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So, I Found This Guide The Other Day For FishVille This information is brought to you by FishVille Secrets at: I’m not normally one to go around crowing about a strategy guide – especially for a game like FishVille – but I found this guide the other day for FishVille called FishVille Secrets and it’s been making my game play go oh so much better than I originally expected, so instead of sitting around playing and using these strategies for myself, I thought I’d give a quick review and let all my readers know what they can expect if they check out the guide too. The FishVille Secrets Basics To start with, the guide gives you a nice general overview of the game. It delves into a series of interesting asides and basic information that any new player would need. It shows you how to get involved with your neighbours, how to manage your coins and get Sand Dollars. It even offers some very sound tips on how to manage those Sand Dollars and get them with surveys (when Zynga brings those surveys back into the game that is). So, it’s a pretty sweet introduction that can be super helpful when getting into a new game like this. But, it’s the info after that that really caught my eyes – the in-depth details that allowed me to see a lot more about what was happening. The Good Stuff When you get into the heavier content, you’ll notice that Tony digs way into this game and starts to show you how to do things that you may not have thought of otherwise. Ever wonder how to choose the right fish, time frame, and selling points for your tanks? Well, that’s covered in depth. Ever wonder how to expand and choose the right actions with a limited schedule? It’s all here. This is a game that anyone can get involved in, but it takes a truly dedicated player to master it. That’s where FishVille Secrets is really going to shine – when you try to master the content. So, if you’re even remotely serious about playing this game like a pro, don’t mess around. Check out FishVille Secrets – it’s going to change everything. 

So I Found This Guide The Other Day For FishVille