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SIMPLY ESTHETIC MIS is offering a “thinking backwards” approach to restoration

10 MIS - AN INNOVATION DRIVEN BRAND A glance at MIS’ marketing strategy through the eyes of Doron Peretz, MIS’ Senior VP Sales & Marketing

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An interview with Dr. Nachum Samet, MIS VP R&D



Dear Friends, We are proud to present MIS’ 4th MNEWS. The current issue is gathering a wide variety of topics, reflecting the expanding scope of work and achievements performed by MIS. MIS offers a developing range of unique biological products for various dental challenges. After successfully launching our unique bio-active range of boneregeneration products, we have recently introduced PeriZone - a brand new territory for MIS, aimed at a relieving oral care. We continue to develop and bring in new implants and prosthetic solutions, representing our interdisciplinary knowhow and experience. We put significant efforts and financial resources in research, and invest tremendously in our means of production. Maintaining its young tradition of creativity and innovativeness, MIS today plays a major role in the global market of oral care products. The new MNEWS magazine brings a taste of the MIS vibrant and creative spirit and shares the broad spectrum of our activities. Hope you find it interesting and intriguing. Enjoy reading!

Idan Kleifeld CEO

3 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

4 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

READY, SET, GO EASY! PerioPatch represents a step forward in our ability to deal with inflammatory related diseases. It can be used as a relieving posttreatment at almost any dental procedure.

On the grounds of its strategic objective to provide the dental community with comprehensive solutions for oral restoration and health, and after extending its surgical reconstruction solutions with a line of advanced bone grafting materials, MIS has recently launched PeriZone - a brand new category aimed at oral healing and anti-inflammatory aid. The introduction of PeriZone is a major step forwards in terms of MIS’ becoming a fully engaged oral care company. The first and pioneering PeriZone product is PerioPatch. Recently launched at the ADHA (American Dental Hygienists Association) annual meeting in the US, PerioPatch is a unique hydro-gel based product, aimed at the

relief of signs and symptoms associated with oral inflammation. PerioPatch is based on a concept supported by in-vivo research, conducted by Izun Pharmaceuticals. An Israeli based pharmaceutical company, Izun specializes in novel anti-inflammatory therapies for dentistry as well as general medical conditions. Izun periodontists found that a botanical extract comprising a combination of three botanicals (Sambucus Nigra, Echinacea Purpurea and Centella Asiatica) when extracted under specific conditions and ratios, has a synergetic effect, which causes a significant reduction of inflammatory related symptoms. Dr. William Levine, Izun’s CEO and founder, who was involved in the formulation of PerioPatch from its beginning, highlights two essential characteristics that form the product’s method of action: adhesion to the wounded tissue and an inherent tendency to pull and absorb exudates in

For more information about MIS PERIZONE, please see:

5 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

inflamed gums produced by the immune system. Combined together, these two properties support the natural healing of the tissue without causing any side effects or complications. These finding have led to the development of PerioPatch from the thoroughly controlled plant growth and careful inspection of the herbal crops, to in-vitro and in-vivo research, and a strict production process to result in a fully FDA accepted product. PerioPatch functions as a dual-purpose product. It gently adheres to the wounded tissue avoiding the invasion of outside stimuli into the wound and absorbing the exudates produced during the inflammatory process. Applied directly over the affected area, PerioPatch forms a local protective seal over inflamed, irritated or wounded gingiva and oral mucosa and promotes their natural healing without causing any reported side effects. It provides pain relief, restores the wound balance and provides a sustainable protection from further irritation. Dr. Levine: “The available treatments for inflammation are mostly focused on bacterial control and new bone regeneration while the primary problem is inflammation itself, i.e. the biological mechanism that causes the tissue destruction. The body’s natural metabolic status consists of an ongoing cycle, continuously creating and destroying proteins and enzymes. If out of control, this metabolic process itself may stimulate a progressive inflammation to become a chronic disease and even impact systemic disease conditions. It is imperative that the local irritation is topically treated to restore the natural balance and avoid progressive deterioration. In the search for medications adhering to these specifications we encountered only steroidal drugs and these may possibly cause more damage and disrupt the positive immune system reaction. These findings have led to the shift from pharmaceuticals to botanical solutions. PerioPatch is a topical solution, it is easy to apply, natural and edible, it is safe, involves no side effects and above all - it relieves pain after a short time within application“. The validation of PerioPatch has been conducted by Izun through in-vitro and in-vivo studies, mainly studying fluid absorption properties as well as its performance in terms of adhesion and the reduction of inflammatory related symptoms. In-vivo studies analyzed biopsies of inflamed tissues, indicating a considerable reduction of matrix mettalo proteiases as well as ß-Glucuronidase – a clear indicator of inflammation. The evident results have found to be coherent with another study, focused on the measurement of pain - one of the 5 classic diagnostic symptoms of inflammation (also including: swelling, bleeding, redness and heat). Pain has been measured before and after PerioPatch application using a visual analogue scale (VAS). The results demonstrated a very rapid reduction of pain in the affected area without any rebound effect. An FDA and CE approved medical device, PerioPatch can be used for multiple, unlimited indications. In fact, it can be used as a complementary post-treatment appliance after many dental procedures. Whether a restricted irritation or an acute inflammation, traumatic responses can be controlled and rebalanced by PerioPatch. Few indicative instances: prevention of post-treatment discomfort; relief of pain due to denture sores, abrasions caused by braces and dentures, stomatitis, minor chafing and traumatic ulcers, promotion of healing after surgery, adaptation of the tissue after tooth extraction; relief of irritated gums and other oral pain. Dr. Ray C. Williams, Professor of Periodontology at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine, and the chairman of PerioPatch scientific advisory board noted: “We have come to understand the role of inflammation in periodontal disease. PerioPatch is a breakthrough in terms of periodontal diseases as it is locally applied and neutralizes inflammatory symptoms without involving any side effects. PerioPatch represents a step forward in our ability to deal with inflammatory related diseases. It can be used as a complementary post-treatment for many dental procedures. The underlying approach which resulted in the development of PerioPatch was borrowed from the current focus on inflammation - The wound treatment presumption is that symptoms of inflammation are indications of disease and should be treated. We are hopeful that the new concept provided by PerioPatch will advance oral care”.

