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March/April 2014

A great  need  that  we  have  seen  throughout  Guatemala  is  the  lack  of  Biblical  training  for  the  pastors  in  both  rural  and   urban  areas.  Many  of  the  pastors  have  the  heart  and  desire  to  lead  churches,  but  they  can  only  do  so  much  with  the   Biblical  knowledge  that  they  have.  Last  year  through  a  meeting  set  up  by  Bob  Smith,  who  traveled  to  El  Faro  last  year   with  his  family  on  a  short-­‐term  mission  trip,  we  were  able  to  meet  an  amazing  organization  that  is  doing  big  things   around  the  world.  Global  Action,  among  many  other  things,  has  an  amazing  pastors  training  program  is  in  4   countries  around  the  world.  After  visiting  El  Faro  to  give  a  presentation,  El  Faro  knew  that  this  was  a  match  made  in   heaven.   We  have  a  total  of  30  people  involved  in  the  11-­‐month  program  including  local  pastors  from  the  villages,  pastors   from  Livingston,  and  many  of  the  El  Faro  missionaries  and  staff.  It  is  an  intense  bible  training  that  includes  bible   interpretation,  old  and  new  testament,  as  well  as  how  to  write  a  sermon  and  other  great  lectures  that  help  train  and   equip  for  the  Kield.   Each  month  all  the  students  come  to  El  Faro  where  they  have  a  3-­‐day  intense  workshop  lead  by  a  teacher  that  travels   to  Guatemala  from  different  parts  of  the  world.  Being  such  a  diverse  group  of  students,  it  is  amazing  to  see  how  God   is  using  this  opportunity  to  build  community  and  also  understanding  among  each  person  involved.  The  program   lasts  a  total  of  eight  months  and  we  are  already  seeing  a  huge  difference  going  into  our  third  month.  Please  keep   each  person  involved  in  your  prayers  as  they  grow  in  the  Bible  and  understanding  in  order  to  strengthen  their   ministry.  

El Faro Soccer Academy The El  Faro  Soccer  Academy  has  taken  a  new  turn  this  year   with  many  new  amazing  things  happening.  This  year  we  have  a   new  coach,  Brittany,  and  she  has  completely  taken  over  the   girls  side  of  the  academy.  Brittany  and  Gavin  were  married  in   August  of  last  year  and  came  down  together  with  a  joint   mission  and  heart  to  strengthen  the  academy  and  work  even   more  with  the  kids  involved. “We're  implementing  more  structure  and  formal  training  this   year  so  that  we  begin  to  walk  and  talk  the  culture  of  soccer”     says  Gavin.   There  is  more  structure  and  now  each  student  in  the  academy  has  their  own  pair  of  soccer  cleats.  This  is  a  little  hard   to  maintain  with  their  feet  always  growing,  but  so  far  everyone  has  cleats  and  socks  and  is  now  so  excited  to  play  not   having  to  worry  about  their  feet  getting  stepped  on  or  slipping.    “In  addition”,  says  Gavin,  “we  have  new  balls  and   practice  jerseys  that  are  helping  us  look  the  part  of  a  team.” The  younger  boys  academy  consists  of  35  players  and  the  older  boys   practice  once  a  week  and  roughly  15-­‐20  of  them.  The  younger  girls   academy  consists  of  15-­‐25  girls,  depending  on  the  day  and  the  older  girls   academy  consists  of  15-­‐20  girls  and  they  practice  once  a  week  as  well. Gavin  and  Brittany  have  also  started  training  two  young  kids  from  the   village  who  show  much  potential  in  soccer.  “Kike  and  Santiago  is  such  a   new  labor  of  love  for  me.  They  both  posses  extraordinary  talent  and   natural  love  for  the  game.”  The  purpose  is  to  grow  them  into  faith-­‐Killed   players  and  provide  them  with  the  opportunity  to  receive  one-­‐on-­‐one   mentorship,  professional  level  training,  and  attention.  The  academy   includes  physical  training,  bible  devotions,  nutrition  and  dietary   instructions,  body  development,  academic  requirements,  and  lots  of   footwork  and  ball  work.  There  are  tons  of  challenges  with  not  having   materials  needed  and  each  player  learns  differently,  but  so  far  a  huge   success  with  Santiago  and  kike  as  they  are  pushing  each  other  and  hungry   for  more.   Besides  soccer,  Gavin  and  Brittany  have  team  activities  throughout  the  month    usually  consisting  of  swimming  in  the   ocean  or  watching  a  movie  with  snacks.  This  year  they  also  had  the  Kirst  team  sleepover.  This  was  an  amazing   experience  and  so  much  fun.  For  many  of  the  kids  it  was  their  Kirst  time  spending  the  night  away  from  home.  There   were  a  variety  of  activities  planned  throughout  the  event.  Some  of  the  activities  included  a  water  balloon  Kight,   scavenger  hunt,  swimming,  video  games,  and  a  movie.   “It  was  an  emotional  experience  for  me  tucking  all  the  kids  in  to  bed  at  night.  I   realized  how  much  love  I  have  for  each  and  every  one  of  them.  My  heart  was   overKlowing  with  love.”  The  camp  was  a  lot  of  fun  and  is  something  we  plan  on   doing  twice  a  year.  It  was  a  great  bonding  experience  for  all  of  the  kids  and  we   look  forward  to  the  next  one. Goals  moving  forward  for  the  soccer  academy  are  getting  shorts  for  all  of  the   students  and  also  shin  guards  to  complete  the  uniforms.  Gavin  and  Brittany   would  also  like  to  get  more  training  materials  to  help  the  kids  try  new  things   and  push  their  bodies  and  skills.  This  summer  we  are  looking  forward  to  Kilm   training  session  and  individuals  training  for  the  players  to  learn  to  see  the   complete  Kield  during  games  and  learn  through  video  how  and  where  they  can   improve  with  the  ball.  

