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the story

Back in the 1960 s two pastors in the Swansea area counsel and supp (Luther Rees an ort in the compa d I.B. Davies) fo ny of an older m und an – George Griffi ths of Cwmtwrc More than 40 ye h. ars earlier, as a young pastor Ge Jeffreys to take so orge Griffiths ha me special service d invited Stephe s at Christmas tim preaching conv n ention ignited an e. What started as a long-weeke d continued for People were conv nd seven whole we erted night afte eks without a br r night. eak. Stirred by the po ssibilities held ou t to them, the yo meeting of Chris unger men soug tian leaders with ht to initiate a pr the sole aim of These meetings ayer saying to God, ‘O have been runn ing continuously Lord, do it agai n’. ever since.

or? een prayinthgbefautified and empowered because b e v a h y e h t what e Spirit e church is bo an outpouring of th of God in which th

. . . It is ‘[Revival is] a work irit are intensified ople becomes ions of the Holy Sp at God among his pe er of op ce al en rm es no pr e e th th at th so n, tio congrega on and within the le. ab lp pa d an ally evident t to see that they re e gospel are brough er th ov s ow os kn cr ey d th an k d in le who th are not converte ey th ze g ali in re ‘At such times peop liv ns tia have been any nominal Chris ke up to why they wa ns its tia do not know it. M on ris n Ch tio y its justifica and many sleep ch stops “basing en in to living faith, boredom. The chur d n-churched are th an no r, e ge Th an . , gy vy ally release of ener in anxiety, en s fin ou ich m or wh , en ity an un is m d there tian com sanctification” an ed life of the Chris t Christ.’ in by the transform n man society withou aw hu dr to d e an tiv d na cte er alt attra Keller ul tif Tim au be a , the kingdom becomes a sign of

? lled ayer meeting than Edwards ca but why a pr vival the Holy Spirit uses what Jona ayer.

re prevailing pr ‘To kindle every kingdom-centred, d, ite un – ” er ay “extraordinary pr praying for God’s all group of people sm a or on rs pe e ople praying but ns with a singl t the number of pe no is t e ‘Sometimes it begi an rt po im is sins and to humbl unity. What r grace to confess fo ] er glory in the comm ng ay hi pr ac be re t e us th d praying. [It m g of the church an the nature of the al for the flourishin ze d pse his glory’ an im n gl io to ss , pa ce m fa to see his d, Go ourselves, [for] co ow kn Tim Keller to r] a yearning of the lost [and fo

the questions

Are you a Christian leader or a leader in training? Would you be willing to come together in gospel partne rship to voice the simple pra yer ‘O Lord, do it again’? Do you think your chu rch would be glad to see you setting aside time to pray like this? Do you believ e it would be a good thing to see a movement of prayer spreading among us? If you cannot get to Port Talbot would you be willing to gather a group in you r own location to the same end ?

the plan for 2013 Venue: BETHLEHEM EVANGELICAL CHURCH Ysguthan Road, Sandfields, Abe ravon, Port Talbot, SA12 6NE (Visit www.sandfields-church if you need directions.) TIMES: Session 1: 9.30am to 10.45am Tea & coffee: 10.45am to 11.15a m Session 2: 11.15am to 12.30pm DATES: THURSDAY - 10 JANUARY THURSDAY - 21 FEBRUARY THURSDAY - 18 APRIL THURSDAY - 6 JUNE THURSDAY - 12 SEPTEMBER THURSDAY - 7 NOVEMBER

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