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Misericordia University President’s Donor Report 2011–2012 See page 1 for description of cover art.

2011–2012 Donor Report | A

Misericordia University

President’s Donor Report 2011–2012

See page 1 for description of cover art.

2011–2012 Donor Report | B

Our journey at Misericordia University during the past 15 years has been made up of many smaller journeys. They have not been taken alone. We have been joined by many along the way who value mercy, service, justice, and hospitality—the charisms that shape our values, our lives and that we pass on to the next generation. 2 Misericordia’s Journey

In many ways, the journey has been like the creation of a work of art. It began with a concept, or vision, of the university’s potential, and has been crafted over time with a full appreciation of its beauty. It is always capable of being renewed as institutions of higher education must adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of its students.

6 Special Giving Societies6 6 Lifetime Honorary Associates 7 Heart of Mercy Society 8 Loyalists 13 Leadership Gifts 17 Giving by Constituency 17 Alumni 35 Faculty and Staff

We have been joined on this journey by many who were open to new possibilities. It has been a journey made by those who pursue a brighter future, and those who encourage the next generation to do the same. Together we have come a long way. We are grateful to every friend who helped us continue this journey. We are old friends and new, individuals and corporations, families and foundations. May the journey continue and may it make Misericordia better every day. Thank you for fifteen great years! Carry on the good work. Mike and Tina MacDowell

C | Misericordia University

37 Parents and Family 41 Friends 45 Corporations, Foundations, and Organizations 47 Honor and Memorial Program 49 Financial Statement

On the Cover The artwork on the cover is a multimedia collage created by a group of artists of the Verve Vertu Art Studio, Wilkes-Barre, PA. Verve Vertu is an arts apprenticeship which taps into the creative energy of people with special needs. This work is part of an art collection on display in the Speech-Language Pathology Department in Passan Hall. The University has a special relationship with many of the artists, as a number of them attend therapy sessions at the Speech-Language and Hearing Center at Misericordia.

2011–2012 Donor Report | 1

A Journey That

“Mike and Tina have done it one person at a time. They excel at getting to know our alumni as individuals—their lives, their interests, their families. It’s that one-on-one attention. It’s Misericordia.”

Has Changed

Kelly McAndrew ’79, President, Alumni Association Board “Michael and Tina exemplify great leadership in taking Misericordia and making it a great institution in a matter of 15 years,” says John Metz, long-time Board of Trustees member and current chair. “I don’t think anyone could have accomplished that other than Mike and Tina. They truly are a champion team.” But it’s more than just the surface changes during the 15 years Michael MacDowell has served as president. “The MacDowells have brought renewed pride in the institution,” says Kelly McAndrew ’79, president of the Alumni Board Association. “It’s pride in our campus and our continually rising enrollments, but it’s also the continued increases in SAT scores with those larger classes. The bar has been raised at Misericordia.”

The Wells Fargo Amphitheatre is constructed to hold fall convocation, outdoor concerts, and more.

The Mary Kintz Bevevino Library is dedicated on campus in honor of Mary Kintz Bevevino ‘87.

2 | Misericordia University

Formerly known as the Administration Building, Mercy Hall is renovated for classroom space and campus offices.

Mangelsdorf Field is constructed to serve as home for soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and track and field programs.

“It was more of an evolution, not a revolution,” President MacDowell says. “Once people saw we became a University and once they saw we could fill programs with excellent students who were selecting us over what they perceived to be more prestigious institutions, people believed we had arrived. There is nothing we can’t do if we put our minds to it.”

As part of a gift by the M&T Foundation, the Misericordia tennis team gets a new multicourt complex.

Misericordia adds student housing on Lake Street.

The contributions of the Sisters of Mercy were recognized at the Sisters Serving Sisters, Families Helping Families Gala in December celebrating the 180th Anniversary of the Sisters of Mercy and the 10th Anniversary of the Ruth Matthews Bourger Women with Children Program. Shown, seated from left, are Dr. Mary Ann Dillon, RSM ’68, Dr. Carol Rittner, RSM ‘67, Kathleen Keenan, RSM. Standing, same order, are Catherine McGroarty, RSM ’74, Mayon Sylvain, RSM ‘84, Dr. Martha Hanlon, RSM ’60, Mary Jo McGinley RSM and Bernadette Duross, RSM. Proceeds from the event and additional gifts from alumni and friends were designated to establish the Sisters of Mercy Endowed Scholarship for Women with Children.

College Misericordia became Misericordia University.


From gaining university status to campus expansion, and from unprecedented enrollment growth to adding a football program, the MacDowells’ commitment to Misericordia University has bettered the institution and changed its trajectory.


President Michael MacDowell begins his first semester at College Misericordia. Enrollment is 1,066 full-time students.



Fifteen years ago, when Michael and Tina MacDowell arrived on the campus of what was then College Misericordia, few could have seen what was coming.

The MacDowells brought a vision that elevated Misericordia’s aspirations to new levels. Whether it was forming long-lasting relationships with alumni and friends or Mrs. MacDowell pulling weeds from the student center flower beds, the MacDowells knew what had to be done.


Misericordia University Board of Trustee members gathered with President Michael MacDowell and First Lady Tina MacDowell following the dedication of MacDowell Hall in their honor. Shown, in front row on left, are Sue Helwig, Vice President of University Advancement, and Dr. Deborah Smith-Mileski ’75. Second row, from left, are Dr. Ruth Connolly, Robert Friedman, Bill Williams, John Metz, Board Chair, Dr. Michael MacDowell, Tina MacDowell, Sherry Manetta ’72, Catherine McGroarty, RSM ’74, and Helene Flower Reed ’66. Third row, from left, are Jonathan Brassington ’95, Patricia FinanCastellano ’73, Harold “Hal” Flack, II, Christopher Borton, Sandy Insalaco, Sr., Roger Howell, Mary Erwine ’90 & ’92, Paul “Chip” Siegel, George Huntzinger, and Michael Amory ’85.

And these changes have all taken place while holding dear the Sisters of Mercy’s mission of service, mercy, justice, and hospitality. “We have very loyal and dedicated community friends who believe in the mission of the Sisters of Mercy,” says Sue Helwig, vice president for University Advancement. “They understand Mike is a strong leader, and he’s moved the mission forward.”



Monsignor Andrew J. McGowan Student Residence Hall is completed and serves as a home to 116 students.

The Geraldine Ruth Daley Anderson Bell Tower is constructed.

2011–2012 Donor Report | 3

Within the last fiscal year, growth has continued at Misericordia; for the sixth year in a row, alumni participation has been in the top one percent nationally for similarly sized institutions. With the help of past trustee and chair, Sandy Insalaco Sr., and a $1 million contribution from John and Mary Metz, a new fieldhouse now bears the Metz’s names. Paul “Chip” Siegel, the entire Board of Trustees, and countless alumni led to opening the new Michael and Tina MacDowell Hall this fall as well. “Mike and Tina have done it one person at a time,” McAndrew says. “They excel at getting to know our alumni as individuals—their lives, their interests, their families. It’s that one-on-one attention. It’s Misericordia.” Alumni and friends of Misericordia have been essential to the success of the institution. The number of alumni donors has increased 36 percent since 1998, with $62 million in fundraising received during that period. That’s led to an increased endowment, more campus facilities, new academic programs, and more. “Our alumni and community of friends support has been essential to the growth of Misericordia,” Helwig says. “Our alumni have always had a clear allegiance to Misericordia, and they want to continue to support future generations.

Our dedicated and loyal community of friends believes in the mission of the Sisters of Mercy, and Michael has continued to move that mission forward.

“People feel good about giving to the University because they know the money they give will go into immediate action and the result will make them proud. Michael really allows for nothing else to happen. He never gives up on anything. I don’t think you can ever say never with this president—that’s not a word that is in his vocabulary.”

This financial support, coupled with the trinity of learning— high quality academics, superb career preparation, and honing student compassion to serving others—had led to a 93 percent retention rate at Misericordia, including 88 percent for freshmen. “We’re educating students, helping them succeed, getting them into the work force, or getting them into graduate school—and that’s our job,” MacDowell says.

“Since Mike first days at the college, speaking with alumni has been something he has always made part of his responsibility,” Helwig says. “As a result, he has many friends throughout the country and many alumni who consider him a friend. We wanted to provide Mike and Tina with the opportunity to say goodbye and provide them with the opportunity to thank him for what he’s done for Misericordia.” “We’re really telling them three things,” President MacDowell says. “One, this has been the best time of our lives. No one could have asked for a better job. Two, we are so pleased that the cohesiveness of the mission of this institution—the charisms of the Sisters and the trinity of learning—is so much a part of this institution that, regardless of whoever is president, it will continue. Three, we are pleased we had a vision for the institution, got it there, and can hand it off to the next team, who will take it further. There is something satisfying about a project that is manageable enough in size that people genuinely care about it and want to see it move ahead.”

“People now know Misericordia,” Metz says. “It’s a school we’re proud to be part of, and we go out of our way to tell the Misericordia story. That story includes helping first-time college students graduate, being one of the most affordable schools in the area, and building a strong financial situation; this has all been driven by President MacDowell and the team he’s put together.”

The purchase of a former telephone company building on Lake Street brings about John S. Passan Hall, which is home to Misericordia’s College of Health Sciences.

4 | Misericordia University

Misericordia moves and expands the Fitness Center to provide enhanced workout facilities for students, faculty, staff, and community members.









Gifts Restricted to Endowment





Academic Support



Administrative Support



Debt Service Mary and John Metz (center) are honored during the dedication of the John and Mary Metz Field House with a presentation by President Michael MacDowell and First Lady Tina MacDowell.

Renovation of existing community building for the Misericordia Arts Studio, allowing students and community members to take art courses.

Misericordia adds the Machell Avenue Residence Hall.

Sources of Philanthropy

Student Benefits

Physical Plant


Banks Student Life Center is renovated housing the bookstore, the post office, Student Affairs offices, and the remodeled Metz Dining Hall for students.

“The new president will have an institution that is financially capable and optimized for enrollment, and trustees and alumni who have a thoughtful picture of the next step for the institution,” President MacDowell says. “Higher education belongs to the brave—not those who rest on their laurels but those who move ahead. It’s those innovative institutions like Misericordia that have programs that attract students and serve students very well that will survive.”

Uses of Philanthropy


Sandy and Marlene Insalaco Hall opens, serving as the home to the Assistive Technology Research Institute, classroom/ conference space, and the Pauly Friedman Art Gallery.



During Alumni Weekend, Past Chair Helene Flower Reed ’66 and Current Chair Kelly Spencer McAndrew ’79 of the Alumni Association Board presented a check for $961,115 representing alumni giving to Misericordia in the past year to President Mike MacDowell.

This 15-year endeavor is coming to a close in June 2012 for the MacDowells and Misericordia when Mike and Tina retire. In celebration, the MacDowells have started to travel the country on a Journey Among Friends.

Once June arrives, the MacDowells plan on staying in the area. Mike MacDowell will work on writing and other projects in economic education, with the couple wintering in Florida. As for the 13th president of Misericordia University, “We need a president who can look at the big picture and has the focus of a strategic plan down the road,” McAndrew says. “A new president has to understand and embrace our strategic plan and go from there. We have to continue to reach out into the population that the Sisters of Mercy looked to—first generation students going to college—as well as expand our programs and invest in the sciences.”


Total full-time student enrollment is more than 1,900 students.

Friends Government Organizations





Parents Total

$950,200.68 $5,995,050.18 $252,566.78 $46,978.59 $10,029,877.40

Dr. Michael and Tina MacDowell Hall opens for additional housing options on campus.

Misericordia endowment reaches an alltime high of more than $25 million.

John and Mary Metz Field House is unveiled to provide meeting and locker room space for the football, soccer, field hockey, track and field, and lacrosse teams.

2011–2012 Donor Report | 5

Special Giving Societies Whether it’s continuing to provide opportunities for first-generation college students or living by the Mercy values each and every day, our journey continues to be possible because of three particular sets of friends who show inspiration, service, and love to Misericordia through their gifts. Those donors who have given $100,000 or more during their lives are named “Lifetime Honorary Associates” by Misericordia University. Individuals who have provided for the future of Misericordia in their estate plans belong to the “Heart of Mercy Society.” Among the third group, the “Loyalists,” you’ll find the donors who over at least a decade have sent gifts year in and year out. These individuals have truly been part of the journey among friends.

Lifetime Honorary Associates A curriculum that prepares students to continue to excel for decades to come. Everincreasing faculty excellence in teaching and scholarship. A continued inclusive excellence in our campus community. These friends who have given $100,000 or more to Misericordia continue to empower us to keep striving toward these goals because of their generosity and loyalty. $100,000 or more Mr. Robert and Mrs. Rebecca Bannen Aben George I. Alden Trust Dr. and Mrs. Louis T. Alesi Dr. Robert S. Anderson* Association of Independent Colleges and Universities Joseph B. and Virginia H. Banks Foundation B and B Trust James E. and Constance L. Bell Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Bevevino The Booth Ferris Foundation Mr. John J. Bourke Jonathan ‘95 & Linda Zebrowski Brassington ‘98 Dr. Thomas W. Byron and Dr. Joan E. Greulick Campus EAI Consortium W. P. Carey Foundation, Inc. Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Patricia Finan Castellano ‘73 Citizens Bank Mrs. Marion Cooper* Mr. Jack F. Manglesdorf and Ms. Dorothy Darte Darling Diocese of Scranton 6 | Misericordia University

Mary Hudack Erwine ‘90 - Erwine Home Health and Hospice, Inc. Mr. Alan* and Mrs. Evelyn Finlay The Flack Family Sidney and Pauly* Friedman Frontier Communications Solutions Tony* and Helen Grosek William Randolph Hearst Foundation Mr. George and Mrs. Sherry Huntzinger Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Insalaco, Sr. InterMetro Industries Corp. Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Marguerite Bohn Joseph ‘64 Kraft Foods, Inc. The Kresge Foundation M & T Bank Marquis George MacDonald Foundation Dr. Michael and Mrs.Tina MacDowell Dr. John P. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Richard Maslow McCole Foundations, Inc. William G. McGowan Charitable Fund, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Metz Metz & Associates Ltd., Inc. Mr. Jack and Mrs. Maureen Moran

Mr. J. Donald Munson* Mr. William* and Mrs. Jean Olash Murphy ‘50 The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Parente Randolph, LLC Passan Foundation Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation Pennsylvania Millers Insurance Company Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Perrella Pew Charitable Trusts PNC Bank PPL Electric Utilities Pride Mobility Products Corp. - Scott and Dan Meuser Dr. Arthur* and Mrs. Joann Rasmussen Religious Sisters of Mercy MidAtlantic Community/Dallas Attorney Harold and Mrs. Sallyanne Frank Rosenn ‘44 Max and Tillie Rosenn Foundation, Inc. Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald LLP Sanofi Pasteur Ms. Rosemary Sigmond Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Mid-Atlantic Region

Sodexho/Wood Company Mr. Andrew and Dr. Susan Fort Sordoni ‘68 Sordoni Foundation, Inc. Mr. Thomas and Mrs. JoAnn Touch Speicher ‘66 Mary Beth McNamara Sullivan ‘71 Tambur Family Foundation Teagle Foundation, Inc. Mr. William J. and Mrs. Constance* Umphred Attorney Bernard and Mrs. Roberta Walter Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Foundation

$50,000-$99,999 Prior to July 1, 2001

Heart of Mercy Society From wills to trusts, these friends looked ahead and designated gifts to Misericordia so we can continue this journey. Their kindness and hope gives us the confidence for the future. Dr. Peter and Kathleen Coyle Achorn ’65 Louis and Barbara Alesi Robert Anderson* Phyllis McGeady Asson ‘54 Sarah Sterner Barr ‘48* Irene E. Belarski ‘50 Margaret A. Buckley ‘56 Agnes Toloczko Cardoni ‘69 Maureen Gallagher Casey ‘60 Ann Rhoda Chopick Helen Evans Culp ‘41 Barbara Ann Curtis ‘63 Dr. Kathleen Heidelberger Davenport ‘61 Martha Barr Dunn ‘65 Brian ‘96 and Jennine Egan Rosemary Dorning Esseff ‘52 Nancy Gallagher ‘52 Mr. John Garrity Rosalie J. Guido ‘45 Bettsi Jaeger ‘68 Claire Fielder Karpov ‘87 Evelyn Tomasovic Kersey Marie E. Wittman Kilgallon ‘41 Karen Ann Kandy Kizis ‘76 Lorraine Sonday Kleynowski ‘62 Joan L. Krause ‘58 Helene C. Kretchik ‘43 Josephine Olash Lecnar ‘39*

Dorothea Perry Lieberman ‘57 Evelyn Gorup Loehle ‘55 Nancy Smith Lynch ‘68 Dr. Michael and Mrs. Tina MacDowell Marjorie Moll Mangan ‘61 Roberta H. Mawdsley Mary Ellen McGeehan ‘46 Mary Jane McGonegal ‘50 Mary Neary ‘42 Mr. Joseph S. O’Connor Rose Sawyer Placey ‘52 Mary Jerista Raab ‘64 William R. Reed, Ph.D. and Helene Flower Reed ‘66 Kathleen Dorris Reese ‘50* Marie Pachence Reeves ‘62 Mr. F. Scott Rosenn Harold and Sallyanne Frank Rosenn ‘44 Dr. William H. Selden, Jr. James ‘87 and Carol Linko Siberski ‘94 Mr. Paul “Chip” and Mrs. Janet Siegel ‘74 Rosemary A. Sigmond Ms. Barbara Soyka Beth Schmauch Walls ‘82 Anne Louise Wittman ‘56 Dr. Midori Yamanouchi *Deceased

Beck Foundation Brennan Electric, Inc. Mrs. Nancy Cresko* Mr. Jay* and Mrs. Helen* Dugan Charles Edison Fund Dr. John F. Kenny* Josephine Olash Lecnar ‘39* Mac-Mod Analytical, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Randolph, Jr. Mr. William and Mrs. Shelly Nathan Smulowitz ‘81

2011–2012 Donor Report | 7


These friends have given annually to Misericordia for 10 or more years in a row. Their steadfast generosity helps us teach and share ideas with future generations.

Anonymous Kathleen Coyle Achorn ‘65 Mary Ellen Crane Adams ‘62 Rosalie Marino Adams ‘64 Mr. John and Mrs. Ann Marie Perrone Adonizio ‘67 Nancy Wojcik Alberici ‘70 Dr. and Mrs. Louis T. Alesi Thomas ‘96 and Melissa Longhi Amershek ‘97 Margaret Kimball Anderson ‘82 Caroline Strunk Andreas ‘68 Aileen Andrews ‘51 Mary Ellen Boyle Andrews ‘71 Catherine Misewich Andrusky ‘68 Mr. and Mrs. Val Apanovich Kathleen Eberhard Appert ‘61 Constance Matson Argonis ‘59 Anne Barrett Armstrong ‘52 Mary Ann Siedlecki Ashton ‘70 Association of Independent Colleges and Universities Thomas and Phyllis McGeady Asson ‘54 Carmen Attanasio ‘97 Mary Louise Zurenda Austin ‘65 Helen Marcelonis Aviles ‘56 Vincent and Philomena Yen Avona ‘60 Mary Piskorik Babcock ‘62 Teresa Hayes Babetski ‘78 Eileen White Baginski ‘72 Eugenia Zavoyski Bahler ‘58 Kathleen Mahon Bailer ‘78 Marianne Baloga ‘63 Elisabeth Johnson Balonis ‘64 Ann Marie Balz ‘83 Mrs. Virginia Banks Enola Judge Barlik ‘63 Altagrazia Rizk Barouk ‘49 Amelia Rushton Barrett ‘54 Jane Owen Barrons ‘49 Rose Marie Eckenroth Barry ‘54

8 | Misericordia University

Dr. Gwen Bartolacci Leona Sabalis Basar ‘58 Margaret Fritz Basta ‘62 Debra Tanner Bayer ‘73 Mary Beatty ‘50 Charlotte Grozier Becker ‘60 Irene Schilling Bednowicz ‘49 Geraldine Pace Bedwell ‘48 Joanne Kotch Beemiller ‘88 Elaine Oley Beggs ‘67 Barbara Ann Melvin Beisler ‘80 Irene Belarski ‘50 Elaine Schlosser King Belgen ‘70 James E. and Constance L. Bell Foundation Eleanor Kaper Bellanco ‘62 Msgr. John J. Bendik Brian Benedetti ‘75 Patricia McLaughlin Benedetti ‘80 Norma Picasso Benisch ‘57 Diane Petrin Berna ‘51 Valerie Tucker Berzanski ‘77 Carol Schoeller Bessette ‘60 Janet Beveridge ‘67 Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Bevevino Mary Ann Bialek ‘53 Victoria Biga ‘64 Annette Trzcinski Billmeyer ‘45 Mary Jo Bishop ‘97 Theresa Henry Blaum ‘56 Joan McGuiness Blewitt ‘74 Cheryl Harrison Blockland ‘88 Bloomsburg Metal Company Rosemary Coupe Bogdan ‘73 Helen Bourke Boggs ‘59 Donna Hudick Bohn ‘89 Alicia Boland ‘97 Debra Galli Bonar ‘78 Anne Marie Bonomo ‘67 Pamela Peterson Borek ‘87 Sandra Rapchinski Boris ‘66

Susan Cotter Boris ‘74 Margaret Lukasavage Borton ‘48 Paul Bosco ‘79 Rosemary Stefanoski Bott ‘67 Mr. John J. Bourke Catherine Frantz Bourne ‘66 Margaret Bowes Bovard ‘71 Suzanne E. Weirich Bower ‘55 Mr. and Mrs. James K. Boyle Glenn Bozinski ‘95 Ann Claffey Bradley ‘91 Miriam Levinson Brand ‘50 Joan Bruneau Breen ‘55 Joan Fisher Brehm ‘66 Janice Piperata Breidinger ‘76 Anne Brennan ‘60 Patricia McCormick Brennan ‘51 Ann Brislin ‘58 Elizabeth A. Britt ‘72 Anne Marie Kelly Brixius ‘63 Elizabeth Insalaco Brogna ‘58 Catherine Conahan Brown ‘48 Dorothy McKenna Brown Mr. and Mrs. Karl L. Brown Larree Elston Brown ‘96 Nathalie Brown ‘61 Jean Gandy Browne Margaret Willgruber Brunner ‘67 Mary Manganella Brunner ‘65 Shellene Trevethan Bruno ‘98 Joan Bozza Buccola ‘67 Barbara Steck Buckanavage ‘64 Beverly Bonning Bunney ‘69 Rosella A. Pachence Burcin ‘58 Mary Ann M. Shander Burghold Diane Josephs Burkam ‘71 Margaret Burke ‘73 Nora Barrett Burke ‘61 Judge Thomas and Mrs. Margaret Neff Burke ‘74 Mary Burns ‘68

Sharon Vollrath Burry ‘70 Joan Byrne ‘51 Margaret Davis Cable ‘45 Margaret Caffrey ‘69 Dr. James and Dr. Annette Battista Calderone ‘85 Dorothy Monahan Callahan ‘56 Ann Lawler Camp ‘72 Carolyn Farrell Campbell ‘58 Frances Rodgers Candia ‘64 Jeanne Toltowicz Capriotti ‘60 Elizabeth Sullivan Cardell ‘54 Mary Brennan Carden ‘62 Agnes Toloczko Cardoni ‘69 Kenneth Carl ‘01 Lorraine Hosey Carmean ‘70 Christine Niznik Carolan ‘82 Margaret Carroll ‘51 Carroll Construction Company Amy ‘05 and Richard Caruso ‘07 Kathleen Shovlin Casey ‘69 Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Patricia Finan Castellano ‘73 Geraldine V. Casterline ‘79 Colleen Murphy Castner ‘73 Dr. Leona Lanza Castor ‘57 Carmel Rose Cavanaugh Mary Brady and Dennis C. Caverly Central Clay Products, Inc. Joan Cerra ‘92 Anna Cervenak ‘86 Maureen Chamberlain ‘68 Dorothy Guinee Chard ‘60 Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Kathleen Cummings Charney ‘78 Margo Checrallah ‘74 Choice One Federal Credit Union Louisa King Chu ‘59 Patricia Missett Cicci ‘67 Brenda Murray Ciehoski ‘93 Ann Manisera Cikowski ‘54

Dr. Joseph A. Cipriani ‘88 Marie Ciraco ‘57 Althea Disque Clark ‘92 Joan Nardone Clarke ‘70 Kathleen Lukatch Clemente ‘74 Margaret Morgan Coates ‘52 Linda Gensinger Colarco ‘68 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Colardo Patricia Gallagher Cole ‘65 Patricia Merwald Cole ‘72 Lorraine Guidi Collins ‘70 Mary Paye Comfort ‘53 Jane VanKoski Comitz ‘68 Ann Norton Connell ‘85 Elizabeth Connery ‘77 Beverly Connolly ‘83 Mary Harrity Connolly ‘67 Dr. Ruth A. Connolly Sharon Lyman Connors ‘66 Virginia Roche Conrad ‘05 Sandra Consalvo ‘74 Mary Lou Jepko Cookson ‘88 Corcoran Printing Marguerite Corrigan ‘44 Cynthia Paulikas Costello ‘88 Mrs. Ann Mueller Coughlin Mary Coulton ‘70 Elizabeth Murphy Courtney ‘59 Patricia Sadowski Crabtree ‘72 Ann Dougher Craig ‘61 Virginia Weis Cramer ‘62 Creative Business Interiors John Crine ‘02 Fred J. Croop, CPA Marion Yasenchak Cross ‘58 Anne Lieberman Crossen ‘66 Clara Golen Crosson ‘59 Kathryn McAndrew Cummings ‘64 Mary Dwyer Curley ‘62 Ellen Curry ‘63 Barbara Ann Curtis ‘63 Barbara Shmigelski Czajkowski ‘60 Anna D’Amico ‘56 Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Dolores Nardone D’Elia ‘62 Mary Stewart Dahlgard ‘73 Dallas Centre Hardware, Inc. Mary Dalpiaz ‘88 Kathleen Rusnock Darowish ‘70 Carol Czajkowski Daru ‘66 Dr. Charles and Dr. Kathleen Heidelberger Davenport ‘61 Mary Adrienne Paul Davenport ‘53 Charles and Colleen Daylor Davis ‘87 Felicia Warkomski Davis ‘49 Mrs. Ruth P. Davis Mary Gouse Deduke ‘58 Catherine Schneider Deedwania ‘70 Catherine Finnin Deenihan ‘66 Janet Delaney ‘58 Mary Corrigan Delehanty ‘41 Margaret Carroll Delia ‘53 Sandra Della Croce Dolores Thomas Delloro ‘53 Mr. and Mrs. Jon DeLong

Jeanine Delucca ‘82 Joyce Everett DeMoss ‘66 Michael Dennen ‘90 Mary McNamara deQuevedo ‘63 Jane F. Dessoye Eileen Devaney ‘64 Elizabeth Tomolaitis DiAndriole ‘59 Donna Smith Dickinson ‘89 Linda Ludwig Dieffenbach ‘92 Mary Ann Teutsch Dingman ‘77 Pauline Dinis ‘62 Rosemary Kelly DiTaranto ‘53 Mary McGinley Dixon ‘57 Mildred Williams Dobash ‘97 Jean Germick Dobinick ‘77 Joan Dobosh ‘56 Maureen Doerfler ‘99 Barbara Ryan Dombroski ‘82 Margaret Strome Donohue ‘43* Gabrielle DePirro Dooley ‘50 Margaret Heyburn Dorish ‘65 Josephine Infantino Dougherty ‘08 Linda Barbero Doughton ‘72 Beth Ann Mulhern Draminski ‘62 Josephine DiMaggio Draper ‘66 Jean Giordano Drescher ‘57 Kathleen Hanish Drialo ‘63 Lea Ann Dura Dudinyak ‘03 Rosalie Gouse Dufala ‘60 Suzanne Dunbar ‘64 Eleanor Dunfee ‘46 Martha Barr Dunn ‘65 Anne Marie Durkin ‘45 Mary Jenkins Dvoroznak ‘69 Lori Dydynski ‘92 Mary Ann Dziak ‘99 Rita Aigeldinger Dziekan ‘66 Eastern Auto Motor Corporation Eastern Pennsylvania Supply Company Debra Wright Eastman ‘81 Susan Harcharufka Elias ‘59 Judith A. Ellis ‘88 Virginia Donlin Emershaw ‘62 Florence Uhlinger Emory ‘50 Mary Alice Blaum Endler ‘66 Mary Alice Bahl Eppers ‘61 Mr. George and Mrs. Rosemary Dorning Esseff ‘52 Alice Kukowski Erdly ‘99 Mary Hudack Erwine ‘90 Theresa Tabbit Evans ‘62 Eberhard and Mary Louise Faber Linda Teti Facciolo ‘70 Donna Fairchild ‘80 Barbara Boberick Falls ‘73 Arlene Sinal Farese ‘49 Patricia Winner Farnan ‘68 Mary Beth Garey Farrell Helen Brady Frank Fayen ‘77 Jean Neff Fedor ‘61 C. Judy Greener Feeney ‘59 Theresa Cerza Fehlinger ‘71 Patricia Walsh Fennell ‘56 Elizabeth Guiney Fenton ‘50 Mary Ann Cocco Feoli ‘60

Carol Berkant Ference ‘76 Regina Ference ‘58 Gloria Klassen Field ‘62 Madeline Bonacci Fink ‘64 Thomas Finlan ‘87 Alan* and Evelyn Finlay Eileen Finley ‘69 Arthur and Barbara Anne Rittinger Finn ‘54 Camilla McNelis Finnan ‘60 Fino’s Pharmacy Elaine Ferris Fisher ‘01 Betty Roberts Fitelson ‘49 Patricia Bannon Fitzgerald ‘59 Marianne Fitzpatrick ‘67 Regina Fitzpatrick ‘85 Ann Bourke Fives ‘56 Mrs. Kathi Flack Therese Flanagan ‘58 Bonnie DeRose Flynn ‘66 Thomas ‘91 and Kit Foley Patricia Burke Forr ‘69 Fortune Fabrics, Inc. Carole Judge Fosko ‘58 Joan Smith Foster ‘79 Miriam Butler Frail ‘68 Cindy Franklin ‘96 Daniel Franklin ‘99 Sandra Blazejewski Frantz ‘68 Roberta Zovlonsky Frey ‘72 Mr. Sidney Friedman James and Susan Fronzoni ‘94 Mary Lou Ahearn Fusillo ‘62 Eileen Kane Gallagher ‘39 Joan Gallagher ‘53 Nancy Gallagher ‘52 Patricia Gallagher ‘71 Margaret Gardner ‘73 Mary Ellen Gardner ‘67 Elizabeth Joan Garvey ‘64 Mary Ann Gaydos ‘53 Geisinger Health System Theresa Gerold ‘49 Cynthia Vickers Giffin ‘76 Debra Smith Gildea ‘73 Mary Santasania Gill ‘75 Lisa Biscotto Gillespie ‘82 Mary Ann Beacham Girvan ‘64 Noreen Becker Gladey ‘69 Andrea Glod ‘66 Victoria Perlick Glod ‘65 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Glowzenski Dolores Ann Russell Goble ‘87 Ann Marie Benczkowski Gocek ‘65 Dr. Mary Alice Golden ‘76 Mary Ellen Golden Curtin ‘69 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Gonchar Laura Osborn Gorman ‘74 Mary Berkery Gorman ‘52 Sheryl Goss ‘98 Marcella Solomon Gough ‘50 Donna App Goundie ‘92 Nancy Doran Graham ‘52 Deborah Grassi ‘71 Rosemary Steinkirchner Grebeck ‘63

Nancy O’Neill Greiner ‘56 Dorothy Sirera Grevera ‘53 Laura Perry Griffin ‘72 Gwen Jones Groblewski ‘81 William Groblewski ‘84 Attorney Robert J. Gronauer ‘91 Mr. Howard and Mrs. Tobi Balin Grossman ‘79 Bernadette Mazur Grove ‘68 Heidi Ockenlaender Guess ‘94 Rosalie Guido ‘45 Mary Ellen Gulotti ‘87 Regina Shehadi Guza ‘61 Marilyn Michelcavage Haffey ‘73 Mary Ellen Schiff Hagen ‘43 Theresa Burnat Hahn ‘57 Rosemary O’Malley Halas ‘56 Karen McKernan Halbig ‘72 Joanne Driscoll Hale ‘70 Dr. Elaine DiRisio Halesey ‘86 Paula Weist Hamilton ‘94 Margaret Hanlon ‘82 Thomas Hanlon ‘82 Linda Harker ‘92 Mary Ann Konopka Harmanos ‘69 Mary Alice Lawlor Harrington ‘61 Loretta Patak Hartford ‘49 Ann Marie Shovlin Hawkins ‘62 Jeanne McLaughlin Hayes ‘54 Kathleen Hayes ‘69 Anna Proleika Heaney ‘58 Dolores Dolgas Hearn ‘63 Colette Heck OP ‘52 Michelle Miller Hediger ‘97 Catherine Heim ‘71 Susan and Willard F. Helwig, III Mary Ann Roan Hennessy ‘42 Joan Hennigan ‘73 Lorraine Harmanos Henrich ‘66 Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Henry Kathryn Henry ‘73 Mary Jane Henry ‘67 Patricia Buckley Herceg ‘53 Suzanne Cox Herstek ‘68 Cecilia Bukowski Hibbard ‘96 Dr. Norman Hicks and Mrs. Ann Marie Wysocki Hicks ‘65 Margaret Lyon Higgins ‘48 Janet Gloge Hill ‘67 Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Hobby, III Barbara Gannon Hogan ‘71 Theresa Ann Hollock ‘05 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hoover Elizabeth Gido Hornack ‘96 John and Margaret Davis Hovan ‘70 Carole Vuolo Howell ‘71 Eleanor Metzler Howley ‘58 Florence Matura Hozempa ‘47 Thomas Huber ‘94 Ms. Sharon Olinger Hudak Anna Hudock ‘68 Stephen Hullinger ‘91 Richard Humphrey ‘78 Dr. George and Mrs. Gaylene Hunter Ann Marie Hayko Huntz ‘55