Gil Ishay Product manager of MIS PeriZone products 6 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

PerioPatch package


How does it work?



Affected or inflamed area.


PerioPatch applied over affected area.


Backing layer is loosened and removed; gel layer remains up to 6 hours.

Relief of symptoms is expected after application.

Top left PEEK abutment Top right Planning Prosthetic Kit Bottom Prosthetic Tool Kit


The classic and most common approach to dental restoration considers abutments to be an independent entity, sometimes disregarding a whole set of aspects involved. MIS is offering a “thinking backwards” approach. Addressing restoration prior to implantation is essential as it should affect the procedure planning as well as the choice of abutments. This progressive holistic approach suggests that when it comes to abutments, all the accumulated knowledge of implantology is

of relevancy. The choice of implants has to support restoration work; planning ahead of restoration is increasingly addressing CAD-CAM guided implantology which also determines the specific bone augmentation procedure required before and during surgery. In this holistic

perception, all different stages of the process form an essential matrix that would determine the degree of success and esthetic results. The wide range of superstructures offered by MIS as part of our ‘Make It Simple’ philosophy facilitates accessible practices and diverse

clinical conditions through multiple variations and whole comprehensive kits. MIS is open-minded when it comes to the present variety of practices and techniques; hence, our superstructures are designed to allow practitioners the implementation of any customary operational tactic. In order to maximize their flexibility to the benefit of both dental laboratory and restoration expert, the different types of abutments are available in several variations, i.e. standard & anatomic; with or without shoulder; attached or screw type etc. MIS offers comprehensive prosthetic kits that simplify working processes, omitting the postsurgery impression tray step. Another advantage of a whole prosthetic kit lays in the assurance that no component will ever be forgotten or missing in the moment of truth - while procedure is being carried out. MIS is currently concentrating on several global trends with regards to superstructures: New adaptors for CAD-CAM guided procedures the increasingly common use of CAD-CAM systems enables formation of custom-made abutments according to individual characteristics.

This tactic involves considerable costs that may be lower with MIS’ new sets of adaptors, currently being developed. Extending the range of lab. abutments – since by definition, custom-made abutments are never immediately accessible, lab. abutment are becoming increasingly popular. MIS provides a wide and constantly growing variety of lab abutments aimed at different oral zones and anatomic characteristics. These abutments may be personalized in terms of color, shape and outline. Temporary PEEK abutments – although strictly precise, the metalworking of titanium is rather costly due to the expensive manufacturing input it requires. On the other hand, if mass produced, plastic injected abutments are a costeffective and accessible alternative, enabling an immediate esthetic result. The PEEK temporary abutments are sustainable for a 6 months period, providing an efficient answer to several clinical scenarios such as ad-hoc handling

of a broken bridge, broken crown etc. Moreover, a PEEK abutment forms an efficient foundation for an immediate loading as it may be shaped in the patient’s mouth without causing vigorous vibrations or flaking into the surgical zone. MIS is additionally looking into advancements relating to removable denture attachments. Progression is focusing on typical weaknesses regarding size, shape and strength of these attachments. The challenge involves optimization of size to fit in cases of partly external implants, adaptatation of the strength and modification of shape, to simplify routine maintenance and hygiene.

9 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

Doron Peretz, MIS Senior V.P. Sales & Marketing: “Our mission is to make things simpler for dental professionals and for their patients�

10 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

MIS - AN INNOVATION DRIVEN BRAND A GLANCE AT MIS’ MARKETING STRATEGY THROUGH THE EYES OF DORON PERETZ, MIS’ SENIOR V.P. SALES & MARKETING MIS today is an international corporation, playing a major role in the dental implants industry. As such, it is committed to constant development and an overall innovative approach. Innovations have also become a main concern in terms of our global marketing activities, which I have conducted and supervised during the past decade. MIS constantly comes up with new creative ideas and solutions to improve dental implantology procedures and make them simple. We are always engaged with the advancement of currents tools and techniques and with the introduction of novel ideas and innovations. Designed especially for our new C1 implant, the new surgical kit is a good example as it comprises pilot drills with built-in stoppers, an advanced set of insertion tools, color coded components and seats and an ergonomic circular layout. As MIS S.V.P Marketing, my constant challenge is to introduce such novel developments in a comprehensive and detailed, yet simple

and coherent manner, to create impactful communications with clinicians and endusers worldwide. In May 2011, MIS held a two-day international conference by the Caribbean Sea in Cancun, Mexico. Aimed at all MIS’ distributors, current and potential customers, the conference hosted over 1,000 practitioners from 65 countries spread over 5 continents. The initial gathering accommodated special events, among which, as a challenging, prize awarding golf tournament, won by our guests from Australia. That ice breaking experience facilitated an initial acquaintance between MIS’ customers and 30 world-class opinion leaders, who later took part as lecturers at the scientific meeting. The scientific program was conducted by an advisory board, administrated by MIS VP R&D, Dr. Nachum Samet, participated by Prof. Carlos E. Nemcovsky from the School of Dental Medicine in Tel-Aviv University 11 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

