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The Diary of Miss Asia Sacramento:

Always continue Dreaming Since becoming a part of the Miss Asia Sacramento family, it has been absolutely fabulous. Since I was young it has always been a dream of mine to participate in a beauty pageant. I can finally say “I did it!” This achievement sets a remarkable point in my life thus far and this achievement encourages me to continue striving for all my aspirations. I saw that through Miss Asia Sacramento, I’d be able to be an ambassador for our Asian American community in the greater Sacramento area and also a role model to young people as well. These past couples of months have been the time of my life and am grateful for the many opportunities given to me. All the events that I have gone to were each special to me and can not say I favor any one in particular; they all allowed me to meet great people and represent my role as Miss Asia Sacramento. I’ve been able to network and meet with wonderful people such as Naima Mora, from America’s Next Top Model; Dr. Randy Kajioka who is Vice President of the Board of Pharmacy in California, and many more individuals who have become essentials in my networking book for future references. continued on page 2

Miss Asia Sacramento changed me page 2

MAS helping out the community page 3

From Dancing Queen to Pageant Queen Through the months after winning the pageant, I’ve gone through so much it’s a giant whirlwind. I finally finished junior year of high school and left for the summer to go perform at Disneyland then go on a cruise to Hawaii. Coming back and doing all these events has been amazing and I’m so happy I can call all of the MAS/MTAS people family. I went to

actually go judge a pageant which was a completely new experience and terrifying. I honestly don’t understand how the judges do it, it’s hard to choose between girls and have to actually just judge them! I’ve been to a fashion show, I’ve done so much and I’m so happy and blessed to get these kinds of experiences. I’ve learned so much throughout the continue on page 4

Mia Zheng’s experience in Shanghai page 3

Makeup Tutorials from Sherry page 4-5

How to get the curls and volume you are looking for page 6

Never give up on your dreams page 7


The Diary of Miss Asia Sacramento: Always continue Dreaming continued... continued from page 1

Overall, the events I’ve been invited to and attended allows me to practice my skills of elegance, poise, and humility whether it be me in a fancy evening gown at the APAPA 10th year anniversary dinner or in a cap and t-shirt at the SPCA Doggy Dash; I’ve found value in every event. Since beginning college in late August as a freshman at UC Merced; I still embrace my title as Miss Asia Sacramento. I find myself talking about the organization and what the goals of this organization are to people often! People here on campus and in the community recognize who I am (yes even without the crown and sash!) and give only positive praises about this scholarship organization. Since moving here I keep myself occupied with community service as well; I work hands on with the Merced Police Department Mentorship program and will be volunteering at the Hospital in the Spring. But the most exciting thing so far here is that I was given the opportunity to help with the 1st Miss UC Merced pageant; it brought back wonderful memories from last spring. Lastly, I send words of encouragement to girls reading this. Take part of this pageant and allow yourself to be uncomfortable in order to find your comfort. By being apart of this family you will be able to build an everlasting sisterhood with pageant sisters and mentorship from staff members who care dearly about you. Miss Asia Sacramento has taught me to be the best that I can be and helped me acquire essential skills for any occasion. Put your best foot forward and know… you’re dearly beautiful, intelligent, and will be a great role model to the community. I believe in you.

Namy Herr 2011 Miss Asia Sacramento

Giving Back to the Community

For the 2011 - 2012 calendar year, MAS provided: $ 1500 in educational stipends to its student interns $ 1200 in scholarships to its 2011 contestants $ 300 in honorariums $ 250 to underwrite and sponsor the Cal Expo Youth Exhibits Global Fashion Showcase $ 175 to the Sacramento Protection for Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Doggy Dash charity fundraiser $100 Donation to the Asian American Donor Program

New Found Family:

