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January 2011

January 2011

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Miss AJ Magazine® is a way to inspire, expose and honor youth.

Sabrina Wiggins Publisher Miss AJ Assistant Publisher Stefanie Magness Creative Director | 2

Welcome to Miss AJ’s Magazine, a place where you will find some of my favorite things such as fashion, electronics, sweets and all types of accessories. As the magazine grows I would love for you to join in by sending in your birthdays, questions, suggestions and topic ideas you would like to see in the new magazine. This magazine will be kid friendly and a worry free reading zone for parents. We will feature fun and exciting things that most youth like and feature new up and coming youth talent, entrepreneurs and so much more. So for now sit back, kick up your heels and flip the pages. Just some Quick Facts About Miss AJ:      

She’s a passionate person and loves to gives back to her community by feeding the homeless, holding book drives for kids and reading to her young friends. She has been featured in many articles, newspapers and magazines with Hip Hop Education the youth group she apart of She’s learning to play the guitar and loves all types of music She loves sweets Pizza is her favorite thing to eat Most important she loves school

Enjoy the magazine and I look forward to your feed back. Please feel free to email me anytime @ All things are sweet,

Miss Aj | 3

Fedora Hat (Children’s Place) Sequin Cable Hat (Justice) San Diego Hat Girls 2-6x Polka Dot Cap Logo Cap (Children’s Place) Peruvian "Peace" Tassle Top Acrylic Knit Hat (Amazon) Crystal Buckle Newsboy Hat Cap Violet Pink (Amazon) Outdoor Research Kids' Polar Hat (Amazon) | 4

Just Wondering: Miss Aj if your friend was picking at you all the time what would you do about it. Is that really a friend? Miss Aj – Just Wondering I would let my friend know that I didn’t like being picked at all the time and he/she wanted to continue to be my friend then it must stop. Real friends don’t do things like that. Peacegirl – Miss Aj I love to rock different fashions do you have any favorites that you could share? Miss Aj – Hey Peacgirl, I am with you, I love different fashions, I really like to dress up things with a great hat so if you can add a hat to your wardrobe to spice things up. PrincessSky – Miss Aj I just wanted to say you rock girl. Miss Aj – Thanks PrincessSky you rock as well SocialB – Miss Aj do you have any ideas for community service projects, I want to help people. Miss Aj – SocialB ask you parents if there is homeless community that you can feed or maybe do a can food drive for your local food bank. I hope that helps. PrettyGrl – Miss Aj I am 10yrs old and I want to wear make-up and my mom says no that I’m to young. Miss Aj – Hey PrettyGrl I’m only 9yrs and my mom want let me wear make-up either. I understand why and besides we don’t need make-up we are beautiful without it. Cheetah - Miss Aj my sister is driving me crazy, she always do things for attention and taking my stuff. Miss Aj – Hey Cheetah I know how that can be at times, it’s your sister and she loves you. You have to explain to your sister sometimes you need your space and that if you have something she wants she must ask for it. Bookz123 – Hey Miss Aj I love to read books and I wanted to know if you are reading any good books that you would like to suggest. Miss Aj – Hey Bookz123, I just finished reading “Smiles” by Raina Telgemeier I thought it was a great book. | 5 | 6

Sistas United, Inc. was created to serve, inform, educate, motivate, and empower women, men & youth all over the world! We take pride in being a “Grassroot” organization of diverse women, all coming together with one goal in mind: To make a “Positive” difference (within ourselves, others and our communities)! Sistas United, Inc. is a community based nonprofit 501(c)(3), grounded in Christ, operating on faith, passion, and love for all mankind. We are a “Pro-Active” group ready and willing to lend a helping hand to those in need and the entire community, while promoting the awareness and unification of diverse heritage and cultures. Our mission is accomplished via the following: 

Youth & Adult Mentoring Program

Life Skills Education Program

Health and Wellness Program

Unity Celebration (Diverse Heritage and Cultures)