Maranatha Medical Team Maranatha Chapel  is  a  small  church  from  the  outside  with  a  huge  heart   for  missions  on  the  inside.  Their  impact  worldwide  is  evident  through   the  number  of  missionaries  and  projects  they  support  around  the   world  as  well  as  the  diverse  cultures  that  make  up  the  church.    El  Faro   is  truly  honored  to  be  able  to  host  them  each  February  as  we  team   together  to  provide  medical  care  to  the  villages  around  El  Faro.    This   year  was  their  eighth  consecutive  year  doing  this  medical  trip,  but  as   always,  it  was  unique  in  many  different  ways. Fifty  people  from  the  states  traveled  to  Guatemala  where  they  teamed   up  with  an  additional  Kifty  Guatemalan  volunteers,  doctors,  and   missionaries  to  stay  at  El  Faro  as  a  base  and  go  out  into  different   villages  to  set  up  medical  clinics.  The  clinics  are  set  up  as  the   following: -­‐Patients  line  up  to  be  seen  by  a  nurse  in  triage  who  marks  down  what   medical  needs  they  have  to  designate  which  doctor  to  go  to. -­‐After  triage,  each  patient  will  pass  through  a  tent  to  receive  both   vitamins  and  a  parasite  pill.  Many  patients  going  through  triage  show   a  concern  for  their  children  who  have  worms,  so  this  is  a  important   tent  to  help  ease  the  parents  concerns. -­‐Next  the  patients  are  led  to  the  doctor  they  were  assigned  to   according  to  their  needs.  This  year  we  had  an  amazing  group  of   doctors  including  dentists,  general  medicine,  pediatrics,  optometry,   and  dermatology.   -­‐After  visiting  with  their  doctor,  the  patients  drop  off  their   prescription  at  the  pharmacy  and  are  sent  to  the  spiritual  clinic  while   their  prescription  gets  Killed.   -­‐At  the  spiritual  clinic  each  person  and  family  has  a  chance  to  receive   prayer  and  learn  more  about  God.  It  is  a  beautiful  opportunity  for   people  also  to  talk  about  their  personal  problems  with  people  they   can  trust  and  who  care  for  them.   We  also  have  a  photo  session  where  families  are  able  to  take  a  photo   together  and  then  take  the  printed  photo  home.  For  many  this  is  the   only  photo  that  they  have  of  themselves  and  we  have  seen  how  people   go  home  to  hang  them  in  their  houses.  Another  very  important  place   is  the  children’s  ministry  tent.  There  are  always  a  multitude  of  kids   that  while  their  parents  get  seen  get  very  antsy.  The  children’s  tent  is   always  full  of  songs,  laughter,  story  telling,  and  lots  of  other  activities   to  keep  the  children  busy  and  having  a  good  time.

