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SEASON 2013-14



District 2452 Armenia|Bahrain|Cyprus|Georgia|Jordan|Lebanon|Palestine|Sudan|United Arab Emirates

SEASON 2013-14



Welcome Dear fellow Rotaractors

The Team DRR: Vincent Fayad

PDRR: Elena Aroti

Cyprus VDRR: Kyriacos Christofides

Cyprus PR Coordinator Chief Editor: Hannah Mortaga

Creative Advisor Mishel Fayad

It with pleasure that I’m extending this welcoming message for you at yet another issue of ROTARACTION. This has been by far the most interesting and educating year in Rotaract so far. I have the honor to serve as a Vice President of Rotaract Larnaca Kition and Cyprus PR Coordinator. My positions for this year gave me the opportunity to meet more Rotaractors from all the clubs as well as it helped me develop some skills. I have had the opportunity to get involved in many projects, work on the Cyprus newsletter ROTARACTION, attend different events and fellowships and strengthen my relations with a lot of Rotaractors as well as Rotarian. Being a Rotaractor is indeed not as easy as it sounds since you have a responsibility to yourself and to your community. However, Rotaract has taught me that there is always a fun way to serve your community and develop professionally. I have a Bachelors degree in Communications in TV & Radio Production and I’m currently attending my last year of MBA studies


majoring in Businerss Management. I have worked in different Cyprus PR team hopes that sectors since a teenager and I have been working at Thomson after the festive holidays, the eating, drinking and the dancReuters as a financial data analyst for the past 4 years. My ing, you are ready for a new year hobbies include photography, reading, writing, dancing and 2014. In this issue, you will learn about the upcoming Beirut conmany more. ference, the MEDICO in Morocco, To conclude, Rotaract for me is a small community that the ERIC and have a look at the past events of each club. Finally, we would tries to change the world to the best and as Margalike to extend our warmest wishes for ret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of an awesome 2014 and remember, Mary thoughtful, committed citizens can change the Anne Radmacher once said: “As we work to create light for others, we naturally light world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” our own way.” | ROTARACTION | ISSUE 09 | 2

The Rotaract

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To develop professional and leadership skills To emphasize respect for the rights of others, based on recognition of the worth of each individual To recognize, practice, and promote ethical standards as leadership qualities and vocational responsibilities


Did you

To develop knowledge and understanding of the needs, problems, and opportunities in the community and worldwide




To provide opportunities for personal and group activities to serve the community and promote international understanding and goodwill


Today there are over 7,700 clubs in 159 countries with an estimated membership in excess of 177,000 young men and women worldwide.

The first club was chartered in 1968 at the University of North Carolina, USA.


Rotaract stands for Rotary in Action.

Among the native tree species present in the World, the most famous, most treasured species is the Cedar of Lebanon, known scientifically as the Cedrus Libani. The Cedar of Lebanon is cited numerous times in religion and mythology. In addition to its significant role in the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Cedar of Lebanon is regarded as a world tree in several mythological passages. Since our DRR is Lebanese, the 2014 Midyear Conference will be held in Lebanon in order to have a conference in the home country of the DRR and in order to bring together Rotaractors from District 2452 as well as from around the world in Lebanon. Come and Join us for the First Midyear Conference in Lebanon during Snow season in 6, 7, 8 & 9 February, where you will be able to visit the magical forest of cedars, ski or snowboard and enjoy snow activities, sit by the chimney and taste the wonderful cheese

The Program

and wine.

Thursday 06/02/2014 1. Transportation from Beirut to Arez 2. Check-in Hills Hotel 3. Snow Activities 4. Opening Ceremony & Dinner

A Great Opportunity to meet ROTARACTORS from around the world regardless of RACE, BACKGROUND or RELIGION and to promote DIVERSITY, GOODWILL and PEACE in the world.

