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Famous last words A poetry anthology By Mrs. Friend’s Honors English 9 class Spring 2018

Writers 1. Nora Abuassi 2. Alex Bowers 3. Christopher Brooks 4. Zevyn Dokes 5. Emma Drummonds 6. Sebastian Farris 7. Enrique Francisco 8. Jennifer Gomez 9. Masyn Goodrich 10. Alexandra Greenya 11. Aidan Hoffman 12. Katherinn Jimenez-Sandoval 13. Vrisan Lakhani 14. Shelbie Lloyd 15. Marc Machado 16. Mary McKay 17. Kara Misdom 18. Jeremy Owens 19. Matthew Peete 20. Brittiana Rush 21. Gemma Thomas 22. Samantha Thomas 23. Brittnay Turner 24. Chase Vollmers 25. James Wang

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I sit in front of the window

in my New York apartment Cars go by beeping with hurry, people yelling “move out the way!” My eyes move back and forth as I watch the cars go by Seeing flashing lights make my eyes go wide But then I focus to see my reflection All you can see is tears streaming down My face, because the loss I just found out from a call I got 30 minutes ago I’ve lost all I’ve had and now, I'm gone

Alex Spiderman dies Won’t be catching any more flies Out with Doctor Strange Part of the plan he arranged Starlord's reduced to sand Cause he ruined the whole plan Thanos kills gamora She’s not around anymore, yuh T’challa’s not feeling so well I hope he doesn’t go to hell Thor should’ve aimed for the head Now everyone’s dead Groot dies You’re welcome

Moving in By Christopher Brooks Driving this twisty tree canopied road used to so calming But now as I drive this road I remember that you won't be there to open the door Pulling into this old driveway to a house made by a man I never met used to be so easy Id look at the field and the memories I have had The statue with my name in the self-made flower bed I sit in this living room where we used to sit and watch corny hallmark movies thinking this used to be so easy It used to be so easy to miss you because I knew I’d see you again

Zevyn vroom vroom she is in her mums car Everyone thinks she fine But her life rests on the strings of a guitar Will clap or growl with resent The concert is tonight Her body shivers with fright The concert bombs She will take her life Then he appears with liveliness like the light of day His warm has chased the dark the dark away Her room is clear now as bright as a sunny day Our dear knight has chased the dark away

Emma 3 hours, 18 minutes away from you, They say long distance is hard But we make it look easy. You never fail To let me go. Out of everyone in the world It feels like it’s just you and me. 188.2 miles, yoo-hoo! We will see one another soon. Very soon. I want to take a love-sick day We’ll keep the world away, ditch all our plans and say ‘Let's stay here together’ so much better when It’s me and you.

Sebastian Why are we alive Is it to believe To blindly follow In hopes of a better life after Or is it to breed Continue our species Better our species Keep it alive longer than the rest Maybe our life on earth Is meant to be the bearer of another's life So the dream of a better life An after life Can live on

Chicken Noodle Soup By: Enrique Francisco Chicken noodle soup Smells like poop I put in my tummy It tastes really yummy.

Mama gives it to me when I’m ill It indeed tastes better than pills I like to eat it with chicken

It is like a yummy treat I enjoy this more than a yummy dog treats It is yummy in my tummy.

Chicken noodle soup Smells like poop I put in my tummy It tastes really yummy.

Jennifer Gomez Blistering sun as trees shadow the way Soft winds breeze over the humid air. To cool off the exhaust. Here as I walk, watching the clouds pass by. Wondering was is to come. The days seem long, Like a road that has no end. The only light is from the sun that has hovered over the lane. Mountains of hope Fresh in mind I am lost in the world So here I go, walking the road. As the sun starts to set, Blooming stars luminate upon my life Tomorrow is another day To start again on this road to find the light of my life again. Hopefully, The lost was just a phase.

Masyn Goodrich Must be yoyo man But yoyo master said no must keep yo-ing

There is only one race, And that is the human race. “What about NASCAR?!� Tom Holland, so many Frogs trapped inside his mouth. Please, Tom, set them free. Tide pods, forbidden snack. Colorful swirls entice me. Please, mom, let me munch.