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In addition,  we  have  special  tents  set  up  for  additional  activities.   The  beauty  salon  is  a  place  where  women  and  children  go  in  to  get  not  only  to  receive  a  lice  treatment,  but  also  a   chance  to  get  pampered.    Each  person  get  their  hair  washed,  the  lice  treatment,  their  nails  done,  and  then  once   the  lice  treatment  is  washed  out,  they  get  their  hair  down  complete  with  ribbons,  bows,  and  Klowers.   The  Kirst  day  we  traveled  to  a  village  that  we  went  to  the  year  before.  Creek  Chino.  It  is  a  forgotten  village  as  it  is   located  next  to  a  very  popular  tourist  site,  Livingston.  There  is  much  poverty  and  a  huge  need  for  medical   attention  and  we  knew  that  we  needed  to  return.   The  second  day  we  took  on  a  challenge  to  actually  set  up  a  medical  clinic  in  the  large  town  of  Livingston,  only   accessible  by  water.  This  was  a  challenge  because   being  such  a  large  tourist  attraction  there  are  lots   of  people  and  they  only  have  one  small  medical   clinic  that  is  very  limited  in  what  they  can  treat   and  provide.  We  set  up  clinic  in  a  public  boys   school  and  at  the  end  of  that  day  we  had  seen  a   total  of  800  people.   The  third  day  we  traveled  to  the  village  of  San   Miguelito  and  we  ended  the  medical  trip  like   always  with  a  clinic  at  El  Faro. In  just  four  days  we  saw  a  total  of  2300  people,   the  most  we  have  been  able  to  see  in  one  medical   trip.  We  are  so  thankful  for  all  of  the  doctors  and   volunteers  who  took  time  off  to  help  those  who   are  sometimes  forgotten  in  Guatemala.  Lives   were  not  only  changed  physically,  but  also   eternally.  

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Fort Hill Eye Surgery Team When we  had  our  medical  team  in  February  from  Maranatha,   optometrist  Dr.  Dario  Aldana  was  hard  at  work  for  two   reasons.  Firstly,  there  are  always  a  lot  of  patients  that  need   their  eyes  checked  for  glasses.  And  secondly,  Dr.  Dario  was   searching  for  candidates  for  an  eye  surgery  team  that  he  was   planning  for  March  in  El  Faro.  Cataracts  and  Pterigons  are   common  eye  problems  here  in  Guatemala  that  have  an   operable  solution.  Many  people  in  our  area  of  Guatemala  don’t   have  the  means  to  afford  a  surgery  and  sadly  lose  their  sight   completely.  Just  because  someone  has  lost  sight,  however,   doesn’t  mean  that  they  still  can’t  receive  the  operation.   This  was  the  third  eye  surgery  team  at  El  Faro  and  we  couldn’t  have  been  more  blessed  by  such  a  wonderful   group.  Dr.  Dario,  Dr.  Bob,  his  wife,  Susan,  Mary,  Mayra,  Brittni,  Cindy,  and  Larry  made  up  the  incredible  team  this   year  and  God  was  able  to  move  through  each  one  to  touch  the  lives  of  so  many  people.   The  doctors  do  not  charge  for  the  operations  and  bring  down   donated  medicine  and  surgery  equipment.  Located  in  one  of   the  apartments  in  a  dorm  here  at  El  Faro.  8-­‐10  patients  are   seen  on  a  daily  basis  and  then  spend  the  night  with  a  family   member  at  our  facilities.  The  following  morning  the  patients   are  awoken  by  huge  smiles  from  the  team  members  as  they   take  off  the  bandages  to  see  the  improvement  and  to  give  the   follow-­‐up  instructions.   On  the  last  day  of  surgeries,  a  woman  showed  up  who  was   deaf,  mute,  and  now  blind  due  to  cataracts.  She  communicated   through  touch  with  her  son  and  she  knew  she  was  going  to   receive  an  operation  for  her  eyes.  The  team  was  scared  not   knowing  how  she  would  respond  to  the  initial  injection  to   begin  to  numb  the  eye.  She  didn’t  move  an  inch  and  laid  down  calmly  allowing  the  doctor  to  prepare  her  for   surgery.  The  next  morning  when  she  was  having  her   bandages  removed  there  wasn’t  a  dry  eye  in  the  room   as  she  looked  at  the  doctor  and  began  to  sign  to  her   son  that  she  could  see.  Being  quite  the  personality,   she  pointed  to  her  other  eye  to  tell  the  doctor  that   she  was  ready  for  her  next  operation.   Many  of  the  patients  had  lost  jobs  and  had  spent   years  conKined  to  their  houses.  As  the  walked  to  the   dock  by  themselves,  all  of  them  had  a  new  sense  of   pride  and  a  new  hope  that  they  didn’t  have  when   they  Kirst  arrived  to  El  Faro.  We  are  so  thankful  for   this  beautiful  team  of  such  talented  people  who   helped  change  the  lives  of  so  many.  

