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The Misbourne Sixth Form Prospectus “

The Sixth Form is well established and students achieve well. Good and outstanding teaching, effective support and guidance and an academic curriculum linked to students’ needs and interests lead to them making good progress and being well prepared for the next stage of their education Ofsted


“The school is well led and the Headteacher and all senior leaders are determined to ensure the school is one of the best in the country” Ofsted

The Misbourne has a well established Sixth Form with 160 students studying from a range of over 20 level 3 courses. Results are very good. Our dynamic Sixth Formers are committed to their studies and are involved in a range of enrichment activities aimed at improving their leadership, social and communication skills. You will be the leaders of tomorrow and we work hard together to ensure that each of you has every opportunity to achieve your full potential and prepare you for the next chapter in your life. I am very proud of my Sixth Form students, their achievements and the part they play as positive role models to all other students in our school. You are our future and it is a bright one.

Robert Preston Headteacher

At the Misbourne, we will support you to make a successful step up to Sixth Form studies. Through a high quality learning experience, a varied enrichment programme and team building trips, you will have access to exciting opportunities to challenge yourself. We take pride in carefully monitoring your progress so that we can support and encourage you along every step of your journey so that you will achieve your potential. Our students consistently move on to study at university or begin careers in a varied range of sectors. We look forward to working with you on your Sixth Form journey.

David Dwight Head of Sixth Form

“It is a great place to study and work. This was one of the main reasons why I wanted to stay at The Misbourne” “Our new facilities allow me to enhance my learning by giving me more space and more access to learning facilities” “I’ve really enjoyed my Sixth Form experience so far”


“Leaders and managers are ambitious for the school’s future” Ofsted

Our vision for the future is ambitious, it is to develop tomorrow’s leaders today. There are four key components to this; • Securing Success • Student Leadership • Staff Leadership • Innovation We increasingly live in a global economy in which technology controls the way we live and work. At The Misbourne, we are anticipating the world as it will be when you enter the workplace. In addition to the best possible academic qualifications, you will also need a range of ‘soft skills’ for employability, such as decision-making, teamwork, creativity, flexibility, resilience and communication. We are developing these through challenging targets, a wide range of opportunities and an emphasis on ensuring that each one of you meets your potential. Our aim, therefore, is to be the best and the school of first choice. Students from The Misbourne will be among the leaders of tomorrow and will play their part in shaping the 21st century.

To become independent learners

To challenge yourself

Prepare yourself for your next steps

For students to exceed expectations

To build confidence and achieve


“Students work confidently with each other or on their own, showing tremendous levels of engagement and willingness to learn” Ofsted

Our Sixth Form is a proven, well established, high achieving centre. We offer a wide range of courses to suit individual talents. At the centre of our successful Sixth Form, teaching is a focus on developing the skills essential for independent learning within a more adult environment. Small class sizes and individual attention ensure you will maximise your academic potential.

“The subjects are challenging but with the support of the staff they make learning easier”

You will be the leaders of tomorrow. You will develop leadership qualities through a range of exciting and unique activities. Working alongside staff, you will also have the opportunity to inspire and develop our younger students through various roles within the school.

“Sixth Form has taught me how to use my time effectively to do the work needed to succeed. This will help me progress at university as I will be prepared and motivated to work independently”

“The attitude of the teachers is great, they are so willing to help you when you ask for it”

“The best thing about Sixth Form is the high quality teaching by our dedicated staff”


“Teaching is good overall with some that is outstanding because leadership of this is exemplary. This is having a positive impact on the attainment and progress of all students” Ofsted

All students at The Misbourne achieve well. In addition to very good examination results, you will develop key skills so that you are better equipped to be successful in an ever-changing global economy. At The Misbourne, you will be encouraged in your ambitions and offered the support that you need to achieve. Exceeding targets will become second nature and this will enable you to gain places at highly regarded universities, including those in the Russell Group, international scholarships and other Higher Education institutions. We enable you to develop life skills that will equip you for your future as a leader of tomorrow. “I applied to go to Reading University to study a degree in teaching, however on results day I received better results than I ever imagined. This allowed me to apply to other universities I had not considered beforehand. Within an hour of collecting my results I was honoured to have been offered the chance to study Mathematics at Cardiff University. The support from my teachers and careers adviser was excellent, I was told that I could still become a teacher via the new route I decided to take” Former Head Girl