2011–2012 Donor Report | 9

Alice Rittinger Husovsky ‘64 Marie Letoski Husty ‘73 Linda Sweeney Hutchinson ‘62 Gertrude Chocallo Hynek ‘51 Mary Elencik Hynick ‘65 Audrey Ide ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Insalaco, Sr. Christine Gallagher Ippoliti ‘69 Maureen Foote Irion ‘70 Julie Mantione Iwanowski ‘64 Ann Dolores Lawrence Iwicki ‘58 Jack Williams Tire Company Patricia Oliver Jackowski ‘56 Barbara Lavery Jackson ‘64 Bettsi Jaeger ‘68 Jeanne Novroski Jagozinski ‘78 Ann Bowman Jamieson ‘69 Margaret Kolessar Janosik ‘79 Kathleen Costin Jefferies ‘72 David ‘89 and Mariarose Grillo Johndrow ‘89 Joan Domnick Johnson ‘73 Barbara Wunsch Johnston ‘74 Betty Rojek Jones ‘72 Diane Castrignano Jones ‘74 Dr. Marcella Kozmoski Jones ‘61 Mary Grace Scalzo Jones ‘67 Roxie Jones ‘99 William M. Jones ‘85 and Janet Jones Judith Jordan Mary Ellen McHugh Jordan ‘64 Carol Kaleta ‘75 Mr. Robert S. Kaleta Theresa Iwanowski Kambies ‘68 Mary Vincenti Kammer ‘66 Joan Ruda Kanavich ‘70 Patricia Klepadlo Kandrovy ‘85 Elizabeth Bahl Kane ‘69 Mary Alice Kane ‘62 Maureen Reilly Katarsky ‘63 Linda Sudol Kaufman ‘94 Donna Kaylor ‘63 Catherine Hoover Kazlauskas ‘66 Marie Keeler ‘62 Mary Ann Agonis Keller ‘54 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kelley Carol Kelly ‘72 Helen Kelly ‘61 Michael Kelly ‘81 Anne Klug Kemmerer ‘69 Dr. Kathleen Nulton Kemmerer ‘74 Agnes Bradley Kennedy ‘61 Elizabeth Donohoe Kennedy ‘65 Elizabeth Golden Kennedy ‘70 Donna Hall Kepler ‘77 James and Evelyn Kersey Marie Wittman Kilgallon ‘41 Anne King ‘60 Anne Korshalla King ‘59 Mari Phillips King ‘75 Mary Frances Byrnes King ‘61 Lisa Cosgrove Kinney ‘85 Kathleen Kuntz Kirchoff ‘69 Maria Berti Kittle ‘68 Josephine Petscavage Klemek ‘36 10 | Misericordia University

Lorraine Sonday Kleynowski ‘62 Anne Rogan Kline ‘53 Ann Marie Murphy Koch ‘68 Mr. Chip and Mrs. Kimberly Martin Koehl Mary Vinson Koehl ‘78 Margaret Jordan Koehler ‘55 Elizabeth Teaken Koll ‘66 Mary Ellen Gallagher Kolodziej ‘63 Nancy Klimchak Konarski ‘75 Christine Ores Kopcho ‘70 Betsy Grimes Kopec ‘67 Rita Grigor Kordoski ‘56 Jo Anne Schwab Korshalla ‘60 Lucinda Leonard Korus ‘73 Dolores Zawoiski Kosisher ‘50 Barbara Kosko ‘53 Anne Kovac ‘61 Susan Verano Kovaleski ‘73 Ann Gawat Kowalski ‘60 Mrs. Joy Kozemchak Robert ‘99 and Colleen Fritz Kozikowski ‘98 Dolores Kozloski ‘71 Rosemary Haduch Kozlowski ‘67 Dorothy Miller Krackenfels ‘57 Marilyn Dillon Krall ‘70 Rosanne Kramer ‘92 Dorothy Karalunas Krapf ‘66 Joan Krause ‘58 A. Louise Kreider ‘88 Maryanna Delehanty Kreidman ‘74 Mary Bride Krill ‘71 Jennie Innocenti Krogulski ‘49 Mary Ann Krolikowski ‘88 Carolyn Gutch Kula ‘66 Patricia Sitnik Kunsaitis ‘97 Debra Kush ‘77 Alice Rae Joyce Kutish ‘86 Ann Gabriel Kuzminski ‘61 Joanne Grocela Kyne ‘77 Gloria Anzalone Labatch ‘68 Anna Mae Adamevicz Lacey ‘54 Arlene Krause Lacey ‘68 Michaeline Savitski Lacey ‘69 Edward ‘95 and Amy Lahart ‘95 Dr. Charles and Mrs. Constance A. LaJeunesse ‘98 Dawn Robbins Lambert ‘01 Rosemary Murphy Lambert ‘68 Luanne O’Hop Lampman ‘79 Joanne Lang ‘58 M. Barbara Boyle LaPorte ‘64 Geraldine Wolinsky Larkin ‘72 Lois Dreistadt Lascari ‘54 Jacqueline Kreidler Latosek ‘81 Jean Redding Laughman ‘69 Maureen Donohue Lavelle ‘55 Joan Giering Lavinio ‘51 Elizabeth Brennan Lawler ‘72 Matthew ‘99 and Gina Tropiano Lawney ‘99 Ann Marie Bolin Lawrence ‘76 Helen-Louise Baum Lawrence ‘54 Elinor Bakun Lea ‘46

Justine Gray Leash ‘92 Elizabeth Marilyn Kuhta LeBrie ‘53 Kathleen Mulcahy Lee ‘78 Barbara Derwin Leggat ‘95 Janet Rugato Lehecka ‘68 Leslie A. Leibman ‘99 Anne Calligheris Leibrock ‘48 Joanne Kine Leichte ‘77 Anne Hughes Leininger ‘73 Marilyn Lelek ‘71 The Honorable Charles* and Mrs. Barbara Lemmond Patricia O’Brien Lenahan ‘00 Dr. Sarah Ellen Lenahan ‘68 Marie Machung Lenox ‘67 Jule Carr Leonard ‘57 Teresa Sharkey Leshko ‘67 Christina Gaydos Lewandoski ‘65 Dorothea Perry Lieberman ‘57 Linda Kraml Link ‘63 Barbara Linski ‘68 Mrs. Carol Llewellyn Barbara Locey ‘96 Maureen Maxwell Locke ‘76 Evelyn Gorup Loehle ‘55 Florence Milazzo Lombardo ‘66 Joan Lugoski ‘93 Dr. Carl and Mrs. Joan* Wojcik Lukach ‘52 Jack Lukazik ‘89 Loraine Luke ‘82 Mary Rose Jurosky Lukesh ‘79 Mrs. Jennifer V. Luksa Bernadine Dougalas Luksic ‘59 Sandra Postupack Luongo ‘67 Luzerne Foundation Nancy Smith Lynch ‘68 Martha Glasheen Lyons ‘68 Molly Mollahan Lyons ‘51 Dr. Janice Lysiak ‘70 Suzanne Doyle MacAvoy ‘64 Elizabeth Broscius MacDougall ‘85 Dr. Michael and Mrs.Tina MacDowell Mary Louise Mulligan MacFarland ‘53 Mr. Frank and Mrs. Joan* Madden ‘52 Dr. Louis Maganzin Mrs. Marianne Mahle ‘85 Joanne Fumanti Major ‘74 Patricia Makely ‘68 Matthew ‘02 and Lisa Malcolm Geraldine Clauss Malloy ‘67 Margaret Creagh Malloy ‘67 Sylvia Romanoski Maloney ‘61 Cheta Bortz Malvizzi ‘57 Dr. Robin Sakina Lounsberry Mama ‘82 Brenda Terry Manchester ‘94 Salvatrice Mancuso ‘49 Mr. Brian Harvey and Ms. Sherry Manetta ‘72 Elizabeth Mangan ‘79 Marjorie Moll Mangan ‘61 Dolores Stelma Manganella ‘63 Mr. and Mrs. James J. Manley Jennifer Girio Manning ‘98 Marie Mizdail Mark ‘52

Kathleen Shedletsky Markwell ‘63 Marguerite Feist Marky ‘68 Mary Eileen Marlowe ‘39 B. Gail Gaynor Marshall ‘89 Megan Walsh Martin ‘99 Christine Martinelli ‘92 Patricia Piatt Masucci ‘49 Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Carol Matinas Delphine Gerlak Mattei ‘58 Rose Marie Zaher Mazer ‘52 Marianne Cunniff Mazzagetti ‘65 Barbara Tretheway McAfee ‘84 Mary Lupien McCabe ‘64 Marion Rempuszewski McCarthy ‘60 Mary Jule Purcell McCarthy ‘52 Marie Manley McClellan ‘62 Barbara Yorke McCoart ‘55 McCole Foundation Marguerite Reap McCool ‘59 Joanne Hansen McDonough ‘66 Carol Shulver McDougall ‘60 Ruth Purcell McEvoy ‘55 Sheila O’Connell McFadden ‘64 Eileen McFarland ‘95 Ellen McGinley ‘62 Catherine A. McGovern, Esq. ‘82 Sally Zalonis McGovern ‘69 Patricia Hannagan McGowan ‘56 Mary Ann McManus McGrane ‘50 John and Dona Salamida McGrath ‘67 Eileen O’Connor McGuire ‘76 Lucy Foote McHale ‘76 Elizabeth McHugh ‘64 Patricia Yosh McHugh ‘64 Trudie Cochran McManus ‘48 Janice Eckenrode McNeal ‘65 Geraldine Fenner McNulty ‘63 Patricia Beatty McNulty ‘52 Mr. Tom Morgan and Ms. Erna J. McReynolds Mary Beth Brill Mecca ‘78 Cecilia Meighan, RSM ‘58 Dr. John Mellon Anne Galligan Memory ‘68 Joseph Mengeringhausen ‘01 Barbara C. Merdiushev Catherine Hoover Mericle ‘78 Suzanne Law Methot ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Metz, Sr. Metz Culinary Management Christopher Michael ‘90 Carmela Vitale Michno ‘73 Mr. James and Dr. Deborah Smith Mileski ‘75 Ann Marie Madden Miller ‘01 Mr. and Mrs. Murray Miller Helen Maier Miller ‘53 Jill Rickert Miller ‘02 Lynn Borton Matus Miller ‘82 Dolores Saracino Mirro ‘69 Denise Manners Miscavage ‘97 Mary Plesko Modeen ‘70 Doreen Simmen Mohney ‘72 Marion Nau Mokrynski ‘45 Sarah Mollen ‘48

Sue Ann Leandri Monico ‘69 Barbara Bolis Montante ‘02 Susan Denison Montross ‘93 Nancy Shiffner Montville ‘75 Mollie Moore ‘40 Marian Haggerty Moran ‘48 Rita Adamchick Morath ‘45 Marsha Morgan ‘93 Mary Fasciana Morgan ‘54 Sherri Galloway Morgan ‘96 Paula Charnosky Moroz ‘67 Katie Dillon Morreale ‘61 Ann DeSanto Morris ‘56 Catherine Gill Morris ‘70 Suzanne Fletcher Moylan ‘55 Ms. Agnes Mravcak ‘72 Connie Callaghan Mruk ‘60 Joan Daley Mulligan ‘56* Rita Ryan Mundy ‘63 Elaine Rapchinski Murphy ‘69 Elizabeth Tamalis Murphy ‘68 Gertrude Smocharski Murphy ‘55 Jean Olash Murphy ‘50 Jean Murphy ‘59 Lorraine Tricarico Murphy ‘90 Mr. Paul Murphy Dr. and Mrs. Francis X. Murray Mary Ann Peeler Murray ‘66 Veronica Veljacic Muzic ‘58 Alice Draxler Nardone ‘62 Kathryn Messersmith Nardone ‘64 Norma Barbacci Nardone ‘59 Betty Jane Croshaw Nash ‘79 Joan Duffy Nasser ‘55 Jeanne Marie Kerrigan Natale ‘50 Jane Naughton ‘76 Ms. Jo Anna Naylor Irene Check Nelson ‘49 Louise Kirk Nelson ‘60 Marian Alles Newton ‘81 Mr. Frank R. Nissel Thomas Niznik ‘88 Theresa Snyder Noa ‘78 Mr. Paul and Mrs. Sandra Angelo Nobile ‘73 Carole Robinson Nocek ‘61 Mary Elizabeth Rienzo Noll ‘47 Teresa Nonnenmacher ‘62 Mary Ellen Novick ‘78 Bette Nussbaum ‘60 Suzann Sheppard-Rider Nyman ‘64 Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Marilyn Ryan O’Boyle ‘72 Helen O’Brien ‘68 Mary Elizabeth O’Connor ‘60 Mary Elizabeth Moran O’Connor ‘63 Nancy Fraley O’Donnell ‘46 Sara O’Donnell ‘68 Mary Ann Daniels O’Grady ‘63 Sally Lavin O’Haire ‘58 Barbara Burns O’Hara ‘68 Therese O’Hara ‘64 Mary Beth Sheridan O’Konski ‘92 Laura McGuire O’Malley ‘76 Margaret Dillon O’Malley ‘63

Mr. Tom O’Neill and Ms. Linda Ross ‘89 Grace O’Shea ‘53 Mark ‘89 and Emilie Oberstaedt Sharon Eovitch Obuhosky ‘73 Mary T. Walsh Obzansky ‘63 Janet Kufta Ollenschleger ‘63 Maryruth Laity Olshefski ‘73 Carolyn Quinn Ostner ‘71 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ostrowski Ann Kerrigan Otroshina ‘67 Christine Ricigliano Otto ‘70 Barbara Christman Page ‘72 Mary McCann Palumbo ‘57 Mary Kozel Panaway ‘49 Ann Conahan Pardee ‘54 ParenteBeard LLC Jeanette Baker Parisi ‘59 David ‘92 and Pamela Parsnik Dorothy Rutkowski Pawlak ‘52 David M. Payne, Jr. ‘85 Elizabeth Pearson, IHM ‘58 Louise Loughran Peele ‘68 Peking Chef Restaurant Elaine Petro Pelesh ‘56 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Perez Sylvia Vento Perkins ‘54 Marguerite Buikus Perrotto ‘70 Elinor Kane Perry ‘48 Joan Aszuk Peterson ‘53 Mary Barrett Petorak ‘59 Ruth Leaser Pettinger ‘73 Catherine Papadoplos Phass ‘54 Mary Ann Wilich Phillips ‘52 Kathleen Wintermute Phipps ‘43 Sally Piccillo ‘66 Alfred and Mary Tabor Pinchak ‘68 Jeanne Pittinger ‘86 Rose Sawyer Placey ‘52 Ann Cochran Platt ‘52 Jean Pope ‘47 Colleen Kelly Portanova ‘95 Debra Smallcomb Potsko ‘76 Mary Jean Shober Potylycki ‘82 Irene Elaine Kapral Powell ‘60 Power Engineering Corporation Carol Connelly Price ‘67 Procter & Gamble Paper Products Company Jeanne M. Purcell Mary Cashen Purcell ‘72 Beth Tabor Purdy ‘66 Barbara Brigido Quinn ‘64 Jean Turnberger Quinn ‘53 Martin Mitchell Quinn ‘92 Mary Wildes Quinn ‘77 Ruth Monk Quinn ‘47 Dr. Mary Jerista Raab ‘64 Margaret O’Connell Radaszewski ‘53 Regina Bellas Rahl ‘58 Attorney Sharon A. Ransavage ‘68 Caroline Sombers Raskiewicz ‘90 Mark Reboli ‘96 Marilyn Kearney Redington ‘57 William R. Reed, Ph.D. and Helene Flower Reed ‘66

2011–2012 Donor Report | 11

Margaret Rees ‘70 Jan Castner Reese ‘78 Marie Pachence Reeves ‘62 Shirley Fischer Regan ‘49 Marianne Reiff ‘78 Margaret Reilly ‘63 Marie Ginley Reinard ‘61 Religious Sisters of Mercy Mid-Atlantic Community/Dallas Judith Connors Rettenmeyer ‘61 Paula Ribando ‘65 Muriel Monahan Lewis Riffle ‘58 Dr. and Mrs. David F. Rimple Molly Phillips Rinker ‘93 Mary Stanaitis Ripski ‘58 Mr. and Mrs. John Risboskin Kathleen Murphy Risley ‘65 Honora Mattare Roberts ‘46 Mr. James C. Roberts Louise Lang Roberts ‘72 Anne Gallagher Robinson ‘72 Kay Faux Robinson ‘87 Elizabeth Rodack ‘53 Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Shari Rodino ‘88 Janet Roe ‘80 Geraldine Serafin Roessner ‘66 David and Marion Zarnoch Rogers ‘89 Patricia Willis Rollo ‘65 Colette Griffin Romano ‘72 Caroline Hannon Romeo ‘55 Patricia Jarrett Roper ‘78 Attorney Harold and Mrs. Sallyanne Frank Rosenn ‘44 Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald LLP Barbara Garrigan Roskell ‘62 Mary Ganse Roth ‘78 Nancy Lynch Roth ‘57 Susan Radaszkiewicz Royds ‘81 Helen Ruane ‘49 Ellen Jacoby Rugg ‘77 Natalie Rusnock ‘70 Elaine Caravati Ryan ‘49 Janet Rygiel ‘65 Jane Carroll Rymer ‘49 Frances Sabaluski ‘94 Veronica Clarke Sagan ‘68 Sally Schonfeld Sagenkahn ‘52 Kevin and Mary Anne Schuler Salaway ‘81 Teresa Bator Saluski ‘59 Mary Marzen Sampson ‘69 Geraldine Mihneski Samselski ‘77 Sherri Mikolon Santuk ‘88 Jean Kobowski Sartin ‘72 Ellen Murray Sartori ‘71 Nancy Fahey Sattely ‘57 Marguerite Ann Sauer ‘54 Olga Sekerchak Savage ‘46 Dr. Mary Ann Donna Savitsky ‘63 Patricia Scanlin ‘64 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Scheller, Jr. Paula Pate Schloder ‘95 Lorraine Bishie Schuette ‘74 Elaine Schultz ‘66 Elizabeth Rogan Schwingen ‘56 Drs. Scott & Clements Dentistry 12 | Misericordia University

Albina Sebastian Seckary ‘76 Darlene Pisano Sedlak ‘90 Danielle M. Seibert Frances Uhlinger Sela ‘49 Gertrude Kostrzewa Seman ‘42 Maxine Minkiewicz Sembrat ‘53 Gail Dresch Senak ‘73 Audrey Serniak ‘76 Frances Sralik Sescilla ‘66 Dorothy Hornberger Setcavage ‘62 Maria Sevitski ‘78 Margaret Mahon Sewell ‘60 Betty Fuller Shaffer ‘87 Adele F. Shahid Helen Lukesh Shannon ‘54 Romaine Marie Shannon, RSM ‘59 Kathleen Riley Shea ‘62 Mary Fenstemacher Shergalis ‘64 Trudy Sheridan ‘56 Cynthia Zang Sherman ‘71 Florence Hughes Sherwood ‘50 Jessica Rosenberger Shields ‘95 Theresa Polachek Shiner ‘54 Stephanie Mongelluzzi Sholly ‘73 Jim and Erica Shrimp Marianne Svetz Shulo ‘61 Mr. Paul “Chip” and Mrs. Janet Siegel ‘74 Rosemary A. Sigmond Mary Ann Emmanuel Sigworth ‘59 Mr. Vian B. Silliman, Jr. Carol Prokop Silver ‘84 Tina Marie Mark Simington ‘79 Ann Michaels Sinco ‘60 Elaine Walch Singer ‘59 Diane Piledggi Smith ‘67 Jane Coyle Smith ‘74 Dolores Carbaugh Sneeringer ‘57 Elaine Montville Snyder ‘66 Snyder and Clemente Deborah Gulla Sobeck ‘78 Dr. Christine Somers Susan Puzinas Soniak ‘83 Mr. Andrew and Dr. Susan Fort Sordoni ‘68 Sordoni Foundation, Inc. Doris Benish Sorick ‘56 Mary Beth Sowa ‘71 Molly McGuire Spanarkel ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Spengler Therese Beirne Spezzano ‘49 Phyllis Snyder Spillane ‘68 Rosina Garzella Spinosi ‘81 Dr. Susan C. Spry Michele Culp Stachowiak ‘77 Allison Potsko Stanchak ‘02 Patricia Kaluzavich Stanchak ‘72 Patricia Arbraitis Stankus ‘62 Norma Moses Steck ‘53 Judith Fenstemacher Stefanik ‘62 Inez S. Stefanko ‘69 Tricia Sittler Steinmetz ‘96 Joan Dobransky Stelmack ‘65 Stephan ‘83 and Cathleen Whiting Stenger ‘84 Nancy Canarini Stepanski ‘80

Catherine McAndrew Stevens ‘68 Dorothy Cadan Still ‘50 Mrs. Ann B. Stine* Jean Ann Michak Stock ‘58 Marie Stocker Stofila ‘63 Ellen Fritz Stone ‘55 Jane Straub ‘79 Dr. Helen Streubert Marianne Wilpiszewski Strong ‘64 Annette Blasi Strubeck ‘83 Gerald Strubinger ‘88 Bernadette A. Gutch Subarton ‘58 Antoinette Tiska Sudock ‘59 Mary Beth McNamara Sullivan ‘71 Eric ‘99 and Shannon Swartz Sweeney ‘99 Rose Marie Sweeney ‘50 Tom ‘01 and Pat Sweetz Richard Swiderski ‘93 T J Cannon, Inc. Felicia Miller Tabor ‘62 Laura Tarantino ‘68 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Tassitano Gilda Vento Tesoriero ‘54 Melissa Stethers Tewksbury ‘98 Ms. Kathryn Thomas Joyce Jendrzejewski Thompson ‘63 Marie Postulka Thompson ‘62 Mary Ellen Murphy Thornton ‘58 Stephen & Jo Anne Sabol Thorpe ‘57 Bonnie Cullinan Thul ‘71 Valerie Edwards Tirpak ‘75 Leona Jones Tobin ‘51* Theresa Rowland Tomlinson ‘72 Margaret Kaiser Toner ‘71 Dolores Lenio Topoleski ‘53 Delphine Daddamio Torbik ‘78 Virginia Dimino Trabold ‘48 Diana Perugino Tracey ‘65 Diane Stefaniak Tranell ‘78 Jean Bulcavage Treisbach ‘73 Regina Miller Trodden ‘61 Edna Hodges Troisi ‘48 Carol Trosko ‘71 Kathleen Piazzi Tsurumi ‘54 Elizabeth Montante Turco ‘68 Doris Cooney Turnbull ‘48* Dolores Casal Turoski ‘50 Julianna Matusavage Turoski ‘63 Elizabeth Steinbacher Turzanski ‘51 Marilyn Twomey ‘54 Attorney and Mrs. Murray Ufberg Barbara Kozlowski Ulatowski ‘60 Geraldine Swartz Ulichney ‘69 Mary Ellen Wachtel Utell ‘55 Patricia Sullivan Vacchi ‘55 Kathleen Mongelluzzi Vanderheijden ‘70 Florence Cavanaugh VanDetta ‘53 Mrs. Jeanne VanDuzer Barbara Donlin Vanhorn ‘58 Dr. Helen Creagh Veres ‘60 James and Barbara Maziarz Victor Natalie Stascak Vidunas ‘68 Frances Aquino Villafuerte ‘53 Sandra McQuade Viola ‘67 Elizabeth Vivaldo ‘72

Kathleen Drugan Vogt ‘66 Andrea Vojtko ‘64 Theresa Stretansky Wadas ‘67 Carol Walcavage ‘65 Anna Argento Walker ‘63 Maureen Hoover Walker ‘68 Esther Toigo Wallitsch ‘62 Cecelia Mahoney Walsh ‘64 Pamela DeLong Walsh ‘62 Patricia Green Walsh ‘69 Kathleen Treacy Waltos ‘63 Cecelia Urban Wascavage ‘66 Florence Kozik Washko ‘56 Marilyn Marr Watson ‘58 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Weaver Patricia McCarthy Webster ‘54 Mr. Irwin Weinberg Mrs. Judith Weintraub Georgette Potasky Wells ‘47 Wells Fargo Westmoreland Club Kimberly Johnson White ‘83 Jane Meikrantz Whitesell ‘63 Nancy Carasiti Wilkin ‘72 Carol Gulla Williams ‘67 Eric Williams ‘96 Laura M. Poynton Williams ‘94 Mary Jean Montante Williams ‘67 Patricia Byrne Williams ‘61 Mary D’Orsogna Wilson ‘69 Rose Anne Nankivell Wincek ‘78 Rosaline Winslow ‘73 Irene Calaide Wisnieski ‘59 Anne Wittman ‘56 Paul Woelkers ‘81 Catherine Woicicki ‘76 Jo Ann Wolinsky ‘68 Margaret Conboy Woodin ‘54 Barbara Tamalis Woodmansee ‘68 Julie Wurst ‘85 Leona Rynkievicz Yakus ‘57 Mary Benz Yarolin ‘66 Deborah Yatko ‘71 Estelle Lipo Yelnosky ‘50 Kathleen Flickinger Yhlen ‘83 Cynthia Bai Yobs ‘71 Carol Sawicki Young ‘66 Mr. George and Mrs. Georgia Young Mary Ann Michaels Youngblood ‘77 Virginia Berti Zdanowicz ‘72 Karen Boyek Zebrowski ‘67 Maureen Mulhern Zeiss ‘81 Joan Zekas ‘57 Virginia Wagner Zelazny ‘50 Betty Brown Ziegler ‘45 Judith Kochen Ziets ‘64 Crystal Hawn Zilinski ‘01 Marlyn Strongoski Zlotek ‘59 Marianne Maciun Zoranski ‘74 Deborah Zurinski ‘83 Norma Pisaneschi Zurner ‘56 *Deceased

Leadership Gifts Mercy. Service. Justice. Hospitality. That’s how a leader is recognized at Misericordia. On this journey, we are grateful for the example set by donors within each of our leadership societies, from the McAuley Society ($250 to $499) to the Mercy Society ($500,000 or more).

Mercy Society $500,000 or more

Passan Foundation

Mother Mary Catharine McGann Society $250,000 – $499,999

Estate of Mary Ellen McGeehan ‘46 Attorney Bernard and Mrs. Roberta Walter

Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Mid-Atlantic Region Sordoni Foundation, Inc. Ms. Barbara Soyka Tambur Family Foundation Attorney and Mrs. Murray Ufberg Wells Fargo Foundation The Bill & Sandi Williams Family Fund of The Luzerne Foundation Dr. Midori Yamanouchi

Medallion Society

Sr. Mary Annunciata Merrick Society

$100,000 – $249,999

$10,000 – $24,999

B and B Trust Campus EAI Consortium

Anonymous Anonymous ‘51 Estate of Sarah Sterner Barr ‘48 Mary Ann Bialek ‘53 Chesapeake Energy Corporation Coca-Cola Refreshments Community Care Behavioral Health Organization Mr. and Mrs. John P. Duffy First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association First National Community Bank Landmark Community Bank Lightspeed Technologies, Inc. The Link Family Foundation LiquidHub - Jonathan ‘95 and Linda Zebrowski Brassington ‘98 Dr. Janice Lysiak ‘70 M&T Charitable Foundation Dr. Michael and Mrs.Tina MacDowell Mr. Brian Harvey and Ms. Sherry Manetta ‘72 Martz Trailways Maslow Family Foundation, Inc. McCole Foundation The P&G Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Cougar Society $25,000 – $99,999

Anonymous (2) Estate of Dr. Robert S. Anderson The Black Horse Foundation Mr. Fred Chamberlain Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Mary Hudack Erwine ‘90 - Erwine Home Health and Hospice, Inc. Mr. Peter J. Fenedick Frontier Communications Solutions InterMetro Industries Corporation Mericle Properties Metz Culinary Management Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs PNC Bank Pride Mobility Products Corp. - Scott and Dan Meuser Attorney Harold and Mrs. Sallyanne Frank Rosenn ‘44 Sanofi Pasteur

Pennsylvania Millers Insurance Company Prudential Financial Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald LLP T J Cannon, Inc. Mr. Rodney Villella White Deer Run - A Member of CRC Health Group Williams Companies Foundation, Inc.

Founders Society $5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (2) Dr. and Mrs. Louis T. Alesi Lynn Banta and Richard Haas The Bevevino Family Fund of The Luzerne Foundation Borton - Lawson Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Patricia Finan Castellano ‘73 Carmel Rose Cavanaugh The Citizens’ Voice Conyngham Family Charitable Foundation Mrs. Ann Mueller Coughlin Dempsey Uniform and Linen Supply Eberhard Faber Foundation Eberhard and Mary Louise Faber Patricia Winner Farnan ‘68 The Flack Family Fund of The Luzerne Foundation The Hal and Jean Flack Family Fund of The Luzerne Foundation FOX 56 WOLF-TV The Fund of Luzerne County of The Luzerne Foundation Elizabeth Glosser ‘61 Attorney Robert J. Gronauer ‘91 Dr. Norman Hicks and Mrs. Ann Marie Wysocki Hicks ‘65 Mr. and Mrs. Roger G. Howell - Howell Benefit Services, Inc.

