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Before we go ... A poetry anthology by Mrs. Friend’s English 9 class Spring 2018

Writers 1. Coby Brooks 2. Brenda Castillo 3. KeMani Curry 4. Amber Day 5. Chris Gonzalez 6. Jonathan Landaverde 7. Frank Landrio 8. Skyla Lanham 9. Kayla McDonald 10. Eliezer Santos 11. Lucas Smith 12. Arlette Soto-Lopez 13. Tom Wood

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Coby The wind is blowing, The grass is growing, Tree leaves are moving, Tree branches are grooving, The cars honk, Some wheels are donk, Cars going down the street, Getting gas as a treat

Brenda I still remember every year during christmas My elementary school opened up a santa shop I did not know what to get you til I saw the coffee mugs I knew you loved coffee so I got you a christmas themed coffee mug Little did I know this would soon turn into a tradition The first year I got you a snowman mug the year after that I got you a gingerbread mug Even though I do not go to that elementary school I still get you a mug every year I love that now this is not only are tradition but one you also share with my sister

5 shots 7 wounds. 7am I got the call. I couldn’t believe. You’ve been shot. I was clueless.

Empty Minded. You’re my protection. How to think you can die. I feel unsafe. 10 machines connected. Oh how things got hectic. They say you’re going to be okay. Dad, I love you. 5 shots 7 wounds later . You can come home. Movin around just as cool. God wasn’t ready for you.


Amber A Dark Place. The world is a dark place. War is taking over. Children are starving with no home. And yet, you’re fine. Sitting at home probably watching Tv. Racism and ignorance has also taken over. I was taught to love everyone. No matter the race or sexuality. But everyone was taught differently. Ignorance overrules everything. If you are not attractive to society, you’re not wanted. But I say you’re unique No one is perfect. We all have our flaws Everyone should get along and break the hate. To get rid of this dark place.

M&P By Chris Gonzalez

Machines - sharp - hefty Wood - metal - plastic Cabinets filled with tools Shiny - finished projects Students with goofy goggles Teacher with a red - sensuous face

You Can’t See Me Hello, can you hear me? I’m here on my knees Listening to your conversation Here at Penn Station I know we’re not friends Nor best friends I’m just here to blend With air I guess Cause you can’t see me You said let’s hang out But it’s like we’re in a blackout It’s like i’m faded out Cause you can’t see me Hey John, Bart, Peter But of course you can’t see me I know i’m new But i’m not small I’m as tall as big paul But you still can’t see me “Hey George” he said Hey, I said He noticed me Wow Well that was easy

Jonathan L.

Frank Landrio As I walk outside at nine o’clock, I can’t help but notice the intense heat. Birds chirping, A breeze blowing, At this point, anything is better than class. The only thing that fills my head is the smell of fresh air. Life is full of fun sweet things, So stop and take a look. Kids playing brings a sense of joy into my soul. Sitting in the shade is calming to my stressed nerves. I love every part of this, But unfortunately it is time to leave. The world won’t stop spinning for you, So enjoy every moment you get. You only get to live once, So why not enjoy every last part of it?

Time ;

Skyla Lanham

Everything takes time But how much time do I have to offer I've been waiting for what seems like forever For you to get it together I shouldn't even have to give you time Why can't I just be a priority instead You run back to something that's ruining you Do you like the person you’ve become You use it like it’s going to make things better, but if you haven't noticed it's only making things worse It’s like I don't even know you anymore This, you hurt me more than you think It can't be your safe place anymore I can only take so much And you're running out of time

Kayla McDonald I gifted my mother a plant for mother's day It has yellow, orange, and red flowers Vibrant colors light up our living room It's one of the prettiest plants I’ve ever seen Although It needs to be handled with great care Miss one day of watering and it will wilt My mother loves to take care of plants To nurse sick ones back to health So one day they grow to be big and strong That's one thing plants and I have in common Just like the plants my Mother takes care of me Nurses me back to health when I am sick And just like the plant i won't have to worry Because my mother will never miss a day of care So that I can grow big and strong

Eliezer Santos

Shade Of A Tree

Sitting on the fresh cut grass under the shade of a tree still with it’s autumn red leaves. In the distance kids playing frisbee on the football field , dandelions blowing away in the fresh breeze in the month of may. I see friends laughing together and making memories as I sit still under the shade of a tree still with it’s autumn red leaves . I see a single apple blossom still alive with it’s bright pink color hanging from a tree aroos The fresh breeze in the month of may calmly blows making the leaves dance not missing a beat . I witness mother nature take place as i sit under the shade of a tree still with it’s autumn red leaves.

Lucas my stuffed animal husky a plush that my grandfather gave me She is like a friend i guess at how the world works I believe that she is here to help through the brutality real life That’s what friends do I have so much on my mind Of how the world may work What may happen and what happend a 9th grade student who doesn’t understand How the world works How to do much

Arlette I was watching you sleep the other day And prayed that it would last The peace that rested in your face I’d never seen in the past I was watching you speak a while ago I hoped you’d go on The way your words had no end Your spirit seemed so strong I was watching you fight the other day And prayed my tears would dry All this I knew was done for me And I couldn't figure out why But I was watching you today And I couldn't wait to tell you how much I appreciate and love You in every way

Tom Up with A grades. Down with D grades. Monster Jam are monster trucks too. Tony smells smokin’ good! Back to the past, and the present, and the future is now! Scary is Carry when Scary Movie is Scary. Mutant is a soda. Green with envy. Wrecked a course, and BOOM! Banned. Danny is a rhyme with Manny. Snow day is winter too. Red is a rose. Violet is a purple. Megalodons are fishes too. People act smart. Smartalec is a smart guy too. Not mean. Monster Jam is rockin’ great!

Before we go  

A poetry anthology by Mrs. Friend's English 9 class Spring 2018

Before we go  

A poetry anthology by Mrs. Friend's English 9 class Spring 2018