How Miss Asia Sacramento changed me Summer has officially ended now that school has begun. However, all the fun memories created during the summer will keep me stress free from the workload given at school. In the summer, I attended some events for the Miss Asia Sacramento (MAS) pageant like the State Fair in Sacramento, the Autumn Moon Festival in San Francisco, and a photo shoot for charity. The State Fair was the first outdoors fashion show that I’ve done as well as the first cooking show! I usually get nervous whenever facing a crowd but with the fashion show, I was especially nervous because I am not the best cook. Being unable to cook well myself, I had to show others how to cook! I was able to pull through and felt relieved to hear that the testers liked the food the MAS girls made. After the festival, my director offered to drive me back to Davis from the fair, which was extremely kind of her. On our way to the car, she even paid for some carnival games! During the car ride, there were many topics that were brought up and I always felt like she was my protector. She supported the things that I wanted to do but she’ll make sure that I would be perfectly safe. I never felt restricted to do anything, only cautious. Other staff members have drove me home as well and I appreciate it till this day. The MAS staff is really like a

second family to me because we would try to carpool to events, work together to plan events and get tasks done, or even planning hangout events. On top of that, they continue to encourage and guide me to reach for my goals. Sometimes, they even suggest new goals for me to pursue. When I attended the Autumn Moon Festival, I was extremely excited because it was the first event in my hometown, San Francisco, and my family was able to watch me. I hope they enjoyed the festival as much as I enjoyed them being there. The photo shoot was done to create a calendar and raise money for college students in the Sacramento area. Usually photo shoots are done for fun but since this one was for charity, everyone was willing to put their best efforts into making this calendar. Aside from the pageant events, I went skydiving! Somehow I gained enough courage to make myself do it. It was my first time being on a plane and jumping off of one. I’m glad that I went skydiving because I was able to experience a different type of thrill. Hopefully, there would be more events to come because I would love to go and catch up with the wonderful MAS team. Phet Tran 2011 Miss Congeniality, Miss Community Service, Most Photogenic


The Princess of Travels I was crowned Miss Asia Sacramento First Princess and honorary Miss Asia Teen Sacramento in 2009. Last summer, I received the Loewenstern Fellowship to volunteer in Shanghai, China for 3 months at the Shanghai Bo Ai Children’s Rehabilitation Center and Zi Luo Lan School for Underprivileged Children. At Bo Ai, I worked one-on-one with the children on hand coordination and finger flexibility while at Zi Luo Lan, I worked as an English teacher for 1st, 3rd, and 8th grade classes.  Those months were an amazing but extremely challenging experience.    The kids I worked with at Bo Ai are either physically or mentally disabled, and will most likely be dependent on some sort of support system for the rest of their lives.    They live in a traditional Chinese community where the differences that autism, Down’s Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy brings are not welcome, but seen as a huge hindrance.    Furthermore, the technology is not as advanced in China when it comes to rehabilitation or adaptive learning, and the staff has less training and experience than typical rehab centers in the US. However, in my time working there, I have seen more optimism and compassion in

Lend a Hand, Change Lives

“Being a MAS princess is not just a smile and a wave, it is hard work”

I joined MAS because I wanted to improve on my speaking skills, meet new people, and help my community. Being a MAS princess is not just a smile and a wave, it is hard work. You have to dedicate your own time to attend events, but to me, it was time well spent. At events I was encouraged to speak in front of audiences, which helped improved my public speaking skills and my communication skills. I learned a lot about my community by helping and volunteering at events offered by MAS. I learned from the people around me and I learned how to be more involved. Recently, using my vacation money, I took a trip outside of my community, outside of the USA, and went to Honduras to volunteer my time at a Medical Brigade. I was there for 7 days working to help out the community of Honduras by giving basic medical attention to the village. Many of the people helped were children and families that were below the poverty line. Most of the patients would walk nearly an hour just to seek the help we

the tiny rooms at Bo Ai than I have seen anywhere else back in the States. At Zi Luo Lan, most of the children come from low-income farming families, and live in " " " shacks the size " " " of my bathroom " " " at home.    " " " However at both " " " of my " " " placements, " " " these children " " " are not deterred by physical, mental, or monetary differences.    They know how to laugh, to dream, and most importantly, to love.    It’s a huge reality check to compare their lives with my own, and to learn how to appreciate the things and opportunities that I have been blessed with.  I encourage young women and girls to look for opportunities that will give them the chance to travel to places less fortunate as their own communities.  It will broaden your perspectives of the world we live in, and help you to work towards a goal of making a positive difference.  If you would like more information or would like to help Bo Ai, please visit: Mia Zheng 2009 Honrary Miss Asia Teen Sacramento