Friday 07/02/2014 1. Breakfast 2. Snowshoeing to the Cedar forest 3. Lunch 4. ICEbreaking Activities (literally!) 5. Dinner 6. Clubbing Saturday 08/02/2014 1. Breakfast 2. Gebran Khalil Gebran Museum 3. Lunch 4. Afternoon in Bcharreh Village 5. Closing Ceremony & Dinner Sunday 09/02/2014 1. Breakfast 2. Check-out


E.R.I.C. European Rotaract Information Center What is E.R.I.C. The European Rotaract Information Centre (E.R.I.C.) is a Multi-District Information Organisation (MDIO) serving rotaractors all over Europe. E.R.I.C. supports 136 districts, in 46 countries reaching more than 20.000 Rotaractors. According to E.R.I.C. bylaws, the main purpose of E.R.I.C. is to

“…develop international relationships between clubs and members all over Europe by bringing Rotaractors together.” Additionally, the objectives of Rotaract Europe are: 1. to exchange information among the represented districts of Rotaract in Europe, the clubs and their members 2. to foster international contacts among Rotaractors 3. to encourage Rotaractors to work together in international projects” The member districts are represented in the E.R.I.C. Committee Meetings by Country Representatives. E.R.I.C. has a Board, whose members are elected by the previous year’s Country Representatives. The E.R.I.C. Committee convenes 3 times a year: - REM Fall (normally last weekend of September or first one of October)


-REM Winter (normally in Mid January) - EUCO (normally in end of May / beginning of June). During these meetings all country representatives take decisions in relation to E.R.I.C. matters and each country rep has one vote. The exact dates of the REMs

E.R.I.C. Competitions & Awards and EUCOs are announced well in advance. During the rest of the year, since the members of the Board and the Country Reps are spread in different countries, most of the work is done via email and Skype. Country representatives are informed via emails of any E.R.I.C. and international events and meetings and communicate them to all rotaract presidents of their country. More information can be found in the E.R.I.C official website

Every year the E.R.I.C. Social Committee organizes the following 2 competitions: E.R.I.C. Best European Service Project (BESP) Award, and E.R.I.C. Twinning Club Award (TCA) The prizes recognize: the best outstanding Social Projects carried out by Rotaract Clubs in Europe the best Twinning between 2 Rotaract Clubs within Europe But it is also intended as a platform to spread the word on the great actions done by some rotaractors so that others can get ideas, get encouraged and profit for future activities.


In the year 2012/2013 MED MDIO was born and its main purpose is to develop international relationships between clubs and members all over Mediterranean regions by bringing Rotaractors together. It also secures the connection between clubs from different Mediterranean areas making possible the implementation of international projects.

The MEDICON is an annual conference for the Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO. It is a gathering for but definitely not limited to Rotaractors from all over the Mediterranean to share ideas, plan for future projects, make new friendships, and definitely have fun. Throughout the conference there are a lot of various activities; cultural excursions, fun parties, our Mediterranean

Peace Forum, the spectacular gala night, and many more. This year the MEDICON will be hosted in the magical city of Marrakech, from the 10th to the 13th of April, with a two day pre conference in Casablanca, come join us and enjoy the exquisite oriental taste of Morocco but this time with a lot of different Mediterranean spices.

Program & Packages Tuesday and Wednesday, 8th and 9th April 2014: Before Medicon  in  Casablanca*  


Thursday, April 10th 2014

16h00 :  Check  in  at  Hôtel  Golden  Rawabi  ****.   20h00  :  Opening  ceremony  

  Friday, April 11th 2014

08h00 :  Breakfast  at  the  hotel.   09h00  :  Visit  to  the  Majorelle  Gardens**   11h00  :  Hit  the  road  to  the  Ourika  Valley,  40  km    far  from  Marrakech   14h00  :  We  will  discover  the  Menara,    worthy  palaces  of  the  Arabian   Nights,  landscapes  and  reliefs  combining  mountains.   20h00  :  Dinner  at  La  CanLna  Restaurant  with  Mariachis.     00h00  :  Party  at  the  Pacha  Marrakech  Nightclub**.  

