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Volume 6 issue 4

Winter 2012

Misfit Acres Milestones F E A T U R E D

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This is one hardy little Shadow knows that Faith will NOT horse! Shadow continues to share with her. Shadow is the oldest amaze us. With her Cushing’s horse in the front pasture and the first disease, insulin resistance, and one to go inside when the weather is hypothyroid, nothing not so nice. With her seems to phase her. She Cushing’s disease, she handles cold very well, grows longer hair then she handles heat very the other horses. She well, she just keeps dearly loves to rub her “plugging along”. hiney on the round bale Shadow can be kind of feeder as well as the tree bossy with the other stump. So much so that ponies at times but she gets a little carried other times she is just a away and rubs some of push over with them. the hair off the back of Shadow She does not like the her leg. Shadow is the thyroid medication in most unique color and her feed in the mornings and has very intent eyes when she looks at likes to go see what everyone else you. At age 28, we are looking forward is having instead. Sometimes to many more years of loving her. Dixie is willing to share with her and then again maybe not. Welcome to Winter 2012 Merry Christmas to everyone!!! We are hoping each of you has a wonderful holiday season full of love and laughter and of course – too much to eat! Christmas is eating season at our house. We hope you will check out our website and see the lovely nativity scene our webmaster has created. There are a variety of items you may “purchase” to adorn this scene with all proceeds going to the horses. Well Chopper and the kitties too! And as year end approaches, as you plan your charitable giving to close out 2012, please include Misfit Acres in your budgeting. No donation is ever too small and every donation is so greatly appreciated!

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Misfit Acres Milestones

T h i n g s You did it!! The 2012 Give to the Max Day in November brought $2150 to Misfit Acres! This is the highest amount we have ever received from this special day and it is all because of you! This money will pay off the balance of our 2012 hay purchases.

t o

K n o w

great deal of senior feed with the $10 off coupons and save lots of money!! There is nothing like knowing that we are using your donations as conservatively as we can. With so many charities in the news regarding misuse of funding, we are very proud to be extremely careful Thanks to all of you who have with donation been collecting coupons for us, spending. we were able to order ahead a

D o n o r

Huge Thank you to our donors!

Another great thing to know is that we have updated our recycling information to include several new programs. If you would like a copy of this brochure, please let us know and we will be happy to email or snail-mail one to you.

S p o t l i g h t

We need to give a HUGE thank you to the donor who recently dropped off several rolls of stamps at Misfit Acres! Postage is a big expense but is needed to correspond. We do not know who this donor was but please know that we are honored to have this donation from you! Another HUGE thank you goes out to Betsy who has donated several bags of Speedi Beet. This unique product is made of flaked beet pulp with no molasses. We did have Lacy on beet pulp shreds with molasses but she became too hyper on the molasses but does need the weight gain/maintenance of beet pulp. Very shortly after we switched her to Speedi Beet, she settled right back down again to her loving self. Speedi Beet is perfect for busy lifestyles since it takes only 10 minutes to soak up in water and is ready to feed. Betsy has also donated bags of “Formula 4 Feet” for our laminitis ponies. This product contains “everything a horse needs”. We have just started the ponies on this product and are hoping for great success. Should you want more information on these products, please let us know. We will happily provide you with Betsy's contact information


Volume 6 issue 4

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From all the “Furbabies” at Misfit Acres…

Top left – Magic, April, Montana, Little Boy, Faith, Lucky, Augie, and BJ Center – Dixie, Peanut, and Curlie Lower left – Shadow, Lacy, Chopper, Ralphie, and Oreo


m i s f i t

a c r e s

12480 550TH AVE W AMBOY MN 56010 Phone: 507-278-4876 E-mail: My Forever Home Saving one horse may not make a difference in the whole world, but it will make a world of difference to that one horse ~ Author Unknown

A Personal Message...

With Christmas time here, our thoughts go to the new year to come as well as reflecting on another year almost over. We are very thankful for all the great things that happen at Misfit Acres and also thankful that we have the support of so many caring people that carry us through the hard times as we work to improve the life of animals in need. We are thankful for the new friendships and the steady friendships we have developed over the years through this common bond of animals. So many times as we look at newspapers, news broadcasts, and internet news sites, the main focus is on sad things and not enough great things/people there are in the world. Since beginning the rescue, we are finding out almost daily how many great people there are out there. As Misfit Acres continues to grow, we are looking forward to relaying many more great instances to you in 2013. Wishing each of you the very, very best for your holiday season and the exciting New Year to come!! Until Spring 2013 —Bruce and Jody

Misfit Acres Winter 2012 Milestones  

Welcome to our December 2012 Newsletter

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