who Lives in Two Tents Written by Lisa Lallouz


Illustrations by Gary Wein g Dedication h I would like to dedicate this book to my childhood experiences, that I could not control but were powerful in helping me shape who I became and who I am still becoming. g Acknowledgments h I would firstly like to thank Warren Falkenstein, Terrence Samuels, Natasha Teja and Gary Wein, who’s hard work, dedication, and passion contributed to the birth of this book. Their illustration, editing and managerial skills helped to manifest the book you are holding in your hands. Without them this book would not be here today. I have my mother to thank for inspiring in me by her own life example, the strength to persevere in the face of adversity. I thank my father for bestowing in me the teachings, wisdom and strong belief in using spirituality for healing. Finally, without my own children Abraham, Michaela, and Jessie I would not have had the opportunity to continue to see the world through the innocent eyes of a child. It is from you three that I draw on my joy and love for creating.

g Book Reviews h “I thought the story was a lovingly delivered, heartfelt and creative way to help kids of all ages deal with life’s tough issues. You quickly become engaged with the characters and can’t wait to hear Miss Bonita’s next tale and the life lesson that you’ll take away from it…”

“One of the most important things parents can do during a separation/divorce is to allow their children the opportunities to express their feelings and to have such feelings validated. Such child centric stories can greatly help towards allowing the children to accept the reality of their parents’ separation.”

Jil Applebaum,

Abe Worenklein, PhD

Senior vice president Mediacom

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

“... Each page unfolds a story packed with themes and multiple entry points for its readers. This story opens discussion, evokes emotion and allows you to jump into a world with Miss Bonita and her friends. I highly recommend this story for readers of all different levels and of varying ages.” Ms. Natasha Teja, Classroom Teacher, M.Ed, B.Ed, BA

“The illustrations are full of light and love. The stories will ignite deep conversations that will bring healing and growth for our youth. I feel this would make a great new kids show for TV.” Suzanne Coy Producer/ on-set coach/actor

Take the first step and then maybe a few more, let us see where your feet will lead you. Come visit our playgroup after school and you shall find us at Miss Bonita’s house. Over the meadow and to the right number 665, where it’s nice and bright -


Miss Bonita is there waiting to share all her stories and magic because she cares. The children stay only for a while, and once lessons are learned we say, “until next time.” Hurry! Hurry! You’re almost late we are all here waiting for you on this special day!


“Good afternoon friends and welcome one and all to our afterschool playgroup,” Miss Bonita said cheerfully. “It brings me so much joy to see you on such a special day,” she said smiling. “What special day is that?” asked Alexander. “Well it’s this day of course!” laughed Miss Bonita, with her hands up in the air. The children each took their place in the friendship circle anxiously anticipating what Miss Bonita had in store for them.


If you were there, in Miss Bonita’s play group where would you sit?


“Today,” Miss Bonita began, “we will read the story of The Case of the Clown who Lives in Two Tents.” “Two tents?” Emanuella wondered aloud. “How does someone live in two places at once?” “That’s an excellent question Emanuella, let’s read the story and find out,” said Miss Bonita.

On a glorious sunny day, in a town far far away, the circus was preparing a grand show for all the children to watch on a splendid afternoon. Popcorn was popping. Candy was cottoning, horses were training and clowns were joking! Well - all the clowns except for one. Poopsy, the little clown was feeling tired, sad, grouchy, and mad all at the same time.



While the lion let out a mighty roar and Big Bear got all dressed up for the show, little Poopsy the Clown just sat down with a big clown frown.

His mother, Daisy appeared and cried out, “My little Poopsy Woopsy, why aren’t you dressed?” “Oh mother,” he cried “I’m too tired! It’s not fair for me to have to live in two different tents and perform in two different circus shows! Just when I am comfortable in one tent, it’s time for me to leave and go!”



Miss Bonita looked at the children with her eyebrows crinkled, and in her most serious expression she asked, ­­­­ “Why might Poopsy live in two different tents?” “And why do you suppose he performs in two separate shows?” “I know! I know!” shouted Yo-Yo with his arms waving in the air and his fingers stretched up to the ceiling. “Because he is famous and everyone wants to see him, so he has to do it two times so more people can see him,” interrupted Tan-Tan. “Maybe it’s because his family needs more money and he has to work,” Alexander said in a serious tone. “Those are all very good answers and they could be true, let’s keep reading and find out,” responded Miss Bonita.

Daisy, Poopsy’s mother was sympathetic and wanted to help her son.” I love you with all my heart Poopsy,” she said lovingly, looking at him, while ruffling his curly clown hair. “This is our life now, please try and be happy.” “Well, the show must go on and I cannot disappoint my mother,” he said thoughtfully. He gave his Baba Doll a hug, wrapped Comfy his comforter around Baba and kissed his sad looking bear. “Wish me luck,” he said with a smile.

The Case of the Clown who Lived in Two Tents (Preview)  

Come into our world with Miss Bonita and friends – help us to uncover why the little clown lives in two tents? “Poopsy, the little clown was...

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