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Ericpol and the Automotive Industry Since 1991, Ericpol has been providing high quality software engineering services, and has been involved in automotive systems and the development and testing of embedded software. Amongst other software solutions, Ericpol has successfully delivered the software layer of an eCall solution to one of the world’s top five OEMs. Ericpol is currently also involved in developing automotive applications as an Independent Software Vendor who addresses the areas of automotive safety, green driving and infotainment. In 2010, Ericpol became a core member of the GENIVI Alliance. We are leading the Test, Verification and Quality Assurance Dev Team within the Reference System Work Group where we contribute our in-depth knowledge and experience of testing.

Ericpol Showcase GENIVI All Members Meeting, Dearborn 2010, the Ericpol is presenting: ARM based Meego IVI – an ARM-based platform with Meego IVI running. Application framework – a unique application framework approach for fast time-to-market application development on top of Meego IVI. eVIG – the Ericpol Vehicle Information Gateway for vehicle data gathering, processing and presentation. sleepDetector – the sleepDetector application based on Meego IVI (automotive safety context) carHistoryPortal – the carHistoryPortal application based on Meego IVI (automotive infotainment context). carRentalService – the carRentalService application based on Meego IVI (automotive infotainment context).

Ericpol Offer Ericpol provides high quality software development and testing services with a focus on mission-critical systems such as automotive systems. Ericpol is a forward-looking ISV and service provider with a global reach.

We offer: Consulting Services Outsourcing Services Dedicated Stolutions Independent Software Vendor

About Ericpol Ericpol is a privately owned, limited liability company which is registered under the laws of Poland. The company employs over 1000 people in Poland and its subsidiaries in Sweden, the Ukraine and Belarus. We have completed more than 500 successful projects in more than 70 countries all over the world. In 2009, Computerworld’s TOP100 ranking listed Ericpol as: No.1 among ICT services exporters in Poland No.1 among bespoke software development companies No.1 among companies providing services for the telecommunication sector Ericpol is a highly professional and financially stable company with a critical mass of knowledge and experience and therefore large growth potential.

Contact Details Marek Wodzislawski email: mobile: +48663426652


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