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Seton Hall University College of Education & Human Services Interactive Lesson Plan Name: Amy C Ogden      


Setting/Grade Level: 6th Grade    

University Linked Course: Senior Seminar      

School: Mount Olive Middle School      

Lesson Theme or Topic: General Music      

Composition of Class Male 24

Female 10


IEP 11

Learning Objectives and Standards Learning objectives for the lesson (outcomes): Students will be able to Write a paragraph explaining, in detail, what elements they would use to create their own unique genre. Students will also be able to use the music program Mixcraft5 to compose an 8 measure phrase. This phrase will be a sample of the student’s own unique genre. This will enrich student’s perspectives of music genres, and give them the ability to define specific elements within genres. In doing so, students will become more active in their ability to listen to and appreciate music.       Standards addressed:       Standard 1.1: The Creative Process: All students will demonstrate an understanding of the elements and principles that govern the creation of works of art in dance, music, theatre, and visual art. Standard 1.2: History of the Arts and Culture: All students will understand the role, development, and influence of the arts throughout history and across cultures. Standard 1.3: Performing: All students will synthesize skills, media, methods, and technologies that are appropriate to creating, performing, and/or presenting works of art in dance, music, theatre, and visual art. Standard 1.4: Aesthetic Responses & Critique Methodologies: All students will demonstrate and apply an understanding of arts philosophies, judgment, and analysis to works of art in dance, music, theatre, and visual art. Rationale: The study of various genres is essential to all students who study music. It enables students to define the difference between one style of music and another. Only through understanding can mastery skills begin to develop. By combining various elements from various genres students show their ability to synthesize their acquired knowledge.       Materials/Resources

(Describe materials needed to prepare/conduct the lesson lesson, e.g., manipulatives, visuals, special reading materials, Websites)


Students Technology Used

CD-ROM/Commercial Software Computer/printer SmartBoard Other What grouping will you use? Grouping for instruction: One to One What instructional strategies will you use? Project Based Learning


Direct Instruction Lab Library Resources Other       Problem Solving What are students doing? Listening Presenting Technology Viewing Other Explain choices for materials, grouping and strategies: Procedure for Teaching (Provide a step-by-step plan of your activities. Use checklists to complete lesson) Step 1: Introduction to the students: 5 Minutes This entire unit has been preparing you for this final project. Now, if I ask you to give me specific elements within a genre, you can do so. Does everyone remember at the beginning of the unit when you wrote a paragraph describing what 5 elements you would take from 5 different genres to create your own unique genre? Well, we re going to do that again. However, this time you are all experts on the topic, and can be more specific than simply saying (for example) “rock guitar”. What are some more specific ways to describe “rock guitar”? (expected response: phaser pedal, wha pedal, distorted etc.) Or how about jazz? What elements in jazz did we specifically talk about? (expected response: improvisation, scatting, AABA form, jazz chords.) Step 2: Activities: 15 minutes to write the paragraph, 30 minutes to work in Mixcraft5, and an additional 30 minutes in the following class meeting to finish the project before presenting. We will begin by, again, writing a paragraph about what elements students would use to create their own original genre. This paragraph will be collected, but students will first use this as a template to lead them through the final project. Students will then be instructed to open the Mixcraft5 program. Using the projector, I will lead students to navigate through the Mixcraft5. Highlighting the genres feature, I will instruct students to begin listening to the various elements within each genre they have chosen. I will ask students to browse through at least 5 different genres, and write down at least 3 SPECIFIC VARIOUS elements within EACH genre. This will, therefore, make a total of 15 elements when combined. I will then navigate through Mixcraft5, and model the way to drag each loop into the grid, and explain the concept of measures, and that they will need to fill 8 of them. I will then show them how to create multiple tracks. They will need a total of 5 tracks in order to incorporate at least 5 elements from 5 different genres (which will be narrowed down from the original 15 elements.) Students will also be asked to name their genre. Step 3: Closing: 5 minutes Now you have explored the sounds of so many different genres, do you think you may continue searching for different music to listen to, aside from what is popular. What genres did you think you would not like, but once we began studying them, found that you began to like, or at least appreciate it? Do you notice that you may be hearing more elements in the music you listen to than you did before? I would like to encourage you to continue to challenge yourself to listen to music that would not normally hear, and try to listen for the specific elements. Also try listening for specific elements in the music you already listen to, and try to hear something you haven’t before.

Step 4: Accommodations and Modifications: Repeat directions, give preferential seating, extend time, refocus students when needed, check for understanding early in assignments, give positive feedback, provide visuals. Explain reasons for choosing these accommodations: be specific-state the examples, rephrased questions, etc. The accommodations listed are a collection of accommodations specified in the IEPs of the 11 students who had them. In addition, the software program Mixcraft5 was not familiar to any of the students, therefore, repeating directions was often essential. Step 5: Assessment: see check for understanding and guided practice above Observation Worksheet I will assess the student’s acquired knowledge and understanding by listening to their 8 measure phrase, reading their paragraph which describes the elements and genres they utilized in order to create their 8 measure phrase, and determining their level of involvement in the project. Explain how the assessment helps you know students met objectives: I will assess the student’s acquired knowledge and understanding by listening to their 8 measure phrase, reading their paragraph which describes the elements and genres they utilized in order to create their 8 measure phrase, and determining their level of involvement in the project.

Reflection What area(s) of thinking did the lesson cover? Knowledge – define one genre from another, list the 5 elements and 5 genres, recall what element belongs to what genre, name their newly created genre Comprehension – discuss what elements from each genre they chose, and why, describe the sounds they heard, explain why they may have changed the elements listed in their paragraph once they began hearing the elements combined, express their creativity, identify the origin of each element, locate each element listed within the Mixcraft5 program Application – exhibit their final project for the class to hear, apply all the knowledge learned though the unit, demonstrate the ability to differentiate between genres and instruments Analysis – interpret the sounds of different elements, classify each element accordingly, differentiate between the sound of one specific instrument in one genre, and be able to hear the different style influencing the same instrument in a different genre, compare each of the 5 chosen elements in order to determine if they sound good combined, organize each of the 5 elements within the Mixcraft5 track workspace, create contrast between each track in order to create balance. Synthesis – compose an 8 measure phrase in Mixcraft5, plan in advance by writing a paragraph, produce a sample of a new musical genre, create an original sound Evaluation – judge whether or not combined tracks are blending well, assess their finished work Provide sample questions and activities at different levels of thinking under the correct level of thinking.

Music Genres Final Project (Creating a New Genre with MixCraft5)  

The final project I gave to my 6th grade general music class. The unit was on musical genres.

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