“It’s a huge reality check to compare their lives with my own...”

were offering. There were about 40 volunteers, 4 volunteer doctors, 3 volunteer nurses and over 2000 patients were seen and treated. This was one of the best vacations of my life, although, I worked for the full 7 days, I saw and learn so much. Seeing the smiles from the children and patients at the end of our 12+ hour work days, made it all worth the wild. I learned so much in these past 2 years that I am truly appreciative of what I have and how fortunate I am.

Susan Lin 2010 Miss Asia Sac Princess, Miss Community Service

Crossings TV is the ONLY multicultural television station serving the growing ethnic communities in the New York City area and Central Valley of California. 3

Sherry’s Bio

Questions to the beauty guru:

Makeup Artist

Dear Sherry, Help!! I think I am losing all my eyelashes – and I only have 5 one each side. Is there any way to make them thicker, or a mascara or lash thicker or primer, or eye makeup trick you can recommend to make the lash line look thinner? Signed, Lashless in Sacramento Dear Lashless, Sorry to hear about your lashes. I’m not too keen on mine either, they’re short and fine, but I make due with what I have. There are a lot of lash growing mascara products out there that can make your lashes grow longer and thicker. I personally have not tried them, but if you are interested in finding out what others think of if you can go to and type in lash growth in the search box and it give you a ton of people’s opinion on different lash growth products. If you want the old fashion way, with a black eyeliner, draw as close as you can along your lash line, smudge just a tiny bit and go over it again one more time, curl your lashes and get a good thickening mascara, like Benefit BadGal Lash, and do a good 2-3 coats, but making sure to wait 20-30 seconds before doing another coat that way it makes it easier to avoid the clumps. If all else fails, you can always try false lashes. They come in so many styles now from long to short, full length or demis (half-lashes), thick to natural and many more. Hope this was helpful. xo, Sherry

From Dancing Queen to Pageant Queen continued...

continued from page 1 whole time and I’ve definitely improved as a person. Getting the opportunity to do this is amazing and I plan on trying to continue doing pageants and trying to get more experience and make all of you guys proud. I know we’ve all wandered off and gone back to college, but I hope all of us stay close and go do events together, and definitely go to another basketball game together! (: I want all of us especially to start recruiting more girls because it is such an amazing time. I know some of us have more experience in pageantry than others and that’s an even better reason to start telling girls how fun they can be. We all know that we all got along and we all learned a lot from it. Movies definitely exaggerate what happens and the girls in them. I really want all of us to continue on and get more girls to participate in the MAS/ MTAS pageant especially this year. (: Christina Yan 2011 Miss Teen Asia Sacramento

Sherry was born and raised in Sacramento. She attended the prestigious Art Institute of California at San Francisco for Interior Design. Makeup has been her passion since she was a teenager. Sherry is a VIP-CAT Academy of Makeup Arts of Sacramento graduate, where she received Certificate of Completion for Makeup Artists.Currently, she is a Freelance Makeup Artist specializing in makeup for fashion photo shoots, weddings and pageantry. Sherry loves the Miss Asia Sacramento Pageant experience because she can share her talents and skills with other artists, the contestants, and the staff. Her goal with makeup art is to explore and experience the different types of venues which a makeup artist is exposed.

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Hello!, Beauties.


MAKEUP Tutorial

First off, I want to say I’m so glad to be here and excited to write my first column.

I like to think I’m not the most trendiest girl out there, but when you’re a makeup artist you can’t help but look at the latest trend walking down the runways. There are so many hot makeup trends right now for the Fall season, so I’m just going to narrow it down to my top 4 trends for Fall 2011. But these can definitely carry into the winter.