and Prof. Lior Shapira, the chairman of the Department of Periodontology from The Dental Faculty of Hadassah and the Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem. A wide range of topics were addressed by international opinion leaders and pioneering researchers from leading academic institutes. Lectures and interactive discussions addressed various aspects of dental implantology, new concepts of bone healing, bone grafting materials and bone augmentation strategies and procedures. The apparent interest and active response in the crowded lecture hall, initiated an advantageous platform for the launch of C1 – MIS’ new and revolutionary conical implant, integrating a conical connection with an anti-rotation index and a Dual Stability Mechanism. In addition, PerioPatch, MIS’ innovative solution for periodontal inflammations was introduced as an opening salvo to a new range of oral health products by MIS. The conference hosted simultaneous work-shops conducted by MIS’ two senior partners, specializing in dental training and continuing education – Esparza from South America and DITC from the US. A closing lecture, by Dr. Maurice A. Salama from the University of Pennsylvania, presented augmentation techniques for functional and esthetic implant restorations, demonstrated optimal results and effective bone and soft tissue growth in cases where MIS’ SEVEN implant and BondBone were used. The magical combination of the exotic set and the broad scientific program presented by world class professionals, created a unique and positive atmosphere, still echoing through our daily contact with our business partners. The Cancun gathering was an exceptional experience from my point of view as it became a landmark, successfully positioning MIS as a leading global brand, well recognized by international opinion leaders and customers. As MIS’ S.V.P. Marketing, I believe that the conference was also a milestone in the constitution of a new standard for knowledge sharing and service offered by MIS. It communicated MIS’ global success, and induced aspirations and anticipation as we look forward to the next gathering planned for 2013. As MIS’ global distribution network keeps growing, we have come to understand the importance of an advanced online communications platform that would draw the attention of potential customers and provide a better service and on-line information to current ones. In May 2011, MIS launched a brand new website. Featuring MIS’ well recognized graphic language and innovative design, the new site is a result of an interdisciplinary working process that involved both our marketing and creative departments. The new web platform is based on a sophisticated, yet user-friendly technology, providing users with vast visual and written information in a simple accessible manner, 24 hours a day. The e-commerce platform is currently being adapted to enable a simple on-line ordering and purchasing process. I believe that over time, the new website will turn out to be an essential pillar of our efficient on-going communications with our customers worldwide.

12 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

Last but not least – our extended experience as a senior industrial company has highlighted the importance of our brand, to be our most valuable asset. MIS consistently put considerable efforts in the brand’s reinforcement, maintaining its differentiation and communicating its competitive advantages. The Cancun meeting has become a landmark by successfully positioning MIS as a leading global brand, well recognized by international opinion leaders and by customers globally. The corporation’s agenda involves further investments in marketing, delivering a coherent, simple message through a wide range of communication channels, including on-line user friendly features. I wish to convey my sincere appreciation to each and every member of the Cancun panel of experts for presenting their most updated work and for sharing their vast knowledge. I would also like to thank the MIS team all across the board - Production, Operation, R&D and Marketing departments - for their never ending effort to make sure that this huge undertaking is a success and of course, I would like to thank each one of those who attended the meeting for giving us the pleasure of their presence. See you all at the 2013 Global Conference.

Doron Peretz, Senior VP Sales & Marketing

13 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011



Launched in May 2011, the new MIS website is all about innovative simplicity – a core value and a motto embraced by MIS. Providing a smart creative platform for effective communication with MIS’ target audiences, the new website is a breakthrough in terms of MIS’ marketing strength. The initial stages of the new website’s characterization involved a comprehensive study carried out by MIS’ creative department, aimed at exploration

14 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

of world-class leading sites, regardless of their relevancy to dental implantology. This comprehensive study offered a wide perspective and encouraged a creative approach, which significantly affected the final output. MIS’ new website is based on a completely modular concept, meaning that every piece of information is programmed as an independent object. This programming approach has a substantial impact in terms

15 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

Mr. Yehuda Azoulay MIS’ chief designer and art director in action...

MIS’ new website Smart HTML programming supports a modular userfriendly display and a savvy IPhone and IPad application.

of users’ experience as it enables a quick and simple navigation and an immediate access to any desired informative segment without any registration and authorization limitations. For instance, the sitemap which displays a whole preview of web pages, features a user-friendly navigation option rather than just information regarding the site’s structure. Every tab of the top menu may lead to any piece of information, depending on the user’s navigation patterns and preferences. All objects are HTML programmed enabling a proper display and application by IPhones and IPads.

commercial opportunity, featuring a store. From the store area, customers can quickly and simply access all the available information regarding each and every item. The search for products is possible through product categories and sub-categories drop-down menus or through a sophisticated search engine which enables a search by serial numbers, name of product or any other key word. Search results are visually displayed and the shopping cart can be organized in separate folders, can be saved and shared. A complete purchase procedure is currently being processed and will soon be practical as well.

S e a r ch r e s u l t s f e a t u r e s a comprehensive visual display and a complete gathering of all the relevant information including media items, publications, researches, technical info and so forth. Any segment of information can be both added to a favorites folder and shared with others through e-mail, Facebook and Twitter linkage.

Mr. Yehuda Azoulay, MIS’ chief designer and art director who formulated the concept and managed the project summarizes: “The new website is inspired by a whole world of flash based websites, IPhones and IPads apps and an advanced contemporary digital design. The common factor submerged in all its features and characteristics is MIS’ iconic and differentiating graphical language, and a modular concept which facilitates every item as a part of a whole series created by individual users and their various search tactics”.

M IS’ website facilitates a

We welcome you to enter to explore, experience and learn more about MIS.

17 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

C1 conical connection implant Clinically and successfully tested, C1 provides a highly efficient solution for multiple procedures and can be subject to any customary rehabilitation protocol.