Mr. George and Mrs. Sherry Huntzinger Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Insalaco, Sr. Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Judith Ferry Joyce ‘57 Mr. and Mrs. Roger Alexander A. Lacy Joanne Lang ‘58 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mahoney McCarthy Tire Service Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Scott S. Meuser Mission Foods Motorworld Automotive Group Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mulloy James and Michele Sweeney Muth ‘75 Payne Printery, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Pearsall Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation PNC Financial Services Group Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Pollock, Jr. Power Engineering Corporation PPL Electric Utilities Dr. John T. Queenan Kathleen Dorris Reese ‘50* Inez S. Stefanko ‘69 Mary Beth McNamara Sullivan ‘71 TJX Foundation, Inc. UGI Utilities, Inc. Valley Distributing & Storage Company Nancy Behr Vanderhoef ‘77 Jared ‘07 and Jill Guyette Widman ‘06 Williams Kinsman Lewis, Architecture, P.C. Paul Woelkers ‘81

Fellow Associates $2,500 – $4,999

Michael A. Amory ‘85 Association of Independent Colleges and Universities Class of 2012 Creative Business Interiors

2011–2012 Donor Report | 13

Estate of Mr. Alan Finlay Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Gonchar Rosalie Guido ‘45 It’ll Do Foundation Mr. Chip and Mrs. Kimberly Martin Koehl Barbara Kosko ‘53 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Krogulski Josephine Olash Lecnar ‘39* Mr. Frank and Mrs. Joan Madden ‘52 Marjorie Henry Marquart ‘85 Mary Jane McGonegal ‘50 Mr. Tom Morgan and Ms. Erna J. McReynolds Mr. James and Dr. Deborah Smith Mileski ‘75 Mr. Frank R. Nissel ParenteBeard LLC Marcella Proch Pedersen ‘76 Quad Three Group, Inc. William R. Reed, Ph.D. and Helene Flower Reed ‘66 Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. Ritsick & Sons, Inc. Grace S. Rozycki ‘73 Alfred Santasiere ‘01 Mr. and Mrs. William B. Sordoni Leona Jones Tobin ‘51* James and Barbara Maziarz Victor WalMart Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John H. Weinberg Wells Fargo Eric Williams ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Youngman

1924 Society $1,924 – $2,499

Mrs. Virginia Banks Mr. John J. Bourke Burkavage Design Associates C and I Associates Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Clements, Jr. Cornell Iron Works, Inc. Dr. Charles and Dr. Kathleen Heidelberger Davenport ‘61 Eastern Pennsylvania Supply Company Electrical Workers #163 Madeline Bonacci Fink ‘64 Fortune Fabrics, Inc. Carole Judge Fosko ‘58 Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Gehrt Andrew and Heather Doheny Jefferson - Graham Foundation Loretta Patak Hartford ‘49 Susan and Willard F. Helwig, III Florence Matura Hozempa ‘47 Mari Phillips King ‘75 Dr. Sarah Ellen Lenahan ‘68 Patricia A. Lewis ‘55 Nancy Smith Lynch ‘68 Mr. Charles Makar Mr. and Mrs. James J. Manley John and Mary Milne Nancy Fraley O’Donnell ‘46 14 | Misericordia University

Louise Loughran Peele ‘68 Pocono Arts Council Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Scheller, Jr. Adele F. Shahid Carol D. Sides The Smulowitz Family Charitable Fund of The Luzerne Foundation Ann Marie Sundra ‘58 Mrs. Lillian Thalenfeld* WG Communications Margaret Mary Bellezza Zoltak ‘64

Trustee Associates $1,000 – $1,923

Anonymous (4) Kathleen Coyle Achorn ‘65 Action Personnel Services Mr. John and Mrs. Ann Marie Perrone Adonizio ‘67 American Janitor & Paper Supply Applewood Golf Course Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Arcury Jim and Renee Bebla Irene Belarski ‘50 The Berkshire Asset Management Fund of The Luzerne Foundation Michael Blasi ‘99 Bloomsburg Metal Company Dorothy McKenna Brown Mr. and Mrs. James J. Brozena Carole Ridzon Burak ‘60 Marion Hunzer Burry ‘69 Dr. Michael Cappello and Ms. Kerry A. Robinson Francis ‘93 and Elizabeth Kovalchik Carden ‘03 Mary Brennan Carden ‘62 Lorraine Hosey Carmean ‘70 Christine Niznik Carolan ‘82 Dr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Casale Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Cawley, Jr. Mr. David E. Christiansen Clark Companies Clear Brook, Inc. Margaret Morgan Coates ‘52 Cohen Family Foundation Dr. Ruth A. Connolly Georgia Slocum Cornell Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts Virginia Weis Cramer ‘62 Dr. Rose Ann Crisci ‘83 Fred J. Croop, CPA Clara Golen Crosson ‘59 Dianne S. Curry ‘87 Barbara Ann Curtis ‘63 Mr. Scott E. Dagenais Kathleen Rusnock Darowish ‘70 Mrs. Ruth P. Davis Dr. Patrick and Mrs. Lois Gavigan DeGennaro ‘59 Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Dolores Nardone D’Elia ‘62 Sandra Della Croce Dr. and Mrs. John J. Della Rosa

Mr. and Mrs. James DePolo Jane F. Dessoye Estate of Margaret Strome Donohue ‘43 Gabrielle DePirro Dooley ‘50 Dr. Stanley and Mrs. Theresa M. Keen Dudrick ‘55 Martha Barr Dunn ‘65 Dr. Jean Dyer Eastern Auto Motor Corporation Judith A. Ellis ‘88 Enterprise Rent A Car Fino’s Pharmacy Bonnie DeRose Flynn ‘66 Thomas ‘91 and Kit Foley Mr. Richard Frantz and Ms. Karen Cartier James and Susan Fronzoni ‘94 Mark Fung-A-Fat ‘91 Mr. Jay and Mrs. Melissa Futch Nancy Gallagher ‘52 Rosellen Meighan Garrett ‘62 Mary Ann Gaydos ‘53 Geisinger Health System Marie Angelella George ‘71 Theresa Gerold ‘49 Mary Berkery Gorman ‘52 Grace Episcopal Church Mr. and Mrs. John H. Graham Mr. and Mrs. William J. Grant Green Valley Landscaping, Inc. Dorothy Sirera Grevera ‘53 Mary Ellen Gulotti ‘87 Theresa Burnat Hahn ‘57 Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Halloran Mary Alice Lawlor Harrington ‘61 Lorraine Harmanos Henrich ‘66 Alice Rittinger Husovsky ‘64 Bettsi Jaeger ‘68 James E. and Constance L. Bell Foundation Kris and Robyn Jones Carol Kaleta ‘75 Marie Wittman Kilgallon ‘41 Attorney Allan and Mrs. Sue Kline Kluger ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Knight Rosemary Lilly Kowalchuk ‘75 Joan Krause ‘58 Helen-Louise Baum Lawrence ‘54 Elizabeth Marilyn Kuhta LeBrie ‘53 Leggio’s Italian Restaurant Dr. Barbara Loftus Luzerne County Bar Association Charitable Foundation Edna Kane Lynott ‘51 Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Judith Mack Dr. Cynthia Glawe Mailloux ‘92 Mr. and Mrs. William R. Mainwaring Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Marko Matheson Transfer Company Cecilia Corgan McCarthy ‘58 Mary Jule Purcell McCarthy ‘52 Catherine Sawicki McGavin ‘42 Patricia Hannagan McGowan ‘56

Lynn ‘98 and Ellen Payne McLaughlin ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Metz, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Meuser Monsignor McGowan Cornerstone Scholarship Committee Rita Adamchick Morath ‘45 Jean Olash Murphy ‘50 Dr. Sondra and Attorney Morey Myers Jeanne Marie Kerrigan Natale ‘50 Florence Navitsky ‘60 Ms. Jo Anna Naylor Mary Neary ‘42 Mr. Eric R. Nelson New York Yankees Mr. Justin D. Noll Mary Elizabeth Rienzo Noll ‘47 Northeast Transit, Inc. Bette Nussbaum ‘60 Helen O’Brien ‘68 Mary T. Walsh Obzansky ‘63 O’Connor Real Estate Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ostrowski Andrea Payne David M. Payne, Jr. ‘85 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Perez Mr. Ralph Picarillo Attorney and Mrs. Arthur L. Piccone Alfred and Mary Tabor Pinchak ‘68 Pinnacle Treatment Centers Pittston Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association Rose Sawyer Placey ‘52 Mr. Lee Plank, Jr. Attorneys Judith Gardner Price and Joseph Price Pyramid Healthcare, Inc. Attorney Joseph and Mrs. Carole Devers Quinn ‘64 Red Run Rod & Gun Club Kathleen Reiss ‘69 Religious Sisters of Mercy Mid-Atlantic Community/Dallas The RJACK Fund of The Luzerne Foundation David and Marion Zarnoch Rogers ‘89 Elizabeth Senczakowicz ‘07 Estate of Kathleen Shovlin ‘60 Mr. Paul “Chip” and Mrs. Janet Siegel ‘74 Mr. Vian B. Silliman, Jr. Claire Schall Simington ‘61 Dr. Mary Stockman Smith ‘56 Mr. Robert J. Soper Mr. Andrew and Dr. Susan Fort Sordoni ‘68 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Spengler Therese Beirne Spezzano ‘49 Catherine McAndrew Stevens ‘68 Dr. Helen Streubert Thalenfeld Family Charitable Trust Stephen & Jo Anne Sabol Thorpe ‘57 Dr. and Mrs. George W. Volpetti Sara Ervin Walser ‘63 Mr. Irwin Weinberg

Wells Fargo Ms. Lila White ‘57 Wilkes Barre General Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association Anne Wittman ‘56 Jo Ann Wolinsky ‘68 Wyoming Valley Health Care System Dr. Barbara and Mr. Robert Yager Elizabeth Lebert Yeremsky ‘60 Joan Zekas ‘57 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Zesk

President’s Circle $500 – $999

Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Val Apanovich Dr. Allan and Mrs. Vicki L. Austin Vincent and Philomena Yen Avona ‘60 Mrs. Catherine Babskie Jane Owen Barrons ‘49 Dr. Gwen Bartolacci Behavioral Health Services of Wyoming Valley Msgr. John J. Bendik Brian Benedetti ‘75 Mr. F. Warren Breig and Ms. Carol Fells-Breig Stephen Broskoske ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Bruno Joan Bozza Buccola ‘67 Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Buckingham, Jr. Ms. Leslie Bullock MAJ GEN and Mrs. Vito J. Castellano Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas R. Catino Anna Cervenak ‘86 Donna Hooper Cerza ‘94 Maureen Chamberlain ‘68 Dorothy Guinee Chard ‘60 Mr. and Mrs. John P. Cleary The 1st Lieutenant Michael Cleary Memorial Fund of The Luzerne Foundation Clem-Mar House, Inc. Linda Gensinger Colarco ‘68 Council of Independent Colleges Janice O’Connell Curley ‘55 Dallas Centre Hardware, Inc. Carl and Kathleen McGeehin D’Angelo ‘69 Peggy Hopkins Darden ‘68 Darling Farms and Greenhouses Diversified Business Forms Domino’s Pizza Joan Hanish Downs ‘60 Kathleen Hanish Drialo ‘63 Michael Dunn ‘86 Mary Jenkins Dvoroznak ‘69 Mary Ann Dziak ‘99 Eastern Insurance Group Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Eckman George J. Elias Marie Como Ely ‘83 Linda Brongo Engler ‘77

Esseff Foundation - Mr. George and Mrs. Rosemary Dorning Esseff ‘52 Carol Fahnestock ‘08 Mary Beth Garey Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Finlay Joan Smith Foster ‘79 Mr. Joseph Gagliardi Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Mrs. Marie T. Golden Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Gonchar Mr. George J. Goode, Jr. Maryann Mislavitz Grandy ‘61 Tiffany Gray ‘05 Dr. Brenda Harding Hage ‘96 Dr. Elaine DiRisio Halesey ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. James G. Hare Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Hassick Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hoover Mr. Donald F. Hopkins William ‘05 and Megan Kirkwood Horan ‘04 Hospice of the Sacred Heart Enid Housty ‘62 Thomas Huber ‘94 J & J Deli & Catering Dee Dee Kinsley Jacoby ‘80 Susan Butler Jannetta ‘62 Dr. Marcella Kozmoski Jones ‘61 Roxie Jones ‘99 Mary Ann Terek Kinney ‘75 Martha Ann Kokinda Beline Dolores Kozloski ‘71 Mary Jo Kusiak ‘69 Christine LaLonde ‘00 Janet Rugato Lehecka ‘68 Maureen Maxwell Locke ‘76 Evelyn Gorup Loehle ‘55 Adam Lowe ‘03 Dr. Carl and Mrs. Joan* Wojcik Lukach ‘52 Mr. George and Mrs. Dorothy Lukazik Molly Mollahan Lyons ‘51 Mary Louise Mulligan MacFarland ‘53 Marjorie Moll Mangan ‘61 Marquis Art & Frame Mei Ling Mak Mason ‘72 Kelly Spencer McAndrew ‘79 Joanne Hansen McDonough ‘66 Catherine A. McGovern, Esq. ‘82 Mollie Gallagher McNally ‘68 Ms. Kathleen E. McNamara Med Plus Uniforms & Scrubs Barbara C. Merdiushev Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Miller Mr. and Mrs. William L. Minderjahn Denise Manners Miscavage ‘97 Janet Ford Molnar ‘78 Grace Powers Monaco ‘60 Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Mussari Veronica Veljacic Muzic ‘58 Mary Elizabeth Moran O’Connor ‘63 Lawrence ‘75 and Diane Grochowski Olenginski ‘77 Mr. Tom O’Neill and Ms. Linda Ross ‘89 Online Auto Insurance, LLC

Ray and Pam Ostroski Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Ott Mr. Andre and Dr. Maureen Pascal Carol Patney ‘73 Catherine Payne ‘88 Marguerite Buikus Perrotto ‘70 POM Recoveries, Inc. Jean Pope ‘47 Postupak Painting Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Price Mr. and Mrs. Danwin Purdy Dr. Mary Jerista Raab ‘64 Bridget Reardon ‘04 Shirley Fischer Regan ‘49 Muriel Monahan Lewis Riffle ‘58 Mr. and Mrs. John Risboskin Honora Mattare Roberts ‘46 Catherine Shovlin Rouse ‘64 Mrs. Marilyn Rudolph Mary Claire Ryan ‘76 Jane Carroll Rymer ‘49 Cheryl Schmitt ‘85 Schneider Valley Farm Dairy Paul ‘10 and Melissa Sgroi Kathleen Sheikh ‘06 Jim and Erica Shrimp James ‘87 and Carol Linko Siberski ‘94 Ann Marie McAndrew Sledz ‘62 Donna Ayers Snelson Mary McDermott Sowcik ‘72 Nancy Canarini Stepanski ‘80 Kelli A. Gorko Stevens ‘91 Attorney and Mrs. Keith J. Strouse Tom ‘01 and Pat Sweetz Katherine Herman Szmagala ‘56 Drs. Glen and Cari Tellis Times Leader Times-Shamrock Communications, Inc. Mrs. Christina Tomkins Trion Industries, Inc. Julia Troy ‘59 Mr. William J. Umphred, Sr. Attorney and Mrs. Mark A. VanLoon Marion Villano ‘03 Vistacom, Inc. Kathleen Treacy Waltos ‘63 Dr. Annette Weiss Mr. Alan and Mrs. Donna Sue MacDowell Weiss Mrs. Virginia Welles Georgette Potasky Wells ‘47 Frances Wiernusz ‘80 Wilkes-Barre Bookkeeping Company Wyoming Valley Alcohol & Drug Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Zotian

2011–2012 Donor Report | 15

McAuley Society $250 – $499

Anonymous Nancy Wojcik Alberici ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Albert Mr. Carmen F. Ambrosino Thomas ‘96 and Melissa Longhi Amershek ‘97 Wolfgang Hans Baerwald Eileen White Baginski ‘72 Mr. Owen A. Baillie Marianne Baloga ‘63 Patricia Hogan Barber ‘67 Dr. Susan Barker Bayada Nurses Mary Beatty ‘50 Pamela Peterson Borek ‘87 Maureen Boshier ‘68 Glenn Bozinski ‘95 Peter ‘92 and Kirsten Landis Brassington ‘93 Brennan Electric, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Brogan Barbara Brown ‘62 Reverend Michael Bryant Barbara Steck Buckanavage ‘64 Rosella A. Pachence Burcin ‘58 Dr. Thomas W. Byron and Dr. Joan E. Greulick Mr. and Mrs. Benito Camacho Carolyn Farrell Campbell ‘58 Maryanne Toth Canavesio ‘64 Mr. and Mrs. David Capitano Dr. Leona Lanza Castor ‘57 Mr. Cornelio R. Catena Dr. Joseph A. Cipriani ‘88 Althea Disque Clark ‘92 Sean ‘07 and Trisha McCandless Collins ‘07 Conference for Mercy Higher Education Attorney and Mrs. M. Clark Conlon Gary Cook ‘94 Corcoran Printing Marguerite Corrigan ‘44 Cynthia Paulikas Costello ‘88 Ann Dougher Craig ‘61 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Crook Marion Yasenchak Cross ‘58 Ellen Curry ‘63 Bill Daniels ‘09 Davidowitz Family Nancy Kane Dee ‘51 Janet Delaney ‘58 Mary McGinley Dixon ‘57 Mrs. Michelle L. Donato Margaret Heyburn Dorish ‘65 Mrs. Suzanne Dorsey Beth Ann Mulhern Draminski ‘62 Josephine DiMaggio Draper ‘66 Dr. Mary Grace Duffy ‘69 Patricia Carr Duffy ‘76 Eleanor Dunfee ‘46 Mr. and Mrs. George F. Dzendzel Rita Aigeldinger Dziekan ‘66 Earl and Sedor Photographic 16 | Misericordia University

The East Mountain Inn Mrs. Phyllis J. Eckman* Attorney Brian ‘96 and Mrs. Jennine Egan Virginia Donlin Emershaw ‘62 Katherine M. Cahill Fama ‘68 Mr. Stephen J. Federici Mr. and Mrs. James M. Feigenbaum Susan Payne Ferentino ‘87 Betty Roberts Fitelson ‘49 Martha Williamson Fitzgerald ‘49 Marianne Fitzpatrick ‘67 Mary Flynn ‘71 Maureen B. McGuire Fraser ‘68 Mr. and Mrs. William M. Fraser Roberta Zovlonsky Frey ‘72 The Friedman Family Fund of the Luzerne Foundation Mr. Sidney Friedman Linda Domzalski Gaines ‘83 Joan Gallagher ‘53 JoLynn Para Garrison ‘86 Nancy Gilligan ‘53 Sheryl Goss ‘98 Mr. John and Mrs. Helen O’Donnell Graham ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. James W. Greene Nancy O’Neill Greiner ‘56 Margaret Davitt Harris ‘77 Amy Hartman ‘11 William Hartman ‘79 Ann Marie Shovlin Hawkins ‘62 Mr. Frank and Mrs. Dorothea Henry Kathleen Canfield Hockett ‘68 Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Marianne Hoover Nadine Kuderka Howe ‘69 Dr. Sharon Smith Hudacek Anna Hudock ‘68 Elizabeth Hudzinski ‘99 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hughes, Jr. Ann Marie Hayko Huntz ‘55 Mrs. Joan Hurley Independent Graphics, Inc. Integra Business Center William M. Jones ‘85 and Janet Jones Cynthia Jalil Kaney ‘77 Esther Burke Kapcsos ‘61 Marianne Collins Kase ‘59 Donna Kaylor ‘63 Dr. Timothy F. Kearney Maureen Kelly ‘71 Agnes Bradley Kennedy ‘61 James and Evelyn Kersey Kimberly Hall Kindler ‘97 Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Kirk, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James D. Kishbaugh Mr. and Mrs. David Kistler Maria Berti Kittle ‘68 Mary Vinson Koehl ‘78 Ann Marie Frank Kolanowski ‘70 Nancy Klimchak Konarski ‘75 Mary Claire Klug Kopicki ‘65 Rita Grigor Kordoski ‘56 Mrs. Joy Kozemchak

Marilyn Dillon Krall ‘70 Kronick, Kalada, Berdy & Co. P.C. Debra Kush ‘77 Anna Mae Adamevicz Lacey ‘54 Dr. Charles and Mrs. Constance A. LaJeunesse ‘98 Mr. William B. LaLonde Lois Dreistadt Lascari ‘54 Jean Redding Laughman ‘69 Elinor Bakun Lea ‘46 Patricia O’Brien Lenahan ‘00 Christina Gaydos Lewandoski ‘65 JP Lilley, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Linsenbigler Mrs. Carol Llewellyn Mr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Lord Sandra Postupack Luongo ‘67 Rosemary Fitzpatrick MacIntyre ‘61 Dr. Louis Maganzin Martin Rogers Associates Marcia Mascolini ‘65 Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Matley Mary Ann Banashefski Matreselva ‘01 Susan O’Neill Mayo ‘71 Mrs. Margaret Costin McCaffrey ‘68 Mr. and Mrs. John D. McCarthy, Jr. Catherine McCoy ‘79 Carol Shulver McDougall ‘60 Attorney and Mrs. Edward J. McGinn Eileen O’Connor McGuire ‘76 Dr. John Mellon Merrill Lynch and Company, Inc. Courtney Burgess Michak ‘05 Mr. and Mrs. Murray Miller Dr. Allen Minor Mary Jane Alexander Miskovsky ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moravec Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Morella Sherri Galloway Morgan ‘96 Ms. Agnes Mravcak ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. David G. Murphy Margaret Butala Murphy ‘78 Mr. Paul Murphy N. R. G. Controls North, Inc. Mr. Paul and Mrs. Sandra Angelo Nobile ‘73 Brenda M. Nowalis ‘05 Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Marilyn Ryan O’Boyle ‘72 Stella Mary O’Brien, RSM Ann Dougherty Osgood ‘55 Jeanette Baker Parisi ‘59 David ‘92 and Pamela Parsnik Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pellegrini Elinor Kane Perry ‘48 Dr. Steven Pheasant Theresa March Phillips ‘85 Geraldine Pointek ‘66 Mary Ellen Savetteri Poole ‘70 Prep Sportswear Martin Mitchell Quinn ‘92 Attorney Sharon A. Ransavage ‘68 Mr. John J. Reno Paula Ribando ‘65 Dr. and Mrs. David F. Rimple

Mary Stanaitis Ripski ‘58 Kay Faux Robinson ‘87 Mr. Michael E. Rochacewicz and Ms. Michele Marks Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Elaine L. Serafini Rogan ‘68 Rogers’ Nursery Caroline Hannon Romeo ‘55 Roof Pro, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rosenthal Patricia Claire Rosini ‘68* Mrs. Judith Dubel Ross ‘65 Mrs. Jane Ross Mrs. Pauline Roth Veronica Clarke Sagan ‘68 Kevin and Mary Anne Schuler Salaway ‘81 Kathleen Salce ‘71 Marilyn Santarelli Dr. Rosemarie Serino Savelli ‘51 Dr. Kathleen Scott Cynthia Zang Sherman ‘71 Mrs. Mary Ruckno Siegel Rosemary A. Sigmond Ann Michaels Sinco ‘60 Mrs. Christine Slacktish Deborah Gulla Sobeck ‘78 Elaine Brislin Sowers ‘56 Ellen Connell Spangenburg ‘65 KC and Ellen Spengler Ms. Patricia Spivak Mr. and Mrs. Donald V. Squire St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Dr. Beverly Stanton ‘66 Mary Nanorta Stchur ‘68 Mrs. Martha Stevenson Ms. Marie Stolarick Gerald Strubinger ‘88 Antoinette Tiska Sudock ‘59 Laura Tarantino ‘68 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Tassitano Stephen Timchack ‘94 Regina Miller Trodden ‘61 Twin Stacks Center Marilyn Twomey ‘54 Christopher ‘00 and Stacey George Uston ‘01 Dr. Helen Creagh Veres ‘60 Molly Spohrer Vitale ‘75 Andrea Vojtko ‘64 Dr. and Mrs. David M. Watto Ms. Tillie R. Weaver Mrs. Judith Weintraub Westmoreland Club Reverend Donald Williams Attorney Paul J. Winterhalter Catherine Woicicki ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. Sam M. Wolfe Mr. Scott C. Woolnough Eleanor Repeta Wright ‘58 Mr. David and Mrs. Kathleen Flickinger Yhlen ‘83 *Deceased

Giving by Constituency Every gift matters on this journey among friends. From alumni across the world to faculty and staff on campus; parents and families near and far to corporations, foundations, and organizations who appreciate the mission of the Sisters of Mercy; friends around the globe to honoring those who aren’t with us today—we couldn’t continue to move forward without your support. We are grateful to each and every one of you—old friends and new—who have helped us continue to move Misericordia forward. Without our friends, this journey wouldn’t be possible.

Alumni Alumni contributions are important to Misericordia University’s ability to inspire new generations through our hands-on teaching. The University respects its alumni donors and also the dedicated volunteer Class Agents who contact classmates for contributions, organize reunion activities, and encourage attendance at alumni events.

Class of 1934

Class of 1942

Class of 1945

Dorothea Rose O’Connell Brennan

Total Giving: $2,350 Participation: 50%

Total Giving: $4,360 Participation: 44%

Class of 1936

Mary Aidan Byron, RSM* Mary Ann Roan Hennessy Frances Connors Lawler Catherine Sawicki McGavin Mary M. Neary Gertrude M. Kostrzewa Seman

Annette M. Trzcinski Billmeyer Margaret Davis Cable Anne Marie Durkin Rosalie J. Guido Anne Touey McMenamin* Marion L. Nau Mokrynski Rita E. Adamchick Morath Betty A. Brown Ziegler

Josephine Petscavage Klemek

Class of 1939 Total Giving: $4,954 Participation: 50%

Eileen M. Kane Gallagher Marie Christina Gruber, RSM Josephine Olash Lecnar* Margaret A. Heath Loughney Mary Eileen Marlowe Elizabeth Ruth Auvil Reed

Class of 1940 Estelle Levinson Freedman Mollie Moore

Class of 1941 Total Giving: $1,165 Participation: 43%

Aurelia Gebler Cunningham Mary Margaret Corrigan Delehanty Marie E. Wittman Kilgallon

Class of 1943 Total Giving: $1,275 Participation: 45%

Elizabeth H. Leonard Chepules Audrey Jackson Cusumano Margaret Strome Donohue* Mary Ellen Schiff Hagen Kathleen M. Wintermute Phipps

Class of 1944 Total Giving: $25,609 Participation: 36%

Marguerite M. Corrigan Mary Mariella Crowe, RSM Lillian M. Grelecki Sallyanne Frank Rosenn

Class of 1947

Total Giving: $5,370 Participation: 46%

Class Agents: Florence Matura Hozempa, Mary Elizabeth Rienzo Noll, Georgette Potasky Wells

Class of 1946

Florence Matura Hozempa Mary Elizabeth Rienzo Noll Jean M. Pope Gladys Jo Aguilu Port Ruth Monk Quinn Georgette Potasky Wells

Total Giving: $329,112 Participation: 50%

Class of 1948

Mary Gemma Brennan, RSM* Eleanor M. Dunfee Jo Marie Kaczanowski, RSM Elinor Bakun Lea Mary Ellen McGeehan* Sarah Breslin Monson Nancy Fraley O’Donnell Honora M. Mattare Roberts Olga Joan Sekerchak Savage

Total Giving: $25,240 Participation: 59%

Class Agents: Margaret Lukasavage Borton, Elinor A. Kane Perry Sarah Sterner Barr* Geraldine Joan Pace Bedwell Margaret Lukasavage Borton Catherine E. Conahan Brown Charlotte M. Santos Devillier Mary Gratia Frawley, RSM Margaret Lyon Higgins Anne Calligheris Leibrock Trudie Cochran McManus Sarah A. Mollen Marian Haggerty Moran Catherine Butler Mould

2011–2012 Donor Report | 17

Elinor A. Kane Perry Virginia Dimino Trabold Edna M. Hodges Troisi Doris Cooney Turnbull*

Class of 1949 Total Giving: $13,155 Participation: 53%

Class Agent: Helen Marie Ruane Altagrazia Rizk Barouk Jane Owen Barrons Irene Frances Schilling Bednowicz Carmel Rose Cavanaugh Felicia E. Warkomski Davis Arlene Mary Sinal Farese Betty Roberts Fitelson Martha Williamson Fitzgerald Gloria A. Galli Theresa Ann Gerold Loretta Patak Hartford Mary Juliana Hazuda, RSM Lucy Matthews Joyce Ann Rose Yavorski Knable Jennie Theresa Innocenti Krogulski Salvatrice Mary Mancuso Patricia Piatt Masucci Irene Check Nelson Mary Arline Kozel Panaway Shirley Fischer Regan Helen Marie Ruane Elaine Caravati Ryan Jane R. Carroll Rymer Frances B. Uhlinger Sela Therese Beirne Spezzano Viola C. Cera Whitlock

Class of 1950 Total Giving: $15,701 Participation: 55%

Class Agent: Florence Hughes Sherwood Elvira E. Murphy Bauer Mary Denise Beatty Irene E. Belarski Miriam Levinson Brand Rosemary Budd, RSM* Marilyn Winfield Carges Joan Hovanec Cleveland Gabrielle Marie DePirro Dooley Florence J. Uhlinger Emory Ann Marie T. Ulivitch English Elizabeth Guiney Fenton Marcella R. Solomon Gough Rosemary B. Heck Hodun Rosalie Tonesky Kasaba Margaret Anne Klina Kaufman Claire T. Johnson Kennedy Celine Marie Kirsch, RSM Dolores M. Zawoiski Kosisher Mary Ellen Griffin Landy Mary Jane McGonegal Mary Ann McManus McGrane Jean Olash Murphy 18 | Misericordia University

Jeanne Marie Anne Kerrigan Natale Eileen Treanor Novak Alma M. Stadulis Petrillo Kathleen Dorris Reese* Elizabeth Procopio Schultz Florence D. Hughes Sherwood Maude Josephine Sullivan Steffen Dorothy Jean Cadan Still Rose Marie Sweeney Dolores Casal Turoski Estelle Lipo Yelnosky Virginia R. Wagner Zelazny

Class of 1951 Total Giving: $17,319 Participation: 51%

Class Agents: Ann Marie MacFarland, Jeanne Tully Purcell Aileen M. Andrews Diane J. Petrin Berna Nancy P. Kelly Blochberger Patricia Ann McCormick Brennan Joan Ann Byrne Margaret Ann Carroll Nancy Rhea Kane Dee Geraldine J. Ribaudo DeMarco Dorothy Mary Kender Ehinger Mary Siena Finley, RSM Catherine M. O’Toole Frank Catherine Rose Hill, RSM Margaret Thomas Holland Gertrude S. Chocallo Hynek Joan V. Giering Lavinio Edna Kane Lynott Molly Ann Mollahan Lyons Ann Marie MacFarland Marilyn J. Goeckel Mahoney Clare Cecilia Foley Mocek Helen Mary Nagle, RSM Marie Ann Nevolas Jeanne M. Tully Purcell Florence A. Salinger Rosemarie Serino Savelli Elaine E. Seeb Marie J. Thomas Sowa Leona Marie Jones Tobin* Elizabeth Steinbacher Turzanski

Class of 1952 Class Agents: Joan Reber Madden*, Mary Jule Purcell McCarthy Total Giving: $11,908 Participation: 58%

Anne Barrett Armstrong Miriam Butz, RSM Margaret Ann Morgan Coates Joan Marie Luchi Delaney Rosemary Cecelia Dorning Esseff Barbara Veroneau Evans Muriel McCarthy Felton Nancy Joan Gallagher

Mary McGrady Gallagher Jeanne Marie Guckavan Garside Mary E. Berkery Gorman Nancy Doran Graham Mary Bolchoz Harrell Colette Heck Marilyn Ann Yuscavage Laukaitis Helen Marie Mack Long Joan Wojcik Lukach* Joan Reber Madden* Marie Mizdail Mark Rose Marie Zaher Mazer Sheila Kelly McCarthy Mary Jule Purcell McCarthy Patricia E. Beatty McNulty Joan Patricia Messmer Kathleen Anne Guyette Nelson Mary Magdalena Parker, RSM Mary Eleanor Clement Patterson Dorothy Rutkowski Pawlak Anne Paye, RSM Diana N. Bernardoni Peck Mary Ann Wilich Phillips Helen Laukaitis Pisano Rose Teresa Sawyer Placey Ann E. Cochran Platt Sally Lee Schonfeld Sagenkahn Mary Alphonsus Smith, RSM Maryterese Ryan Streett* Marie J. Crockenberg Weniger

Class of 1953 Total Giving: $30,339 Participation: 63%

Class Agent: Barbara Kosko Mary Ann Bialek Miriam Rita Biter, RSM June L. Colwell Carter Mary Frances Paye Comfort Barbara Craig, RSM Mary Adrienne Paul Davenport Margaret Helen Carroll Delia Dolores Irene Thomas Delloro Rosemary J. Kelly DiTaranto Joan Lois Gallagher Ann Miriam Gallagher, RSM* Mary Ann E. Gaydos Mary Luke Gibbons, RSM Nancy R. Gilligan Dorothy M Sirera Grevera Lita Jean Berton Harron Ann Marie Hazuda, RSM Patricia Susan Buckley Herceg Marie Clara Kownacki Hopkins Louise V. Switch Hudak Mary Ancilla Kasarda, RSM Mary M. Boyle Kibelbek Anne R. Rogan Kline Barbara Kosko Maureen M. Monahan Krasavage Dolores A. Scileppi Lacy Elizabeth Marilyn Kuhta LeBrie Helen Catherine Levanduski Lynn Mary Louise Mulligan MacFarland

Mary Gerald Magill, RSM* Mary Paulinus Magill, RSM Helen P. Maier Miller Grace Rita O’Shea Joan E. Aszuk Peterson Jean M. Turnberger Quinn Margaret R. O’Connell Radaszewski Elizabeth Rodack Maxine Minkiewicz Sembrat Adele Frances Shahid Dolores Holup Shearman Joan A. Swantko Stashak Norma Moses Steck Jane A. Wolf Swartman Doris C. Yurchisin Thomann Dolores Helen Lenio Topoleski Florence Crouse Cavanaugh VanDetta Frances Enrica Aquino Villafuerte Carolyn Mary Mead Vita Mary Magdala Wallace, RSM

Class of 1954 Total Giving: $4,485 Participation: 49%

Class Agents: Helen-Louise Baum Lawrence, Margaret Ann Conboy Woodin M. Claire McGarry Alpaugh Phyllis A. McGeady Asson Amelia Rushton Barrett Rose Marie Eckenroth Barry Marjorie P. Moran Boss Helen Marie McManus Boyle Mary Lois Reed Burns Elizabeth Ann Sullivan Cardell Ann Cathryn Manisera Cikowski Barbara Anne Rittinger Finn Jeanne Marie McLaughlin Hayes Mary Ann H. Agonis Keller Mary Jane Kelly, RSM Mary Lou Padden Knorr Anna Mae Adamevicz Lacey Lois Ruth Dreistadt Lascari Helen-Louise Lenore Baum Lawrence Marilyn Jane Cannon McDonald Alicia Richardson McLain Dorothy Anne McLaughlin, RSM Mary Rose Fasciana Morgan M. Elizabeth Cronin Moylan Ann Marie Conahan Pardee Sylvia Vento Perkins Catherine Papadoplos Phass Marguerite Ann Sauer Helen Jean Lukesh Shannon Theresa Andrea Polachek Shiner Lois Ann Klein Siepmann Gilda Vento Tesoriero Kathleen Piazzi Tsurumi Marilyn A. Twomey Patricia A. McCarthy Webster Margaret Ann Conboy Woodin

Class of 1955 Total Giving: $7,505 Participation: 51%

Class Agents: Ruth B. Purcell McEvoy, Elizabeth Ackerman Taglieri Suzanne E. Weirich Bower Joan Marie Bruneau Breen Janice Anne O’Connell Curley Theresa M. Keen Dudrick Marie Madelyn Lipo Dugan Mary Terrence Flanagan, RSM Ellen Gradley Gelnaw Dorothy M. DeLuca Gelso Ann Marie Hayko Huntz Margaret A. Jordan Koehler Constance Mary Kozel, RSM Maureen Anne Donohue Lavelle Patricia A. Lewis Evelyn Gorup Loehle Barbara A. Yorke McCoart Ruth B. Purcell McEvoy Suzanne Fletcher Moylan Gertrude Smocharski Murphy Joan Theresa Duffy Nasser Susan Marie Nowalis, RSM Celine R. Tilson O’Brien Anna O’Connell, RSM Mary Stephanie Olek, RSM Ann Louise Dougherty Osgood Mary Clarice Pennell, RSM Mary Lucy Pennoni, RSM Caroline T. Hannon Romeo Elizabeth R. Yannaccone Salmeri Patricia Langan Schreitmueller Mary Therese Purcell Siani Ellen May Fritz Stone Patricia K. Horne Syvanen Elizabeth Ackerman Taglieri Mary Ellen Wachtel Utell Patricia Ann Sullivan Vacchi

Class of 1956 Total Giving: $6,555 Participation: 52%

Class Agents: Mary Crawford Stockman Smith, Anne Louise Wittman Helen Jean Marcelonis Aviles Nancy Becker Bergesen Theresa Lois Henry Blaum Sylvia Marie Boback Alethea L. Brennan Dorothy Noel Monahan Callahan Anna T. D’Amico Joan Ann Dobosh Marilyn McHale Duke Maureen Lynch Edison Mary Catherine Egan Marie Chabanel Erzal, RSM Patricia A. Walsh Fennell Ann Jean Bourke Fives Ruthann Fox, RSM

Thelma Imperiale Frontani Madeline Gill, RSM Nancy C. O’Neill Greiner Rosemary E. O’Malley Halas Patricia M. Oliver Jackowski Alice Sieczkowski Kennedy Rita C. Grigor Kordoski Patricia Ann Hannagan McGowan Ann F. DeSanto Morris Joan Daley Mulligan* Shaun Patrick Mulligan, RSM Gloria M. Ondish Musser Elaine M. Petro Pelesh Claire O’Connel Pemberton Cynthia J. Straub Ross Mary Joachim Ryan, RSM Elizabeth R. Rogan Schwingen Mildred Mae Katchmar Scruitsky Trudy L. Sheridan Mary Crawford Stockman Smith Doris E. Benish Sorick Elaine F. Brislin Sowers Katherine E. Herman Szmagala Shirley Ann Switch Walsh Florence Kozik Washko Anne Louise Wittman Maria Wrubel, RSM Norma M. Pisaneschi Zurner