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Medical Mission Group Many of  the  people  in  Guatemala  that  have  operable  disabilities  never   have  the  chance  to  receive  a  surgery  that  can  ultimately  change  their  life.   El  Faro  had  the  chance  to  partner  with  our  wonderful  friends  from   Medical  Mission  Group  this  past  month  for  our  fourth  surgery  team.   From  our  Kirst  mission  with  them,  our  relationship  with  the  Children’s   Hospital  has  been  wonderful  thanks  to  our  dear  friend  Dr.  Velasquez.  Dr.  Velasquez  is  one  of  the  head  surgeons  at  the   hosptial  and  the  staff  graciously  opens  up  their  doors  to  us  each  trip  to  use  their  facilities  and  nurses,  something  that   very  few  places  would  allow.   We  had  patients  travel  from  far  and  wide  just  to  have  the   opportunity  to  see  if  they  could  qualify  for  an  operation.  One  group   of  three  families  traveled  two  days  to  El  Faro  after  hearing  about  the   free  operations  and  all  three  of  their  children  had  the  chance  to  be   operated.    The  Kirst  day  of  screenings  gives  the  doctors  a  chance  to   see  what  type  of  cases  there  are  and  also  to  help  build  the  weekly   schedule.  This  year  we  had  cleft  lips  and  pallets,  hernias,  masses  and   cysts,  burns,  and  gallbladders  that  needed  removal.   Throughout  the  wonderful  team  of  surgeons,  nurses,  and  volunteers   worked  diligently  on  the  many  patients  that  came  through  their   operating  doors.  Some  of  the  MMG  doctors  had  been  here  before   and  it  was  nice  being  able  to  work  with  them  again.  As  for  the  rest,  it   was  nice  getting  to  meet  new  people  and  see  their  gifts  and  action.   One  special  case  included  a  young  boy  named  Axel.  He  is  12   years  old  and  had  a  mass  on  his  face  since  he  was  young.  Now  a   teenager,  his  facial  problem  has  begun  to  affect  him  in  his  studies   and  self  esteem.  He  was  a  wonderful  boy  to  be  around  and  the   doctors  were  able  to  operated  to  reduce  his  facial  mass.  Because   he  was  one  of  the  patients  that  traveled  from  so  far,  he  spent  the   last  night  at  El  Faro  with  his  family  and  the  doctors.  Because  of   the  way  he  touched  so  many  lives,  all  of  the  surgery  team  pitched   in  to  buy  him  a  playstation,  which  they  gave  to  him  on  the  last   night.   At  the  end  of  the  week  the  team  had  performed  58  procedures   on  45  patients.  El  Faro  is  so  thankful  for  the  wonderful  team  at   MMG  and  the  partnership  that  we  have.  

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