2017 A-level Exam Results A*- B - 44% A*- C - 72% Jessica Langley, former student now studying architecture at the University of Liverpool


“Students’ spiritual, social, moral and cultural development is good. It is underpinned by the school’s strong respect for all individuals as valued members of the community” Ofsted

The Misbourne prides itself on the number of enrichment and extra-curricular activities taken up by our Sixth Form. From the start of Year 12, you will face personal challenges to unlock your potential. Enrichment opportunities provide a more rounded experience and enhance your higher education and job applications. The numerous activities on offer to you include: Work related Learning - including work experience and careers guidance Elevate Education seminars on study skills and time management Ski trips and numerous excursions within the UK and abroad Future lives - finance and independence education

“I really enjoy being part of the Sixth Form. It is a completely different experience to the rest of school life and I’ve enjoyed being a part of this community”

“Trekco was a great opportunity to bond with people in my year and expand my friendship group”

Safe Drive Stay Alive awareness campaign EPQ and elective enrichment programme School productions and performances Trekco team building residential visit The Duke of Edinburgh Award World Challenge expeditions Year 13 cooking experience Sports and music clubs Student Voice Independent cooking skills Sixth Form sports day

“We encouraged a new member of the school to join in and build confidence” “I really enjoyed the fun we had with the Trekco instructors”

Rock scrambling

“Trekco was a great experience to have fun with class mates outside of the school environment”

Team building on Jacob’s ladder

“The group I was in introduced a competitive edge to the trip”

“Trekco was character building - I was scared at first but I got through it with the support of others”

Funktion Band

Our gifted and talented musicians perform at school events as part of the Funktion Band. This experience helps to build their confidence and leads toward professional career opportunities.


“It’s hard to put into detail what the experience gives you, but I notice the effects in everyday life”

“Taking part in World Challenge was such an incredible experience and I would recommend it to anybody”

Nepal 2014

The Misbourne conducts annual expeditions to developing countries around the world. Recent expeditions to Swaziland (2013), Nepal (2014), Zambia (2015) and Malaysia (2016) have seen our students overcome impressive challenges whereby they have assisted people from very different cultures in being able to provide for themselves. World Challenge enables students to develop a global perspective of life very different to what they are used too. Every destination teaches students about themselves, their strengths, weaknesses, fears and intolerances. This experience teaches students to be self-sufficient, patient and understanding. Each team is expected to budget throughout the whole expedition planning their time whilst away, organising the materials required for the project phase as well as organising the transport required to travel around each destination. Students must also search for accommodation and communicate with the local people to ensure every member of the team is catered for and remains safe. Compromise is a key skill students have to learn whilst on expedition. Students must trust in themselves and other’s abilities to get things done. The desire to help people less fortunate than themselves is hugely motivational. Each expedition has many challenges but each destination is hugely beneficial in setting the students on a path to success. Universities and career providers acknowledge the impact of these experiences in student applications.

Zambia 2015

Malaysia 2016


“The school prepares students well for future success through a wide range of subjects and courses.   All go on to further education, training or employment when they leave” Ofsted

At The Misbourne, you will benefit from personalised advice and guidance on all aspects of Higher Education and careers from an experienced and committed Sixth Form team. You will make informed choices and the right decisions about your future career path. Whether you go straight to university, have a gap year, take an apprenticeship or go into a job, you will be supported throughout. Our experience in the UCAS process leads to a high number of students achieving a place at their first choice of university. Guidance from top universities and industry professionals on writing personal statements and individual interview sessions ensure the best preparation for university applications. You will join our former students who have entered a range of professions and gone on to be successful. We provide an annual Careers and Higher Education fair with around eighty exhibitors offering relevant and up to date advice. As well as this, we provide our Year 13 students with a careers day. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain first hand experience of telephone interviews with external businesses, psychometric testing, a CV writing workshop and an assessment centre group activity with an international employer. Students find this day beneficial in preparing them for the next steps in their lives.