Class of 1957 Total Giving: $13,220 Participation: 53%

Norma L. Picasso Benisch Patrice A. Conahan Benjamin Rita Hoffman Bowers Teresa M. Ross Carola Catherine McGrory Casey Leona Leonarda Lanza Castor Maryanne C. Pikul Charnichko Eileen T. McDermott Childress Marie E. Ciraco Mary Jane Grogan Curtis Mary McGinley Dixon Jean Giordano Drescher Jane R. McGarry Feeney Mary Lenio Flood Ann K. Greenfield Gilbert Theresa L. Burnat Hahn Shirley Ann Youhas Holt Ann Hovanec Judith Ferry Joyce Victoria R. Warnick Kazimi Mary Aurea Kirkpatrick, RSM* Lorraine D. Bischoff Kowalski Dorothy Miller Krackenfels Jule A. Carr Leonard Mary B. Leonard Dorothea Perry Lieberman Mary Claire Steck Lyons Lee Ann Evancheck Makar Cheta M. Bortz Malvizzi Frances Kalmonowicz Mollusky Jacquelyn A. McTague Morrone Margaret A. Reinard O’Malley

Mary Patricia McCann Palumbo Helen Martha Popovich Paslawsky Frances L. Petrella Marilyn E. Kearney Redington Nancy Lynch Roth Nancy E. Fahey Sattely Theresa Liessner Seibert Dolores H. Carbaugh Sneeringer Jo Anne T. Sabol Thorpe Barbara Ann Suchocki Tokach Nancy Reber Wall Lila E. White Leona Rynkievicz Yakus Dolores Nagai Yamashiro Joan E. Zekas

Class of 1958 Total Giving: $26,595 Participation: 65%

Eugenia Mary Zavoyski Bahler Leona M. Sabalis Basar Ann Marie Brislin Elizabeth M.J. Insalaco Brogna Rosella A. Pachence Burcin Mary Ann Shander Burghold Carolyn Burgholzer Carolyn Rose Farrell Campbell Graceann Ardoline Colarusso Marion Anne Yasenchak Cross Mary Gouse Deduke Janet Ann Delaney Barbara F. Hozempa Dennis Jeanne Marie Devaney, RSM Gertrude Mary Reiss Devore Joan C. Longenhagen Dougherty Janice A. Pearson Eskesen Regina C. Ference Gail Andree Fischer Therese F. Flanagan Aileen Mary Flynn, RSM Carole Marie Judge Fosko Diane C. Jackloski Fouchey Mary Sharon Gallagher, RSM* Roberta Atherholt Gavner Elizabeth Gaynor, RSM Mary Theresa Glynn, RSM Barbara M. Tarrant Halloran Anna Marie Proleika Heaney Eleanor M. Metzler Howley Suzanne Hudson, RSM Ann Dolores Lawrence Iwicki H. Barbara Kachmar Kalanik Joan Lenore Krause Mary Colman Krise, RSM Maria Goretti Kubala, RSM Joanne Elizabeth Lang Ann Povilaitis Levin Mary Avila Long, RSM Ann Margaret Joyce Matson Delphine Ann Gerlak Mattei Maureen McCann, RSM Cecilia C. Corgan McCarthy Ursula M. McGuire Cecilia Meighan, RSM

2011–2012 Donor Report | 19

Genevieve Yarosz Michalek Cor Marie Mulhern, RSM Rita Marie Mitura Murphy Frances de Chantel Murray, RSM* Veronica M. Veljacic Muzic Sally deSales Lavin O’Haire Ellen T. Munley O’Neil Eleanor Estelle Cavanaugh Palmer Elizabeth Marie Pearson Mary Bride Pollard, RSM Regina Bellas Rahl Muriel Monahan Lewis Riffle Mary Ann Stanaitis Ripski Antoinette Ann Grumblis Scanlin Eric Marie Setlock, RSM Jean Ann E. Michak Stock Bernadette A. Gutch Subarton Mary Anne Merrigan Sullivan Ann Marie Sundra Mary Ellen Murphy Thornton Barbara Ann Donlin Vanhorn Marilyn Ann Marr Watson Helen Julia Lasco Wertz Eleanor W. Repeta Wright Mary George Yanoscak, RS

Class of 1959 Total Giving: $6,870 Participation: 57%

Class Agents: Bernadine Dougalas Luksic, Irene Rita Calaide Wisnieski Constance Matson Argonis Paula Mary Aumen, RSM Jill Ankner Avila Helen Catherine Bourke Boggs Anne Amelia Mikush Brennan Anita L. Pisaneschi Campbell Louisa King Chu Evelyn Mary Ostrowski Conroy Elizabeth A. Murphy Courtney Clara Helen Golen Crosson Lois Gavigan DeGennaro Julia Ann Ross Devenny Elizabeth T. Tomolaitis DiAndriole Janeann Dobbins, RSM Mary Clare Dougherty, RSM Susan Ellen Harcharufka Elias M. Joanne Munley Ennis C. Judy Greener Feeney Patricia Anne Bannon Fitzgerald Mary Margaret Kelly Foley Marian Campenni Giraldi Valia Piccotti Harkins Alice Ide Hudak Marianne A. Collins Kase Anne Rita Korshalla King Carol Cosgrove Kopich Margaret Vera Llewellyn Kopko Margaret Zelinske Kutney Mary Elizabeth Livezey Bernadine Dougalas Luksic Marie Genevieve Mannix, RSM Marguerite A. Reap McCool 20 | Misericordia University

Susanne Masterson McDonnell Helen Louise McHale, RSM Margaret Mary Siefring Miller Earline M. Hartman Moyer Patricia Ann Mundy, RSM Jean Marie Murphy Norma L. Barbacci Nardone Jeanette Anne Baker Parisi Patricia Ann Casey Pavlick Mary Janice Barrett Petorak Geraldine Cigarski Rosen Teresa A. Bator Saluski Anne Marie Madden Schneider Romaine Marie Shannon, RSM Mary Ann Emmanuel Sigworth Elaine L. Walch Singer Mary Lou Menn Skesavage Antoinette Tiska Sudock Julia Louise Troy Ellin Jean M. Skelly Uhl Mary Katrien Ward, RSM Irene Rita Calaide Wisnieski Maurita M. Conahan Wright Marlyn Ann Strongoski Zlotek

Class of 1960 Total Giving: $13,343 Participation: 57%

Class Agents: Jane Frances Kennedy, RSM, Mary Elizabeth O’Connor Philomena Yen Avona Charlotte M. Grozier Becker Carol S. Schoeller Bessette Eileen M. Thomas Bikowicz Anne Regina Brennan Dorothy McKenna Brown Carole Ridzon Burak Miriam Frances Dreier Cannon Jeanne Toltowicz Capriotti Dorothy A. Guinee Chard Barbara Shmigelski Czajkowski Elaine Marie Allgoever Donovan Joan Margaret Hanish Downs Rosalie Ruth Gouse Dufala Mary Ann L. Cocco Feoli Camilla B. McNelis Finnan Gloria Ann Galante Martha Hanlon, RSM Mary Alice Flynn Hannon Patricia Ann Maguire Hutnick Monica Imgrund, RSM Carol Ann Rudy Juhl Mary Caritas Kennedy, RSM Jane Frances Kennedy, RSM Anne Elizabeth King Ann Marie Jaskiewicz Klinko Jo Anne Schwab Korshalla Ann C. Gawat Kowalski Leona Frantz Leahy Mary Lou Harzdorf Mayberry Margery Ann Klein Mazaitis Marion F. Rempuszewski McCarthy Carol Alma Shulver McDougall

Teresann W. Tierney McNeil Janine Agnes Klemek Miknevich Grace Ann Powers Monaco Mary Davida Morgan, RSM Connie Callaghan Mruk Florence Ann Navitsky Louise Ann Teresa Kirk Nelson Bette Ann Nussbaum Mary Elizabeth O’Connor Stella Maris Ozimkowski, RSM Mary Kostka Pereira, RSM Mary Margaretta Phillips, RSM Irene Elaine Kapral Powell Maryanne Murphy Prentice Elizabeth A. Shannon Resavage Carol Elizabeth Watson Retallack Mary Anne Majewski Riviello M. Teresa Monahan Rockwell Linda A. Gennaro Scappaticci Margaret Mahon Sewell Suzanne Elizabeth Shaughnessy Kathleen Marie Shovlin* Ann Gertrude Michaels Sinco Constance Ann Sophy, RSM Rose Tomlinson, RSM Barbara A. Kozlowski Ulatowski Helen Creagh Veres Ann L. Wilk C. Jane Ruble Williams Catherine Mary Winters, RSM Elizabeth A. Lebert Yeremsky Donna G. Simmons Zigmantanis

Class of 1961 Total Giving: $19,385 Participation: 60%

Class Agents: Mary Alice Lawlor Harrington, Marjorie Moll Mangan Kathleen Eberhard Appert Elizabeth Anne Brandreth, RSM Agnes Therese Brennan, RSM Nathalie A. Brown Lois Ann Holzbach Bruns Nora Ann Barrett Burke Marie Ann Spinelli Cole Anne M. Comiskey Ann C. Dougher Craig Ann Crouse, RSM Nancy Culp Marina Culp, RSM* Kathleen P. Heidelberger Davenport Sandra Della Croce Mary Alice Bahl Eppers Marise Fabie, RSM Jean Marie Neff Fedor Rosanna M. Krivenko Felix Angela Marie Fellin, RSM Barbara J. Olsheski Filippini Margaret A. Comstock Geffken Elizabeth B. Glosser Maryann Mislavitz Grandy Regina P. Shehadi Guza Mary Alice Lawlor Harrington

Marcella Kozmoski Jones Judith F. Jordan Esther Burke Kapcsos Mary Ellen Kelly, RSM Helen Marie Kelly Catherine M. Lawryk Kendra Agnes A. Bradley Kennedy Mary Frances Byrnes King Dorothy Kline, RSM Anne M. Kovac Ann Mary Gabriel Kuzminski Mary Sue Jennings Lacovara Emma Engler Lang Rosemary Fitzpatrick MacIntyre Sylvia Susan Romanoski Maloney Marjorie Moll Mangan Cecile Marie Kerber Manta Michaeline A. Markowski McLeod Helen C. Alpaugh Meyer Mary Agnese Mikolaj, RSM Anita Marie Miller, RSM Katie Dillon Morreale Mary P. Mundy Annette L. Kraynak Newman Carole A. Robinson Nocek Jessie W. Olshefski Marie P. Ginley Reinard Judith Connors Rettenmeyer Jeanne d’Arc Salinger, RSM Boniface Schuck, RSM Marianne L. Svetz Shulo Claire Marie Schall Simington Ann Marie Leidinger Sylvester Adele B. Cioban Szabo Regina M. Miller Trodden Beth Mary Turnbach Joan Cecilia Watkins Patricia Byrne Williams Marianne L. Erceg Williams Catherine Williamson, RSM

Class of 1962 Total Giving: $15,730 Participation: 62%

Class Agents: Virginia Weis Cramer, Rosemarie Romanowski Dailey, Dolores Nardone D’Elia, Alice Draxler Nardone, Barbara Maziarz Victor Mary Ellen Crane Adams Mary Piskorik Babcock Margaret A. Fritz Basta Eleanor Kaper Bellanco Bernadette Bergen, RSM Brigid C. McDonald Boettcher Jean Spears Bonieski Ellen Mary Bringenberg, RSM Joan Marie Broderick, RSM Barbara A. Brown Marion T. Burke Marcia A. Trax Calisi Mary Ruth Brennan Carden Renee Chin Lo Margaret A. Carr Collett

Virginia Marguerite Weis Cramer Mary Joan Dwyer Curley Dolores Nardone D’Elia Rosemarie G. Romanowski Dailey Ann Louise DelCollo Barbara Ann Connolly Delotto Pauline C. Dinis Alice Doggett, RSM Beth Ann Mulhern Draminski Janet Dymond Virginia Donlin Emershaw Theresa Tabbit Evans Clare Joseph Farabaugh, RSM Mary Fellin, RSM Gloria Jean Klassen Field Ann B. Belanger Fiorenza Anne Fleming, RSM Jean M. Chipego Fox Mary Lou Ahearn Fusillo Mary Timothy Galbraith, RSM Rosellen Meighan Garrett Jeanne Vonkamen Gerrity Mary Glennon, RSM Barbara H. Gregorowicz Ann Marie Shovlin Hawkins Ann Horgan, RSM Enid P. Housty Linda Sweeney Hutchinson Susan Butler Jannetta Mary Alice Kane Marie Agnes Keeler Dorothy M. Schmitt Kieff Lorraine Sonday Kleynowski Katherine M. Naton Klocko Eileen M. Lawrence Patricia Lindon Lynch Marie Therese Manley McClellan Ann E. Roy McDonald Ellen Mary McGinley Sarah Ruth Burke McNamara Janet E. Fritz Michael Alice M. Draxler Nardone Judith R. Longenhagen Nawrocki Teresa Jane Nonnenmacher Geraldine A. Volack Norkitis Anne Frances Pulling, RSM Elizabeth Betty Lou Shergalis Reese Marie Louise Pachence Reeves Judith Karen Reis Joan Burke Rella Marcia J. Canzoneri Romanansky Barbara Joan Garrigan Roskell Dorothy Ann Hornberger Setcavage Kathleen Riley Shea Phyllis Simmons, RSM Ann Marie McAndrew Sledz Patricia Madeline Smith Maurita Anne Hardiman Soltis Miriam Francis Stadulis, RSM Kathleen M. Stianche Stago Patricia E. Arbraitis Stankus Marcia C. Burke Steer Judith Ann Fenstemacher Stefanik Felicia A. Miller Tabor Marie Ann Postulka Thompson

Ann Mary Turnbach, RSM Barbara Maziarz Victor Joan Marie Voveris Esther C. Toigo Wallitsch Pamela Jane DeLong Walsh Ann Patrice Wassel, RSM

Class of 1963 Total Giving: $9,260 Participation: 43%

Marianne Ruth Baloga Enola Judge Barlik Anne Marie Kelly Brixius Charlotte P. Capitano Kathleen Marie Carroll, RSM Maureen T. O’Connor Casey Mary Carolyn Brady Caverly Margaret Straub Ceraulo Mary Jane Coleman, RSM Margaret Louise Coogan Ellen Curry Barbara Ann Curtis Mary Agnes McNamara deQuevedo Margaret Mary Donnelly, RSM Kathleen Hanish Drialo Marguerite D. Dooley Durr Jacqueline Carol Dobroski Ezdebski Marion Ruth Mazaikas Forno Rosemary A. Steinkirchner Grebeck Teresa A. D’Elia Grimes Dolores Ann Dolgas Hearn Barbara A. Marshall Holmes Maureen Reilly Katarsky Ann Elsie Brancone Kavanagh Donna Marie Kaylor Jane Marie Lonsdorf Keffer Mary Charlene Kelly, RSM Janet Katherine Bauman Klein Mary Ellen Gallagher Kolodziej Frances Krispin Maryclare Tierney Langan Linda Mary Kraml Link Beverly J. Richards Longo Mary Alice Hands Lukasavage Ann Frances Black Lundin Dolores M. Stelma Manganella Kathleen Shedletsky Markwell Therese Marques, RSM Anne Elizabeth McLaughlin, RSM Maria Elena Mohen McNelis Geraldine Fenner McNulty Diane E. Baker Moffitt Rita Marie Ryan Mundy Mary Elizabeth Moran O’Connor Kay Ann O’Connor Mary Ann Daniels O’Grady Margaret Mary Dillon O’Malley Mary T. Walsh Obzansky Janet Kufta Ollenschleger Margaret Rose Ferdinand Passon Mary Elaine Peters, RSM Nancy C. Poder Margaret Agnes Reilly Regina Jamiolkowski Rudawski

Mary Ann Donna Savitsky Stella Nemshick Schwork Gertrude Rodgers Shoemaker Fran Stein, RSM Marie Stocker Stofila Mary Evangelista Strohmier, RSM Joyce Jendrzejewski Thompson Eileen Marie Toole, RSM Julianna Matusavage Turoski Anna Marie Argento Walker Sara Ellen Ervin Walser Kathleen Treacy Waltos Jane Meikrantz Whitesell

Class of 1964 Total Giving: $13,633 Participation: 46%

Class Agents: Maryanne Toth Canavesio, Marianne Wilpiszewski Strong Rosalie Marino Adams Elisabeth A. Johnson Balonis Joan Charlette McHugh Bates Victoria Phyllis Biga Margaret Krauszer Bohrer Carol Ann Pippin Bray Barbara Steck Buckanavage Maryanne M. Toth Canavesio Frances M. Rodgers Candia Sandra Marie Cella Kathryn McAndrew Cummings Anne Devaney, RSM Eileen F. Devaney Margaret E. O’Neal DeVry Carol A. Ozoga Drayer Suzanne N. Dunbar Madeline Mary Bonacci Fink Lorraine Mary Gutch Ford Elizabeth Joan Garvey Mary Ann Beacham Girvan Judith A. Manno Giunta Mary Sue Morrison Goodman Marjorie Jean Menzi Gorsuch Dorothy Marie Hagan, RSM Alice Rittinger Husovsky Julie Marie Mantione Iwanowski Barbara A. Lavery Jackson Aleedra M. Merman Jacobs Mary Ellen McHugh Jordan Rose Ann Butera Kohutka Martha Ann Kokinda Joan L. Talarski Kruk M. Barbara Boyle LaPorte Paulette Ann Horanzy Lasecki Louise E. Vegnoli Lenio Suzanne M. Doyle MacAvoy Maripat MacDonald Makalusky Mary Therese Lupien McCabe Maureen Francis McCabe, RSM Sheila O’Connell McFadden Patricia Ann Yosh McHugh Elizabeth J. McHugh Mary Noel Menezes, RSM Barbara Ann Kotch Miller

2011–2012 Donor Report | 21

Kathryn Messersmith Nardone Roberta L. Reilly Norton Gail Frances Kocian Novack Suzann Mary Sheppard-Rider Nyman Therese Elizabeth O’Hara Esther Ann O’Konski, RSM Patricia E. Matey Posen Mary Louise Borkoski Prahl Carole Devers Quinn Barbara Rose Brigido Quinn Mary Lane Jerista Raab Mary Eugenia Gavigan Ritondo Nina Whitted Robinson Catherine Elizabeth Shovlin Rouse Patricia Scanlin Mary L. Fenstemacher Shergalis Barbara Ann Shea Shuba B. Carol Brin Shupp Barbara Arline Smith Carol R. Rinehart Sorber Marianne J. Wilpiszewski Strong Judith Ann Michael Vanderpool Andrea Marie Vojtko Cecelia Catherine Mahoney Walsh Marguerite E. Kuc Weil Janice Williams Judith Anne Kochen Ziets Margaret Mary Bellezza Zoltak

Class of 1965 Total Giving: $13,180 Participation: 41%

Class Agent: Ann Marie Wysocki Hicks Kathleen Coyle Achorn Nancy Carolyn Andrake Mary Louise Zurenda Austin Kathleen Beatty Margaret M. Bilbow Bechtold Marcia Anne Miller Behrendt Mary Kathryn Schuman Binder Mary Patricia Manganella Brunner Patricia Gallagher Cole Mary Ann Verbitsky Cybulski Margaret Mary Heyburn Dorish Martha Barr Dunn Grace Ann Eidt, RSM Victoria M. Perlick Glod Ann Marie Benczkowski Gocek Loretta Ann Roback Gordon Andrea F. Rogalla Gowetski Marita McGrew Hickey Ann Marie Wysocki Hicks Ruth Hollen, RSM Mary Jean Elencik Hynick Ruth Marie Johnson, RSM Marcia Kadilak Linda Karas, RSM Marie Noel Keller, RSM Elizabeth A. Donohoe Kennedy Mary Claire Klug Kopicki Christina Gaydos Lewandoski Robert Marie Lockman, RSM Julie C. Lorenzini Marini 22 | Misericordia University

Hedy M. Martin Marcia V. Mascolini Marianne Cunniff Mazzagetti Marie F. Finore McGibony Janice Viola Eckenrode McNeal Elizabeth A. Vattilana Miranda Mary Judith Rohner Murphy Anh Thuy Nguyen-Long Paula Ann Ribando Kathleen Murphy Risley Patricia Mary Willis Rollo Judith Ann Dubel Ross Janet Marie Rygiel Alice Marie Sanders, RSM Rose Carmel Scalone, RSM Ellen E. Connell Spangenburg Joan M. Dobransky Stelmack Katherine E. Conley Taylor Barbara Ann Geary Tomcho Diana Perugino Tracey Mary Lou Daley Vowteras Carol A. Walcavage Irene Clementine Plisko Walsh Marilyn M. White Judith A. Wierbowski Antonia M. Walsh Williams Kathryn E. Boyle Zongila

Class of 1966 Total Giving: $23,450 Participation: 40%

Class Agent: Helene Flower Reed Susan Anne Vojtko Behme Angela B. Brennan Berryman Phyllis V. Frassa Bisbano Marjorie J. Walp Blessing Sandra Ann Rapchinski Boris Catherine M. Frantz Bourne Joan Marie Fisher Brehm Barbara A. Wotman Brennan Katharine Brennan, RSM Joan Marie Schappert Brett Admirabilis Browne, RSM Kathleen Marie Kuhar Bryk Rosemary J. Shmigelski Cackowski Susanne Carol Moran Calabro Patricia Ann Sedor Cardoni Mary Jo Kashuba Ciotta Sharon A. Lyman Connors Rosemary Prendergast Coyne Catherine A. Aigeldinger Cresko Anne C. Lieberman Crossen Mary Giuseppe Dabella, RSM Jean T. Basar Dadurka Carol Czajkowski Daru Catherine Finnin Deenihan Carole Anne Peters Deering Joyce R. Everett DeMoss Josephine A. DiMaggio Draper Rita Aigeldinger Dziekan Mary Alice Blaum Endler Ann Marie Rollman Finn Patricia Ann Fitzpatrick Bonnie E. DeRose Flynn

Carol Ann Gallagher, RSM Kathleen F. Gaube Gillespie Andrea Anne Glod Kathryn E. Balotsky Goldberg Mary Ann Fay Gunnarson Jeanne Marie Melvin Harrison Lorraine T. Harmanos Henrich Marilyn T. Jaskiewicz Mary Carol Vincenti Kammer M. Eileen Kane Carol A. Wagner Kaslander Kathleen A. Kasprisin Catherine E. Hoover Kazlauskas Mary Eugenia Kilgallen Elizabeth A. Teaken Koll Dorothy J. Karalunas Krapf Carolyn C. Gutch Kula Florence Concetta Milazzo Lombardo Diana Marie Isaacs Madden Kathleen Mary Masterson, RSM Mary Louise Prendergast Mayer Florence N. Novakowski McCabe Joanne C. Hansen McDonough Elizabeth Homan McGowan Mary Ann Peeler Murray Marion Dorothy Kosko Peleggi Sally C. Piccillo Geraldine Marie Pointek Maureen A. Purcell Beth Ann Tabor Purdy Rita Marie Gouse Raenke Dorothy Marie Reaver, RSM Helene Ferne Flower Reed Geraldine J. Serafin Roessner Carol Altavilla Rowinski Mary Ann Wozniak Schultz Elaine D. Schultz Frances V. Sralik Sescilla Catherine Houck Sheker Carol T. Doran Sides Elaine J. Montville Snyder Beverly A. Stanton Margaret D. Krevenko Starkey Barbara Bender Swanner Louise A. Streisguth Tagliareni Kathleen Ann Drugan Vogt H. Marlene Zavada Vorsteg Cecelia Ann Urban Wascavage Rose Marie Bellezza Wheeland Rosemary Ann Yalch Joyce Ancavage Yarnot Mary Theresa Benz Yarolin Carol Ann Sawicki Young

Class of 1967 Total Giving: $8,115 Participation: 38%

Class Agents: Catherine Pugliese Cortegerone, Barbara Lipinski Kovalchick, Carol Gulla Williams Mary Ellen Hechmer Adams Ann Marie C. Perrone Adonizio Mary Anne Shabelski Agustini

Patricia A. Ferrell Baker Patricia Ann Hogan Barber Mary Diandra Borowski Bau Elaine T. Oley Beggs Janet L. Beveridge Mary Catherine Brown Bohmueller Anne Marie Bonomo Rosemary Stefanoski Bott Jo Ann M. Malhoski Brown Rose Marie Morin Brown Margaret M. Willgruber Brunner Joan Bozza Buccola Dorothy A. Scrabat Buczynski Barbara Hardy Carey Patricia Mary Missett Cicci Maureen T. Morrison Clift Mary Harrity Connolly Mary Sheila Bilbow Coyne Catherine T. Sleva Cragle Noreen O’Leary DeHond Barbara Urban Dougherty Sandra J. Witkowski Dudrick Marilyn McGee Ferrell Marianne Rose Fitzpatrick Jane A. Mainwaring Forgione Joyce A. Miller Frangipane Donna M. Wende Fromel Mary Ellen Gardner Gladys M. Gudaitis Gaylor Rosemary L. Dvorsky Gido Patricia Parr Glassen Frances T. DeAngelo Greeley Valerie A. DeYoung Gryniuk Patricia Silbermann Haradem Mary Jane Henry Janet E. Gloge Hill Margaret A. Houlihan Mary Grace Scalzo Jones Betsy A. Grimes Kopec Rosemary C. Haduch Kozlowski Carolyn B. Layaou Marie Machung Lenox Teresa Sharkey Leshko Elaine G. Nichols Lillie Sandra Postupack Luongo Kathleen Marie Lupo Margaret Keating Maddox Geraldine M. Clauss Malloy Margaret Creagh Malloy Mary McCormick Marshall Evelyn M. McCarthy Mary Louise Josefov McCue Joyce M. Scornavacca McDevitt Dona Salamida McGrath Marilyn J. Petroski Mesaros-Newhart Frances P. Powalchick Moore Kathryn M. Kelly Moran Paula Charnosky Moroz Maryann Regina Nardone Celez Ann Nitkowski Colleen E. Krebs Norton Patricia Walters Ohlemiller Ann Katherine Kerrigan Otroshina Mary Ellen Ansilio Petcavage Dorothea A. Magnotta Polifroni

Carol Patricia Connelly Price Carolann G. Valanski Puk Carol Rittner, RSM Nan McCarthy Rodgers Barbara A. Cituk Roginsky Rosemary Sabino, RSM Elizabeth Ann Catrino Schmidt Karen A. Ernst Shea Kathleen Marie Thoelen Silverstrim Diane C. Piledggi Smith Jo Ann E. Kennedy Sulzinsky Sara Sweeney, RSM Maryann J. Sabol Thomas Maureen Flanagan Tibbs Patricia A. Seniuk Travis Mary Ann Vasell Sandra L. McQuade Viola Theresa Stretansky Wadas Norma Meyer Walch Nancy Ann Walker Mary M. DeVine Warburgh Leona Christine Bittenbender Westgate Carol Leona Gulla Williams Mary Jean Montante Williams Maureen A. Sullivan Zapke Karen A. Boyek Zebrowski

Class of 1968 Total Giving: $31,452 Participation: 41%

Class Agent: Bettsi Jaeger Catherine Ann Gaudiano Alteri Caroline Strunk Andreas Catherine A. Misewich Andrusky Joanne M. Balas Patricia M. Hyland Bambino Veronica M. Bankins Linda Ann Camooso Bolmarcich Marianne E. Brenner Borja Maureen Louise Boshier Patricia Ann Gallagher Boyle Mareen R. Brennan Mary Gertrude Burns Maureen Patrice Chamberlain Linda Irene Gensinger Colarco Jane L. VanKoski Comitz Virginia M. McDermott Corcoran Susan Makse Cronin Lorraine Marie Bednar Dancsak Peggy Anne Hopkins Darden Mary Ann Dillon, RSM Sandra Marie Rydzewski Donn Kathryn Hoban Draper Margaret Mancuso Esposito Katherine Cahill Fama Mary Louise Repp Farley Patricia Winner Farnan Mary Beth Garey Farrell Miriam E. Butler Frail Sandra Blazejewski Frantz Maureen B. McGuire Fraser Germaine Miraglia Gallagher Judith Hallinan Geddis Bernadette Joanne Mazur Grove

Eileen M. O’Brien Halling Elaine Grass Harris Suzanne Cox Herstek Kathleen Canfield Hockett Anna Marie Hudock Anne G. Hurley Isip Bettsi Eileen Jaeger Anne Marie Barry Juba Theresa Rose Iwanowski Kambies Anne Marie Kasprinski Maria Berti Kittle Ann Marie Murphy Koch Kathryn Elizabeth Kulsick Gloria Jean Anzalone Labatch Joan Ann Glodzik LaBrutte Arlene Ann Krause Lacey Rosemary Cecilia Murphy Lambert Mary Ann R. Rava Lampman Janet Rugato Lehecka Sarah Ellen Lenahan Barbara Hope Linski Nancy Smith Lynch Martha Glasheen Lyons Rosemary A. O’Donnell Macaluso Patricia Makely Marguerite Feist Marky Margaret M. Costin McCaffrey Mollie Gallagher McNally Anne Katherine Galligan Memory Elizabeth M. Tamalis Murphy Patricia Ellen Geary Norton Helen Theresa O’Brien Sara A. O’Donnell Barbara Theresa Burns O’Hara Barbara Ann Strumski O’Konski Elaine Miklosi Palischak Patricia E. Carroll Panshin Louise Loughran Peele Mary Catherine Petroziello MaryAnn L. Sullivan Pette Mary Tabor Pinchak Sharon A. Brennan Ransavage Diane Hodge Raymond Lois Ann Hine Riloff Elaine L. Serafini Rogan Patricia Claire Dormer Rosini* Margaret Ann Ryan OP Kathryn B. Bendick Sabol Veronica Ann Clarke Sagan Emily Frances Hosey Sallitt Mary Jane Mesharer Savakinas Ann E. Trapp Scanlon Francis Marie Sheridan, RSM Kathleen Mary Smith, RSM Charlotte E. Stonesifer Smith Susan Fort Sordoni Martha Curran Sosar Phyllis A. Snyder Spillane Mary Nanorta Stchur Catherine McAndrew Stevens Christine T. Pasko Suhay Laura M. Tarantino Mary Ann Theresa Sadowski Tencza Eileen M. Heffron Theodorou Elizabeth Ann Montante Turco

2011–2012 Donor Report | 23

Rosemary Antoinette Murphy Twomey Natalie Stascak Vidunas Maureen J. Hoover Walker Regina Werntz, RSM Jo Ann M. Wolinsky Barbara A. Tamalis Woodmansee Amelia M. Wagner Zawatsky Karen Ann Snee Ziemelis Charlene Makar Zola

Class of 1969 Total Giving: $16,808 Participation: 42%

Pamela Shendock Bolesta Corinne M. Lucier Brennan Mary Ellen Brody, RSM Elizabeth Ann Brody, RSM Beverly Bonning Bunney Marion E. Hunzer Burry Margaret M. Caffrey Marie A. Walker Carchilla Agnes A. Toloczko Cardoni Kathleen Shovlin Casey Carmela G. Ciocco Chartowick Lorraine A. Watkins Cusatis Kathleen McGeehin D’Angelo Paula Conahan DeJoseph Elizabeth Ann DeLuca Mary Grace Duffy Beverly Ann Dulny Mary E. Jenkins Dvoroznak Catherine Ann Dwyer Marilyn Schaeffner Failla Rose Ann Rostock Falcone Eileen Virginia Finley Patricia Anne Burke Forr Marilyn Shonis Fronczkiewicz Noreen E. Becker Gladey Mary Ellen Golden Curtin Monica Alice Haradem Mary Ann Konopka Harmanos Kathleen Ann Zimnisky Harris Kathleen C. Hayes Nadine Marie Kuderka Howe Christine A. Gallagher Ippoliti Ann M. Bowman Jamieson Kathryn Mary Galozzo Jennings Ruth L. Adamshick Jones Sandra Edfort Kady Elizabeth Darlene Bahl Kane Anne Lorraine Klug Kemmerer Regina Kiel, RSM Kathleen Ann Kuntz Kirchoff Jean Chimock Kriebel Mary Jo Kusiak Kathryn Ann Mulcahy Labelle Michaeline Savitski Lacey Jean L. Redding Laughman Ann Marie Remedia Liberty Mary Ann Narsavage Long Patricia Marie McCann, RSM Sally Ann Zalonis McGovern Dolores Maria Saracino Mirro Sue Ann Leandri Monico 24 | Misericordia University

Ann Marie Boos Muroski Elaine M. Rapchinski Murphy Jane O’Donnell, RSM Mary M. Kovaleski Occhiato Marilyn J. Noyalis Ozeck Mary Jean Cleary Panciera Donna Wallace Phillips Kathleen Marie Reiss Jeanne Roman Ellen Ann Heck Romanowski Eileen Anne Gellner Ryan Mary Gertrude Marzen Sampson Sandra J. Kush Shipkoski Georgette E. Andrejko Siedlecki Inez S. Stefanko Mary Lou Louise Steinberg Margaret Ann Stoffick Carol L. Tabone Tabit Carol Saus Toomey Geraldine M. Swartz Ulichney Mary P. Ungvarsky Patricia Ann Green Walsh Kathy Lou Wynder Waring Maureen Elizabeth Lavelle Whalen Mary M. D’Orsogna Wilson Joan Guyette Winter Martha Mary Zavada

