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Do You Have The Right Farm Town Crops? This information is brought to you by Farm Town Secrets at: Like all of the major farming games on Facebook, Farm Town has a lot of moving parts. You need to manage your space, harvesting, seeding, animals, buildings, and neighbours. However, nothing is more important than your selection of the right Farm Town crops. If you don’t get the right crops in place, you’re doing nothing better than wasting a tremendous amount of time creating a big open farm and not planting things that will reward you with high amounts of XP and coins. So, here are a few tips to help you choose the right Farm Town crops – the ones that will result in big profits. Which Crops Do the Best? The crops that do the best in Farm Town are those that grow quickly. This includes small fruits and vegetables like berries, grapes, and carrots. The other crops that are available for longer time periods are often set up so that players can take a day or two off from the game without needing to login. If you do that however, you will get less experience and far less coins than you would by playing often. Ideally, you want to be able to play the game for consecutive periods of time throughout the day if you want to level up and get coins quickly. If this is not possible, you will need to settle for lesser crops. How to Prepare Your Plot of Land To effectively prepare your plots, make sure to delete any premade plots and replow them as closely together as possible. By default, the game wastes a great deal of space that can be used for growing. If you can get the plots to stack on each other directly, you can usually fit in between 10 and 30 extra plots on your farm that will make for far greater profits and much faster levelling. Just be sure to check that you don’t need the space for building so that you won’t need to restructure again later. If you can do it properly, Farm Town crops that are well researched and planted around your own schedule will help you get far more coins than the ones that are planted with nothing in mind other than what you like to eat or what you think looks pretty. This is a game of strategy and if you play toward that strategy, you will be rewarded many times over for your careful attention to detail.

Do You Have The Right Farm Town Crops