! Mediterranean Ci@zen  Package

Olive Package  

Royal Package

Saturday, April 12th 2014

Rotaractors: 255€ Rotarians:   285€

08h00 :  Breakfast  at  the  hotel.   09h00  :  Mediterranean  Peace  Forum.   12h00  :  Lunch  Lme  at  the  hotel.     14h00:   Visit   to   Jemaa   El   Fna   square,   shopping   in   the   old   medina’s   souk.   Chilling  session  in  Cafe  Terraces.
 18h00  :  2  hours  free  Lme   20h00   :   TradiLonal   Mediterranean   Party   is   waiLng   for   you   at   Palais   Giblets.  Dress  code:  YOUR  country  tradiLonal  clothing.   00h00  :  Party  at  Le  Theatro  Nightclub**        

Sunday, April 13th 2014

09h00 :  Breakfast  at  the  hotel.  

Rotaractors: 180€ Rotarians:   210€

Rotaractors: 150€ Rotarians:   180€

Gala Party   25€

9 | ISSUE 09 | ROTARACTION | * Bed, breakfast and transportation (2 nights) ! ** Not included in the Packages

Rotaract Club of Nicosia

Polio Awareness Campaign The Rotaract Club of Nicosia recruited well known Cypriots from politics, television, athletics, the arts and business sector to participate for the polio awareness campaign. All of them smiled into the lens of photographer Christos Panayides, posing with the widely established gesture ‘We Are This Close to Ending Polio’. Famous Cypriots who responded positively to the invitation to participate in the campaign are in alphabetical

order: George Andreou (First Cypriot to climb mount Everest), Vangelis Evangelou (TV Presenter), Christos Gregoriades (Actor), Stella Georgiadou (Singer), Nicolas Ioannidis (Fashion Editor), Pavlos Kontidis (Olympic Champion), Philippos Patsalis (Chief Executive Medical Director), Elena Tanou (Vice President TopKinisis Travel Plc), Alexia Vassiliou (Singer, Composer, Lyricist), Fani Xenophontos ( Fashion Designer) and Constantinos Yiorkatzis (Mayor of Nicosia). It is important to emphasize that all of the above personalities participated voluntarily for the Polio Campaign. Polio is a viral infection, which causes one of the three virus strains. Spread by sneezing, coughing or touching other people who have not washed their hands. Transmission occurs with the ingestion of contaminated food or water. When the virus enters the body, spreads in the blood, brain and spine via nerve fibers.


The purpose of the campaign is to educate and enlighten the public in Cyprus about this disease, but also to promote the campaign undertaken by the Rotary International. Since 1979, Rotary Clubs have been trying to help eradicate polio and have offered about $800 million over the years to eradicate the disease. Currently there are only three countries (Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan), from the 125 in 1988, in which there are still cases of polio.

Rotaract Club Limssol Berengaria Cosmopolitan

Professional Development Seminar Limassol Berengaria Cosmopolitan Rotaract Club successfully organised a professional development seminar titled ‘Digital Marketting for Low to No Budget’ on the of 7th December 2013 in co-operation with Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM). All proceeds from the event will be donated to CIIM scholarship

fund in an attempt to support successful students in their education. The overall aim of the seminar was to give an introduction to the world of Digital Marketing, to provide practical examples of low budget Digital Marketing and how to use Google Ads and

Facebook in business. We as Berengaria Rotaract Club hope to continue organizing development seminars in various topics and to contribute to the professional and personal development of our members and participants.


Rotaract Club Kyrenia Liman

AIDS Awareness Project It is one of our traditional projects. It is the 4th time we arranged an AIDS awareness campaign. This year, we had a joint project with Near East University. They supported us, sponsored us and arranged for all PR with local newspaper and television stations.

On the most crowded avenues, we gave out informational leaflets about AIDS, how it transmits and possible precaution measurements. On the same night, all local channels showed our project and on the next day we were on newspapers.

Pinning Ceremony Two candidate members completed their projects and we pinned them in our fellow Rotary Club’s New Year dinner. One of our candidate members was pinned by Past

Governor Kevork and the other member was pinned by Incoming Deputy District Governor Phaedon.