Class of 1970 Total Giving: $16,960 Participation: 34%

Class Agents: Kathleen Rusnock Darowish, Marilyn Dillon Krall Nancy E. Wojcik Alberici Mary Ann C. Siedlecki Ashton Kathryn A. Conway Banse Elaine Schlosser King Belgen Mary Paulette Berrang, RSM Sharon Mary Vollrath Burry Anne Nelson Camasso Lorraine Hosey Carmean Joan E. Nardone Clarke Lorraine A. Guidi Collins Donna M. Prendergast Cooper Mary Rita Coulton Kathleen A. Rusnock Darowish Elizabeth Ann Urban Davis Catherine E. Schneider Deedwania Mary Ann McNiece Deluca Marie A. Depue Pauline Jean Donahue Linda Josephine Teti Facciolo Anne Marie Hill Fitzgibbon Mary Margaret Gates Mary Rita Borr Goodman Maureen Indira Ramson Hairston Joanne E. Driscoll Hale Deborah Madeline Lazar Harris Margaret Davis Hovan Maureen Foote Irion Ann Pesavento Isaacs Alison Schuman Joralemon Joan Mary Ruda Kanavich Jean L. Chollak Karmiel

Elizabeth V. Golden Kennedy Mary C. Kerrigan Ann Marie Frank Kolanowski Christine A. Ores Kopcho Geraldine M. Nocerini Korpusik Marilyn Regina Dillon Krall Lenore M. Terzoni Latarewicz Georgia Ann Voytush Layloff Patricia J. Allman Littleton Janice C. Lysiak Mary Beth O’Connell McArdle Regina Zaher McShane Suzanne Louise Law Methot Mary H. Plesko Modeen Catherine Gill Morris Eleanor Munley Christine Elizabeth Ricigliano Otto Mary Carole Wysocki Panunzio Margaret Marie Maciun Perkins Marguerite Buikus Perrotto Loretta Mary Personius Catherine Salvo Petrunico Mary Ellen Savetteri Poole Margaret Jane Rees Marianne I. Schmeltzer Rempe Geraldine Helen Kinsel Revitt Maureen D. O’Brien Rickard Katherine A. Brisebois Roszkowski Natalie E. Rusnock Cynthia Ann Gritsevicz Sawicki Madelyn Semanko Josephine M. Piccillo Slusser Carm Corallo Sosik Dorothy Marie Sowa Marianne R. Sollazzo Sweeney Dorothy Brozusky Tribus Kathleen Mongelluzzi Vanderheijden Greta Ann Urbanski Wagner Mary K. Orzech Wiltanger Diane M. Jeffery Zawadzki

Class of 1971 Total Giving: $14,248 Participation: 27%

Class Agents: Anne Marie Cesare Albertine, Karen Kruczek Henichek Anne Marie Cesare Albertine Mary Ellen Boyle Andrews Jeris E. Jordan Baranowski Daria Bisulca, RSM Margaret Mary Bowes Bovard Diane Mary Josephs Burkam Ellen M. Burns Donna Olack Chadderton Rita Kay Schrode Corbett Kathryn Burke Corgan Catherine E. O’Connor Cronen Susan Kay Rusbar Dauksis Theresa A. Cerza Fehlinger Mary M. Flynn Patricia Ann Gallagher Donna Mascolini Gantz Marie Angelella George

Deborah A. Grassi Martha Andrea Gallagher Hadaway Barbara Rose Cerullo Hayden Diane M. Capano Heffernan Catherine L. Heim Karen Ann Kruczek Henichek Barbara E. Gannon Hogan Carole J. Vuolo Howell Maureen L. Kelly Dolores Ann Kozloski Mary Catherine Bride Krill JoAnn Modrovsky Lawson Marilyn T. Lelek Susan O’Neill Mayo Jennifer M. O’Donnell Rita Shurgalla Obeid Carolyn M. Quinn Ostner Marie Parker, RSM Barbara J. Pazdziorko Susan A. Frank Rutchauskas Kathleen L. Salce Ellen Mary Murray Sartori Catherine Serdinsky Cynthia M. Zang Sherman Kathleen A. Shutts Mary Beth Sowa Veronica A. Sullivan Mary Beth McNamara Sullivan Helen M. Reeves Sullivan Bonnie Cullinan Thul Margaret M. Kaiser Toner Carol L. Trosko Maureen Shovlin Williams Margaret Mary Ziegler Yashinski Deborah A. Yatko Cynthia Maria Bai Yobs Marie E. Castner Yost Karen Jean Sarneski Ziegler

Class of 1972 Total Giving: $15,785 Participation: 37%

Class Agents: Linda Barbero Doughton, Louise Lang Roberts Marilyn Barrett Amadoro Eileen White Baginski Stella Marie Bagot, RSM Kathryn L. Cooney Bailey Karen L. Frank Bird Anne Marie Landers Boehl Susan Roberts Bolash Elizabeth Ann Britt Barbara J. Brown Jean Gandy Browne Anita Julia Gladysiewski Buss Ann M. Lawler Camp Patricia A. Merwald Cole Mary Frances Conrad, RSM Patricia A. Sadowski Crabtree Noreen Delaney Elizabeth A. Toole Dessoye Annette Marie Diebold, RSM Margaret Terese Brennan Dipasquale Linda Barbero Doughton

Roberta J. Zovlonsky Frey Helen L. O’Donnell Graham Laura Perry Griffin Marilyn A. Suravitch Grous Karen McKernan Halbig Maria L. Cipolla Hayes Michele M. Schmidt Jazowski Kathleen Costin Jefferies JoAnne Marie Jones, RSM Kathleen Brody Jones Betty J. Rojek Jones Carol Ann Kelly Veronica Kovach, RSM Mary Ellen Lapsansky Geraldine M. Wolinsky Larkin Patricia Curd Laskowski Elizabeth J. Brennan Lawler Susan C. Baron Lazio Sherry Anne Manetta Mei Ling Mak Mason Linda Dennis McGeehan Sheila Reager McGinn Eileen Pustizzi McMahan Doreen Jane Simmen Mohney Agnes Cynthia Mravcak Marilyn Joan Ryan O’Boyle Barbara A. Christman Page Louise E. Materna Pagliaro Mary Cashen Purcell Amelia A. Cigna Quinn Laura Marie Lamberta Ram Louise Ann Lang Roberts Anne Eileen Gallagher Robinson Colette Griffin Romano Kathleen E. Laughlin Ross Jean Regina Kobowski Sartin Mary Elizabeth McDermott Sowcik Patricia Ann Kaluzavich Stanchak Mary Frances Thomas Theresa M. Rowland Tomlinson Janet Lisa Verga Elizabeth M. Vivaldo Marie C. Burger Ward Janet Connolly Werner Nancy Marie Carasiti Wilkin Doris Ellen Bulcavage Yurich Virginia M. Berti Zdanowicz

Class of 1973 Total Giving: $11,940 Participation: 33%

Corrine Angeli Barchik Debra Tanner Bayer Colleen A. Kelly Benson Rosemary Coupe Bogdan Virginia M. Brady Mary Ellen Dunn Brice Lucille Marie Brislin, RSM Margaret M. Burke Linda M. Whalen Casey Patricia Finan Castellano Colleen Murphy Castner Bridget Mary Clark, RSM Carol G. Crawford

Jean M. Biglin Cuthbertson Mary B. Stewart Dahlgard Carol Klepp DiMartile Rose Ann C. Berrettini Dymond Joan Murphy Egan Karenann M. Joseph Falkinburg Barbara Jeanne Boberick Falls Andrea J. Rooney Fitzpatrick Margaret Ann Gardner Jacqueline Ann Nossal George Debra J. Smith Gildea Donna Gress Grady Karen L. Kachenbach Griffith Ann VanLoon Grimes Marilyn Michelcavage Haffey Elizabeth Hopkins Height Joan F. Hennigan Kathryn Wilma Henry Clare Marie Higgins, RSM* Marie R. Letoski Husty Joan Domnick Johnson Jane H. Sinnott Klucsik Lucinda A. Leonard Korus Susan Verano Kovaleski Mary Frances Lawler Gretchen Marie Kwapis Leffler Anne K. Hughes Leininger Helen T. Rominski Lopez Sharon Mooney McClung Barbara M. Drayer McDonald Frances McManus, RSM Jean Messaros, RSM Carmela Vitale Michno Janice L. Quarteroni Miller Cheryl Lee Goode Miskiel Phyllis Maureen Murphy, RSM Sandra Angelo Nobile Sharon L. Eovitch Obuhosky Maryruth Laity Olshefski Vicki S. Abraham Oman Carol Ann Patney Kathleen A. Eichlin Patrick Ruth M. Leaser Pettinger Paulette T. Barlik Ricketts Grace S. Rozycki Gail Dresch Senak Margaret McNamara Senker Marie Elaine Rollman Sesny Stephanie Ann Mongelluzzi Sholly Anita M. Bogusko Sirak Carol A. Colantuono Smith Andrea Grosek Sordoni Mary Grace Yorke Sroka Roberta Ann Hribar Storz Jean E. Bulcavage Treisbach Jane E. Cochran White Christine M. Wilk Rosaline P. Winslow Madelyn M. McGowan Yurko

Class of 1974 Total Giving: $2,432 Participation: 24%

Patrice M. Schroeder Beach Joan McGuiness Blewitt Susan M. Cotter Boris Mary Theresa Hayden Boychuk Leslie A. Kinder Brezinski Margaret Neff Burke Margaretta M. Sweeney Casella Margo Elizabeth Checrallah Kathleen A. Lukatch Clemente Barbara Connolly Sandra M. Consalvo Judith Lee DeScenza Cooper Janet E. Duffy DeRaleau Bonnie Long DeSombre Anne K. Keating Fiorenza Mary Ellen Fuhrman, RSM Laura Marie Osborn Gorman Rita R. Huntz Barbara J. Wunsch Johnston Diane Castrignano Jones Subagh Jackowski Kaur Khalsa Jeanne Kelly Kathleen Nulton Kemmerer Mary Kristina Knott, RSM Maryanna Delehanty Kreidman Joanne Fumanti Major Peggy Gannon Marino Catherine McGroarty, RSM Ramona Maczuga Mierzejewski Mary Claire Mullen Ellen J. Cleary Nagle Joyce M. Pavlick Mary Theresa Peperno Kathleen C. Kinsella Reilly Catherine Crowley Schneck Lorraine C. Bishie Schuette Janet DelPriore Siegel Jane Coyle Smith Eileen M. Sundra Sott Gail E. Wasowski Thome Frances V. Trapp Lynn M. Tumbelty Maureen Morio Wascavage Mary F. Polacheck Waskie Karen A. Madden West Marianne Francer Maciun Zoranski

Class of 1975 Total Giving: $17,949 Participation: 24%

Class Agents: Deborah Smith Mileski, Colleen Coyle Newhart, Margaret Kirk Teravainen Andrea S. Sobieski Barch Christine Konnick Bartkovitz Michalene Zajac Behm Brian J. Benedetti Helen F. Rudolph Benicaso Annette J. Germick Brongo

2011–2012 Donor Report | 25

Jay S. Brown Judy Ann Sass Brown Colleen M. Green Cahill Bette Jo Shonk Calabro Lee Calabro Patricia O’Neill Cicatelli Mary Alice Callahan Sexton Clifford Agnes Semler Devlin Joan Eileen Dillon Carol Weaver Downey Marie T. Fearick Rosemarie Agnes Carey Gavenonis Deborah J. Bushko George Mary F. Santasania Gill Jocelyn A. Petlock Gruzenski Lynn Krzyzewski Jones Carol A. Kaleta Deborah Anne Taylor Kelleher Mari P. Phillips King Mary Ann Christine Terek Kinney Nancy Jane Klimchak Konarski Rosemary Lilly Kowalchuk Joann N. Long Lia Carol Ann C. Matikiewicz Mary Kate Clarke McGowan Deborah Smith Mileski Sharon M. Vonsavage Molyneux Nancy Helen Shiffner Montville Michele D. Sweeney Muth Colleen Patricia Coyle Newhart Elizabeth Mary Mullen O’Boyle Lawrence W. Olenginski Ann T. Schofield Palko Maryann P. Morris Shannon Sally Mangan Siemion Neil E. Smith Joan Marie Man Sullesta Margaret Kirk Teravainen Valerie R. Edwards Tirpak Maryrose Catherine Murdock Triscari Molly Spohrer Vitale Stephen S. Yakubisin

Class of 1976 Total Giving: $7,530 Participation: 24%

Class Agents: Audrey Serniak, Mary Shields Zenyuh Janet Carolyn Smereski Babskie David Scott Barna Veronica Avril Rebarchick Barna Joseph J. Beeunas Sharon L. Lawson Beeunas David William Bird Janice Piperata Breidinger Susan P. Brier Chang Phyllis Jean Morath Christ Susan Marie Drake Patricia Carr Duffy Donna Marie Ellis Marian L. Rosler Farrell Carol Ann Marie Berkant Ference Beth Timinsky Fisher Cynthia L. Vickers Giffin 26 | Misericordia University

Mary Alice Golden Anita J. Danko Harris Mary Rogan Hurst Mary Katherine Flatley Hyziak Audrey June Ide Deborah A. Tomasura Jeannett Patricia Kathryn Daley Jimenez Mary Colavito Karsko Daria K. Kochanievich Rita G. Perrine Krulewicz Barbara Ann Law Ann Marie Bolin Lawrence Maureen Maxwell Locke Eileen P. O’Connor McGuire Lucy Foote McHale Mary Jane Alexander Miskovsky Barbara A. Petrofski Moore Jane Marie Naughton Laura Jo McGuire O’Malley Mary Kathleen Martin Oliveira Marcella Proch Pedersen Carol A. Szkotnicki Pennock Sharon Poplawski Debra A. Smallcomb Potsko William W. Prendergast Diane Kenwell Kenwell Rosland Joan F. Scialo Rubin Mary Claire Ryan Albina E. Sebastian Seckary Mary Ellen Fasciana Semon Audrey J. Serniak Stephanie Fitzsimmons Sexton Mary Jo Stiles Shields Mary Karen Wenzel Shoff Barbara Ondrick Skopek Claire Kraszewski Vassia Jane M. Williams Mary E. Williams Catherine D. Woicicki

Class of 1977 Total Giving: $10,950 Participation: 22%

Class Agents: Helen Brady Frank Fayen, Judith Gardner Price Carol Ann Airey Sandra Louise Balch Valerie Tucker Berzanski Elizabeth Anne Connery Frances Mancuso Consagra Marie T. Ratchford Demkosky John J. Dillon Mary Ann Teutsch Dingman Jean Marie Germick Dobinick Erin B. Yerashunas Donahue Linda A. Brongo Engler Helen Brady Frank Fayen Margaret Davitt Harris Linda Phillips Hennigan Christine Uram Hess Patricia Hincken Susan Jean Stash Huthmaker Michelle C. Bartol Iobst Edward J. Jeziorski

Mary K. Carey Jiunta Cynthia Jalil Kaney Donna Hall Kepler Debra Kush Joanne Grocela Kyne Joanne H. Kine Leichte Patricia Lynn Leonard Barbara A. Watson Loftus Erin Walsh McCarthy Candace A. Orlando Morrow Rosemary Lane O’Dea Susan Irene O’Hara Karen Welsh O’Neill JoAnn Hardisky O’Rourke Diane L. Grochowski Olenginski Lillian Penko Ann Louise Gibbons Phalen Judith Ann Gardner Price Mary Elizabeth Wildes Quinn Eileen Gronell Rinehimer Ellen Jacoby Rugg Elizabeth Rutkowski Mary M. Walinchus Ryan Geraldine F. Mihneski Samselski Cynthia Ann Sharo Michele Culp Stachowiak Diane Yarnot Stilp Nancy Behr Vanderhoef Francis R. Wojtash Mary Ann Michaels Youngblood

Class of 1978 Total Giving: $3,014 Participation: 25%

Teresa Anne Hayes Babetski Kathleen Mahon Bailer Debra G. Galli Bonar Julie Lynn Kurpil Burns Patricia J. Cannon Kathleen M. Cummings Charney Maureen T. Bonani Condosta Michele A. Magli Fagula Karen Louise Halm Donna Ann Berzanski Henderson Lucia Anne Dill Hoffman Richard B. Humphrey Thomas Edward Iracki Jeanne M. Novroski Jagozinski Patricia Rogan Jones Debra Lozier Katyl Mary Ann Sheldon Klecha Cindy Lou King Knierim Mary Blair Vinson Koehl Paul Louis Komensky Helen Landers Kathleen Mulcahy Lee Deborah J. Shearn Lowry Linda G. Hanczyc McDermott Mary Beth Brill Mecca Donna Marie Ocetnik Mela Catherine L. Hoover Mericle Janet Anne Ford Molnar Margaret Mary Butala Murphy Theresa Ann Snyder Noa

Mary Ellen Novick Jacqueline R. Pavlick Amy Scatena Powell Jacqueline Lukasik Pramick Carrie L. Roberts Raymond Jan E. Castner Reese Marianne E. Reiff Donna Rooney Reino Patricia A. Jarrett Roper Mary Catherine Ganse Roth Mary Helen Sweeney Schulte Maria Teresa Sevitski Lee Mary Pizzirusso Sikora Catherine J. Mainwaring Silveri Deborah A. Gulla Sobeck Delphine Daddamio Torbik Diane M. Stefaniak Tranell Christina C. Crake Urban Elizabeth A. Hubert Weber Robert D. Williams Rose Anne Nankivell Wincek Mary F. Degenhart Yanac

Class of 1979 Total Giving: $3,782 Participation: 23%

Class Agents: Kevin Duffy, Joan Smith Foster Diane Helen Abram Paul Joseph Bosco Robert G. Brody Karen E. Janinek Burgio Geraldine V. Casterline Priscilla Coughlin Donna Lynn Kozlowksi Cuccaro Kimberly A. Lapinski Davis Beth Ann Delaney Brenda A. Palmer Desormeaux Kevin A. Duffy Gail F. Seuffert Fardelmann Joan Smith Foster Marilyn Bower Gerde Tobi Balin Grossman William John Hartman Sharon S. Smith Hudacek Margaret Kolessar Janosik Regina Agnes Leyden Jasinski Cynthia VanSickler Katyl Susan S. Russell Knorr Luanne E. O’Hop Lampman Mary Rose B. Jurosky Lukesh Elizabeth Mangan Denise Angela Maslowski Kelly Spencer McAndrew Catherine Mary McCoy Elaine M. Mikolosko Colleen Judge Moore Betty Jane Croshaw Nash Karen Ann Puscavage Mary Alice Pendleton Reeves Michael F. Shulo Tina Marie Mark Simington Jane Marie Straub Suzanne Thoma Mary Beth E. Schlosser Thomas

John Christopher Urbanski Catherine Marie Glyn Williams, RSM

Class of 1980 Total Giving: $2,880 Participation: 21%

Mark J. Alinoski Denise M. Fitzpatrick Beck Helene Mary Suda Becker Barbara Ann Melvin Beisler Patricia Ann McLaughlin Benedetti Kathleen E. Rosnick Borton Detwiler Patricia A. McHugh Creazzo Charles L. Davis Karen O. Wills Dormio Rosalie Anne Dugan Martin S. Everhart Donna Marie Fairchild Gail A. Grochowski Dee Dee D. Kinsley Jacoby Gail A. Perfetto Johnson Patricia Ann Steve Kelly Deborah Lynn Mackle Kussoff Mildred E. Morgan Leeking Mary Kathy Cummings Lewis Kathleen A. Mollahan Lytle Cynthia Ann March, RSM Clifford B. Miller Linda Jeanne Wuchich Mushala Christine Connery Phillips Janet Louise Roe Robert Michael Siegfried Joy Elizabeth Aitken Souza Richard A. Spencer Diane Stolarick Stefanowicz Nancy Canarini Stepanski Michael J. Terninko Merilee Mohr Twardowski Frances M. Wiernusz

Class of 1981 Total Giving: $7,130 Participation: 18%

Barbara A. Barna Anglestein Ann M. Steidle Baumgardner Nadine Rayno Borton Barbara J. Aponick Deusterman Jean T. Payne Flack Deborah Weisberg Fries Elizabeth I. Golden Gwen Jones Groblewski John J. Hoban Karen E. Hoffman Cynthia Ide Jones Sandra Lee Mrochko Kalish Michael Vincent Kelly Jocelyn L. Kreig Ann Marie Konnick Lane Jacqueline Kreidler Latosek Susan Sowa Malkemes Marianne Gloskey McAndrew Beth A. Rogers Megatulski Marian C. Alles Newton Debra H. Nacko O’Black

Andrea Palencar Linda Pitts Susan Radaszkiewicz Royds Mary Anne Schuler Salaway Margaret A. Podskoch Semanek Linda M. Cannon Sharpe Shelly Nathan Smulowitz Rosina Maria Garzella Spinosi Catherine A. Vitali Diane L. Sebolka Waskie Paul C. Woelkers Maureen P. Mulhern Zeiss

Class of 1982 Total Giving: $3,460 Participation: 16%

Catherine Suzanne Bolinsky Ahlgrim Margaret K. Kimball Anderson Diane Regan Anthony Christine Helen Niznik Carolan Michelle L. Maher Coombs Jeanine M. Delucca Maureen Janine Judge Devine Barbara Ryan Dombroski Lisa Biscotto Gillespie Margaret Jean M. Hanlon Thomas John Hanlon Norman J. Holzman Rosemary Elizabeth Greene Huether Carol Lee Werts Keffer Carolyn Hovanec Lalos Bernadette Milano Lengyel Sharon A. Birosak Lobitz Loraine Luke Robin Sakina Lounsberry Mama Catherine A. McGovern Lynn E. Borton Matus Miller Denise Pawlush Lanny C. Pelliccia Mary Jean E. Shober Potylycki Scott Reese Lynn Susan Phillips Rother Sophia Anne Sabina Imelda Sherrett, RSM Kathleen A. Piskorik Tryzenski Tara M. Kern Vetting Beth Anne Schmauch Walls Dianne M. Watchulonis

Class of 1983 Total Giving: $3,605 Participation: 15%

Class Agent: Kathleen Flickinger Yhlen Elizabeth E. Bailey Ann Marie Balz Mary T. Byrnes Beverly A. Connolly Kim Marie A. Roman Connors Dorothy Gloman Craig Rose Ann Crisci Michele K. Pascucci O’Malley Daly Marie A. Como Ely Linda L. Domzalski Gaines

Robin Davis Gawel Cynthia Serniak Gorton Kathy Ann Navin Klisavage Cathleen Kropiewnicki Kathy Ann Korick Malone Sidney D. May Rebecca A. Morales Mulherin Pamela Suppon Ostroski Linda Kloap Price Deborah S. Sweitzer Pugh Deborah J. Wasilko Rutkoski Theresa A. Bufano Scarfo Allison A. Kluge Shields Larissa Shuga Susan Puzinas Soniak Jean R. Steelman Stephan M. Stenger Angela Gatti Stout Annette Marie Blasi Strubeck Lisa A. Mikula Terninko Kimberly Johnson White Kathleen E. Flickinger Yhlen Deborah L. Zurinski

Class of 1984 Total Giving: $1,290 Participation: 14%

Donna Dubil Bryant Carmen N. Chiumento Nancy L. Goble DeSando Cheryl Lee Jones Ellsworth Lorraine A. Gattuso Gail Thompson Gatusky April Yonkin Gavitt William Groblewski Paula Mase Kunko Carmen J. LoBrutto Edward Paul Matkins Kim Maria Kosick Biscotto Mattioli Barbara Tretheway McAfee Georgia L. Roberts Narsavage Michele Tripus Orrson Carlene J. Rosengrant Price Susan Thomas Robins Mary Ann Urban Rompola David H. Santasania Carol Ann Prokop Silver Lisa Marie Mooney Simkulak Cathleen A. Whiting Stenger Laura Cavanagh Surman Mayon Sylvain, RSM Barry T. Wagner Maureen E. Tierney Wezmar Susan Stryjewski Zielen

Class of 1985 Total Giving: $9,333 Participation: 17%

Class Agents: Michael Amory, William M. Jones, David M. Payne Gwyn A. Wood Alexander Franette L. Gummoe Allen Michael Amory

2011–2012 Donor Report | 27

Deborah A. Walker Baker Margaret R. Brady Stephen L. Broskoske Antoinette Battista Calderone Nancy A. Traenkle Conklin Ann Norton Connell Carl M. Corridoni Christine Johnson Ducey Mary Ellen Franckowiak Dziedzic Deborah R. Garber Fidanzato Regina M. Fitzpatrick Maria D. Sedlak Hinson Marian Holehan Margaret Jones William M. Jones Patricia A. Klepadlo Kandrovy Lisa E. Cosgrove Kinney Sue Kline Kluger Mary Lou Smith Kotch Nancy Marie Freda Lenahan Sandra Zondlo Leventhall Elizabeth A. Broscius MacDougall Marianne Mahle Marjorie Henry Marquart Daniel J. Marriggi Ann Marie Cardone Morris Margaret Ellen Moynihan Theresa March Phillips Debra A. Romanski Cheryl A. Schmitt Linda Shafer Allan T. Slody Faith Ann Hoyle Terrery Kathleen A. Mazaleski Weiland Ruth Blessing Weiscarger Susan D. Liuzzo Wiggins Julie M. Wurst Angela Gambo Yunko

Class of 1986 Total Giving: $4,098 Participation: 14%

Class Agent: Ellen Payne McLaughlin Lori Beth Andrzejewski Peter J. Bonczewski Cheryl A. Astolfi Burger Maria T. Drobnicki Carr Anna Cervenak Michael E. Dunn JoLynn Para Garrison Elaine DiRisio Halesey Patricia A. Harrison Johnna Chiumento Jalowiec Alice Rae Joyce Kutish Ellen Marie Payne McLaughlin Frances A. Musto Christine M. Butera Parry Elaine B. Prebola Pearson Jeanne M. Pittinger Jane C. Pope Kathryn Beers Ritter Agnes Rice Sawyer Sue Keppler Singer 28 | Misericordia University

Heidi L. Baldygo Singer Christine Wozniak Solfanelli Jean Marie Sirko Sowa Scott John Stephenson Marietta E. Scalise Warnitsky Dorothy Yeager Wolff

Class of 1987 Total Giving: $5,211 Participation: 16%

Class Agents: Dianne S. Curry, Mary Ellen Gulotti Jody Ann Barbarulo, RSM Lisa J. Thomas Barth Pamela Peterson Borek Leo V. Carr Dianne S. Curry Lori Ann Dagon Colleen M. Daylor Davis Melanie Duffy Georgia Kokos Edmunds Susan Payne Ferentino Thomas Finlan Grace Sheldon Fisher Michele Sanguiliano Fung-A-Fat Patricia L. Culhane Gizzi Dolores Ann Russell Goble Stephen J. Grazaitis Mary Ellen Gulotti Edith M. Hennebaul Wendy Miller Crane Hopkins Michael A. Jalowiec Lora Oches Lenahan Maureen Aschenbrenner Manke Antoinette Manley, RSM Victoria Lynn Lilley McNeill Carol L. Williams Nasser Paula C. Pickett Novak Florence Vitek Para Michele F. Frisco Pertl Karen Modla Pinto Kay Marie Faux Robinson Betty Dee Fuller Shaffer James Siberski Mildred Stabingas Slocum Molly McGuire Spanarkel Barbara A. Gates Stephenson Josephine Sulewski Lisa Sunday-Lefkowitz Cynthia I. Ludwig Touw Andrea Yorina Vomero

Class of 1988 Total Giving: $4,809 Participation: 22%

Class Agent: Cynthia A. Paulikas Costello Michael Jerome Barry Joanne Judith Kotch Beemiller Cheryl A. Harrison Blockland Patricia A. Noonan Bogdan Mary Joan Burns Christine Ann Stravinski Butchko

Joseph A. Cipriani Mary Lou Jepko Cookson Cynthia A. Paulikas Costello Mary Catherine Rovinski Costigan Mary C. Dalpiaz Roxanne A. Dlugosh Degnan Sharon Ann Rome DeLeo Edith I. DeProfio Brian Patrick Donahue Judith Ann Ellis Dawn Marie Loftus Evans Nigel I. Fung-A-Fat Ellen Lisa Bonham Gallik Theresa Marie Condon Gasper Kathleen A. Devine Gelso Traci Smith Giberson James Joseph Gorney Ellen Mary Kiss Karen Lee Eshelman Klimas A. Louise Kreider Mary Ann Krolikowski Carmela Maccarone Loomis Gregory M. Lopatofsky Tina Marie Fabrini McCarthy Sherry Edwards Mooney Paul M. Nardone Thomas A. Niznik Tracy Michele Nornhold Robert N. Nygren Catherine Marie Payne Kimberly Ann Stetzar Reuther Corinne Ann Rice Michele Roy Ritchie Shari Lynne Austin Rodino Catherine Barry Rogers Sherri Ann Mikolon Santuk Joanne T. Sarsala Gerald F. Strubinger Elizabeth M. Cardell Timothy Marian Louise Towers Rosanne Griffin Williams Suzanne Sharp Williamson Theresa Marie Romanowski Wysocki

Class of 1989 Total Giving: $3,338 Participation: 13%

Oradell M. Empett Banker Donna Marie Hudick Bohn Audrey Lynn Wagner Cunfer Sharon Ann Dunn D’Ambrosio Donna Joy Smith Dickinson John J. Furman LeeAnn Leshinskie Janaskie Mariarose Grillo Johndrow David Allen Johndrow Tate King Jacqueline Julia Kotch John F. Lukazik Cherylann Manganella B. Gail Gaynor Marshall Christine E. McDermott Minich David W. Morris Scot K. Murphy

Mark Joseph Oberstaedt Mary Susan Rish Marion Zarnoch Rogers Linda Brague Ross Marilyn Solomon Santarelli David O. Schadt Lalitchandra Jamnadas Shah Diane Dickey Sigler Jodi Ann Tensa Welki

Class of 1990 Total Giving: $2,160 Participation: 17%

Class Agents: Terence & Jeannine Marshiano O’Leary Michael Abraham Amory Leonard M. Baiera Nancy M. Bartuska Diane L. Belusko Nancy Williams Bolton Sandra Ann Jenkins Booz Sherry D. Boyd Boyd Eileen Gerosky Burns Heidi Ann Cook Michael E. Dennen Jane F. Dessoye Eleanor Roccogrande Emmert Mary Hudack Erwine Edward Charles Evans Julie Ann Yarashas Germak Rosemary Orrson Hosey Jina M. Frew Kohl Patricia A. Redington Lepore Sharon A. Lubinski Christopher Patrick Michael Patricia A. Carden Miscavage Mary Elizabeth Kutz Murphy Lorraine M. Tricarico Murphy Caroline Sombers Raskiewicz Darlene Joan Pisano Sedlak Gregory M. Smith Margaret Ann Purcell Smith James Anthony Talluto Susan Pennington Yeager

Class of 1991 Total Giving: $7,978 Participation: 7%

Class Agents: Ann Kearney Walker, Monica Walsh Ann E. Claffey Bradley Cheryl S. Cavalari Thomas P. Foley Mark Andrew Fung-A-Fat Karla M. Remensnyder Grabosky Robert John Gronauer Stephen Hullinger Heather Elizabeth Doheny Jefferson Carol Lynne Holmes Kelly Lesley Murray Plank Kelli A. Gorko Stevens Kathleen Marie McGarry Thomas Ann M. Kearney Walker

Cynthia L. Dawkins Wernert John Joseph Wesolowski Nadine Lionna Milazzo Wesolowski Mary Elizabeth Baish Westin

Class of 1992 Total Giving: $4,121 Participation: 15%

Lynn Marie Bottger Blazaskie Peter A. Brassington Melissa Ann Heath Burns Joan E. Cerra Althea Disque Clark John C. Cook Elaine Ann Craig Joan Allison Basta Daniels Linda Renee Ludwig Dieffenbach Lori Jean Dydynski Robert T. Enos Scott Charles Garabedian Donna Kay App Goundie Francine M. Greco Linda Laino Harker Kimberly Burton Henning Carmen Garcia Hommel Rosanne M. Kramer Joanne M. Boyle Lauckner Justine Lynn Gray Leash Sherry Darlene Badg Letteer Cynthia Glawe Mailloux Christine E. Martinelli Elizabeth Bridget Murphy Mary Beth Sheridan O’Konski Maureen E. O’Reilly Joseph David Palko David R. Parsnik Mary Jo Petlock Reyna Darice Post Martin Mitchell Quinn Duane A. Roberts Kim Larnerd Larnerd Socash Amy J. Roth Somodi Thomas R. Swartwood Cheri L. Stauffer Talluto Patricia Ann Seeman Toy Ellen Katherine Wildes Marion E. Wilson Donna Pampaloni Wright Ami Marie Tricarico Zaykowski Annette Lorene Holmes Zrowka

Class of 1993 Total Giving: $2,607 Participation: 12%

Marie E. Blizzard* Kirsten Lynn Landis Brassington Francis John Carden Brenda Diane Murray Ciehoski Tina Marie Kulp Collins Thomas Collins Matthew R. Collura Mary Ellen Patricia Kelley DeCarolis Mary Powers Dougherty

Kristin F. Doyle Edmondson Anita Wende Frank Donna M. Nadzan Kane Shelly Dawn Smith Knouse JoAnn Marie Ferrara Koons Stephanie Marie Kenia Kuback Louise Ann Kuchinskas Joan M. Lugoski Dawn K. Clark Mericle Susan Denison Montross Marsha M. Morgan Cindee Lea Boudman Moyer Yasmeen Eileen Ghaznavi Natale Lori Ann Petlock Ohrin Brenda Condusta Pavill Martin J. Pavill Joanne A. Pursel Lori A. Cuff Reed Molly C. Phillips Rinker Richard P. Swiderski Mark W. Van Etten Cynthia J. Wyatt