MIS proudly presents C1 - a new innovative screw type implant, incorporating a DSM (Dual Stability Mechanism) concept and a conical connection with an anti-rotation cone index, assuring a definite implant-abutment sealing connection. C1 implants are a result of an extensive research and development process, offering a unique combination of surgical and restorative benefits for multiple procedures, saving valuable chair time and affirming reliable, long-lasting successful results.

The Dual Stability Mechanism (DSM)

The DSM provided by C1 is based on an integrative development involving the implant’s macro and micro structure as well as a unique differential drilling methodology. C1’s conical design enables a moderate compression of the bone at the top 2/3 of the implant’s body, providing an immediate mechanical primary stability, while the apical 1/3 of the implant is designed to enable a rapid bone growth and minimize stability loss during the first weeks after surgery. Compartments which are formed between the apical threads as a result of the differential drilling approach prevent bone compression at this area of the implant. The result

is an ideal habitat for accelerated and sustainable bone growth and osseointegration, establishing the implant’s long term biological stability. The DSM mechanism combines benefits of high primary stability and an accelerated osseointegration process, abridging the way to complete long term stability.

19 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

C1 Main Characteristics

3 micro-rings on the implant’s neck improving the

interfacial shear strength in the crestal zone.



Sizes variety Available Platform switching minimizing micro-movements and allowing the efficient growth of soft tissue.

Two spiral channels & a domed apex enabling

lengths: 8, 10, 11.5, 13 and16mm; available platforms: standard (3.75, 4.2mm), and wide (5mm). A narrow platform availability is expected in the near future.

direction refinement during insertion.

Conical connection with an anti-rotation index assuring a definite

stable implant-abutment connection and a sealing closure.

20 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

Conical, root-shaped geometry ensuring a

superior primary stability and a safe insertion into narrow ridges and tight spaces.

A comprehensive combo packaging containing a sterile single use final drill, cover screw, healing cap and a temporary PEEK abutment - providing professionals with the freedom to choose between one stage, two stages procedure or an immediate loading.

Dual thread, selftapping design

increasing bone to implant connection (BIC).

Dual roughed sand

blasted and acid etched surface.

Platform indicative color coding of both

implants and abutments to simplify an immediate identification during procedure.

21 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011


AL ANIC STABIL H ITY EC Thanks to a unique drilling methodology, the implant's geometric design enables a moderate compression of the bone at the top 2/3 of its body. This compression, enabled by a distinctive conical shaped ďŹ nal drill, provides an immediate and prolonged mechanical primary stability.

The Dual Stability Mechanism (DSM) by MIS combines the beneďŹ ts of high primary stability with an accelerated osseointegration process, abridging the way to complete long term stability. Offered by MIS C1 range of implants, the DSM is based on an integrative development involving the implant's macro and micro structure as well as a unique differential drilling methodology.



ICAL STABI G O LIT OL Y I B An enhanced secondary biological stability is achieved by integration of the implant's geometry, morphology and a differential drilling approach. The compartments formed between the implant's threads at the bottom 1/3 of the cavity, generate an ideal habitat for sustainable bone growth leading to an accelerated osseointegration.

MIS offers a wide range of advanced implants, superstructures and accessories providing creative and simple solutions for the various challenges faced by implant dentistry. To learn more about MIS visit our website:

M a k e

i t

S i m p l e

24 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

Dr. Nachum Samet, MIS’ VP R&D: “The dental implants world is highly competitive and as such, demanding quick responsive actions and a constant pursuit of innovations’’.


MIS is an industrial company by definition. Why is R&D a necessity? The dental implants sector is constantly progressing thanks to parallel studies conducted by professional researchers and universities. This on-going scientific activity enables the ratification of hypotheses which are actual working premises in terms of our industrial business. However, the academic arena possesses an autonomous agenda and manner that may not go hand in hand with commercial, performance-oriented standards. Keen to expedite research and make progress in a relatively short time, hi-tec. and biomed companies set independent, parallel research and development platforms by granting scientific professionals and harnessing their proficiency

25 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

to conduct and administrate relevant studies. Another tendency is sponsorship of academic research institutes by commercial organizations, fording budget limitations and enabling academic research of commercial interest. The underlying advantages of the first strategy, an in-house research administration, lay in the apriori limited timeline as well as its confidentiality and the minimized probability of valuable information leakage to unwelcome bodies or to competitors. The dental implants world is highly competitive, and as such, demanding quick responsive actions and a constant pursuit of innovations. Most common research objectives conducted by dental implants industries are focused on the same set of key elements: surface treatment & morphology, macro-structure & geometry, superstructures, abutments etc. Independent research centers that can deliver fast results are an ideal platform for this purpose.

What is the common research procedure at MIS? Comparable to other companies, our R&D process consists of 3 main phases: first of all is a proof of concept through which new concepts and ideas are initially evaluated to assess their admissibility, the durance required for development, the extent of relevancy to the core of our business etc. Whenever a project is found suitable, we move forward to feasibility assessment. The questions to be asked then relates to whether the concept is functional, whether it’s worthwhile the investment put into its materialization, what are the actual implications involved, whether it requires consideration in terms of engineering, new machinery procurement, and more. We then produce a prototype and analyze it to verify the general concept. For instance, when we initially approached the development of SEVE N, MIS’ most popular implant, the concept was based on density change of the thread design, to enable quicker insertion while achieving improved primary stability. We expected no difficulties in terms of production, yet questions were raised with

regards to functionality and primary stability. We had to make sure that the insertion torque is appropriate so it sustains successful long term performance. In other words, we had to confirm that the concept would be at least as good as its ancestor and prove its relative advantages. The scope of studies performed at the first phase is limited as they have to be concluded within a short period of time and bear budget restrictions. They are therefore conducted mostly in-house or by research institutes that we work with on a continuous regular basis. The second phase is aimed at the validation of new concepts. Validation is being processed through sampling significantly larger test groups and by several scientists and researchers in different research centers. It requires a longer period of time and involves considerable costs. New products would not go out to the market unless they went through this phase, which aims to ensure that our products are safe, functional and well proven. The last and final phase aims at tracking long term results through both prospective and retrospective studies. In the pursuit of long term validation, new studies are conducted with long term results in mind. Thus, it is our goal to define validation studies also as long term studies by defining these protocols in advance, enabling follow-up revisions of the status as we analyze the same groups of patients. At the end of the day, we aim to provide clinicians


As implants developers, our challenge is to come up with new innovations that ensure a high degree of credibility from day one...’’