Fresh Face/Natural Skin:

I’ve always believed that the most beautiful part of a woman is her skin. Fresh face doesn’t necessarily mean ‘no’ makeup, but its all about the illusion of no makeup. Keep the makeup simple. Instead of foundation, try a tinted moisturizer and conceal where needed. Brows should be neat and combed - not too drawn in. Eyes should be soft and neutral with a couple of coats of your favorite mascara. No false lashes. For the cheeks, a soft flesh tone or pinky - peach color blush or cream blush over the apples of the cheek. Finally, powder if necessary.

Bold Brows:

If you have bold brows, I envy you. I’m a huge fan of bold brows; they’ve been on trend for the past couple of years. For those who do have them, all you need done to them is comb it through and run a bit of brow gel over them. For those who don’t, you can still achieve the look. To achieve the bold brow look, the brow needs to look thicker, clean, and natural. My suggestion is to start with a hard brow pencil, one that isn’t too soft. Fill in your natural brows with light feathery strokes, as your doing that, also fill a little above and/or under your natural brow with feathery strokes. That way, it will give the illusion of thicker brows. Be light handed at first, and when you’re satisfied with the look go over it again until you reached your desired thickness and/or darkness. And if you want, you can use an eye shadow, 2 shades lighter than hair color, and an angle brush and do light, short, feathery strokes to brows.

z Bold Red Lips:

I LOVE A BOLD LIP! Not everybody is comfortable with a bold red lip, but everybody can wear a red lip. This season, I saw a lot of shades of red lips from the bright orange red to the aubergine wine red. It’s all about finding your perfect shade of red that matches your skin tone. For people with a more pale/light/pinkish skin tone, it’s good to stick to a red with a more orange undertone. For those who have more of a warmer/darker/yellow skin tone, it’s best to stick to a red with a blue undertone. You don’t necessarily have to stick to the color that matches your skin tone, if you are a woman of confidence you can pull off any shade you want. *Hint: Red lips make your look teeth whiter.

Smokey Eyes:

The smokey eyes look will always be a classic, timeless look. There are so many variations of smokey eyes, but for this Fall trend its all about taking the classic smokey eyes and using dark blue hues and metallic colors. So the next time you are going out with your friends, try using a bronze or copper color eye shadow, or try a navy eye shadow. The possibilities are endless.

Makeup is all about experimenting, so don’t be afraid to try different looks. Remember you can always wash it off. For all you Beauties out there, if you have any questions concerning about Makeup/Hair/Skin let me know and I’ll try to answer them for you. Email me at


Meet 2011 Mrs. Asia Sacramento

Get the Hair You Want! How to keep hair lifted and not flat! • Conditioner or leave in conditioners can weigh hair down, if possible don't use any or only use little towards middle and ends of hair to keep it from weighing the roots down • Use products like BIG SEXY HAIR volumnizers; root lifters; hair sprays to keep and achieve lift and hold • You can also use any over the counter products ie: mousse, setting sprays; hairsprays to keep hair held high ( a little teasing or back combing is also great! )

Hi, everyone, My name is Sabrina Chen and I have been living in Sacramento for the last 12 years with my husband and my beloved children. I always want to be an architect growing up, just like my dad, but never the less I have became a commercial real estate agent. It could be really fun to sell the buildings he designed! I have never imagined myself in a position as a Beauty Queen, but I strongly believe everything happens for a good reason.  With God’s faith, there is nothing impossible! My greatest respect to Debra Ichimura, the Executive Director of the Miss Asia Sacramento Scholarship Foundation, the woman who inspired, motivated and appointed me as the very first Mrs. Asia Sacramento. I am so honored to be part of this beautiful journey of Mrs. Asia Sacramento. Thank you all, and see you soon!  With Love, Sabrina Chen

Highlights from MAS Fashionista Party

How to get the perfect bump! Step 1: depending on type of hair fine, medium or coarse hair you want to prep clean dry hair with mousse or root lifter all over. Step 2: section hair how you normally would part your hair. Front face part and part 3 parts or also known as t part. Front should be ear to ear. Step 3: the top of the crown area is where you want to focus on for perfect bump. Take hair spray and spray a section ½” at root area and start back combing with a fine to oth comb or if you have teaser comb. Repeat Step 3 for 2 or 3 more sections of 1/2” parts on crown area Step 4: bring all hair back out of face and smooth and use bobby pins to 'X' the closure and spray more hairspray to hold in place Step 5: you have the option to keep hair down or pull the rest of all hair up into a pony tail. Perfect bump that can be worn over 3 ways!

