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Why Your FishVille Neighbours Are The Key To Your Success This information is brought to you by FishVille Secrets at: FishVille Neighbours Since you're playing FishVille on a social networking site like Facebook, it seems only natural to have neighbours. You may even have wound up playing the game to begin with as the result of an invitation from one of your friends. And it can be a lot of fun to have this new way to interact with your friends and acquaintances in your own virtual aquatic world. But FishVille neighbours are not just a fun addition to the game. They can contribute greatly to your success, and the more you have, the more options for game play will be open to you. And as more updates are made to the game, the benefits that neighbours provide are only likely to increase. Gifts For one thing, more FishVille neighbours means more FishVille gifts – both to be given and received. There are quite a few items that you can only get if you're given them as gifts, so give them to your friends and ask your friends to send them back to you. Most of these gifts are free, so there's really no reason not to send as many as you can. Just remember though, that the more neighbours you have, the more gifts you'll be likely to get. Side Jobs Another reason having more FishVille neighbours will help you to succeed in the game is that when you visit your neighbours, you're able to earn some extra coins for helping them out with their tanks. You can only do this once a day, though, so the more neighbours you have, the more you can earn this way. You'll also get coins for cleaning the green goo off of the sides of their tanks, so make sure you don't pass up this opportunity to earn extra coins every day. Affordable Expansion And perhaps the most important reason it's helpful to have a lot of FishVille neighbours is that the number of neighbours you have will determine how many additional tanks you can buy with coins. If you don't have enough neighbours, you'll only be able to buy extra tanks and expand your aquatic empire if you have enough sand dollars to do so. Sand dollars are so much harder to come by than coins, though, that it'll be much easier for you to accomplish all of these things if you just bulk up the ranks of your neighbours a little. It'll wind up saving you a lot in the end.

Why Your FishVille Neighbours Are The Key To Your Success