26 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

with evidence data assuring that MIS’ products provide both short and long term success, for their patients’ and for their own benefit.

What is the overall doctrine or general strategy of MIS’ R&D activity? MIS benefits the advantage of a global, well established brand. With respect to this realization, the R&D approach may be principally defined as ‘innovative conservatism’. This means that among other criteria, new developments are being inspected in terms of their ability to sustain our long term success. Innovations are valid as long as they align with MIS’ vision and mission statements. One of the main challenges that we are facing is inflicted by the two opposite tendencies sustained by dental practitioners: conservatism – which enables clinicians to rely on long term evidence data related to familiar and successful products, and innovativeness - the constant search and eagerness to explore new products and improvements of others. As implant developers, our challenge is to come up with new innovations that ensure a high degree of credibility from day one, resulting in evolutionary rather than revolutionary advancements. A cue for revolutionary development is viable when and if a scientific breakthrough is preceding. C1, which is our new implant, is an advanced yet well based innovation, as it integrates all the accumulated knowledge with relevance to dental implantology. One of our main objectives was the creation of an implant that would combine excellent primary stability, while shortening the time required to achieve the secondary, biological stability. We realized that the solution should be based on the synthesis of knowledge involving innovative implant design with a differential implant-drill ratio. The unique C1 also incorporates many other advantages, including a conical connection, platform switching mechanism by design, color coded platforms, dentin shaded abutments and more. M IS R&D process is well structured: while working on our own inventions, we maintain a constant contact with clinicians, researchers and industry leaders, aiming to evaluate new scientific advancements, new trends and

Dr. Samet: “...while working on our own inventions, we maintain a constant contact with clinicians, researchers and industry leaders, aiming to evaluate new scientific advancements, new trends and new solutions in our ever expanding field”.

MIS’ R&D library

new solutions in our ever expanding field. We collect and assimilate interdisciplinary information from other fields and then project relevant findings. For instance – aeronautics and space administration is typically concerned about stable connections, one major topic with clear relevancy to dental implantology. Pharmaceutical industries are constantly occupied with the development of growth factors relevant to our field and orthopedics has a lot to offer in terms of bone regeneration and osseointegration. As a learning business organization, we acknowledge the significance of continuous awareness to global developments of relevancy and always welcome new incoming inspiring ideas.

What’s the current agenda of MIS R&D department? We are currently focused on novel approaches that combine implant design with other factors that will ensure ultimate initial stability with an expedited osseointegration process. Our vast experience teaches that it takes a unique implant design, a unique drill design and a modified surgical process to enable continuous high stability to an implant, in the first weeks of function. Committed to simplicity, MIS is striving to abridge

Dr. Nachum Samet, DMD

Dr. Nachum Samet was the assistant professor of restorative dentistry at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine until 2010. He also served as director of predoctoral prosthodontics from 2003 through 2008. He holds dental degrees from the Hebrew University and Hadassah School of Dental Medicine in Jerusalem, Israel (1987),

both surgical and restorative procedures. The available restorative solutions are either industrialized, formulated by a dental lab or by CAD-CAM systems. As an industrial company, we are aiming at the cost-effective industrialized type of prosthetic solutions. Our CPK kit is a good example as it offers an all-in-one solution

Our research strategy is a global-local one, aiming at common global solutions that can be easily adopted, by any local customary practices...’’

enabling to install a superstructure and proceed straight to the lab. Made for the C1, MIS’ new surgical kit is another instance demonstrating

as well as a certificate in prosthodontics (1992) from the Hebrew University and Hadassah School of Dental Medicine. He received his board certification in prosthodontics in Israel in 1992. He is a member of several professional organizations, including the Academy of Osseointegration, American Academy of Periodontology, and American Dental Education Association, in which he serves as secretary in the Section on Prosthodontics. Dr. Samet has been teaching predoctoral and postdoctoral students in prosthodontics since his graduation, contributing to the evolution of the curriculum in prosthodontics both at the Hebrew University and at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

the power of a new design enabling to simplify the solution of an old problem. Last but not least – we are always attentive to customers’ needs and requests and so work diligently to provide them with proficient responses. Our ball attachment for instance, which is almost a generic product, was recently modified due to customers’ claims regarding its erosion over time. However, it is critical to make clear that, based on our commitment to quality and sustainability, new products would only go out to the market after being tested thoroughly, even if it means longer downtime before a new product or improvement is launched.

It seems that MIS’ R&D ascribes significance to multi-cultural research activity. Why is internationality important? As an experienced prosthodontist, educator and researcher, I have learned to know that norms and working procedures vary from one territory to another. Our research strategy is a global-local one, aiming at common global solutions that can be

He has also organized and lectured in courses focused on dental implants and treatment planning. Dr. Samet has received numerous awards recognizing his teaching, including the Distinguished Junior Faculty Award of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine for 2006. He was recently honored by Harvard University as one of its Best Teachers in 2007. Dr. Samet’s current work consists of clinical research, teaching and intramural practice of all phases of implant dentistry and prosthodontics.

easily adopted, by any local customary practices. In general, MIS’ approach is receptive when it comes to the existent variety of methods and techniques. We always do the utmost to make it simple for the practitioner, without interfering with his professional preferences. Our products are designed to be user-friendly and to bear any operational tactics.