“I was offered a job as an apprentice at ‘Softcat’ a leading IT infrastructure reseller in the UK. My job role in Softcat is an ITAM Consultant. This includes a range of different operations, mainly going to customer sites, installing software and licensing for all computer systems. The apprenticeship itself is such a good career choice. I am learning first hand knowledge and gaining experience whilst earning money and gaining a qualification at the end. Not only that, it may lead to a full time job”

Many of our students have gone on to follow amazing careers and study really interesting and prestigious courses including piloting Merlin helicopters and studying medicine at UCL. “The Misbourne Sixth Form has been very accommodating and has supported the development of important life skills through organised events and opportunities” “I like Sixth Form, it has provided a challenge for me which as a result has expanded my knowledge and ability to learn”


“The Sixth Form is Good”


Our Sixth Formers are role models. The number of students joining The Misbourne for their post 16 education is a testament to the privilege students feel when they take up their place here - a culmination of, and reward for all their hard work in previous years. At The Misbourne, you will develop leadership qualities through a range of exciting and unique activities such as developing skills as a leader in a number of curriculum areas, being a valued student leader, supporting younger students in their learning and many more. Our ‘can do’ attitude shines throughout the school. Join us on our journey together and experience for yourself the opportunities that lie in wait for you here at The Misbourne.

Young Enterprise

Paired reading scheme

Events management Supporting younger learners

I think that Sixth Form will benefit me and support me when applying to university as it shows I can work both by myself as well as with others”

SIXTH FORM FACILITIES Our Sixth From centre has made a positive impact on our students. This space is widely used by all members of the Sixth Form and is a great space to share ideas and study independently. Our librarian has created a dedicated Sixth Form library allowing students to enhance research skills and to foster independent learning, in preparation for university and careers. The centre itself contains an open plan working area, including excellent private study and ICT facilities. Students are able to bring in their own ICT facilities and can utilise the school wireless network in order to use study periods effectively.

“Our new facilities are of high quality, a very presentable area for Sixth Formers to study” “I think the new facilities are excellent, the Sixth Form room is a very relaxed area that makes it easier for me to do my work” “The new facilities is a big factor as to why chose to stay at The Misbourne, it’s fresh and a relaxing place to work”

UNIVERSITY SUPPORT “Studying in a Sixth Form helps with writing personal statements and provides us with extra curricular activities”

Misbourne Leavers University Destinations 2015

Russell Group Universities Follow @RussellGroup

“Sixth form has provided multiple accounts of CV and personal statement workshops, as well as UCAS support to increase our understanding of the university system” “The school is very supportive with university applications, they make sure we are one step ahead” “One piece of advice I would give is to make sure that the course you are applying for is something YOU want to do. Not what your best friend thinks, or your mum or teacher. At the end of the day you will be the one having to go to the lectures, sit the exams and study the course for the next three to four years. Make sure you have really explored all the possible courses and picked the one that is best suited to you, one that you are going to enjoy and be enthusiastic about. University is amazing, and although it is not for everyone I do really recommend that you order a few prospectuses online and attend some open days, but remember there are lots and lots of other opportunities out there if university is not for you.

Newcastle University

University of Cumbria

Leeds Metropolitan University University of Leeds University of Liverpool University of Manchester

University of Chester University of Salford

Bangor University

University of Nottingham

Manchester Metropolitan University

Nottingham Trent University University of Leicester

University of Birmingham

I am so glad I decided to go through the adjustment process and can honestly say that choosing to go to Cardiff University was the best decision I have ever made. I feel that I have become much more independent and am learning life long skills, as well as gaining a degree in Maths. I have made amazing friends and am really enjoying living in the city. I wish everyone the best of luck in what ever you decide to do and hope you all achieve the best you can”

University of Worcester

University of Northampton

Buckinghamshire New University Brunel University Cardiff University

University of the West of England

Royal Holloway University of London University of Reading

Southampton Solent

University of Winchester

University of Southampton Bournemouth University

The school has a dedicated Sixth Form learning mentor who supports students with academic progress and university applications.

University of East Anglia

Coventry University

University of Hertfordshire

University of Exeter

The Arts University College at Bournemouth

University of Kent University of Sussex University of Chichester

University of Portsmouth

University of Brighton

The Misbourne Misbourne Drive Great Missenden Buckinghamshire HP16 0BN Tel: 01494 862869 email: DCFS No: 825/4042

The misbourne sixth from prospectus 2017  

The Misbourne Sixth Form Prospectus 2017 - 2018

The misbourne sixth from prospectus 2017  

The Misbourne Sixth Form Prospectus 2017 - 2018