How to curl hair and make it last! Step 1: Prep hair by using setting solution or any mousee make sure hair is dry. Step 2: Depending on type of curling iron whether its a wand or ceramic or flat iron you want to take sections and use hairspray to hold and maintain curl Step 3: Always start from bottom and work your way up to top. If you are using a 1” iron always use 1” part for each section you want to curl take your section and spray hair with light/ medium hold hairspray after its been prep. Step 4: Take heat tool and go over one time to bond any frizzes or stray hair first Step 5: Second time around you want to start curling and leave ends of hair for last so you don't fry the ends of your hair Step 6: Let the hair cool before you spray with finishing spray

Tip for curling hair: If you curl your hair one way ie: towards face you want to curl both sides of hair towards face if you curl away from face you want to do each section away from face. This gives perfect form and great even curls on both sides!


How a Princess Never Give Up on Her Dreams As a shy and modest individual, the thought of joining a pageant never struck me. I was definitely not the type of girl who felt comfortable showing myself out to the world or believed that joining a pageant would positively impact my life. To me, I honestly thought that a pageant was a beauty contest. Little did I know how wrong I was. " Taking the first step in any process is oftentimes the hardest. For me, that first step came about due to losing a bet to one of my housemates. The consequence of that bet was for me to do something that I would, under normal circumstances, never participate in because of my shy nature. My housemate decided that I had to join a pageant so I could improve my self-confidence. At the time, he was thinking in my best interest, but I was horrified when he suggested it. Not only was I unable to communicate efficiently, I had stage fright and I simply did not see myself as being beautiful enough to join a pageant; once again, this is a misconception I had that physical beauty is what defines a pageant. However, my relentless bargaining did me no good and ended up having to register for Miss Asia Sacramento. I found out about this scholarship organization through Facebook and decided that it was the closest thing I could find near Davis. And so, I set out and did the unimaginable, at least it was to me. Yet that unimaginable experience taught me a lot about myself. I l be so much more if only I could just let go and walk outside that

box I had built around myself. I learned to speak with the confidence I never had and I came to realize that this pageant really wasn’t all that bad. In fact, it was amazing. This pageant is a combination of poise, inner beauty, intelligence, and friendship. The staff members of MAS are so genuine and kind in their endeavors to assist all the girls in becoming stronger and well-respected women of this society. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for the opportunity I was given by the MAS Scholarship Organization. Through this experience, I have improved myself in so many ways that even my friends have commented on it. After joining the MAS pageant, I decided to pursue more pageants so I could meet more people, give back to the community what I was given, and most importantly, improve myself as a human being. Thus, I participated in the Miss Sacramento and Miss Solano scholarship program, a preliminary to Miss California. Even though I did not win the crown in either pageant, I was still very proud of myself that I got first-runner up. I could not have achieved these

“You may not think you’re pageant material, but really, what is pageant material?” accomplishments without the support of the MAS staff. Now that I’ve graduated from UC Davis, I plan to continue following my passion: a career in healthcare. Even though this is going to be a difficult path, I am going to go after it because I’ve learned that new challenges are but tasks to overcome in order to improve one’s self. MAS was a challenge for me from the very beginning, but I learned to compromise with it and eventually brush away my fears. You may not think you’re pageant material, but really, what is pageant material? I think there is really no answer to that because anyone can join a pageant and succeed from it. You just need to have a little faith in yourself and know that there have been many other girls just like you who joined pageants and gained so much insight from them. I’m one of them and if I can do it, you definitely can.

APAPA’s mission is to promote the advancement of Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Americans through active participation and leadership in civic and public affairs. The organization educates the public about public policy and provides opportunities for our youth to gain firsthand knowledge and experience in governmental and public affairs.

For more information contact us at:

MAS Scholarship Foundation


Miss Asia Sacramento Newsletter: Fall 2011  

Miss Asia Sacramento Newsletter: Fall 2011

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