Class of 1994 Total Giving: $4,308 Participation: 16%

Class Agents: Matthew & Maureen Whitehead McClintock Noelle Marie Decowski Benderavich Richard E. Bunton Maryanne Cella Donna F. Hooper Cerza Mary Lou Clemente Gary Phillip Cook Stefanie P. Schultz Doyle Joan M. Moran Ewins Kirsten Alice Myers Ford Cheryl Lynn Balch Foster Susan Fronzoni Heidi Anne Ockenlaender Guess Paula Sue Weist Hamilton Celina Hanoman, RSM Jeffery Reed Hatton Theresa Slick Hornbrook Thomas M. Huber Vanessa Sabala Hunt Betty Ray Hunter Linda Marie Sudol Kaufman Michelle M. Weiss Krupa Jeffrey Robert Lindner Kathryn Marie Hydro Malay Brenda Terry Manchester Christopher J. Mazur Maureen Taylor Whitehead McClintock Matthew Fraser McClintock Lisa Marie Goodford McHenry Tracey A. Miller Donna L. Rogers Motovidlak Deborah Coffelt Natale Dawn Marie Hoefflinger Nutt Mary Elizabeth Kachmarsky Pascucci Joan Skurupan Randza Barbara Gutekunst Rush Frances Annette Sabaluski

Kathleen Q. Seargent Carol Linko Siberski Stephen Michael Timchack Ingrid L. Hinestrosa Torres Susan Randazzo Vogel Matthew Thomas Walter Laura M. Poynton Williams

Class of 1995 Total Giving: $2,132 Participation: 11%

John Battista Jean Marie Berneski Glenn Bozinski Jonathan A. M. Brassington Jennifer A. Garceau Dame John R. Dennis Laurie Drick Mark F. Eberhardt Jonathan Ford Randolph Rickardo Fung-A-Fat Paul Sebastian Gionfriddo David Hoffman Carol S. Howard Michele Lyons Kostoff Patricia Griffiths Kukol Amy Lahart Edward Lahart Lisa Michaelene Boback Latoski Lori Susan Bickhart Lauver Barbara Derwin Leggat Brenda M. Birch Lingle Thomas John Makowiec Eileen Mae McFarland Sara Spitale McNelis Florence Ann Latosek Mickley Winifred Inez Medico Nardone Lois Noble Colleen Elizabeth Kelly Portanova Marlene A. Powell Carolyn Blouch Reynolds Mary Alice Ryman Paula Pate Schloder Kimberly Ann Serafin Scott Jessica Jill Rosenberger Shields Bruce Russell Trumbower Barbara Lynn Rosenberry VanNortwick Norah Elizabeth Gaynor Walworth

Class of 1996 Total Giving: $9,817 Participation: 17%

Class Agents: James & Erica Pierce Shrimp Thomas D. Amershek Timothy M. Amershek Steven Connell Ash* Paula A. Dwyer Brogle Larree Elston Brown Kelley Ann Campas Shannon Justine Dzury Dawson Richard Anthony DeRemer Brian Thomas Egan

2011–2012 Donor Report | 29

Andrew B. Fox Cindy Lyn Franklin Pauline Jensen Gabriel Brenda L. Harding Hage Joseph Matthew Haggerty Kimberly Ann Lockavich Hanley Jessica Lynn Harry Ellyn J. Herrington Cecilia Bukowski Hibbard Elizabeth Ann Gido Hornack John L. Kachurick Edith D. Murdoch Kanaske Melissa Eileen Ackerman Kurilla Michael Andrew Kurilla Barbara Locey Maureen Sheekey Lucchino Vanessa Pannunzio Mayorowski Mary Elizabeth Muller McKinsey Sherri Galloway Morgan Carolyn M. D’Elia Moscatelli Ruth Neely, RSM Carolyn J. Patton Lucinda Erway Pecuch Mark Lawrence Reboli Polly Elizabeth Daley Roberts Nicholena Anna Iacuzio Rushton Jonathan W. Sakowski Lauri J. Mink Salazar Lisa A. Brunori Shedlowski Robert M. Shedlowski Erica Lyn Pierce Shrimp James Brian Shrimp Barbara Ann Stefanoski Sieminski Kathleen Louise Sikora Joan Andrea Schappert Solack Tricia Ann Sittler Steinmetz Stacey L. Vassallo William R. Vitzakovitch Moira Cecile Lewis White Eric Mark Williams Diane M. Wojciechowski

Class of 1997 Total Giving: $2,571 Participation: 11%

Class Agent: Michelle Miller Hediger Melissa Longhi Amershek Rene Lynn Mullery Amershek Carmen Attanasio Elisabeth Ann Lapina Baird Mary Jo Bishop Alicia Marlene Boland D. Scott Crispell Christina F. Moscatiello Dantoni Anna Baranowski Deputy Cathy Lyn Marie Docherty Derienzo Melissa Ann Klinger Diehl Mildred L. Williams Dobash Kimberly L. Zipf Downs Tricia Ciolek English Angela Beth Christman Goldie Tara J. Deasy Griffin Shea M. Foulkrod Hanlon 30 | Misericordia University

Michelle Marie Miller Hediger Linda McClosky Houck Christopher B. Keller Kimberly Hall Kindler Stephen J. Kulikowski Patricia Ann Sitnik Kunsaitis Robert Anthony Labatch Joanne M. Mallick Stacy Lynn Simpson Miller Denise Manners Miscavage Thomas J. Nasser Kevin Lewis Ponnett Amber Lynn Smith Ponnett Andrea B. Gordish Porambo Allen D. Sabatino Catherine Manley Sekely April Ann Herron Silberman Jessica Paquin Tibbetts Beth D. VanMeter April Faith Adams Walker Lewis J. Williams

Class of 1998 Total Giving: $2,458 Participation: 10%

Joseph William Ashton Maryalice LaManna Ashton Susan E. Barry Roger J. Bradley Linda Zebrowski Brassington Shellene Trevethan Bruno Renee Corradetti Sharon K. Davis Sherri Lyn Angelow Derr Edward C. Desmet Karin Gardoski Desmet Ronald Paul Ferrara Janene Shoup Ferrara Cara Elizabeth Garland Sheryl E. Goss William P. Gregg Heather Lyn Radjavitch Halbach Michelle Szychowski Han Colleen M. Fritz Kozikowski Constance A. LaJeunesse Luann M. Letoski Jason Paul Leymeister Jennifer A. Girio Manning Kelly Duszak McArdle Kristin Murray McGettigan Lynn Michael McLaughlin Michele Lynn Steele O’Connor James A. Sabulski Bernadette Smith Rebecca Strausser Sneidman Robyn Lee Fedor Stahovic Vincent J. Tassitano Melissa Stethers Tewksbury Catherine Bachman Wagner Corrie I. Canouse Yocum

Class of 1999

Class of 2000

Total Giving: $4,255 Participation: 15%

Total Giving: $2,055 Participation: 9%

Class Agent: Rachel A. Hastings Howard Lauren E. Lauderbaugh Allen Maribeth T. Matlowski Artman William Jay Bevan Carin Jean Cirigliano Blackstone Michael Joseph Blasi Dawn A. Brooks Leah Marie Youells Brown Christy Leigh Dreabit Cadd Rosanne Catherine Connor Joseph E. Conway Stacy Marie Jesse Conway Maureen D. Doerfler Stacy Romane Dagle Dressler Mary Ann Dziak Alice M. Kukowski Erdly Amy L. Shovlin Farrer Ryan G. Foley Kerry Ann Monaghan Foley Daniel P. Franklin Kara B. Golden Jennifer Lynn Zalepa Hines Elizabeth Anne Hudzinski Cheryl Anne Youngberg Jackson Roxie Mary Jones Terry L. Joyce Maria A. Mundenar Kaluzavich John T. Kanagy Mary Ann T. Kiss Kline Mary Jean Shekiro Kotch Robert Allen Kozikowski John E. Krupp Matthew Henry Lawney Gina Nicole Tropiano Lawney Leslie Anne Olerta Leibman Megan A. Walsh Martin Daniel Steven Moore Barbara Ann Brotzman Myers Karen E. Poplaski Potter James A. Renfer April Beth Lachenmayer Ritts Matthew Jon Shoener Danielle M. McHugh Simko Shannon Rae Weaver Siperko Robert C. Skasko Shannon Lee Swartz Sweeney Eric Sweeney Paula M. Triano Matthew Marcus Walko Mary Elizabeth Weinschenk Teresa Ann Eschrich Wilcox Trevor Daniel Woodruff Kerri J. Soltys Yacovelli Scott Yacovelli

Johnine Ann Barnes Rebecca Ann Brockmann Alec Frank Emmanuel S. Ghormoz Gerald Carl Gruver Dorothy K. Oldham Hoy Abbey Jean Harding Jones James Christopher Klein Jessica Lynn Steinberg Kurpis Christine Emily LaLonde Patricia A. O’Brien Lenahan Sarah Rebecca Mabrey Chad Micheal Madden Deborah L. Mills Kristen S. Ost Christine L. Perkoski James C. Pumarada Cynthia Joann Schmid Romanzo Danielle Marie Seibert Erin Kathleen Hayner Stewart Christopher Nicholas Uston Shannon Marie Schmid Walko Sabrina Conrad Williams Laura Latona Zdancewicz

Class of 2001 Total Giving: $7,474 Participation: 12%

Class Agent: Mary Ann Banashefski Matreselva Jennifer Marie Wright Anderson Paul G. Appel Cecilia R. Baltusavich Virginia Mullen Bucha Neil Burdis Korynn C. Kemmerer Burdis Kenneth W. Carl Dixon Lawrence Cuff Janice Rule Divers Marianne Peek Eisley Harold Lamont Empett Marie Ribolini Everhart Elaine Ferris Fisher Amy Schlorf Friendy C. Nicole Neghiu Hoover Gary Mark Hutsko Brian Patrick Kelly Dawn M. Robbins Lambert Sarah M. Gift Leitzel Carol E. Lipperini Mary Ann Banashefski Matreselva Joseph H. Mengeringhausen Annette Marie Caron Mestern Ann Marie Madden Miller Geraldine Mary Misunas Amy Michelle Dreibelbis Mosteller Linda O’Hop O’Boyle Andre K. Pascal Frank H. Podminick Kevin L. Rose

Alfred G. Santasiere Stephanie Christine Schaefer Maria T. Sciandra Jessica Lee Burger Shudak Tara J. Coletti Sinclair E. Regina Mooney Stopyra Thomas J. Sweetz Kevin M. Tobin Stacey Ann George Uston Corey T. Wasko John Joseph Yeager Crystal Gail Hawn Zilinski

Class of 2002 Total Giving: $1,842 Participation: 11%

Christopher Peter Amico Jane Ann Puchalsky Ashton Patricia A. McDermott Balascik Megan Jolene Atkas Barner Aaron Matthew Barner Leonard M. Bartone Stacey Ana Damelo Berry Samantha Loving Bogert Marcella H. Buzanowicz Valerie Ann Zynel Capozzelli John Richard Crine Judith Ann Strish DeLuca Suzanne Margaret Donati Derenick Christina Marie Freeborn Droney Rebecca I. Dunnigan Mary Ann Legezdh Faust Valerie Ann Kovacs Gary Maria A. Petrasek Griffin Jennifer Hepner Arlene Cellucci Herron Frank Michael Hilstolsky Mary Lanunziata Hoover Kelley Lynn Moore Hunt Sharon Kondracki MaryAlice Lachman Beth Kostick Lamanna Alexis Kissinger Maier Matthew R. Malcolm Jeffrey Alan Marsch Elizabeth Ann Lowe Mazur Jill Marie Rickert Miller Barbara Bolis Montante Dennis M. Rospigliosi Michelle Rene Roberts Rowlands Charles Reese Smith Allison Mary Potsko Stanchak Karen Lynn Stavish Beth Turnbaugh Tarnalicki Erin Eileen Taronis Jessica Hines White Thomas P. Williams Denice Goodwin Yanchik Mary Yazdzik

Class of 2003 Total Giving: $2,404 Participation: 9%

Karen L. Clarkson Ayrer Elizabeth Reid Beebe Krystal Begliomini Mark A. Bixler Lisa M. Blessing Borchert Elizabeth M. Kovalchik Carden Kimberly Harner Connors Laurie Ann Cywinski Lea Ann Marie Dura Dudinyak Carolyn Ann Borchert Dunkelberger Kristi L. Empett Dawn Marie Fiedorczyk Catherine Mae Bubble Gegaris Laura Phillips Howell Debra Petorak Jadick Marie L. Judge Denise Maszeroski Kaiser Monica A. Krenzer Adam J. Lowe Julie Ann Gensel Mickiewicz Patricia Ann O’Shea Alison Marie Piatt Richard M. Ross Maureen Gilroy Salitis Sara Jane Shellhammer Schroeder Lauren M. Scott Justin David Snyder Lindsey Sarah Brown Stanton Mona Baran Stecker Amanda Zoe Tomek Strish Marion Villano Michael Yenkowski Thomas C. Zeiser

Class of 2004 Total Giving: $2,925 Participation: 12%

Meghan C. Crowley Ball Katie Jean Moran Barnett Mandy Lynn Donmoyer Bixler Meghan Elizabeth Dwyer Carbine JoAnn Marie Chukinas Paul Thomas Clark Emily A. Molnar Cupples Sandra Lynn Robinson DeBias Cynthia Lynn Sterner Durnin Angela Marie Olinger Eshleman Keith Andrew Ewonishon April L. Fennell Megan Mary Cochi Gilson Megan Leigh Kirkwood Horan Elizabeth J. Hotaling Thea Marie Musto Kahn Karen Elizabeth Gable Keenan Colleen Corrigan Kloss Marlene L. Roke Kluger Melissa Ann Koulik Tracy Walker Elison Kurtz George M. LoPresto David L. Martin Jennifer A. Gregory Martin

Kristen L. Martins Joseph Thomas McCulloch Kathleen Leone Mitcheltree Elizabeth J. Hilburt Moran Jennifer Lee Yurkon Morris Lauren Marie Zaremski Murphy Judith Ann Fumanti Nilsson Matthew J. O’Brien Amber Lazorka O’Brien Frank Michael Orefice Elizabeth Anne Pedro Marie E. Poplawski Bridget Nora Reardon Christopher W. Reehl Bruce Joseph Riley Nancy A. Smicherko Salerno Lori D. Mowery Savoy Beth Arminavage Shultz Brandon M. Smith Joseph F. Steber Linda Stephanik Michele T. Titus Paul T. Toennes Nichole Marie Spishock Tranguch Michael J. Trudnak Elizabeth Jean Lechniak Verazin Kathleen A. Wise Mary Elizabeth Zambo Yenkowski Janet Ann Zelna

Class of 2005 Total Giving: $3,393 Participation: 10%

Class Agents: Michele C. Melillo Babbitt, Patsy Ann Gerhart, Kyle J. Holman Lindsay Anne Albright Michele Christine Melillo Babbitt Gina M. Tricarico Barnak Kyle W. Barnett Elena M. Benedetti Sarah Ann Nat Brown Amy Kelly Caruso Angela Schifano Chaump Virginia Roche Conrad Thomas P. Elbich Janice M. Ezdebski Kaitlin Ann Murphy Fauerbach Stephen C. Filipiak Jennifer Lynn Frusciante Cathy Lee Morrison Fulk Tiffany Marie Gray Francis A. Harmonosky Theresa Ann Hollock Kyle J. Holman William J. Horan Sarah Kelly Matthew J. Lanfrank Vanessa A. Stivala Lanfrank Pamela M. Langdon Michelle L. Markellos Courtney Burgess Michak Andrew Mikowski Jeffrey Francis Murray

2011–2012 Donor Report | 31

Colleen Rooney Murray Brenda M. Nowalis Thomas P. O’Grady Jamie Elizabeth O’Connor Patrick Stacey Pellegrino Amanda Politz Maureen T. Reed Jaclyn J. Reisser Cari Rose Carol A. Rosser Holly Ann Sabecky Colleen Marie Seymour Steven M. Tredinnick Jennifer A. Kennedy Wadas Nicholas T. Wadas William E. Wengrzynek Jennifer A. Williams

Class of 2006 Total Giving: $6,073 Participation: 11%

Class Agent: Barry Allan Snyder Esther M. Anelli Donna Baut Patricia Ann Bigus Eric Alan Bilger Therese Marie Judd Bubeck Denise Castellani David F. Cawley Jennifer Ann DeLong James Dessoye Kathryn Lyn Goins Drosinos Keri Lynn Frank Lisa Ann Galaida Kathleen Gerhard Jane Anne Harris Ryan E. Harvey Jessie May Hill William A. Hoffner Cara Sudol Humphreys Gail D. Ide Megan L. Benjamin Jackson Elizabeth Lee Zawatski Kaszowicz Margaret Kieffer Marie B. Larko Steven Drew Leonardo Kathleen Loftus Justin J. Lukasewicz Carmen F. Magistro Mary Lynn Makar Andrew Marky Michael Joseph Marr Nathan Brandt Martz Maki McCann Mary Minzola Terrence Joseph Mull Jane M. Niemiec Mary Elizabeth Otlowski Elizabeth Caroline Cheek Perez Kathleen R. Sheikh Stacy M. Siglin Nicole Marie Smith Julieann Stackhouse Smith Barry Allan Snyder 32 | Misericordia University

Jennifer Stine Stephen Michael Stolarick Brian J. Valonis Deborah Vanyo Tina S. Vojtko Kira D. Weaver Michelle Lynn Wentzel Jill Marie Guyette Widman Nicholas J. Williams Sandra A. Williams Alyson J. Thomas Yost Ashley Grace Carlton Zimmerman

Class of 2007 Total Giving: $7,014 Participation: 11%

Brandon David Babbish Kelly A. Flaim Barletta George C. Brown Richard A. Caruso Kimberly Marie Perlock Chorey Kara Elizabeth Cochi Trisha Ann McCandless Collins Sean Patrick Collins Brenda L. Stroud Considine William Morgan Corcoran Carolyn Yencharis Corcoran Betty Hillhouse Davis Alyson Theresa Dutkiewicz Candice Georgine Krout Dutko David George Dzendzel Mariann Eyerman Barbara B. Ferrey Maryanne Gattringer Peter Hilles Gaunt Kimberly Ann Gross Christopher Allen Guinoo David Joseph Hagenbaugh Jacquelyn Jeanine Henning Matthew Paul Hornak Leslie Kelly Mary T. Kolessar George Joseph Lazur Michael Shaylan Lord Stephen Luksh Michelle McCabe Bethany Laurel McCullough Erin McDade Mark A. Miscavage Kelly Marie Ahart Mull Rachel Lee Holmberg Oberg Mark David Olenik Mary E. Perrine Jennifer Marie Rafalko Janna Catherine Schmid Elizabeth Ann Senczakowicz Stephanie Rose Smith Cassie Marie Tucker Nadine Devaney Veet Bernadette A. Warren Robin L. Murtha Watson Jared C. Widman Jessica Leigh Hess Williams Susan Virginia Banks Williams

Justen P. Yatko Peter Andrew Yelacic Sharon E. Zomerfeld

Class of 2008 Total Giving: $3,048 Participation: 14%

Class Agent: Keegan Gosik Kristen Andrews Joy Carol Nurse Arcia Natalie Erin Bedio Marie E. Brozowski Ryan Calby Michaelina E. Capizzi Elizabeth Mae Sands Carey Stephanie L. Chapman Jillian Conte Mary Beth Davies Kevin Daniel Della Rosa Todd M. Desando Josephine Infantino Dougherty Richard S. Evanoski Carol M. McIntyre Fahnestock Kelly Marie Dougherty Feinauer Paul Andrew Fetzer Katherine G. Fox Denise Ann Gaiteri Jodi Marie Kozlevcar Gaunt Carrie Ann McMyne Grant Kyle Lane Greenawalt Rachel E. Haley Elizabeth Susan Kane Francine Danielle Garenty Kluck Krista Karin Koch Ashley Miller Kovatch Laura Mushinski Lambert Lois Rusty Lotruglio Miriam L. Ludwig Alicia Ann Magda Alison Mary Martin Rebecca Ann Straub Martin John Joseph McCann Matthew A. Mill Tyler J. Moore Erin Elizabeth Moravec Kelly Moss Kelsey Muldoon Beth A. Nelson Nicholas Alison Rose Odell Meredith A. Ohl Marcella Elaine Benesole Olenik Angela Petrilla Osenkarski Heather Mary Pajak Erik X. Raj Maria Nicole Rakowski Donna M. Sledziewski Kelli Lynn Andrews Smith Joanna Mae Mast Smith Nicole Michele Smith Mary Beth Stellar Chase Daniel Susko Holly Ann Swartz Ann Marie Lawes Talley Tina Lynn Traver

Taryn Ann Irizarry Trudnak Cheyne K. H. Wago Helen Marie Wallace Ryan Christopher Weaver Ashley N. Scipioni Weidman Trisha Anne Wilber Jillian Beth Woods Jacqueline Zabresky

Class of 2009 Total Giving: $1,650 Participation: 9%

Thomas Amenta Steven James Beecher Kimberly Ann Britton John Bucha III Andrea Burmeister Molly Jean Yaple Bybee Linda E. Casey Danielle Conklin Michael Joseph D’Amara William Daniels Rachel Decker Patricia DeLisi Pamela Dunning Katrina L. Emerick Sean J. Fleming Deborah Gennaro Elizabeth Guarnieri Kaylee Hassick Deborah Higgins Ericka M. Morrison Hornak Carly Jo Hosbach Angela Kasa Joann Kresge Susan L. Lazur Elizabeth Ann Lipovsky Shannon Kathleen McCann Jennifer L. Metcalfe Heather Reightler Miltenberger Philip Morris Alyson Neely Kelly Gene O’Hop Kelli O’Leary Kirsten D. Peters Marisa Plant Madelyn C. Roote Anthony Sromovski Connie Toporcer Elisa Kennedy Weaver Tova Marie Westlake Michael P. Willard

Class of 2010 Total Giving: $1,537 Participation: 9%

Megan Alexis Apanovich Elizabeth Barry Susan Bochnovich Heather Jean Bracci Michelle Dianne Bridge Andrew Paul Carew Edward Thomas Carey

Rachel Gail Thompson Carver Karen Strutko Cefalo John D. Danchak Bethany Daron Aurilla Derby Thomas A. Druby George J. Elbich William J. Evans Kate Elizabeth Farrigan Monica C. Gonzalez Jennifer Hagler Sarah Hanlon Tara Marie Helwig Rebecca Ann Hess Denise A. Knapp Joan M. Luksa Cheryl Lutz Michael F. Lynch Jennifer McHugh Jennifer Mines Melanie Ann Mortimer Maura Kathleen Musial Charyl Bonk Nagy Janelle Nemetz Katharine Allison Niezgoda Rachel Orehotsky Bonita Ferris Paluski Larissa L. Pawelski James R. Philippi Carl Postupak Jessica Lin Rosencrans Julia Aline Schlette Tracy August Schooley

Paul J. Sgroi Dominick Primo Tafani Jessica Venturella Emily Noel VonHarten Kathryn A. Wallace Catherine Rybaczyk Warg Erica Yenchick Donna Marie Yentz

Shawn Hughes Nicole Marie Kocher Tanya Heather Lang Elizabeth Birdsey Lewis Alison Audrey Lloyd Paige Belasco May Kristi McCluskey Colleen E. McCue Alexandra Jean McDonnell Carol Newell Tracey George O’Day Mary Oliveri Gina Pfeiffer James T. Polson Abigail Marie Ramsey Cynthia Reed Bradley M. Rosen Mary Dianna Roth Rachel Emily Ruane Ashley Evelin Schartzer Erin L. Shoemaker Dawnna M. Sileo Janee N. Smith Lauren Szabo Melissa A. Taylor Gina Marie Urbon Megan Elise Vascellaro Scott Yarmel Jesse Gerald Yurko Steven John Zielen

Class of 2011 Total Giving: $1,544 Participation: 11%

Erica Acosta Brittany Renee Adair Amy Warner Bachman Richard Aldo Baldovin Stanley N. Balloun Jean Marie Bantell Lauren Bowalick Andrea Brognano Nicholas Cannizzaro Amanda Carling Danielle M. Cino Sharon Marie Clark Melanie Currier Justine M. Danilowicz Samantha L. Duttry Jillian Leigh Edwards Catrina J. Festa Lois R. Gross Alexander Kersey Harding Amy Lynn Hartman Brenda M. Heck

Top Ten Class % 1962-2012


Top Ten Class Gift









































2011–2012 Donor Report | 33

Class Giving Chart

Reunion Anniversary













34 | Misericordia University

Class Year

Class Size


% Class

FY12 Donor Goal

1928-1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

195 62 57 65 78 70 69 82 89 107 99 114 109 139 157 157 140 214 248 260 187 211 203 183 215 191 202 226 226 207 171 160 185 201 220 195 240 186 241 219 196 171 239 289 262 274 338 301 346 346 347 274 365 381 355 437 433 475 477 444 447 533 457 14767

93 34 29 38 49 34 35 43 47 70 56 65 65 86 67 72 57 85 94 107 78 71 55 67 72 46 48 55 49 52 39 33 33 32 33 27 41 26 39 49 26 29 17 42 31 43 37 50 38 35 53 24 42 43 33 53 45 54 51 64 40 48 51 3120

48% 55% 51% 58% 63% 49% 51% 52% 53% 65% 57% 57% 60% 62% 43% 46% 41% 40% 38% 41% 42% 34% 27% 37% 33% 24% 24% 24% 22% 25% 23% 21% 18% 16% 15% 14% 17% 14% 16% 22% 13% 17% 7% 15% 12% 16% 11% 17% 11% 10% 15% 9% 12% 11% 9% 12% 10% 11% 11% 14% 9% 9% 11% 21%

90 40 36 44 56 43 45 50 55 79 72 78 67 80 78 81 70 92 94 119 90 78 64 73 87 53 54 61 58 57 45 38 39 47 46 36 43 33 51 53 31 39 35 51 44 45 50 56 51 48 61 36 56 58 50 77 76 72 81 89 60 60 60 3761

% Goal 103% 85% 81% 86% 88% 79% 78% 86% 85% 89% 78% 83% 97% 108% 86% 89% 81% 92% 100% 90% 87% 91% 86% 92% 83% 87% 89% 90% 84% 91% 87% 87% 85% 68% 72% 75% 95% 79% 76% 92% 84% 74% 49% 82% 70% 96% 74% 89% 75% 73% 87% 67% 75% 74% 66% 69% 59% 75% 63% 72% 67% 80% 85%

Annual Fund Amount

All Giving Amount

$57,047.28 $12,545.00 $7,000.00 $9,358.00 $8,389.00 $3,935.00 $3,430.00 $5,355.00 $6,420.00 $23,959.62 $6,645.00 $9,018.08 $7,960.00 $14,280.00 $6,075.00 $9,924.00 $7,230.00 $9,050.00 $7,890.00 $13,044.64 $7,042.50 $6,685.00 $6,325.00 $6,530.00 $5,840.00 $2,181.50 $7,381.56 $6,875.00 $3,925.00 $2,738.95 $3,331.79 $2,126.66 $4,805.00 $2,635.00 $2,780.02 $1,165.00 $6,659.24 $2,675.01 $4,086.06 $3,576.57 $3,168.12 $2,110.22 $2,915.00 $3,057.73 $2,182.49 $2,717.50 $1,620.13 $6,348.50 $1,557.00 $1,989.38 $2,305.21 $1,680.00 $1,884.63 $1,472.11 $1,535.00 $2,375.31 $2,691.86 $4,883.74 $4,075.45 $2,910.33 $1,330.00 $1,507.15 $1,163.74 $375,401.08

$412,014.73 $15,701.00 $17,319.37 $11,908.00 $30,339.00 $4,485.00 $7,505.00 $6,555.00 $13,220.00 $26,594.62 $6,870.00 $13,343.08 $19,385.00 $15,730.00 $9,260.00 $13,633.00 $13,180.00 $23,450.00 $8,115.00 $31,452.14 $16,807.50 $16,960.00 $14,247.50 $15,785.00 $11,940.00 $2,431.50 $17,948.94 $7,530.00 $10,950.00 $3,013.95 $3,781.79 $2,880.00 $7,130.00 $3,460.00 $3,604.98 $1,290.00 $9,332.84 $4,097.87 $5,211.06 $4,809.39 $3,338.12 $2,160.22 $7,978.47 $4,121.11 $2,607.49 $4,308.46 $2,132.55 $9,816.86 $2,571.04 $2,458.28 $4,255.21 $2,055.00 $7,474.35 $1,842.11 $2,404.08 $2,924.93 $3,392.76 $6,072.60 $7,013.85 $3,047.83 $1,650.00 $1,537.15 $1,543.74 $949,978.47

Faculty and Staff The level of service and dedication Misericordia’s faculty and staff shows benefits all of our students. We are grateful to all current and retired employees who contribute their time and talent, but who also contributed a gift to the University in 2011-12.

