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Mr Snowman’s Summer Holiday

It’s Christmas time and Mr Snowman is very excited. He is going on a summer holiday.

But his friend Snow Leopard is worried. He doesn’t think snowmen should have summer holidays. “What could possibly go wrong?” asked Mr Snowman.

Mr Snowman travelled on a plane for a very long time until he could no longer see any snow.

In New Zealand, Mr Snowman did lots of activities. He jumped off the Sky Tower in Auckland‌

After going on the Shotover Jet in Queenstown, Mr Snowman felt a little bit funny‌ Maybe Snow Leopard was right after all?

When he met John Key at the Beehive, Mr Snowman noticed one of his buttons was missing. Oh no! Mr Snowman is melting. Mr Key rushed Mr Snowman to the airport.

Snow Leopard was very happy to have Mr Snowman, and all of his buttons, back for Christmas.

Mr snowman's summer holiday (anna, nicola, and lauren)