Rotaract Club Nicosia - Ledra

“Santa’s Workshop” in Sparkling Stasikratous

After extensive hours and hard work put in by the members of Rotaract Club Nicosia – Ledra the big day had finally arrived. On the 14th of December 2013 we successfully held our Club’s first Christmas bazaar “Santa’s Workshop” in Sparkling Stasikratous. We started the day by decorating the Christmas tree with the ornaments made by Rotaractors and laid out the tables with our products for sale;

handmade jewellery and coasters as well as take-home treats like cupcakes, kourapiedes and cakepops. Mulled wine, savoury pastries and hotdogs were also served to passers-by. Children were able to participate in activities such as facepainting and sitting on Santa’s lap.

funds raised from the Joined Christmas Bazaars (1st and 15th of December) in order to reach the full amount required to purchase the medical equipment necessary for Paediatric Oncology Unit at the Makarios Hospital.

Our Club was fortunate to obtain numerous sponsorships from Hanadjias & Zenios Homes, CopyType, Pandora Bakeries, PEA Bakers, Kinnavari, ETAPOL, Grigoriou and Timeworx which helped to make this event possible. The net proceeds from Santa’s Workshop were added to the 13 | ISSUE 09 | ROTARACTION |

Rotaract Club Nicosia Aspelia

Rocking for Charity: LST Live Rotaract Club Nicosia-Aspelia successfully organised a rock concert with LST band. Rocking for Charity concert, took take place on Friday 6th of December at 21:00, at RED Music Stage in Nicosia. The event was sold out a week before the concert! Net proceeds from the presale of ticket were approximately â‚Ź3.500 and will be donated to the Rotary club Nicosia-Aspelia Scholarship foundation. The foundation supports outstanding students who face financial difficulties. To raise awareness of our club, during the night the 330 attendees were given leaflets of our club, the members of our club were taking photos that will be uploaded on our web-

site, the club’s banner was clearly visible on the stage and the President made an opening speech about who we are and what we do. The event was advertised in various newspapers, websites, social media and with a teaser video that the club prepared! Click here to watch the video

Christmas Celebrations Rotaract Club Nicosia Aspelia organized a party to celebrate Christmas on the 21st December 2013. The Greek tavern with live music (bouzoukia) Xordes was booked. Twenty five people, including four

Rotarians attended our party. Everyone enjoyed a Greek traditional dinner with wine, followed by dance! The party was going on until the early morning hours. RAC President Charis Michael and

the sponsoring Rotary Club Nicosia Aspelia gave Christmas gifts to everyone who attended the party. The Aspelian Christmas cake was sponsored by our club.


Rotaract Club Larnaca Kition

Blood Donation For the second year in a row,

and so members organized a

blood, those who came just for

Rotaract Larnaca Kition decid-

blood donation. One donation

support and special thanks to

ed this season to give some-

can help save the lives of up to

Lāsma Čudere who organized

thing that money can’t buy

three people. Rotaract Larnaca

the whole event.

Kition members and friends met at the hospital at 10AM to give blood. Donors were given a mini-physical, checking the donor’s temperature, blood pressure, pulse and hemoglobin to ensure it is safe for the donor to give blood. Special thanks goes to the hospital staff that were there to help our purpose, those who came to donate

Charity Christmas Bazaar cookies and cakes, different decorations, mulled wine, face painting as well as Santa was present with his elf to take pictures. We also had a dance show prepared by the American Academy Dance club that helped put on the Christmassy mood. Special thanks goes to all the volunteers, the dance group, the Djs, Rotaractors, Inter-

actors, MS volunteers and everyone else that showed up that day to support our cause. We were joyful to see many Rotaractors from different cities come and support our cause and we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one separately. An impressive total of almost 2000 Euros was collected!!