A hint of your future aspirations In the pursuit of credible scientific information relating to the broad spectrum of our interest, be it biological, bio-mechanical, in-vitro and in-vivo studies, MIS is keen to create multi-centers within several universities and research institutes. We initiate and establish new co-operations with opinion leaders wherever they are, as these contacts may eventually become the seeds of multi-centers foundation.

In the case of PerioPatch - our new product for post-surgery inflammation symptoms, we have decided to conduct a large profile research that would integrate few of the most prestigious universities in the world: Harvard, Colombia and Stony Brook universities. Another research related to the benefits of BondBone is conducted simultaneously in the Americas, Europe and Israel. Future studies, which will follow identical protocols are at their final stages, aiming to collect data that will provide us with high quality evidence based results.

durability of current products and collect long term data as for all products. Through our ‘innovative conservatism’ approach, we aim to provide you with new and exciting products, while ensuring that our and your, long term success is maintained.

It is my obligation to keep on searching and identifying additional research institutes that would provide us with an appropriate scientific performance in terms of quality, time-line and substantial results. In conclusion, R&D aims to evaluate new products, validate the safety, functionality and

MIS’ R&D Researches Worldwide Spread

Europe Israel USA South America




2008 2006


29 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011



NEW FROM THE RESEARCH LABS MIS is committed to fund research projects that promote scientific and technological advancements in the field of dental implantology. More than a decade of ongoing collaboration with scientists and clinicians from all over the world has yielded a large number of publications, providing MIS’ users with unbiased data as for our products. We are proud to work with distinguished universities and research institutions on five continents, and to introduce ongoing research projects in a nutshell, before they are published in scientific journals internationally. As always, as soon as a research is published, we will circulate its abstract and conclusions among our community of users.

Clinical trial of PeriZone PerioPatch in subjects with chronic periodontitis. David W. Paquette, Stony Brook University, School of Dental Medicine, NY.

Objectives. Determine the safety of PeriZone PerioPatch devices repeatedly administered over three months in subjects with moderate to severe chronic periodontitis and to evaluate the efficiency of PeriZone PerioPatch. The study is planned to take place at Harvard and Colombia Universities, USA.

Bone regeneration in dehiscence-type defects following implantation of Ă&#x;TriCalcium Phosphate (Ă&#x;TCP) plus Hydroxyapatite (HA) with Calcium Sulfate: an experimental study in dogs. Eli E. Machtei, School of Graduate Dentistry, Rambam HCC and Faculty of Medicine - Technion (I.I.T.), Haifa, Israel.

Objectives. Examine new bone formation in dehiscence-type defects.

31 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

The use of 6mm long SEVEN implants in cases with limited bone height. Emanuel E. Bratu, Olimpiu L.Karancsi, Radu Sita, Department of Implant Restorations, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara Romania.

Objectives. Evaluating the behavior of bone around short implants.

Evaluation of human, periimplant soft tissues around alumina-blasted/acid-etched standard and platformswitched abutments. Collins J.1, Dr. Rodríguez M.1, Dr. Rodríguez I.1, Dr. Berg R.2, Coelho P.G.3

Objectives. A histological study aimed to evaluate the histo-morphologic characteristics of the pre-implant mucosa around acid-etched implant abutments in a conventional or platform-switched abutment scenario.

1. Department of Periodontology, Universidad Católica Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 2. Department of Prosthodontics, New York University, New York, New York 3. Department of Biomaterials and Biomimetics, New York University, New York, New York

32 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

Guided bone regeneration using MIS BONDBONE & RCM membrane in post extraction sockets for the placement of endosseous implants: clinical, histologic and histomorphometric study in 32 patients. Ioannis G. Gisakis, Dept. of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, School of Dentistry, University of Athens, Greece.

Objectives. Evaluation of quantity and quality of regenerated bone in post extraction sockets with guided bone regeneration methods for delayed implant placement; evaluation of osseointegration rate in the regenerated bone in relation to host bone.

Radiographic analysis of crestal bone levels around SEVEN implants with one-time permanently seated abutments. O.Alper Temiz, A.Tunรง Ilgenli, Orhun Bengisu Ege University, Faculty of Dentistry, Dept. of Periodontology, Turkey. Objectives. Evaluation of the clinical efficiency of one-time permanently seated abutments with regards to changes in marginal bone levels.

33 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

Clinical and radiographic evaluation of 7,340 SEVEN implants. Osseointegration rate and bone level stability – a 5 years prospective study. Zambaras D., Bouboulis S., Spanos A., Petsinis V., Gisakis I., Dept. of Dental Implants & Tissue Regeneration, Hygeia Hospital, Athens, Greece.

Objectives. Presentation of results after 1 to 5 years observation of an ongoing clinical and radiographic study examining osseointegration rate, peri-implant bone level changes and survival rate after loading.

Tomographic study of bone response at the level of SEVEN short implants’ neck subjected to disoclusion with chronic periodontitis. Jorge Luis Garcia1, Silvana Diaz2, Roberto Hormazabal 3

Objectives. Observation of SEVEN short implants performance in relation to disocclusions under tomographic analysis; study of accurate location significance for the implant neck in relation to the crestal bone at the time of surgery.

1. Director of the Latin America Ossiointegration Academy, Argentina. 2. Director of Implantology post-graduate of “Del Salvador” University, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 3. Lecturer, post-graduate of “Del Salvador” University, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

34 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

MIS implants Technologies Ltd.