Lord, I hate this class Everyone is too much I can’t wait to leave

How much can I fit Into a haiku format Answer: Not a lot

ALEXANDRA Predictable kids Ignorant, arrogant, loud I think I hate us


Sounds of busy streets fill my ears Nightfall takes over my bright world The cool breeze runs through my hair I let myself zone out to the sound of murmurs I walk not knowing where I’m headed You'll find me wherever the wind takes me My hands go numb to the cold wind that takes over The city lights blind me as I look up The stars shine brighter than they did last night My feet take me along still not knowing where they go I may look lost to others, but that's not the case I'm just letting life lead the way Katherinn Jimenez

Vrisan Whose gauntlet is that? I think I know It’s owner is quite angry though He was cross like a dark potato I watch him destroy. I cry hello He gives his gauntlet a snap Which turns all good into bad Tormented with nightmares he never sleeps Revenge is a promise a man should keep He rises from his cursed bed With thoughts of violence in his head A flash of rage and he sees red Without a pause, I turned and fled

Shelbie The lazy sun reflected off of the blue pond A tree cools the grass Flowers litter the lawn in the meadow The air smells sweet and earthy Birds sing in the distance The once bright blue sky now turns purple with night And all the animals disappear In their place owls coo And bats will sometimes chirp The moonlight shines bright But the stars take the spotlight In this little meadow of mine

Racism is bad It is unacceptable Racists should be banned My school is awesome My teachers care about me I want to succeed

Marc School is lots of fun Here, we learn stuff that is cool Also, it helps us There are lots of books Paper, pencils, tape, and glue I am in a school

Speakers blast music I tumble fast down the floor Sticking the landing Sprints at the table Hitting the springboard with force Flipping to my feet Swings from bar to bar Chalk is flying everywhere My grips grasp the bar Mounting to the beam Tumbling on four inches of wood Trying not to fall off

Mary McKay

Kara Small yellow flowers Blow peacefully in the wind On a nice spring day Clouds above our heads And grasses beneath our feet But what's great is sleep

People aren't the same Different personalities Different types of speech Different backgrounds Not one person is the same Don't try to think you know someone

Jeremy The forest speaks as we walk through its heart For every creature is playing its part The sun beats down through the cracks in the leaves And the squirrels steal nuts like little thieves The birds they sing and the frogs they croak Until suddenly arises a cloud of smoke The machines they churn and grind Leaving the forest and it’s creatures behind From the dust a new city is born But the animals have no time to mourn For it is time for them to roam In hopes that they can find a new home

Matthew The crowd is cheering loudly The ball is repeatedly hitting the floor The clock is ticking lower and lower The time is quickly running out The players are losing their mind The ref suddenly blows the whistle He gets two free throws He can almost taste the success The crowd gets silent It is thirty eight to fourty He shoots and makes the first one The ball slips and he misses the shot

Brittiana Volleyball is great Shoes squeaking against the court Digging a good serve

Homework is awful Forced to do dumb, useless tasks School is a prison

My dogs are my life My animals are loyal I love them so much

Can’t it be summer I want to go to the beach The beach is peaceful

Gemma Thomas Roses are red Violets are red Chairs are red Carrots are red Curtains are red Walls are red Refrigerators are red Doors are red Windows are red Tables are red The floor is red Everything’s red It’s covered in blood

Samantha A butterfly’s wings Flutter in the cool, soft breeze Spring is here to stay The snow fell gently And engulfed all that it touched Like a white blanket The brittle leaves crunch Under my shoes as I run Alerting of fall The fluffy white clouds Are reflected in the water As the sun watches

Brittnay I came to a realization I’m getting old No more toys No more time outs I have to live in the big world now I used to count down for this day Now that it’s here I want it to go away I’m not ready I want to stay in bed Not go to work I wished I listened to my mom When she told me to grow up at 16

Chase Rain drops drop I fall and so do leaves Night is here; time to rest

I play games Shooting, saving, repeat I’m a hero and villain

I type fast Hoping not to pass up The chance to speak I do the math It doesn’t add up I thought it had a place

James Wang The smell is to be masked. Only she can hear such thoughts during her sleep. And from there fled saint L’Via Who claimed not capable of the dastardly feat. Only Frances could hear her With her deaf ears. Plastered to her head like a deranged doll As she lay mute in the crematorium With the father over her, vermicide in hand. The sempiternal moon shines over the marble shrine As he chants his embalming prayers And the lachrymal clouds settle.

Famous last words  

A poetry anthology by Mrs. Friend's Honors English 9 class

Famous last words  

A poetry anthology by Mrs. Friend's Honors English 9 class