Rotaract Larnaca Kition, Larnaca Interactors and the Larnaca Multiple Sclerosis Association joined forces to organize a Christmas charity bazaar on the 22nd of December. The bazaar took place at Finikoudes from 10 AM until late evening and all proceeds went to the MS Association. The bazaar was a fun event with a lot of volunteers from all three clubs. At the bazaar we were selling handmade ornaments, second hand books,


Rotaract Clubs of Nicosia, Nicosia Aspelia & Nicosia Ledra

Nicosia Clubs Joint Christmas Bazaar On the 1st and 15th December 2013 the Rotaract Clubs of Nicosia, Nicosia Aspelia and Nicosia Ledra organized joint Christmas bazaars in Phaneromeni and Stasicratous street in Nicosia. During the Bazaar we were selling Homemade sweets, handmade jewelry and Christmas ornaments, handmade

coasters, mulled wine, coffee (kindly prepared by Gloria Jeans) and Santa photos. From the net proceeds of the bazaar we will buy equipment for the padeoncology departments of Makarios Hospital in Nicosia. The three clubs managed to get many sponsorships that


helped the purpose of the bazaar. Our sponsors were Gloria Jeans, The Old Garage, Philotheou Ltd, Amalthia Trading Ltd, Cleanset Hygiene Systems, Cake Shop Sarah Lyne, Hanadjias & Zenios Homes, Oniric Creative Studios and Aqua-Masters.

Rotaract Clubs of Nicosia, Nicosia Aspelia & Nicosia Ledra

For the first time in Nicosia we successfully completed a big joint project between three clubs! This experience brought



closer together and proved that when we work together great results are achieved!

From the two bazaars the total amount of â‚Ź3100 was raised!


Rotaract Club Nicosia Sarayonu

World AIDS Day On the 1st of december, we celebrated the world AIDS day by a video. This video was prepared by our club and distributed through social media. In addition, a digital billboard was given to us free of charge by our sponsors and we showed our video in that board, reaching an extensive amount of people to raise awareness for this illness. Click here to watch it

Pinning New Members On 26th of December, we decided to do our regular meeting in a bar, both to celebrate christmas and the pinning of our 2 new members. It was a very beautiful and enjoyable night.


Rotaract Club Nicosia Sarayonu

“Disability is not inability” Campaign On the 3rd of December, we celebrated and given our support to disabled people amongst us via facebook and a donation. We prepared a slogan and a poster which we shared through our Club’s facebook page. In the second phase, on 5th December, under the leadership of our president Chilem Maniga, we donated an orthopedic bed to a family in need. The money for the bed was raised from Meeting donations we have have been collecting since the beginning of the term.


Rotaract Clubs of Nicosia Sarayonu, Kyrenia Liman & Kyrenia St. Hilarion

Joint Fellowship Weekend building. Finally we all played golf and finalised the weekend.

One of the aims of Rotaract is to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service. We, the Rotaract Club of Kyrenia Liman, have decided to build stronger friendships within our fellow Rotaract clubs in Kyrenia and Nicosia and then spread the friendship to a worldwide scale. We arranged a fellowship week-

end in countryside, in the Golf Resort Hotel. Sarayonu and St.Hilarion Rotaract Clubs joined us. We spend two days full of Rotaract fun. First day, past VDRR Vural Vural presented about Rotaract and his experiences. Afterwards we played team working games. Second day, assistant governor Dervis Baha gave training about leadership and team


A final note After clinking glasses, dancing and maybe even sharing a kiss or two when the clock struck midnight, it’s now time to say our goodbyes to 2013. As we shout goodbye to yet another year, we look forward to the opportunities and hope of a better new year.

A new year brings us a chance to start over and a chance for us to make it even better. We wish 2014 will be a great Rotaract year for Cyprus, with many more exciting fellowships and community service projects.


SEASON 2013 - 14



This is the Official monthly Cyprus Rotaract Newsletter. For any suggestions, ideas or thoughts about the uproming issues, please contact us directly at or

Cyprus Rotaract Newsletter 09  

The 9th Issue of the Official monthly Cyprus Rotaract Newsletter.

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