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® As part of our commitment to continuous research and development, MIS' R&D team maintains a well established cooperation with world-class scientists, experts and international research institutes. Always aspiring to offer new innovative solutions and progressive products, our R&D accomplishments simplify daily practices and guarantee your success. To learn more about MIS visit our website:

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MIS USA Holding approximately 5% of the US market share, MIS USA keeps growing at a 30% annual rate, aiming to become one of the top 5 US dental implants companies within the next 5 years.

How it all began: 2001: MIS products are approved by the FDA for marketing in the USA. 2002: A business plan aimed at the entrance of MIS to the US market is put together. April 2003: Mr. Motti Weisman is selected to establish MIS USA and opens its office in New Jersey. The brand is launched with external hexagon Biocom and Lance implants, and is also supported by the Abrahami Drill Guide Kit and several accessories. At that time the American market was beginning the shift to internal hexagon connection implants. Adjustments were promptly made and MIS’ internal connection Lance and 36 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

Biocom Implants were brought to the market. Gaining 200 customers, MIS USA‘s 2003 revenue was over $200K. At that time, the company comprised 3 employees including Accounting, Customer Service, and Sales, represented by Mr. Weisman.

MIS US today: MIS USA is presently situated in a contemporary 12,000 square foot high-tech facility in Fair Lawn New Jersey. The company currently employs 20 in-office staff members and 25 outside sales reps. States with no appointed sales rep. are serviced by the in-house Customer Service team. MIS holds approximately 5% of the US market

Mr. Motti Weisman CEO, MIS USA

share - an extraordinary achievement in terms of penetration rate and market vulnerability. The company currently maintains thousands of customers, sending out an average of 100 shipments every day.

Mr. Weisman: ‘‘MIS holds approximately 5% of the US market share - an extraordinary achievement in terms of penetration rate and market vulnerability.’’

Adhering to the corporation’s core value of focusing on the customers, MIS USA is committed to same-day shipping and excellent Customer-Service - all at a reasonable competitive price. To fulfill these purposes, MIS USA maintains an efficient organizational structure, technological means such as an advanced IT system, recorded phone call tracking, a paperless back office, computerized inventory tracking, advanced MRP ordering system and more. MIS USA keeps growing at a 30% annual rate, 5 times faster than the usual growth rate of comparable companies, and is aiming to become one of the top 5 US dental implant

Administered by two headquarters in California and New-Jersey, MIS USA maintains thousands of customers all over North America.


38 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

companies within the next 5 years. The company invests significant efforts in marketing, attending professional congresses and trade shows, and developing additional on-line sales and marketing channels.

DITC – MIS’ US Dental Implant Training Center Supported through an unrestricted educational grant by MIS headquarters, MIS USA has initiated and continuously operates the Dental Implant Training Center– a modern, state-ofthe-art facility for continuing education and professional training. Facilitating up to 30 individually working practitioners, the DITC offers well equipped training stations with up-to-date materials assuring a successful hands-on training experience. A variety of courses are offered several times a month,

all taught by university affiliated instructors. Special group and multi-language courses are available, and due to the close proximity to New York City, often include customized city tours or events. Foreign language courses with translators are also offered. The DITC is a recognized ADA CERP Provider allowing it to grant CE credits following completion of its courses. Course frequency has increased steadily over the years of its operation, and doctors’ feedback has been excellent. The DITC has always been focused on providing a broad educational experience, nevertheless, it has been instrumental in the growth of the MIS brand name.


MIS US offices & Dental Implant Training Center (DITC)

39 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011



4BONE is a fully synthetic bio-active bone substitute composed of real chemical synthesis - 60% HA and 40% ß-TCP. With its optimized micro and macro porosity and osteoconductive properties, 4BONE promotes diffusion of biological fluids, leading to a fast bone formation, offering a predictable healing process and outcome for a wide range of bone regeneration procedures. To learn more about 4BONE and MIS visit our website:

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MIS SEVEN Narrow implant is especially designed for narrow ridges and tight spaces and is accompanied by a variety of prosthetic options specifically designed for the Narrow platform. To learn more about MIS visit our website:

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MIS’ 1st GLOBAL CONFERENCE, 5/2011, CANCUN MIS has recently conducted 360˚Implantology MIS’ 1st Global Conference in Cancun, Mexico. Expected to become a tradition, the conference was aimed at gathering MIS’ professional colleagues and fellow clinicians in order to share accumulating knowledge as well as introduce new ideas, innovations and future challenges in the field of dental implantology. Held at the Hilton resort by the

Caribbean beach of Cancun, the conference hosted over 1,000 professional guests and clinicians from all around the world, exploring business and professional opportunities and enjoying a tropical paradise - all at the same time. The get together has been informally opened on May 19th with a pre-conference seminar and hands-on workshops, focused on BondBone– MIS’ recently launched bone-graft. Aimed at key opinion leaders from over 30 countries, the workshops introduced an innovative approach to bone augmentation challenges, extending the opportunity to learn more about BondBone’s unique advantages and carry that knowledge onward. The initial gathering accommodated a challenging prize awarding golf tournament which

43 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

invited all participants to take part in a joyful, ice-breaking experience complemented by the overwhelming climate induced by the Caribbean shore. The conference has been officially opened with a reception cocktail party at the Hilton Cancun garden. The opening speech was carried out by MIS Colombia CEO, Dr. Claudia Esparza, who inspired and endorsed the conference conception. Dr. Esparza highlighted the significance of the event as an evidence to MIS’ global leadership and to the brand’s recognition as a benchmark for professionalism worldwide. Dr. Esparza’s speech was followed by M IS CEO, Mr. Idan Kleifeld who acknowledged the distance MIS has gradually crossed from being a small local implant manufacturer to become an experienced, mature and well recognized international corporation with global representation in over 65 countries. MIS’ Senior VP Sales and Marketing, Mr. Doron

