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Miss Bonita and Friends present:

Lisa LisaLallouz Lallouz

Illustrations by Gary Wein

Miss Bonita and Friends present: The Case of the Ballerina and Her Missing Best Friend The third book in the series, Miss Bonita and Friends, The Case of the Ballerina and Her Missing Best Friend is a story that not only explores issues of feeling left out, but explores how people need to move forward. In this book, Miss Bonita reads her friends a tale about a young pretty girl named Grace. Grace is faced with a challenge when her dad delivers news that she will no longer be able to participate in her dance class. Leaving dance class means Grace must leave her friends and subsequently Grace must move on. Some of the friends in Miss Bonita’s class are also facing trouble. Tan-Tan must decide how to deal with a pressing issue that will just not leave him alone! He grapples with bullying and must decide how to deal with it. Join Miss Bonita and her friends through Grace and Tan-Tan’s journey of facing challenges, growing up, and moving forward.

About the Author Lisa Lallouz is a devoted mother, writer and counselor. While working with children and experiencing challenging issues in her own family, Lisa created Miss Bonita, her magical characters and many stories as a creative means to approach difficult subjects. She is now making these stories available to share with you. Enjoy the magic! Montréal born Lisa now resides in Toronto. “Each one of us has an individual journey filled with

unique triumphs and challenges. By sharing stories and supporting each other we can help ourselves and others grow.”

All rights reserved. Copyright @2013 Lisa Lallouz. This publication may not be copied or reproduced without written consent of the author. Order more books at ISBN 978-0-9920076-8-3


Miss Bonita and Friends present: The Case of the Ballerina and Her Missing Best Friend Written by Lisa Lallouz


Illustrations by Gary Wein

Dedication I would like to dedicate this book to my childhood experiences, that I could not control but were powerful in helping me shape who I became and who I am still becoming. Acknowledgments I would firstly like to thank Warren Falkenstein, Terrence Samuels, Natasha Teja and Gary Wein, who’s hard work, dedication, and passion contributed to the birth of this book. Their illustration, editing and managerial skills helped to manifest the book you are holding in your hands. Without them this book would not be here today. I have my mother to thank for inspiring in me by her own life example, the strength to persevere in the face of adversity. I thank my father for bestowing in me the teachings, wisdom and strong belief in using spirituality for healing. Finally, without my own children Abraham, Michaela, and Jessie I would not have had the opportunity to continue to see the world through the innocent eyes of a child. It is from you three that I draw on my joy and love for creating.

Book Reviews

Lisa Lalouz’s third book in her Miss Bonita and Friends Series is beautifully illustrated, filled with fun and loads of good ideas to stand up to relational bullying. It is the Magic School Bus of emotional intelligence. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a fun and playful way to learn how to deal with friends who use excluding as a way to bully. Maria Watkins, M.Ed in Counselling Psychology Mental Health Therapist/School Counsellor, CCPA

I can’t stop reading this book again and again! It’s so beautiful. The author is really talented. I was engaged from the start. I love the introductory poem. The story is written in a way that helps me discuss with my daughters these very important issues and all the aspects surrounding them. As an adult I enjoyed it so much. I hope Lisa Lallouz will write more stories and new ones for younger children. Rachel Grinman, full time mother to Yael -Eden, 6; Sarah-LeeYa, 4; and baby Tamar

Take the first and then maybe a few more, let us see where your feet will lead you. Come visit our playgroup after school and you shall find us at Miss Bonita’s house. Over the meadow and to the right number 665, where it’s nice and bright -


Miss Bonita is there waiting to share all her stories and magic because she cares. The children stay only for a while, and once lessons are learned we say, “until next time.” Hurry! Hurry! You’re almost late we are all here waiting for you on this special day!


The brisk air smelled like fall and the leaves were changing colours. The children raced across the meadow to Miss Bonita’s house and you could hear crunching noises with every step they took!

T h e c h i l dr e e. r en r t e y g m r a i ca l g a a n to w a in h r d e n u n d er t h e H o o v r d s M i s s B o n i t a , w ho w a s


She was gathering a big pile of leaves, filled with many different colours. As they approached her, they could see she was choosing thee p i lee o f lleeaaveess t some of the leaves and placing the k oo o o t t ones she had chosen in a bag.” What ggaatthheerreedd d a a h e h hee SSh h are you doing?” Twozie asked. “I’m s s tt collecting some beautiful leaves,” Miss tt hha Bonita answered. “Why?” asked Chérie. “Look at the unique colour on this one,” Miss Bonita exclaimed, holding up a leaf. “It looks red,” replied Twozie. “And orange,” Melody chimed in. “What does unique mean?” Asked Chérie. “Unique means special or different, not like the rest,” answered Emanuela. “Yes! Just like you, and you, and you!” Miss Bonita exclaimed, as she pointed to different students. She took the pile of leaves that she had gathered and threw them up into the air and onto the children, forcing the leaves to land everywhere! They laughed, played and rolled around in what used to be the big pile of leaves! 4

t haat e m upp...... h t t anndd tth reew

Suddenly, Yo -Yo realized his brother Tan-Tan wasn’t there. In fact no one has ever seen Yo-Yo and Tan-Tan apart before today! Yo-Yo ran to Miss Bonita, “He must be on his way Yo-Yo,” she assured him quickly. The children, Miss Bonita, and Cabby the horse, looked everywhere for Tan- Tan. Inside the house – no Tan-Tan. Inside the puppet theater – no Tan-Tan. Even inside the fireplace! In the garden and under the Hoovy tree, still no Tan-Tan. Finally, as a group they all piled into Caravan, the magical wagon in Miss Bonita’s Garden.


Yo-Yo became even more worried and said, “he left school before me.” “Why?” asked Alexander. “Tan-Tan wanted to get past our bully.” “Your bully?” Questioned Miss Bonita. “Yes, he usually waits for us after school. When I come out of class first, he doesn’t bother us. But if Tan-Tan comes out of class first the bully catches him,” responded Yo-Yo. “What does he do?” Asked Alexander angrily. “He starts fights with Tan-Tan! He will insult him and even push him, sometimes so hard that that he goes down to the ground!” “Oh no!” Exclaimed Miss Bonita. 6

“What’s a bully?” asked Melody. “It’s someone who is mean to you,” answered Twozie, wrapping her arms protectively around Melody’s shoulders. “It’s someone who’s stronger than you and tries to hit you and scare you,” Alexander added in. “Well, it can also be someone who’s older than you and tries to make you do things that you don’t want to do by forcing you,” Emanuella piped in.



At that very moment there was a loud pounding on the door – BANG, BANG, BANG! It burst open – the children inside had a startled look on their face – then they jumped up and held their breath, staring in disbelief. Tan-Tan was standing before the children sitting with an exhausted look on his face. “I lost him!” Tan-Tan said with a sigh. “Who?” asked the children. “My bully! He chased me almost all the way here!” The children reassured Tan-Tan that he would be safe now. “I have an idea,” Emanuella said with an adventurous look in her eye. “Let’s read today’s story in Caravan!” Miss Bonita agreed, “I think I have the perfect story.”

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The Case of the Ballerina and her Missing Best Friend (Preview)  

The third book in the series, Miss Bonita and Friends, The Case of the Ballerina and her Missing Best Friend is a story that not only explor...