Support Groups: Returning Citizens (ex-offenders) & Women HIV/AIDS+

Founder: Wessita McKinley Contact number: 240-423-0958 Website: | 7

‘s | 8

You Smell Good, Girl! | 9

The acting bug bite little miss Leeah (aka Mama Leeah, h, Lil diva, Leeahboo) has been age of three. Arriving to the world January 26, 1998, Leeah entered the world on speed track. She never crawled, walked at 7 months, got rid of her bottle on her own a 10 months, potty-trained herself in a matter of days at 11 months, and never sucked a binky. Learned to us computer and surf the web at 22months. Being from an artistic and educated family, mom & dad knew she is a child destined for greatness. She also dance and sings and has been creating been her own song‚Äôs since age of two. Leeah became the proud owner of her SAG card at the age of five. No stranger to the entertainment industry, Leeah has powerful entertaining siblings. Their talents lead them to various performances in St. Louis and Los Angles. God truly has his arms wrapped around this family. She occasionally performs with her siblings, Young and Gifted‚ (LaKia, FaTina & Henry III) who lend their dynamic talents to professional dancing, stage plays, national commercials, TV & Film. The acting bug hit Leeah when she saw her siblings on performing and knew right then, that is what she wanted to do. The shining light is in her destiny and she latched on quickly. Leeah's mom & dad were very hesitant to let her pursue acting, being that she was only three at the time and thought she wasn’t ready for the spotlight. Leeah proved them wrong. | 10

Keena Ford lives with her middle-school-age brother and mother in Washington, DC. Her father lives in Maryland, and she sees him on weekends. Eric is her best friend, but disaster strikes when he is assigned to the other second grade class. Both children try to convince the other that their classroom is more delightful. Not only does jealousy creep into their relationship, Keena creeps into serious trouble by ending up under the teacher's desk in Eric's classroom. Keena's proclivity for unintended consequences is given a thorough workout in this wonderful early chapter book. She is a delightful new character. Her thinking processes are revealed to be entirely understandable to young readers, but the repercussions are quite funny. One can only hope that this book is only the beginning of a long and happy relationship with Keena.

Smile starts with Raina as a typical pre-teen...until she falls and her two front teeth fall out. She's not only in major pain, but scared, and her trip to the dentist doesn't yield the greatest news; they can put the one tooth they found back in but the other is stuck up in her gums, but she'll have to wear braces. Turns out, there was bone damage, and she endures the braces only to find that her teeth wind up embedded in her gums, leaving her feeling like she's a freak. Her so-called friends don't help, with their perpetual teasing, but Raina adjusts to being a "brace-face" and weathers typical teenage crushes. As she moves on to a new high school, her friends keep on teasing her and playing pranks, until she finally decides she can seek out new friends who accept as she is. It's hard not to wince at some of the tooth trials, but Raina is a trooper as she toughs out numerous orthodontist and endodondist and other "dontist" appointments, all rendered in Telgemeier's wonderful drawing style, which complements her story perfectly. | 11 | 12 | 13

Internet Safety: I know never to give my last name, address, or phone number to a person on the Internet, and that it is never safe to meet Internet friends in person without my parent’s supervision and consent. Phone Safety: I never say that I am alone when a stranger calls. I let the answering machine screen calls or say, “Mom/Dad can’t come to the phone now, can I take a message?” If someone is making strange noises, saying scary things, or not saying anything, I will hang up the phone. Home Safety: I keep all the doors and windows locked when I am home alone, and to go to a neighbor and call 911 if a window is broken or if the door is open when I get home. I know how to call my parents or a neighbor if I get frightened when I’m home alone. Walking: When I walk down the street, I always face traffic so that I can see if someone stops their car near me. I never take short cuts through deserted areas like creeks or vacant lots. Strangers: I know that a stranger is anyone I don’t know well. Even people I recognize - like the mailman or ice cream truck driver - are strangers, and that someone can be a stranger even if they look nice or know my name. I never tell strangers my name or where I live. | 14

Miss Aj is looking for creative youth who like to write, draw, read, review, shop, eat, travel, etc..... Would you like to be a feature in Miss Aj's online magazine, then tell us your story and you just might be in the issue? Are you a young musician who's trying to be discovered? Let Miss Aj spotlight you in the next issue. If you are interested in being a part of Miss Aj's world send an email to: Miss need some squad members who like to attend events and being around people. Are you that person then join the squad. If you are interested send an email to |15

PO Box 31004 Capitol Heights, MD 20743

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