Hilton Cancun

44 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011

Peretz, introduced MIS’ upcoming innovative products and services among which - C1 – MIS’ new innovative implant, expected to be officially launched by the beginning of 2012, MGUIDE – MIS’ web based virtual implant planning system and PerioPatch – MIS’ solution for the reduction of symptoms associated with post-surgery and root-scaling inflammation. The following two days were dedicated to lectures and interactive discussions by international opinion leaders and pioneering practitioners from leading academic institutes. Prof. Carlos E. Nemcovsky from the School of Dental Medicine in Tel-Aviv University and Prof. Gabi Chaushu from the Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Tel-Aviv University, discussed controversies in lateral and vertical ridge augmentation procedures and conducted an interactive debate with regards to the different methods blocks VS GBR with particulate allografts. The following conclusion suggested that each case

should be approached according to specific characteristics, utilizing various techniques, depending on the clinician’s preferences and considerations. Prof. Giuseppe Cardaropoli, the director of Implantology section in the Department of Periodontics at UMDNJ, New Jersey Dental School and, the director of clinical research center at UMDNJ, presented the clinical effect of an immediate implant placement following tooth extraction. Prof. Eli Machtei, the director of the School of Graduate Dentistry at the Rambam health care campus and the chairman of the department of Periodontology, presented the synergistic effect of ßtricalcium Phosphate and bi-phased calcium Sulfate (4Bone with BondBone®) for ridge preservation in a dehiscence type defect, associated with extraction sites. Both Machtei and Cardaropoli addressed the innovative advantages ingrained as BondBone is incorporated in various bone augmentation procedures. MIS’ BondBone has been acknowledged also by Dr. Amos Yahav and Dr. Robert Horwitz who shared their vast

experience using the product to simplify, shorten and enhance the predictability of various bone augmentation procedures. MIS VP Research and Development, Dr. Nachum Samet, DMD, introduced MIS’ new advanced products, planned to be launched the near future. Among these products- C1 - MIS’ new implant, representing a new approach, challenging the well established paradigms regarding common drilling method in dental implantology. Incorporating an advanced conical connection, C1 is designed to reduce micro-movements and minimize bone resorption at the implant’s neck. Dr. Samet addressed C1’s practical color coded platforms, its platform switching - supporting the growth of soft tissue, and the creative combopackaging of the implant, providing clinicians with the freedom to choose which procedure to pursue. Like SEVEN, MIS’ flagship implant, C1 includes a specially designed, single-use final drill, enabling clinicians an easier, safer and sterile implantology, evidently, enhancing its success rate. Additional innovations

introduced by Dr. Samet were - PerioPatch - a completely new territory for MIS, dealing with post-surgery inflammation, and MGUIDE - the first web-based planning system, recently modified to include a unique verification function which validates the manufactured drilling template and provides a firm assurance for safe, accurate and efficient surgical procedures. Dr. Paulo G. Coelho from NYU, introduced a validation of improvements in the field of osseointegration , facilitated by surface engineering of endosseous implants, presenting the results of a clinical in-vivo study on dogs with MIS Seven implants. His study reinforces the well established paradigms relating to the acceleration of osseointegration, utilizing the macro-structure and bone condensing properties of MIS’ implants. Dr. Maurice A. Salama from the University of Pennsylvania concluded with a presentation regarding optimal foundation and augmentation techniques for functional and esthetic implant restorations. His presentation exemplified cases in which MIS’ SEVEN implant and BondBone were utilized in order to achieve

an efficient growth of the soft tissue, eventually mimicking the existent gingival frame around a natural tooth. Dr. Salama’s presentation was ended with the entrance of a dozen mariachi players and singers to the lecture hall, heads covered with sombreros, denoting the end of the professional part of the conference and inviting the attendees to take part in the closing celebrations. The ’finale’ party was held at the famous Cocobongo Club, situated at the heart of downtown Cancun, offering a festive fiesta full of pleasurable surprises, acrobatic showings, and a thrilling cover performance with popular music and songs. Expected to become a biyearly tradition, the conference has successfully integrated a joyful, festive atmosphere with valuable professional content – all communicating MIS’ expertise as a world-class brand.

45 MNEWS 4th Quarter, 2011


III MIS National Symposium November 25th, Barranquilla, Colombia

Research forum at Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine

MGUIDE software training workshop October 19th, Hanover, Germany

October 14th, Quito, Ecuador

MIS Iberica II Congress: From regeneration to rehabilitation November 7th-19th, Barcelona, Spain

Nove mber

September 25th, New Jersey, USA

Octo ber

Esparza Enclosed education center Launching event

Septe mber

1st Annual MIS USA 30 Mile Bike

November 11th, Tel-Aviv, Israel

VII MIS International Symposium February 25nd-26th Bogota, Colombia

DITC course by Dr. Maurice A. Salama: Critical soft & hard tissue techniques in esthetic and implant dentistry

Dentists professional conference and C1’s launch January 14th, Poznan, Poland

February 24nd-25th New Jersey , USA

Ridge augmentation procedures, A symposium by Prof. Carlos Nemcovsky

MIS’ Far East distributors’ meeting February 2nd-5th Thailand

January 9th, Hong Kong

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Janu ary

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EAO, Athens. Join us at the 20th Annual Scientific Congress of the EAO in Athens, Greece. The congress will be held in October 12th to 15th 2011, under the theme “Treatment Planning in Implant Dentistry”. Come visit us at: Trianti Hall, Level 10, Booth 36

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