Anonymous Dr. Lynn Aldrich Mr. Val Apanovich Mrs. Sylvia Appel Mrs. Lailani Augustine Dr. Allan and Mrs. Vicki Austin Mary Piskorik Babcock ‘62 Amy Bachman ‘11 Mr. Owen A. Baillie Ann Marie Balz ‘83 Oradell Empett Banker ‘89 Dr. Susan Barker Dr. Aaron Matthew Barner ‘02 Ms. Mary Gail Barry Mrs. Susan Barry ‘98 Dr. Gwen Bartolacci Jim Bebla Mr. Carl Beecham Michalene Zajac Behm ‘75 Brian Benedetti ‘75 Dr. Ivar Berg Mr. James Black Lynn Bottger Blazaskie ‘92 Mrs. Helen Bogdon Glenn Bozinski ‘95 Agnes Therese Brennan, RSM ‘61 Ms. Darcy Brodmerkel Dr. Stephen Broskoske ‘85 Larree Elston Brown ‘96 Ms. Leslie Bullock Mrs. Pauline Bump Ms. Patricia J. Burgess Mrs. Kimberly A. Caffrey Dr. James Calderone Dr. Amanda Caleb Mr. Peter D. Calkins Mr. Stephen Cameron Mary Brennan Carden ‘62 Leo ‘87 and Maria Drobnicki Carr ‘86 Amy ‘05 and Richard Caruso ‘07 Mrs. Choleng Cease Mr. Theodore Chernyl

Mr. David E. Christiansen Mrs. Lori Cimino Dr. Joseph A. Cipriani ‘88 Althea Disque Clark ‘92 Mrs. Christine Collura Virginia Roche Conrad ‘05 Carolyn Yencharis Corcoran ‘07 Dr. Virginia McDermott Corcoran ‘68 D. Scott Crispell ‘97 Fred J. Croop, CPA Mrs. Mary L. Culkin Audrey Wagner Cunfer ‘89 Dr. Joseph J. Curran Bill Daniels ‘09 Sharon Davis ‘98 Noreen Delaney ‘72 Mrs. Jennifer Delmar Jane F. Dessoye Mrs. Donna DiBlasi Annette Marie Diebold, RSM ‘72 Ms. Kelly Dinan Janice Rule Divers ‘01 Jean Germick Dobinick ‘77 Mrs. Michelle L. Donato Josephine Dougherty ‘08 Suzanne Dunbar ‘64 Dr. Jean Dyer Mary Ann Dziak ‘99 Mary Ellen Franckowiak Dziedzic ‘85 Mr. George J. Elias Donna Ellis ‘76 Judith A. Ellis ‘88 Dr. Dawn Loftus Evans ‘88 Edward Evans ‘90 Mrs. Johnna Evans Marie Ribolini Everhart ‘01 Carol Fahnestock ‘08 Dr. Anna Fedor Stephen Filipiak ‘05 Dr. Kelly B. Filipkowski Mary Siena Finley, RSM ‘51 Dr. Grace Sheldon Fisher ‘87

Mrs. Kit Foley Joan Smith Foster ‘79 Keri Frank ‘06 Mr. Richard Frantz Donald and Deborah Fries Susan Fronzoni ‘94 Mrs. Rosalie Allan Fufaro Dr. Cheryl Fuller Dr. Kathleen Devine Gelso ‘88 Madeline Gill, RSM ‘56 Mary Glennon, RSM ‘62 Paul Gionfriddo ‘95 Sheryl Goss ‘98 Mrs. Marilyn A. Gregorski Ms. Linda Grey Dr. Brenda Harding Hage ‘96 Dr. Elaine DiRisio Halesey ‘86 Dr. Patrick Hamilton Dr. Richard Hancuff Mr. Todd B. Hastings Ms. Nancy Havard Dr. Richard N. Haydt Mrs. Susan Helwig Mike Hilstolsky ‘02 Barbara Gannon Hogan ‘71 Theresa Ann Hollock ‘05 Mr. John J. Hoover Mary Lanunziata Hoover ‘02 Ms. Diane Hopkins Mr. Donald F. Hopkins Mr. Matthew Hornak Mr. Ronald S. Hromisin Ms. Sharon M. Hudak Cara Sudol Humphreys ‘06 Dr. George A. Hunter Gary M. Hutsko ‘01 Dr. Marnie Hiester Idec David Johndrow ‘89 Dr. Marcella Kozmoski Jones ‘61 Thea Musto Kahn ‘04 Mr. Robert S. Kaleta Mr. Thomas Kane

Dr. Timothy F. Kearney Marie Noel Keller, RSM ‘65 Leslie Kelly ‘07 Mr. Dan Kimbrough Dr. Mari Phillips King ‘75 Karen Eshelman Klimas ‘88 Jina Frew Kohl ‘90 Dr. Martha Ann Kokinda Beline Ms. Marilyn Kornoski Mrs. Joy Kozemchak Joan Krause ‘58 Amy Lahart ‘95 Mr. Edward Latarewicz Dr. Charles A. LaJeunesse Susan L. Lazur ‘09 Barbara Derwin Leggat ‘95 Mrs. Peggy Leonhart Mrs. Carol Llewellyn Dr. Barbara Loftus Mr. Christopher F. Lord Dr. Jodi Loughlin Mrs. Jennifer V. Luksa Mrs. Sylvia K. Maas Dr. Michael and Mrs. Tina MacDowell Dr. Diane E. Madras Dr. Louis Maganzin Dr. Cynthia Glawe Mailloux ‘92 Mr. Charles Makar Matthew ‘02 and Lisa Malcolm Cynthia Ann March, RSM ‘80 Mr. David Marks B. Gail Gaynor Marshall ‘89 David Martin ‘04 Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Carol Matinas Paige Belasco May ‘11 Vanessa Pannunzio Mayorowski ‘96 Maki McCann ‘06 Patricia Marie McCann, RSM ‘69 Dr. Barbara J. McCraith Anne Elizabeth McLaughlin, RSM ‘63 Dorothy Anne McLaughlin, RSM ‘54 Ellen Payne McLaughlin ‘86

2011–2012 Donor Report | 35

Cecilia Meighan, RSM ‘58 Dr. John Mellon Barbara C. Merdiushev Jean Messaros, RSM ‘73 Courtney Burgess Michak ‘05 Deborah Mills ‘00 Dr. Allen Minor Denise Manners Miscavage ‘97 Mrs. Emma Mulhern Mr. Paul Murphy Ms. Annmarie Narcum Paul Nardone ‘88 Ms. Jo Anna Naylor Mr. Eric R. Nelson Janelle Nemetz ‘10 Mrs. Joann Newell Colleen Patricia Coyle Newhart ‘75 Mr. Paul A. Nobile Dr. Alicia H. Nordstrom Brenda M. Nowalis ‘05 Linda O’Hop O’Boyle ‘01 Mary Beth Sheridan O’Konski ‘92 Mr. Tom O’Neill and Ms. Linda Ross ‘89 Rachel Holmberg Oberg ‘07 Ms. Brenda Lynn Orehotsky Mr. Jeremy Packard Mr. Glenn Packer Mrs. Pamela Parsnik Dr. Maureen Pascal Mr. David Pasquini Dr. Brenda Condusta Pavill ‘93 Elizabeth Pedro ‘04 Mr. Larry Pellegrini Mrs. Kathy Pesta Dr. Steven D. Pheasant Alison Piatt ‘03 Jean Pope ‘47 Ms. Dona Posatko Mrs. Kathleen Postupak Dr. Russ and Mrs. Patricia Pottle Mrs. Marianne Puhalla Ms. Christine Radvanyi Dr. Peggy Ann Rapp Ms. Esther Ratchford Mark Reboli ‘96 Mr. Joseph P. Redington Ms. Jessica K. Reeder Dr. Scott Richardson Bruce Riley ‘04 Dr. April Lachenmayer Ritts ‘99 Mr. James C. Roberts Ms. Judith Roeder Dr. Joseph Rogan Mrs. Adina Rosenthal Allen Sabatino ‘97 James Sabulski ‘98 Dr. Jonathan Sakowski ‘96 Mr. Kevin J. Salaway Mr. Edward Salijko Dr. Rosemarie Serino Savelli ‘51 Mr. James Saylor Paula Pate Schloder ‘95 Mrs. Henrietta Schooley Dr. Kathleen Scott Elizabeth Senczakowicz ‘07 36 | Misericordia University

Mrs. Melissa Sgroi Dr. Lalitchandra Shah ‘89 Kathleen Sheikh ‘06 Dr. Melanie Shepherd James ‘87 and Carol Linko Siberski ‘94 Catherine Mainwaring Silveri ‘78 Mrs. Christine Slacktish Dr. Corina Slaff Bernadette Smith ‘98 Ms. Lauren Smith Dr. Donna Snelson Dr. Christine Somers Mrs. Elizabeth Spaciano Ms. Patricia Spivak Robyn Fedor Stahovic ‘98 Dr. Jean Steelman ‘83 Dr. Rebecca Steinberger Mrs. Martha Stevenson Ms. Marie Stolarick Lisa Sunday-Lefkowitz ‘87 Chase Susko ‘08 Thomas Swartwood ‘92 Holly Swartz ‘08 Tom ‘01 and Pat Sweetz Dr. Steven Tedford Drs. Glen and Cari Tellis Mrs. Theresa Thomas Dr. Stephen M. Timchack ‘94 Mrs. Christina Tomkins Mrs. Katherine Totino Mark Van Etten ‘93 Mrs. Jeanne VanDuzer Marion Villano ‘03 Dr. Molly Spohrer Vitale ‘75 Cheyne Wago ‘08 and Kristen Andrews ‘08 Dr. Matthew Walko ‘99 Mrs. Judith Weintraub Dr. Annette Weiss Dr. Cosima B. Wiese Reverend Donald Williams Mr. Robert Wilson Irene Calaide Wisnieski ‘59 Mrs. Paulette Wolanski Trevor Woodruff ‘99 Mr. Scott C. Woolnough Elizabeth Lebert Yeremsky ‘60 Mr. George and Mrs. Georgia Young Mr. Robert M. Zavada, Jr. Mrs. Kathleen Zawatski Mr. James Zeigler Thomas Zeiser ‘03 Dr. Charles Zola

Parents and Family Misericordia University appreciates the wonderful support of current and past parents and other family members for the mission of the University. They listen to what is needed and are contributing direct and immediate support for our most crucial needs.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Abatangelo Mr. and Mrs. Redmond W. Abrams, II Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Adamchak Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Albright Marilyn Barrett Amadoro ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. Gregg D. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. William A. Anthony Mr. and Mrs. Val Apanovich Mr. and Mrs. Manolis C Arakas Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Arcury Mr. and Mrs. John G. Armillay Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Arruda Mr. and Mrs. James J. Artim Mary Ann Siedlecki Ashton ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Athanas Mr. Carmen ‘97 and Mrs. Suzanne Attanasio Mr. and Mrs. David B. Attig Mr. Robert and Mrs. Janet Smereski Babskie ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Bachle Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Balberchak Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Baranski Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Barber Mr. and Mrs. Gary Barnable Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Barry Mr. Francis and Mrs. Susan Barry ‘98 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Basile Mr. Joseph Bazink, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Neil S. Beck Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Becker Mrs. Theresa C. Beecher Mr. David and Mrs. Patricia Ann McLaughlin Benedetti ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Todd M. Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kurt Berky Mr. Charles and Mrs. Jean Berneski ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Betz Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bevan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John P. Bielski Mr. George J. Bimler

Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Blazaskie Dr. Mark annd Dr. Donna Hudick Bohn ‘89 Ms. Ann M. Bomboy Ms. Jacki M. Edwards Bonitz Mr. Mark Bowers Mr. and Mrs. James K. Boyle Mr. David and Mrs. Angeline Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Brand Dr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Bressler Mr. and Mrs. William D. Brink (Ms.?) Elizabeth A. Britt ‘72 Mr. Richard F. Brojakowski Mrs. Theresa Broskoske Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Franklin L. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Karl L. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Bruno Dr. John and Mrs. Virginia Mullen Bucha ‘01 Mr. David and Mrs. Pauline Bump Mr. Richard ‘94 and Mrs. Therese Bunton Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Karen Janinek Burgio ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Busacca Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Busch Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Bush Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo I. Busi Mr. Attorney and Mrs. Glen A. Cacchioli Mr. and Mrs. David J. Calabro Dr. James and Dr. Annette B. Calderone ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Benito Camacho Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Canouse Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Carey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Caron Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Carr

Mr. Leo ‘87 and Mrs. Maria Drobnicki Carr ‘86 Mr. Richard Frantz and Ms. Karen Cartier Attorney and Mrs. James D. Casale Mr. and Mrs. Fabio A. Castelblanco Mr. and Mrs. Elmer M. Castro Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas R. Catino Mr. William and Mrs. Jane Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. David C. Chappell Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Chikowski Mr. and Mrs. John Chillo Mr. and Mrs. Greg V. Ciaglia Mr. and Mrs. James Cianfichi Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ciborowski Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Clabia Mr. and Mrs. John V. Clark Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Clements, Jr. Ms. Mary H. Cochi Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Colardo Mr. and Mrs. John R. Coletti Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Terence M. Comiskey Mr. and Mrs. William T. Conklin Mr. Philip and Mrs.Virginia Conrad ‘05 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Converse Mr. and Mrs. Leo F. Conway Mr. Gary ‘94 and Mrs. Lorraine Cook Mr. Desmond and Mrs. Linda Corey Mr. and Mrs. James G. Costulas Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Cromley Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Crook Ms. Julie A. Crowell Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Cummiskey Ms. Kathy Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. D’Amara (Ms.?) Mary Stewart Dahlgard ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. John Danchak Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Davailus Mr. Edward D. Davis Mr. and Mrs. John S. Day

Mr. and Mrs. James R. DeBruyne Ms. Annmarie Decker Mrs. Patti-Lynn Decker Dr. and Mrs. John J. Della Rosa Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Jennifer Delmar Mr. and Mrs. Jon DeLong Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Dennison (Ms.?) Nancy Goble DeSando ‘84 Mr. John and Mrs. Elizabeth Toole Dessoye ‘72 Mr. William and Mrs. Jane F. Dessoye Mr. and Mrs. Anthony V. DeStefano Mr. and Mrs. James R. Dinkins Mr. and Mrs. John S. Dinko Mr. and Mrs. John J. DiPalo Mr. and Mrs. Larry Diulio Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Dobbin Mrs. Wendy M. Dombroskie Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Michelle L. Donato Mr. and Mrs. Bernard R. Dougherty Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Josephine Infantino Dougherty ‘08 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. John F. Downer Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Drago Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Dugan Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Dunham Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Dunn Ms. Susanna Dunn Mr. William and Mrs. Linda Dunn and Family Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Dutkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dymond Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Dyonda Mr. and Mrs. George F. Dzendzel Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Dzubak Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Eckman Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Eichhorst Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Eisley

2011–2012 Donor Report | 37

Mr. Harold ‘01 and Mrs. Kristi Empett ‘03 Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Epifano Mr. and Mrs. William F. Erwine Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Esposito Dr. Carolyn Essington Dr. Darrell and Mrs. Angela Cellucci Evans ‘07 Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Evans Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jacqueline Dobroski Ezdebski ‘63 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Fabricatore Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Fagnano Mr. Michael and Mrs. Carol Fahnestock ‘08 Mr. and Mrs. Jolleus M. Farrales Ms. Anastasia C. Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Fay Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Ferrier Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Fetzer Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Feula Mr. and Mrs. George Pelepko Filak Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Filipiak, Jr. Mrs. Judi A. Firlik Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Fisher Mr. Harold and Mrs. Jean Payne Flack ‘81 Mr. James L. Flood Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Flormann Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Fondots Mr. and Mrs. Damian V. Foster Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Suzanne Fox Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Foy Mr. Richard Frantz and Ms. Karen Cartier Mr. and Mrs. William M. Fraser Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Frekey Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Furman Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Gable Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Gale Mr. Wayne Garnjost and Dr. Jane Garnjost Mr. and Mrs. David J. Gates Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gattringer Ms. Donna M. Gattuso Ms. Norine M. Gayz Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Gehrt Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gerhard Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Gerlach Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Getts Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Getz Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Glowzenski Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Goble Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Gobrecht Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Godleski, Jr. Mrs. Mary J. Goff Mr. and Mrs. Manuel A. Goncalves Mr. and Mrs. Manuel A. Gonzalez Mr. Mark C. Gorney Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Gottshall Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Graeber Mr. Frederick J. Graeff 38 | Misericordia University

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Graham Mr. Stoddard and Mrs. Carol Green Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. James W. Greene Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Terry Greene Mr. and Mrs. William G. Griesback Mr. and Mrs. David A. Gunster Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hagmeier Mr. and Mrs. William Haley Mr. and Mrs. David F. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Halloran Attorney and Mrs. Mark J. Halpin Mr. and Mrs. James T. Hanlon Mr. and Mrs. Chris M. Hardy Mr. and Mrs. James G. Hare Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Hart Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Hassick Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Hawes Dr. and Mrs. Richard N. Haydt Mr. James and Mrs. Mary Hearity Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hegner Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Heller Mr. and Mrs. James A. Helms Mrs. Susan and Mr.Willard F Helwig, III Mr. and Mrs. James L. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Henn Mr. and Mrs. Eric R. Hensel Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Herbert Mr. and Mrs. James L. Hess Mr. and Mrs. Allen S. Heydt Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Hobby, III Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Hollar Dr. and Mrs. Mal R. Homan Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Homcha Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hoover Ms. Barbara J. Hope Mr. Gilbert J. Hope Ms. Diane Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Hopkins, Sr. Mr. David and Mrs. Wendy Miller Crane Hopkins ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Hornak Mr. and Mrs. Todd J. Hoskins Mr. Russell and Mrs. Elizabeth Hotaling ‘04 Mr. and Mrs. William S. Houdeshel Mr. and Mrs. Roderick L. Howatt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hughes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Hullings Mr. and Mrs. Bill R. Hunsinger Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hunt Dr. George and Mrs. Gaylene Hunter Mrs. Joan Hurley Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Mary Rogan Hurst ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hutchison Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Iacuzio Mr. and Mrs. David R. Ickes Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Jadick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Jelinski Mr. and Mrs. David M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. Jones Ms. Gail L. Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. Sam B. Juliano Ms.? Thea Musto Kahn ‘04 Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kain Mr. and Mrs. James H. Kaiser Mr. and Mrs. Girard J. Kalinay Mr. and Mrs. Josh H. Kalish Mr. and Mrs. Christopher V. Kane Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Karabin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Katchur Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kauffman Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Keene Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Kelleher Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Kepczynski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Kerestes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Kiak Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kidron Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Kingston Mr. and Mrs. James D. Kishbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Klassner Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Knizek Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Kocon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kolakowski Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios Kolokithias Mr. and Mrs. David P. Konek Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Korjeski Mr. and Mrs. John Kott Ms. Dianne M. Kowalski Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kozlevcar Mr. and Mrs. Bradley R. Kramer Mr. and Mrs. David R. Krause Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Krenzer Ms.?Joann Kresge ‘09 Ms. Mary P. Krohn Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kulessa Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Kushner Mr. and Mrs. Carmine J. LaManna Mr. John and Mrs. Dawn Robbins Lambert ‘01 Mr. and Mrs. David J. Lane Mr. and Mrs. William M. Lannigan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Lashinski Mrs. Patricia A. LaSorsa Ms.?Jacqueline Kreidler Latosek ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Laube Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Lauffer Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Lawlor Mr. George and Mrs. Susan Lazur ‘09 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lee Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Leger Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Barbara Derwin Leggat ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. David C. Leibig Mr. and Mrs. Enrico C. Lemoncelli Mr. and Mrs. Lee Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Leonard Mr. Robert and Mrs. Peggy Leonhart Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Lesisko Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Levanti Attorney and Mrs. Adam M. Limongelli Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Linsenbigler Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Lizonitz

Mr. Carmen ‘84 and Mrs. Tina M. LoBrutto Mr. and Mrs. William J. Loefflad Ms. Cheryl A. Lokuta Mr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Lombard Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. LoPresto Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Lorson Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Loughman Mr. and Mrs. William M. Lukacinsky Mr. and Mrs. David T. Lukasewicz Mr. George and Mrs. Dorothy Lukazik Mr. and Mrs. David E. Lupold Ms. Ruth Lutz Dr. Kurt and Mrs. Sylvia Maas Mr. and Mrs. Vincent R. Machi Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Maczuga Mr. and Mrs. John P. Majewski Mr. and Mrs. John J. Manning Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Marinock Mr. David and Mrs. Sara Marks Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Marguerite Feist Marky ‘68 Ms. Ana Maroney Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Marr Mr. and Mrs. James P. Martin Mr. and Mrs. John F. Martino Mr. and Mrs. David R. Massicotte Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Carol Matinas Sidney ‘83 and Paige Belasco May ‘11 Attorney Gale and Mrs. Vanessa Pannunzio Mayorowski ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. John P. McArdle Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. McCauley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. McChesney Mr. and Mrs. Paul McClintock Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. McCue Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. McCue Mr. and Mrs. David P. McCullion Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McDaniel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. McDonagh Mr. Leo P. McGarry Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. McGee Mr. and Mrs. John J. McGraw Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. McGuigan Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. McHale Mrs.? Lynn ‘98 and Mrs.? Ellen Payne McLaughlin ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. Felim M. McTague Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mellish Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Menditto Ms.?Catherine Hoover Mericle ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. Gene Messner Mr. and Mrs. James L. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. William A. Mierzejewski Mr. John and Mrs. Ann Marie Madden Miller ‘01 Mr. and Mrs. William L. Minderjahn Mrs. Mary T. Minzola Mr. and Mrs. James L. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Mixon Mr. and Mrs. William J. Moates Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Mocion Mrs. Cynthia A. Moffit Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Molnar Mrs. Bonnie L. Bath Mondoro

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Monroe Mr. and Mrs. James M. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Todd T. Moore Mr. and Mrs. John Moran Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moravec Mr. and Mrs. William A. Moravec Mr. and Mrs. Burton A. Mott Mr. and Mrs. Friedrich J. Muehlbauer Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Mullock Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mundenar, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Munley Mr. and Mrs. David G. Murphy Dr. and Mrs. Francis X. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Julian E. Mushinski Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Myers Mrs. Janice Myers Ms. Annmarie Narcum Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Nealon Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Neely Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Neumeister Dr. and Mrs. Paul E. Niezgoda Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Nilan Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Nober Ms.? Brenda M. Nowalis ‘05 Mr. and Mrs. M. Joseph O’Leary Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. O’Rourke Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Odell Mr. and Mrs. David L. Oertner Mr. and Mrs. Andre J. Opela Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Orefice Ms. Brenda Lynn Orehotsky Mr. David Orrson Ms.? Michele Tripus Orrson ‘84 Ms. Sandra Orrson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Osko Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ostrum Mr. and Mrs. Wayne J. Otlowski Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Paccione Mr. and Mrs. James J. Paddock Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Pajak Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Palma Mr. Edward and Mrs. Bonita Ferris Paluski ‘10 Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Panagacos Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Panuski Mrs. Susan L. Parrino Mr. David and Mrs. Jessica Pasquini Mr. and Ms. William J. Pavlikowski Mr. and Mrs. William M. Pelcher Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pellegrini Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pellegrino Mr. and Mrs. Victor M. Perez Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Perucca Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Pfirman Dr. Steven and Mrs. Dorothy Pheasant Mr. Ralph Picarillo Mr. and Mrs. William J. Pinto Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Pointek Mr. and Mrs. Walter Poplawski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Portela Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Poska Ms. Chrisanne M. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Powers Mrs. Peggy Poynton

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Price Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Proctor Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Pryor Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Quinlan Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Raab Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Rader Mr. and Mrs. James J. Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. Stan P. Randall Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Ranson Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rave Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Ream Mrs. Marie Reed Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Reese Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Regler Mr. and Mrs. Girard M. Reilly Mr. John J. Reno Mr. Willard and Mrs. Kimberly Stetzar Reuther ‘88 Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Reynolds Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Riker Mr. and Mrs. John J. Rinaldo Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Ritz Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Roberts Mr. Michael E. Rochacewicz and Ms. Michele Marks Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Rogan Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rogan Ms. Diane Rogowski Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Romano Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Rompilla Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Roney Mrs. Jane Ross Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Roth Mr. Harry and Mrs. Mary Ganse Roth ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Ruane Mr. and Mrs. Wayne M. Ruesswick Mrs. Laura Ruffler Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Rufino Mr. and Mrs. Ernesto Ruiz Mr. and Mrs. James B. Runnels, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Ryan Mr. Allen ‘97 and Mrs. Penny Sabatino Mr. and Mrs. Tony J. Sacco Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Sakavage Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Salvatore Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Santarsiero Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Santillo Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Santoli Ms. Sandra Santosus Mr. Edward and Mrs. Jean Kobowski Sartin ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Scheuren Mr. and Mrs. Vladimir Schlasta Ms.? Paula Pate Schloder ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Schmid Mr. and Mrs. John R. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. David W. Schneck Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Schoen Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Schollmeyer Mr. and Mrs. James J. Schreffler III Mr. and Mrs. Harley D. Schultes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Scragg Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Sedor Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Seymour Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Sheehan Mr. John and Mrs. Frances Shenk Mr. and Mrs. William R. Shuleski Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Sickler Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Sally Mangan Siemion ‘75 Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lee Pizzirusso Sikora ‘78 Mr. Stephen and Dr. Danielle McHugh Simko ‘99 Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Skarupsky Ms.? Bernadette Smith ‘98 Mr. Mark and Mrs. Carol Colantuono Smith ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. David T. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Solano Mr. and Mrs. William A. Sopko Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Sosalski Mr. Mark and Mrs. Elizabeth Siegel Spaciano Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Sparling Mr. and Mrs. Donald V. Squire Mr. John and Mrs. Michele Culp Stachowiak ‘77 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Staff, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Stammherr Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Stang Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stango, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Steffney Mr. and Mrs. James M. Stellar Mr. and Mrs. Lanny J. Stethers Mrs. Vikki G. Stitt Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Stokes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Brett W. Stoner Mr. and Mrs. Bradley E. Strickland Mr. Corey and Mrs. Jennifer Strohl Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Stroup Attorney and Mrs. Keith J. Strouse Mr. and Mrs. John A. Strubhar, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. Swartwood Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Synoracki Mr. and Mrs. Jozef Szeliga The Tagliarini Family Mr. F. Douglas Taylor and Mrs. Joann C. Bowes-Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Arnold A. Terpstra Mr. Charles and Mrs. Faith Hoyle Terrery ‘85 Mr. John S. Thalenfeld Ms. Kathryn Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Thomas Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Theresa Thomas

2011–2012 Donor Report | 39

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Thomson Mr. Todd and Mrs. Michele Titus ‘04 Mr. and Mrs. Eric T. Tokle Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Toldero Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Torres Mr. and Mrs. James W. Truscott Mr. and Mrs. Guido Tucci Mr. Louis and Mrs. Leonina Tuccinardi Mr. and Mrs. John W. Tudgay Mr. David and Mrs. Pamela Urbanski Mr. and Mrs. James J. Usher Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Valonis Mr. and Mrs. Mark VanEtten, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Victor C. Vascellaro Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Velehoski Mr. and Mrs. James F. Verzella Mr. and Mrs. Martin Viegas Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Vinton Mr. Michael and Dr. Molly Spohrer Vitale ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Vitale Mr. and Mrs. Luis F. Vitorino Reverend and Mrs. Harvey W. VonHarten Mr. and Mrs. Vincent G. Vozzella Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Wantz Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Warakomski Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Ward Mrs. Carolyn A. Warden Mrs. Eileen Washko Dr. and Mrs. David M. Watto Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Weaver, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Webber Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Weber Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Wehr Mr. and Mrs. William H. Weisenbach Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Welsh Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Wentzel Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Werger Mr. John ‘91 and Mrs. Nadine Milazzo Wesolowski ‘91 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. West Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Whipple Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wiacek Mr. and Mrs. James M. Widdoss Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Wilber Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Wilhelm Christine Wilk ‘73 Mr. David and Mrs. Carol Gulla Williams ‘67 Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Williams Mr. James and Mrs. Maureen Shovlin Williams ‘71 Mr. Robert ‘78 and Mrs. Sandra Williams ‘06 Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Winshel Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Winter Mr. and Mrs. William R. Witkoski Mrs. Paulette Wolanski Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Wolff 40 | Misericordia University

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie C. Woodling Mr. Edmund and Mrs. Theresa Romanowski Wysocki ‘88 Ms. Keri Yatsko Mr. Walter and Mrs. Susan Pennington Yeager ‘90 Mr. David and Mrs. Kathleen Flickinger Yhlen ‘83 Mr. George and Mrs. Georgia Young Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Youtz Mr. Gary and Mrs. Angela Gambo Yunko ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Zaborny Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Zaklukiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Zara Mrs. Sandra M. Zbierski Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Zeiser Mr. and Mrs. James S. Zeoli Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Zesk Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Ziegler Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Susan Stryjewski Zielen ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Zielinski Mr. and Mrs. Daryl L. Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Gregory H Zotian Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Zumchak *Deceased

Friends Friends of the University volunteer their support to various fundraising efforts throughout the year, and Misericordia is truly inspired by these individuals.

Anonymous (12) Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Agocs Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Albanese Mrs. Barbara Albert Dr. and Mrs. Richard P. Albertson Dr. and Mrs. Louis T. Alesi Mrs. Lois Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Dana Almy Mr. and Mrs. Keith Ambler Mr. Carmen F. Ambrosino Dr. and Mrs. Albert B. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson Estate of Dr. Robert S. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Todd M. Angelo Ms. Audrey Ansbach Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anstett Ms. Marian E. Anthony Mr. Peter H. Appelmann, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Rudy E. Appelmann Ms. Mary Jane Appleby Ms. Kristen S. Armstrong Mr. Nelson Ashburner Ms. Donna Ashley Mrs. Alice C. Austin Mr. and Mrs. James J. Babenko Mrs. Catherine Babskie Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Bado Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bado Mr. Wolfgang Hans Baerwald Ms. Catherine H. Baier The Honorable Lisa Baker Mrs. Geraldine L. Balliet Mrs. Virginia Banks Mrs. Lynn Banta and Mr. Richard Haas Ms. Rachel Baratta Mr. and Mrs. Ron Baratta Mr. and Mrs. Tom Barkocy Ms. Bertha Barna Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barnick Mr. and Mrs. Angelo J. Barone Mr. John Bass

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Beach Ms. Maria Beck Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Becker Ms. Hilary Becker Msgr. John J. Bendik Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Bentley Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bernabo Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Bevevino Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Bieber Mr. and Mrs. William Biscontini Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Black Mr. William A. Black, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Blanchard Dr. Charles and Dr. Joan Blewitt ‘74 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Boccia Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Bogus Mr. and Mrs. C. Todd Bolton Mr. Chris and Mrs. Karen Borton Mr. John J. Bourke Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Boyle Mr. and Mrs. William J. Boyles Mr. Joseph Bozewski Mr. F. Warren Breig and Ms. Carol Fells-Breig Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Brogan Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. William A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. James J. Brozena Dr. and Mrs. James R. Bruno Ms. Suzanne D. Bruno Reverend Michael Bryant Ms. Marie Brynok Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brynok Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Bucca Mr. and Mrs. William M. Buck Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Buckingham, Jr. Judge Thomas and Mrs. Margaret Neff Burke ‘74 Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Burns

Mr. and Mrs. John Burns Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Busch Dr. Thomas W. Byron and Dr. Joan E. Greulick Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Calabro Ms. Jayne Campbell Ms. Mary Campbell Mr. and Mrs. David Capitano Mr. and Mrs. Michael Capizzi Dr. Michael Cappello Judge A. Richard Caputo Mr. and Mrs. William N. Carboni Ms. Jacqueline C. Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Carnesecchi Mrs. Allene Carns Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Carter Dr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Casale Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Castaldi Mr. and Mrs. William J. Castaldi Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Patricia Finan Castellano ‘73 MAJ GEN and Mrs. Vito J. Castellano Mr. and Mrs. Gino Castignoli Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Castro Mr. Cornelio R. Catena Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Cawley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ceccarelli Mr. Fred Chamberlain Mr. George Chapin Attorney and Mrs. Jerry B. Chariton Mr. and Mrs. Gary Chauvin Ms. Linda S. Cheatum Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Chesek Ms. Stephanie Chester Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Chmiola Mr. David Chorney Mr. and Mrs. John P. Cleary Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Clifford, Sr. Ms. Gloria Andress Coates Mr. Max Coccetti

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Coe Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Cohane Mr. and Mrs. A. Tyson Cohee Mr. James A. Cohee Dr. and Mrs. Richard Cohen Mr. and Mrs. John A. Colalillo Jr. Dr. Francis and Mrs. Susan Collini Ms. Theresa Collins Ms. Marita Colo Attorney and Mrs. M. Clark Conlon Dr. Ruth A. Connolly Mr. Joseph Connor Mrs. Sally Connor Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Constable Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Conway Mr. and Mrs. George Conyngham, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John N. Conyngham, III Mrs. and Mr. Georgia Cornell Mr. Richard Correll Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cortese Mrs. Ann Mueller Coughlin Ms. Barbara Craig Mr. and Mrs. Wayne S. Cramer Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Cramton Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Cravotta, III Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Cron Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Cronyn Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Crow Mr. Scott E. Dagenais Mr. Joseph Dailey Ms. Marjorie Dallolio Mr. and Mrs. James T. Darcey Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Darcey Darren M. Lugiano & Taryn M. Lugiano Ms. Connie Darrow Davidowitz Family Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Davies Mr. Kenneth Davis Mr. Michael J. Davis Mrs. Ruth P. Davis

2011–2012 Donor Report | 41

Mrs. Virginia Davis Mr. Joseph Debarberie Mr. Thomas Delese Mr. and Mrs. David A. Denny Mr. and Mrs. James DePolo Ms. Constance A. Depuy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeStefano Mr. and Mrs. Bob Devaney Mrs. Kathleen Devaney Mr. and Mrs. Victor Devito Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Dibble Ms. Diane DiIanni Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Dillon Mr. Anthony F. DiLucido, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. DiMatteo Mr. Louis C. DiPalma Mr. Nicholas DiPasquale Mr. and Mrs. Lauro Diulio Mr. Edward Diver Mr. and Mrs. George G. Donahue Mr. and Mrs. James F. Donnery Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Donovan Mrs. Suzanne Dorsey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dougherty Ms. Lovey Drahus Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Dressler Dr. Stanley and Mrs. Theresa M. Keen Dudrick ‘55 Ms. Gemma Duffy Mr. and Mrs. James J. Duffy Mr. and Mrs. John P. Duffy Ms. Kate Dunn Mr. E. James Durkee Ms. Barbara M. Durling Mr. and Mrs. Alan Dzubak Mr. and Mrs. John E. Dzuryachko Ms. Margaret Eckley Mrs. Phyllis Borkowski Eckman* Ms. Jean Eckrote Mr. Robert G. and Mrs. Nancy Edgerton Mr. and Mrs. Neil P. Edkins Ms. Lois Edwards Mr. Richard E. Eisenbeis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Emel Mr. Brian S. Emick Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Emmett Mrs. Carole Ertley Mr. Joseph Esposito Mr. Philip Essigman Mr. Eberhard and Mrs. Mary Louise Faber Mrs. Sandi Fassett Mr. and Mrs. Joe Faust Mr. and Mrs. James J. Favara Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Fedele Mr. Stephen J. Federici Mr. and Mrs. James M. Feigenbaum Mr. Peter J. Fenedick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Fenlon Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Fenstermacher Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Terrance L. Ferguson Attorney Therese M. Finan Estate of Alan Finlay Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Finlay 42 | Misericordia University

Ms. Ann Fiorentini Mr. Ronald L. Fitser Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Barry Fitzsimmons Mr. Hal and Mrs. Jean Flack Family Mrs. Kathi Flack Ms. Margaret Flaherty Mrs. Lynn M. Flickenschild Mr. and Mrs. John W. Forsyth Mrs. Angela Franceschetti Mr. S. Frank Franceschetti Mrs. Nancy L. Frey Mr. Robert C. Friedman Mr. Sidney Friedman Ms. Eleanor Furnanage Mr. Francis E. Fusco Mr. Jay and Mrs. Melissa Futch Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gabari Mr. Joseph Gagliardi Eileen Ward Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Gamble Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Gamble Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Garry Ms. Diane Garvey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gatto Dr. and Mrs. John C. Gaudio Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gavrish Mr. William J. Gaydos Mrs. Kristy Gazda Mr. and Mrs. William Gendall Mr. and Mrs. William J. Gerrity Mr. and Mrs. Roger Getts Mr. Emmanuel ‘00 and Mrs. Jacquelyn Ghormoz Ms. Anne Gill Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Glass Mrs. Marie T. Golden Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Gonchar Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Gonchar Ms. Ann Gonos Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gonzalez Ms. Mary Good Mr. George J. Goode, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Gordon Ms. Marci Gordon Mrs. Maureen E. Gosart Ms. Gina Gossett Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Graeber Mr. and Mrs. John H. Graham Mr. and Mrs. William J. Grant Ms. Lisa Grim Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Ann VanLoon Grimes ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. William P. Grochowski Dr. Joseph A. Gronsky Mr. Howard and Mrs. Tobi Balin Grossman ‘79 Ms. Judith Gudman Mr. and Mrs. Galen Guengerich Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Guers Mr. and Mrs. William P. Hahm Mr. and Mrs. Rich L. Hahn Jr. Ms. Tracy Halowich Ms. Anna M. Halulakos Mrs. Peggy A. Hamilton

Dr. and Mrs. George Hammerbacher Mr. Ronald Hampsey Mr. William C. Hampton The George Hardos Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hardos Ms. Bernadine Harenza Mrs. Maureen E. Harkins Ms. Gwen Harleman Dr. and Mrs. Harold V. Hartley Mr. and Mrs. Stuart J. Hartman Dr. Leo Hartz Mr. and Mrs. David Hassick Mr. Stephen Hassick Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Heim Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Hennip Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Henry Mr. Frank and Mrs. Dorothea Henry Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Herbert Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Herbster Mr. and Mrs. Guenther H. Hespeler Mr. and Mrs. John G. Higgins Ms. Laurie Hiller Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Himpele Ms. Holly Hircko Mr. and Mrs. Kevin N. Hodapp Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Nevin Hollinger Mr. and Mrs. Bill Honore Mrs. Nancy L. Hontz Mr. Joseph W. Hoover Mrs. Marianne Hoover Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hosan Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Houtz John and Margaret Davis Hovan ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. Roger G. Howell Ms. Elizabeth Hoyle Mr. Ralph Hoyle Mrs. Alice M. Hughes Dr. George and Mrs. Gaylene Hunter Ms. Terry A. & Ms. Alicia C. Huntington Mr. George and Mrs. Sherry Huntzinger Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hutchinson, III Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Insalaco, Sr. Mrs. Deborah L. Irwin Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Isaacs Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Isaf Mr. and Mrs. John K. Isaf Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Isaf Mr. and Mrs. George R. Jackloski Mr. Mark Jannone Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jasinski Mr. and Mrs. William C. Johnson Ms. Caroljane Jolley Kris and Robyn Jones Ms. Maribeth Jones Mr. Richard R. Jones Mr. Eugene M. Jurkowski Mr. and Mrs. Kirk J. Kaczmarczyk Mr. Thomas J. Kaminski Mr. and Mrs. John R. Karabin Mr. and Mrs. George J. Kaschak Ms. Mildred Kaschak Ms. Paula Kaschenbach Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Kearns Ms. Norma S. Keating

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Kelleher Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kelley Mr. Brian T. Kelly Mrs. Sonja H. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Keneally Mr. and Mrs. Thomas X. Kenna Reverend and Mrs. William Kennard Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Kennedy Mr. John H. Kennedy, Esq. Mr. James and Mrs. Evelyn Kersey Dr. and Mrs. Francis A. Kestler Mr. and Mrs. Wazir M. Khan Mr. Edward Kielty Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Kirk, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Kistler Mr. Peter J. Klein Mrs. Regina White Klepadlo Attorney Allan and Mrs. Sue Kline Kluger ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M Knecht Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Knight Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Knowles Mr. Chip and Mrs. Kimberly Martin Koehl Mr. Jim and Mrs. Colleen Koehr Ms. Karen Komorek Mr. Paul J. Konnick Mr. Joseph Kopa Mr. and Mrs. Gunnar F. Kosek Mr. and Mrs. Floyd A. Kratz Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Krogulski Dr. and Mrs. Eric Kruger Ms. Eleanor M. Kruk Mr. and Mrs. Leon Kubeck Mrs. Rhoda Kuharchik Mr. and Mrs. Chester J. Kulesa Mrs. Karen Kuzmak Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Lacy Mr. William B. LaLonde Mr. and Mrs. Arlin D. Lapp Dr. and Mrs. George Laubach Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lebenson Mr. and Mrs. James V. Lee Ms. Sandy Lee Mrs. Sally Lehman Mrs. Barbara Lemmond The Honorable Charles* and Mrs. Barbara Lemmond Attorney Joseph P. Lenahan Attorney Howard and Mrs. Susan Levinson Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Dennis N. Liberto Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Light Mr. and Mrs. Todd C. Lobien Ms. Melissa Loff Mrs. Judith A. Long Mrs. Sally Lottick Ms. Carole Lovejoy Mr. Troy L. Lubinski Dr. David and Mrs. Maureen Sheekey Lucchino ‘96 Mrs. Grace H. Luft Dr. Carl A. Lukach Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lunsford

Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Lutinski Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lynn Mr. and Mrs. Milton Lynn Mr. Thomas R. Lynn Mrs. Ellen Maccarone Ms. Megan MacGregor Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Judith Mack Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Mackowsky Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Magliane Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas F. Maiale Mr. and Mrs. William R. Mainwaring Ms. Ruth F. Major Mr. and Mrs. Leonid Malakh Mr. and Mrs. Leo G. Malsky Mrs.? Ann & Mrs.? Nana Mangamillo Mr. and Mrs. James J. Manley Mr. James C. Manning Mr. Paul S. Manz Ms. Diana Marcoux Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Marko Ms. Marcella Marlin Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Marthens Mr. and Mrs. Albert Martin Mrs. Jean Martin Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Martin Mr. Robert G. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Marzani Mr. and Mrs. Richard Maslow Ms. Debra Massoni Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Massoni Ms. Linda Matchulat Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Matley Mr. and Mrs. H. Eric Mayse Mr. and Mrs. Alan Mazzei Mr. and Mrs. Emile L. Mazzei Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McAloon Ms. Ramona S. McArdle Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. McAuvic Mr. and Mrs. John D. McCarthy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George McCormack Ms. Linda D. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. McDermott Ms. Lisa McDevitt Mr. Larry E. McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin McEntee Mr. and Mrs. William F. McEntee Mr. and Mrs. James McGill Attorney and Mrs. Edward J. McGinn Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. McHale Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McIlmoyle Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. McIlveen Ms. Kate McIntyre Mr. James P. McKane Ms. Susan J. McKenna Ms. Denise McKinnon Ms. Patricia McLaughlin Ms. Kathleen E. McNamara Mr. Tom Morgan and Ms. Erna J. McReynolds Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. McSherry Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McSherry Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Meier Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Melliand Mr. and Mrs. Garry E. Melville

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mentyka Dr. Penny M. Mericle Mr. Robert and Mrs. Kim Mericle Mr. and Mrs. Adam C. Merkle Mr. and Mrs. John C. Metz, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Meuser Mr. and Mrs. Scott S. Meuser Mr. Charles J. Middleton Ms. Pamela Miele Mr. Matthew L. Mierzejewski Mr. James and Dr. Deborah Smith Mileski ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Murray Miller Mr. Lee and Mrs. Marge Miller Ms. Lauren D. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miller Mr. Scott Miller Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Milne Mr. Leo Minderjahn Mr. Steven R. Minderjahn Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Mirabito Ms. Laura E. Mitchell Ms. Mary Beth Mohan Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Moher Mr. Thomas Moll Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Moran Mr. Joseph A. Moran Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Moran Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Morella Mr. and Mrs. Chip Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Greg A. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Randall C. Morrison Mrs. Inez Mullany Ms. Mary Muller Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mulloy Mr. and Mrs. John F. Murphy Mrs. Shawn W. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Greg Murray Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Murray Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Mussari Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Myers Dr. Sondra and Attorney Morey Myers Ms. Margaret Mylet Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Neithercoat Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Neri Mr. John Neville Mr. and Mrs. John F. Newman Mr. Frank R. Nissel Mr. Justin D. Noll Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Noll Mr. Ronald Noyalis Mr. Robert O’Brien Ms. Stella Mary O’Brien, RSM Ms. Doris O’Donnell Mr. Charles and Mrs. Cheryl O’Hara Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. O’Rourke Ms. Eileen O’Neill Odum Mr. Sam J. Oliverio Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Orabona, Jr. Ms. Thilda Orrico Mr. and Mrs. Allen Orshal Ms. Sandi Orth Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Osborne Ray and Pam Ostroski

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ostrowski Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Ott Mrs. Christina Ouellette Ms. Eleanor Paccione Mr. and Mrs. Steve Parker Dr. and Mrs. Satish D. Patel Mr. Shep Pawling Ms. Andrea Payne Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Pearsall Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Perez Mr. Jay Perry Attorney and Mrs. Joseph L. Persico Mr. Jerry Petercuskie Mrs. Lucille Petrasko Mr. and Mrs. John W. Petrasovits Mr. Albert Piccioni Mr. Henry Piccioni Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Piccioni Attorney and Mrs. Arthur L. Piccone Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Pichiarello Mrs. AnnMarie Pieshefski Mr. and Mrs. George R. Pignataro Mr. Lee Plank, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Denis L. Pollock Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Pollock, Jr. Mrs. Marion G. Pollock Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Porretta Ms. Ingrid Prater Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Price Mr. and Mrs. David Price Mr. and Mrs. Danwin Purdy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Purvis Mr. and Mrs. John J. Quashnoc Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Quealy Attorney Joseph and Mrs. Carole Devers Quinn ‘64 Mr. Richard Racusin Mr. and Mrs. Glenn L. Rader Mr. and Mrs. William Rakowitz Ms. Kimberly Rapp Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Raymond Mr. Michael H. Reese Dr. and Mrs. Harry Reich Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Reinaman Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne S. Reinert Dr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Reiser Mr. John Reuther Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Revello Mr. Denis B. Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Kevin H. Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Lester R. Ricardo Ms. Jacquelyn Riley Dr. and Mrs. David F. Rimple Ms. Mary F. Rinaldi Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rios Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rios Mr. and Mrs. John Risboskin Mr. and Mrs. Felipe A. Rivera Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts Ms. Kerry A. Robinson Mr. Frank Roche Mr. and Mrs. Jason J. Roche Mr. and Mrs. Augustine Rodriguez Ms. Jennifer Lynne Rogers

2011–2012 Donor Report | 43

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rook Mr. and Mrs. James T. Rooney Dr. Margarita M. Rose Dr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Rosenn Attorney Harold and Mrs. Sallyanne Frank Rosenn ‘44 Ms. Josephine Rosenski Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rosenthal Mr. John Rossetti Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Roth Mrs. Pauline Roth Dr. and Mrs. John A. Rothschild Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Rougier Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Roy Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ruchinski Mrs. Marilyn Rudolph Ms. Marie Rullo Ms. Susan Rushmore Mr. and Mrs. James F. Ryan Mr. Robert Salhany Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Santarsiero Mr. and Mrs. Alberto Santoli Attorney Joseph J. Savitz Mrs. Elizabeth J. Saxton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scalzo Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Scheller, Jr. Mr. Patrick Scherer Ms. Therese Schiowitz Mrs. Donna Schmid Mrs. Elizabeth Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Schukraft Mr. Gerald Schultz Ms. Edith N. Schurra Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sciaraffo Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Scott Mr. and Mrs. Reza B. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Troy R. Seiler Mr. Todd C. Serafin Mrs. Suzanne Sesta Dr. Mary C. Sewatsky Mrs. Marian G. Shambe Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Shamory Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Shamory Mr. and Mrs. Owen A. Shefler Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Shepherd Mr. and Mrs. William J. Shepherd Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. William G. Shirley Ms. Mae E. Showers Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Ashley R. Shultz Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Siconolfi Mrs. Mary Ruckno Siegel Mr. Paul “Chip” and Mrs. Janet Siegel ‘74 Dr.? Louis R. Sieminski, Ph.D. Ms. Rosemary A. Sigmond Mr. Vian B. Silliman, Jr. Mr. Ronald W. and Mrs. Rhea P. Simms Mrs. and Mr. Theresa Skotleski Mr. Chuck Slanovec Mr. John C. Slanovec Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Slavoski Mr. and Mrs. David J. Sledziewski Ms. Barbara Smith Mr. Frank and Mrs. Robin Smith 44 | Misericordia University

Mr. Michael C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Smith Ms. Jean Snyder Mr. and Mrs. David Sologuren Mr. Robert J. Soper Mr. Andrew and Dr. Susan Fort Sordoni ‘68 Ms. Barbara Soyka Mr. and Mrs. Emil V. Sparano KC and Ellen Spengler Mr. and Mrs. Mark Spengler Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Spengler Ms. Roseanne Sperry Dr. Susan C. Spry Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Sreter The St. Ledger Family Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Stang Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Stang Ms. Catherine Steininger Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Stettler Mr. and Mrs. Chris Stetzar Mr. and Mrs. William Stetzar Mr. and Mrs. Angus M. Stevely Mrs. Ann Battenhausen Stine* Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Stockli Dr. Helen Streubert Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Strohl Mr. and Mrs. Arnold J. Studwell Mr. and Mrs. Humberto A. Suarez The June Sukus Family Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Sutton Mr. and Mrs. Steven Swanson Mr. and Mrs. George H. Sweetin Ms. Patricia Taggart Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tell Mr. Bart Terrery Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Terrery Dr. Michael Terrery Mr. and Mrs. John P. Testen Mr. and Mrs. Michael Testen Mrs. Lillian Thalenfeld* Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Thomas Ms. Mary Thomas Mr. Haviland Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Barry H. Tice Mr. Raymond J. Tippett Mr. William J. Tirone Ms. Teresa Tiziani Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R. Tomkins Mr. Frederick K. Toy Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Trently Ms. Jean Truchon Mr. and Mrs. Graham True Mr. and Mrs. Loren A. Tuttle Attorney and Mrs. Murray Ufberg Mr. William J. Umphred, Sr. Ms. Elizabeth O. Van Ness Dr. Jeffrey D. Vanacore Attorney and Mrs. Mark A. VanLoon Mr. and Mrs. Francis D. Vasta Ms. Kathleen Velletri Mr. Edward A. Vetrini Ms. Lila Victoria Mr. Rodney Villella

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Virgadamo Mr. and Mrs. John Vitale Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Viviano Dr. and Mrs. George W. Volpetti Mr. and Mrs. John Votto Ms. Taryn Waiter Attorney and Mrs. Bernard D. Walter Mrs. and Mr. Diane T. Waltermyer Mr. John M. Wartella Ms. Tillie R. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. H. Curt Wegfahrt Mr. Irwin Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. John H. Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. Gary Weinstein Mr. Alan and Mrs. Donna Sue MacDowell Weiss Mrs. Virginia Welles Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Welsh Ms. Karen L. Welsh Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Werger Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Werger Mr. and Mrs. Jay S. Werkheiser Ms. Francene Werner Mrs. Helen Westenheffer Mr. Shawn A. Whary Mr. and Dr. James W. Whipple Mrs. Judith M. White Mr. and Mrs. Edward Whitehouse Ms. Lorraine Whitney Mrs. Dorothy Wilenski Dr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Wilfrid Dr. and Mrs. William D. Wilkie Mr. and Mrs. Richard Williams Reverend Donald Williams Ms. Patricia Williams Mr. and Mrs. William C. Williams Attorney Paul J. Winterhalter Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Witkowski Mr. and Mrs. Sam M. Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wovna Dr. Barbara and Mr. Robert Yager Dr. Midori Yamanouchi Mr. William Yankalunas Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Yatsko Mr. and Mrs. David Young Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Youngman Ms. Julia Yurchak Mr. and Mrs. Paul Yurchak Mr. and Mrs. Steve Yurchak Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yurkowski Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Zaffuto Dr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Zeveney Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ziegenfuss Mrs. Kathy J. Zimmerman Ms. Shirley Zimmerman Dr. Charles Zola *Deceased

Corporations, Foundations, and Organizations We respect the partnerships we have with corporations, foundations, and organizations at Misericordia. These groups observe our progress and endorse our future by their involvement in our fundraising.

Corporations A-Prompt Corporation Action Personnel Services Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. All Mechanical Service Company Allstate Insurance, Co. American Janitor & Paper Supply Apple Tree Applewood Golf Course Artworks Gallery & Studio AstraZeneca AT & T Communications Athletic Image Sporting Goods B.D.M. Products, Inc. Bank of America Barber Ford Barclays Capital Bayada Nurses Bemis Co., Inc. Benco Dental Supply Company Benjamin Moore & Co. Berkshire Asset Management, Inc. Bernie’s Pizza Bloomsburg Metal Company Borton - Lawson Brennan Electric, Inc. Brewer’s Outlet Brown Barn Cafe Brucelli Advertising Company, Inc. Bucci Cataract & Laser Vision Center Builders Supply Company Burger King Burkavage Design Associates C & I Associates Caravia Fresh Foods Carroll Construction Company Central Clay Products, Inc. Charlie K’s Pizza Checkerboard Inn Chesapeake Energy Corporation Choice One Federal Credit Union

CIGNA Corp The Citizens’ Voice CK’s Authentic Mexican Food and Summer Treats Clark Companies Clearbrook Treatment Centers Clem-Mar House, Inc. Coca-Cola Refreshments Colgate Palmolive Corporation Collection Recovery Services Columbia Financial Group Mark Cromley’s Hauling & Septic Corcoran Printing Cornell Iron Works, Inc. Cornerstone Counseling & Consulting, LLC Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts Crayola LLC Creative Business Interiors CUZ Excavating Dallas Centre Hardware, Inc. Darling Farms and Greenhouses Dave Aikens Law Firm DBF Dellicker Strategies, LLC Dempsey Uniform and Linen Supply Diversified Business Forms Domino’s Pizza Dow Corning Corporation Draintech, Inc. Dunkin Donuts Dunmore Oil Company Earl and Sedor Photographic The East Mountain Inn Eastern Auto Motor Corporation Eastern Insurance Group Eastern Pennsylvania Supply Company Electrical Workers #163 ENT Surgical Group, P.C. Erwine Home Health and Hospice, Inc. Farm Fresh Supermarkets/Supervalue Fast Signs of Scranton

Fieldhouse Sporting Goods Fino’s Pharmacy Fire and Ice on Toby’s Creek First Choice Loan Services First Data Corporation First National Community Bank Fortune Fabrics, Inc. FOX 56 WOLF-TV Fresco Grill Frontier Communications Solutions Futuristic Innovative Graphics Gallagher Law Offices PC Gastroenterology Consultants, Inc. Geisinger Health System Gertrude Hawk Chocolates GP Strategies Corporation The Graham Academy Green Valley Landscaping, Inc. Griswold Home Care Guard Insurance Group Guyette Communication Industries Gwen’s Avenue Salon Hartford Financial Services Group Hogan’s Heroes & Pizza Howell Benefit Services, Inc. HSBC IBM Corporation III Guys Pizza Independent Graphics, Inc. Integra Business Center InterMetro Industries Corporation J & J Deli & Catering Jack Williams Tire Company Janet Flack Interiors, Inc. JBI Helicopter Services KBJ Enterprises, LLC Keystone Blacktopping Keystone Community Resources Koehler-Bright Star Industries Kraft Foods Kranson Clothes, Inc.

Kronick, Kalada, Berdy & Co. P.C. Lackawanna Coal Mine Landmark Community Bank Leave It To Donna Leggio’s Italian Restaurant LexisNexis Lexus Pursuit of Potential Dealer Liberty Mutual Group Lightspeed Technologies, Inc. Ligus Electric Motor & Pump Service JP Lilley, Inc. Linde LiquidHub Lockheed Martin Corporation Maddock Agency Mariotti Building Products Marquis Art & Frame Martin Rogers Associates Martz Trailways Marworth Matheson Transfer Company May Law LLC McCabe Mortgage Group, Inc. McCarthy Tire Service Co., Inc. Med Plus Uniforms & Scrubs Merck & Co., Inc. Mericle Properties Merrill Lynch and Company, Inc. Metro Team Outfitters, Inc. Metz Culinary Management Michael J. Unlimited, Inc. Mission Foods Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co., Inc. Motorworld Automotive Group MPS Mr. Z’s Supermarket Mutual of America N. R. G. Controls North, Inc. Nails, Etc. Nazareth Ford New York Imaging Service, Inc.

2011–2012 Donor Report | 45

New York Yankees Northeast Transit, Inc. O’Connor Real Estate Olde House Cafe Online Auto Insurance, LLC Original Italian Pizza OutRageous ParenteBeard LLC Payne Printery, Inc. Peking Chef Restaurant Pennsylvania Millers Insurance Company Pinnacle Treatment Centers - Miners Medical / Mount Pocono Medical Pizza Heaven PNC Bank PNC Financial Services Group POM Recoveries, Inc. Postupak Painting Company, Inc. Power Engineering Corporation PPL Corp PPL Electric Utilities Prep Sportswear Pride Mobility Products Corp. Procter & Gamble Paper Products Company Prudential Financial Pyramid Healthcare, Inc. QSF, Inc. Quad Three Group, Inc. Quality Collision, Inc. Rainbow Jewelers Ralmark Company Rave’s Discount Center RCM Gutter Systems Reeves Rent-A-John, Inc. Ritsick & Sons, Inc. Rogers’ Nursery Roof Pro, Inc. Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald LLP Roth Jewelers Salon NouVeau sanofi pasteur SAS Institute, Inc. Schneider Valley Farm Dairy Snyder and Clemente Sport Clips Haircuts Standard Awning and Aluminum Steven’s Town and Country Dry Cleaners Suzy Q’s of Broome County LTD T J Cannon, Inc. Thomas Family Markets Thomas P. Kearney Funeral Home, Inc. Tiffany and Company Times Leader Times-Shamrock Communications, Inc. Tobey & Merill Insurance TR Technology Solutions Trion Industries, Inc. Tucker’s Travel Shoppe Twin Stacks Center UGI Utilities, Inc. Valentine’s Jewelry and Accessories Valley Distributing & Storage Company

46 | Misericordia University

Verizon Corporation Villa Foglia Vistacom, Inc. Watkins and Medura Wells Fargo Westmoreland Club WG Communications White Deer Run - A Member of CRC Health Group Wilkes-Barre Bookkeeping Company J. H. Williams & Co., LLP Williams Kinsman Lewis, Architecture, P.C. Wyoming Valley Alcohol & Drug Services, Inc. Zimmer Insurance Agency, Inc.

Foundations Anonymous Aetna Foundation, Inc. Association of Independent Colleges and Universities B and B Trust James E. and Constance L. Bell Foundation The Berkshire Asset Management Fund of The Luzerne Foundation The Bevevino Family Fund of The Luzerne Foundation The Black Horse Foundation Caterpillar Foundation Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation The 1st Lieutenant Michael Cleary Memorial Fund of The Luzerne Foundation Cohen Family Foundation Conyngham Family Charitable Foundation CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Eberhard Faber Foundation Eli Lilly and Co. Foundation Enterpise Holdings Foundation Esseff Foundation The Hal and Jean Flack Family Fund of The Luzerne Foundation The Flack Family Fund of The Luzerne Foundation The Friedman Family Fund of The Luzerne Foundation The Fund of Luzerne County of The Luzerne Foundation Gelb Foundation General Electric Foundation Graham Foundation Intel Foundation It’ll Do Foundation The Lefkowitz Family Fund of The Luzerne Foundation Lincoln Financial Foundation The Link Family Foundation Luzerne County Bar Association Charitable Foundation Luzerne Foundation M&T Charitable Foundation

Maslow Family Foundation, Inc. McCole Foundation Metropolitan Life Foundation The P&G Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Passan Foundation Pennsylvania Automotive Foundation Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation Pfizer Foundation PNC Foundation Prudential Financial Foundation Queenan Foundation, Inc. Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. The RJACK Fund of The Luzerne Foundation Schering-Plough Foundation The Smulowitz Family Charitable Fund of The Luzerne Foundation Sordoni Foundation, Inc. State Farm Companies Foundation Tambur Family Foundation Teleflex Foundation TJX Foundation, Inc. Vanguard Group Foundation Verizon Foundation Walmart Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Williams Companies Foundation, Inc. The Bill & Sandi Williams Family Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

Organizations Behavioral Health Services of Wyoming Valley Campus EAI Consortium Chatham Borough PBA 226 Community Care Behavioral Health Organization Conference for Mercy Higher Education First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association Grace Episcopal Church Hospice of the Sacred Heart Italian American Citizen’s Club King’s College Kingston Class of 1958 Luzerne County Community College Mercy Retirement Center Misericordia University Alumni Association Monsignor McGowan Cornerstone Scholarship Committee Montgomery County Intermediate Unit NEPA/Back Mountain Community Partnership Penn State University Pittston Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association Pocono Arts Council Red Run Rod & Gun Club Religious Sisters of Mercy MidAtlantic Community/Dallas Scranton Miners Baseball

Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Mid-Atlantic Region St. Joseph’s Center St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church St. Therese’s Church Village at Greenbriar Wilkes Barre General Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association Wilkes University Wyoming Valley Health Care System

Honor and Memorial Program Misericordia is grateful for the individuals who establish a scholarship, remember a special day, or mark a cherished anniversary in a way to honor a family member or a friend. This year, Misericordia received gifts in honor, and in memory, of the listed individuals. The donors of these gifts are recorded throughout the report.

In memory of Mrs. Julia G. Allen Miriam Ruth Brennan, RSM ‘50 Valerie Chesna Borawski ‘69 Mr. Ronald L. Broskoske Ms. Dorothy M. Bynon Connie Bush ‘76 Mary Aidan Byron, RSM ‘42 Mrs. Helen Chrobak Jane Lambert Delaney ‘38 Mrs. Margaret Dougherty Helen Claire Roan Dunn ‘45 Mr. Ronald D. Ertley Mrs. Stella H. Evans Mr. Charles D. “Rusty” Flack Mr. Ron Fronzoni Mr. Ambrose Fusillo Ann Miriam Gallagher, RSM ‘53 Mary Sharon Gallagher, RSM ‘58 Mary Patricia Joyce Gill ‘40 Ms. Evelyn Gimber Mrs. Anna Greco Mr. Anthony J. Grosek Janet Cooper Gunster ‘59 Mr. Roy Halye Dr. E. Hanlon,RSM ‘60 Ms. Mable Hater Ms. Nancy Heydt Mrs. Chester Marie Hine Ms. M. Bernadette Hogan Assumpta Houllion, RSM ‘39 Mrs. Catherine Janasie Mrs. Edna Johnson Marion Joseph, RSM Mrs. Dolores Kaczinski Regina Kelly, RSM ‘43 Mary Lou Komorek ‘68 Mrs. Mary Kosko Mr. William Leonhart Mrs. Nancy Beck Loftus Helen Jacobs Logan ‘69

Joan Wojcik Lukach ‘52 Mr. John Luksic Mrs. Susanne A. MacDowell Mary Richard Maher, RSM ‘46 Mr. John (Bud) McCarthy Mary Carmel McGarigle, RSM ‘52 Eloise McGinty, RSM ‘40 Mary Ellen McGeehan ‘46 M. Eloise McGinty, RSM ‘40 Mary Celestine McHale, RSM ‘28 Mrs. Margaret McHugh Mrs. Joan Roche McKeown Leatha Meckas, Class of 1923 WBGH Ms. Ann Lucille Menta, RN Mary Annunciata Merrick, RSM Ms. Virginia Miller Mrs. Gertrude Miscavage Marie McCarthy Mohan ’42 Mrs. Stella O’Brien Mrs. Helen A. O’Connor Mary Vincent DePaul O’Connor, RSM Miriam Teresa O’Donnell, RSM ‘37 Mrs. Debra Ruth Orloski Ms. Anna Pavlick Mr. David M. Payne Mr. Thomas Pellitteri Mrs. Donna Plank Mrs. Laura Popielarz Mr. John F. Poslusney Ms. Rose Radinski Mr. Charles Reed Kathleen Dorris Reese ‘50 Mary Michael Reinhard, RSM ‘46 Amanda Roth ‘08 Mrs. Agnes P. Rule Mrs. Jean Urban Shara Mary Louise Celia Sharpe ‘76 Mr. Naseem Shqueir Mr. Charles J. Siegel Mrs. Helen Snyder Margaret Husic Spengler ‘36

Mrs. Ann Stine Ms. Edith Winters Strein, RN Gloria Capitan Strumski ‘61, RN Mrs. Pauline S. Talmon Mr. Michael Terek Mrs. Eve Vitaliano-Brooks Ruth Vitek-Warnagiris, RN Mrs. Barbara Wasilko, RN Mrs. Rose Marie White Mrs. Rosette White Mrs. Alice Wilfrid Michael & Valerie Wozniak Mrs. Esther E. Young

In honor of all Misericordia University Alumni, Faculty, and Staff All Mid-Atlantic Jubilians All Mothers M. Therese Antone, RSM Mrs.Vicki Austin Back Mountain Bloomers Mr. & Mrs. Barrone Mrs. Gloria Becker Mrs. Molly Messinger Beswick Agnes Therese Brennan, RSM ‘61 Mrs. Helen A. Brigido Lucille Brislin, RSM ‘73 Ms. Emily Bittner Joan Marie Broderick, RSM ‘62 Ann Morris Cardone ‘85 Agnes Toloczko Cardoni ‘69 Patricia Finan Castellano ‘73 Dr. Thomas J. Castellano Amy Kelly Caruso ‘05, ‘12 Bridget Mary Clark, RSM ‘73 Class of 1983 Nursing Barbara Craig, RSM ‘53 Ms. Betty DeLuca Judith Strish DeLuca ‘02 & Daughter

Lauren Andre Dembowski, RSM Jeanne Marie Devaney, RSM ‘58 Annette Diebold, RSM ‘72 Mary Ann Dillon, RSM ‘68 Alice Doggett, RSM ‘62 Mary Clare Dougherty, RSM ‘59 Bernadette Duross, RSM Susan Evelyn, RSM Attorney Mary Louise Faber Mary Siena Finley, RSM ‘51 Anne Fleming, RSM ‘62 Mary Ellen Fuhrman, RSM ‘74 Dr. Cheryl Fuller Ann Miriam Gallagher, RSM ‘53 Carol Gallagher, RSM ‘66 Mary Luke Gibbons, RSM ‘53 Madeline Gill, RSM ‘56 Mary Glennon, RSM ‘62 Mary Theresa Glynn, RSM ‘58 Marie Gruber, RSM ‘39 Dorothy Hagan, RSM ‘64 Mrs. Mildred Hallihan Dr. Brenda Harding Hage ‘96 Martha Hanlon, RSM ‘60 Amy Hartman’11 Ms. Frances Hartman Maureen Harrison, RSM Mrs. Susan M. Helwig Catherine Rose Hill, RSM ‘51 Ruth Hollen, RSM ‘65 Ann Hozempa ‘82 Mrs. Dolores Infantino Mrs. Charlotte Jones Marcella Kosmoski Jones ‘61 Jennifer Kates’12 Jane Ken Kathleen Kearney, RSM Kathleen Keenan, RSM Marie Noel Keller, RSM ‘65 Regina Kelly, RSM ‘43

2011–2012 Donor Report | 47

Jane Frances Kennedy, RSM ‘60 Dorothy Kline, RSM ‘61 Martha Ann Kokinda ‘64 Constance Mary Kozel, RSM ‘55 Colman Krise, RSM ‘58 Mrs. Arlene Kulesa Mr. Alex Lacy Patricia Lapczynski, RSM Marie Larkin, RSM Robert Marie (Mildred) Lockman, RSM ‘65 Nancy Lydon, RSM Dr. Michael and Mrs. Tina MacDowell Antoinette Manley, RSM ‘87 Ms. Roxanne Mahle Mrs. Olga Mann Cindy March, RSM ‘80 Mrs. Linda Marek Mrs. Mary Jo Marek Mrs. Stephanie Marek Marie Therese Marques, RSM ‘63 Patricia McCann, RSM ‘69 Mary Jule Purcell McCarthy ‘52 Catherine McGroarty, RSM ‘74 Francine Greco McHugh, MSN, RN ‘92 Jennifer McHugh ‘10 Anne McLaughlin, RSM ‘63 Dorothy McLaughlin, RSM ‘54 Kelsie McNamara Cecilia Meighan, RSM ‘58 Mrs. Barbara C. Merdiushev Jean Messaros, RSM ‘73 Mrs. Anna Jane Cole Messinger Mr. and Mrs. John C. Metz

Mrs. Michaels Mary Davida Morgan, RSM ‘60 Noreen Mulherin, RSM Diedre Mullen, RSM Linda Mullen ‘09 Shaun Patrick Mulligan, RSM ‘56 Mrs. Mary L. Murphy Ruth Neely, RSM ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. Justin D. Noll Mary Elizabeth Rienzo Noll ‘47 Susan Marie Nowalis, RSM ‘55 Mary Vincent de Paul O’Connell, RSM Jane O’Donnell, RSM ‘69 Rear Admiral Sally Brice-O’Hara ViceCommand US Esther Ann O’Konski, RSM ‘64 Mrs. Patti O’Malia Marie Parker, RSM ‘71 Mary Magdalena Parker, RSM ‘52 Mrs. Madge Parkinson Rogers April Passetti Debra Passarella’12 Brenda Condusta Pavil’ 93 Anne Paye, RSM ‘52 Elinor Kane Perry ‘48 Christine Pierce ‘08 Jayne Pruitt, RSM William R. Reed, Ph.D. and Helene Flower Reed ‘66 Mrs. Laura Castellano Richards Carol Rittner, RSM ‘67 Ms. Whitney Rohm Pat & Jim Rosini Romaine Marie Shannon, RSM ‘59

Mrs. Eleanor Sheridan Mrs. Lizzy Shumaker Mrs. Melissa Marek Skurack Kathleen Smith, RSM ‘68 Dr. Donna Ayers Snelson Mrs. Maureen Snyder, RN Judith Geer Spitale ‘86 Miriam Francis Stadulis, RSM ‘62 Ms. Anne Marie Strain Mary Beth McNamara Sullivan ‘71 Mayon Sylvain, RSM ‘84 Mrs. Brenda Tabor Eileen Toole, RSM ‘63 Edna Hodges Troisi ‘48 Ann Turnbach, RSM ‘62 Mrs. Jeanne VanDuzer Ms. Meghan Vargas Mrs. Rose Marie White Mrs. Diane Wilfrid Father Donald Williams Catherine Mary Winters, RSM ‘60 Mrs. Marie Yandrofski

If your name is not included in the 2011–2012 President’s Donor Report, one of two things may have happened: 1. We made a mistake. We respect every friend, but if we lost your name from our lists, let us know. We apologize. 2. We received your gift before or after our 2011–2012 fiscal year (July 1–June 30). Please check your records to be sure the gift was made within those dates.

Jim Bebla Director of Development Misericordia University Dallas, PA 18612-1090 570-674-6740. View this report online at

MISERICORDIA UNIVERSITY STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES FOR THE YEAR ENDED JUNE 30, 2012 CHANGES IN UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS: OPERATING REVENUES: Student tuition and fees, net of student scholarships Auxiliary enterprises Federal grants State grants Private gifts and grants Net investment gains Other sources Net assets released from restrictions, satisfaction of program restrictions Total operating revenues OPERATING EXPENSES: Instructional Student services Auxiliary enterprises Institutional support Academic support Government student aid and other Fundraising Total operating expenses Increase in unrestricted net assets from operating activities NONOPERATING: Net unrealized loss on interest rate swaps Unrealized losses on investments Minimum pension liability adjustment Increase in unrestricted net assets CHANGES IN TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS: Private gifts and grants Net investment losses Change in value of split-interest agreements Net assets released from restrictions, satisfaction of program restrictions Increase in temporarily restricted net assets CHANGES IN PERMANENTLY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS: Private gifts and grants Change in value of beneficial interest in perpetual trusts Increase in permanently restricted net assets

48 | Misericordia University

$37,959,436 10,642,840 402,844 2,002,013 717,594 156,988 232,047 1,934,535 54,048,297


2,830 Fall ‘11; 2,762 Spring ‘12

Number of Employees:

359 full-time employees, 1,007 part time (including students)

Total Employee Payroll:

20.7 million

General Economic Impact

97.0 (2x $48.5 million budget)

Federal Income Tax Witheld


Social Security Taxes Withheld (FICA):


PA Withholding Taxes


Local Withholding Taxes:


Total Taxes Withheld from Employees:

$4.4 million


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Financial Statement

18,478,617 8,595,862 7,624,104 7,068,258 4,567,870 856,430 1,074,540 48,265,681

Operating Budget (Net of university financial aid)

12/13 Approved 11/12 10/11


09/10 08/09

(2,557,063) (48,441) (704,576) 2,472,536










2,907,960 (886,221) 10,031 (1,934,535) 97,235

519,390 (75,673) 443,717




73,064,445 $76,077,933

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President's Donor Report 2011-2012  
President's Donor Report 2011-2012  

The Misericordia University 2011-2012 President's Donor Report.